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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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everything. we appreciate it. keep tracking the fox business network, human and financial implications of this monster storm, hurricane irma. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm connell mcshane. "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. it is the time of trump. a new perspective if you will. president trump today giving the ineffective leaders of the republican in both the house and the senate a lesson in both leadership and deal-making. president trump striking a deal with democrats and securing an important major legislative victory. under the president's compromise plan, congress agreed to pass hurricane harvey relief funding, raise the debt ceiling, and fund the government through mid-december. that clears the work on other important issues, that
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republicans dane to take up the work. president announced deal shortly after meeting with leaders from both political parties. >> we had a very good meeting. we essentially came to a deal. i think the deal will be very good. very good and cordial professional meeting. we have an inextension that will go out to december 15th. that will include the debt ceiling, it will include the crs and it will include harvey, the amount of money to be determined. because everyone is in favor obviously taking care of that situation. we all very much agree. lou: this rare bipartisan deal reportedly caught the rino leadership completely off-guard, particularly speaker paul ryan, who just hours before had slammed the proposal, ridiculous and disgraceful. his words. ryan never explained why.
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>> another unprecedented hurricane hitting florida. they want to play politics with the debt ceiling? that is ridiculous and disgraceful they want to play politics with the debt ceiling at this moment, when we have fellow citizens in need to respond to these hurricanes, so we do not strand them. lou: did you follow his reasoning there? the hurricanes and therefore you can't make legislative deals. well, while it was obviously not the deal that rino leaders wanted, house conservatives were in complete agreement and senate leader mitch mcconnell said he would support the president's historic compromise deal as well. after sealing a compromise on the debt ceiling and harvey relief he went to north dakota and with a focus on america's middle class. >> we need tax reform, that is pro-growth, pro-jobs,
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pro-worker, pro-family, and yes, pro-american. anybody going to vote against stacks cuts and tax reform, whether north dakota or anybody else, or any place else. vote against them, get them out of office, because it is so bad. [applause] lou: the president appearing today before the endeavor refinery in north dakota. it is the fourth largest refinery in the country and north dakota is now, by the way, the second largest u.s. oil producer have you off the great state of texas. united states importing 34% of oil from opec. the united states the leading exporter of refined petroleum products. joining me now to discuss how the president is taking control of the legislative agenda, following the failed efforts of the republican leadership in congress, ed rollins, served in three presidential administrations, was the chief
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political advisor to the house republican leadership, the dean himself. and pulitizer prize winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin, both fox news contributors, great americans and good friends. good to have you here. >> thank you. lou: this deal, unprecedented, we haven't seen anything like this in almost 20 years. what's going on? >> certainly the republican votes weren't there for the president. he basically went with the democrats after spending 50 years around american politics. easy when the democrats are happy and republicans are not happy, the deal leads to their benefit. we'll see. what we did, we kicked the can down the road. we have three months of debt ceiling. we basically have the first down payment on the hurricane relief. lou: right. >> in series of down payments. 8 billion, it could be 80 or 100 billion before it is said. the critical thing, the president basically at the end of the day getting what he wants and i don't see him getting anything at this point in time. my fear the democrats say, you
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want to negotiate with us, let's negotiate some more. it may make republicans decide they better get their own house in order. lou: when you say you're not sure that the president has gotten what he wanted -- >> three month debt ceiling is not a big deal. lou: it may not be a big deal but there have been years in which we would have given anything to get that deal. and he obviously wasn't going to get it from speaker ryan. so this not a clever move on his part. >> his treasury secretary didn't think so. we'll see. january 1st, if government not shut down at christmastime, he will have benefit. one of these things we have to wait and see. this is the first step and it is obviously we'll see what schumer and pelosi will do from here on out. what our own side will do. lou: ed does not trust schumer and pelosi. >> i don't at all. i have too much experience with them. they like it, i don't like it. deal with that premise. lou: what do you think, mike? >> well, look, i think the
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message to the republicans is incredibly loud and clear which is that you guys have had your chance. you have done nothing. you have produced nothing now for eight months and i'm going to get things done, whether you, whether, it is what you want or not. i think this is a, this has got to be a wake-up call to the republican base to get members congress in line because otherwise the idea of a governing republican majority has essentially been neutered because they can't get anything done but the president needs to get things done. lou: importantly, ed, i can't wait to hear your answer to this, importantly, i think the reason nothing has been done, even though republicans control the house, the senate and the white house, is because of two rinos. one of them, paul ryan and the other mitch mcconnell. they represent only k street, the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and big donors! that is they're not representing republicans or their constituents.
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>> if we didn't just have a revolution, trump being the revolution -- we would have another big revolution in 2018. many members of congress would be thrown out. lou: we may have the revolution. >> i'm not arguing for or against it. i'll trying to be analyst at this point in time i think i try to do. lou: you said dobbs shut up. >> no. i didn't. when you're off for three weeks i had opportunity to talk a lot, to give my opinion. i got into bad habits when you were gone. you spoiled me. lou: lesson learned. >> i think i have said on this show, we don't have enough republicans. we have to get more republicans. republicans there can't be as pure as they always want to be. if you want to be majority, vote for what the president wants. >> to that point, i thought it was interesting going to north dakota today. that seemed to be a trip designed only to get heidi heitkamp's vote. she went along with the president. she flew on air force one.
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she is there. he singles her out, the democratic senator from the state of north dakota. this was very much about him trying to round up votes wherever he can get them for whatever he can get them for. i think something has changed i think in trump's approach. i do think it is more than a warning shot probably to republicans. he intend to do this unless they give him a better offer. lou: there is another element at work here, the death of the rino. ryan and mcconnell, rinos both and the other rinos in the senate and house they have been marginalized. if they are pretend republicans might as well deal with democrats. that is what the president chosen to do. >> there is no question i would not sleep well if i was speaker ryan. takes somebody to beat somebody. there is certainly other people in the congress who can lead congress every bit as effectively as he can, right
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today nobody steps for the to challenge him. that may happen in the near future. next to or 40 days critical to this party, this presidency, this country. >> i agree with the timing. we're in september. a whole new short reason. your point about ryan coming out against the deal, just moments before trump accepts it. that is real humiliation moment for ryan. i agree with ed. he shouldn't be sleeping well now. lou: thank you very much, michael. ed, thank you. >> thank you. lou: quiet enough finally? >> it is your show, lou. we missed you. >> work in progress. lou: ed rollins was saying i can do a little better. i promised i will. hurricane irma roaring into the caribbean, 185 mile-an-hour wind, the most powerful storm in the atlantic. at this hour irma battering puerto rico before pushing on to the bahamas and florida.
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evacuation there is already have begun. fox news's phil keating is in miami-dade count with our report. reporter: irma won't be eddie's first hurricane. scared? >> i am. like i said, you hope for the best. reporter: hopeful but still fueling up. this long-time florida resident heeding warnings what is to come. >> the storm is bigger, faster, stronger than hurricane andrew. reporter: while officials order mandatory evacuations for florida keys and fort lauderdale broward count -- >> out of gas. >> frustrating. it is chaos out there. reporter: chaos amid dwindling options for escape. gas stations are closing in the florida keys. rental cars are sold out. flights are in short supply. the last plane takes off tomorrow night. a seat may be expensive. according to complaints online, one-way tickets pricing over $1000. >> hurricane irma continues to bear down on south florida with
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impact expected beginning on friday evening. reporter: broward county's mayor is calling for a local state of emergency as the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic ocean made landfall in the caribbean. this video was taken aboard a plane through the eye of the storm as it intensifies. on the ground winds blowing at 185 miles an hour in st. john. the island of st. marten in a total blackout. first looks show major flooding. puerto rico, power lines and trees down. officials predict some areas will be out of electricity up to six months. >> seems to be record-breaking hurricane heading right toward florida and puerto rico and and other places. reporter: those places currently under a state of emergency. >> i can not stress this enough, do not ignore evacuation orders. remember, we can rebuild your home but we can not rebuild your life. reporter: governor scott's word
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comes as gulf coast rebuilds after hurricane harvey. the u.s. navy redirecting two warships on help recovery there, to stay off the coast of florida instead. planes and national guard also on their way. >> on friday, all 6,000 remaining available national guard members will be reporting for duty. reporter: soon the same to come for south carolina. governor henry mcmaster announcing a state of emergency in his state. first in his path, the florida keys, readying for the worst. hoping only to escape. >> preparing our house isn't the bad part. getting on the road, not knowing what we will run into. so we're hoping to get out of the state of florida. reporter: long lines of cars and trucks snake around every florida gas station tonight. at least those that still have fuel. widespread reports of gas stations running out of gas. it actually happened here earlier this afternoon, but as you can see, a fuel truck has arrived. the long lines have been recall toking which have been taking up to an hour to fill up your tank.
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and if irma, does in fact first slam into miami, that is 6 million people facing catastrophic impacts. lou? exthank you very much. phil keating reporting from miami-dade county. we're coming back with much more on hurricane irma and what lies ahead. much more ahead here tonight. stay with us. we'll be right back. president trump has put congress on notice. it's time to get to work and to fix daca. >> i really believe that congress is going to work very hard on the daca agreement. lou: how about that deal between the president and the democrats? we'll take that up with congressman trent franks and much more here tonight. new developments in the house democrats i.t. scandal. the wife of debbie wasserman schultz's former i.t. aide has struck a deal to return to the united states to face
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bank fraud and conspiracy charges. we'll have that story and much more straight ahead. stay with us. >> on the next "kennedy," president trump meets with key members of congress on tax reform. can they come up with a plan that works for you. 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 in the west on fbn. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die
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in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. lou: facebook admitting it sold political ads to the russians, to a shadowy russian company, that as apparently looking to
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target american voters, yes, our american presidential election. the ad space which totaled $100,000 was sold by, well, facebook to a russian firm. with a history of pushing pro-kremlin grand today. -- propraganda. according to "washington post" reporting, the revelation, if you want to examine media, left-wing national bias, here it is, the revelation according to the reporting of "the washington post," likely to fuel pointed questions from investigators about where the russians received guidance from people in the united states, end quote. now that is not only a stretch on the part of the post and its, well, if you want to call that reasoning. it is a cat at that full of assumptions. and it really leaves open the question, did "the washington post" dismiss the idea that maybe mark
7:19 pm
zuckerberg was leading russian effort during the election of last year? we'll have to examine that here carefully. and the wife of former tech staffer for congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz and other house democrats has struck a deal with federal investigators and prosecutors. imram iwan's wife, will return from the united states from pakistan where she is right now, to face charges of bank fraud and conspiracy. she fled the country while her husband and she were under federal investigation, and now, a very complicated web is being woven. a busy day today on capitol hill. joining me now to talk about that, republican congressman trent franks of arizona, member of the armed services and judiciary committees. congressman, great to have you with us. >> always love being on. >> let me turn first of all,
7:20 pm
what do you make of the deal with debbie wasserman schultz's i.t. advisor's wife now? ready to deal? >> well, lou, i don't want to talk out of school here but i think you're going to see some revelations that will be pretty profound. the fact that this wife is coming back from pakistan and is willing to face charges as it were, i think there is a good chance that she is going to receive some type of immunity to tell a larger story here, that will be pretty disturbing to the american people. it is always, ironic to me, when you see these kinds of things happen, where you have someone that has nefarious or certainly not the best interests of america, within the i.t. system of the united states congress, and they're on, they are being paid by a member of congress, it is really pretty, pretty frightening. lou: former head of the democratic national committee, we might point out who was forced out in disgrace.
7:21 pm
>> yeah. i'm always amazed how the democrats can talk about russia so much. they couldn't find russia on a map 20 years ago and they didn't see them, see the soviets as even much of a threat to the world when they were our primary peer enemy. all of sudden they see something they might try to discredit this president with, all of sudden they find their tongue and find russia. lou: interesting how long it has taken to bring to ground for two people, who were, their conduct appears every bit criminal, and every bit even treasonous, certainly, complicity of an elected member of congress makes it all the more troubling an, and fascinating to follow which we will be doing. >> i'm sure that the media will have a perfectly reasonable answer for everything that happened but the truth is i think, i will just predict that this is going to be a very
7:22 pm
significant story, and people should fasten their seatbelts on this one. lou: we're buckled you, congressman. >> yes, sir. lou: watching what happens in washington, d.c., has us tightening those belts as well. the president putting together unprecedented deal with the democratic leadership, just dismissing the rino leadership of your party in the house as well as the senate. >> well i think the president just came back from texas, and i think he saw all the tragedy and the carnage that happened there and he was determined we would get this package through to help texas. he didn't want anything to interfere with that. so he made this deal gave him a sure way forward on that. and i think obviously that texas will recognize the commitment of the president in that regard. he didn't want anything to interfere wit. now, having said that, going forward, the only reason the president has to do something like this, of course the 60-vote
7:23 pm
rule in the senate, gives democrats so much leverage, that almost have to do something pretty dramatic in order to get anything to the floor. i think we'll probably have some great challenges in the months ahead on the debt limit and also on the entire appropriations package. and i will predict we'll have real challenges there. and i hope, i hope that people understand that the challenge of this 60-vote rule because republicans even in leadership, have almost gotten stocks home syndrome on this thing -- stockholm, they don't recognize all the challenges it creates in the senate. lou: congressman, the american people clearly understand the math here, when you have a 52-senator presence out of 100, and you can move all the legislation you want with 51 votes, rather than 60, which is what mitch mcconnell is clinging to, that we need to either change the rule or change
7:24 pm
mitch mcconnell and move him out of leadership. >> we have to do something different. the democrats have already made it very clear they will change the rule when they get in power. the question is not whether the rule will change. the question will the american people get a glimpse of republican policy before that happens? lou: congressman, always good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou, you too, sir. lou: thank you very much. trent franks, congressman from arizona. a great american. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe president trump's deal with the democrats on the debt ceiling has rendered ryan and mcconnell irrelevant, and that it is now time for them to step aside for the good of the party and the nation? cast your vote on twitter, @loudobbs. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs. like me on facebook and instagram. "lou dobbs tonight." on wall street, stocks closing higher. the dow gaining 54 points. s&p up eight. nasdaq gained 18 points. volume 3.3 billion shares.
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crude oil hitting one-month high. refiners coming back online, following quick repairs from hurricane harvey in some instances. there is still work to do for a president who vowed to bring trade into balance. the trade deficit widened in july. the trade deficit with china hitting in fact an 11-month high. reminder, listen to my reports three times a stay coast to coast on the salem radio network. rino, paul ryan he is finished. the speaker suffering an embarrassing humiliation standing in the way of those trying to do the nation's business. i will have a few thoughts about his future coming up here next in my commentary. a lot more here tonight. what what a jam-packed evening we have for you. stay with us. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™
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2017. i'm talking about speaker paul ryan and his deference to corporate lobbyists, his unbridled hostility towards dodge *. the president took rino ryan to the woodshed and eliminated the need for any republican to pretend ryan is a republican in any way. the president booted the hapless fool of the speaker out of the way of those trying to get the nation's business done. here is ryan talking about tying harvey funding to an increase in the debt ceiling. >> what the leaders proposed is unworkable. i think that's ridiculous and disgraceful. if they want to play politics with the debt ceiling that's a
7:31 pm
ridiculous idea. i hope they don't mean that. lou: they did mean that because within hours the president reached a deal with the democrats to funds the government until december while finding funds for harvey relieve and tax reform while he was at it. rienls insults, object city nance and subversion of president trump to the behavior of democratic leadership much late. they calmed themselves, they have been far more conciliatory in their rhetoric and ryan is fully exposed to the nation. his congress accomplishes next to nothing this year. nothing in ryan's two-year tenure as a speaker has been done. all who will recognize what else before their eyes that ryan is nothing but an immense obstacle to getting the people's business
7:32 pm
done and it's time to follow the president's leadership and implement fully his agenda. rinos are wrong for our time. they are in the wrong party. not even the massive amounts of corporate lobbying money can buy rinos a political future. mark my words. rinos are over. our quotation for the evening from thomas jefferson. these words live as brightly today as they did when they were written 200 years ago. when the representative body have lost the con if i defns their constituents and notoriously made sale of their most of valuable rights. when they aassumed to themselves powers to which the people they ever put in their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous.
7:33 pm
my friends, as long as we permit the elites and the establishment to keep mcconnell and ryan in place as their tools, times will remain perilous. the trump administration putting more pressure on china to constrain north korea and its provocation. >> the primary sponsors of the north korean deck stay moreship, if they were to pull cheryl support north korea would collapse. lou: this group of thrill seekers found a new formation in which the skydive. we'll take you 10,000 feet up and show you the electrifying video. stay with us. we'll be back with the video and much more.
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lou: president trump look for china to be an ally in eliminating the threat of a nuclear north korea. the president precounted his conversation today with chinese president xi jinping to reporters on board air force one. >> we had a good conversation with president xi jinping. he's very much in favor of the
7:38 pm
denuke of north korea. lou: they deployed additional thaad missile defense and launchers. the prospect of china become a real ally in dealing with the threat of a nuclear north korea, paul bonacelli. great to have you with us. let me start if i may with the prospect that xi jinping is ready to be a real partner with the president in dealing with this absurd threat on the part of north korea that is the result of chinese support, technology, ballistic miss soil technology, as well as nuclear weaponry. >> i think we are seeing signs
7:39 pm
the chinese is starting to understand donald trump is a different kind of president. he didn't come into office as the bushes and clinton and obama did as one who would try to keep a warm relationship and keep the trading relationship going. he's been different from that as you know. so it's taken the chinese for a while. but when she see what he's doing fan when they hear this words and hear general mattis and hear nikki haley and when they see what's happening on the ground in north korea. they are getting the picture. there will either be cooperation between the united states and china to solve this problem or there will be a military solution the chinese will regret. lou: chinese researchers themselves identifying if the collapse of the very mountain in
7:40 pm
which the north koreans have been testing their nuclear weapons nuclear explosions that destabilized it. and if they carry out another test. those chinese researchers say the top of that in the may likely blow off and the resulting radiation clouds emitted will cover much of china itself. >> we are seeing the satellite images come in. they have to be refined. but they show the damage that it's done. once those mountains crater and chemicals are released, the product of the nuclear explosion you do get cancer spreading. not just in china. they spread around the world. no one knows. it's hard to know where they go.
7:41 pm
kim jong-un has to keep testing to show he's serious, and the more he does that, the great risk there are. this is another element in causing alarm in china. lou: there is the very real threat by this president that trade will not take place with china. that will tear trillions of dollars out of the economy on effectively destroy their banking. i don't think most of people, even economists who are aware of what the president is proposing, i don't chicago they have taken to heart what this would mean for the chinese. city would be devastating an economic bomb dropped right in their midst. >> not only can china not tolerate, cannot absorb no trade with the united states. i don't know how much they can absorb just the threat of it. that's one of the things i hope the president is making clear, that the threat is very real. he will do it.
7:42 pm
it's not just a threat. there is a point where that is very destabilizing for china. xi jinping wants to be the next chairman mao. i hope president trump is putting the kind of pressure on him so he tries to find a deal. quietly the chinese like to save face. the president understands that. he is a deal maker, but also have to have the loud sounds of the military buildup on the outside. lou: all that has been done by this president. three carriers dispatched to the region, all of them armed to the teeth. god knows how many u.s. subject marines are in the region. the threat is clear, the response is clear. what is not clear is whether
7:43 pm
china will take responsibility for its irresponsibility in the last 30 years in its management and support of north korea and its nuclear ambitions. thanks for being with us. great to have you here. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe president trump's deal with the democrats on the debt ceiling has rendered ryan and mcconnell irrelevant and it's time for them to step aside for the good of the nation. this is a video of four friends who are inseparable at least for a while. the thrill seekers skydiving in a bobsledding formation. take a look. here they go. i think that 30 seconds is about
7:44 pm
up. you will have to take our word for it. they did deploy. what happened to the parachutes? where was the payoff? we'll take your word for it. a leftist their declaring his city a trump-free zone despite doing little to stop the violence his city. tony perkins is next. oh boy.
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lou: joining us, the president of the family research council, tony perkins. the president grabbed paul ryan and mitch mcconnell by their necks and said let's get business done. >> the republicans in the senate pushed him in that direction. had we seen the repeal of obamacare three weeks ago this wouldn't be happening. we would see the president fulfilling the promise that republicans have made for the last 7, 8 years since obamacare passed. republicans gained the majority of house in 2010 based on the repeal of obamacare. they needed the senate, they
7:49 pm
didn't get it done. got the senate majority, couldn't get it done. they needed the white house. they did it and still couldn't get it done. lou: because mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are rinos, they are not republicans and they are not conservatives. >> the president is a man of his word. lou: tony, you have spent time with the president. >> i have and i watched him. he's something washington is not accustomed to. he keeps his promises. he is following through on his promises and he will get it done however he has to get it done. he says as he did today, i'm going to do the right thing. those are word to treasure from anyone, a friend, a family nebraska, a president. and he's done the right thing. how about you? >> i am even couraged by what i
7:50 pm
see from this administration. when you say religious liberty, the president has been moving forward on that. he's dealt with the hhs mandate that affected the religious liberty of businesses. the president is moving as fast as congress will allow him. it's like a ball and chain. lou: there have been more obstacles than partners. certainly more obstacle than for. yet it's his agenda he was elected to enact. >> as you talked earlier, you see this around the country where you have even mayors saying this is a trump-free zone. mayor rahm emanuel. lou: can you manage that. in your city dozens of lives taken every week. >> if he spent half the amount
7:51 pm
of time fighting crime as he has to fight the reform of president trump maybe his state wouldn't be leaning. lou: the state of illinois is will to implode. chicago schools are a disaster. >> the leading number of murder in the country in chicago. lou: unfortunately what chicago is is a leadership-free zone. it's great to have you here. are you excited about the prospects still? >> the future is bright. lou: up next, hillary clinton seems to have a different scapegoat each and every day. scapegoat day. we'll take up her blame game with mollie hemingway and niger innis. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same.
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lou: in our online poll we asked, is there any reason at all to trust ryan and mcconnell to deliver anything and any way for the nation and the american people. 96% of you said no. joining us tonight, mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" and niger innis.
7:56 pm
thank you for being here. this deal today by the president. i think most of people in washington were thunder struck, especially the rino leadership of the republican party in the house and senate. >> they were. this was a deal that was almost ludicrous when the democrats proposed it. but it shows how donald trump is not difficult you will have knowledging his particular way of doing business. mitch mcconnell failed to deliver on any part of the republican and trump agenda. if they weren't helping and even being a drag, donald trump is going to pivot toward working with democrats. he said he makes good deals for the american people. i don't see this as a particularly good deal for the american people, so we'll have to see what happens in the three
7:57 pm
months. lou: you are being a little tough. a three-month deal gives an opportunity for responsible leadership rather than a shutdown. >> that's what donald trump thinks. it's less likely you will have a shutdown of the government. but at what cost? we have a debt crisis. nobody want to deal with the structural changes. if you push it to december it makes it easy to have a huge deal that makes tarp look like child's play. lou: niger, let's get a sense of what you think is going on. i see bipartisanship for the first time and we hear from our white house correspondent john roberts that the president
7:58 pm
decided as the two sides were about to walk away from one another as they sat there talking with him, the republican and democratic leadership. he said let's do a three-month deal and got his way. >> let me say this. i actually agree somewhat with mollie that the president is a survivor, and he's not beholden to anyone. he want to leave a legacy that's good for the american people, an want to fulfill the promises he made to the american people during the campaign. he's going to attempt to do it by whatever means necessary. i think he is calling an audible. because unfortunately his partners in the gop and congress, those leading
7:59 pm
congress, are blowing a once in a generation opportunity for the republican party and those of us committed to serving it. lou: we have luis butter webs congressman from the left, attacking general kelly, a 4-star general, combat veteran and a man who lost his own son fighting for this country. and gutierrez calls him a disgrace to his uniform. what is going to be -- what are the consequences for gutierrez. mollie: we hear so much about trump's rhetoric. here you have a truly reprehensible statement and you don't see the outrage. opposing an unconstitutional
8:00 pm
program makes you unworthy. >> i wish those who served in uniform in lurks is gutierrez's district will let him know. kennedy: hurricane irma bearing down on florida. a warning for north korea. can china get on board to help? elon musk claiming robots could cause world war iii. grab your cleats. it's time for kickoff. president trump sadly and irresponsibly toyed with 800,000 lives when he used his magic sceptre to sign the daca executive order.


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