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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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information on videos on our website, i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] 30%. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. a mass exodus under way in florida over a million residents under mandatory evacuation orders. but florida governor, rick scott, said all the residents should be prepared to evacuate. the deadly storm is a dangerous category 4. maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour. it's moving west over cuba so
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irma could strengthen back to a category 5 as it makes landfall on florida. the hurricane center according to the national hurricane center. irma should be making landfall tomorrow into sunday. steve harrigan is on the miami shores with our report. reporter: irma's unwelcome debut in the united states expected overnight with the first rain and wind aimed at the florida keys. the thanks taking a track due north. empty neighborhood, empty store shelves. most of residents and tourists heeding the call to evacuate. others hunkered down in
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shelters. one concern is stubborn floridians staying put in their vulnerable homes. sloughing off the threat of the big one. >> i don't know anyone in florida who has experienced what's about to hit south florida. jammed airports and highways. stunned residents of the crib, espanolla and cuba witnessing irma's overnight march. this woman in barbuda preparing to bury her child after the storm surge dragged the boy away. with those images fresh in mind, u.s. officials are working with local partners to insure lives,
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property and infrastructure are preserved. >> the storm has taken lives already. it will take more if we are not prepared. president trump quickly signing it into law. >> with gratitude for our first responders and prayers for those in the storm's path, america stand united. and i mean totally united. reporter: that united response could stretch from the carolinas and georgia. >> people are panicking. you can't buy generators, chainsaws, water. reporter: the wait and see gape almost over, the real drama of destruction is about to begin. >> i work in the fire department. reporter: when the wind go over 40 miles per hour, the first responders will not be allowed
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out. lou: resident of the florida keys still have time to evacuate the area. thousands have done so already. those who are insisting on staying behind will have very little to protect them from irma's wrath. adam housley is live with the latest from key largo. adam? reporter: the first evacuations were here in the florida keys. many people here rode out andrew but they made a decision not to ride it out. people had the opportunity to leave. we are at the tower of pizza. the location, the best we can tell the last one open on key largo. they will remain open until tonight, then hunker down for the storm. there are others who had no
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decision. they had to stay no matter what. dolphin's plus, they have 19 dolphins. they have been around for a long time. they can't just up and leave. they said there was no decision for them, they have to stay. >> evacuating with marine mammals is a serious task. but our path is aworld orlando. but with the hurricane going up the turnpike and the turnpike in gridlock, it's not an option. reporter: a lot of people here evacuated. fort myers and places like that are having to evacuate a second time. if they had gone someplace else, necessity would have to move again. right now with that latest track, we were on the back side
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of the storm. now we'll be on the front side. having been in nine other hurricanes. people are worried. there are a lot of homes that were cat 5 rated. a lot of people are saying we are going to ride it out here and hope for the best. we are starting to see some of the wind come that are breaking off from the hurricane. we expect by this time tomorrow night to be in the thick of it. lou: tough, tough choices for so many hundreds of thousands of floridians particularly in the keys. we'll keep you and all floridians in our prayers. adam, thanks so much. president trump will be watching the hurricane over what is a working weekend at camp david. the white house says president trump invited all members of his cabinet and spouses to camp david for his fourth full
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cabinet meeting tomorrow. it's a meeting that will address the devastation caused by hurricane harvey and now hurricane irma. earlier today the house of representatives overwhelmingly approved a $15 billion disaster aid package that extended government funding and raised the debt ceiling until mid-december. the measure passed 316-90. every voter who voted against the measures, republican. the president went over the heads of the republicans to strike a deal for the american people. according to steve bannon president trump is right not to trust the likes of ryan and mcconnell. >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to face. the republican establishment. trying to nullify the 2016
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election, absolutely. reporter: who. >> mitch mcconnell and to a degree paul ryan. they don't want trump's economic populist national agenda to be implemented. it's as obvious as night follows day. lou: the rest of the interview airs sunday on "60 minutes." when we come back, much, much more on hurricane irma and what lies ahead for florida. stay with us. we'll be right back. the u.s. navy is dispatching an aircraft carrier strike force to take up a position off the coast of the korean peninsula. the visit becomes clear north korea may launch another ballistic missile tomorrow. if we do use it on north korea
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it will be a sad day for north korea. >> we'll take up the growing tensions with north korea. john bolton joins me next. mass evacuations pass hurricane irma bears down on florida. president trump says the federal government is fully repaired to act. governor rick scott says 20 governor rick scott says 20 million floridians may
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project so you can avoid hitting our essential buried utilities. for digging projects big or small... ...make the call... 811. lou: north korea, according to south korean source, is preparing to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile as early as tomorrow, that according to the south korean president himself it would coincide with the 65th anniversary of the founding of the people's democratic rub of korea. they detonated what is believed to be a hydrogen bomb sunday and that's six nuclear tests. joining us former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor,
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john bolton. let's start with this. it just goes on and on and on. the suggestion that there is another anniversary, is there any date on the calendar that is not marked by the north korean government that doesn't lead potentially to another provocation of western civilization? >> tomorrow is charmingly named founders day after kim jong-un's grandfather. i do think the odds point to a launch combined with this 6th nuclear test i think shows not just the political symbolism they like by doing these things on poll tase or special days like our 4th of july. i think it shows a quickening
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pace. i think they are racial to what they see as the finish line of getting a nuclear weapons capability and president trump having inherited this mess has few good options and not much time. lou: there are no good options whenever you have to bring the military to bear. but this an instance in which it seems to me there is a clear-cut foundation that china is responsible for both ballistic missile advances that have taken place on the part of the north koreans as well as the progress on their nuclear weaponry fit was a hydrogen bomb that they now possess. why would we not -- and would not rest of western civilization hold china accountable and make clear, underline with absolute certainty that china will be
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held accountable if north korea goes off the rails? >> it's china and russia and perhaps others as well. china has never been held accountable for pakistan developing nuclear weapons which is a problem related to the taliban in afghanistan. lou: to hell with the pro china lobby. i'm talking about the national interest, the national foreign policy. john: i think the trump administration is the one that could bring this around. i think the president understands clearly how much of a threat north korea is. lou: we's the only president we have had in over 30 years who understands anything about how to conduct policy with the north koreans. john: i recall franklin roosevelt. he said in a fire side chat
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september 11, 1941, he said too many countries in europe failed to face the nazi danger in the face until it had them by the throat. and we are close to the chinese and north koreans having us by the throat. the question is whether the government will come along with him. lou: i struggle to understand why there is any question about u.s. foreign policy and that of president trump when what we are witnessing on the part of the u.k., the european union is passivity, appeasement and inert at best foreign policy when it comes to threats as profound as both north korea and by the way, through empirically demonstrated, china itself.
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because they make north korea possible. when are we going to see straightforward language and policy decisions based on what is clearly the reality. north korea is a chinese creation sustained by the chinese. >> john: i long believed we've should argue to china that merging the two koreas is the way to resolve that issue. lou: how the bloody hell do you merge kim jong-un and moon and come out with a sensible unification of korea. john: kim jong-un would get a nice villa on the coast and south korea would take over. the key question is whether we emerge in the next 180 days with north korea still having a nuclear weapons program.
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if it has, we have lost. general dunnford said it's unimaginable that clear * would be left with that capability. lou: unimaginable and it's good to hear from the joint chief of staffs and it's good to hear from the u.n. ambassador. but there is only one person talking state forwardly to the north koreans and that's president trump. at this juncture it would seem his discussions with with president xi jinping have led to the possibility of an opportunity for china to awaken to its responsibilities here. but the rest of europe, certainly, and our allies in the region have to come to terms that we are going to be honest and straightforward about who is responsible for the threat posed by kim jong-un.
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john: i think they understand it in japan. the situation in south korea is less clear. if anybody in the world is going to address this threat of nuclear proliferation seriously it will be the united states. lou: it's fair to say this is without question a chinese-u.s. confrontation? john: yes. lou: i will leave it with yes for this evening. ambassador john bolton, thanks so much. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. will this week be remembered as the beginning of the end for the republican rino establishment? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. the rino gop establishment it's a big and powerful place that
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establishment. follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. today on wall street stocks mixed, the dow up 13, the nasdaq down 38. volume on the big board.3 billnio shares. 3.3 billion shares a day. a rinds tore lten to my rerts three times a day on the salem radio network. the hack e equifax firm has completely botched its response to the situation they created. we are tracking the monster hurricane irma. we'll have the latest on the storm's path and the exodus, hundreds of thousands of people already from florida. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou where a few thoughts on equifax. their stock price dropped 13 percent because it gave up the confidential data of 143 million americans. credit card numbers, driver's licenses numbers birthdates. it took equifax to disclose their security breakdown. the ceo of equifax did apologize. but not as profoundly and he should have.
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now we learn three of its executives, including the chief financial officer sold shares of equifax just days after the breach was first discovered, earning those three nearly $2 million. equifax claimed those executives were utterly unaware of the breach when they sold the stock. i assure you suggesting that a chief financial officer would not know about a breach of his magnitude that goes to the heart, the soul, the very integrity of the company is asking a lot of all of us. the company should do the right thing in my opinion. and reverse the sale by those executives of that stock so there is absolutely no question of integrity while there are so many questions about the company's lack of security and
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leadership and its failure to protect the private information of 143 million americans which goes to the foundation of the come numbers existence. but the bad news for consumers doesn't end there. equifax is only one of three major credit reporting firms. americans visited the site to see if they were affected and sign up for credit monitoring are asked to give up their rights to sue the company or participate in award from a class action suit. that's a terrible statement to the company's customers. new york's attorney general who i almost never agree with calling on equifax to remove that arbitration clause.
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conveniently the cfp's rule, the arbitration clause doesn't go into effect until later this month and it will only affect agreements entered into next year. i think equifax is acting with ignorance and impunity against the consumers they have an obligation to protect. they need some set standard for the conduct of commerce in this country, particularly when it comes to precious personal data entrusted to corporations. both regulators and equifax customers should i believe hold equifax responsible for it utter failure to protect those customers. the quotation of the evening
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offers us some guidance on equifax's future. sam walden said there is only one boss, the customer. equifax very likely is about to learn how that works. we are coming right back. president trump says the leaders of the republican party particularly on capitol hill appear to have a death wish. he's telling them to deliver now for the american people on tax reform. >> my administration is working closely with congress to develop a plan that will deliver more jobs, higher pay and lower taxes for businesses of all sizes and most of importantly for middle class families all across america. lolou: we take up the
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♪and the world will live as one♪ lou: democrats are having a fit and doing everything they can think of to try to persuade hillary clinton to shut up and please go away. but she is not.
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instead she is reliving her embarrassing election loss. >> it was devastating. i didn't think i would lose. so when i write in the book about getting through that period, i relied on several tools. one of which was prayer. i also had support of my family, and yes i have my fair share of chardonnay. lou: joining me now to talk about hillary clinton's growing list of scape goats for her election loss, and a new era of bipartisanship it appears, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. have you ever heard of chardonnay and the power of prayer put together in the same sentence? >> it's pretty unusual. but i decided the only thing that would be more torturous of
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reading the book, would be a version on audiotape and trying to listen to it. can you manage? lou: i cannot manage. i refuse to even consider it. we are talking about a candidate who will not stop. she is going to keep on keeping on. the democrats are just having a fit because she is living their numbers even -- she is driving their numbers even lower all by herself. then we have a former president called barack obama trying to call into question the policy choices of a sitting president. and bill clinton, the former president joining right behind obama the way it was shown to him how it is done. are we going to be treated to this monstrous lack of propriety
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on the part of these two? mike: it appears we are. one of the historical gracious acts of a former president has been that he typically moved on to do other thing. civic good, but didn't try to criticize those who followed him. with the case of hillary, we are seeing somebody who can't let go of the fact that she lost. i have lost some elects. and it's not -- i have lost some elections, bint' never pleasant. but you have to suck it up and say, it's my fault, not someone else's. as long as she continues this direction, she is the only bright spot that republicans have right now because it certainly is not a bright spot that we have the kind of actions or lack of in the senate and
4:38 am
house. >> let's turn to another bright spot. and that's a president doing remarkable things. but president obama doing the deal with nancy pelosi and chuck super and creating a bipartisan moment in this country's history for the first time in 20 years. this is a remarkable new direct for this president to take. how do you think that will be received? mike: i think it's being received brilliantly. donald trump did a shrewd thing. a week ago chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were trying to accuse this president of being a racist and he is incompetent and not fit for the job. a week later they are praising him as a guy he can work with. he's take be that off the table. you don't make a deal with someone who i all the thing they said he was.
4:39 am
what he is is a very smart guy who knows how to lead. i'll tell you what we learned about him. he came to washington to get something done, not to sit around and just watch the total inaction of the house and senate. and so if the republicans who ought to be helping him and sending stuff to his desk, if they can't get it he will turn to somebody who can and will. i hope it knocks the republicans off high center and helps them to realize he's not going to wait for them. it's lead, follower get the heck out of the way. lou: these two are rinos who happen to be leading on cap trial may have sealed their fate -- on ta -- on capitol hile seeped their fate. i certainly hope so. roll the video.
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lou: new numbers showing out of state voters may have tipped the new hampshire election to hillary clinton. 1,200 of them obtained a new license or registered a vehicle. that means for 5,300 of them, there is no evidence they moved to the granite state or are citizens of the great state of new hampshire. clinton won new hampshire by 5,700 votes. what is this about rigged elections? certainly not. joining me to talk about this new era of bipartisanship.
4:45 am
how about our president bringing nancy pelosi, charles schumer and of course a little trailing behind them, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan in a bipartisan effort? steve: and ivanka as well. that tipped the whole thing off. didn't she come in at the ends of that meeting? lou: yeah. steve: that was icing to the cake. lou: your icing is acceptable. in terms of what he did, i take the criticism there could be train wreck in december. lou: we are sitting here watching a train wreck on the part of the republican leadership on capitol hill. it's current, it's now.
4:46 am
steve: what he did, worry about december when it comes december. but what he has done now, he gave a good slap to the republican party and made them clear if they don't get their act together he will work with the democrats to try to do something. i think wait tells the republicans in the way words never would have done before, they have to get to work on a real tax bill. it increases the odds of a major tax bill by the end of the year. >> the president has secured an opportunity to do far more whether it comes to military spending or whatever the requirements are he wants to meet. steve require also puts him above congress. we have two major hurricanes. one devastated texas. one is about to do it in florida. people are wondering why can't
4:47 am
congress get an aid bill through when clearly there is a disaster bill there. it got done. lou: this is a speaker of the house, paul ryan and majority leader martha maccallum. they have to understand now that they are way out of their league. and just being the tools of the chamber of commerce and the business round table is no longer sufficient to preserve power for themselves. >> i think they both realize and republican back benchers will make a decision about the future of the leadership in the house, if they don't get a major tax cut through. a lot of them will become uber drivers after next november. they have got to deliver. and the polls show that if the voters are holding republicans accountable. you don't get that big tax bill, you are out. lou: 90 republicans voted
4:48 am
against this package today. they are rinos. there is a mixture of self-described conservatives and rinos. i know not who are they and who do they think they are? and when are they going to fall in line? because otherwise this an ajust that will involve a lot more democrats than anyone can be comfortable with. devastation texas and devastation florida. congressman x voted against helping these people out. lou: we are going to bring you their names, their purchase ported reasons for voting as they did throughout the coming weeks. steve forbes, it's always great to see you. steve: the only excuse they have is they should have done more.
4:49 am
lou: we don't have any execs cues for -- we don't have any excuses for keeping them in office as long as we have. lou: evacuation orders in florida. hurricane irma and hurricane juan is right behind her. rick: winds 155 miles an hour. here is the motion. a defined see you wall going to approach the northern coast of cuba in the next several hours. maybe that slows count timing of when we are talk about a landfall in the united states. as it makes that move, begins to turn and heads back to the north and that's when we get florida in our sights. make that move through the overnight hours. then you notice as a category
4:50 am
four storm turning back out, moving the water picking back up some strengths, jumping back up to a category 5 storm. we are look at early sunday morning, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. that will be the time frame and eventually as of right now we are targeting moving up the west westside of florida. sunday into monday you are running up the entire state before moving into georgia and the atlanta area. we are talking about big winds as it moves this direction. that's the big concern. these winds, hurricane level, tropical force level this weekend. lou: the storm moving more to the west coast. at least 35 people are dead in
4:51 am
mexico and guatemala. region hit with the most of powerful earthquake in a century. an 8.3 earthquake was felt as far north as austin, texas. there may and rebellion aimed at ousting paul ryan from leadership. >> this is not something i'm worried about or focused on. i'm worried about getting our agenda passed. lou: we'll take up whether right rino's days are during our made to move 2017 clearance event, you can do endless online research. or, you can take advantage of our best offer ever on an xt5. don't wait.
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it's in that spirit that we're asking you to step up and support the global emergency response coalition's efforts. support the global emergency response coalition by going to global emergency response dot org today.
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you have any confidence republicans? congress are cost toss out rino ryan. 83% said yes. tammy, limits start with hillary clinton. she just keeps on. scapegoat after scapegoat, every day. tammy: she is per sifting and we don't want her to. she went from whining the
4:56 am
chardonnay to whining about everyone around her. delays reason the democrats want her to go away. she is a drag. it's the largest bust everyone has had. everyone is going under it. the women who marched after the inauguration. she is complaining about why they weren't out for her. as a feminist i watch a woman exhibiting every stereotype about women. we know women can handle tour. it will be a conservative woman who is the first woman president. this is a warning for the democrats and reminder for women everywhere. own your power. do it properly have confidence. do everything hillary did not do. have confidence in yourself and
4:57 am
take responsibility. lou: don, your thoughts about hillary clinton and whether the democratic party can finance her book trail and keep her out of the public for a number of years. >> if she is around, she is running. i hope she and elizabeth warren and joe biden are all running. it's the antagonism she creates inside the democratic party. lou: let's go to steve bannon on "60 minutes" this weekend talking about mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. he has awakened to the truth that the gop rinos on capitol hill are trying to destroy the president's agenda and don't hesitate to obstruct everything
4:58 am
he wants to do. tammy: some destruction includes putting on a mask and wearing black and burning down buildings at berkeley. lou: that's even i a. even the left -- that's antifa. even the left disavows antifa. tammy: with mr. mcconnell and mr. ryan it's more subtle. i laughed at the clip you played with speaker ryan. we just want to get the agenda through. that's the last thing he has been doing. he says one thing and doesn't do it. lou: anyone paying attention at all to the republican gop leadership on capitol hill knows they are rinos, and they are obstructionists to this president's agenda. why in the world isn't it being acknowledged by the 90
4:59 am
republicans who voted against an aid package, a continuing resolution. what is going on with those 90 republicans. have they lost their minds? >> you and i shared this for 10 or 12 years. paul ryan doesn't seem to be an overwhelming figure to us. but now he's destructive. i happen to have more towards mitch mcconnell. he's even more destructive. they just believe suburban voters are with them. they don't like the trump voter. lou: to hell with them. trump voters are the ones who elected donald trump president of the united states. >> they have gone the away with it until now. now might be the day of reckoning. they still don't get it.
5:00 am
lou: dom, thanks so much. tammy. we hope you will have a pleasant kennedy: tonight, florida bracing for the worst as irma continues to cross the caribbean. a major political battle over storm relief and the debt ceiling. who is going to win out, republicans or democrats. does the president have a deal up his sleeve to let dreamers stay in the u.s.? with texas and louisiana residents still waist deep in floodwater we are seeing the reality of these horror storms unfold before our eyes. it's easy to


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