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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." i guess sometimes you can take it with you. we'll follow all the breaking news. "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business is next. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, we're following two breaking news stories tonight. what may well be the storm of the century, hurricane irma, churning towards south florida with sustained 175 mile-an-hour wind, gusts reaching it -- 215 miles per hour. irma approaching the tuesday, and caicos islands with full force after battering barbuda, the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. we'll have a full report on this deadly category 5 hurricane in just moments.
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we'll have the latest forecast of her expected turn to the north. what nor floridians from the keys to jacksonville can expect as a result. at this hour, president trump and speaker ryan having dinner together at the white house. their sit-down coming one did i after president trump shocked republican rhino leadership, turned leader mcconnell and speaker ryan on their heads. president trump taken charge and surerred in what appears to be a likely new era of bipartisanship by dismissing the ineffective republican leadership on capitol hill and cutting a deal directly with the democrats on a debt ceiling, government funding and aid for victims of hurricane harvey. president trump today said he wants democrats and republicans working together, because there are big, important, historic issues for all to tackle.
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president trump obviously sitting down with speaker ryan at least in part, see whether ryan finds his capacity and perhaps sufficient character to work with the president that he has so frequently insulted and tried to subvert. >> the people of the united states want to see us coming together, at least to an extent. we're different parties, different thoughts, different feelings, different ideas. but i think you're going to see a much stronger coming together. we all want to get together and do something and i think the primary reason because you look at north korea, you look at the hurricanes, you look what is going on in the middle east. i said frankly it is time we walk out and shake hand and have a deal and they agreed. lou: they agreed and there could be more bipartisan agreement in the works. "the washington post" reporting tonight that the president and
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senate minority leader chuck schumer agreed to pursue a deal that would permanently remove the congressional debt ceiling. president trump would not confirm the report but he hinted he is certainly open to it. >> we even discussed it at the meeting that we had yesterday. it complicates things. it is really not necessary because you're talking about budget. so it is really not necessary. but it is certainly something we could discuss. but as long as it is there, it will never be violated. lou: the president's deals with the democrats have left the republican leadership scrambling. speaker ryan today backtracking almost immediately on his earlier comments about the propel. yesterday he slammed it as quote, ridiculous, quote, disgraceful, but today, a far different story and a lot of praise for our president and his deal-making. listen to. >> i think that is a ridiculous and disgraceful they want to
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play politics with the debt ceiling at this moment when we have fellow citizens in need to respond to these hurricanes, so that we do not strand them. personally i think the debt limit and credit markets longer the better for stability of the credit markets is my strong opinion but he was interested in making sure that this is bipartisan moment while we respond to these hurricanes and he made that clear and at this think that's what his motivation was. lou: did you hear the speaker actually with the at that mirty to talk -- temerity talk about his personal preferences for the debt markets as he obviously oblivious what this president has ushered in as a new era in our equity and debt markets? ryan has become something of an irrelevancy tonight. we'll see what he and the president can work out. there are new reports that several house conservatives are privately plotting ways to mount a leadership challenge to ryan,
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all of course declining to confirm those reports. the other major story we're following here tonight, florida bracing for impact as the monster hurricane irma tracks north. this historic category 5 storm has already been blamed for at least 10 deaths, ravaging entire islands, leaving hundreds of thousands without power in the caribbean. fox news senior correspondent adam housley in the direct path of irma in key largo, florida with our report. reporter: with the florida keys bracing for a direct hit people who never evacuated here before are packing up and getting out. ike didn't. i couldn't even pack nothing. i have clothes on my back. that's it. reporter: time is short before early makes its unwelcome advance here in the florida keys and effects could be felt as early as friday night. >> a handful of people will be staying here. we'll see what happens. if it gets real back we'll take off. reporter: mandatory evacuations
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in place for the keys and much of south florida. >> if you're in the keys and still home, leave and get out. we can't save you after the storm starts. reporter: not everyone is ready to get out just yet. >> we're staying here, going to a friend's house. we'll ride it out. hopefully we're okay. reporter: tens of thousands already heeding the advice, departing by air, boat and car. roads north and west jammed with traffic and snaking lines of gas, food, supplies, leading to reports of shortages, price-gouging. police escorting gas trucks to critical areas in need of fuel. >> we have four vehicles, they are full of fuel. we have the gas for generator. we have four generators. am i scared? yeah. reporter: the governor of florida plans to activate 7,000 national guard troops. the president promising a federal response will be swift. >> we're very well covered from the standpoint of bravery and talent. we have tremendous people
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representing us. reporter: preparations are everywhere. businesses an hopes boarded up. armies of volunteers filling up sandbags, especially around miami where many forecasts saying it is targeted. >> we have hotel rented in orlando. i will i don't know if i'm going there or not. reporter: hispaniola and puerto rico where 70% of the island is without power. some areas could remain that way for months. >> i'm on floor one which is the strip. it is really windy. it is rocking my carport port sustained wind of 180 mile-per-hour producing massive storm surge and flooding and property damage. state of emergency in the carolinas and georgia, anticipating the hurricane could trundle up the east coast. south florida, with so many storms in the recent decades a brief wind of hope. for harriet matson her key largo restaurant has been a local
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institution for 35 years. >> we're being positive. we'll stay ahead of this. hopefully all of us will come out in good shape. reporter: despite the evacuation order, roads remain open in the keys. people may wait until the last minute to get out. we've seen some emergency crews prepositioning themselves in preparation for irma coming ashore. in key largo florida, adam housley, fox news. lou: joining me tonight to discuss this catastrophic storm in florida as we are waiting to find out where it will hit and when, as well as the rising frustration with republican leadership on capitol hill, we're joined tonight by congressman ron desantis of florida, a member of several key committees, including foreign affairs, judiciary, oversight, member of the freedom caucus. it is great to have you with us. i know you're concerned, appropriately so, primarily with the hurricane. i want to discuss that with you tonight, and what you think, and what you're being told by the emergency agencies that we can expect in florida.
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but, we just saw a president, a republican president, turn to the democratic party and say, he is ready for bipartisanship, and left your leadership in the house, speaker ryan and leadership in the senate, majority leader mcconnell gasping for air. your reaction? >> well, lou, look, i think being on the five-week recess, one was a mistake because we had all the things we should have been doing. we come back and jammed all these things. people listened to a lot of our constituents and a lot are rightfully frustrated we're not following through what we said we could do. the senate could not pass repeal and replace. i think the house could do more, don't get me wrong, i've been urging that, the senate other than confirming gorsuch they haven't done anything the whole time. i think a lot of the frustration you saw the president evince in august towards mitch mcconnell, that is directly from the voters out here in america and the
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grassroots. so that frustration was real. so the president's frustration, i think it is reflective of voters frustration. lou: do you believe ryan is basically done as a leader? he has an irrelevant on every issue? he has misjudged votes. he misrepresented the president. he insulted the president. he has stood up against his agenda, rather than helping implement it. he, is he not irrelevancy now? >> well, i think, be interesting to see what they discuss at the dinner. hopefully the president provides some guidance because i think that we need that. one of the things that i think people kept saying to me when i was going around my district and around the state was they look at the republican establishment and republican leadership in washington and they see them as always trying to undercut the president. they don't believe that these folks want the president to succeed and the message i got is look, we all do better when he succeeds. you guys should want him to
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succeed. you know, we got to get that right and we haven't gotten it right yet. lou: do you not agree with me that it is utterly pathetic, that is pelosi and schuler, got the message weeks ago, tone down their rhetoric and have been far more conciliatory? the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee, dianne feinstein, one of the most senior members of the senate and congress saying this could be a terrific president, if we only let him was the implication, and all this, during all of this, the republican leadership continues to insult and to obstruct this president? >> well, the issue with the democrats though, lou, is, their voter base does not want them working with the president. i mean they -- lou: no, no, i understand that but don't you think that is an absolutely breathtaking contrast between the leadership of the
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democratic opposing party and the republican party which is, should be following the heed of this president? >> well, not own hi that, but i think that, just, unfortunately, it pains me to say this, but people like schumer always seem to get things they want whereas we're not really getting a lot of conservative wins that were promised. i think that has been true in washington for a while now and i think our voters are getting tired of it and they want to see a new formula so we can get things across the finish line. lou: but again, aren't you embarrassed that our leadership would follow by weeks an attack by democratic part of the leadership, to support and be conciliatory with this president? >> issue with that, i think the democrat deal is the not -- lou: that is the issue congressman. that is what happened. we have watched democrats be more conciliatory with a
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republican president than his own party's leadership on capitol hill and his house and senate that must surely sickens you? >> the deal is es less bad as republican leadership wanted. they want ad massive debt increase, $2 trillion. that is not something a lot of republican voters wanted to do. what the president did do the folks on hurricane but he can go back and potentially have debate in december. i much rather have it out in december than not a chance to do fiscal reforms at all. lou: quickly what do you expect on the storm? jacksonville, looks, there are a number of models but one has the storm moving street, straight north up the center of florida? >> yeah. so, lew, this is a very big storm. people have to listen to the
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governor. we have to thank the president been forward-leaning. our governor is doing a great job. listen to local folks. the forecast changed. we thought it would go east of florida and turn north. it they moved it west 18, 24 hours, basically going up the center of the state which would do a lot of damage. you have to listen. 24 hours from now, we should have a better idea. i still hope it misses florida, but, does not look good. this looks like it will do significant damage. people have to protect themselves and their families. lou: absolutely. congressman, great to have you with us as always. good luck to you and everyone in florida as this storm approaches. >> thank you, congressman ron desantis. we're coming right back. much more to take up including the direction of what mayor of miami called nuclear hurricane and all that is happening of course in the swamp. washington, d.c. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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donald trump, jr. today denying collusion allegations as he has for months. >> this is before the russia mania. this is before they were building it up in the press. this was opposition research. lou: we'll take up the russia witch-hunt and disgraceful attacks on the trump family with fox's gregg jarrett here next. and hillary clinton naming yet another scapegoat for her embarrassing election loss. even the dems consider her performance pathetic and dread her upcoming book tour. we'll have the story and much more straight ahead. stay with us. stay with us. we're coming r r r r r
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lou: breaking news now. credit reporting firm he equifax has announced an immense data breach. it is compromised apparently personal information of more than 140 million equifax customers. that is nearly half the u.s. population, more than half of the adult population in this country. hackers gained access to the information between may and july of this year. they obtained, we are told rebliley, birthdates, credit card numbers, even social security numbers. this is a travesty, folks.
10:20 pm
equifax, the impact will be immense and it will be profound. donald trump, jr. today, defended his meeting with a russian attorney during last year's presidential campaign, meeting with the senate judiciary committee staffers today. in a prepared statement donald trump, jr., said, quote, i did not collude with any foreign government and do not know of anyone who did, end quote. donald, jr., saying he believed the attorney might have information to hillary clinton's fitness to serve as president. he wanted to hear her out, which i think was very kind of him. he does say he would be talking to attorneys before even thinking of using any such information. for more now, on his testimony, its impact, we're joined by former defense attorney, fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. gregg, good to have you here. >> good to be here, lou. lou: thank you for sitting in while i was gone. you did a masterful job. >> very large shoes.
10:21 pm
i tried. lou: you did wonderfully. we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: donald trump, jr., i mean, what is, what's there? again this seems to be nothing? >> but if you listen to the media, i watched other networks today amid the hysterical commentary, you would think that donald trump, jr., has committed all manner of crimes, and he hasn't. about an hour ago i was watching another channel, oh, it is a crime to have foreign national be involved in your political campaign. that anchor didn't cite the statute. there is none. it is not a crime. just the opposite. lou: i think i know which network. >> we won't mention msnbc's name. all you have to do is go to the federal election commission website. it cites the law, you are allowed as a foreign national participate in a campaign. you can sit on meeting. lou: first one to cite the fec
10:22 pm
regulation. >> right. lou: and, here we are, with these pretend news networks going on about a pretend crime, against a very real member of the president's family? >> yeah. his other crime, according to the mainstream media, as he said i don't recall several times. which is old lawyer trick. i drilled it into my clients, unless you absolutely remember every detail of an event or conversation say i don't recall, because you can't get in trouble generally saying i don't recall, and my evidence for that by the way is hillary clinton, who said i don't recall more than three dozens times when she was interviewed by the fbi. guess what? she didn't legally get in trouble. lou: i don't think i heard the expression i don't recall ever in any number of approaching that which i heard it during the obama administration. it seems for every cabinet member, everyone associated with that administration did not. >> but they would scratch their
10:23 pm
heads when they said i don't recall, which is sure sign they did recall. lou: they were having profound laps -- lapses of memory. let's talk about daca, which the president has given congress six months which is is required to make law about immigration. what is your thoughts on the way it is moving forward? >> president trump restored the constitutional sanity to the immigration laws. why do i say that? it is in article i, section 8 of the constitution. it is the duty of congress, not the president to make laws on immigration. lou: much to the embarassment of president obama? >> right. actually obama knew it. he said more than to -- 20 times, i can't do it but then he went about doing it because he couldn't recall and scratched his head. he could recall. he knew he what he was doing
10:24 pm
with unconstitutional. the daca program was found to be unconstitutional. the supreme court left it intact and unenforceable and and daca would have the same judicial fate. lou: meanwhile we have former president obama and later almost, immediately having seen the trail blazed for him, president clinton joining, talking points of which you would call president trump cruel for ending what is obviously, and certifiably, demonstrably, empirically unconstitutional action by a president. >> yeah. lou: and the democratic party looks just absolutely per rift of principle or integrity. >> you would think people members of congress who are sworn to uphold the constitution have read the esteemed document. if they had, they would realize
10:25 pm
it is their job, not the president to make these laws. lou: all more embarrassing the former president taught a course on constitutional? >> i'm skeptical. it was a gimme seminars. lou: junk professor deals. i'm with you gregg, skeptical that we be. good to have you with us. on wall street today stocks closed mixed. the dow down 23 points. s&p lost a fraction. nasdaq up five. volume on the big board holding at 3.3 billion shares. shares of equifax as we just reported, plunging in after-hours trading following announcement of a massive data breach, 143 million consumer files lost to the cyberattack. amazon planning to open a second headquarters in north america which could cost as much as $5 billion to build and house as many as 50,000 employees. reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network.
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up next here, rino paul ryan, is he headed to extinction? the speaker tonight dining with the president. he proved how irrelevant he is. what would be the president's idea about his future? i'll take some of that up in my commentary and more. hurricane irma this week making landfall as one of the strongest atlantic storms ever recorded. we'll have a full report on where she's likely headed. that forecast and more, straight ahead. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. lou: a few thoughts as the president dining with speaker ryan. >> the president made it really
10:31 pm
clear pap what he was aiming for in that meeting yesterday was a bipartisan moment while the country is facing two horrible hurricanes. lou: this is a guy trying to backtrack everything he said the last 24 hours. and doesn't it sounds like he's lecturing everybody about eternal truths he only discovered in the last 30 seconds? he the peaker called the proposal ridiculous and disgraceful. president trump put ryan and all his rinos on notice. unite as republicans behind this republican president or join the party to which rinos should be a part of. it should come as no surprise that president trump who vowed to be a disrupter would reach
10:32 pm
across the aisle to make a deal with democrats. president trump emphasized early in his candidacy that he would get along with republicans and democrats. two years ago then candidate trump said he would be a unifier and his presidency would result in an era of bipartisanship. he said he could get along with just about anybody, including pelosi and schumer. so why all the worry about working together suddenly? bipartisanship? my goodness, a real possibility. voters have a far more favorable opinion of donald trump than they do of pelosi and schumer.
10:33 pm
now the quotation of the evening. this one from benjamin franklin who said, when you are finished change, you are finished. we are coming right back. stay with us. much more straight ahead. hurricane irma on a collision course with south florida. president trump says the federal, state and local governments are ready. >> fema, the coast guard, all of our people are very well prepared. lou: we'll bring you the latest on hurricane irma and the latest on the swap' in washington, d.c. on the swap' in washington, d.c. we'll show you the jaw ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep?
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lou: steve bannon speaking out. here is bannon during an interview with "60 minutes" which airs sunday. >> the stuff that was leaked out by certain members of the white house i found unacceptable. if you find it unacceptable you should resign.
10:38 pm
i'm talking about gary cohn and others. if you don't agree with it and don't agree with it, you have an obligation to resign. >> gary cohn should have resigned? >> absolutely. lou: james comey, clinton's latest steak du jour for costing her the presidency. she says she should have hit the former fbi director hard over the email investigation. comey is the third clinton fall guy put together this week joining bernie sanders, joe biden. but if you are worried she is running out of material have no fear. list of scape goats and culprits
10:39 pm
who clinton has previously held responsible includes everyone from vladimir putin to netflix. "what happened" could end upperring of as a useful door stop. joining me is the dean himself. ed rollins who served in three presidential administrations. good to have you both with us. let's -- how about me? ed: we missed you the two weeks you were gone. lou: bannon, is he talking too much already? ed: bannon was the guy who kept his mouth shut totally in the
10:40 pm
white house. now i think he's going to set the record straight. going on "60 minutes." he and cohn had infights along with jared kushner and others. my sense is you will hear a lot more from bannon. some the president might like, some the president does not like. if you are in the white house and you don't believe in what the president believes in and you don't want to accomplish the goals he wants to accomplish. and if you think he's a racist. i'm not saying that's what gary cohn thinks -- but he piled in with all these people who were calling donald trump a racist. if you believe that and you still work for him, you have got a real problem. lou: cohen revealed a character this thin. he's a man of little principal
10:41 pm
and integrity as far as i'm concerned. ed: why would you have the president of goldman sachs in there when he was a big supporter of democrats. he brought in a bunch of people who were against the president in the campaign. lou: if you attack the president of the united states while you are serving him, get the hell out. what do you think, charlie? charlie: it's the right thing to do. i think what we have seen the past 8 months is the unifying of the democrats and republicans in opposition to the president. it's all because he represents such a threat to their entire existence. the fact that he -- the fact that he's doing a dirty deal with the democrats -- the fact that this comes as a surprise to people shows how stupid they are.
10:42 pm
he telegraphed this from the beginning of his campaign. lou: a lot of people saw the man as a traditional american president. i can't understand why the same people who despise him and insult him because he's so clear and committed to his vision, then attack him because he's willing to reach out and embrace all americans. ed: you are not going to be successful in washington unless you are bipartisan. there are not enough republicans in the senate. lou: there sure aren't enough intelligent ones. ed: any two on any given day can
10:43 pm
give you problems. clearly you have got to have some bipartisanship for 60 votes. lou: are republicans behind this book of hillary clinton's? is she going to pay for the tour she is going to go on. charlie: if there is a place to donate, i would like to donate. watching democrats run around putting out all the stories about this, it's so funny. this is the nominee that they rigged the whole system to give the nomination to. the fact that she will not go away quietly and she'll haunt them forever is delightful beyond words. ed: i said it before and i'll say it again.
10:44 pm
she was a terrible candidate and ran a terrible campaign and she lost. me me me was her whole campaign and the total of this -- the tightal of this booed ought to be "me. i lost." lou: she is blames james comey who was a principle architect of the cover-up and refusing to investigate her, blaming him for her loss. the man from whom she stole the nomination. senator bernie sanders she now blames as well. those are just the ingratitude of both people is remarkable. charlie hurt, ed rollins. good to have you with me. do you have any confidence at all that republicans come in congress will toss out rino
10:45 pm
ryan? just toss hip out. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on facebook and instagram @loudobbs tonight. this race car driver turning on a dime at the evening of a cliff. unfazed by large rocks and the presence of a camera recording all of these thrills for us to share thankfully vicariously. it's good for the environment, too. up next the storm of the century. hurricane irma barreling toward south until as a category 5
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deadly storm. we'll have more when we return. stay with us that and more straight ahead. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that.
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lou: let's go to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth on
10:50 pm
the expected direction of this killer storm hurricane irma. still a category 5. rick, great to have you with us. rick: it's crazy that it's still a category 5. amazing storm. a hurricane watch in effect, this entire area of south florida. all indications are keeping florida in the crosshairs of this. we would like to see it move farther offshore. right now the storm is battering turks and caicos. what's going on there is going to be very similar. now, take a look at this. this is the path of the storm. this will move over water that was warmer than it was. that means all indications are that we'll see this stay in that same range of strength. there is nothing water-wise to
10:51 pm
weaken it. this goes out until saturday morning. saturday towards midday and the center of the storm looks well defined. also,ed the track has shifted farther towards the west because most of our model guide has taken a jog to the west. we are hoping for it to stay offshore. if it did or does, that will be good news along the coast. miami up through fort lauderdale to west palm dealing with the worst side of the storm. it would mean everyone in florida dealing with hurricane-force winds sometime sunday. lou: as always terrific information and our prayers are with everyone in the path of this killer storm, perhaps the storm of the century.
10:52 pm
up next, blanket amnesty and daca. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right ♪ stay with us. we'll be right it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. lou: in last night' online poll we asked whether you believe president trump's deal with the
10:56 pm
democrats on the debt ceiling leaves ryan and mcconnell irrelevant. 90% of you said yes. when times get tough we bring in michelle malkin to tell us. great to have you with us. let's start with daca. your reaction and your thoughts. >> this has been in the works for a long time. the open borders lobby seeing the long term strategy here of designating a privilege, political class with an insatiable appetite for government entitlements. and that's what the daca, dapa program have been. they are handouts. illegal illegal alien programs with a work permit and handouts. lou: you say there is no such
10:57 pm
thing as a dreamer. >> that phrase keeps repeating itself over and over again from the chief labor lobby on the left and the right. oh, they deserve protection, they don't deserve to be punished. a lot of law-abiding americans and immigrants for that matter are born into unfortunate circumstances. this is now how we come up with public policy based on pulling the heart strings. the fact is if there were a single deserving dreamer in this country they would be deserving because they would acknowledge that they are owed nothing and deserve nothing from a country into which they were born because of their parents illegal activity. you can talk to anybody who has come into this country the right and proper way, including my own parents. there are first and second generation americans who
10:58 pm
understand citizenship is a privilege, not a right. 800,000 people feel entitled to be here despite the law. these people who claim to be so oppressed and have to live in the shadows when they are out of the shadows on the lawns of the white house or in front of the public sidewalk in front of the trump tower, demanding, demanding, demanding. lou: an entitled class as you say. let's look at the president's choice for going to the democratic leadership and getting done in one sit-down in one sit-down with the democratic leadership what he hadn't been able to get done with the republican leadership. >> i will put aside my own opposition to raising the debt limit and doing this ad hoc
10:59 pm
budget process it's not how any responsible family or business operates. let's put that aside. it's the moderate rub cams and gop establishment always demanding limited government conservatives engage in bipartisanship. here we have donald trump cutting out paul ryan and mitch mcconnell in doing it and he's getting nothing but grief from it on all side. the question is whether this action rendered paul ryan and mitch mcconnell obsolete and irrelevant. they rendered themselves irrelevant and obsolete a long, long time ago, lou. lou: i would agree with you. thanks for being here with us tonight. tomorrow night ambassador john bolton and pastor robert jeffress among our guests. we thank you for being with us tonight. thank you and good night from
11:00 pm
new york. we'll follow all the breaking news. "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business is next. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, we're following two breaking news stories tonight. what may well be the storm of the century, hurricane irma, churning towards south florida with sustained 175 mile-an-hour wind, gusts reaching it -- 215 miles per hour. irma approaching the tuesday, and caicos islands with full force after battering barbuda, the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. we'll have a full report on this deadly category 5 hurricane in just


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