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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> abby: have a great sunday everybody we'll see you tomorrow >> fox news alert north korea claiming a major advancement in its nuclear weapons program saying it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. if confirmed, it would be the rogue regime sixth most powerful nuclear weapons test ever. hello everyone. this is sunday morning futures i am trish regan in in for maria bartiromo. north korean television reporting they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb small enough to mount on the top of an inter continental ballistic missle, the kind of missle it test launched twice in july. the u.s. geological service detecting a magnitude 6.3 earthquake near the suspected site test site in northeast
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north korea. that would potentially make it five to six times stronger than the north koreans nuclear test last september. condemnation pouring in right now from around the world and from president trump. chief white house correspondent john roberts joining me now with more. >> reporter: trish good morning to you what has the white house concerned this morning is what we saw in photographs released by the north korean regime last night, let's put it up on the screen so you can see. this is kim jong un reportedly inspecting a thermo nuclear a hydrogen bomb warhead capable of being mounted on an inter continental ballistic missle. now as all things with north korea it's impossible to confirm whether it's actually a bomb or if it's just a shell or a mockup , but certainly the white house is playing close attention sarah huckabee sanders the press secretary saying "the national security team is monitoring this closely, the president and his national security team will have a meeting to discuss further
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later today and will provide updates as necessary." the president also tweeting out this morning "north korea has conducted a major nuclear test. their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the united states. north korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to china which is trying to help but with little success, the president also suggesting that the south korean policy toward north korea is not working tweeting south korea is finding their talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they understand only one thing. no word yet from the president on what that one thing might be, whether it's military action or more economic pressure but treasury secretary steven mnuchin on fox news sunday just a short time ago said he will send the president new measures to put the screws to people who are doing business with north korea. listen here. >> i think the president made it clear he will consider everything but we are not going to broadcast our actions and you know we'll continue to look at
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all our options but my focus right now working with the president with others to make sure that we put additional economic sanctions, we work with china and others china has a lot of trade with them, there's a lot we can do to cut them off economically much more than we've done already. >> reporter: the beginning of august you'll remember the president raised a lot of eye brows when he said that his bed minster home that north korea would face the fire and fury of the united states if it continued to threaten the u.s. and it's allies. the president also tweeting recently "the u.s. has been talking to north korean paying them extortion money for 25 years." talking is not the answer so it looks trish like they will continue with this economic pressure but this idea of military action is very much on the table. >> trish: the economic pressure i've been saying all along does make a whole lot of sense john because we barely scratched the surface of what we can and should be doing with china but people are still saying there is some diplomatic opportunity here there is room for diplomacy is
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that going to come in the way of economic sanctions or are we at some point getting down to the road to military action? >> reporter: well clearly, economic sanctions is probably the next logical step. you heard what the treasury secretary said there but just shortly after the president sent out that tweet that talking is not the answer, last wednesday, jim mattis the secretary of defense was meeting with his south korean counterpart where he seemed to contradict the president saying there was plenty of room left for diplomacy listen here. >> we're never out of diplomatic solutions. we continue to work together and the minister and i share a responsibility to provide for the protection of our nation, our populations and our interest , which is what we are here to discuss today and look for all of the areas we can collaborate already very strong collaboration, we always look for more and we're never complacent. >> reporter: you'll also remember trish that shortly before he left the white house steve bannon said in that extra ordinary interview that he didn't see any good military
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options for north korea that didn't end in the death of millions and millions of people in soul. i'm told by some military leader s former military leaders there are some military options and take out that north korean artillery with a lot of what are called massive ordinants penetration that can probably get in and knockout those artillery but still the prospect of any kind of military action with north korea not really palletable for a lot of people, so looks like they will try to continue down this road of sanctions which i mean comparatively speaking to iran are still pretty light right now and we've got a lot of room to move. >> trish: i've been saying that i agree john thank you so much. joining me now we have former ambassador john bolton, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. good to see you sir ambassador are there any diplomatic options left in your view? >> reporter: i think the only diplomatic option left is to end the regime in north korea by effectively having the south take it over. i think you've got to argue to
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china-- >> trish: that's not really diplomatic as far as they're concerned. >> reporter: well that's their problem not ours because anybody who thinks that more diplomacy with north korea or sanctions whether against north korea or an effort to apply sanctions against china is just giving north korea more time to increase its nuclear arsenal beings increase its ballistic missle capability, increase the accuracy of its guidance systems and put us south korea and japan in more jeopardy. we have fooled around with north korea for 25 years and fooling around more is just going to make matters worse. >> trish: to put it in historical perspective you think back to the 1990s, 1994 jimmy carter going down there and basically coming up with a big solution alongside also president clinton and they thought they had taken care of this which by the way, another conversation for another day, should be a warning to all of us in terms of iran. they didn't take care of it. guess what the north koreans continued to work on their nuclear program and now we are
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dealing with what today ambassador describe this threat that north korea presents to every american right now. >> reporter: well, they are very close, they're not there yet i don't think but they're very close to being able to hit targets all across the united states with today's test is a thermo nuclear weapon with thermo nuclear weapons. moreover, this regime will sell anything to anybody for hard currency. they could sell these weapons ballistic missles and the nuclear devices themselves to iran in a heart beat. you may have noticed iran's kind of flush with cash after the nuclear deal so while we can focus on the iran nuclear deal, it is the metaphor of the axis of evil is not really a metaphor it's a reality north korea can sell these devices to terrorists groups around the world. they can be used as electromagnetic pulse weapons that not necessarily hitting targets but destroying our electrical grids capabilities. they can be used for nuclear
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blackmale, and even further, not only could iran get these weapon s it would be a lesson to every would be nuclear state in the world that if you just have patience enough, you can wear the united states down. you know, the notion that we can accept north korea or iran with any kind of nuclear capability just means that we will forever be at their mercy. >> trish: ambassador what are we potentially risking now if we say okay we're going to go in with some strategic military strikes to take out his nuclear weapons to possibly take him out or at least remove him from power, what is the risk? i mean, are we going to wind up with so many people's lives gone in south korea, because we make that move? >> reporter: let me ask you this how do you feel about dead americans? trish i mean i know what you're saying. >> reporter: this is not easy. this is not easy, but does
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anybody think that the decision will be easier a year from now or five years from now or 10 years from now? this is the kind of thing we should heed franklin roosevelt's advice in a fireside chat in 1941 on september 11, roosevelt said when you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you don't wait until it has struck before you crush it and he said natzi submarines are the rattlesnakes of the north atlantic. i would argue today north korean nuclear weapons ballistic missle s and iran while we're on the subject are the rattlesnakes of the 21st century if you want to leave them there there will be a lot of rattlesnakes in the world. >> trish: it is a shame it ever got to this. make an important point with iran as well. ambassador thank you very much good to see you. >> reporter: thank you. >> trish: the other big story this morning parts of texas starting to dry out after record rainfall from harvey.
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>> abby: rescue and recovery efforts continue in the gulf states slammed by harvey, president trump making a second trip to texas and louisiana yesterday. he and the first lady meeting with survivors and getting an up close look at the storm's devastation. dozens of people are dead. thousands remain in shelters and now reports of price gouging for water, gas and other necessities joining me right now is texas attorney general ken paxton. good to have you here sir. good morning. >> abby: give us a sense of what's happening on the ground. you're looking at upwards of 30,000 people in shelters what are those people going to do in the coming days, weeks and
6:14 pm
months? >> look there's a lot of help coming from the federal government, from the state. we have have a rainy day fund in texas we preserve and billions in that. i can tell you i would be pretty sure the legislature will provide some aid so we're going to get these people's help and it won't come in one day but they will be taken care of. >> abby: are you happy with what the federal government has done you've seen the president down there twice. you've seen the vice president there. is it enough in the way of i guess leadership, emotional support all those things important to texans right now? >> you know what? you can never prepare for a storm like this. we've done i think a good job over the years dealing with all kinds of natural disasters from floods to hurricanes to tornado es, we have many national natural disasters in texas but who can prepare for a storm that lasts this long but yet the federal government, our state government with the leadership of governor abbott i think have done a great job in coordinating this obviously loss of life is horrific but it's amazing the job they've done in a little off
6:15 pm
a week. >> trish: you think back and you can't help but contrast it with katrina and the devastation in katrina in terms of the lives lost and we don't have a final tally or count just yet, sir but upwards of 1800 people being lost in katrina and hopefully we're not going to see anything like that. does that speak in some ways to the coordination just in terms of getting pep out that needed to get out? >> absolutely. you think about the length and how far the storm went, how far up our coast, how it affected our largest population center harris county houston, millions of people being affected and yet the loss of life was relatively small and also affected over a long period of time so it wasn't just like a one day where the storm came on board and we had to deal with it. this was longer than a week long process still going on. >> trish: you're still evacuating people there. >> exactly so it was a huge coordination and still is a huge coordination and the coordination was amazing but i can't give enough credit to the
6:16 pm
volunteers who stepped in and came from nowhere to risk their lives to save people. a lot about the spirit of texas. >> trish: i hear you it says a lot about the spirit of texas and the spirit frankly of americans. i mean, i think we've been so divided and we've been bickering on so many levels as a country and it's really a wonderful testament to who we are to who the people of texas are that they were going door-to-door and there was so many volunteers and you'll see this coordination of local communities, businesses, businesses have done their part and the government, state, municipal, federal government coming together and that's really i think a testament to all of us as a country. let me ask you in terms of what you're going to need. people are saying this is potentially the most costly hurricane in history. there have been estimates pegged anywhere from 125 billion to 190 billion. do you have any sense of what it's going to take to rebuild
6:17 pm
texas? >> look that's a large number, i have no doubt that that's absolutely close to the number we're talking about. it's going to take a long time so i think that it's going to be a mix of federal resources state resources i think there's going to be a lot of charitable efforts and i really commend people you make such a good point. it's not just texans but people from outside of our state who are contributing and i'm just today is a national day of prayer for our state and for our country. hope that people keep us in their prayers and also they will continue to contribute to people that have lost everything. >> trish: well you know for sure you are in everyone's prayers don't doubt that for a second. as much as we talk about the sort of silver lining in all this in terms of seeing who texans are who americans are, there's bad stuff going on too. we're getting reports about price gouging for things like water, gas, other me says its. do you have any updates on that for us, sir? >> i really appreciate you folks staying on the positive because
6:18 pm
there's so much positive on people helping than negative but we have had over a thousand complaints and we made ourselves very available over the weekend we had staff working to take complaints by phone, by e-mail we get pictures and so we've had price gouging as it relates to necessities and that's a violation of state law. water, food, hotel rooms, fuel, and we are pursuing all of those that we've gotten information about and we continue to encourage people to let us know. >> trish: absolutely well attorney general ken paxton good luck down there and you are indeed in everybody's prayers right now. thank you. >> we so appreciate that thank you. >> trish: in a moment we'll get back to the breaking developments out of north korea. how should the president be responding to claims of the successful test or what could be north korea's most powerful nuclear weapon yet. we're going to speak with a member of the house foreign affairs committee ron desantis, and we're looking ahead as always on sunday morning futures
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>> trish: president trump joining other world leaders and condemning north korea after kim jong un's regime claimed the most successful test, so how should we be responding right now. joining me is florida republican congressman ron desantis, a member of the house foreign affairs committee good to see you congressman. >> good morning. >> trish: here we go. the president said if they dare to do anything like this, they would be met with fire and fury. are we going to meet them with fire and fury? >> i think it's too soon to tell what the exact response will be but there's no doubt we knew north korea was proceeding down this route for a long time but the speed at which they're doing not only on the missle front but now on the nuclear device front
6:23 pm
is far faster than we anticipated so the threat is much more needed to than probably we would have forecast two or three years ago. i think the idea that you're just going to negotiate with the north korean regime and they are somehow going to stand down on some of this, i think that's a fantasy. the fact is his nuclear arsenal is really the insurance policy to keep him in power. he is not going to stand down on that so you're really left with providing really serious pressure political, economic and military. i think you have to at a minimum have a credible threat of force but there's a lot we can do on the economic front that we haven't done. we've done some sanctions but we haven't done things to say banks in china that lander money to north korea, so there are things we can do that the president could do that i think really would hurt and i think if you can starve kim's regime of the money then that makes his rule
6:24 pm
less secure but i think ultimate ly, you're going to have to either have somebody else take over for kim, i think that would be better if that were done from the ground up but i don't see him giving up these weapons. >> trish: i hear you because it's the only thing that keeps him relevant right? so he wants to cling to those but here is the thing congressman. china as well seems to like having him there. i mean, he's effectively a buffer for them and china while they say they're going to embark on these sanctions and they promise to do things before, we've actually seen them disregard them entirely. think about trade and the first quarter this year, you had trade between north korea and china up 37.4%. how does that happen if china is theoretically on our side? >> well i think you're right. what china will do is they will kind of do the right thing at first or at least have the right courtesy but then as the issue starts to go they kind of go back to their previous behavior and there are ways that you can
6:25 pm
really hit chinese banks that i think would make a big difference. >> trish: we've only done one right? the treasury department only-- >> at the end of the day you have-- >> trish: sanctions on one. >> he's going to need to have a good relationship with the united states economically if he wants to continue his rule and i think there's decisions on that am dog up in the fall, so i think that would make a difference but we've not really done that yet. >> trish: can i ask you why? what's taken so long? by the way china we haven't even talked about the intellectual property theft stealing 200 to $300 billion worth of our creativity every year from american companies. you talk about these sanctions on banks we've only seen one bank sanctioned what's taking so long? >> well i think there was an interest by the secretary of state to try to engage in more diplomacy. i'm not sure there's much of an opening for that at this point so i think we do immediate to engage in coercive measures economically politically and certainly with a credible threat of military force, and the time
6:26 pm
is coming now. i mean you look at somebody like kim, what would he do with these would he actually fire a nuclear tipped missle to hit the united states? now he should know that that would mean his regime's destruction but this is a kid whose really there from birth and if he hadn't been born into that family he would be in a basement somewhere eating cheetos and playing video games so the idea this guy is rationa- >> trish: ouch. we just can't assume that and is there is a possibility he would act but i think it's also important to point out north korea engages in proliferation and so the technology that he's accumulating, he would absolutely be willing to sell that to rogue regimes like iran so the danger is more than just what kim would do with it-- >> trish: that's alarming. >> it's who would he give them to and you talk about reemerges like iran, that would make the north korea problem look much more manageable in comparison because there you have a regime
6:27 pm
that truly is there and i think they would be fine. >> trish: there's the religious component right? once you start looking at some of these countries where you'll see islamic extremism, they don't necessarily have the same sense of fatality about them that maybe north korea would so if the north korea were to sell to a country that wants to see some kind of world war, then it's a whole other ballgame and we know that north korea they need the money right? and let me just-- >> you're exactly right. >> trish: congressman, one more step here because if you do put the economic sanctions on and they are squeezed are they more incentivized then to sell to one of these other rogue nations? >> well, they may be but i think there's ways that you can do with that by really trying to get not only china but then russia and block north korea and really turn the screws from all angles, so but even if you didn't do the economic pressure,
6:28 pm
they are still incentivized to sell this stuff to iran and other rogue reemerges. if you remember in syria is re all took out that reactor that was being built in 2006 and that was built with the help of the north koreans so they are really problematic in this area and we start talking about iran as you mentioned. much rally assured destruction which kept the piece with the soviet union that was with iran giving their views mutually assured destruction to be induced for them to use weapons. >> trish: well, the president has his work cut out for him for sure. congressman, thank you very much good to have you here. thank you. >> trish: we'll have more on this developing story regarding north korea. we have former white house senior advisor carl rove giving us his talk take on all of this as we look at this developing crisis that's ahead on sunday morning futures. see you [radio alarm] ♪
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>> trish: north korea claiming it has conducted its sixth nuclear test of what would be its most powerful weapon yet, a hydrogen bomb. it could be mounted on inter continental ballistic missles capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. rich edson is live from washington with more. hi, rich. >> reporter: good morning trisha we're just getting this from the state department and state department spokesperson who just feeted out that the secretary of state rex tillerson is making calls to counterparts in the region following the news on north korea and the president
6:33 pm
and national security team is monitoring events closely and will meet. this is as the state department and the secretary of state have been leading the campaign to deter north korea from continuing to develop its weapon s programs after a dramatic escalation and rhetoric last month, the secretary said north korea was showing restraint. since then the kim jong un regime fired a missle over japan and north korea is claiming it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb it can load on to an inter continental ballistic missle and the state department said that its pressure campaign the effort to isolate north korea is beginning to work as countries are cutting more economic ties. south korea according to its news agency says it will seek the most you powerful un sanctions to completely isolate north korea. the united nations security council recently approved additional sanctions against north korea though even more sanctions against the north would require china and russia again to sign off and that seems
6:34 pm
unlikely. the russian foreign ministry says foreign minister sergey lav rov told secretary tillerson days ago any further strengthening against further pressure against north korea would be counter productive and dangerous. state department officials say the effort beyond sanctions will be the secretary's continued lobbying of allies and adversar ies in particular china to cut off north korea. a week and a half ago the treasury department unveiled sanctions against chinese and russian firms for conducting business with north korea. trish back to you. >> trish: thank you so much for more we go to karl rove former senior advisor to president george w. bush and fox news contributor. good to see you this morning. good morning. >> trish: you heard rich talk about a lot of people talked about the importance of china in all of this and putting more pressure on china. you saw the president tweeting out that basically north korea has become an embarrassment to china. is that part of the political pressure now that we can exert on china? in other words they may have promised they would try and
6:35 pm
control this regime there and so far it's not looking so good. >> reporter: yeah, look i think it's a useful step to take but we've taken it in the past and it hasn't really worked that well. this is really a slap in the face of the chinese . the north koreans conducted their first test since 2016 and they did so two days before china hosts a gigantic ic meeting of developing countries, the so-called bricks meeting . this is an important thing for china to do and for the north koreans to do what they did just before it starts is a clear sign that the north koreans are telling china we don't care what you think. we're going to keep doing what what we want to do. >> trish: but china enabled them right? they wouldn't have this capability if china hadn't been there along the way. i keep pointing to this statistic from the first quarter the fact that trade karl went up between china and north korea nearly 40% in other words they're helping to keep him there. >> reporter: well look, not him,
6:36 pm
they hope to keep a communist regime as a buffer state between them and the south koreans. the thing that they are definitely afraid of is to have a pro-western western-oriented allie of the united states right on their border so they want to have this is one of the tradeoffs we're going to have to accept which is if we want to get rid of kim jong un, we have to say to the chinese we will accept a communist regime in north korea just not one that is aggress every pursuing nuclear ambition. now, i thought you and ron desantis had a good exchange. i thought he put his finger on it. we've sanctioned about everybody whose doing business directly with the north koreans. now we're going to do the difficult thing which is to sanction companies that are doing business with companies that are doing business with north korea. many of those will be financial institutions but others will betraying companies and industrial companies, manufacturing concerns that benefit from say chinese north
6:37 pm
korean coal or maybe north korean seafood and the food products industry. this is going to be difficult to do and lavrov is signaling what the russian intent which is this was said of course before the latest test so they may have a change of mind after this latest test but we may have to do this unilateral or with allies. >> trish: why do you think it's difficult? is it difficult from just procedural process, the treasury department has to go out and identify all these people and it's a little bit of a puzzle figuring out where all of the money is going or is it difficult because there is some economic hardship involved possibly for us? >> reporter: well, not so much the latter. it is the former. >> trish: okay. >> reporter: but also sending a very strong message to the chinese which is okay, you can continue to play this game of having a big bump up in trade in the first part of the year and then agreeing to significant sanctions and we have to give the chinese credit and see if
6:38 pm
they follow through on it but they said we're going to stop buying the things we were buying from them earlier primarily seafood, coal, other raw commodities and stop buying them that's what the last set of un resolutions led them to say, so we've got to keep close to the chinese on this. we've got to say we recognize where you're coming from. you don't want either millions of north korean refugees fleeing over your border. you don't want to have south korea right in your border. you want to have a chinese excuse me, chinese allie and north korean communist state but this guy is dangerous to you and dangerous to us and i'm sorry but we're going to be forced to sanction these firms that are an important part of your economy because they're continuing to make possible-- >> trish: in other words they need to come around to the idea of realizing it's not good for them to have him there either and maybe they're getting closer to that but we need to speed up the process in any which way that we can. do you think that there is the sort of where with all within the administration and i'm not
6:39 pm
talking about the president because i think the president has made it very very clear and you think back to fire and fury comments, how much he detests this north korean dictator there but also within his administration, is there enough of sort of a willingness if you would, carl, to do what we need to do. >> i think so. you saw it in mattis' comments which i think the president's comments i don't want to be critical of fire and fury but they were a little bit imprecise and mattis puts a precision into them by making it clear if you fire at guam, you're firing at u.s. territory, an that will be considered an active war. i thought in many ways it was more powerful than the president 's comments directional ly both the same. >> trish: are we going to get there or do you think we'll be at war at some point in this administration with north korea? >> reporter: my sense is no because i do think they've this is a mistake on their part. this is a mistake for them to go
6:40 pm
out and embarrass the chinese and it's also revving up the south koreans at a moment where they could have been exploiting south korea's new government's interest in developing with north korea, they're angering the south koreans, spinning up the japanese and look, we've got to remember in this region of the world for centuries, there has been animosity between the japanese and the chinese and there has been animosity between the koreans and the chinese and i don't mean for decades. i maine for millenia, and what's happening now is these historic forces are set in motion that will ultimately result in a stronger japan military and the post world war ii era is over and the koreans rediscover those well springs if you will towards china and china doesn't want either one of those things. >> trish: i hear you well karl, interesting times in which we live. thank you very much, good to have your perspective. >> thanks, trish.
6:41 pm
>> trish: let's look at what's coming up on media buzz. hi. >> good morning trish a lot of breaking news to deal with look at how the press is reacting to president trump's tough talk on twitter after north korea detonated a hydrogen bomb and also the continuing fallout and rescue efforts hurricane harvey we'll talk to the managing end of the houston chronicle and to our own griff jenkins about the personal challenge and the emotional toll of dealing with such an issue all coming up on media business. >> trish: look forward to it thank you so much. coming up next our political power panel will weigh in on what could be north korea's most powerful nuclear test ever as we look ahead on sunday morning look ahead on sunday morning futures see you
6:42 pm
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>> trish: north korea defined the world yet again claiming it has held its sixth nuclear test overnight this time the rogue regime says it tested a hydrogen bomb that it can mount on an icb m. this photo that you're looking at from the rogue regime reports
6:45 pm
to show kim jong un with that warhead. let's bring in ed rollins, and brad blakemans former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. good to see both of you made a decision to take theon nucleares off the table and ever since then every single administration at some point in time has had the defense department come over and say what are the options to take them out and every time it's the same thing. as steve bannon went out the door one of the things he said you want to war korea be prepared for losing millions of lives. south korea is like a hostage situation. there are 25 million people in the surrounding area 50 million people in the country, 25 million people in the north,
6:46 pm
most of the people in the north are some way affiliated with the military enough conventional weapons on the border to basically destroy hundreds of thousands of people in soule, and that's the situation we face it's not just them coming at us. >> trish: you heard ambassador bolton earlier saying look, you got soule or chicago. there may be a point where we make very extremely hard decisions. >> they aren't to a point where they are threatening us. they are talking about it and they may be right today the issue is if you really are making the hard decisions here, do you want to start a war and we'll have to start it, argue that they made the first move but if you'll do it we can take them out in a week and put three or four ohio class submarines there and blow up their country but you're going to kill million s and millions of people. and they know that. >> trish: so let's talk about strategies other than that. brad would that mean getting kim
6:47 pm
jong un out of the picture in other words changing that regime to a regime that would not be aggressively trying to acquire nuclear weaponry and could we do that? do we have the capability to go in, swoop in and say okay, there's going to be a big thing and somebody else is in charge? >> no i don't think that's possible and as ed pointed out-- >> trish: why not? we don't have the intelligence? >> we don't have the capability of doing that but china does. you can't tell me that china doesn't have generals on their payroll. you can't tell me that china knows everything about what's going on within that country. now china could tell the general s do you know what? you get to give kim gets to die. we will establish our own government this way we can control the north and once kim is gone, we'll have some stability in the northern section of that peninsula. >> trish: is that at all a realistic option? >> i think it's absolutely realistic if china has the will to do it. we aren't even close to putting the kind of pressure on china we should be doing and i think the president is going to talk to us shortly saying that appeasement
6:48 pm
doesn't work but we need to put the pull court press on china and we need to bring the world together and say any act of aggression on north korea will be seen as an aggression by china and the sanctions now are nowhere near crippling as what they could be. >> trish: it's great that everybody signed on to the sanctions but these are kind of a joke and so much more. >> and these people starved for a long time so it's not like you can make their life more miserable but bottom line is when this thing all came apart and the russians controlled north korea when the 52 fight was russia had the north, they wanted a communist country they still want a communist country as does china and at the end of the day, we may be able to get rid of him but you can't like we do conventionally with seals. we can't commit troop toss go into a place like that. we don't want america to lose troops. >> trish: china is the answer. and do you know what as we've been saying throughout this show , i mean there is much much much more that can be done in terms of economics. if they want to do it we can
6:49 pm
make them want to do it right? that's where we need to be. i'm not sure we have tremendous leverage. >> trish: we'll have more with you guys in just a moment so don't go anywhere we'll continue looking at the korea situation ahead on sunday morning futures we'll see you right back here. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> trish: we're continuing the discussion about north korea and what to do now that the regime has said they have tested a successful hydrogen bomb. i'm back with the panel ed rolli ns and brad makeman. ed put into perspective why this is so concerning >> a hydrogen bomb is much more serious. we made a decision to drop atomic bombs the decision after the korean war we had them and we basically de militarized them and we still have more than anybody in the world and we don't use them so no threat if
6:53 pm
you don't use them. hydro gone people is a much more sophisticated weapon easier to make at this point in time and even to test this morning set off two earthquakes in his own country that were pretty significant, so my sense is he's on a fast-track, he's not afraid of us, because he's naive i think but to a certain extent that's the reality. >> trish: what's he want? brad what is the goal here? just to be an international player on the world stage and have us get the heck out of the region? >> the goal is for us to cave and to accept north korea as a nuclear power. now, as john bolton pointed out earlier once you do that then it's exported to every place in the world. it gives him the power to show that he's been accepted by the world and that gives him the power to sell technology or weapons outright to rogue nations. this cannot happen. the world needs to come down on china. china if they turned off the tap on north korea they would be at their knees un^ a week, so china created the monster and now they
6:54 pm
have to tame it. >> trish: so he himself, ed, he has a different relationship with china does he not than his dad? >> well his dad had a gigantic ic family and the grandfather was the founder and bottom line his father had a great family that basically put the country really into the third world. he was not the heir. his uncle who raised him throughout the brother that was murdered recently-- >> trish: by him. so he murdered the man who raised him. >> he's murdered a lot of generals anybody he thinks that is basically not his friend or allie he is a very paranoid guy will blow up. >> trish: how much more complicated does it make our situation brad you are talking about our intelligence capability. we don't have much but china does. if he's out murdering anybody in his regime he thinks might be a threat or might not be en tourly on his team, is china's intelligence at all compromised? >> of course but then they have to work it that much harder but
6:55 pm
they can because they have the kind of presence, they have the proliferation of intelligence operatives within that area, but let's remember something else. china's behaving badly so look what they are doing in the south china sea. they aren't building resorts as the south china sea they are building militariness haitians and a blue ocean navy so it's not the isolation of north korea acting badly. it's china as well expanding it. >> trish: so we need to do something about china. china holds the key to north korea and this is a confrontation that will have to happen at some point given what china is doing from a military perspective as you point out. >> the only thing you can do to china is put economic pain on them in some way, shape or form. >> trish: economic pain there is much much we can do. we've only sanctioned one bank. >> this is the only thing we were dealing with, the whole government, we're dealing with so many things on this front and don't think they don't know it. don't think they don't know the presidents in texas for the
6:56 pm
flood it's the most serious disaster we've had in this country. >> trish: good to see you guys thank you so much. still to come everyone the one thing to watch for in the week ahead on sunday morning futures i'll see you right back. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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trish: back with the panel. a lot going on. what is the biggest thing to watch for? >> congress coming back. they have a lot on their plate. they have the debt ceiling and the budget, healthcare, infrastructure. promises made must be promises kept. 2017 is the year of action. ed: if they don't get tax it will be terrible. trish: other wise you look like you can't do a darn thing. that would be a tragedy given they have the majority. north korea will be something
7:00 pm
we'll be talking about a lot in the coming days. i'm trish regan. i'll see you every day at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business >> the new "wall street week" ." spirit welcome to "wall street week," the program analyzes the week that was and held position you for the week ahead. i am marie bartiromo. coming up in just a few moments, some of the biggest vos is in the start of will joint our round table talking about companies. and first dagan is standing by with headlines. dagan? >> maria, the u.s. economy putting on 100,000 jobs. with unemployment rate taking up to 4.4%. the strong jobs numbers pushes the markets higher. and the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 closing in positive territory. they posted the fifth stra


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