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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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lou: dom, thanks so much. tammy. we hope you will have a pleasant kennedy: tonight, florida bracing for the worst as irma continues to cross the caribbean. a major political battle over storm relief and the debt ceiling. who is going to win out, republicans or democrats. does the president have a deal up his sleeve to let dreamers stay in the u.s.? with texas and louisiana residents still waist deep in floodwater we are seeing the reality of these horror storms unfold before our eyes. it's easy to project intent on
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these storms. what's harder is the cleanup that follows. harvey shows people are still good and caring and self-reliant. and people know at some time it may be their turn. immediate disaster response on the federal and local level has been improved. but you don't need psychic friends to tell you that florida will be pummeled again. our reliance on federal programs incentivizes developers to keep building in flood zones. the national flood insurance program subsidizes policies which you would think would help low-income victims who are the most of vulnerable.
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they can't afford to evacuate in most of cases and they can't pay as much as five times more for flood understand which is vastly more expensive than any typical policy. the majority of the guns goes to rebuilding dream house, the expensive homes and it's billions of dollars in debt. government is only good it save people's lives during storm crises. we are right to ask how far does that obligation extend when we are expected to foot the bill. that's category 5 nonsense. let's stay safe and play right. i'm kennedy. hurricane irma expected to reach florida sometime sunday. the pact time in the path shows most of models skirting the
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heavily pop late east coast. residents could come home to damage we are seeing out of the caribbean. the islands more than 90% damaged or destroyed. irma could hit the low-lying florida keys. right now on the phone i have got the key west, florida chief of police chief lee. how are these preparations for irma different than storm preparations you and your department made in the past? >> we have never faced a storm of this magnitude any time that i can remember. and, you know, this is the most of powerful storm that's ever went in atlantic basin. over the years we had a lot of practice and a lot of close calls and actual hurricanes that hit us. but preparing for this one is a little bit different and a
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little scarier. we are making the preparations that need to be in place. we are have much prepared. we are currently under a hurricane watch which we can expect possibly tropical force winds that come within 48 hours. we are currently under a mandatory evacuation of all residents in key west. kennedy: key west is a beautiful part of the state. i love it because there is such a strong independent theme and lifestyle there which makes some of the residents of the florida keys different than other residents of florida. how were you talking to them, convincing them to get out, and how effective have the mandatory evacuations been. >> a good portion our community are independent. but so far we are encouraged by the number of residents that
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have evacuated. but we are concerned because there are still many residents on the island. so it's a bit concerning to us. we are doing everything possible, trying to encourage everyone to leave. there is still time. we still have today and tomorrow morning for them to evacuate. we'll explaining to them the dire consequences should we be struck directly by this hurricane. kennedy: what happens if the keys take a direct hit? >> if we take a direct hit it will be devastating to us. it will have catastrophic consequences to this island. there will be tremendous storm surge and wind. it will be catastrophic like nothing this island has ever experienced. we are trying to tell the residents who are still here, that they stay at their own risk. as of tomorrow 7:00 a.m. there are no hospitals in monroe
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county. we won't be able to put first responders at risk to come rescue them without having medical facilities or ability to evacuate first responders out. we are trying to explain the folks left behind some of the life and death consequences of their decision not to evacuate. but there is still time. we have buses evacuating people on the street right now around town and taking them to shelters in miami. kennedy: they are autumn, they y are awesome, they are not immortal. earlier today the president spoke about the hurricane. >> we are very concerned. we are working very hard. we have tremendous groups of talented people there. the governor has so far done a terry specific job. they are prepared. we think we are as well prepared as you can possibly be. kennedy: what is the situation
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with america's so-called gold coast and beyond. let me ask the mayor. we heard from your governor that this could potentially be worse than andrew, a storm that you witnessed in 1992. what are the contrasts and similarities that you see? >> from what we can tell so far this storm is just much bigger, much broader, and much more severe. so i was here for andrew. we thought andrew was going to hit in tbrowrd county. it turn a turn at the end and hit in south miami-dade county. we saw the damage andrew did. this storm looks bigger and more severe. we are ready and prepared. we are gearing up for a big storm in fort lauderdale. kennedy: that's why you have seen the massive evacuations and
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the governor imploring people to leave the area. we have heard about problems with gas and food shortages. >> we have seen an issue with gas. there has been a lot of stations with long lines and stations that closed their pumps. so we definitely have seen gas shortages. it's ironic for those of your viewrts who know south florida, we bring in most of of the petroleum for the 17, 1 state southern counties right here hat port everglades. so gas has never been an issue here. it was an issue today and starting last night. food not so much. some areas have seen a food shortage. but all in all there seems to be plenty of food around the greater fort lauderdale area. kennedy: how do you convince people to leave who have been
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through so many of these storms and feel dish was talking with the police chief from key west, almost a sense of i am mortality. do you go door to door? >> we try told kate them and inform them. we have been on a message campaign. we started early when we saw the size of this storm and the numbers, winds at 200 miles an hour. so our public affairs office, emergency operations. we have been getting the word out to our neighbors. we are letting them know this is something more than a matthew that came through last year. that came by and turned up the coast. after all that buildup, this storms different in a number of ways. one the storm surge. kennedy: i want you to explain the difference between the flooding we saw in texas and storm surge which we can see
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from irma. go ahead. >> the issue is in texas it was basically a rain factor. rain just kept staying and coming. it stayed there over the area and created a lot of flooding through rain. here this is a fast-moving storm that will push the atlantic ocean. it will have a huge push of the atlantic ocean towards our shore. on top of that you will have winds coming out of the east that will also push the water. a third factor is the tides. if this comes ashore with our high tide, you are looking at three factors that will create a storm surge and into some of our inland areas. that to me is much more troubling, much more problematic than if the rain. god forbid we don't' want the rain. what's happening in texas, we feel terrible for that. but that rain is so different than a storm surge. we'll see a powerful force of
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water move across the land. other part of this is the wind. because we are a fully developed city built out with high-rise and cranes still, a lot of construction, a prosperous community. we are very focused on the wind elements. between the storm surge and the wind element, we'll see this slightly different than what you have seen in texas. kennedy: it's almost hard to comprehend these two storms are hitting back to back, almost within a week. meantime new political fallout over yesterday's oval office meeting. a spending bill and the debt ceiling. many republicans are livid, and some democrats are not too happy. president trump met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell,
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paul ryan, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. the lawmakers reportedly thought it would be little more than a photo open to gift appearance of bipartisan cooperation. but in reality they were all fighting over extending the debt ceiling so they could fund the government and help cover storm damage. then to the surprise of everybody the president side with the democrats in the room suggesting just a 3-month extension on the debt ceiling and reportedly hugging check schumer. everybody is starting to put a spin on the whole thing. but what does this mean for the gop's fall agenda and the 2018 election. let's go to my hurricane-proof party panel. gianno caldwell, anthony fisher, and comedian jimmy failla.
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he's an up and coral. he's real quick and he has a silver tongue. gianno, the president is famously a negotiator. he said he will work with democrats. is this best way to work with democrats? >> i approve this move. republicans have been in charge of the white house, the senate and the house, and we haven't got and lot done. we have gotten few things done but not the major priorities. the 3-month move. kennedy: it would give republicans cover because it would moan they don't have to fight about it when they are campaigning. >> considering what we have seen
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the past several months with republicans not accomplishing many of the goals. we fell on obamacare. i am not speak of the political strategy and i know that's why you invited me on. but as a voter, i think we need to be in a position where there is some tough love. kennedy: it's even tougher. ' this is a parliament of horrors to quote t.j. o'rourke's book. >> populism whether from the left or right means increased spending. and trump ran as a populist. though i have never been a fan of the president. i have been leery of the chaos he has sown, but i enjoy this particular chaos he has sown because now republicans will be
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able to [applause] ably distance themselves from him. even on the left there are people not happy with the centrists negotiating with trump. kennedy: they want the grab bag. they want the free stuff. and sadly, it's not free. >> trump realizes. he grew up in the 80s. everybody loved the guy with the cocaine at the party. and to democrats spending increases are the cocaine at the party. but i like the idea that he's doing this. not because i am a champion of spending increases. but i think we are living in a fantasy world that we'll see the republican party lower spending. they had the majority under burke and didn't do it. kennedy: it's a critical pivot and i will give you that.
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the president's decision to end daca has many on both side of the aisle upset. but this morning the president had a message for the 800,000 people who will be affected. for all of those concerned about your status during the six-month period you have nothing to worry about. no action. yesterday the president suggested he fund a deal for a border wall for letting daca dreamers stay. >> we have a great daca transaction, then everybody is happy and they don't have to worry about it anymore. kennedy: we'll congress will able to come up with an agreement on the plan? let me bring in lawrence joan?
5:21 am
welcome back, lawrence. i think -- i don't like the president dealing with the democrat on the debt ceiling. but the wall is so critically important to him and daca is so important to democrats, he's using that as the ultimate bargaining chip here. will he get his way? >> i see what he's trying to do, but i think the messaging could be tweaked a little bit. before we can talk about a solution for those dreamers, we need border security. the second thing that needs to happen is we need to figure out the solution for immigration. that's immigration reform. then after that we can start talking about the dreamers and what package we'll put together to do this in a humane way. kennedy: i think it will be easier for congress to agree on
5:22 am
daca than immigration. democrats are not going to compromise on this issue. i do think if the president shows them that's of them voted for wall funding in 2005 and 2006, they may see maybe his wall idea isn't so bad if dreamers are attached to it and walled inside the united states. >> if they don't do it, the voters will be upset. we tried this before. handling immigration before border security. and so you are going to particular off the voters. when you -- you are going to tick off the voters. if they don't do what they told the american people they were going to do, that will be a problem. a lot of the media and many on the left is saying donald trump is getting ready to deport these people. the strategy is handle the
5:23 am
criminals first and then come up with a solution for daca. kennedy: i don't think the president had any intention deporting these people. his tone in regards to the dreamers has been quite soft. >> exactly. kennedy: that upsets a lot of people. because when he rescinds daca his hard-line supporters are ecstatic because he's making good on a campaign promise. but then when he says i want congress to fiction it and i want them to stay, people like ann coulter start peeling off. >> we have to be reasonable. as long as we can get immigration reform and border security, we have to come up with a reasonable outcome for these dreamers. it doesn't make sense to deport them all. kennedy: this is a country they know and love. like the president, i love them have much. >> exactly.
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don, jr. testified today before a congressional committee. in a written statement obtained by the "new york times," he said he was trying to learn if hillary clinton was fit to be president. he said i believed i should hear them out, depending on what if any information they had, i could consult with counsel to make an informed decision on whether to give it further consideration. let me welcome mollie hemingway. she is a senior editor at "the federalist." you said donald trump, jr. going before the senate judiciary committee which is felty with lawyers is a sign of his confidence. mollie: that he showed up to testify shows he thinks he's on solid ground when he says he did not collude with russians.
5:29 am
russians. their stories tend to line up. gentlemen don, jr. wanted to find out if there was good dirt on hillary clinton. he didn't get it. he was willing to receive it but he didn't get it and that was the end of the story. if this is after all the drama we had about supposedly russia stealing an election with the help of the trump campaign. if this is all we have got, i think we are at the end here. kennedy: you are saying the multi-pronged investigation are in fact running out of steam. if they can't tie the russian government to members of the trump campaign team, do you think there will be unrelated charges? mollie: absolutely. that's what a special prosecutor does. they have to have a justification for what they are doing. you will definitely see charges
5:30 am
brought against someone. frankly because of who the trump people are and who their associates are. i'm sure it' easy pickings to find someone who did something wrong or who isn't fully forthright with investigators. i would not be surprised to see somebody in the orbit brought up on charges. but the whole idea that russia stole the elect and the trump team excluded with them. you have never seen anything investigated so thoroughly and there is not a lot there. kennedy: the investigations in congress could go on because the president did upset his own party by making a deal with the democrats. the republicans are in charge of those committees. mollie: i don't know if it from this most of recent deal. i would say going back you wouldn't have a typical
5:31 am
democrat-republican guide. if you were already seeing and particularly on the senate side not a lot of support for the president in this investigation. and there are very few people who want to dig into things. for instance, why the fbi was trying to pay the creator of that opposition research dossier against donald trump. i don't think what happened earlier this week changes that underlying dynamic. kennedy: earlier today the youth military installed more high-tech missile defense systems in south korea days after north korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb. an unorthodoxed hero is coming forward to help save the planet. his name is dennis rodman. he says he wants to go to north korea to straighten things out.
5:32 am
he has visited kim jong-un many times over the years. and the two have an unlikely bond. a manship that involves, skiing, karaoke and horseback riding. the party panel is back. jimmy, i think we have got to the point where rodman is our best option. >> this is our guy. give him a contaminated piece of swiss cheese and send him in there and wipe him out. maybe he plays pickup ball with kim jong-un. i feel bad for rodman. i don't think he realizes kim jong-un is using him because he can tell the koreans he's hanging out with obama. they think he's the president.
5:33 am
kennedy: cranberry all over his shirt. wow, this is impressive. but there is something to it. it's strange enough to work, anthony. >> i suggest sending charles oakley who took on the madison care gardens security staff and came out smelling like roses. kennedy: unfortunately the kills are fans are of the chicago bulls. >> i think whichever american celebrity will show up. >> i'm officially famous. maybe i should go over there. they don't know. they don't know. >> dennis rodman is an attention
5:34 am
whore. is that all right to say on this network? kennedy: i think so, i said it earlier. he wants attention. dennis rodman. he's reinvigorated and famous because he hangs out with kim jong-un. kennedy: and was on the "celebrity apprentice." he knows the president. but the on thing that would make this whole situation even more weird is if dennis rodman brought peace to the region. >> kim jong-un is getting him drunk and showing him around. >> people are saying it's a fun scenario for donald trump to be president. kennedy: thank you so much. jimmy, anthony angie and oh.
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damage. several commercial airlines are doing their part to help people evacuate, capping flights at $100 and agreeing wave the change fee. 1-2 punch of hurricanes harvey and irma. the insurance companies could shift thousands of dollars of damage costs on to consumers. how do we recover from irma without causing a financial disaster in the process? joining us, brian brenberg, associate professor of economics at the king's college. how do we pay for it? >> either the people involved in the disaster, their insurance companies pay for it other rest us pay for it. by the has to be paid for one
5:40 am
way or another. the question is, do we have an insurance system that helps us deal well with disasters, and the answer is no in part because the government is so involved in the insurance system, particularly when it comes to subsidizing people living in places where they are prone to natural disasters. that's a significant problem and we are seeing it with harvey and irma. kennedy: even flood insurance is expensive. but the national flood insurance program subsidizes when people can't afford that. they are under water. >> that's right. even when it is expensive, it's not expensive enough to cover the risk there. when you are living in these places, you are taking a risk. they are wonderful places to live but you are not bearing the full cost of living there.
5:41 am
we have no choice but to push the cost to the rest of the united states. all of these government-sponsored insurance funds are under funded. and we are seeing that right now. they are $25 billion under water with these national programs. kennedy: i want to talk about hoarding. this is something people get upset about. a proper response is a great marketing tool for companies offering lower prices in the short term, hoping to have longer-term gains. jetblue and frontier offering discounts to people flying out of the hurricane's path. >> one silver lining for a company is it gives them an opportunity to bolster their reputation. to show customers they care about them. they will offer more products at a good price to help people. national chains especially have
5:42 am
a reason to do that because they are playing a long game. what's going on now -- kennedy: we have seen that with t-mobile and home depot and walmart and many others. >> even when they fail like with best buy in harvey, social media has changed the game here. immediately somebody takes a picture of that. tweets it out. it the's picked up by the media and these come snris to deal with -- companies have to deal with it in the short term. that's people doing that. kennedy: that's the kinds of thing i think is an appropriate response. google says we are not selling water at $39 a case it's a third party. >> when the government tries to set prices what you end up with is shortages. politicians say we are going to
5:43 am
prevent price gouging. but they don't like to stand up when the shelves are empty. kennedy: the free market always superior to government. coming up, president trump is selling a new piece of merchandise on his website. this one takes a gold medal. oh boy. looking for adventure this labor day? holy smokes. oh man, that's pretty intense. look no further than chevrolet. this is a fast car. i feel like i left my soul back there. wow. this has power! head to the chevy labor day sales event and ride out the summer in a new chevrolet. current chevy owners can use labor day bonus cash to get a total value of eleven thousand- six hundred dollars on this silverado all star. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on all tahoe and suburban models.
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kennedy: christian bale has reportedly put on 40 pounds to get into his role as dick cheney. topic number one. katie holmes and jamie foxx have gone public with their relationship test. ship test. test. test. romances have the life expectancy of a carnival goldfish. people say kennedy is so cynical about love. i'm excited about these two who were spotted holding hands on a malibu beach.
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kennedy: i wish them best of luck because parenting is a very difficult task. fortunately for kim, she'll have
5:51 am
plenty of money. topic number 5. like the lost and found box at a haunted carnival. you never know what will turn up. you can be sure it will be things you wish you never saw. it's now time for viewer mail. all right, jay, bring it on. jay wants to know what's this kid doing on fox? jim says done with you, kennedy, too much quirkiness, sarcasm and show boating. not enough substance. kennedy: don't sing my showboat, jim, it's quite substantial. you will never get a ride tonight. francis writes, you are way out in left field, miss whiney.
5:52 am
i think she meant miss whitney and addressed it to the wrong person and left out a t. david writes, you are low key funny. jane tops it off with i love your shoes, kennedy. can i walk around in them? jane is not actually jane, jane is a dude with a shoe fetish. a ww star wrestler can handle himself in a square circle. but he's a street fighter. we hit the pavement in time as we hit the pavement in time as square to test his
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neither will we. optum. how well gets done. kennedy: new yorkers have such a reputation for being tough. but how do you think they fare when confronted by a ww wrestler? we hit the streets to find out. who is the better professional wrestler, donald trump or dolph ziggler. >> one of us is a ww hall of
5:57 am
famer and the other is not. >> is that true? >> this is the biggest liar i have ever seen. kennedy: were you married in new york city? >> yes. >> well done. kennedy: what do you think is more well done, fake news or wrestling. >> news. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they are not. kennedy: who looks better? >> i don't know. >> i think it's premature. >> who looks better. chris christie for the win. who would win in a wrestling match, bernie sanders or chris christie. >> chris christie.
5:58 am
>> many people rate him purely on size. kennedy: who wants to wrestle a pro wrestler? are you ready to wrestle a pro wrestler? kennedy: he's here with me now. it turns out you are a better pro wrestler than thumb wrestler. >> i think it losses added up for both. kennedy: they still think that the news is more fake than pro wrestling. >> that was a pretty adamant
5:59 am
response. three out of four was the news. i loved that donald trump quote, he's the president and you are not. i'm chevy chase and you are not. kennedy: every journalist threw down their penn, i'm not president, i'm not writing anything again. did you enjoy your time in new york. >> we had a blast. a bunch of stuff went down all over town. we saw a bunch of fans who were coming to new york to see our show. it was cool. kennedy: now you have been reintroduced on smack down live. >> that's true. i'm not sure what i'm doing. kennedy: we'll see what happens next tuesday. >> i'm dolph ziggler and you are not. thank you for watching the best hour of your day.
6:00 am
email good night. stay safes specially all of you in south florida and beyond. i'm thinking of you >> lou: good evening, everybody. it is the time of trump. a new perspective if you will. president trump giving the ineffective leaders of the republican party in both the house and the senate a lesson in leadership and deal making. president trump striking a deal with democrat and securing an important legislative victory. on to the president's compromise plan, congress agreed to pass hurricane harvey relief funding and raise the debt ceiling and fund the government thr


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