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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 12, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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dagen: good morning, everybody. dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. 5:00 a.m. devastation in the south. millions without power in florida, georgia and south carolina. downed power lines as many struggle to return home following hurricane irma. >> there is still dangerous conditions down, electric line, problems that would be compounded by reentry. local officials not only by evacuation but for a reason. >> the latest of several airports fight to get up and running following the massive storm. tax reform on the table. literally, a moderate democrat than republican senators focused on getting a deal done that happens this evening. the highly anticipated meeting.
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the u.n. security council with a fresh round of sanctions against the nuclear threat. russia and china on board. but were they tough enough. what it means for the rising nuclear threat coming up. and it looks like it could be a great tuesday as well. in europe, stocks mostly higher with a slight loss in england and in london. lawmakers took another stab towards an exit from the european union pasadena and e.u. repeal bill. in asia overnight, markets higher as well come into use across the board. the biggest winner be the nikkei in japan of more than 1%. x marks the spot. everything you can expect from apple this morning. a new phone. is this a tenor bx. we know it's going to be fabulous.
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a wild night in san francisco coming to an end. the highlights of the giants dodgers game just finished after several rain delays. all that and so much more. trump surrogate under public convention deputy secretary erin elmore is back with us. good to see you. jon hilsenrath and cfr a strategist lindsay bell. talk everything sports in economics and politics. >> a little markets, too. this dinner with trump and democrats tonight. he should get his expectations so high. it is going to be very hard to get them to come along with him on any tax overhaul. he's only got three democrat in the senate willing to work with him. dagen: would do three or joe donnelly of indiana, heidi heitkamp of north dakota and she was at a rally recently in joe manchin west virginia.
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he's keeping his friend in this close shall we say. >> plenty of them in washington. dagen: i think that despite erin is shaking her head and smiling. former major league install star darryl strawberry is here. health and human services tom price among the fabulous guest coming up right here right now but go to florida beginning its recovery mostly in the dark. about two thirds of the states population waking up with power according to the state emergency response team. rain thinned storm surge and jacksonville before the start across state lines and continue to wreak havoc across georgia and south carolina. the storm killing three people in georgia, one in south carolina before being downgraded to a tropical depression overnight. ur not expected to push i them,s
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flooded out homes and certainly no power in much of the state still this morning as we passed by. you can see out the window. i don't know if i roll it down i will see something. a lot of darkness. a lot of the state is still in the dark. but i do the view, perhaps with a positive headline from the tampa bay times.
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i think that is what most people think today. the effect of inconvenience that is one thing. they're lucky they didn't totally lose their homes obviously down to begins. dagen: jeff flock in tampa forest and the keys are really the focus as they begin to recover. only six of the 42 bridges leading across the archipelago are up at last night. and then we go to miami international airport hoping to reopen for a limited service after the storm forced the closure lasting several days. thousands of sites across the state canceled. spokesman for the miami-dade aviation department greg chan. how much damage did the airport in miami suffer from that storm at what you expect kind of a
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normal resumption of the flight schedule? >> well, we suffered pretty significant damage. we had a lot of water coming into the gate areas. we are starting to clean up we were able to get crews out to soak up the water we are looking that route damage also. we have to do an assessment of the airfield until we get up and running. >> power outages have been a problem across florida. what is the outlook for power where you are? how much of it is down and went expected to be back up again? >> across state county, we've reached about a job talk to
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about 60% of it now and continues to increase. i am home now. little by little, we have backup generators that we've never lost power and continue operations even though the airfield was closed and we didn't have for two solid days. we were able to run concessions for those still stranded there, about 600 gas and people who book hotel rooms before they can so they had some residents and travelers be able to stay in the hotel they are. all and all are still able to keep this. >> good morning. he said they were up to 14,000 flight cancellations and county.
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the question is what is the biggest priority? the inbound or outbound of getting everyone where they need to be. >> well, what we will see today as a lot of inbound people trying to get back to miami. they have to bury a lot of cruising. they can get operations going. it has been a challenge to bring people in locally. the stocks have their own issues so they exit the crew for one that since american airlines has a large hub in dallas. also chicago, someone flew in from there. so what is going to be a challenge getting people to the
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airport now to get flights out. we are just trying to get crew and aircraft to miami and then we could work on getting people out for the local area. >> hey, great. when the. of europe for the federal government about getting supplies and things like that into the area to begin the cleanup process? >> fortunately we are able to give one of our airports up the street from mia being used as a staging area at toward the u.s. coast guard. the coast guard facility in key west is inoperable and also north of west palm beach. they are using miami as the headquarters so to speak for u.s. coast guard had a number of vehicles -- i'm sorry, aircraft flying in yesterday at miami
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palatka airport in that search and rescue aircraft will be using in the next few days to assist in the keys and anywhere north about helping to search and rescue. true to greg, being the daughter of a private pilot, i know it g8 means, general aviation so i just want to clarify that. i know the way pilots are in people in the aviation world, how they talk. good news for me. thank you for joining us, greg chan from miami-dade aviation. take care. >> thank you, take care. the u.n. unanimously approving sanctions against north korea looking to hit the country where it hurts. north korea's leader still talking tough. the s&p 500 hitting an all-time high in two massive storms euratom. we take a look of which industries helped take the s&p's to another record.
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good -- unanimously approves sanctions on north korea. the resolution only catch the imports of crude oil at the level of the last 12 months. the japanese wanted to do a full ban. it also does a north korea from importing national gas liquids and condensates north korea threatening to retaliate against the u.s. with pain and suffering. "the wall street journal" reporting equifax was lobbying lawmakers and federal agencies to ease up on regulation in the months before its massive reach. equifax spent at least 500,000 on lobbying congress and regulators in the first half of this year. one of the issues the company lobbied for was limiting the legal liability of credit reporting companies. last week at the facts would oppose the financial data as many as 143 million americans.
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a koufax in the past week as you can see pretty substantially. 10 years after steve jobs introduced the first i found, apple will unveil its completely redefined iphone today. it's expected to be called iphone hacks. two other models. they are not telling us this. we're speculating right now. apple will unveil an apple watch and apple tv. the market of more than 1%. they keep this all secret. we should say this is a new spaceship campus, dagen. dagen: a thousand feet steve jobs auditorium is where they will have this. i was looking for share a stand that direction. that's what i was doing. how could that potentially move up the stock 37% roughly today, 54% in the last 52 weeks.
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if this seems really low, they are calling it the new baker found. i'm just going to call it the ten-year anniversary. how much potential could it move? >> historically stocks traded down on the day of the announcement. if it's as good as they say it's going to be in the availability of price point is rising, you can see the stock continue to rise. >> the price point is really interesting. we are talking about whether this is the iphone tent or the iphone eight. we should call it the iphone 1000 because it costs a thousand dollars price tag. usually with technology advances, prices come down. what apple is trying to do is chat the price up on its next generation of products. >> i will counter that. the carriers will come in. please see t-mobile, verizon all-out to get customers.
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how old is your iphone? dagen: by the way, point out they -- there'll be an upgrade of the famine of the senate and the the seven plus with a faster processor and that her life. these still exist. it is the organic led screen but the kind of facial recognition casa grande. >> a lot of money for my son to throw it on the floor. dagen: and break it. coming up, a meal and a compromise. president trump hosted e-mail for democrats. on the menu, tax reform. ♪
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dagen: looks like a good day for the market that was yesterday. dow futures of 46 points, s&p 500 starts at an all-time high closing at a new record yesterday. dow also posted its biggest one-day gain since march. skye bridge capital senior portfolio manager, troy dst. where is this optimism coming from? >> a lot of the reality was it really is the path of reality was that released the top of bernal does not bar destructive. if you look at the path in the eastern seaboard is a real issue for the housing racket and coming up with .2 would appoint 3% of gdp. we think that makes them good sense. dagen: there were some estimates said the city of miami directly it would have been 100 alien dollars in insured losses which would double that of hurricane katrina.
6:22 am
the insurers surely got a boost. >> also the impact of the market and florida economy. the equities did well particularly financials and insurance. having $20 billion of insurance losses versus 100 billion is a different. >> would you rather be in domestic stocks, nasdaq, s&p 500 for international stocks. the economy has stabilized. with the better side to be on? >> we still think for core allegations that the u.s. is the place to be. her particularly focused on corporate events. either disaster for disappointment from the beginning of 11 to 16 companies finally have sustained growth.
6:23 am
reasonable valuations. 155% to 2% gdp will be here for quite some time. we haven't changed the emerging markets. that's more about a weak dollar and less bad fundamentals than great fundamentals. they're not as great, but not as bad as people deferred they were. >> was the biggest risk because of the bond market telling a different story than the stock market which is the second longest run was the number. dagen: the 10 year yield because i'm a nerd and not for a look at the issue closed at to .12% in 2513, which again would signal weak growth. >> it's very well made. the bond market has less inflation, less optimistic outcomes and markets are looking more factually at a relatively reasonably strong economy that
6:24 am
has to improve meaningfully. they are driven by a lot of technical fact there is. one of the things we always focus on is what could potentially cost of not just session. we were fortunate in late 15th and early 16th in the u.s. economy but there was energy, china slowdown and debacle had issues that the u.s. consumer was in a sound place. they spent on some of their savings and is tightly more fragile position now. the concern is next time i get a few body while the consumer be as strong as they are? >> as they move up to the end of the third quarter, the markets could be moved out of headlines in washington. they'll point to what we were planning to later today. expected to host a republican senator focus on tax reform and
6:25 am
democratic joe manchin, heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly after the president cut a deal on the debt ceiling with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi last week. again, how critical are these headlines in at least some evidence republicans are getting something done. >> is very clear that was the warning shot to get something done. trump was told they would occur. a motivating factor to get legislation through. bipartisanship is great, help sentiment on the margin. there just are 60 votes in the senate. dagen: they don't even have the ability up to >> actually with a put out has become more vague become more fake as the year has progressed. a lot more vague than the trump campaign proposal a year ago.
6:26 am
is the market pricing in a lower corporate tax rate? in other words if they don't get it done, is that a knock on the marketer to make it a relief rally? >> not disastrous. if you look at the path after the election, you had significant regulatory reform, a lot of that has unwound over time. markets are moving according to fundamentals of the global economy and monetary policy and ignoring washington. if nothing gets done, mild selloff. they could rally rather dramatically. >> president trump basically embarrass the republicans saying if you're embarrassed by this, then just wait. >> wait until you see the next deal. >> it will send a clear message
6:27 am
something has to happen. people accusing of not being able to get anything done. this is the one that he has to make and they have to get this done and this is pressure on both sides of the aisle. the marker bit by the headlines how that impacts business and clients. >> from our standpoint we encourage investors to focus on one area, which is regulatory relief. it is best if you can set yourself up with good fundamentals that can benefit from regulatory relief you can count on and if you get tax reform, do them better. >> is the market come in on low interest rates? the feds got one more rate increase penciled in for the end of the year. starting to look like they might not do it. >> especially poster irking catastrophes could lower rates have been one of the reasons the market has continued. if you do get a very sharp rack
6:28 am
up in raids, which we are not calling for, the state to .5 in 10 years, then yes that could cause short terms. we don't think you'll be as bad as the temper tantrum in 2013. dagen: troy, good to see you. please come back. coming up come occasion may be on the move. once again grabbing their boats heading to hurricane ravaged florida to lend a hand. we are back in florida for the very latest on the aftermath. ready to roll. keep an eye on general motors as the cruise division makes an announcement about self driving cars. ♪ you know who likes to be
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(bell ringing) (audience cheering) dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. tuesday september 12th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. waking up in the dark. millions of americans from florida to south carolina without power in the wake of irma and it could be weeks before the electricity comes back on. plus, historic flooding slamming jacksonville. the storm surge bringing record waters on to the city's streets. trying to get back to normal. airports across florida starting to resume service and disney world set to reopen today but as people start returning to their homes, the reality of the devastation sets in.
6:32 am
>> what can i tell you, you come home and see this, it's devastating. it's devastating. >> the house it's made out of concrete. it blew the whole thing up. if somebody would have been there, they would have been dead. dagen: concerns growing for florida keys, thousands feed to be evacuated. latest on recovery efforts as the storm moves north into the u.s. former florida gator doing his part to help florida victims, the message of hope when he visited a shelter. futures are showing this. we have gains across the board here in the u.s., in europe somewhat similar story, we have gains in france and germany with a slight loss on the ftse 1200 and biggest winner there nikkei in japan. general motors another step closer to bring self-driving cars to the masses, the update
6:33 am
ahead. plus the different kind of bundle, discovery set to be launching a new streaming package without sports. a lights strike sparking at giants-majors games, the game ending an hour ago. assessing the storm of irma's wrath. devastated florida with high winds and rain, millions still without power but the recovery effort is well underway, julian is live in orlando where the airport is expected to reopen today. >> that's right, good morning to you, dagen. if you're trying to get out of flight to go home, good news you should do it today, airports expected to open in limited capacity so keep in mind. good news that people have been wait to go here. take a look behind me.
6:34 am
we are going to push inside the doubletree hotel by the airport in orlando and take a look at the wind damage from irma. that's the facade completely ripped off. one area where this hotel happened, it happened about three areas of the building so definitely a lot of wind damage in orlando, a lot of down trees, same situation in town called lakeland. lake loond -- lakeland got hit by the eye of the storm really bad. devastating for some people. tree put an xarmt complex in half. we happened to say, do you live here and we said, we used to, the first time they were seeing that video, excuse me, the first time they were seeing the damage, as you can imagine, they were devastated, listen. >> when we come back to nothing
6:35 am
and this is like the first major hurricane. i've only been down here since august of last year. this is the first major hurricane that i've been through >> they were very upset. the guy that was with her, he was walking around paces, he didn't know what to do. he said, that's my home and that's the situation for a lot of people here, they don't know where they are going to go and what to do. the beginning for a long process for some of them, dagen. dagen: i know that a lot of people are angry, particularly as you move south in florida, angry that they can't get back to homes now particularly trying to head into the keys. julian, thank you so much. helping in the wake of the hurricanes, the jajun in for the call.
6:36 am
let's bring cajun member and field operations for the trump campaign, ken mayo. when what are the conditionals right now and where are you exactly? >> well, actually you mentioned people waking up in the dark and that's what i did. i've not been able myself to get out very far and side to see what's going on but what i'm hearing from people on the grounded that we are working w certain areas missed the bullet and, in fact, i live in the ampa area, 30 miles northeast, all day long, all night. it was coming right at us and an hour or two before, it decide today make a little bit of a turn. i tell you for anyone caught up in this, i want to let them know, thoughts, prayers are going out to everyone. we often hear people say they wish they could do something
6:37 am
and, in fact, i was saying the same thing as brothers and sisters over in texas were getting slammed. i couldn't go there but looks like it brought it here. what we saw happening there was citizens doing everything they could to help through groups like the cajun relief foundation who rob has found and proud relief, the cajun navy groups, exmilitary groups. what we have done hire, i've communicated with rob and i have reached out across the state of florida to the network we have in place for the president's campaign. we had 67 counties organized at the time. i've reached out. many of them had stepped up to the plate. many i can't get to for whatever reason, communications are down, but the people have really done everything that they can. rob has been outstanding, him and his group helping set up a
6:38 am
network of communication that -- dagen: ken, let me ask rob about that. you're taking the idea behind the cajun idea to next level with crowd base relief system. tell us more how about how crowd relief works? >> we thought it would be a great opportunity to put in place and give voters and rescue people, the folks there who wanted to help tools that would let them get engaged using the cajun navy model, citizen-led relief. the idea is that technology works hand in hand with citizens to provide on the ground information, provide forward thinking info about where relief needs to be brought, enable
6:39 am
citizens. dagen: ken, you have seen reports of people who have tried to get back to their homes, say down to the keys and because so many bridges are still out, i think only 6 of the 42 bridges down across were open as of last night and even with relation to getting back to miami beach, the power there in many buildings in south beach never went out but people still can't get back to their homes and they left pets behind. that actually becomes a problem. >> it does and we have had this discussion a number of times now with certain people, the problem is the people we are having the discussion with, aren't down in that area and what we have learned is stopped people from coming in so we are trying to figure out who the efforts, the cajun navy groups, how can they get there specially key west. it's not raze to take a boat to
6:40 am
key coast. so that's -- we are two days into this. actually this is day two and we are still trying to organize, assess where people need help and how we can get it there. in fact, i was so thrilled last night to connect with an individual that's been on the ground in texas. they've got cargo planes, they've got trucks on the way over right now full of supplies. we've got people in the panhandle working with war-fighter groups, that's their name already on the ground in orlando, tampa ready to hit the ground running. rob, real quick in terms of crowd relief, how can people act ahead of whether events in the the future not necessarily along the coastline in the u.s., but, again, we watch year after year the people in the midwest dealing with horrible storms, thunderstorms and tornadoes, what do you want to send the message -- what message do you want to send the american people
6:41 am
before we go? >> yeah, absolutely. you know, we had time to prepare for this particular storm. we watched it and gathered people online. we've done it. this is a third disaster in a year that we've had a chance to look at how technology can let people get involved. i would definitely recommend reaching out to us. if you have -- if you are citizens and want to reach out to us, the crowd relief platform is looking at disasters, for us it's the beginning and technology plays a role all the way to the return to whole of your community. we are looking at how to enable citizens to be involved in every step of the process, really at the front end where there's a disaster, that's difficult and sets the stage for the rest of the relief, though, which can take years and requires a different mind set than the rescues do. dagen: well said, rob, as always ken mayo, be safe, keep us
6:42 am
posted ken on out things develop in florida. thank you both, gentlemen. >> if you need any help from people around, let me know. dagen: thank you so much, ken. we move onto t. binge-watchers rejoice, a new tv stream bundles loads phones and movies but no sports. uplifting visit, tim tebow makes extraordinary trip to shelter after hurricane irma think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing,
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consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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dagen: we have gains to start this day. 9:30 a.m. eastern. opening bell, 50-point gain in the dow futures right now. less than three hours from the open with s&p 500 starting today at an all-time high. we are looking at a few stocks on the move, bp making moves to
6:46 am
spin out its u.s. pipeline business. the oil giant filing for an ipo of that business on the new york stock exchange looking to raise up to $100 million. the new entity includes bp pipeline assets in the midwest and along the gulf coast. bp will use ipo to raise cash and follow similar moves from its rivals. keep an eye on general motors. it is closer to seeing benefits of cruise automation. it's ready to mass produce itself self-driving car. the vehicle will be built at gm's plant in michigan one of its plants at once regulatory environment allows. gm shares up 6% so far this year. the ceo of online lending start-ups social finance, announcing plans to resign. cheryl casone has this developing story, cheryl. cheryl: it is developing, mike is going to step down after a lawsuit over claims of sexual
6:47 am
harassment at the san francisco base start-up, had inappropriate relationships with some of his employees. well, a milestone for the federal debt, you may or may not think this is a good thing. 20 trillion in outstanding debt. the first time it ever happened, the amount of debt held by the government stagnant since debt ceiling but president trump sign intoed law a bill that would, of course, let things be suspended until december 8th. all right, china taking a hard line on virtual currencies, the officials prepare to go shut down the country's bit coin exchange. it will reflect ungoing unease with bit coin and alternative to paper currency. streaming tv bundle, if you don't like sports, yeah, general reporting that cable chance that are owned by discovery, viacom,
6:48 am
acmc will be part -- amc, subscriptions less than $20 a month, appeal to consumers who want a collection of nonsports programming. cooking shows, hit shows, scripted dramas for me. i can go on and on but back to you. dagen: i'm all in with narcos. the new season. cheryl: i'm only in episode 1, so standby. dagen: i will fbi you a heads up, don't watch it as you're going to bed at night. this is one episode i watched and i had nightmares all night. cheryl: i love netflix. jon: do we have time to talk about bitcoin? dagen: no, we don't. coming up an all-nighter, you're starting your day and the dodgers and giants are just
6:49 am
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dagen: record long night in san fran, jared max joins us with sports. hey, jared. jared: i thought my app was frozen, the game was still going on. sixth inning, the game went all the way to 5:11 a.m. eastern time. 2:00 a.m. san francisco time. 11 straight losses for the dodgers, longest losest streak ever as la dodgers since they
6:53 am
moved from brooklyn. six hour and 56 minutes and ending well surpassed the known record for latest ending to a game. double-header in 1993 that went to 4:40 a.m. eastern. this was 5:11. same story for tampa bay rays in baseball. three-game series scheduled for st. pete, located the queens, new york, road game for yankees, they felt right at home to beat rays 5-1, tickets only 25 bucks for these games. any seat in the stadium. 25 bucks. hopefully folks in florida who were powerless to watch the nfl on sunday night got to watch last night. two games in the nfl. just as we saw pregame tributes across major league baseball, victims of september 11th, broncos receiver carried flag to the field, jumped out of the
6:54 am
gate, first quarter, trevor, two touchdowns between the two. fourth quarter broncos up 10. la chargers first game, within a field goal, tra jis benjamin, san diego within three and they had a chance to force overtime with five seconds left, shelby harris deflect a 44-yard field goal attempt, broncos win by 3. before the vikings play the saints, tom per net was honored, crashed in shanksville. now the saints ap last night. 18 yards rushing in saints debut. offense was terrific. sam bradford connected with pair of touchdowns, 36 passings yards and cook was great. he broke ap vikings record in debut. peterson and coach peyton got
6:55 am
into it a little bit after the game, they both downplayed it. peterson was saying, we have to run the ball right up the middle. right up the donkey, he said. >> the coach is saying here is what you want to do, here is what you want to do. dagen: every husband knows that look. i want to talk about tim tebow. you have seen downpouring of support, tim tebow doing thinks part. visited shelter and took time to meet with a world war ii veteran that enjoyed the moment even crying harmonica. tebow tweeted that he was totally uplifted by the man who still had, i believe he had his dog on his lap in one of those -- this one of those shots but, again, this is where it's important for these sports stars to step up, jared.
6:56 am
dagen: critical, we have seen it with j.j. watt. there's so much more than anything that's negative, divisive in anyway, tim tebow is -- i don't want to get all -- a shining light, anywhere he goes, something special about the fellow and what he does and a lot of people want to knock him down sometimes, i think in the beginning with tebow personally i was -- you know, early on going many years, we don't need -- i don't want to hear religion every time with sports and that changed but how can you not love tim tebow as a human being. for what he is and what he represents and the goodness -- dagen: i will leave it at this, if anybody wants to pray for me and bless me, bring it, you can say it out loud. you can say it again. jared: probably has a connection. dagen: thank you so much, jared, jared fox sports 24/7, siriusxm
6:57 am
115. interview with former major league al-star strawberry, that's coming up in the next hour. we keep eyes on florida, still in the dark and far from home. that's the next hour. mornings with maria.
6:58 am
6:59 am
this is not a cloud. this is a tomato tracked from farm to table on a blockchain, helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for enterprise. yours. dagen: good morning, i'm dagen
7:00 am
mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. devastation in the south, one of the hardest-hit areas, the florida keys. the u.s. navy is heading to the region as thousands may need to evacuate due to massive damage from hurricane irma. the news comes as millions are still without electricity in florida, georgia and south carolina. >> irma has definitely left her mark. >> e we will be in recovery stage soon but we are in rescue stage. dagen: several airports fight to get up and running. jet blue offering cheaper flights helping those who evacuated helping come home. futures are showing gains across the board. 49-point gain. s&p 500 starting at all-time
7:01 am
high. we see what apple's announcement later today does to that stock and does mark overall. in europe stocks mostly higher. in london the only loser there is three major markets. lawmakers taking step to exit of european union. a fight still looms. in asia overnight, markets up across the board. biggest gainer nikkei in japan. major health concern for dog owners, what you need to know after infection link today national pet store sickened dozens of people across the country. facebook under fire, why company has been fined for reportedly collecting personal information. and are you happy, you must not live in oklahoma. we have the list of the happiest states and the least happiest states in america. former trump surrogate deputy press secretary elmore is here
7:02 am
and jon hilsenrath and lindsey bell. you get 30 second to talk about the bitcoin story. i don't know jon it's a great story. not only bitcoin but crypto currencies have been on a tear. looks like a bubble. a lot of activity coming out of bitcoin is happening in china. china is tracking down, it's worried about money fleeing and this could -- bitcoin was down 10% i didn't do. this is a big effect on not only bitcoin by crypto currencies. dagen: two-thirds of that state's population is waking up without electricity this morning according to state emergency response team. jeff flock is in st. petersburg
7:03 am
florida with the very lhat neede place in florida. we want to make our way down
7:04 am
toward my friend.
7:05 am
jeff flock heading toward, he's in st. petersburg. irma moving north causing major flooding. let's bring columbus, georgia mayor theresa, mayor all regular columbus city services will be closed due to storm. what's the situation on the ground there in. >> well, frankly better than what we expected. i want to send thoughts an prayers oh our friends in florida. this has been a massive storm. we are four, four and a half hours inland. we are experiencing wind yesterday. we caught a break. the storm sheered off and went
7:06 am
up northeast, but the eye passed directly over columbus, it's pretty amazing, we had about 30,000 people without power this morning. that, of course, is doable for us, we are a community of 200,000 citizens and we've had worse but we definitely caught a break. we had trees down. i tell you what was amazing yesterday in 9/11, protecting our community but we took the necessary steps to get people off the roads, saved a lot of lives yesterday so we are thankful at this point. dagen: do you have all the resources you need for recovery efforts, mayor? >> yes, we do. we are fortunate, we are emergency management agency regional hub so we do have that expertise, we do have resources on the ground. in fact, what's interesting is we are normally a point of both
7:07 am
weather tourism and a spot for evacuees so as we thought irma was going to hit the east coast of georgia earlier or later last week, i guess, friday time frame, we have received 550 evacuees from the bronswick, savannah area and we had two and a third set up for possible evacuees. we had the shelters sites and then we become the eye of the storm literally. jon: mayor power outages have been a big issue for people all over the country as a result of the storms, when do you expect to be back and running full steam on the power front? >> well, very weren't. georgia power and the southern companies have brought all of the resources to bear. there's 3500 or so linemen and engineers just in the state of
7:08 am
georgia ready to go and so they are lined up, excuse me, they've been putting people back online all night. this morning it's sun up now that the winds are up. georgia has been devastated. i heard estimates alast night, 50% of the pop without power in the south georgia region. so you're talking about a massive sprawling problem for georgia power and the southern company but they have definitely brought the resources to bear to handle it and we are thankful for that. dagen: mayor, compare the storms that you've been through, where would you put it in terms of the damage from it? >> 70-miles-per-hour wind. we have taken precautions, 95 million-dollar investment and river watch make it a purposely flood zone, when the sun is out
7:09 am
and raining like this and was raining yesterday, it floods purposely and takes the water away from property and so i would say we came in right under and didn't have -- because the bottom southern part of the storm cheered off, we didn't have the rain, we got out with 3-inches of rain which is miraculous. so we really, again, caught a break. but we were looking at one point that we were going to exceed the impact of opal and the storm broke up. dagen: mayor thank you so much. theresa down in georgia, take care. >> thank you so much. dagen: businesses feeling the impact of irma as looters take advantage of damaged doors. in miami police sharing a photo of looters in jail, thinking about looting, ask these guys how that turned out. nine people also arrested in
7:10 am
fort lauderdale after tv cameras caught them stealing stealing fa sporting good store. joining us from tallahassee, georgia retail association president, scott, how retailers plan to go recover from the storm? >> well, we are working very hard right now. this is an effort to really begin five or six days before the storm got here. emergency center preparing for this inevitable recovery. it's presented with unique challenges. we are not used to dealing with one that encompasses the entire state. 67 counties in the state of emergency is really unprecedent and that's affected logistics, is we prepared. there's been intensive collaborative effort with intense operation management center, all the stakeholders, federal government, local government working together as we collaborated on not only
7:11 am
storm preparation but recovery preparation on the front end. i cannot say enough about governor scott, the effort that he's put forward in terms of lending every available resource, clearing hurdle that we might run into to help retailers and fuel suppliers to get back available to citizens. dagen: we will talk about that getting gas supplies back to everybody in need in florida. but i want to get your take on this. a manager in a jacksonville pizza hut reportedly threatened to discipline employees who evacuated for the storm, the company under fire after a photo of a memo posted for employees went viral. the memo read, to all team members failure to show for these shifts regardless of reason will be considered a no-call, no-show and documentation will be issued. it basically said that you may get one day to evacuate but you can't evacuate on a friday if the storm is coming in on a
7:12 am
tuesday. it was ludicrous and actually story that we covered yesterday about whether somebody can fire you for not showing up for a shift. i want to get your reaction to this because it's really -- this is a black mark for a lot of retailers. >> it is, and the unfortunate thing is, i'm not familiar with the specifics of that story, but it is so inconsistent with what we have seen throughout the industry. i've worked with retailers all week at the largest level and the smallest locally-owned shops and really the theme throughout has been compassion for employees and the safety of employees. so this is -- it is a black mark, dagen, i agree with you. it is particularly unfortunate that it is so inconsistent from what we are seeing from the industry at large. dagen: employees cannot evacuate more than 24 hours before the storm and must return within 72 hours, pizza hut said we absolutely don't have a policy
7:13 am
where team members can leave or return from a disaster and so they are trying to cover their you know what now. take care, be will. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: coming up hillary clinton's lawyers under investigation following accusations they deleted thousands of her emails. details on that probe. google fighting back, how the tech giant is responding after the european union imposed a 2 billion-dollar antitrust fund. you know who likes to be
7:14 am
in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours.
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7:16 am
(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play . . . dagen: the trump administration's refugee ban winning a victory in court in the supreme court at least temporarily. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: at least temporary, that's a great way to put it. justice anthony kennedy with brief order that will keep ban in place at least for time being. last week an appeals court ruling would have allowed refugees to enter the u.s. after resettlement agency had agree
7:17 am
today take them in. that would have taken effect today and could have affected 24,000 refugees. it is yet to roll on the entire ban's validity. a county judge in maryland has ordered the state bar to investigate complaint against three lawyers accused of deleting emails while they represented former presidential candidate hillary clinton. attorney argued that the lawyers should be investigated for wrongdoing by destroying evidence. by the way, here is a question, what happened, what happened hillary clinton's book out today and it's cheaper on am done wal-mart. the price has been reduced by 40% down to $17..99, price initially at 30 bucks, the discount seems to be though helping sales, maybe that's part of it. the book already number one on am done. google, against $2.2 billion fine impose bid the european union.
7:18 am
the eu claims that google promoted price comparison searches. several years before ruling on that appeal. taking a look at shares of google's parent alphabet, up about 20% so far that year. finally this, facebook has been slapped with $1.4 billion fine by regulators in spain, the company accused of breaking privacy laws by collecting users personal data that can be used for advertising. regulators claim that facebook tracked who didn't have an account, facebook said, they disagree with a decision, they plan to file an appeal. those are your headlines. dagen: thank you so much. what do you make of this facebook fine in spain, jon? jon: this is the cost of doing business in europe. eu fines, facebook, it's much more highly regulated region and you've got to deal with it basically. >> investors don't care, though.
7:19 am
growth, tax. dagen: right, exactly. they want to expansion overseas. that's one of the things that that they are looking for but they have increasingly easier regulatory environment in the united states particularly in some of the most regulated industries here thanks to president trump. [laughter] jon: we are moving in that direction. it takes time to get some of the regulations off the books, but that's the direction we are going. dagen: certainly the foot is on the accelerator this year. taking action after equifax data breach, lawmakers demanding answers from the consumer credit reporting agency. plus the happiest state in america ranked, hawaii placed third this year, we will tell you which states napped the top two spots. so what else is new? how's your mother?
7:20 am
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7:23 am
dagen: fall-out over equifax data breach. lawmakers demanding answers, good morning, tracee. tracee: since we heard from breach last week, lawmakers on both sides of the i'll have been quick to express concern because many of them are part of 143 million that have their social security numbers and other personal data exposed. equifax will have to answer tough questions on capitol hill. yesterday the senate committee of finance sent a letter to equifax ceo rick smith demanding a detailed timeline of the breach, information about the company's efforts to identify the numbers of consumers affected, the scope of information compromised and the steps equifax is take to go
7:24 am
identify and limit potential consumer harm. the committee also asked for information of when authorities and company's board were notified and when three executives sold stock were first told about the breach. in the letter the senators wrote, the scope appears to be one of the largest on record and sensitivity of information compromised may make it the most costly to taxpayers and consumers. equifax has until thursday september 28th to respond to all of the committee's questions. iconically last thursday when breach was announced, there was a bill, congress was holding a hearing on it, that would roll back regulations on these credit reporting bureaus. jon: we are reporting, the wall street journal is reporting that they spent half a million dollars on the lobbying campaign. half a million dollars down the
7:25 am
tubes now. dagen: right, they were -- the bill would have limited the liabilities of these companies and now this will shine a light, hey, sometimes you do need consumer protections in place particularly for companies like this. again, they are asking for it. they are asking for it. when you don't do what you promised people what you are going to do in terms of protecting personal data and credit -- credit protection, then you're going to get -- they're going to get lambasted. jon: my view is that the stuff is always vulnerable to get out there. we live in an age where information gets out one way or another. dagen: not by the company that is responsible for protecting it. basically selling you credit reporting. that's the disgusting thing about this. am i wrong? am i wrong to be outraged, jon hilsenrath? jon: this was a hack and hackers are very good at getting --
7:26 am
these are the areas that they are targeting. listen, i'm not saying that you're wrong about this. we all have to understand that we are vulnerable to our information. dagen: many my credit card number got stolen at a target by hackers that breached the system, okay, i can take care of that but this is the very company that you pay for credit reporting, credit protection. >> they've been slow to take care of the issue and resolve it and notify. tracee: that was one thing i asked equifax. they were given the system when the target credit card breach happened. dagen: right. tracee: they didn't have any numbers on how many of these people may -- didn't want the service but given it as part of another company's or retailers breach. dagen: given the stick so to speak the second time around, incredible. anything to add, lipped -- lindsey, before we go? >> no. dagen: with the expression of her face, she agrees with me.
7:27 am
>> do i take that or do i not? do i give more information? i don't know. dagen: if you don't deliver my food on time i demand monetary compensation. you can imagine what people are asking of equifax. continuing to cover the story. coming up, aftermath of irma, how jacksonville is coping after flooding in the city. some pet stores, puppies that they sold are making people sick. details on the bacterial infection linked to national chain petland. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen?
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i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. . dagen: well back i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, september 12, top stories 7:30 a.m. eastern. -- devastation across the southeast, irma bringing severe flooding from northern florida to south carolina yesterday the florida keys start the process of recovering, aircraft contemporary two ships on their way to help with search and rescue operations airports across florida beginning to reopen power officials working to bring electricity back on. another key issue, getting fuel to residents, the administration says it is addressing the problem.
7:31 am
. >> we waived regulation we waive rules waived -- restrictions to free up additional capacity, florida is a uniquely poufrd state the way it receives fuel not part of systems throughout the country receives fuel by ship or tank we will clear pathway assess ports where tankers doc make sure they are not damaged we will get things back up and running. dagen: we have the latest, as the storm churns north, a bacterial infection outbreak linked to puppies, from pet land dozens getting sick across seven states what you need to be on lookout for ahead. in the happiest unhappiest place in america find out where your home rankings, and checking global market action futures pointing to gains s&p 500 starting this day, at all-time high. but the dow and nasdaq higher as well, they are so close to
7:32 am
their own records, 51 points away the dow is from its record close. in europe, we have gains in france and germany slight loss on ftse 100 england in asia overnight, it is green across the board, biggest winner there nikkei in japan. and turning to top story this half hour, irma storm surge swallowing jacksonville florida, residents there now dealing with record flooding and areas under flash flood warning. news correspondent peter doocy in jacksonville with a look at irma-destruction what are you seeing. >> dagen we are still seeing water here near the st. johns river, in jacksonville, where yesterday coast guard units from kentucky tennessee west virginia came to town to rescue the least 118 people going door-to-door looking for white nags or white sheets officials urged them to leave on doors if they needed
7:33 am
ascorbic needed to be rescued to safe from high water an infant needed to be taken froms rouse surrounded by have i river water to waiting ambulance jacksonville mayor is calling this a category three storm surge, meaning water much stronger than wind here and mayor tells me that the water from st. johns is going to be threat to northern florida city for days. >> what i don't want people is i don't want to get complacent i told them when they saw it move west, if you see flooding in your neighborhood, and you can't get out you think you are going to wait this out it is going to recede when tides go down a good chance won't dorm or next day, some places take up to four weeks. >> there are still more than about 145,000 people here in duval county without power but mirror being aously lights starting to come down, in neighborhoods like this one where the st. johns, is about 3 blocks past its banks not
7:34 am
supposed to be, it has not flooded this balanced since 1846, mayor of jacksonville tells me that this storm had a much worse impact than last year's hurricane matthew completely he devastating matthew mostly coastal flooding a little bit inland this he says citywide including downtown a lot of businesses are going to struggling to open back up. dagen: thank you for that parting in jacksonville for us take care peter, taking a look at prices at the pump national average ringing in $2.67 a gallon right now, we are up more than -- roughly 30 cents a gallon in the last month let's bring in oil associate president andy your thoughts on irma harvey's impact on retail prices in weeks ahead will we see them come back down. >> i am definitely expecting that gasoline prices are going to drop about 20 cents a gallon next six is to eight
7:35 am
weeks as refineries on gulf coast have been restarting adding to supplies. dagen: andy what about the -- florida is really enumeratiraci shore up gasoline supplies after irma 60% station miami fort lauderdale gainesville do not have fuel reporting by, and there are not there isn't a pipeline system for refind product the way that you've about you have colonial. >> first thing that has to happen the parts of tampa fort lauderdale, and jacksonville, have to reopen in order to take the oil tanker deliveries there is good news on that front we are expecting the port of pam at a tampa to reopen this afternoon in fort lauderdale, the coast guard is out there assessing damage today unlike houston ship channel runs 50 miles the channel in fort lauderdale to
7:36 am
atlantic two miles or less so expecting flood water to open in the next couple days, of course, jacksonville is a whole another story with flooding on st. johns river. >> okay. >> this is lindsay i just had a question we are seeing, oil prices itself fluctuate here we are seeing two different stories you've got demand in florida in texas more supply, you are seeing refineries come back on, how do you think how do you see that playing out next several weeks months? >> the supply-side is still rather tight because even though a lot of the refineries are starting up, they haven't reached full capacity unlikely to do so next three weeks, the flan side clearly we've lost a lot of demand in florida gasoline sales in florida around 20 million gallons a day, we have lost a lot of that i expect that we are going to lose some during the rest of september. >> andy it has been more than a decade since hurricane
7:37 am
katrina did so much damage to the energy infrastructure in gulf coast how has industry changesed in that decade how better or -- or more or less prepared to deal with about a trofk like tho invest. >> in 207 law required all terminals to install generators, that could supply them with alternative power for 72 hours so that is actually very good news for what is going on a in florida,, believe it or not, some of the he terminals began loading tanker trucks of fuel yesterday in tampa. now the other hand the stations in florida service stations covered by 2007 law also have to be able to plug into a generated to get them on screen about quicker when local power is gone. dagen: before we go anything to add about the direction of fuel prices maybe people can look forward to? yeah, i mean people could look
7:38 am
forward to that gasoline prices last week have peaked, i and national arduous to continue to decline average to continue to deadline in addition we have seen refineries undergoing maintenance in september and october, have deferred that maintenance in order to maintain higher splice. >> great to see you, thank you so much for being here this morning, as always. >> thank you. dagen: coming up u.s. navy taking action after irma details on ship dispatched to help with sketcearch-and-rescue missions. >> florida residents return to homes after the storm 99 dollar tickets available for evacuees all of that straight ahead. >> i want to -- shout, and shout ♪ ♪
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7:42 am
other ships to the florida keys, to help with search and rescue operations, this after hurricane irma slammed that state. ; cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: yeah, really, slamming key west daying ann now breaking news, that officials in upper florida keys are now allowing residents and business owners to begin to return. we got that in, the keys, remember saw irma full furry blew ashore kat 4 governor scott toured area described it a saet of devastation said not open for business there is no fuel no electricity, no running water, or cell phones, supplies overly low about 10,000 people wanted to stay in the keys even though told to leave, the full scale of destruction unknown in part because of cutoff communications and, of course, the blocked roads some roads now opening up at least this
7:43 am
morning. major airports in florida now going to reopen today after hurricane irma, miami international fort lauderdale hollywood orlando on eliminatlimited sketdz jetblue offering flights to florida for $99 evacuees try to return home, also federal health officials investigating, an outbreak of a bacterial infection linked to puppies, sold through national pet store stain pet landed. >> 39 people from states have become sick from outbreak. florida, kansas, missouri, ohio as well as pennsylvania tennessee and wisconsin, nine people whos pitlived. >> emotional and physical well being work environment community overall environment minnesota in first, followed
7:44 am
by utah hawaii, california, and neb. now here is some unhappy states west virginia the loser there. dagen: sorry. i mean -- didn't mean to laugh. >> i think west virginia is beautiful. cheryl: no, not hooep i don't understand. dagen: i don't know. cheryl: oklahoma i know happy people in oklahoma louisiana alabama arkansas. dagen: i thought for sure -- would make it -- >> [laughter] >> west virginia we got to get chris on that a hillbilly from west virginia i am a redneck from virginia he is a hillbilly from west virginia, got to get on that, needs more trips back home, thank you so much cheryl, what do you make of that. >> minnesota in winter. >> i know that is -- i think the people are very friendly. >> um-hmm. >> i wonder if washington, d.c., was included in that
7:45 am
survey where they would land. >> in california, it is sthae suny vitamin sunshine -- high taxes regulations -- >> i am surprised not on there -- philadelphia philadelphia people angry that is why. >> angry. >> -- people usually pretty -- >> born happy. >> happy as can be. >> you know that is their energy their lifeblood being angry -- [laughter] >> eagles as well phillies happy. >> happy western pa. >> very. >> compensating for bad energy out of -- >> we got negative and positive. >> negative just one thing i will add don't buy puppies at pet stores please adopt a dog so many rescues shelters across this country read up on pup yi mills never buy in a store again. >> former major league
7:46 am
baseball all is it not right joining us us addiction, faith prayer that conversation coming up. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
dagen: the state of florida still reeling from hurricane irma, our next guest owns property runs a minutestory out of orlando founder of two treatment stherz is in the sunshine state after his well public characterized problems with drugs and alcohol we are very excited to welcome, four time world series champion 8 time all-star coauthor of the book don't give up on me. >> good to see you how is family your he friends like your ministry in orlando. >> everybody welcome orlando
7:50 am
didn't take the big heat of the storm so grateful for that, and kind of praying for people, in florida, state of florida, and just all over natural disasters taking place right now we just -- have to believe that it will eventually change and very difficult i think a lot of times people don't understand, when a hurricane is coming they tell you to get out you need to get out. i have been through a couple of them me and my terrorize we have experienmy wife we experiet before stick around we are out of power for about a whole men and women, so it was very difficult so we learned our lessons, any time you hear -- the first thing you need to do pack up family good and. dagen: we were talking about we talk about prayer, and your new book, goes into struggles explain the origins of addiction, and what types of challenges would devastate like i remembdisaster pose for coping with addiction.
7:51 am
>> addiction is real, it is a disease it is illness that we need to tackle we need to talk about the education of it is so important, i think we don't educate people, about it, and i think that is what the book is really all about is to be able to educate people, what happens. >> this is something that actually we talked about with medical professionals on the program often particularly opioid epidemic, in this -- in this country, just overwhelming families communities, towns cities states even the nation it is about -- cosgrove runs cleveland clinic said about educating people parents to say you never want to have opioids in your house they don't understand how critical it is to make sure that the kids never even get access to drugs particularly prescription medication. >> that is that is the real key right there what doctors, i tell all the time do rallies for governors 1700 people speak about opioid addiction
7:52 am
here win what is happening so many people dying i tell parents, it is up to you, to educate your kids, when you go to a doctor and they have a tooth pulled out injury do not allow them to get any prescription pills once those pills alter their mind they are going to be addicted they are too young to understand what on toyotas aopiates are ab happening to kids parents need to get to the table educate them, you need to give them tylenol, give them. >> it sounds so simplistic but it is not because, again, like, you take opioids for five days, and it is very hard to not take them after that. particularly with the teenager. >> people don't understand addiction what happens when your mind gets altered it is a different mind-set. and it is a different feeling that is what happened to me when i started using drugs,
7:53 am
because of my -- people are broken aside hurting if we never get to the real issue of dealing with real issue of what is going on, inside, we can never get anybody well, and that is what america is facing right now i am hoping that the president everybody untsdz we need to put this up at the top, of the list and we need to educate america we need to go into schools we need to have programs, that educate kids about drugs, and pills and what is happening. >> on that point, "financial times" has an article on the opioid addiction, and mentions pharmaceutical companies how important do you think for these type of companies to get involved in the education they are creating the drugs getting them out to people so -- >> well they teed need to get involved to get programs, to be able to educate they need to get people who have experience addiction to go in, and educate the kids, in the school educate the parents, what you are dealing with. not like it used to be, we
7:54 am
have so many young people who are oding, dying left to right every day not a game across america it is -- it is sad that we are not dealing with it like i said a disease like cancer or anything else. >> what turned things around for you? what those it a sudden change of mind-set or was it something you had to grind out slowly in your life? >> it is people, it is people that know what they are talking about my wife was the one, my wife was the one helped me educated me about what i was dealing with, and basically had me look at me and deal with my pain, because if we never deal with pain going do drown ourselves in alcohol and drugs how people get involved the kids today are antisocial because of social media, all outlets they don't talk they don't talk about their real pains and problems. >> darrell i want to turn to sports but particularly national anthem protests all cleveland browns showed
7:55 am
incredibly beautiful display pregame ceremony with police. how would you react if one of your former teammates refused to stand for national anthem. >> i probable would act not a good way because i think national anthem speaks for what america is all about regardless of what is happening how many -- everybody has their own right to do it, i wouldn't do it. i am not against guys that are doing it. but we have a problem. in america and we need to come together, and it is as people, you know not color but as people. and we need to understand god has a perfect plan for all of us, to come together, and love each other, and -- and really work together, and i think when we work against each other it spraits us. >> i was going to stay touching off with colin kaepernick created an movement for better or worse what would you tell about athletes playing politics with job, job is sport -- >> they leave politics alone
7:56 am
as far as job go doubt your scomlieb sports you are only really have one time one window open o to play sports have impact sports hasso is going to passion away what legacy will you leave in life, and that is the most important thing that is what it was for me i played sports, i am over sports my legacy today is for peers know-how who lord is help, care about other people. >> do you follow sports. >> no college sports my kid played college baseball ketball daughter playing next is on boston college i love saturday football if not away i watch i am able to watch college football. >> quickly before we go about prayer, like, we pray for you, pray for us, please. >> i will we all need to pray for each other. >> yes, we do, good see you
7:57 am
darrell straw ber. >> thanks for having me. >> advocacy waggen mercedes taking on tesla their version of electricity cars that is next hour, mornings with maria ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey ♪
7:58 am
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maria bartiromo tuesday, september 12 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern, devastation in the south millions without electricity in florida georgia south carolina downed power lines flooding wreaking havoc many struggle to return home following irma latest several airports fight to get up and running following that massive storm. infuriates showing markets heading higher start of trading dow futures up 6 -- 60 points at the moment, s&p 500 starting this day, at all-time high. and looks like dow will could close in record territory this day as well, in europe we have losses, in -- england but gains in france and germany, and in asia overnight, markets are heading higher or did head higher closed already biggest winner there nikkei in japan. unanimous on north korea u.n. security council passing a fresh round of sanctions against the nuclear threat what it means to the rising
8:01 am
tensions with korea the kim jong-un regime. tax reform on the table. literally president trump to hefty a din with moderate dreamts republican centers three focused on getting a deal done maria spoke with treasury secretary steven mnuchin about the push for tax reform last week. >> there's a lot that is done the major blurnts hpreclude pri outlined going to committee the committees will add to different parts of this but we have a to get this done this year hopefully, we can get it done the president and my number one priority at the moment. >> secretary mnuchin and the president chief economic advisory gary cohn will reportedly meet with senate leaders on expect a hill today. breaking news out of -- administration the parliament whi permanent white house director
8:02 am
stepped up into the job after oscar mutuade la hoy oscar. >> antonio left. >> apple big event. jon hilsenrath advocation waggen electricity big plan to he electrify cars by 2030 to break it down storm trump surrogate, jon hilsenrathtown political editor fox news contributor guy benson. >> there is a lot on health care front to get to because you know we have been talking about tax reform we will continue to talk about tax reform it is a very important issue, but almost seems like health care is in rare view mirror it shouldn't be obamacare has major struggles democrats falling in line single payer a bill no one talking about on republican
8:03 am
side might above the ball forward on repeal and replace very little time left in that reconciliation. >> people coming around to the view going to obamacare repeal and replace first was a mistake should have taken a tax reform earlier should have taken up issues where they could have scored wins before getting to heavy lift like about repeal repeal obamacare. >> i have heard complaints i think bind sight can be 20/20 if they waited on obamacare you could have had angry people in the base saying this is number one promise seven years how are you not leading with that how there is in the a plan? after seven years. >> and before we go to secretary price i will say this, democrats pushed sink pair f-- single pair medicare going broke in 12 years how are you going to do it for all. >> bernie sanders has this bill cost 32 trillion dollars,
8:04 am
in -- there is no way to pay. >> probably double that, so i am going to get to all that with secretary pritop story florida beginning recovery mostly in the dark two-thirds of the state population waking up without power this morning, rainstorm surge flooding jacksonville, we are seeing photos of video from jacksonville crossing the state lines, continuing to wraek havoc in states georgia and south carolina. as it begins to move northwest, the storm killing at least three people in georgia, one in south carolina, before being downgraded to a tropical depression, joining me from washington, d.c., health and human services secretary dr. tom price mr. secretary good to see you -- >> how is your department helping with recovery and relief efforts? i know that -- that health care teams were sent into the region ahead of the storm. >> with the presidential declaration of emergency, and with the public health emergency we declared for the
8:05 am
virgin islands florida georgia south carolina we were able to predeploy get folks on the ground in the air to respond rapidly as possible hhs has over 600 individuals owing right now, carrying out the -- on the ground carrying out treatment needs that are necessary, in the missions, as well as evaluating hotels make certain we get hospitals online especially in keys in south florida as rapidly as possible. dagen: secretary talk about some of the health risks that will be apparent in florida after the storm movers through, the particularly what you have seen after hurricane harvey in texas things people need to be on top of dealing with health care. >> yeah, the acute phase is making certain that you are able to care for and take care of the acute needs folks have one of the things that folks oftentimes don't think about there are many individuals that are dependent on power dependent on electricity to
8:06 am
survive, so whether you are a dialysis patient trying to get to dialysis whether an individual uses oxygen concentrator requires energy or electric wheelchair those kinds of things we need to make sure we have hhs has list of all those individuals we foe who those folks are where they life we are able to share that, through our data with local communities, so that the local folks can actually go knock on the door make certain that people are all right. that is helped incredibly well in virgin islands st. john and st. thomas over 130 individuals dialysis dependent, when power went down in st. john, and saint thomas they weren't able to get dialysis we were able to verifiabling them to puerto rico provide with services save their lives. >> this is great government involvement, people's health and dealing with these catastrophes talk about a
8:07 am
different type of government involvement in health care we have new york senator jill brand joining a growing list of democrats cosponsoring vermont senator bernie sanders medicare for all bill sanders expected to unveil measure tomorrow secretary price, does this have any chance of ever passing? >> well i would hope not i think vast majority of person people would hope not not because we don't think folks ought to have health care we do it is important patient-centered not government centered the single payer decision is it did making decisions what health care you receive or whether you receive health care is federal government, and i will hope individuals wouldn't sense that is direction that we need to go. we need to go as i suspect most listen ernst believe patient-centered care about
8:08 am
patients families doctors make medical decisions not washington, d.c.. >> i can play devil's advocate because people seniors on medicare for the most part like medicare and it is single-payer the problem now people are taking out more in terms of than what they paid in, and you have according to the -- according to the government, medicare is going broke in 12 years, is what roughly 50 trillion-dollar hole in medicare that is the that is the problem, but if people like it, that is how the democrats are going to be selling it, like oh we are just going to take a little bit of money out of your paycheck every -- every month, and we are going to handle your health care for you. that is the sales game. >> you are absolutely right, but the problem is, is that as you know there are challenges in -- in medicare, again we want all of us want folks to everybody to have health care and health coverage but in medicare there are one out of
8:09 am
8 positions in this nation ought to be seeing medicare patients who don't because of rules and race through medicare, there are narrowing of networks individuals if you are a new senior, even in metropolitan areas if you turned 65, the doctor that you had didn't doesn't take america medicare almost possible not because they forgot how to care the system bogs them down makes it much more difficult for them to carry for folks, so that -- the alternative isn't just government, isn't just insurance companies it is a direction that we belief is most appropriate president believes most appropriate where patients and families and doctors are in charge of their health care, and their health coverage. >> mr. secretary, you guys got to do something about fixing obamacare now it seems like the ball has been handed off have to tax reform. what is the timeframe you are looking at there is movement
8:10 am
in congress to still advance on repeal and replace. >> takes act of congress to move us right direction, on health care. and sadly we haven't seen that act of congress yet, so what with a we continue to challenge folks to do, and in the house and senate the house passed a bill, senate needs to pay attention, and make certain that they are able to pass a bill as well. it doesn't look promising in the near-term, but what our challenge is what our job is, our mission is health and human services to make certain every american has access to the kind of coverage that they want, so what we are trying to do, is to make certain we relieve the burden from obamacare, that we allow for states to have greater flexibility those are kinds of principles we believe in the president believes in, that will actually improve the health care system, but repeal and replace is an absolute necessity, because we are moving in the wrong direction prices going up about about
8:11 am
deductible going down many have insurance card can't food are deductible the insurance card requires status quo is not good a complete direct result of the oppressirepriev r periphesystem, a jolt for advocacy waggen automakers ambitious plan to he electrify entire fleet in 15 years all eyes on apple expected to unveil next generation of i havenphones in s what to expect from tech titan's big deal. ♪ ♪ ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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dagen: florida beginning recovery from irma this morning, mostly in the dark. about two-thirds of the state population waking up without power, let's go to phil keating live in florida is that whereure phil? . reporter: hi dagen, good morning that is in between key largo isla mirada everybody you see driving away lined up in dark in florida city the roadblock for reentry into keys monroe county the
8:15 am
floodgates for residents go back to their homes, are now open, of course, going to be a long, long day for almost all of these people tens of thousands evacuated the keys, last week, when the mandatory evacuation order was given, and that 10,000 locals, decided no one telling what you say to do we are going to stay a lot in key west supplies for fuel, food and water are very low. >> floodgates open you can get from florida city into wherever you live in florida keys, down to marathon or i l.a. mirror -- isla mirada. >> sketchy. >> bridge, to mile marker zero the way things are murdz in the keare measured not cleared for traffic inspected but not initially cleared, so for the people that come in here better have enough food, and water and gasoline to last them multiple as the power is
8:16 am
still -- in key largo, marathon, isla mirada zero, cell service electricity. >> be safe phil keating in florida. united nations turning up pressure on north korea cheryl casone has details there. cheryl: yeah, dagen u.n. security council unanimously approved new sanctions on north korea -- caps north including oil at level last 12 months not a complete ban, some wanted, does ban country from importing natural gas liquids north korea threatening to retaliate with quote pain and suffering. top senate republicans going to meet with top trump administration aides, to discuss passing a budget steven mnuchin trump economic advisory gary cohn meeting with senate majority leader
8:17 am
mitch mcconnell and members of the senate budget committee president trump continues to across the aisle hosting a dinner with moderate democrats and republican senators aides say to center on tax reform, of course, that is the president's top priority. the democratic centers joe manchin west virginia heidi heitkamp north dakota joe donnelly indiana. >> pat toomey pennsylvania jon thune south dakota invited. >> mercedes advocation waggen speeding up plans to make electric cars virtualityw rolling out electric version of all models boy 2030 mercedes the same by 2022 companies in race with tesla for long range electric cars trying to corner that market, talk about girl power -- director patty jenkins there she is, initially signed on to direct the sequel. >> who is this young woman?
8:18 am
>> ♪ ♪ . >> she's my -- um -- ♪ um -- ♪ ♪ . >> diana. >> good okay wondered woman as you know highest grossing live acts movie directed by female played one million first film reports say getting eight million this time nice jump a portion of the box office on back end smart motive film made 410 million out of 405 million globally wonder woman 2 to hit ethics december 2019 she was quoted as saying i wasn't drkdz a woman i was directing a hero compromise ilo from her, you go, girl. >> thank you, cheryl, equifax fallout how you can massive
8:19 am
data breach left millions exposed to hackers kmart is mr. size strategy adding up plan to put a fabulous spin on one of its lines. ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ my dell small business advisor
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that's how you outmaneuver. dagen: s consumers taking action against equifax rioters reorgani -- rioters reporting more than 30 lawsuits against the agency after 143 million people, 44% of all americans, had their information stolen in a massive data breach equifax, bring in financial expert
8:23 am
author of retire inspired chris hogan the day ramsey show host dave ramsey, good to see you you have a new, we will get to it in a minute congratulations on the expand sirius xichtm we are calling it network love. >> it plenty to talk about with chris with equifax situation, what do you -- again, it is appalling. >> it is you think about this what i want people to do number one contact all three credit repositories experian equifax transunion look at your credit report if anything doesn't belong file a report, look at everything so you know have you been affected in this or not. >> you got to freeze all three you ought to be checking once a year anyway because of all the crap out there basically nonidentity is safe this is the worst breach in history by
8:24 am
far, not only 143 million, but on top of that they got everything, dob everything they need to open credit cards in your name my wife's stuff. >> unbelievable we have oested protection identity theft protection you've got to have that he can't use equifax they make i sign off you won't be part of a lawsuit you can't do that. >> credit card companies seem a good job of keeping track of people who steal your i de dentity i get a call saying -- this is not you? >> have they have got a great algorithm if they see patterns shift that targets you, we were in europe summer, i was shut down forgot to tell them permission to go to europe algorithm throne off they have
8:25 am
to pay, if minus lot of consumer doesn't pay they shut cards down what they don't do good job only check credit on two out of 10 credit card applications, so 8 go through without checking credit so bank of america just carte blanche launching in mailboxes like always chase like always because so profitable, and so what you are you are not protected because your credit is not checked you can freeze credit bureau not checked issue the card now clean it up that is why you got to have identity theft protection. >> than any with identity theft protection not just monitoring, protection with restoration services if a breach or someone does open in your name they willure restore it go through process of the police report. >> what happens if you see it dings your credit isn't it hard to get it -- >> you can clean it off doesn't coast money but a lot of time convince them you didn't take out card it was so
8:26 am
having someone does restoration services, assigns caseworker does cleanup work your score will come up so that do you have ramsey network on siriusxm. >> why laughing at me. >> we do. >> 132, from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon four hours every day, and so chris is show on there, christie i know has been on here, chris brown has a show podcast, on careers, and really good really rich helping people with passions, you know find that job or that position that -- >> great stuff. >> dagen, you see people calling in asking about -- is it the credit the career what what are the problems trying to deal with. >> it is always debt student loan debt a lot of that i've got a lot of millennials listening some 25 to 40s, 22,
8:27 am
23, 23-year-old called me yesterday got married 80,000 dollars student loan debt that kind of stuff. >> i went to a cheap university not cheap anymore was cheap then wake forest 7500 dollars a year, that 8,000 dollars a year when i went to school now -- well, a price i wouldn't pay for the degree quite frankly but that is something you got to preach to teernlz. >> you really to teenagers. >> college is not a requirement we've got to help them understand what is the path what is it they want to accomplish they need guidance, they can't just go sign on dotted line, they wake up with 100,000 in debt. dagen: amen to that. >> mom and dad in the picture need to walk o he -- 18 years old you don't need a degree -- >> debt for kids now. >> i know hammering. dagen: my gosh why you have to listen to the network siriusxm good to see you as always, dave and chris, we
8:28 am
spent a lot of time with chris. >> you do. >> thank you so much gentlemen, coming up the true scope of irma's wrath millions without power recovering efforts under way the oldest city weathered that storm a update to apple core business tech titan ready to pull back the curtain on next iphone. a thousanhow to dollars would d buy a thousand dollar phone? what to expect. strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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8:31 am
. dagen: welcome back, i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, september 12 your top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern. waking up in the dark, mms of americans from florida to south carolina without power in the wake of irma. it could be weeks before the electricity comes back on. administration officials warning the recovery will take time. >> basis of operation we are limited in response to hurricane charley be patient, the federal government effort is working closely with state and local partners, nearly 22000 federal personnel are ready on front lines we are here for you. and we are here for the long haul. dagen: meantime trying to get back to normal, airports across florida starting to resume service, the first flight just landeding at miami's international airport.
8:32 am
the florida keys -- struggling, florida senator marco rubio tweeting florida keys damage extensive all trailer parks south of marathon florida look badly damaged power will take time to restore. asking officials to consider evacuation of lower florida keys no water no energy no o poor being a access a recipe for big problems, checking global market action futures gains across the board, the s&p 500 starting today, all-time high, i think dow industrials about 0 appoints away from -- 60 points away from record close -- in europe markets in london lower ftse 100 lower by one quarter of 1% france and germany seeing gains across the board in asia overnight. >> pushing forward on tax reform, president trump opening the door to a bipartisan tax reform deal.
8:33 am
what it means for the markets ahead, and apple's big day the tech giant set to unveil its new iphone later today, shares already rising ahead of the event, we will take you to cupertino. >> kmart putting a spin on+ size. >> puerto rico avoiding a direct hit from hurricane nearly a week ago still significant damage, at least three people are dead, more than a million people lost power joining us now is puerto rico's governor. governor what is the latest on the cleanup efforts? >> well -- thank you so much -- right now we are building efforts, devastation in some areas of puerto rico, we have been working diligently with federal government, we have a good system, preparation with
8:34 am
460 shelters, right now estimate has been reestablishing -- energy, we had about close to 1.4 million -- 1.2 million without electricity we have increased that by 50 to 60%, so some people are still without power in puerto rico we are working diligently to make sure that everybody has power as soon as possible. dagen: governor what about any heavy damage to tourist areas so critical to your economy. >> luckily we have a robust tourist infrastructure great h hotels, so forth, so they have been working working in puerto rico, destination as we speak. a critical evidence of this we are taking some of the -- american citizens that werestand islands hit hardest, some are in our hotels making
8:35 am
sure that is robust, and things move forward so tourism should be up and running as we speak. dagen: governor thank you so much for joining us this morning. our best wishes to you and people of puerto rico. battle over health care, senator the latest to join a growing list of democrats who are cosponsoring bernie sanders mm's medicare for all bill. >> the tom price told me this hour about when that legislation has a chance in -- well a chance of passing. >> well i would hope not i think the vast majority american people would hope not not because we don't think fox ought to have health care we do, it is important though that that health care be patient-centered not government centered. the problem with signing payer system the entity making
8:36 am
decisions about what kind of health care you receive or whether you receive health care is federal government. and i would hope that individuals wouldn't sense that the that is the direction that we need to go. dagen: it is such an easy sell for the democrats we will take a little bit of your money give you health insurance let the government handle. >> it just a little bit of your money to the tune of 32 trillion dollars over 10 years. so the federal budget right now 3.8, 3.9 trillion dollars a year. you add 3.2 trillion on top of that you are not quite the close to doubling the federal budget every year to pay for's this how do you get there you have to raise taxes significantly on middle class significantly on working class people, that is not going to be a very particular proposition when democrats put it out there. and you -- get to rationing from federal government you heard worse health care outcomes, much less innovation
8:37 am
a complete disaster they call it medicare -- medicare going broke. >> let's talk about the quality of the care, for the people we some of the people we value most in this nation people put lives on the line to protect our freedom, and they get they get va health care has been in so many instances appalling the issue with medicare gets me fired up medicare going broke broke in 12 years roughly 50 trillion-dollar hole and ultimately, the government is going to have to start making decisions about what kind of care you get, basically how long you get to live. in order to fill that hole, in order to bring the cost down. >> remember, the big life obamacare one of them aside from foshth if yaforkedability like plan keep it not true majority of american workers have health care through their employer, and they like it and they want to keep it, that
8:38 am
goes away you have tens of millions people uprooted from current situation, i think that is going to be difficult if we have seen both obamacare and the repeal piece by republicans people do not like disruption to status quo signing payer health care for entire country unabout affordable massive disruption for country. >> -- repeal and replace didn't work. >> right. >> now in a situation where exchanges are in general, people -- what is the republican plan for the next -- >> that is a great question. i would say two points, first, there is a bill from lindsey graham bill cassidy two snors th snor scenari senators to get it scored that authority goes away in the kweedz d.c.-speak but important the timeline matters, if that fails, i think, doesn't sound secretary
8:39 am
was terrible optimistic earlier in conversation with dagen if that fails i think what we are looking at is tinkering at acreages bipartisan pay paying cost sharing subsidies to insurers maybe loosening some regulations sort of letting obamacare lurch on, and propping it up for years i think that is going to push us to -- >> -- last week the debt ceiling prepared to work with democrats on issues where doesn't see progress being made by republicans. does is that where he goes next. >> perhaps that worries me becausive the more input democrats have into new solution, that is a bad situation for the country, because they had a biment ite at apple gave us obamacare failing now coming back saying give us another bite the whole apple signing payer health care. >> i said all along because republicans so far have failed to fix these gargantuan problems in obamacare that the road is now -- more clear some
8:40 am
gravel removed to signing payer a democratically solution. >> very important point you know who made that point president trump pretty good messaging health care issue telling republicans you guys if you fail, if you face -- the dems will fill void we know very headed last point we saw they put graphic up of democrats now signed on to this they are all from left wing plank sort of want to run for president, at least in the case where actually all of them might be running for president 2020 frankly of four we are looking at what caught my attention over weekend max baucus former senator from montana endorsed signing payer health care john his colleague in montana democrats up for reelection flirting with signing payer health care a litmus test mainstream issue in democrat party. dagen: is it a message
8:41 am
impossible to pay for? let me end on this, do you want to life with more making decisions about what kind of health care you get health insurance i g-- you get. >> i say no, i don't want those people making decisions about my health care. >> look what they did with veterans if you think the government is going to care more about you, than they care about veterans, low have a big political constituencies we all care about i think you are dreaming. >> yes. >> -- the health care -- >> but -- exactly, but it is a much -- bigger problem we talk about we all like amtrak a postal service this is danger looming -- s physically endangering personal for this nation. >> will days in come to the table stuart varney will weigh in on thank you bipartisan dinner.
8:42 am
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. dagen: general motors bolt to go self-driving finish line packing chevy bolt with autonomous technology. >> saying could be advantage for gm other guys making self-driving gm up a quarter of one percent this morning, difference here for gen morts billed a chevy bolt electric vehicle they are working on this instead of everything glued on after a car comes off the assembly line it is going to be incorporated they say we
8:46 am
are on our third generation of this vehicle, and this is the real deal, and if they can perfect this going to be ready to test on public roads are, within months, not years. if they can get this right can just pufrn thmp them off the assembly line, sears kmart working on body image, the term plus size members have said we don't like that want a different term how about f fablously size a separate section they say women many women average between 5 to 16, 18 want diversity promising body positivesity they have new video on youtube premiered called i-10 video all about having body positive atmosphere for the ladies and teenagers as well. that is it. >> thank you nicole.
8:47 am
>> moving to president trump, opening the door to you bipartisanship another bipartisan efforts if you will to build support for tax reform, joining me toaway in host of "varney & company" mr. stuart varney. >> i think push for bank deal on taxes is a great thing i am sure will disagree with many people in audience certainly people on your panel dagen, but there is a dinner tonight at the white house, three moderate democrats from -- three on your screen they have been invited to dinner with three moderate republicans obviously there is a bipartisan push to get something done on tax cuts then the president embarks on 13 state seven week tour, barnstorming for tax cuts will go to some states where democrat senators are vulnerable to campaign on their doorstep i think a very good thing make no mistake you are not going to get the all across the board tax cuts that
8:48 am
will really stimulate in a big way that conservatives want they don't have votes to get it. this is a compromise and something is better than nothing if you get a lower tax rate, on small businesses, and a small tax rate cut to individuals, and for businesses, you've got yourself a winner something is better than nothing. dagen: i am just going to say amen. >> thank you. >> being a daughter of small business owners they got the shaft every which way to sunday by every law enforcement promising something they never delivered on, about time. >> absolute repudiation of republicans, and republican leadership, you could see not get it done so the president turns to those people who might get it done i am all in favor. dagen: love you love your show, as you know. the show starts in almost 11 minutes. every monday through friday 9 a.m. do not miss him mr
8:49 am
mr. varney stuart varney and xa en. >> apple bill up excitement live in cupertino the tech titan ready to unveil a thousand dollar iphone? ♪ ♪
8:50 am
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dagen: apple set to unveil its long 10th anniversary iphone other products day any home run could push market value to one trillion dollars, live at the tech giant new headquarters building outside cupertino california good morning hillary. >> good morning. we are hours away from the big event happening at apple's
8:53 am
brand-new 5-billion-dollar campus announcement going to happen here on-site first public event will happen behind me at steve jobs theatre most apple employees have not been inside we get to go inside 1 pm eastern for announcement theatre seats 1,000 l1 th1,000 seats 14,000 dollars apiece largest new apple product making public debut but, of course, today, is all about the iphone apple will unveil 10th anniversary phone reports say called iphone x , could be most page iphone make over ever some features have leaked on line a hint of what is coming, here is what we think apple ceo tim cook is going to counsel facial recognition could replace touch id for iphone would allow you to unlock your phone make powers, by just looking at your device, the new feature may allow you to create animated emojis that look like you using facial
8:54 am
expressions wireless charging, usersers could see home button disappear less time looking for outlet new come to iphone biggest price tag ever reports say the 10 year flagship model would cost $1,000 that is as much as entry level macbook air could be beginning consumers shell out extra cash upgraded device market value surged 35% this year leading up to hype of announcement, a bigger iphone price tag could mean, bigger sales could push, apple market value to one trillion dollars, for the first time ever. >> thank you so much we can't wait for this announcement literally i can't wait to see the hillariry in you cupertino, california jon what do you expect the stock has been on incredible run up 54%. >> a tear need another 22% to get to a trillion-dollar
8:55 am
market cap -- >> they can do that. >> hard to believe after 30 plus percent run they have already had going to get another 22%, but apple continues to defy everybody's expectations. >> point out that they will update the old iphone seven with a better processor longer a better life to this phone is just an add-on to you product line. >>ed a oen whadd-on to jack up e of technology the consumer technology prices tend to fall as products age they are trying to prop up prices so a big -- business decision that they are making to try have to -- charge $1,000 for a phone. >> apple historically how they made that was bread rand brurt charging a premium for electronic devices. >> a lot of people are going out there, because they do so much on their phones. >> lo and behold this phone is
8:56 am
a-year-old. and all of a sudden the a better life completely disappears last week battery stopped holding a charge about a week before new iphone announcement. >> should die before next launch. >> i am not saying that an maitdz emoji thing relatively exciting i'm sorry i am stuck on 14,000 dollars -- at apple theatre, how -- how is a chair 14,000 dollars? that is that is one thing my brain has just stuck on from that report. >> you know why? >> facial recognition, this is a that is cool. >> next wave technology, they can make this adaptable for consumers i think a big deal. >> charging a big thing, wireless charging a game-changer. >> i am not bunkinged -- byou hadn't initiative ged up about
8:57 am
seats. >> probably charge less than 1,000 per iphone if not spending 14,000 on chair, but you are right, go with do your thing pay want to know how do you get 14,000 dollars into a chair? >> what do you get --? >> you get the chair -- >> talk about that off air. >> -- chair cooking omelet. >> final thoughts from all stars coming up. i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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9:00 am
elmore, jon hilsenrath and lindsey bell. i love when guy is on because he gets fired about stuff like medicare. varney & company right now. stuart varney, take it away. stuart: that would be me. the president reaches out to democrats. a full-on bipartisan approach to cutting taxes and standby for new record high for stocks, politics and money turning positive. wow, good, everyone, we are not forgetting the millions whose lives are disrupted by irma and we are not forgetting the american spirit who is alive and well. you will see it. we are looking to the future, moving the economy to a stronger growth track for us all. tonight, at the white house three middle of the road democrats, joe, heidi, joe


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