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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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trump ends daca. he's starting to look like he knows how to play a much deeper game than the democrats. that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us and good night from new york. kennedy: kim jong-un keeps turning a deaf ear to the world's warnings. the trump administration puts an end to daca. will congress will able to couple with a better plan for the nearly 1 million children of illegal immigrants. and hillary clinton is trying to figure out why she lost the presidency. hop on, the freedom express is departing the station. the drums of war are growing deafening as the man baby is forcing the deadly military
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option on his own people. a war on the korean peninsula would be the worst. no one is naive enough to believe a surgical strike would lead to an end. i hope the generals surrounding the president use their collective wisdom and memories to talk him out of the conflict. there are still non-military solutions. whatever pressure we put on china, put more, more weight, more strain, more pain. strain their banks, shut down their informal networks that feed their nuclear monster and starve innocent civilians. china doesn't want a flood malnourished pittsburgh -- mald
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refugees pouring into their country's. unfortunately there are fewer than no options left here. north korea has experienced a massive spring drought and they will need to import grain to feed an emaciated population that is growing more dubious by the day. kim jong-un got his wish. we are no longer talking about charlottesville or harvey. we are talking about him. it's time to silence his face without all-out war. i'm kennedy. kennedy: nikki haley said kim
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jong-un is begging for war. gordon chang is here. there is so much to talk about here. the story keeps going and going with more tests. north korea has the bomb and it's 8 times more powerful than the one dropped on hiroshima. >> we go after north korea's sponsors. china is vulnerable. their biggest bank named for devising and operating a money laundering scheme, that's a violation of our patriot act. we could declare it a money laundering scheme and that will deny it dollars. it's a death sentence. bank of china as big as it is, the fourth biggest bank in the world is not the biggest chinese
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bank that's been money laundering. this gives president trump an important point of leverage on the chinese. if i take your financial system down, so goes your economy. your economy goes down, there is no more political system with the communist party. i'm saying war is catastrophic. kennedy: we are talking about millions of people who could guy in seoul and korea and the western united states. and that is not an option. we have this real black and white way of seeing the world. so china is just one thing and north korea is one thing. but there are networks were there are banks. north korea is getting materials it needs to build nuclear devices. it's getting missiles and nuclear and military
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reinforcements. that's coming from somewhere. and it's not necessarily the state actors. but tunnels, these networks. >> there are a lot of chinese companies providing materials for their nuclear program. the missile he rectors that bring the missiles to the launch site are chinese. we have to go after the entities supplying north korea with all this stuff. we can do this. john bolton during the administration of george w. bush had his proliferation security initiative. we know north koreans sell this stuff to the iranians and syrians. each year it's estimated iran pays north korea between $2
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billion to $3 billion for their missiles and weapons tech. this is the most of important thing to do. kennedy: there are a number of ways of putting pressure here. china doesn't want a war. if they look at the economic impact of sanctions and some of these punishments we could put in place on them versus an all-out war, i understand china doesn't want to see a reunified korean peninsula with seoul at the helm which is an ally to the united states. but what is worse for china. that or having literally north korea fall apart and millions pouring over their border. >> in the short term china gets a lot of benefit. fire up a missile. we go to beijing and plead for r
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their cooperation. we ran a goods and services trade deficit of $309 billion. that means we don't worry about the trade because we are a trade deficit country. our economy is not geared to selling things to china, but china is geared to selling things to us. kennedy: i think there are more people involved in these diplomatic discussions to have to acknowledge that chain today is in a pickle. we have got them cornered and there is no reason we should be the ones spearheading a war where it's going to cost american lives and millions of lives of those in the region. >> china accounts for 90% of north korea's trade.
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much of the oil is supplied by china. but the most of important thing it supplies is confidence to regime elements. what beijing can do is people around kim that keep regime together. china can signal they no longer support them. >> china is appeasing a bully and the bully is threatening to murder anyone who rise up against it. earlier today president trump came through on one of his key campaign promises, ending the deferred action for childhood arrivals known as daca. it was signed by president obama. attorney general jeff sessions said daca was unconstitutional baits is an open-ended circumvengs of immigration laws. >> the effect of this unilateral
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executive amnesty contributed to a surge of minors at the southern border that yielded terrible humanitarian consequences. and it denied jobs to thousands of americans by allowing those same illegal immigrant to take those jobs. >> i was working there when president obama implemented the daca program it was legal then, it's legal now, and it will always be legal. i'm here as a proud son of immigrants to say we'll continue to fight for the american dream. kennedy: the trump administration gives congress a 6-month window to fiction the legislation. but can they get anything done? let's go to nye my party panel. jessica tarlov is back, and
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comedian james smith. and jamie weinstein is here. you need a podcast. you will get one by the end of the show. obviously there are so many crises. we have so many legislative crises. north korea, hurricane harvey, relief aid needs to be funded. is this the best time to make this decision on daca? >> i wasn't for the way president trump implemented this. but now that you kind gave this promise to them, on a human level i'm sure many of these dreamers are worrying they gave their information to the government in good fate where their addresses are. will the government use that information to come get them in
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six months when that expires? that has to be worrisome. the up side is now maybe congress will deal with it. i don't think republicans or democrats have any interest in solving this matter. the democrats like to use it as a political matter. so i'm afraid this will continue to be an open sore. kennedy: the way i see it, it's a game and the president pulled one of the blocks out and it's about to fall apart. you have irrational democrats who want to let everyone in and give them as many entitlements and benefit they can think of. >> i got to say, just to keep the big picture in mind, americans take in more immigrants than any other
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country in the world and by far we are the most of generous in the world. we don't need to beat up on people for being so hateful. if you care about the constitution, you should be against daca. kennedy: this is not a hallmark policy that should be made by executive order. >> we should have a conversation about what our obligation is to our third world country who is a neighbor. kennedy: you could end the entitlement state and allow people to come here and work. >> but you can't have open borders and the welfare state. it won't work. kennedy: we'll talk about this later in the show. >> i do not think the president should have pulled the plug on daca. i agree with paul ryan here. people who came here and were brought into this country, even
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though their parents may have made regrettable choices. this is all they know. >> it goes up to 16. but a lot of these kids came here way before that. they have only been from the american school system. there is an economic argument to be made for why these kid should stay here. these $460 billion loss to our economy if they go. kennedy: if you listen to jeff sessions they came here and took the jobs at gunpoint. jessica: this is what donald trump wanted jeff sessions for. now he's look at him like this is fantastic. you have been an immigration hawk your entire life. you can shield me from this. take no questions. say whatever you have to say and now my base is happy for another
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week or two. kennedy: is this about appeasing debate? >> deportations are down. kennedy: so are illegal border crossing. >> this whole cycle that he was going to deport everyone. so far we don't have a wall and we are not getting the deportations he promised. so he can say to his base, i did something. >> the obvious deal is give donald trump turning for a wall which an inconsequential thing to be opposed to and get these people legalized. but democrats won't do that because they like that as a political football and it's very sad. kennedy: texas in desperate need of aid for their recover roy from hurricane harvey. but can conservatives agree on whether a relief package should be attached to raising the debt
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kennedy: welcome back. congress back on the hill after their 50-week recess. one of theirs first orders of business, getting immediate aid
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to harvey victims. >> without raising the debt limit i'm not comfortable we'll get the money we need this month to texas to rebuild. that's our priority. we need to help the people in texas and get that done. kennedy: the house is voting on a disaster relief bill tomorrow. many conservatives are opposed to tying harvey relief funding to the debt ceiling. let me ask texas congressman blake farenholdt. kennedy: what should they do? >> i'm glad we got a clean bill for disaster relief coming
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through. we don't need to cloud it with other issues. we have the remainder of the month to deal with that. it ought to be something nobody should be able to vote against if it's a clean bill. that makes it a soiled bill. you will get a clean version in the house. it could go to the senate and they could tie it to the anvil of debt ceiling raising. i do think when the debate comes around in the debt ceiling. if you have got to realize this is money that's already been obligate and spent by congress. it is an opportunity to step back and take a look at our
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overall spend and find some cuts. we need to take every opportunity we can to rein in wasteful and unnecessary government spending. if you go through and get rid of the duplicate programs you can save billions and billions of dollars. it's unimaginable that this harvey relief. we are talking about a storm that may cost close to $200 billion. that $8 billion could kick us over the debt ceiling. the united states could default and that could send tremors through global markets. >> i think most of people in congress realize we want to take the opportunity to deal with spending. there are people counting on their day-to-day living on what fema is providing. they are living in shelterser. >> temporary housing.
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we can't let fema run out of money or the human suffering in the texas region will be unimaginable. kennedy: tino a lot of the people in your district, particularly corpus christi, have been displaced. what are the longer-term options for people still in shelters? >> you move into a hotel or apartment while your home is being rebuilt. hopefully you have insurance that will pay for the bulk of that. if you don't, the sba has a loan program that will help a lot of people get the work done. this $8 billion coming out now is getting the trees off the streets and out of the yards, it's all sorts of things that are critical to getting life back to normal.
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kennedy: how badly can congress screw up the aid relief? >> never under estimate the abit of congress to screw something up. the bill set to be voted on in the house is a clean bill, gets money through. kennedy: we have pictures of you helping out some of your devastated neighbors you got in there and you rolled up your sleeves. i know it has been tough for you and your family to see this and experience it. our thoughts and prayers are have much with not only your constituents but all of those affected by hurricane harvey. >> thank you very much. and we appreciate support of the entire country. kennedy: hillary clinton says bernie sanders isn't really a
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for her election defeat. her new target, bernie sanders. hillary says her former rival didn't care if there was a democrat from the office writing quote, he isn't a democrat. that's a smear. that's what he says. he didn't get in to make sure a democrat got into the white house. he got in to disrupt the democratic party. meanwhile a "washington post" column predicts the 2020 democratic will move farther left, if that's possible. richard fowler, welcome back to the show. >> happy to be here. i'm glad i inspire rage on twitter. kennedy: let's talk about hillary. i can't stand her.
8:29 pm
i think she is one of the worst poll digs in american history. she embodies all that is wrong. she says bernie sanders i am pound her character and that's why she lost because he said mean things about her. yet another man in a long line of them that she continues to blame for her own failure. the death of the feminism. >> a famous country writer said you have got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. for hillary clinton she is past that time. it's time to fold 'em. we need to stop talking about the 2016 election and start worrying about the 2018 and 2020 election. therefore, i don't care what happened, kennedy. kennedy: a lot of the people on the left say the same thing. they are pretty much sick of
8:30 pm
her. they don't want to hear excuses, and they don't want to pay $1,200 to go on her book tour. what i'm wondering is bern christmas brand of political revolution is not going anywhere. "the washington post" is writing in a column that the democratic party will have to move further left in order to move the needle, particularly in 2020. that means medicare for all. mandatory $15 an hour minimum wage and free tuition. >> we need to think about what's happening at the kitchen tables of many americans. many americans have more bills than money. we have to find a way to put
8:31 pm
more money in the pockets of americans. kennedy: get government out of the way. >> we have to find a way to lower the cost of prescription drugs. there are many ways to do it. kennedy: how about legalize marijuana. >> you know i agree with you on legalizing marijuana. but we could move big pharma out of the way and get prescription drugs from canada and other places. and we have to find a way to help working families. we need to make daycare more affordable. a lot of people are spending $25,000 a year just on daycare. if you are a working family where mom and dad are bringing in $40,000 a year. $25,000 is a lot of money. kennedy: we have so much in
8:32 pm
common. thank you. our nation may be more divided than ever. but fear not. what the world need now is hate. sweet hate. that's a message in a new politico article. republicans and democrats developed such a blind hatred for one another they forgive their leaders for failing to make progress. it may explain why donald trump managed to keep his base. hillary clinton liked to say during the campaign love trump's hate. but i it possible she was dead wrong? the party panel is back. jessica tarlov, dave submit and jamie weinstein. ar -- are we in such a hateful
8:33 pm
political climate that there is no political salve that will soothe our blisters. >> the approval amongst republicans is really high. when you think how divided the party is. the republicans are sticking with him even though he's doing a lot of things that are unrepublican and not conservative and offensive to a lot of people. independent, independent are not independent. they lean one way or. >> the. they came from the republican or democrat side to begin with. kennedy: there is no such thing as the middle anymore. if hillary clinton were elected president, would there be as much negativity?
8:34 pm
>> yes, i think so. >> i think the country is very divide under obama and bush. i think the things breitbart quoted. politic is downstream from culture. gay marriage approval reaches over 51%, and all of a sudden politicians are in favor of gay marriage. i think this reflects -- the politicians are not that far away from each other. in terms of policy, hillary clinton and powell ryan are not that far away from each other. but they reflect people, the culture that are far away from each other. >> i think it incentives push this polarization. there is no incentive to negotiate with republicans. there is no incentive for
8:35 pm
republicans to work with democrats. kennedy: once you concede the slightest point, you have lost. >> you are taking the more far extreme. incentives are there. it's as worse as i have ever seen it. i think we reached a new level. and i don't know where we go from there. kennedy: when reality tv was at it worst. it's oh, my gosh, it's going to be th the farting channel. hopefully the pendulum swings the other way and we all love one another. kennedy: coming up, donald
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8:40 pm
trump campaign. witnesses could include paul manafort, michael cohen and donald trump, jr. those meetings would be behind closed doors. but the possibility of public hearings remain. different panels compete for the same witnesses. according to some reports white house advisors are concerned return of the russia talk will get the president's blood boiling. michael baker is here. the presiden president's son isg before the senate judiciary committee. this is a committee full of lawyers who know how to ask questions that can corner the
8:41 pm
president's son. >> we should recap what we are looking at. there is no favorite topic of investigation because nothing every happens. we have a senate intel committee investigation. we have the senate judiciary committee investigation. we have the house intel committee investigation, and of course we have the doj robert mueller investigation. so all four of those. the interesting thing about it is just trying to get result from one committee, one investigation is proper mat nick washington, d.c. you have got four. kennedy: congress says we have the power, we have the obligation to get to the bottom of whatever went on. so if for no other reason than to move past it and prove there was no collusion. i understand that. and the attorney general recused himself. the deputy attorney general appointed a special counsel for
8:42 pm
this investigation. so you can't just pull the plug. if it's an administration you don't like. don't you want congress and the special counsel to have the ability to investigate what you perceive is wrongdoing. >> they are not playing well together. they never have an never will. kennedy: with all the leaks there is a lot of discourse. >> they are bickering as to who gets which witness as if they are book a celebrity for a show. they are arguing over the little things. when you are doing an investigation, i have got some experience with this, my company does investigations around the world. you want to do it efficiently. the investigators on the four different committee groups are not sharing leaks and operational intelligence. they have got their own reasons
8:43 pm
and self interest and partisanship involved. investigate away. but the house intel committee as an example. if anybody thinks they are going to produce won report that speaks for the democrats and republicans, they are insane. if they produce anything, they will produce a report for the republican and democrats. and nobody will pay attention to either one. kennedy: what they will care about is robert mueller's report. we are getting leaks here and there about the investigation and where it's going and how his team of investigators are cornering manafort trying to get him to flip, and mueller's group ised a on the with these congressional committees. >> i know everybody has their own emotional response to this idea of the special prosecutor mueller doing this investigation. investigate away. the top line is we should be
8:44 pm
looking at the russian meddling. that's the big issue. kennedy: this could cost up to $100 million and we should be putting that money toward cyber security is one of the points you make. >> if you have four committees working endlessly and traveling around the globe and do what they do, logistically and conservatively you do say they are going to spend between $80 to $100 million. kennedy: mike baker, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. is rubber duck racing a sport? the short answer is no. we'll tell you what it's good for in the "topical storm" happening next.
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kennedy: cnn published a letter yesterday that president obama left for president trump. it has far too many f bombs for to us publish. it's the first time cnn has run
8:49 pm
a story about the president that wasn't by an anonymous source. we love to dine at the chateau cracker barrel. then we shop for the snuggy. but nobody was shopping this weekend because they were too busy with their charity duck race. if you have never seen this one, this is how it works. you pay $10 to sponsor a duck. then you head off to a bar and drink until you are arguing with the parking meter. yesterday's event raised $5,000 charity dollars. organizers texted their friends that it was a huge ducky
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success. topic number two. we normally don't cover serious news stories in this segment. but tonight we are make an exception. nintendo announced super mario is no longer a plumber. the news is so big scientists has couple for a term for adults affected by it. he has too many jobs to limit him to one title. it's not like he's a real plumber and even if he were, none of you would hire him anyway. you hacks. all you would have to do is read this first yelp review. he kept hallucinating about saving a princess. but that wasn't bad enough, he
8:51 pm
killed off all my pet turtles. topic number three. here is some more rough news for gamers. ma don announced she has moved to portugal which means video game fans will no longer see her cruising for younger guys at game stops. the material mom says she is moving to portugal because the country is inspiring. makes her feel alive. which is the complete opposite of what critics said about her last album. but that's for another time. imagine told her instagram followers that she bought a house in lisbon and she plans on making a new film. no. she is the worst actress and even worse director. and the album which is fine. win or lose, madonna can say she
8:52 pm
is the only celebrity who actually moved out of the country after donald trump won. now if she can convince lena dunham and amy schumer to keep their promises. but lena would never abandon her country, just her dog. james bond has always been known for having excellent judgment. but all that is about to change because he's getting married in his next film. sources familiar with the script told the "new york post" that the daniel craig bond character quits the' business and gets engaged. but like all bond movies there is always some excitement around the corner and this one is no
8:53 pm
different. after spending a month building a bridal registry. he gets lured back into the game in a platt to destroy the earth. he doesn't think he can stop it, but he gives it a go anyway because it's better than tbieght his fiance on what to register for. there is no word yet on how it all works out. but we can tell you for the first time ever, nobody in the audience is rooting for bonds because he planned a destination wedding. screw that guy, and we not. destination weddings always cost you way more money than the bride and groom. finally, congratulations are in
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order to prince william and kate middleton. the couple said they made the announcement earlier than usual because kate is being treated for morning sickness. last year prince harry was treated for it after a trip to vegas. this isn't the only big family news for will and kate. prince george will be entering first grade this week. congratulations to him on achieving higher level of education than any kardashian. that's a big deal. coming up. a celebrity is pledging solidarity to kim jong-un after visiting north korea. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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kennedy: the left does a phenomenal job of producing world class attention junkies in an era of the art of the deal presidency. a said any university lecturer has flown to north korea on a learning and solidarity visit. along with some canadian journalist hack who stand with north korea and kim jong-un and his father whom he calls two
8:59 pm
historic leaders against western aggression. and the victims of a third wave of a murderous totalitarian regime, despot hospital mother babies in prison camps and suffer their own people in order to build up their nuclear silos. this guy gets to keep his job as he pumps young minds full of delusional propaganda. he should have made a real sacrifice and checked himself into a labor camp so he could sly down in solidarity with the prisoners who are too weak to stand due to malnutrition, beating and poisoning. thanks for watching the know shut. seem
9:00 pm
tomorrow night on the show, judge andrew napolitano and and tim carney return. i'll see you tomorrow. l get them all at the roller derby. >> talk about hell on wheels! >> she's the paragon, the symbol for roller derby. >> i wear hot pants all the time. >> she was a star. i mean, there's no doubt about it. >> a star who leaves an attic full of roller derby history... >> let me see this. they're very, very, very small. >> her lifelong fan. >> this is ann's last jersey. >> why did she leave you her inheritance? >> the answer -- it's a little tricky. >> whoopsy. [ laughs ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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