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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 6, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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thanks everybody for joining us on "fbn:am." let's send it over to mornings with area. good morning, maria bartiromo. >> thank you, lauren. thanks for being here. i maria bartiromo. happy wednesday. wednesday, september 6. top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. irma crashes the caribbean for the stronger start ever to hit the atlantic. and now florida is bracing. >> it's too early to tell wearable head, it's important all floridians keep a close eye on this incredibly dangerous storm. to not sit and wait to prepare. get prepared now. maria: we are tracking the hurricane as residents of the past scramble to prepare and evacuate. another concern for those affect it. a new report says that the federal emergency management agency could run out of money this week.
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congress set to vote on harvey release today. the question remains whether it will be tied to the debt ceiling as treasury secretary stephen mnuchin is calling for it. the fall from harvey driving gasoline prices higher again hitting a two-year high and ease ahead. the broader averages come broader averages coming down industrials up 10 points. nasdaq up seven points right now. in europe, stocks are under pressure. the major indices this morning with the ft 100 one half of 1%. in asia overnight, markets close mostly lower with the exception of china. headed to north dakota this afternoon the tax cuts directly to the american people. leaders from the american's largest companies are taking on the president and his move to
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eliminate deferred action for childhood arrivals known as daca. what they are saying they had. cheryl casone here, kevin kelly and people's corp. founder and chairman don people's. good to see you be back. >> thank goodness we've been waiting about this for so long. i don't think so. they will get done what they need to get done. tax cuts by the end of this year. everything else is just the hurricane relief from harvey to the debt ceiling debate is very controversial and doubtful, on
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the senate floor. >> kevin mccarthy didn't answer the question on whether it will be tied to the harvey release. top story this morning, hurricane irma with landfall for the first time that ford has braced for impact with a category five storm most powerful ever recorded in the atlantic. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking this term in the fox weather center. >> hurricane irma making plans overnight. the westerner chilies, northern area of the islands passing through. at next talking about puerto rico and running north of all the islands. the puerto rico passing back to the overnight hours today. that's the next area. satellite and radar just beginning to see the outer bands of rain beginning to move. that will be the heavy rain, does jill a little ways off for
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this one. the evening hours into the overnight hours for sale in puerto rico. this will continue to move on as a category five. you start to run over a cup of islands and you get cut off from the tropical moisture. the heated the water begins to wreak in just a bit through a category four storm still a very powerful storm in saturday night into sunday morning. just off the florida is an upper-level winds this is going to turn up into the state of florida. we are going to get the turn but is it going to run up to a set of florida? we are going to run right in the middle. something we are still figuring out. because at a category three storm. either way really big one it will be watching very closely for the next several days. maria: will be back to you as it develops. president trump has declared emergencies in florida at the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico were the governor is warning that the effects of
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hurricane irma could be his first catastrophic. joining us now is republican congresswoman good to see you. thanks for joining us this morning. the director of puerto rico's power company is warning they could leave some areas without electricity for four to six month. talk about the specific challenges puerto rico is facing as the storm approaches. >> we are going to face if irma heads is precisely the power grid not very good at this time. that's the main problem with god and that is one. the government of puerto rico has one as the power grid, which is electricity to all people. the second one will be a water supply because most of the palms
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were needed electricity to get that water. i think those two are the biggest concerns in terms of infrastructure. of course because the they have already the president of the united states. they are taking place. i want to thank the fema director and all the people involved in this already working with this issue before the disaster is happening. >> what are you telling people right now? >> right now the government of puerto rico has more than 150 shelters and they are moving people from the island that are in the eastern part of the island in taking a lot of movement to the mainland.
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the northern shore as we are speaking the flooding of the people of course on the island. a lot of those areas of the effect did directly and we are expecting more than those areas with a lot of flooding in the disaster. >> congresswoman, kevin kelly. they're talking about the power grid and as grid and associated as powerful infrastructure but also our national defense. see in the pentagon has over $600 billion a year for defense budgets. to think it's necessary to start focusing on the defense budget to upgrade our power grid as well as protect our power grid in small towns that can't get back online for six months. is not part of our defense and should be focused on not as opposed to a bird infrastructure bill?
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>> whatever measure is needed to upgrade our infrastructure. right now we are not just talking about puerto rico. we are talking about the virgin islands, florida. so you will get hit in the infrastructure of the united states is headed and we never had before. the expectations are very high on how we deal with this issue. how many days are we going to be without electricity. those are the main issues then for about, the fema director and people from the department of agencies are already on the island since yesterday dealing with that issue. >> were part of this morning while they are paddling towards puerto rico they will run out of money. this is a new bloomberg report this morning that seem the disaster relief fund is just over a billion dollars on hand.
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half the amount they are last week. are you concerned the emergency resources spreading too thin? >> of course. that's always a concern. right now today, the issue up for offending and that will be more than $8 billion that money should go right away. you said was affected by harvey pitt the same thing is going to happen with people in the virgin islands in florida. the approval of the house is important to make urge the senate to do the same thing. at conversations yesterday with senator marco rubio regarding this same issue. >> is not unusual for puerto rico to get hit by storms.
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many times in the year and for the last decade we have active developments in florida. after hurricane andrew took place 25 years ago this past october, south florida involved a south florida building code. a totally new building code to help the destination region absorbs the impact of the storms that come under repeated basis in 2005 the hurricanes had south florida within a month in the previous year was katrina. what is puerto rico doing to prepare to survive and have minimized disruption with the storm patterns that continue to hit the island? >> one of the main issues is infrastructure is building code and when you are on an island, you could get protect it. with this hurricane, we will see
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to face this kind of the storm. you've got a lot of people. those are the people we are very concerned asking those people to move to a shelter. most of the people in the house. >> really quick before you go. cheryl casone come on the heels of the bankruptcy of puerto rico and some of which are island had a nun. you have any idea what it's going to cost in the wake of irma once it's passed? >> associate it directly. the economics of the island is, so if irma hits puerto rico, it would take a long time and
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that's how we remain a concern. the oversight board. it is so important to be taken place with those recovery efforts quickly. maria: you say you spoke with marco rubio. what did he have to say? >> he was concerned about puerto rico in florida are going to be impacted by irma. we are working together as puerto rico has no centers for the island. we always reach to senator rubio to of course be a voice in the senate. he was very concerned. he told me yesterday morning to build this issue and i know the relief package will be proved today to be important looking after the bill in the senate. >> we will be watching. thanks for joining us. we will take a break. when we come back, president trump on the road if the
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president has to north korea today touting his plan on tax reform. we will tell you why he has a democrat by a site today. gasoline prices hitting a new high. good news on the way at the pump. we will explain. back in a minute. ♪ is
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maria: president trump had to north dakota this morning to pitch his plan for cutting tax rates. he'll have a democrat at a site today. senator heidi heitkamp is expected to fly with him on air force one for the event in her home state. his speech comes after many with the top republican lawmakers, working with tax reform known as the big six. >> will keep this momentum going. the economy to truly take off as it should. it is vital that we do see crushing type burdens on our companies and workers. we want to make it as simple as possible. we must provide tax relief for middle-class workers and families. we must restore a competitive edge, which we've lost. we are doing fine, but we lost a competitive edge. maria: albright commerce secretary under president george w. bush carlos gutierrez. thank you for joining us. do you think we will see tax
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reform this fall? all talking about the short window of opportunity to get something done. what do we do about exit patients? >> i would give it up best 50/50. secretary mnuchin said we will have at this fall. if we have it by the end of the year, this is a great job. the complexity of this stuff is hard to imagine him to get this done before september 29 or 30, which is when we need the whole package together. plus the affordable care act, daca, irma funding will be very vast. test september. >> part of the issue is the fact he doesn't have any help on the left. they will not help participate in any governing. they don't want to see his economic agenda to executed. do you see any bipartisan
6:18 am
support? >> one of the things a lot of people are talking about is senator does trial because it is not around to vote democrat, that is going to be a major boost for republicans. so easy to demagogue becoming tax cuts for the rich. they in turn will invest more than employing more people. it's tax cuts for middle class. all these things are good, but it's too easy to demagogue this so toxic. there's no sense of that. it's going to be very tough. we've got until september 19th at the debt ceiling increase. maria: if we were to get tax cuts come as bad enough to move the needle on economic growth? 3% of growth is out there last week. if we were to see tax cuts, we don't cede all a reform that a
6:19 am
fact that moves the needle on economic growth. >> out would do it. we are in a two plus economy stuck there for a while. we need to catalogs. we need something. two things happening. regulatory reform will help the oil and gas industry today. and tax cuts. they will help. no question about it. on the negative side of the ledger we have trade. we are going to have to balance these things out everyone had 3.5% growth come i've got a lot of work to do. maria: let me ask you about immigration and daca taking a stand for and in the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. the ceo microsoft, apple, amazon, netflix, google and facebook releasing statements come as speaking out against the decision to rescind protection for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who came
6:20 am
to the united states. microsoft president and chief legal officer brad smith went one step further. for the 39 dreamers that we know of who are our employees, our commitment is clear. congress fails to act, they will all protect our employees. the government seeks to deport anyone of them, you will provide and pay for the legal n. short a dreamers who are employees will be by their side. you've also got sent to sue the government like new york, governor cuomo. your thought. >> absolutely. these dreamers or 91% of all of dreamers of daca recipients are dreamers or both. microsoft. there are daca employees in google. you know, these are top-notch students who stayed away from
6:21 am
any problems. they have a clean record, major misdemeanors. i think this would be one of the most dramatic immigration were made with history. the second next best thing, which is to let the congress decide for six months, lindsey graham on top of that. i hope we get it done. maria: thank you so much for waiting in. good to hear affair. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back of one person and respond to read and canvas. simonetti with that. transfer a fight between inmates
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returned fire into entries that the correctional industry in kansas last night. officials say the situation now under control, but suffered minor injuries while trying to restrain the inmate involved. the service lasted about four hours. take a look at this. you might be filling this when you go out. gas prices in a two-year high following hurricane hervey. the good news is it could start to ease pretty soon. gas is up 26 cents in the past week or the national average now $2.66 a gallon. the energy department says five refineries along the gulf coast of by restarting operations yesterday while seven more are operating at reduced rates. a federal boy in new york receiving a very special gift from his father's friend on his first day of kindergarten. more than two dozen police officers accompany the little boys as he waited for a school bus. a status code and line of duty
6:26 am
last year during a confrontation with a robbery suspect. the officers say they will always be there for the boy's family. they saw him off on his first day of school. trade do that is beautiful. very nice story. a local catastrophe, why russian president vladimir putin said sanctions are not enough to get north korea to pull back on missile testing. our investors hungry for chipotle? the rest i wants to get its mojo back with its new case so did. back in a moment. ♪ hey, how's it going? um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket.
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. wednesday september 6th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. bracing for irma, florida under state of emergency as we speak as the massive hurricane makes landfall in the caribbean, strongest storm to ever hit the atlantic expected to slam puerto rico tonight. the system could wreak havoc on fema which is already stretched by harvey. congress begins destruction on emergency relief aid. debt ceiling could cause. one person remains defiant richard branson, vow to go stay on his famed island, he says he will ride it out.
6:30 am
rising threat over north korea. russian vladimir putin, sanctions may not be the answer, we need to be careful not to -- >> everybody needs to take part in putting pressure on north korea. both secretary mattis and the president all options are on the table and continue to keep them on the table until we get the results that we are looking for. maria: investors are watching the tension as well. futures are showing the markets will open mixtoday. the nasdaq is in firmer territory but dow and s&p 500 have turned negative down a fraction this morning. in europe stock is under pressure as well. this is the low of the morning, of course, tomorrow we have a european central bank meeting, we will be previewing that this morning as well. in asia overnights, markets lower for the most part. shanghai squeaked out a fractional move.
6:31 am
another disturbance in the force for disney, while the company is replacing yet another star wars director, we will tell you why, plus, say cheese. queso dip nationwide. expanding alcohol service, all the stories coming up this morning. our top story this half an hour and that's the rising threat of north korea. the hermit kingdom promise to go deliver new, quote, gift packages to the united states after receiving strong condemnation following this weekend's nuclear test, the world is on high alert over this threat. while meeting with south korean president, moon-jae-in. it is clear that it's impossible to solve the problem with only sanctions and pressure and we should not give way to emotions and drive north korea into a corner, the white house reiterated that all options are on the table. >> the priority of the
6:32 am
administration is to have denuclearization of the korean peninsula and also to protect american citizens. we are looking at putting aggressive measures both diplomatically, economically and as we've said, all options are on the table and we are going to continue to push forward toward a safer and denuclearized korean peninsula and that's the priority here. maria: joining us right now former commander of the uss cole, good to see you this morning, what's the answer here, your thoughts on north korea? >> well, i think the answer is still going to reside solely with china. china aided and abets the program to get to where it is today. i think as president putin said, we are reaching a point where he's understanding the gravity of how serious it is that north korea is reaching a tipping point with technology and capability that the united states and others in the region
6:33 am
cannot tolerate and china has to be the one that's going to step up if they want to be a leader on the world stage. cheryl: commander, it's cheryl casone, we have 28,500 u.s. military personnel right now in south korea, isn't the key from a military standpoint relationship with south korea because china doesn't seem to want to come to the table in any fashion. >> why should they come to the table? we haven't put any sanctions where they truly belong and that would be aimed at china where we target specifically target military, industries that have aided and abetted the program. once we start looking at china, then we begin push on resolution to this. sanctions on north korea and president putin have looked at it and agreed they have done nothing to slow the program down. kevin: one of the things we need to highlight attacking sanction that is will impact the north
6:34 am
korean military, one of those would be an oil embargo, one of the things that china keeps sending on over is oil, so is this just getting back to where we have to sit down and solve a broader tension that's happening and that's the south china because the chinese aren't going to make concessions there specially japanese talking about revoking the appeasement article 9 in their constitution, we won't use force to settle international disputes, now they are talk about revoking that given what's happening there. isn't this su big broader discussions about sanctions and about the region? >> to go back to your point, kevin, and also to cheryl's, i believe that this issue is two prong. one, we continue to work with our allies, south korea and japan, military option that will give us the capability to react if we have to. in the meantime, there's still lots of room for diplomacy and economic forces to work on this
6:35 am
in order to allow china to be put in the position where they are going to do it. let's face it, north korea is their sole military allied. they have bled and died for the sake of this country. they won't give it up easily. president xi knows when he's in the cusp of another five-year term, he wants to keep degree of stability so he can get to point where he's reelected. once he's at that point, le have the flexibility, so to speak of being able to push that issue forward and he knows that -- he knows that china to be a world leader is going to have to resolve this issue and ultimately the united states cannot afford the offensive threat of nuclear weapons against our nation. our national interests are going to come first there. maria: i understand that. what do you do to china? i mean, yesterday we had on gordon chang on this program, a china expert. he said let's look at the
6:36 am
financial sector in china, put sanctions on things like the bank of china, doesn't that disrupt the u.s. economy as well >> it will, but what is the threat of the u.s. economy going to be if you have a nuclear north korea that threatens us? maria: yeah. >> one of the things that president putin indicated that sanctions at this point in time would not be effective and not effective in the ultimate goal, what's the pathway from your perspective if we were to impose sanctions against, say, china, and what would be the ultimate goal to accomplish and how long do you see that taking? >> great question. the ultimate goal to make china realize that the united states is very serious about this, that our bottom line, while stated as priority right now, the bottom line has to be the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and we are not going
6:37 am
to trade the demilitarization of south korea for the denuclearization of north korea so that china can build a buffer state. i know they want that. we have to make china realize that we are serious about the threat and sanctions that will put in place may impact them and may effect our economy and better yet will affect the economy, better to start happening up front now because when you have a north korea that may detonate a nuclear weapon whether on south korea, japan, guam, hawaii, we cannot trade our national security interests for any other ally. it is a harsh reality but at the end of the day, when you look at putin, the sanctions, i think he was talking with north korea. when you're looking at the fact that we are now going to start looking at china and say, we have no choice but to force your hand in this, that's what's going to make them realize that they're going to have to make north korea step back from this brink because oars we are head
6:38 am
today war. maria: we will be watching. thank you. commander lippolt joining us there. coming back a cop who dragged the nurse for trying to protect patient losing his jobs. we will tell you what happened? branson is preparing for monster hurricane on private island, he's riding it out, back in a minute ♪
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on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, gany, gany, gany♪ ♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested maria: welcome back, pressure on markets. look what's happening this morning. volatility actually. now fractionally up again. very much a mixed performance this morning ahead of the opening. nasdaq also higher, s&p lower. a couple of names on the move this morning. lucas films has announced that
6:42 am
it's changing director another yet another star wars film mutually agree to go part ways with director collin on star wars episode 9. the studio replacing the directors of the han solo films. we are watching shares of chipotle this morning, the company announces plan to go roll out highly-anticipated queso dip across the country. chipotle began testing the product at 350 products in july. more fallout from the disturbing utah incident where police dragged off a nurse, lauren simonetti with the the details, lauren. lauren: hi, maria, you probably saw the video of the utah detective who dragged screaming and crying nurse. he's been fired from his part time paramedic job. fired effective immediately even though he was not working for
6:43 am
the company at the time of the incident. the hospital says police officers will now be barred from its patient care areas, that video went viral. florida officials have ordered evacuations ahead of hurricane irma but richard branson does not plan to go anywhere. the british billionaire and virgin group founder says he's going to ride out irma in private island in the caribbean, this would not be anything new. he stayed on the island about three times during hurricanes over the past 30 years. no need for a beer run, did you hear this, amazon expanding its 2-hour free alcohol delivery service to prime customers in a dozen cities now including new york, san francisco and chicago. amazon's first launch alcohol delivery about two years ago in seattle. if two hours is too long to wait, they also have a one-hour service, that's 8 bucks. i think this is going to be popular near college campuses, anyway, shares of amazon up 30%
6:44 am
so far this year at 965. >> that's funny. am done is incredible, though. when you order you get alcohol in two hours, a sweat shirt in three hours. kevin: let's see how amazon trades on friday. that's when kroger releases earnings, this is kroger's first earnings release since the amazon-whole foods deal. let's see what guidance comes out of that. it's all technology played. maria: kroger reports friday? kevin: before the open. cheryl: i can't wait, i get my alcohol in two hours and food from whole foods in one hour, that's great news. kevin: now you get queso at chipotle. >> amazon is going to play big in florida and texas in terms of being able to deliver because the infrastructure is all going to be taken down and they will need more and more drones as is
6:45 am
the insurance adjustors now using drones to survey damage so that they can settle up -- kevin: we will be talking about that later in the show. everyone should stay tune. maria: you're based in florida, have you been back since these hurricanes started? >> no, but in constant contact with our staff, headquarters is in miami in coral gables, i have a large home, i have a large boat and major business property out there so we are buttoning, that one is on miami beach, so we are taking a lot of proactive steps and then allowing some of the teams to lead. we are encouraging them to go to vegas, we won't charge them vacation time but get themselves safe. cheryl: 185-miles-per-hour winds. i can't imagine what that is going to look like. four storms in the last 100
6:46 am
years. >> andrew wrecked havoc in south florida and that was a much softer, weaker storm. florida is better suit today absorb these storms, you know n2005 it was hit by four named hurricanes, category 1 and 2 hurricanes and came through okay. maria: all right, we will take a break. when we come back lawmakers set to vote on $7.9 billion disaster aid package to help texas and louisiana after harvey's path of destruction. we will take you live to houston with the latest. eyes in the sky, drones are providing huge help as insurance companies assess the damage after harvey, you just heard it, we will talk more about that. stay with us my dell small business advisor
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maria: welcome back, breaking news, the president has tweeted
6:50 am
this morning, we want to show you what he's saying, we will be going to north dakota today to discuss tax reform and tax cuts, we are the highest tags nation in the world. the president tweeting moments ago. the house will vote on multibillion dollar package to help victims of hurricane harvey. this is the first victim of the storm is identified, fox news brian yene, is live in houston, texas with the latest. brian, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria, still in the flooded west houston, we expect the house midday to vote $8.75 billion harvey financial aid that they desperately need here in texas and louisiana. that'll get sent over to the senate where the senate will then likely tack that onto legislation, raise the debt ceiling and avoid shutdown and that legislation will be sent back to the house where we can expect a final vote by the end of the week. fema really needs to money, they are spending money rapidly here
6:51 am
in texas, fema has received more than 573,000 requests for assistance, 180,000 people have been approved to receive $148 million. this has the acting secretary of homeland security visits texas today where she will get an aerial tour of the devastation and recovery and also meet with members of fema and other first responders. yesterday governor greg abbott of texas visited beaumont where a water notice is still in effect. the toxic sites appear to be safe and have not leaked chemicals into the environment. he encouraged texans that they might wanting to to the doctor and receive a tetanus shot. all major state highways are open but flooding will remain for a little bit. >> flooding is expected to continue for a few more days before beginning to recede.
6:52 am
river is beginning to recede and all other refer sites are now in recession. >> the first victim of the storm 39 yorld arthur adams died in rockport and this water is expected to stay for another two weeks, maria. maria: all right, bryan, bryan llenes there. 200 to 300 homes in need of repair, inspecting those homes using traditional methods can be time consuming and costly and dangerous. many insurance companies are turn to go drone technology to assess damages. joining us now george matthew, that's a drone company based in california and goarm, good to see you this morning, thank you so much for joining us. we know that stop insurers, state farm, all state are
6:53 am
employing drones. >> turns that drones are very effective and process of being able to get a claim adjudicated can be done quickly because literally the farmer's ceo came on air about a week ago and said that a drone flying over a house can actually help an adjustor cover three claims per hour versus three claims per day. maria: how does that work with the drone collecting all of the data? >> very straightforward. adjustors themselves can fly a drone and the drone is now taking the measurement of the house, the level of damage and then fully integrating to claims processing system, instead of
6:54 am
manually climbing on top of the roof, you're actually now doing it within five minutes versus three to four hours which is what a process would take. >> is this efficient capacity of drones available right now to address what's happening in houston and -- and other parts of texas but also to meet the demand that's going to most likely come from the impact over hurricane in south florida? and two, can these drones actually operate indoors at all? >> regarding your question, the level and extent of damage which occurred around harvey which is estimated at least on primary damages alone could be as much as 30 billion and now a new category 4, category 5 hurricane coming into florida. there -- maria: cat 5 right now. >> right. to see the level of damage that would occur, there can't be enough technology that will leverage for use cases n. the case of the drone itself, we
6:55 am
are not doing indoor work per se, we are flying over rooftops. cheryl qhearl are the images that look like? >> until last night, cheryl, we had tfr, temporary flight restriction that is were in place, no one could actually fly regarding the recovery effort. it's all been focused on rescue. the first drones flew as of yesterday on behalf of farmers and other carriers down in the houston area and we are starting to see the first level and extent of the damage. cheryl: is it worst than you thought? >> significant and probably worst. kevin: do videos? >> we are taking that imagery and fusing it with other sensor-base information to construct 3 dimensional model, three dimensional model, wind damage related assessments on
6:56 am
the 3d model. maria: you're saying the drone streamlines the process? >> think about the drone is the new sensor network, new information that can then be easily processed, for instance, construct 3 dimensional model and delivery a better customer experience of those policy holders. >> is the government trying to work with you at all? >> we are not working with the government. we've had a few initial conversations with the government about some areas that we can be helping, but right now we are focused on our customers which are most to have carriers as well as independent adjustors. maria: you would think that increasingly your customer base includes local and state and federal governments. >> for sure. maria: is that what you're expecting? >> an area that we have an opportunity to expand to. we have been focused on industrial work, we starting in the mining aggregate space and expanded it to insurance, we do a lot of work with construction workers around the country for
6:57 am
construction and natural experience. maria: we will be watching, thanks so much for being here. george matthew. hurricane irma prompts the first evacuations in florida as the category 5 storm barrels towards the u.s., we will have the very latest next hour mornings with maria back here right in a moment you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. maria: good wednesday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is
7:00 am
wednesday september 6th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. hurricane irma batters the caribbean, category 5 hurricane, now the strongest ever to slam the at larntic, storm moving its way to florida where governor rick scott has declared state of emergency. >> if there's evacuation order in your area, please follow it. i cannot stress enough, if there's evacuation order, follow it. remember, we can rebuild your home but we cannot rebuild your life. maria: president trump also just tweeting on the storm this, watching hurricane closely, my team which has done and is doing such good job in texas is already in florida, no rest for the weary, the president just tweeted that. the very latest on the storm's path this morning. threat of another hurricane raising fresh concerns about aid. fema could run out of money as early as this weekdays before irma is suppose today make landfall in the united states. congress meanwhile taking up its first vote since returning retum
7:01 am
recess harvey relief but a debate is brewing whether it should be tide to debt ceiling, the fallout coming up. global markets this morning, fractional moves, dow industrials up 3 points, nasdaq up 7, s&p 500 exactly where it closed yesterday. in europe stocks under pressure. the cac quarante and dax index also weaker by just a fraction. in asia overnight markets closed mostly lower, president trump's tax push today is on, he heads to north dakota this afternoon. he tweeted this moments ago, will be going to north dakota today to discuss tax reform and tax cut, we are the highest-tax nation in the world. that will change. business lack lash, leaders are taking on the president and move to eliminate deferred action for childhood arrivals known as daca, what they are saying coming up. the red sox reportedly using
7:02 am
device to steal signs against the yankees. cheating there. all that coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it cheryl casone, kevin kelly and peebles corporation don peebles. good to see you this morning. by the way, the red sox made the new york post. cheryl: boston sports team has been accused of cheating? really? [laughter] kevin: so we are at 38.92% at corporate tax rate, the only countries that are higher uae and puerto rico. worldwide average is 22.5%. if we don't bring ourselves there we will bring ourselves injustice. think of this, europe, they have a monetary policies, average in europe is 18.88%, think about
7:03 am
ireland. maria: 14% in ireland. >> if you keep raising your means by increasing the tax rate which is how we've got on the this point, means that you can do more and offer more and there's the special interest beneficiaries around the country and some of these things are going to have to be cut and that's going to disappoint people. maria: i don't think it's all going to be reform. can you put the president's tweet once more about taxes. i want to point something out in this tweet because when the president normally tweets about tax reform, he says, tax reform, but in this tweet he said tax reform and tax cuts. what does that tell you, we are not going to get tax reform, they have 11 days left, they are lucky to get tax cuts and that's where this is going. kevin: conflicts -- maria: the fact that he put in tax cuts and tax reform is very
7:04 am
telling. coming up, house chairman of the ways and means tax policy subcommittee peter is with us this morning live, don't miss that, fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano and newt gringrich will join us, the governor of u.s. virgin islands kenneth is here and secretary of housing and when you urban devet dr. ben carson. do stay right there and we kick it off right now with top story, hurricane irma triggering mandatory evacuations as the category 5 storm is eyeing the florida keys, key west residents and tourists have already been ordered to leave and they say they are preparing for the very worst. >> we are running out of time. it's going to be crazy, it's going to be gridlock, getting out of the keys there's only one way in and one way out. it's going to be crazy. >> we could be looking at wave heights that could put ocean over the islands. we are an island community and
7:05 am
islands go under water. for the florida keys, if you're going to create the worst case scenario, that's what we are now looking at. maria: mayor of key west, mr. mayor, thank you very much for joining us this morning. first off, what can you tell us in terms of what the state is right now in terms of how you are preparing for irma? >> obviously we are concerns over the storm and the citizens have been notified. we have emergency operation center set up and tourists were asked to leave today and a lot of people started leaving yesterday and also boarded up homes and start today leave and the tourists will start leaving today and then thursday we will be asking the residents to leave but they are all aware of that, schedule already and a lot of them are trying to get out of town already. maria: mayor, you heard your county emergency operation's manager which we ran the sound bite, he said this is the worst case scenario.
7:06 am
irma expected to make landfall in florida late saturday night. what should residents know, what should we know in surrounding area, how to protect themselves? >> it could end up to the state where we will be evacuating to. we have a bus service, the city buses will start running thursday to take the residents out of key west and up the keys which is 120 miles before we get to our shelter and in miami and we will start running thursday for the residents but we were also concerned is the storm going to go in at that area too, so there's a lot of way to balance in the storm and we hope that it turns a little bit sooner and we get a break down here but we don't know. we are prepare if for the worst. maria: don peebles, he has a home, don.
7:07 am
>> as you know after andrew, there was a big push to implement the south florida building code which would help places like key west and all of the keys and be able to withstand some of the category 3 and somewhat 4 level, how much has been done in the past years in the keys? >> a lot of has been done, you're absolutely right. our code is 185-miles-per-hour winds for standard home. shelter there, city hall was rated for 200 miles an hour. that being said, there's still a lot of homes and homes right on the water and we all know that the water impact is what's going to do the damage, but the older ones will. we are asking all the people to
7:08 am
evacuate and we will see how the newer building codes, a huge test for for sure. maria: we know this is an incredible test, we are with you, mayor, we will develop the developments, thank you so much for telling us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. maria: mayor craig cates. u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico, americans are bracing for hurricane irma but funding now reportedly running low. the agency disaster relief fund is down to last billion dollars according to bloomberg, more than half of that is immediately available for harry ve response and recovery efforts. joining me right now congressman, peter, congressman good to see you this morning. >> great to be with you. maria: first let's talk about fema, what does that marine with hurricane irma, is fema running out of money this week?
7:09 am
>> i think it's incredibly significant which is why the majority leader announced there will be a vote this morning as it relates to this, look, our country is a country that comes together in times like this, there's no question in my mind that the resources will be there, it's a matter of timing and working these things out and most people particularly members of congress recognize the urgency of this. not only what's happening in texas but what you've been reporting and we see as coming upon florida any day now. maria: yeah, we had kevin mccarthy on yesterday, the majority leader and the house is expected to vote on that hurricane harvey relief funding but the possibility of adding suspension of the federal debt limit to the measure is also out there and not all lawmakers are on board. how do you see it? do you think it should be tied to the debt increase? >> listen, give me a clean debt ceiling, that was testimony before the ways and means committee a couple of months
7:10 am
ago. that may have shifted. may instinct is these, these are two terrible interesting things. when it comes down to it, they both have to be dealt with. it's really a tactical question that i will differ to the leadership on, but when it comes down to it, you to deal with the debt ceiling and you have to deal with making sure that the relief efforts are well resourced. maria: meanwhile the president is heading to north dakota to push tax overhaul after he met with the big six yesterday to talk about tax reform. here is what was said, listen to this, sir. >> this is more than just tax reform, this is tax cutting to put it in very simple term, we are going to cut taxes, we are going to reduce taxes for people, for individuals, for middle-income families, we are going to reduce taxes for companies and those companies are going to produce jobs. maria: what can you tell us congressman, where is the tax bill? >> look, there's nobody that's defending
7:11 am
defending the status quo which is interesting, nobody likes the internal revenue code, some people like parts of it and nobody likes the whole thing, we are waiting for an agreement from the big six, the folks that have been meeting over the past couple of months that lay out parameters. here is what we want avoid, house version of tax reform, senate version of tax reform and white house language of tax reform and since you have one party in majorities in the house and senate, let's move forward on one plan, but there's got to be parameters and that's really what we are waiting for. once we get agreed upon program steres that the senate leadership and the white house sign off on, you can go to tax writers and say, fill this in and create this, but there's a sense of urgency now and the urgency is we have this collapsing window of time, this has to happen in my opinion in 2017, if it doesn't happen in 2017, this will be the big fish that got away.
7:12 am
let's not get it away and let's get about this business right now but there has to be agreement on the parameters. maria: what are the parameters, congressman, you can understand the frustration, we have been talking about tax reform, 11 days left for actually any legislation to get done -- we had a white paper that the white house released in april, simplify the code go, from 7 to 3 brackets, cut corporate taxes, the president wants 15 ber, -- 15% and the white house wants 22%. >> are we going put pay-fors on the tables? there's some voices out there that say cut the taxes and don't war about it, those are fundamental questions, those are program -- parameters.
7:13 am
you know what, we are not going pay for this anyway, who cares? they have been solid, then you can negotiate, once you do that, then leave to ways and means committee and finance committee and both the house and the senate to get this thing up out and on the president's desk by the end of the year. maria: why should anybody agree that the senate and house would agree when you guys couldn't do it for health care? >> i take your point. we can marinate. maria: i have been optimistic. >> it's not going to happen in 11 days. i said by 2017, so this is -- we've got this fall to get this done and there's an urgency to this. look, our country has gone through incredible things in the past and we have taken on incredible challenges in the past and the question is, are we going to treat the tax code as if it's a natural disaster like
7:14 am
we can't do it anything about it? and the answer is, of course, not, let's do something about it. maria: you think you will get it done this year? >> yeah, this year. maria: we will be right back
7:15 am
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maria: welcome back, texas republicans with minor victory. liz: texas can use revised voter id law for this november's election, by 2 to 1 vote, federal appeals court panel in new orleans temporarily put on hold a lower court ruling that barred enforcement of the id law. just last month u.s. district judge allowed to vote if they signed an affidavit saying they had reasonable impediment to obtaining one. yesterday the appeal's court said texas made strong showing that it's likely to succeed when the full court takes the case. well, the price of orange juice soring at hurricane irma threaten florida, jumping 6% to 1.45 a pound. florida is the biggest orange producer and the state's entire crop faces moderate to severe damage.
7:18 am
martin shkreli isn't letting security's fraud keep him from next venture, selling his album, bought the album two years ago by $2 million, listed the sole copy on ebay last night, starting price of 1 dollar, within an hour the bitting hit $55,000. and verizon wants to know what customers are doing online and willing to reward them for that information. a new program called verizon gives customers credit so they can cash in for concert tickets an phone upgrades, in return verizon wants subscribers to provide history and location data. verizon wants to basically build a digital advertising business to better compete and bring in money from the sources but it can compete with facebook and google. shares of verizon are down about 11% this year. maria. maria: that's interesting, actually. the rewards program, lauren, that verizon is offering, thank
7:19 am
you, lauren. what do you think about that. kevin: yeah, this is big part of business plan, one of the reasons why they acquired yahoo, if you think about advertising, dominated by two players, google and search and then you have facebook with their mobility function and interaction, right, so there's the two players, snapchat is fighting for it, microsoft is fighting for it. now you have verizon, verizon, they have so much rich information that targeted advertising can utilize but you have to opt in and that's why they have this, you just can't say he's within 5 feet of madison square garden, he's probably at mets-rangers game. maria: you agree to have data out there. cheryl: everywhere you go -- how much is too much? privacy experts continue to fight back against companies, i get the whole, your information is out there, i understand that, at some point this is going to be dangerous.
7:20 am
maria: younger generations don't care. they are counting on younger generations, they are not thinking about privacy. >> you can use it -- i looked at it from political perspective. we looked at programs where they could monitor the patterns of potential voters and what they watched on cable and that information is available right now, what they are watching on table, when they watch it so that our ads would be focused on the demographics we were targeted when they were watching it and if they were going to be in madison square garden, how many of them would be there and then we could utilize that to -- maria: coming up the red sox, how about this, they are under fire this morning after reportedly using an apple watch to steal hand signals from opponents. details on the investigation of cheating next. then the university of louisville baseball team pulls
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back, the sports world in south florida preparing for hurricane irma, no dolphins buccaneers game sunday in miami. jared max with the latest now, jared. jared: maria, good morning. no official word yet on where and when the game will be played while still possible the game could get played in another location this week, reports suggests it would be scheduled for november 19th, week 11 of the nfl season when the dolphins
7:25 am
and bucks have biweek. remember when j.j. watt had goal of $200,000, relief fund has generated more than 2 is and a half million dollars. venus williams the oldest semifinalist in grand slam tournament in 23 years. third set, tie-break last night. venus takes over and wins the match in three sets taking the final set. venus in u.s. open first time in seven years, tomorrow semifinal gone stevens who had unpredictable opponent yesterday in press conference. >> oh, my god. [laughter] >> what is that thing? >> a fly. >> oh, my god, looked like a dragon, she eventually used a sneaker to kill the fly.
7:26 am
roger federer and ralphael nadal would be yesterday. it's okay. but when you go on james bond and break out the apple watch to make it easier to do your dirty, then you're called dirty sox. admit today major league baseball that the steal signs, the team employed stealth technology of the apple watch, yes, they used the apple watch to grab the signs and relay from the dugout to field so red sox batters what type of pitches will be thrown by the yankees, there's no precedent in major league baseball and commissioner rob pointing what this is really about it's not so much that they stole the signs but that the violation is that they used electronics to do it.
7:27 am
you're not allowed to have cell phones in the dugout, there has to be special phone that is get the bullpen involved. today's newspaper here, we have the boston cheat party in the new york post and the daily news also with auditory sox but they say, how do you like them apples? if red sox get fined, can they pay with apple pay? [laughter] maria: that's good. they were stealing signs anyway but using the apple watch takes it to a new level because they are actually using technology. they say it's cheating. jared: if you're counting cards, you can't have a clicker there. maria: labor day trick shot. check it out. let's watch. what do you think about that, jared? jared: i love this. cheryl: 11 passes that they completed. jared: this is a baseball team.
7:28 am
they've at the coach's house and you talk about team building exercise, you see how committed they are to it, no surprise they have been to the college and world series in five years. maria: i love it. catch jared max 24/7, siriusxm 115, weather forecast on hurricane irma next. attorney general jeff sessions weighing in on daca. >> open-ended immigration laws was unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch. maria: we will talk with judge andrew napolitano about the legality of the obama-era immigration program. that's b next till be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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>> welcome back good wednesday morning everybody. it is wednesday september 6. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. bracing for the next hurricane. the massive hurricane makes landfall. it is expected to slim puerto rico tonight. florida governor rick scott warned citizens. it could go very far inland.
7:32 am
they prepare for torrential rain. life-threatening wind. the system could wreak havoc on fema which already stretched thin. the concerts could get worse. as they begin discussion on emergency relief aid. markets this morning are flat take a look. we are now in positive territory at cross the board. nasdaq up 12 points. things have turned bullish in the last 20 minutes. there up just a fraction. it's off of the lows. one half of 1%. in asia overnight markets are closed mostly closed mostly lower as you can see there. pennsylvania shining a negative light on a promotional prank. the details as netflix and the keys of the magic school bus
7:33 am
over to a new generation. our top story though. making landfall for the first time. hurricane irma. it is now the most powerful ever on the fox weather center. the mass of a category five storm. moved across the lesser. but what is next is puerto rico. moving across the northern edge of the island. we are expecting it to move just to the north. before eventually running up under the bahamas. you get on the southern side and there are tropical storm warnings and watches. as the stronger winds will be on the northern side of all of these islands as it moves that direction. this is a raider from rater from the island of puerto
7:34 am
rico. and it is just is just beginning to get into reach. the big rain is going to strike her start here in the afternoon hours. it's good to see out into the atlantic. the heaviest rain is that can be the issue. it will be a wind maker. take a look at those dust. up to 225. we have to the overnight hours. we are expecting it to be right there south of florida. it will catch some wins. is it can end up on the gulf of mexico. is still something we can have to wait and see here in the next couple of days. we want to turn to washington
7:35 am
now. jeff sessions announcing the end to the key obama immigration policy. tracy is on capitol hill this morning. yes the president's decision to end the program has upset many corporate leaders. and within minutes of yesterday's announcement a number of ceos and leaders they slammed the decision as many of the employees are part of this program. mark zuckerberg said this is a sad day for our country decision to end daca is not just wrong it's cruel to offer young people the american dream and then punish them for it. dreamers continue to our companies and our communities. and just as much is uni.
7:36 am
apple will fight for them to be treated as equal. microsoft president brad smith also went as far as saying that they should act on legislation to protect dreamers even before tax reform now attorney general jeff sessions who made the announcement yesterday said this decision is all part of establishing a lawful and constitutional immigration system. the compassionate thing to do is in the law enforce our laws and if congress chooses to make changes to this law to do so through that prop -- process set forth in a way that advances the interests of the american people. president trump is giving congress six months to legalize daca. if congress can't act on it he will revisit the issue. maria: i was surprised at that
7:37 am
tweet. they also said the legality of the daca program yesterday. the executive branch through dr. thought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. such an open ended circumvention of laws was an unconstitutional exercise by the authority of the executive branch. the president treated this yesterday. something to the the obama administration was unable to do. if they can't i will re- visit the issue. judge it's good to see you. thank you for waiting in here. would you agree that this immigration policy is in fact unconstitutional. let's start there. a nearly identical policy was found. it is that protection of children who were brought here
7:38 am
is infants. as the protection of undocumented aliens and had children why they were here. that program was found unconstitutional the failure to deport them. because it consisted of president obama enforcing the law which congress rejected enforcing a lot he wanted them to enforce. he wanted them to write in which they rejected. it would have allowed the parents of babies born here and adults brought here as children to stay here lawfully because they have become fully americanized. president obama reduce it to writing and said if you comply with what's in here don't break the law get a high school education get a job get a social security number lead
7:39 am
a stable life nobody is get a bother you. you can live here for as long as you want. he wrote that down in writing. it was challenged in the courts and they said you can't write the law. here is the history every american president since while reagan has done what barack obama reduced to writing they just did not put it in writing. they did not deport these people as long as they didn't break the law. donald trump campaigns against it. now he wants to get rid of it. what is the economic effect of the summary deportation of three quarters of a million people catastrophic to them, their employers and their families and even to the corporations that employ them.
7:40 am
i have to agree with something that the op-ed in the journal said today. as america's problems go these young adults should not even be on the list. and it shows the republican party at its worst. rather than letting congress take it up. what about that. when we all want to see texture from happen. the only thing i can guess is the president present is not a typical traditional american politician who understands the value of timing. and from time to time he feels the need to feed his base so to speak. but the timing could not be worse in my view. you thousands of immigrants in houston without homes now fearful of going to the
7:41 am
government for aid to which they are entitled because they think they're good to be deported. timing could not be worse. >> i'm a supporter of dreamers. some of my best employees had been one. we see a great business value and a great benefit to our country. i think it comes across as mean spirited. i'm critical of the president from time to time. he is a tremendous job and tremendous responsibility. the business of america must go on. the country has to go on. how he goes about fixing and when he must to go about fixing it and in the timeline i think is another issue.
7:42 am
[indiscernible] they want to repeal and replace obama care. let me say a word consistent with this. america voted for that. securing the voters as much as they can. the young people they hundred thousand people under the age of 40 they are the last people that should be kicked out.
7:43 am
i'm not sure why we are dealing with this now when i see tax reform as a much more immediate issue. one white paper back in april doesn't cut it. this goes back to the timing. some dreamers this falls into the narrative. talking about holding up the government funding for this. i've been doing this real estate development for 30 plus years. they are coming at you constantly. if the deal with these issues when they come.
7:44 am
i think he should be looking at prioritizing. if they don't get tax reform done that becomes a big problem.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
welcome back at air force jet crashing in arizona. >> and f-16 the graham county sheriff department. it is based of the tucson airport. under pressure again. on track to make landfall's. they could barrel right through the caribbean. all three of the largest
7:48 am
companies are based in miami. they close down more than 4% yesterday. with a small pennsylvania town. a local trickster as put the red balloons on grapes. the local police department went for the pranksters to stop. it is about children mysteriously disappearing from a sleepy town before being challenged by a group of preteens. the magic school bus is down. it is a reboot of the popular 1990s show.
7:49 am
>> i love it. >> back in her role as the original. it premieres september 29. take a look at this though. there up about 40% this year. coming up looking to measure your heart health. there's an app for that also. it will use your smart phone camera. it's all back in a minute. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:53 am
welcome back are you looking to test your heart health. there is a new app for that. engineers at caltech created an application that uses a camera on a smart phone to provide detailed information about your heart. doing this right now is our dr. dr. mike good to see you. the creators of the app claim it provides the same information as a 45 minute mri scan. actually the way they tested it as they tested against the mri machine because that's the most accurate test. what they're trying to replace and make a substitution for as the echocardiogram which is an ultrasound of the heart. it is money and time. if we could have a smart phone app to create that process it is amazing. it's very early on. a proof of concept trial. and while they have some promising results it is not enough eyes -- phaseout
7:54 am
echocardiogram anytime soon because it's so early on and because it gives you so many other pieces of information. if you're talking about my heart i don't want plus or minus 19% on this. actually that's a great margin of error. it has an air of 20%. we are using it because it's cheaper and much quicker than the actual mri. if you look at how they go and get the echocardiogram. is not just to get the measurement of the fraction. what the heart looks like. what the valve looks like. it is great for possibly a screening tool. it could be a first step to start that process.
7:55 am
we are learning that carbs may have a larger negative impact on heart health than fat it examined the eating habits of a hundred 25 people. and carbs were worse for risk factors there. carbs turn into sugar. they represent a whole spectrum of foods but they get turned to glucose. it's a form of sugar that it can actually utilize. there's been a huge debate whether it's fat or sugar are what is causing the heart disease in our nation. there's been documentaries made about this. carbohydrates are not responsible for diabetes which is not totally true. what the pure study has done is set on five continents. a huge population.
7:56 am
it showed that eating carbohydrates in high amounts percentagewise. 75 percent of your diet it shows that your heart disease risk goes up. your chance of dying from all causes goes up. you have to have a moderate consumption of fats and card. they are raising and the bad cholesterol. have a neutral effect on cardiac disease in the study. it did surprise us a bit. what needs to happen. we need to figure out what is that balance between fats and carbs. what do you normally eat how much do you normally eat. what did you eat two weeks ago. i'm on a high protein low carb diet. i've done this for a number of
7:57 am
years my cluster husband very low. in not be so worried about that because our body needs fats. my cholesterol has always been low. i went to a very high protein diet where i am eating steak twice a day. vegetables and very low on the carbs. that's on the great stuff. i think think you we will be right back. tes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die
7:58 am
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he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. >> welcome back happy wednesday thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, wednesday september of your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast irma crashes caribbean category five making landfall overnight the strongest stormy to hit atlantic florida is bracing for impact, we are tracking this hurricane as residents in the path scramble to prepare evacuate. now another concern for those affected, funding for fema new report this morning says the federal emergency management agency could reason i out of money as soon as this week, congress to vote on harvey relief aid question whether tied to debt ceiling steven
8:01 am
mnuchin is calling for mitch mcconnell takes to the floor making a push to pass legacy. >> the president's immediate priorities, devastate relief prevent a did he fault fund the government we have to get all three things done, and we have to do it very quickly. >> the latest, straight ahead this morning, fallout from harvey driving gasoline prices higher have a two-year high look when pain at pump may easy coming up futures a gain at opening of trading things have been boosted the last half an hour we are at highs of the morning, dow industrials set to open 30 points, and nasdaq up a third of a percent, 60 points higher in europe, stocks under pressure this morning there too things off the lows, and the cac quarante and dax index positive ft 100 down under half a percent, asia overnight markets mostly clearr lower you can see there. >> president trump's tax push on headed to north dakota this
8:02 am
afternoon pitch for tax cuts to american people new are excerpts from hillary clinton upcoming book find whunt she said about primary rival bernie sanders all that this morning joining me to talk about it fox business network cheryl casone, kelly an company managing partner founder chairman ceo don peeples good to see everybody. >> fox news got off cam briefing as far as what he is going to say really going to appear -- to middle class talk about north dakota has become an example of what jobs should look like in this country. >> democrat by his side. >> um-hmm. >> important -- middle class -- small business, tax cut that is most important thing because if you think about s&p 500 companies they are not paying 38% they are going double dutch, payable in europe everywhere else lower tax rates. >> did you say you are losing a pound day?
8:03 am
>> yes. >> that went by me last segment low cash diet. >> long way to go easier to lose one day. >> i like it, joining the conversation we've got a lot on tap newt gingrich with us this morning, u.s. virtue jib islands governor will join us, dr. ben carson here stuart varney will weigh in as always don't miss a moment. stay with us for a big hour ahead. we take it up top story president trump headed to north dakota today, to push tax reform as americans brace for hurricane irma. >> adam shapiro at the white house with the latest. reporter: good morning to you a very busy day for the president before he leaves for north dakota this afternoon, this morning he is going to be speaking with leader of china, plumbbly about north korea, then going to be meeting to talk about tax reform with leaders from congress, now yesterday we saw meeting with the big six we have video from that you can see speaker of the house paul ryan as well as
8:04 am
senate leader mitch mcconnell joining them the democrats chuck schumer nancy pelosi coming to the white house this morning to talk about the agenda talk about tax reform hurricane relief all issues funding the government raising the debt ceiling with the president before he heads to north dakota, key for president trump is mil class tax relief how he put it yesterday the message he will deliver today. >> this is more than just tax reform this is tax cutting to put it in a very simple term. we're going to cut taxes we are going to reduce taxes for people for individuals, for middle income families we are going to reduce taxes for companies. and companies are going to reduce theirs. >> there is no rest for the weary the president in due diligence on expect a hill consisting all kinds of issues such as voting on relief, for harvey hurricane harvey in
8:05 am
houston area almost 8 billion dollars, to be voted upon, just as fema devastate relief program down to one billion dollars another hurricane approaching florida. >> we will watch that adam shapiro at the white house joining me right now former speaker of the house author of most recentlily understanding trump newt gingrich, mr. speaker always a pleasure good to see you -- >> great to be with you, and hear about this pound a day diet. maria: -- diets we will talk about that in might be speaker, your thoughts on this potentially tying to harvey aid bill to increase in debt ceiling. >> if i understand secretary mnuchin's point they run out of money out of let me ability to borrow money, sometime the next couple weeks, so to pass the appropriation without passing the debt ceiling increase will mean dew doesn't mean they couldn't access the money would it be lock up by
8:06 am
bank, i think the easiest single vote in the congress to tie debt relief to debt ceiling done one single vote i think would pass overwhelming bipartisan majority not many people after at the devastation of harvey voting no on getting aid money to people of louisiana and texas. maria: i would think thought let me ask you about tax reform, newt, the president is headed to north dakota today, to be part of this push for tax reform aconpeed by heidi heitkamp, trump won 1 percentage points what is your sense of tax reform at this point is this a start of the president reaching out to democrats, to try to get this done, i think it is worth noting that we just heard, mitch mcconnell on the floor yesterday say the president's priorities keeping government funded aid for harvey ets, he did not mention tax reform.
8:07 am
>> well i think that senator mcconnell was referring to between now and the end of september. certainly the president's plan i think will probably move to the ways ameans in september and probably senate finance in october hopefully starting to think goal to get it signed by thanksgiving i really like the way the president said yesterday, because i think the key back to my years as, jr., member when ronald reagan was president key to economic growth at this point this is combine cutting red tape which the president is doing with can you go to taxes as he said, this is about tax reform but even more importantly it is about tax cuts, tax cuts middle class tax cuts for small business, i think that is the right formula i am delighted to see him do it. maria: it has to be about tax cuts at this point right speaker? -- how are they going to -- when deductions to take today away -- >> no, no, no. maria: they only have a few
8:08 am
days. >> no, no, in the september what they got to do is keep the government open, detail with the debt ceiling. maria: okay. >> deal with emergency relief, if they do those in september under the committees meanwhile, can be writing tax bill i know for a think a ways and means and finance committees with senior leadership in the white house have been working for months on this not starting from ground zero they are starting with a pretty good idea architecture of the bill they want one key is president reaching out to democrats exactly the way he should xa apple democrats in a series of trump states proportionally vulnerable ought go in every one of the states invite democrats with him if you want hour tax for people of missouri indiana montana go down tlis i think a lot of those a democrats would suddenly find themselves under great pressure back home not to donald trump, pressure from
8:09 am
voters back home who want lower taxes. >> so your feeling 11 days they have but funding the government making sure that government stays open, and doing the harvey relief in 121 days but have more wiggle room when it comes to the tax plan. >> yeah -- of october, good day of november, to get this done. maria: what -- then, daca situation comes up right, there is an op-ed in the journal saying in list of important things, problems u.s. is facing right now, young people who were brought to this country when infants not one of the big problems why dealing with this now your thoughts on daca? >> well we're dealing with it now first of all i think the president was remarkably wise how he structured this i know spent two solid weeks trying to think through how to solve this it is clear the daca decision by president obama
8:10 am
was unconstitutional reached way beyond the law you can't have a president thinks they have ability to rewrite law without congress so unconstitutional on the other hand it is clear as a matter of compassion you can't knock 700,000 young people change lives decisively with no recourse what president trump has done said we are going to enforce law but going to have a period here for congress to fix this, to make it legal. to combine the constitution and compassion i would say whoever wrote that article is clearly not one of those young people, they are not one of the relatives of those young people not one of the people who woreships with them or looks at them hard he hearted to say fate is 700,000 americans, or american residents, who came here as children, those young people don't count? of course, congress ought to deal with that but, again,
8:11 am
congress is a big institution 535 members got dozens of committees you can handle daca in judiciary committees handling tax cuts in revenue finance and ways and means committees note either/or they get done by compromises. >> you think this can do that. >> my guess knowing nature of congress will meet march 5 deadline by about two weeks would be wise to try to get daca done the wall if you have anieded a couple other fixes, on immigration, the country is overwhelmingly in favor of what president trump is doing go out there 13 gang members el salvador go after sanctuary cities insane proposition to go after kate's law for those people who come book to u.s. after deported, country wants substantial changes, and as part of that, about 75% of the
8:12 am
country believes young people who came to the u.s. lived whole life in u.s. should not be word go be deported probably passed by christmas if luck. >> i am concerned about tax reform i know on economic growth mark a muddo said you have to have a bill on president's desk by thanksgiving in order to actually see this. >> exactly right. >> you think that they can did that have a tax bill on president's desk by thanksgiving. >> sure, first of all, what they have to do i think speaker ryan and majority leader mcconnell both understand perfectly they have to set up a timetable, gets the bill to the house, gets the bill to the senate,gets through conference, and gets do the president's desk, by mid about november the reason is two things, one practical level if you want to affect the first and second quarters next year you have to have bill in law so people can make
8:13 am
decisions first 45 days after the bill becomes law which will affect the at the whole term of the economy really important for 2018 election from republican perspective. >> second most practical if they don't get this don by thanksgiving slop into christmas then go home after christmas, then come back in january, you might not get a tax bill done until february or march that may be too late to affect the the economy in 2018. >> quick before you go newt hillary clinton is blaming her 2016 election loss partly on senator bernie sanders. this is according to the book says because she and her the democratic opponents agreed on most policy issues sanders rer sorted to innuendo, i am pung my character adding to tax code blasting damage harder to unify progressives in the general election and you he say. >> i think any time listen to hillary clinton you know why
8:14 am
she lost she lost because she -- [laughter] >> you know, this is sad, i mean if you think about it, here is a person had a long public career, didn't quite get top job twice made a serious run at top job, and it is always somebody else's fault never her fault. i recognize the book shattered two liberal reporters thought they would write about hill finding shattering the glass ceiling found writing about hillary shattering her campaign would iedance responsibility a remainder why i am glad donald trump is in the white house four years of hillary whining would have been an awful lot to take. >> stay with us we will be
8:15 am
right back. gentleman welcome bk
8:16 am
8:17 am
hurricane irma slams caribbean landfall first time florida braces for impact category five most powerful recorded in the at laptop k the historic category five storm in fox weather center. >> up patriot 8 a.m. new numbers still just as powerful still winds at 185 miles an hour to west northwest 16 miles an hour run through lesser antilles six or seven hours continuing to make that slow move defined eyewall that
8:18 am
island is moving over right now saint martin watch this track off u.s. sir gin islands puerto rico next for very large storm as the result of all that no surprise here under hurricane watches, warnings across islands this is going to continue to track that direction, puerto rico tonight is what we are looking at won't make landfall run north of it state of coy five storm eventually will cross over the bahamas going over that land that is going to be able to knock this down a little bit so wind speeds will begin to drop category four storm still very large powerful storm taking you into sunday that is when you are just south of florida, and that is when we are going to get this turn a steady path a turn will head north where exactly it is heading north in s deciding process of, right now recent models shifted from time to time the most recent models taking this east coast
8:19 am
of florida landfall carolinas from florida i think up to southeast folks paying very closing attention maria: we will be watching thank you, russian president putin says sanctions are not enough to solve north korea crisis lauren simonetti has headlines. >> putin calling for more talks and dip. >> he said his country did not recognize north korea's nuclear status adding that sanctions to pull them in are useless, and ineffective, to building up military hysteria could lead to global gas up 26 cents past week according to transfigurement snassau average for regular unleaded 2.66 a gallon, good news the energy department says five refineries in gulf coast are
8:20 am
in process of restarting seven more at reduced rates. >> drama as director of the most recent "star wars" movie episode nine is out colin trevor to do spin-off disney says they have chosen to part ways on project first due to creative differences on the script latest "star wars" movie due out december 15 the second time this year, that disney has parted ways with the "star wars" director ron howard replace will new hans solo movie in june. >> life after harvey victims in shelters after the storm informer bracing for irma the latest alexis new feature takes flight a.i. assistance
8:21 am
making travel years than ever back in a minute.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
maria: amazon ecoadding fuel to set nicole petallides on the floor good morning to you. >> good morning taking a look at amazon united airlines a story on united airlines i see down 2.8% tell you in a moment the story between amazon and united he is collaboration between two you can use alexa all ecoseries to work with united airlines boarding anything you want check on flight get updates see what itinerary is if your particular seat has outlet
8:25 am
this is just one way, for them to move forward you can use this on alexa app connect to mileage get all the news you need right now only for domestic not international, but you have to be tech-savvy united down nearly 3% this morning on passenger revenue, per available seat, teller giving a forecast down between 3 and 5% from a year ago seeing that move a to look at facebook quickly you know facebook has been trying to take on youtube, and video, back to users have been frustrated they use music with video, willing to pay out hundreds of milliocopyrights, m advertising dollars so that we will be watching stocks opened higher what is important for the week. >> what is important is focusing on what is going to
8:26 am
be hang with federal reserve inflation newborns. >> -- numbers markets global story recoveries happening, that is done, north korea. >> that is -- >> two words. >> that is biggest. >> there is a chatter another ballistic missile september 9 anniversary of the formation going to do it again. >> look at markets. >> you can -- >> control and -- >> exactly. >> in terms of controlling for this market. >> controlling in this market we touched base earlier is going back to amazon, kroger what is happening in the digital site for customers in retail especially down to consumer being pickier where spending dollars how spending dollars. >> ecb news out of that tomorrow. >> no, we saw jackson hole last month got data we needed out of mario draghi. >> quick on hurricane, you obviously had a home based in florida you think when you
8:27 am
look at hurricane harvey you don't think houston is going to be the same. >> no as developer we have developed in miami south florida a couple decades through many hurricanes look at new orleans people moved on had to leave evacuate to rebuild lives houston is going to have somewhere between 500, and 800,000 people leave. to go somewhere else, to live they are going to -- >> homeless now. >> people with children getting kids in school going to get them in school other parts of texas austin, dallas they will go to nevada the like, and once they set he will in won't come back. >> send property prices higher in those areas. >> higher prices there, and much lower prices in houston good news about houston is has a tremendous industry energy business that will compel others to move there people with families have to rebuild not having 8 months a year worried around rebuild a home. >> great input you are a
8:28 am
developer you have seen this before. >> many times. >> we will take a break when we come back we will talk about that life after hare growing housing issues victims of the devastating storms leave shelters, back in a moment. dispatcher: 9-1-1 emergency. caller: my husband-he's having trouble breathing... first responders hear it a lot. and everyone age 65 and older needs to hear it, too. the flu, and its complications, can be deadly. especially for those with a chronic medical condition. that's why there are higher-strength flu vaccines- made for seniors.
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maria: good wednesday morning welcome he back thank for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday september of your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. bracing for irma puerto rico florida under state of emergency this morning massive storm begins to blast
8:31 am
caribbean residents preparing for what is strongest hurricane to ever hit the atlantic. >> stand back here in the back, this part here, stand down, hatches put everything away everything in freezer you possibly can about all you can do pray for the best doesn't look too good. >> can't eat can't drink, like -- pit in my stomach all day. >> the system could wraek havoc on fema stretched, following devastation left by hurricane harvey a concern things could get worse as congress begins discussion on emergency relief aid a debate over debt a ceiling. >> commander in chief will travel to north dakota to sell america on vision for cutting taxes what it means for your money. >> futures indicating a higher opening for broader averages have improved last hour now highs of the morning dow industrials expected to open up 40 points, nasdaq up 15. in europe, stocks have been
8:32 am
under pressure this morning there too you are seek gains, and the markets are off the lows, ft 100 down 30 points dax in germany up two-thirds of a percent 75 points high per high of the morning in germany asia overnight markets closed mostly lower, as you can see, there china flat up a fraction. >> putting identity in a.i. the company that wants to turn your favorite celebrity into your virtual assistant we tell you about it hurricane irma bearing down on caribbean the category fooifr storm making landfall overnight toward prosecutor u.s. virgin islands on phone governor of the u.s. virgin islands. >> thanks for joining. >> how are you -- >> real question how are you the people of the require vin isles how are you preparing. >> we have been -- talking with people four or five days
8:33 am
experience of hurricanes islands st. john st. thomas a serious blow on this storm with eye passing 20 miles to the north we are expecting 110, 120 miles per hour sustained winds on those islands,traveling 15, 16 miles per hour hoping moves through rapidly we are prepared mobilized heavy equipment folks are the shutters closed i was there this morning st. croix, not on road going to hunker down let it pass through, start repairs and rebuilding where necessary partners with federal government, agency the department of defense is just really, really wonderfully i must say the trump administration has really been very, very supportive as a partner, as we go through
8:34 am
hurricane irma. >> very dangerous storm very dangerous storm. >> what are yr are you advising residents to do in terms of protecting themselves and homes what about tourists, tourism is important for virgin islands. >> we have hurricane experience many homes really destroyed after rebuilding many put on shutters had different types of roofs, strengthen billed codes folks hunkering down in homes have supplies, power is off right now. and, you know, we have prepared them to have three independent days by themselves we've got 5,000 visitors in the virgin islands worked we hotel partners whos in low-lying hotels got them into upper higher hotels away from shoreline one of the things the hurricane experience is not a parts of the vacation
8:35 am
not we don't want them on the balconies definitely not on the beach looks like adhering to that doing well taken care of saint martin vile to see weather rick this are you expecting long-term damage we've got a developer on set this morning peebles said it will change forever people will be homeless pick up rebuild another city austin dallas houston will be changed forever do you see long-term impact to virgin islands. >> when we have major hurricanes we have a few folks that leave but think about living in area like island, you can't evacuate so many flights, people have really by their experience learned to just hunker down well, they have properly insured many the
8:36 am
properly insured properties learned from experience, and rebuilding takes place, some folks they have damage will send children maybe a spouse to mainland while they get homes rebuilt stuff like that, but you know, we don't we don't we are not going to have massive change in the population that doesn't happen. >> wishing you our best thanks for telling us about it we appreciate your time. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> take care. >> hurricane irma batters caribbean texans dealing with harvey more than a mill displaced 53,000 in hotels last week fema administrator long said texas is about to go through one of the largest recovering missions the nation has seen. >> one of the largest missions is going to take place is -- housesen helping people try to save homes. >> the commission is biggest
8:37 am
battle we have as well obviously, we have a tremendous number of assets to support life sustaining mission shelters, shelters never ideal situation we understand that throwing everything we can at them. maria: bring in secretary of housing urban development dr. ben carson thanks for joining us. >> we have been having this conversation today with developer said the moment ago houston is going to be forever changed so many homeless people there how is agency helping with housing needs when you look hat harvey irma. >> first of all, in 39 affected counties in texas there are 61 public housing authorities affecting lives families over 48,000 people the multifamily units supported by hud over 20,000 families so we are receiving a where those people are looking
8:38 am
at the units they were in -- rapidly getting them restored, getting people back into the places that can be inhabited, there are other things going on as well we are helping the states localities reallocate resources to disaster relief, suspending foreclosure predicting making more available, and making available insurance for rehabilitation, section 108 loans for a number of things, also, making sure that the counseling agencies are equipped with the knowledge to be able to quickly help people to get back into a viable situation, we are not just talking about the poor we are talking about you know, the middle class, and people who are affected by fha loans.
8:39 am
maria: 50 million dollars has been approved for housing assistance including rental assistance, how can survivors use that money for temporary housing tell us how the elaboration happens in terms of of money. >> a lot is done through vouchers which allow people in transitional housing situations there are inspectors working with fema to quickly assess what needs to be done in house a, house b, house c, nod to rapidly address the situation get people back into it, the waters have receded very significantly in some areas those houses are ready to be rehabilitated, we are cutting red tape so that we can get that money, most of that early money being done through fema the later money will be done through hud. >> meanwhile, fema is now expected to run out of money by friday, this is a new bloomberg report out this
8:40 am
morning says that the agency a deficit relief fun has billion dollars on hand less than half the amount there last week so if your agency is working with fema to provide housing needs to natural devastate survivors what do you say. >> congress is hearing that news also, they i believe are going to act very quickly, because no one is really interested in us getting into a situation where we cannot handle what needs to be done financially. >> okay. so you think then that the money coming from federal government will go to fema and then they will just pay off knowing that fema is stretched? >> recognize that the seven billion 7.8 billion is a down payment. i mean looking at multiples of that we need to be able to do something about quickly that is going to be done.
8:41 am
maria: secretary do you think that what i was mentioned earlier people will move to other cities long term there is impact here going to have a very different look and feel the city of houston as a result of this? and fewer people possibly he -- >> texans are very resilient people. i don't think a whole lot of them are going to flee, but there is no question that the cornfields i have away sometimes -- after a couple hurricanes. >> harvey what is your department doing in terms of irma as irma is about to make landfall in florida? >> well, we've had multiple meetings, you know with fema dhs, with hud, with other members evident cabinet and other agencies, and we are putting in place the people the staff they are already
8:42 am
there they are being equipped with satellite radios means of communication so the situation can be quickly addressed. >> all right we leave it there secretary carson good to see you thanks for weighing in this morning. >> my pleasure. >> ben carson, the timeline for draechl stua-- for tax refo. >> texas ceo elon musk believe ai will be at the center of the next world war, back in a minute. >> welcome back to one of tennis channel court report presentation for fox business. tuesday was quarter finals at u.s. open americans in action for the home fans to cheer. a year ago stevens watching home slam on tv due to foot injury fast toward 24 months the 24-year-old major second
8:43 am
time in career -- three thrilling sets on men's side pablo will make his debut in the finalizing four after dispatched argentina, in straight sets, seven aces, 30 winners for spaniard enjoying great year making quarters of roland-garros earlier. >> tennis channel live from new york will look to wednesday finals 8 a.m. eastern. our 2017 models will be moving fast. you can drive a car... or you can drive a cadillac. come in now before the end of our made to move 2017 clearance event and leave with the perfect cadillac xt5 for your next adventure. choose a low mileage lease on this xt5 for around $339 per month.
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>> welcome back president trump hitting the road headed to north dakota later this afternoon to pitch his plan for tax cuts joining me now host of "varney & company" stuart varney you said from get-go note draechl getting tax cuts. >> i do believe what we are going to get i think, the odds getting a tax cut package this year have gone up as you noted president trump goes to north dakota today, he takes with him air force one heidi
8:47 am
heitkamp democrat a senator from north dakota, trump country energy country very much pro-trump to take a dpat senator with you to appear with you, right in front of you as making the speech for tax cuts, that suggests to me, that there is room for some democrats in the senate to cross over, and vote with a middle class tax cut, now rhetts forgive me for droning on last week on this program gary co gary cohn lower individual tax rates claw walk deductions available to wealthier upper income people that is a middle class tax cut will appear to broad cross section of republicans and democrats i think the odds of passing went up you -- >> overall would include elimination of deductions but can they cut taxes, and also keep those deductions in there
8:48 am
now? >> gary cohn told us that the deduction the home mortgage deduction and your pension plan deduction not touched untouched completely just deductibility of state and income taxes going away hurts new york new jersey california democrat says it so what -- >> tax cuts, would move kneeled on economic growth maybe does the job. >> whether or not middle class tax cut is stimulative that is another story but i am saying it will get -- it can probably get done. >> know you have more in 10 minutes "varney & company" 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" special, we will talk tomorrow with treasury secretary steven mnuchin right here join us as we zero in on the prospect of tax cuts and tax reform,
8:49 am
congress up next a space for artificial intelligence a new start-up, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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8:53 am
your behalf, as an example my wife reed kids a good night story kids as i was right there with them my -- looked like me, talked to my wife -- to my kids. >> changing everything your voice being. >> absolutely, an experience for kids kids actually were not able to were not missing me that much, made wife happier. >> you said your pi can speak chinese but you cannot fascinating that you can do that. >> absolutely really -- lake, realized might not have as much time, or might not have capability to do things, in this case, you might want to send your fans something or you might not have much time
8:54 am
maybe could go and talk with friends sing happy birthday. >> what do we do to create it download your app can you walk us through. >> straightforward project we send you an app this case app, oneselfe with your phone creates an avatar in seconds next thing speak sentences can talk -- i don't need to dictate a couple days. >> no. and you can tell its something about yourself it gets smarter all the time now can use it -- straightforward. >> what about what elon musk says a.i. could trigger world
8:55 am
war three sweet asuperiority. >> zuckerberg disagreed with him stunning that elon musk is saying. >> the first self-driving cars, and i think something like that billions of dollars into building most powerful, elon is using it as a platform to kind of highlight the fact that not only should companies build the best but also to make it beneficial for humans safe for humans, the good thing evolving over time realizing that what this powerful how to make it safer with human values as well. >> are you looking to give a speech in --
8:56 am
>> one in new york. >> apple kit might be announced 12 september a.i. did an simply application platform that your pai can talk to friends give speeches. >> incredible what ai is doing every industry. >> thanks for bringing this to us we will be watching, final thoughts from all-star panel back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:57 am
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ctca is very bright. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. stuart: welcome back final mow to all star panel. don over to you. >> i think congress will actually act this week, of course, then they'll pass the well needed funding for fema and we'll have tax reform by the end of the year. >> you do. >> i don't mean tax reform but tax cuts. >> biggest beneficiary of the current tax system are rich and wealthy and protected by nancy pelosi, they donate to hurricane campaign and benefit from this system so my time you hear her talk about that, and wanting -- donald trump going against this, rich didn't vote for donald trump. the globalists. >> warren buffett didn't, so we immediate to get this done. >> so i'm really worried about north korea i think we're understilling what they're capable and what had they want to do and that i think russia and china are not our friends in
9:00 am
this situation. >> very threatful. thanks even. great show today. >> great to see you thanks for being here that will do it for us. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart over to you. stuart: thank you irma is the most powerful atlantic storm ever recorded. it is headed to florida. d.c., the swamp, has a swarm of its own the calendar in memory, plus a president who demands tax cuts now. good morning everyone. florida's governor rick scott has mobile mobilized national guard and ordered mandatory evacuation of the florida key, schools are closing, no tolls on l if's interstate highways. the exodus north has gun and irma made landfall of st. martin early this morning on track to hut puerto rico and cuba and this weekend south florida. all right now look at this. there's a runon supply at the


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