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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 12, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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kennedy: the scope of the florida damage coming into focus is the extensive cleanup. what do folks there need most of? congressman ron desantis next. steve bannon is firing back at his old colleagues in washington. is tax reform ever going to happen? bret baier is here with the full scoop. pull up a chair. as we watch irma force herself upon florida and beyond with the images of harvey rescue still in our memories. it's amazing on this solemn day, 9/11, first responders operating
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with selfless bravery for the betterment of others. what is it within someone to go into a collapsing building to rescue people or dive into the belly of a storm that could certainly swallow them whole? it helps focus on the inspiring acts of past and present heroes who risks their lives to save other lives. the wars and storms never seem to let up. but human nature is good and it prevails hopefully when it is calm once again. the remnants of hurricane irma swirling above georgia. even though it moved away from
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miami, the destruction is still very evidence. there are still a number of people unaccounted for. along the south coast and bad flooding making a mess, this is drone footage. you can see how homes were ripped apart. dangerous flooding threatening lives and property all the way up along the atlantic coast. so what areas need the most of help. joining me is florida congressman ron desantis. welcome to the show. tell me what you and your family went through. i understand you are in the jacksonville area and you were evacuated? >> yes, our house is further south on one of the barrier
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islands. but we got evacuated. i had come down anyway so i was all over the place. but even today we are not allowed back out. the bridges are still closed to get back out to the coast and will likely be closed for the rest of today. law enforcement is trying to clear debris from the roads. trying to see who needs help because not everyone evacuated. they have to make sure the bridges are structurally sound. kennedy: what hit your district the hardest. as we know the storm is multi dimensional. you see wind, rain and storm surge. and floodwaters that could be tainted with all sorts of microbes and electrified as power lines have come down all over the place. >> beer still getting the damage assessments in.
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but my district lost some of the dunes we had on our coast. we have been in the process of trying to replenish those before it's been difficult with the bureaucracy. a lot of the local officials said [inaudible] kennedy: we are having trouble hearing your line. i don't know if you can move to a different part of the building where you were when we started our conversation. because i want to talk about that. i want to talk about the bureaucracy and see the contrasts about the way the storm has been dealt with in florida and texas and how citizens aided from the bureaucratic nightmare we saw in katrina. we have to keep in mind that fema workers have literally gone without sleep, relentlessly being battered from state to
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state and storm to storm with very different circumstances. we have seen members of congress like yourself talk about how there has been a depletion in funds. we have seen congress spend so much money over the years that it's very difficult without doing political acrobatics to handle these twin crises without raising the debt ceiling which the president did with the democrats. at some point if the bureaucracy is so compromised and overwrought and overwhelms, how can the government continue to handle these things without the straw or the storm breaking the congressional camel's back? >> what's interesting, part of the reason the disaster fund got depleted so quickly after harvey is government actually did something good for a change.
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they allowed people to use a smart phone who were eligible for relief and they could apply if they had a wi-fi connection tore could get online. so the money was going out the door faster than it had in the past. when municipalities do debris removal they can get rei am burlsd under the current law. but we have towns from matthew that haven't been reimbursed a year later. but they actually did a good job. but i was surprised to hear that people could go on with their smart phones and do that. i think folks in florida who are eligible for that assistance, i think they will be able to get the money quicker. if it takes 3 months to get the money that's not emergency hurricane relief. you have need it before that. kennedy: it's the people living
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paycheck to paycheck are the ones who are displaced and have the toughest time recovering. and so often it's the federal doll dollars that don't reach the most of vulnerable. congressman desantis, thank you for your time. please stay safe. of course the real heros in all of this, florida first responders and those in texas and louisiana. and georgia as well. the cops and firefighters who have been doing their best to keep people safe. as we new york 16 years since 9/11 it's important to remember the bravery of those who run into danger while others are returning away. bre peyton is here along with guy benson, and "reason"
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magazine editor at large, matt welch. 9/11 made your career. you were documenting a lot of what was happening in the country. what i have seen now is we haven't exactly shored up our policy since 9/11. but i see the goodness in the people and the first responders. and that's stunning on a day like today. >> we always have a worry we responds after events. after 9/11 there was a fear there would be a wave of hate crimes. before it was people helping their fellow man. it wasn't just first responders. normal human beings were running in the building and running close to help as much as they could. and trying to understand the middle east. people trying to come up with an
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understanding. the harvey response has been amazing. america has got that so good. we are decent people and we are innovative. the day june navy goes down there to help people out. it makes me sick and sad that's people channeled their patriotism that i have the most of respect for and joined the military and got sent off into far-flung things that doesn't have anything to do with this. kennedy: i'm going to talk to ambassador bolton about where we are 16 years after 9/11. guy, you are very young. you were an early teenager on 9/11. a lot of the people that i knew who joined the military were really called to service. same with first responders. a lot of people after 9/11
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wanted to become cops and firefighters. guy: people in my high school, that was my experience. i was 16. we lived across the river in new jersey. my father worked in lower mrnlt. he commuted through the world trade center on the path train. he got home from work finally after a horrible day with our neighbor who worked in the world trade center. and they were telling stories of what they witnessed and they seemed shell shocked. my dad came out of his office building. generally when there is an emergency, police are telling people to walk, don't run. nypd was telling people to run as fast as they could uptown. while there were terrified office workers running uptown, there were firefighters running
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downtown. that's the kinds of courage that's unfathomable to a lot of people. kennedy: he see people mobilize themselves from these storms. you points out, a majority of the funding, the majority of help comes from charitable organizations. private citizens helping their neighbors. bre: 80% of the aide provide in the aftermath of harvey was provided by faith-based organizations. this isn't their official capacity. these aren't people who are necessarily first respoarnsds or firefighters or fema. they are just neighbors pitching in and donating and mobilizing. a lot of churches are on the front lines and helped out and pitched in at this critical time. kennedy: of course in the
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aftermath of storms like irma and harvey. is this happening because of climate change? many actual climate scientists say it's too early to tell. the data, it takes a long time to crunch. even after at we may not have a definitive answer. so why is everybody jumping to convenient conclusions about inconvenient non-truths? matt, i will start with you. >> because they want to portray you as going against the goods thing or in favor of the bad thing. you have rightly point out that the high pot this is there. if there is more warming and more water you get bigger hurricanes. it just hasn't built up any evidence for this happening. kennedy: there is a big difference between cause and effect. i have no doubt the climate is
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change. human beings are probably adding to that. the difference between causing something and compounding something. maybe it's too much carbon in the atmosphere that doesn't cause the hurricane, but it can make it bigger and make storms wetter. >> people want to have their preexisting beliefs affirmed so they take intellectual shortcuts saying i believe in this, here is some evidence that might relate to that and press to. and that isn't the case. after katrina there were people like al gore saying this is what's going to happen, bigger, worse storms because of climate change. then we went through 10 years with some of the fewest hurricane landfalls in 50 years. if these are the predictions and
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they deenlt map, how can we believe them now. kennedy: we can't even predict the path of a hurricane. guy: based on modeling. bre: even the conversation we are having now, do we think human activity is a contributing factor in the environment. to what degree, what should we be doing by the. this conversation is not one you often see in a lot of forums. even if you asking to what degree my human activity making the hurricanes worse. that will be stamped out as you said as denying science. that's frustrating. obviously our human activity will have an environmental consequence. but even asking those questions often gets slapped down. >> we should all live in solar
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kennedy: we are back are more on hurricane irma and the situation in florida. cops have arrested several people for looting. but if someone is protecting their own property and their home. can they legally use deadly force to do so? judge andrew napolitano is back in action with the legal angle in the storm. people running out of sporting goods stores with boxes of shoes. where its the intersection of this perfect storm in the law. judge napolitano: if you are a small business owner and the business is being looted, you
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cannot use deadly force unless the users are using or threatening to use deadly force. if they are looting your home in florida unlike new jersey where i live where you have to retreat when your home is invade. in florida you can use deadly force to repel the looter whether the litre has deadly force on him or not. florida gives you have the natural human right to protect yourself using any force you wish once somebody enters your home and is a threat. it's the same in texas as well. but don't get stuck in new jersey. kennedy: if someone is in your home taking your stuff and they know there is a good chance you are there and they don't care. judge napolitano: the on time you can do that in emergency and new york city is there is no opportunity to retreat. there is no place to hide, then you can use deadly force against
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deadly force. judge napolitano: getting a registered gun in new york city, forget. you can take the begun out and threaten -- take the gun out and threaten to use it. but you cannot pull that trigger. kennedy: some people have been threatened with firing if they don't show up for work. judge napolitano: this is an uncomfortable area to discuss. courts have upheld for firing people for not showing up for their job during a hurricane. one, do you have a written contract like a lot of us at fox do which would lay out the circumstances under which you have to come in. what is the nature of your work. are you a clerk in a supermarket
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or a first responder? the law can't require the impossible. if it's physically impossible to get from point a to point b you cannot be fires for that failure to get from a to b. what jury is going to uphold the firing in an environment like a category 5 hurricane. kennedy: what strikes you most of about some of the images you see from hurricane irma and hurricane harvey. judge napolitano: selflessness. the willingness to risk your life to to save others.
12:23 am
i think i saw more of it in texas, perhaps because of the duration of it. i saw almost tear jerking selflessness in texas, in houston during harvey it was very uplifting to see that. it remind us that people have hearts and souls and they believe there is a good great than themselves. manage that in today's world people are acting on the belief there is a good greater than self. kennedy: it's a good realization to come to on a day like 9/11. thank you so much, judge. judge napolitano: i didn't know where we were going to go object this, but i loved the conversation we just had. kennedy: the president want congressional republicans to tackle tax reform in a hurry. and the gop and democrats are at odd over several tax-related
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issues. will the president get his wish? bret baier joins me with his bret baier joins me with his opinion next.
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very clear where this political priority are. >> we'll be discussion our plans for dramatic tax reform. now with what happened with the hurricane i'm going to ask for a speed-up. kennedy: is the president still rallying republicans? he also seems to have a newfound interest in working with democrats. the deal he struck with chuck and nancy may clear the path for tax reform. some democrats may be on board with overhauling our tax code. is the president's outreach strategy going to work? there is only one person to ask. bret baier. i know you have got so much to do with politic and weather.
12:29 am
the the obviously need a big win on this one. are democrats the on way he can salvage this game? >> he need democratic votes if he want to go for a package that includes more than 10 years. we talked about the reconciliation vote. it takes 51. but it's limited in what you can do. if you want to do a big tax reform package you need in the senate 60 democrats. so i think he's trying to do that outreach. the problem is because of that debt deal that he made of 3 months. the debt ceiling and the funding of the government will come back up in the negotiation process in december. december 8. and that will be right in the middle, when think of a tax reform debate, thereby giving
12:30 am
chuck and nancy a pretty big chip in the negotiations. democrats are different in republicans in how they look at tax reform. kennedy: let's look at the policy changes that might occur if you invite democrats to the table. everyone likes streamlining the tax coat. for small business owners they want to see that lower corporate tax rate. how else does including the democrats change the policy of tax reform? bret: many democrats like the lower corporate tax rates. if you were just doing that, you could probably get a number of democrats to sign on. democrats are not for that, especially at the top tier. and the other thing is when you talk about repatriation which is the $2 trillion businesses have
12:31 am
overseas. there are plans to bring that back as a tax-free or a small tax to bring it back. democrats want to put that money to work for something else. the specifics, get a little sticky if they are going to work together on that. republicans are -- they are not on the same page. the montana has it out for them after the obamacare repeal and replace bill didn't go through. kennedy: i'm no croquet expert but we are dealing with a series of sticky wickets. steve bannon sat down with "60 minutes" for a fiery discussionen his tenure as the president's right-hand man. >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to
12:32 am
face. >> want to nullify the 2016 election. >> absolutely. i think mitch mcconnell to a degree and paul ryan. they do not want donald trump's populist economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. kennedy: are traditional republican partyers really trying to nullify the president? it was definitely an entertaining exchange between charlie rose and steve bannon. and bannon pulled no punches. >> that's what he does. railing against republicans. it seems like folks like bannon are more interested in attacking elements of the right rather than going after the left. if you want to talk about people interested in nullifying the election. it's the democrats.
12:33 am
they don't view him as legitimate. i think if the democrats get back house they will attempt to impeach the president and investigate him even further. that's the side that has not accepted the results of the election and wants the president out of office. the second point is it's important for people in the white house to remember paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and all the republican members of congress are not employees of the white house. they were elected themselves. house republicans ran on a better way platform that does look different than what president trump ran on. kennedy: it's a blood sport now more than ever. you have to ask yourself. what's smarter. finding a middle ground and commonality in the two agendas or trying to neutralize
12:34 am
democrats? because people clairm they love bipartisanship. but they also say they love farmer's markets and jazz. >> he ran on the yesterday's not an independent person. but at the same time, i do think that the republicans have been completely unable to wrap their heads around the concept of what happened in november. if you took hillary clinton's book and said mitch mcconnell wrote it i what believe you. it's the same attitude republican leadership has expressed. it's clear what republican voters want is different than the donors who helped get a lot of congressional republicans in office. and i think we are seeing tensions clash over and over again. i think bannon in this instance
12:35 am
is spot-on. kennedy: there is a disconnect. you are a libertarian beholden to nobody. i believe you are an independent voter. so when you survey this interview, when bannon says firing comey was the greatest mistake of his presidency. >> it was because it led to everything else that will embroil this presidency. what bannon and trump are trying to do is reshape the party. a lot of the elements of economic populism are bad in my point of view. it's 19th century stuff. the part that's good is they are aggressive of deregulating the way the mitch mcconnell's of the world have been soft pedals. they will primary jeff flake. a lot of the people they are trying to primary are good on
12:36 am
issues of fiscal conservatism. kennedy: does economic nationalism win out in the ends? >> i don't think there is enough bodies to run for those jobs. by the many definitely changing american politics. we may be in a weird realignment where guy benson won't know where the hell he's suppose to be. guy: i think firing comey was a defensible proposition. so there is a case to be made to fire the guy it was the way they did the and the various stories, that was the problem. and it made a special counsel inevitable at that point. kennedy: as we honor those killed on 9/11, 16 years later the war continues to this day.
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smaingsville, pennsylvania. >> the terrorists who attacked us thought they could incite fear and weaken our spirit. but america cannot be intimidated. and those who tried will soon joint long list of strain quished enemies who dare to test our mettle. kennedy: earlier today a suicide bomber reportedly drove into a convoy wounding 10 people, including 5 american service members. 16 years later we are still in afghanistan. joining me, ambassador john bolton. let's talk about your personal history on 9/11. what was your first reaction when you heard about the attack and you realized it was tired *?
12:42 am
down* that -- it was al qaeda. >> hearing about the attacks from my my office, i could see the building build pentagon bur. >> it seems we haven't couple with an answer to the question how do you solve a problem like jihadism. in regards to afghanistan in particular are we going to be there in 16 years. >> i think we are fighting an ideology. i would have to say we have forgotten a lot of what we have learned on 9/11. in absolute terms we are better that fighting terrorism than we were then. in relative terms the terrorists have advanced their capabilities
12:43 am
as well. iran and north korea are on the verge of getting deliverable nuclear weapons. what we are really fighting is an ideology. one statistic that floored me today is more than 20% of the american population was born after 9/11. which means not only were they too young to experience it. they weren't even here. i think instilling in people as they grow older the reality, the horrible reality of what happened on 9/11 and the threat that's still out there is probably the most of important thing of all. i agree with president trump. our adversaries won't defeat us. we can defeat ourselves however. kennedy: yes we may have grown more effective at killing terrorists. and that's one of the mistakes the obama administration made with the reliance on drones.
12:44 am
and there was more indiscriminate killing. how do we effectively deal with the ideology? i think that's one aspect that we have not gotten a handle on. >> i don't think there was more indiscriminate killing with the drones. if you want to talk about indiscriminate killing. world war ii dropping plane loads' bombs on germany and japan. people complain about how long the war was. the cold war lasted 72 years. it was a war worth fighting and worth wing. i don't know how long this radical islamic fundamentalism is going to swell through the islamic world. but it has not recede and has not moderated. kennedy: i don't think we could have anticipated the power of
12:45 am
something like social hide yeah when surveying the landscape in 2001. but we are still in and, and we are in the middle of another afghanistan surge. so where do we go from here? we only have 30 seconds and i would appreciate if you would solve the world's problems. john: we can't end the war because we want it to end. the other side has a voice, too. >> ambassador, thank you so much for being with me here on this solemn day. >> the arizona dmbacks have been make waves and now their dogs are joining them.
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kennedy: kim kardashian told reporters she was not the one who made her surrogate. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. have you verb wondered how your dog would do as a professional
12:50 am
surfer? then add to a diamondbacks game where they installed a k9 wave machine. can you manage how confused this poor little guy is? all he can smell on the way to the stadium is hot dogs. out of nowhere he's thrown on to a surfboard. the diamondbacks aren't the only team entertaining pets. the new york mets opened a beer take for dogs that have to drink just to get through the game.
12:51 am
that's the dog after too much beer. topic number 2. the latest adaptation of steven king's novel "it." it won top honors at box office. the film tells the story of a cloud that he mornings from the sewer every 27 years to terrorize children. it's so popular they are developing an all female reboot called hillary where a clown he mornings every 25 years to terrorize voters. luckily the kid in that one were able to hide inside a shatter-proof ceiling. today mark the one-year anniversary of a fainting spell she had at a 9/11 memorial. first we wondered about donald
12:52 am
trump having his thumb on the button, then we had to worry about hillary having her forehead on the button. i'm dizzy from being so smart. topic number three. speaking of horror move why is, the cleveland browns kicked off their season yesterday with a loss. the pittsburgh steelers. i will admit the browns losing a game isn't a shocking story. and yesterday's loss was noteworthy because it made been roethlisberger the winningless quarterback. he has an 11-2 record in cleveland, which put him head of
12:53 am
all 27 quarterbacks the browns have used since 1999 including brady, and quinn. while roethlisberger holds the brown's record for football wins. he has a long way to go before he matches manziel's record for beer shots. michael moore started a twitter fight with the president, but donald trump, jr. jumped in and did so much winning he's sick of winning. moore posted a tweet asking if the president had opened his mar-a-lago mansion as a shelter to which donald trump, jr. responded it's on an island in a mandatory evacuation area.
12:54 am
probably not the best idea, but you know, narrative. now, michael. i reached for low-hanging fruit with that joke. finally congratulations are in order for miss north dakota. she take on the miss america crown. it's the most of exciting thing to happen in north dakota since the unlimited bred sticks at olive garden. no award show can go off these days without someone commenting on president trump. last night was no different with the judges asking about the russia probe. and they also asked the models really difficult questions lake when wassed the last time you
12:55 am
had a carbohydrate, and at what point in your childhood did you realize this is all about your mom? this is not true. everyone knows their moms are the most of adjusted moms on the planet. if you don't believe me ask their electroshock therapists. is it true hillary clinton has come to the realization she'll never be president? what happened? the nightcap is next.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. kennedy: hillary clinton's new book "what happened" goes on sale tomorrow. yesterday during the latest stop on her we with me tour, she told cbs she is done being a candidate for office. we can only hope she is telling the truth for once. the more this woman talks the more we realize she could never be a president. leading a country means taking decisive action. not blaming others. but she has blamed everyone except hurricane irma for her failure to run a winning campaign. you can follow me on twitter and
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