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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 13, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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obstruct. >> let's hope so. >> well, let's hope they will, but there is a reason why they hold on to the filibuster rule. lou: we've got five seconds, rachel. >> it gives power. lou: good night from new york. kennedy: tonight, new images from florida show just how bad the destruction is, so how effective has the federal response been? plus, top senate democrats tomorrow expected to unveil their single-payer health care bill. tim carney is here, and former baseball great darryl strawberry to tell me about his new book and his struggles with drug addiction and cancer. grab a bat, because it is time to hit it. for fans of comedic fiction, the big day has a arrived. what happened? it's finally here. if delusion were water, waders would drown by chapter go of hillary clinton's new book as she manages to fill an entire tome with senseless, tone deaf
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myopia that has almost no self-awareness or accountability, and that is quite an accomplishment for a politician. hillary plucks out page after page on her old typewriter like her fingers were a couple of tickling sticks, and the giggles never cease. she could butter the world's toast with all the blame she's spreading, and the usual suspects get a smattering, bernie sanders who caused her so much angst. she writes about him. it was beyond frustrating that bernieed acted as if he had a monopoly on political purrty as opposed to hrc. quite a contrast. she also saved some spice key venom for "the new york times," writing: the times, as usual, played an outsized role in shaping coverage of my e-mails throughout the election. to me, the paper's approach felt schizophrenic. well, someone when's in that much need of therapy might know a thing or two about diagnosing mental illness. and the most comical line comes
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from a fictional glimpse into election night as she clearly imagines a false scenario of her and bill alone in bed writing: i hadn't cried yet, wasn't sure if i would, but i felt deeply exhausted, like i hadn't slept in ten years. we laid down on the bed -- [laughter] excuse me, and stared at the ceiling. bill took my hand, and we just lay there. you know what happened, hillary? you! you lost the election. it wasn't the lack of televised address from president obama or misogynystic bernie bros or russian hackery, you're not likable. and, sadly, no one cares about this string of flimsy, boring excuses that would be better deliveredded to a psychiatrist. instead, you codify them into a meaningless book no one wants the read. but now it's here, in the open, ripe for mockery. and for that, i owe you,
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hillary, a debt of gratitude. thank you. ♪ i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ kennedy: so was this book in any way necessary, and will it finally put the sleepy clinton dynasty to bed? hillary, guess what? we've got a throne and an open invitation waiting for you right here on "kennedy." feel free to stop in anytime to tell us all about what happened. joining me now, he's the host of media buzz on the fox news channel, howard kurtz. howard, welcome back to the show. >> hey, kennedy. i'll just fill the space while you're waiting forhill i to show up -- for hillary to show up. kennedy: thank you very much. let's talk about her treatment of the media in this book, because she's making some very serious claims that although any rational being in the modern
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world would assume that the media was actually on her side given how much negative coverage they gave her opponent in the general election and most of her primary opponents, but she really took aim at the media. do you think that's a good strategy? >> no, i think it's a dumb strategy, and i thought it was a dumb strategy when she employed it during the campaign. i mean, for all of the focus on the ten den, relationship, hillary clinton hasn't been trusted, she gave very few interviews even to the friendly confines of msnbc, and when she did, she was so carefully controlled and programmed. i think that hurt her as much as anything. kennedy: and she writes about that in her book. it's actually a series of auto-indictments, whether she intends it that way or not. ing on election day she didn't pay attention to the polls although her husband, bill clinton, always loved that stuff on election day. and she also talked about how
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there were suggestions made by her team that she went ahead and accepted although her intuition told her otherwise. so now, you know, the fact that so many of her choices had negative consequences, she's trying to blame other people. but doesn't that ultimately fall on her shoulders? >> you know, absolutely. it is exhausting, the list of, you know, bernie, comey, russians, media, list of targets that hillary clinton blames and takes a swipe at joe biden and all that. but i must say from what i have read, more so than i've seen in the past, hillary clinton does seem to take some responsibility for her own mistakes and misjudgments and not connecting with working class americans. i don't know if she gets into, you know, not going to wisconsin and michigan. so i'll give her a little credit for that. you know, many of us don't want to relive 2016 like some endless groundhog day nightmare. but if the book is as boring as you say, it has gotten an avalanche of coverage and critique and criticism which is
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going to help her ring that cash register. kennedy: it has, and it's interesting because when she goes after "the new york times," she goes they're probably going to give me a negative book review. if you wrote a good book, they would give you a positive review. they hate the guy you ran against, and she doesn't seem to understand that. when she goes after her own choices, you know, she talks about how she shouldn't have quinn those speeches to wall street banks because of the bad optics of how it looked. not for the actual content of the speeches or the fact that maybe in it, in and of itself was a bad idea. >> yeah, it's the same with the e-mail scandal. she thinks "the new york times" and other media outlets made it an overblown story as opposed to the fact that she shouldn't have cone it in the -- done it in the first place. it seems to me book is part score-settling, hardly unusual for a politician, it's part written for history, and it's part therapy for her because, you know, she needs to justify to herself, to her followers and to the world how in the world
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she lost to this guy she still attacks in the book, donald trump. she made him president. kennedy: no, it's pretty amazing, because she actually, in doing that, continues to make a case against herself. but, you know, one thing i want to end on is she attacks donald trump for his personal foundation saying that it was his personal piggybank. but at the same time, trying to defend the clinton foundation. and if the clinton foundation were such a worthwhile and worthy organization, wouldn't you still have government and rich people lining up to donate? and wouldn't you see their good work sprout fruit throughout the devastated area that hurricanes harvey and irma touched down? >> it's a little harder to raise money when you don't have some influence to peddle or future influence to potentially peddle. that's another, i think, blind spot for hillary clinton. look, there's a lot of reasons that she lost, and at the same time i think everybody now gets a chance to join in the fun, to
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critique the book. you know, historians, it could be valuable for them. she talks about sexism, and it seems to me she's entitle to say that, but that's not why she lost. kennedy: thank you so much. >> good to see you. kennedy: national intelligence director dan coats has urged congress to reauthorize permanently a spying law that's set to expire at the end of this year. and it has fans of personal privacy on edge, and here's why. it all has to do with fisa. and in a letter to sessions and coats, in a letter that they wrote, section 702 permits the acquisition of foreign intelligence information by targeting non-u.s. persons located outside the united states. let me make it sound perfectly harmless, privacy advocates argue rightly that it is a back door search loophole on citizens of this country as americans are oftenning swept up in that surveillance incidentally. in fact, section 702 came under fire earlier this year when it was revealed that president
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trump and his transition team were surveilled in their conversations with foreign officials. so should the trump administration, who have been a victim of this, really be pushing to reauthorize a controversial surveillance law that even snooped on them? let me ask my cloak and dagger party panel. tonight, she's a correspondent on the greg gutfeld show, kat timpf is here along with radio host tom shah roof and town p and fox news contributor katie pavlich. all back at the oval plexiglas table. welcome. it's so good to have you. i want to start with you, katie, because there is so much potential for abuse with this section of the act. >> well, not just potential. we've seen all the abuses that haven't necessarily been addressed by congress. for all the outrange -- kennedy: and we haven't seen all the abuses. >> right. we haven't actually seen a whole
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lot of reform being put forward as this law is about to sunset. i understand the justice department has to have tools to surveil foreign actors, especially in the age of terrorism. however, this, as we have seen, has been used to surveil american citizens, and that is a problem. so permanently implementing this, i think, is a big mistake. the justice department, the federal government, the executive branch should have to come to congress on a regular basis. i'm not saying it has to be every six months or even every year, but on a regular basis, and explain to them who are representatives of the american people why this program is necessary and to root out all the abuse the make sure the people at home aren't being caught up in the program. kennedy: and you could rationally say that if you have spoken to sergei kislyak, you have come under surveillance from the federal government. if you know someone who you've spoken to who has spoken to sergey kislyak, the united states has probably spied on you and scooped up your communications.
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>> it's like the new kevin bacon game. [laughter] kennedy: right. six degrees of spying. >> everyone's talked to kislyak. you know, this -- i don't mind 702, but it's the abuse, right? when i read it, it looks pretty simple. this is where i disagree with snowden. he was like i don't want to tear down the whole cia, i think that's the way you do it. shrink them, make them fire people, because that's the only way that's going to stop the abuse. >> accountability. kennedy: that's the problem, we don't have a mechanism. and i understand, like, we don't have to know every single cia operation that's happening, but tom's right. when there's a blank check and we don't know where the money's going, it's really easy to abuse that tempting power. >> yeah. jeff sessions is deeply upsetting to me on a regular basis because of things like this, right? the way that he talks about it, oh, yeah, foreign people in other countries. but as katie pointed out, it has been used to spy on americans, and it has been abused. we have documented evidence of that. so if you see a program that
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there's been documented evidence of it being a big affront to our civil liberties, we need to say, you know what? we should keep it forever without ever talking about it again? that's your answer? that's not okay. kennedy: and that's what sessions and coats are asking for. >> exactly. kennedy: they don't want it to sub sent, they want it -- sun sent, they want it ongoing forever and ever, amen. we are now getting a much better idea of the true scope of the hurricane damage in florida from one storm the another and, guess what? it is not a good scene. look at this video from the florida keys showing widespread destruction all along the 113-mile island chain. marinas full of smashed fishing boats and yachts, no electricity anywhere. most of the keys still off limits because of the bridges that need to be inspected, and the navy now sending an aircraft carrier to the keys to help with search and rescue. forgot pen about this, the absolute devastation in parts of the caribbean where some islands
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saw more than 90% of the buildings damaged or destroyed. and now president trump will reportedly visit the u.s. virgin islands in the next week or so. has the government's been response up to par? >> i think it's actually been pretty good. this is not over. the initial response to get people out and to save people's lives has been good, but this is going to be a months-long if not years-long process. in the initial stages, we're focused on it, so they're being watched, which is great. but i think one thing that needs to be highlighted is the private response to this, that, you know, a number of private organizations are working with fema, not against fema or outside fema, to bring relief. and the bigger picture of that is only in rich countries like the united states where we are allowed to pursue wealth in our own ways and spend our money how we'd hike to for the most part -- like to for the most part are we capable of responding to huge disasters like this with millions of
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people. inevitably, the government cannot do it -- kennedy: and the government breaks down, and that's what we're seeing in some of these caribbean islands. what's interesting, tom, is something you've pointed out. if hurricane harvey was godfather, then hurricane irma was supposed to be the godfather part two. >> yeah. kennedy: but it didn't have quite the play on social media, you didn't have as many people when had access to the storm, so it didn't have the same narrative which almost left people feeling what? >> i always feel like people, today you open the headlines, today, it was overhyped. you have to, otherwise you can't get people to leave. i think the caribbean islands are, the silver lining is that those islands, it's tourism-driven, so they're going to be able to rebuild because we go there, and we visit there, and is we bring our tourist dollars. and it's the same with the florida keys. kane ken yeah. what wore key -- worries me is the if these islands are
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devastated, people will write off the caribbean all together. maybe we should just make the extra flight and go to hawaii. >> maybe. i don't think people pay that much attention. kennedy: will there be a caribbean comeback? >> i think so. kennedy: caribbean or caribbean? >> i think it's both. but i think that it'll make a comeback, and i agree with tom that you've got to overhype it, or people won't leave. you really, really have to. and i agree with katie that it's been great to see the private people, you know, as libertarians -- kennedy: yes. >> -- seeing, yeah, actually society does organize to help with these disasters, and i would feel left out if i was someone in the second hurricane, personally. kennedy: man, those people in texas, it's miraculous. and many it'll it's like, oh, well, there's some flood waters -- >> everyone in florida's also doing a great job. kennedy: they are. and it's sad that it's almost like if someone doesn't take video, it never happened. >> well, they're not there. kennedy: they're not there, yeah. the people evacuated and news crews weren't there, and people didn't have electricity and
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wi-fi, so they couldn't get those images out, but we always have to keep those people in our hearts and minds and thoughts and wallets. all right, the panel returns later because they are smart and good. first up, however, as bernie sanders and his posse get ready to introduce a single-payer health care bill on capitol hill tomorrow, an increasing number of americans support government-run health care. what's wrong with you people? tim carney joins me it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from
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kennedy: medicare for all, that's the pitch behind the single-payer health care bill bernie sanders is set to introduce tomorrow with over 20 to hopefuls like kamala harris and cory booker. they've announced their support, and they're not alone. a recent gallup poll shows 43% of americans support a big, government-run health care bill. that's ten points higher than it was in 2010. however, a new york times column suggests the single-payer bill is still far from a slam dunk for sanders and the democrats will likely struggle the win over the american public when they're confronted with the realities of a government-run system and its costs. is medicare for all bound to go the way of republicans' failedded promise to repeal and replace. here with me now is tim carney, washington examiner commentary editor and visiting fellow.
12:21 am
tim, welcome back to the show. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: so what is the worse case scenario with medicare for all? >> the worst case scenario is that the government, because they are paying our bills with taxpayers' money, gets in the business of telling us how to be healthy. the fact is, kennedy, every doughnut you eat, you're now paying for the health care costs under medicare for all under single-payer, then i will be paying for it. and i or cam la harris -- kamala harris tells you not to eat it. when government is that involved in the most intimate aspects of the economy, which is health care, then you're going to have an increase in government control over our daily lives, and that's my main concern. kennedy: absolutely. that is absolutely it, and that is why you saw michelle obama's well-intended food policies take effect in our nation's public schools hand in hand, at the
12:22 am
same time as her husband's health care act was passed in this country. and that's exactly right. and taxpayers should be going if i am paying for it, why should i be funding the bad choices of individuals. and that can become extremely problematic. it's also interesting politically, because democrats, i guess those who want to be president, have chosen this issue as a winning one for them. >> yep. kennedy: tell me about that. >> well, it's the idea that the primaries are about playing to the base of the party, and the base of the party is liberal and that they -- if you remember the democratic primaries in 2008, it was hillary and barack hashing over who was going to provide the better sort of government-regulated health care system, and now they're just turning it up to 11. the play to the base is to show that you are a real, hard core progressive. the issue that's at the intersection of economics and sort of cultural issues is this
12:23 am
single-payer thing, that this is where they can go ahead and whether bernie sanders count have as much cred on the culture wars or kamala harris doesn't have as much cred on the sort of left-wing economic agenda, here they both sort of reach into a spot that fits both of those brands. it's the intersection of the cultural and the economic left-wing thing to to win the base in the primary. kennedy: i understand that. and often times look at the rest to have industrialized world, they all have socialized medicine. look at sweden, scandinavia, western europe. but you make a much more important point, which is the rest of the world looks to us. how? >> well, they count on us for medical innovation because markets is where innovation gets created. and i'm a firm believer that we need a safety net for health care, for sick people. jesus made that very clear in the bible with the good samaritan story, but there should be a market with a safety net, and that drives the innovation.
12:24 am
these other countries, there's not the money pouring in that guides innovation. and you say, oh, well, the government can fund it, i mean, i don't think anybody has good -- a lot of confidence in the ability for the government to pick better than the market does. the private sector is what drives innovation, and so far the rest of the world is sort of piggybacking on american innovation. so we step onto the same boat as canada or on to the universal health care, government-provided like, god forbid, england, i think you'll see the medical innovation dry up, and that won't be good for the health of anyone. kennedy: no. and generations will suffer the consequences of cratering positions that are no longer held by the best and brightest. >> yep. kennedy: you want the best earningers, you want -- researchers, the best doctors, the best caregivers. you incentivize them to come into medical fields by maybe at some point making a good living. it's crazy how that happens. >> yeah. so we -- but i ultimately have
12:25 am
to say when i look at government-run health care, not the medicare for all, but the england version, again, you look at the boy, charlie gard, who died. the government would not let his participants try to keep him alive for a few more months, that's the real problem. kennedy: yes. and you will see more and more stories like this in this country. tim carney, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: very good. coming up, the u.s. national debt has now surpassed the $20 trillion mark for the first time in history. john stossel explains how the federal government keeps digging us into a deeper hole. and at least theater goers aren't throwing away their money.
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kennedy: are you ready for a story on fiscal response ability? the federal government's debt has now surpassed the 20 trillion-dollar mark for the first time in history. just let them marinate for a moment, $20 trillion in debt clock reached a new new milestone after congress voted to extend the debt ceiling deadline by three months to create the national debt by 319 billion wealthy team billion will be used as tax relief for communities to areas affected by hurricanes harvey and irma. over 300 le and will be used to continue funding the federal government in entitlement programs like social security, medicare and medicaid so politicians from both sides of the aisle debate will america
12:30 am
ever be able to get out of debt? he russ fox businesses john stossel. let's talk about this. we have so much debt and now we have such a big credit card bill that eats up a huge percentage of our gdp. at some point that's going to be very unattractive proposition for other governments to buy our bad money. >> there are individuals to buy fire bad money but at the moment it isn't paid the interest rates are super low, way below historic levels so nobody gives a dam but you are right this will blow up in our faces and his people my age rudely refuse to die and want medicare to stuff we have been promised it's going to blow up in some horrible greece like or venezuela like way and nobody is talking about it. even the republicans voted overwhelmingly to increase the debt ceiling. kennedy: that's right in at some
12:31 am
point we are faced with the prospect of austerity measures. what does that mean in a country like the united states that is so rich and so dependent on spending more than we take in? >> i don't think we will see austerity measures. the biggest dirty would be to cuddle the people off because we get most of the money and older people vote so the politicians are going to do that. think what they are going to do is print more money and that's why give that billion dollar -- kennedy: zimbabwe and billion dollar bill. >> i have bunch of them here in this whole bunch is worth nothing now and this is what's going on venezuela rapist does happen when governments create more money because gosh we have to pay for stossel's medicare bills. eventually the money becomes worthless and before hitler you had -- kennedy: you have hyperinflation to buy a loaf of bread. >> we don't know what it's going to be in the america but it
12:32 am
stretches at some point and it breaks or shoots back. when and just rates rise again this is going to blow up. kennedy: is there anyone in congress he cares about this? >> yes there are a few people. thomas masse, he is a picture of the debt clock in his office and he hopes and people come in and ask for more money and everyone goes to a congressman's office and says we need it for this. he let them look at the debt clock in hopes that will temper their demand. kennedy: well i hope it is my hope there are enough people like that who can be spending obstructionists. there seem to be very few in the democratic party. they are a couple of more than republican party. hopefully it's enough to make a difference because we can't stay on this collision course. we cannot double or debt like we did under president bush and obama. >> we just increased it at the
12:33 am
rate of spending would a-ok but the politicians won't do that. kennedy: john stossel please live forever. the abuser in michael moore is a. ♪ at least that's what manhattan's theater loving public thinks. the terms of my surrender is reportedly tanking in ticket sales and is playing to half-empty houses every night. because of that we are told the show was almost $300,000 in the red. so does this mean that all trump -- is starting to fade? the party panel is back cat timpf and katie pavlich. michael moore has always been the arbiter of the working class and common sense. whatever he says people are going to flock to because he just makes sense. >> no. i thought this is interesting because when hillary's book tour came out in everyone was saying no one wants to listen to her
12:34 am
whine some people said that was sexist but it turns out people don't want to pay money to listen to a rich person whine about how bad their life is whether that person is a woman or a man. he will have to be more creative than i'm upset that trump was elected. we elected. we are denote that's how he feels very. kennedy: right now there's a great revival on broadway. old shows that have come back and shows obviously hamilton the people will see and claim is way better than the high. people who are visiting a once-in-a-lifetime trip from out of town taken some shows who would want to pluck down $100 a ticket to see big dump a michael moore whine about politics? >> you can see them on youtube. you can pretty much get the idea when you see his videos but the idea when you think of broadway you watch the tonys and you see people that are anti-trump but that's not the broadway audience audience.
12:35 am
all you have to do is walk through times square and you see it looks more like a trump rally with people waiting in line. they want to see les miserables classic shows. those are the shows they like. kennedy: they want to see phantom of the operand of the mormon. >> of those shows not making political arguments. arpad i love broadway because i go there i wonder why those people are there instead of people like justin bieber. they are so talented. deeper as talented? kennedy: i agree. >> is what i'm saying is they are people who are just a talented and they don't get the recognition and they put on these incredible amazing artistic abstract shows and don't get paid a lot of money for it. it's not about bringing this bold argument every single night on mainstream media about how terrible trump is and by the way when are democrats going to start talking about issues that matter?
12:36 am
they should have predicted that trump would have won. democrats are out of touch with everyday people. kennedy: they blame trump. >> gets to go back to michigan and listen to people and come up with solutions to win an election. >> he gave away free hot dogs. kennedy: if i knew his free hotdog night i mailed waddled over there. thank you katie, and cat timpf. coming up a spa great dale strawberry has lots of success off the field but struggled with addiction often. he will join me next and tell me all about how he turned his life around and helping others overcome their problems. stay with us. what started as a passion to make something original... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back
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kennedy: i won't give a pointer back in his glory days legend darryl strawberry led the new york mets to new new york mets to one of the most storied championships and a girl -- major league history. he has four world series to prove that his drug use almost ran everything and now the strawman is back with a new book that leads the league in the fight against addiction. joining me now darryl strawberry co-author of don't give up on me me, shedding light on addiction. welcome to the show.
12:41 am
>> thanks for having me. kennedy: a living legend named after the swedish free. what an interesting an incredible like you have had and i love tales of people who have redeemed themselves, who were able to pick themselves up and teach people how to get out of the darkness. when did you first know that you were addicted to something you put in your body? >> i think when i was 14 years old. i was broken before it picked up the first drug, marijuana. my father was alcoholic and he he -- so when the separation came with him leaving i became that person at an early age. my pain that i was then let me to my greatness and i greatness eventually led me to my destructive behavior. kennedy: that's where a lot of parents struggle with because there's a thing within you, that perfect colonel that allows for
12:42 am
greatness but it also could be the flip side, the dark side that pulls you down but it's incredible through all of this you were using drugs and playing sports at the highest level. how did you balance that out? was a delusion or were you using drugs to overcome anxiety or something else? >> i used alcohol and drugs to escape. it was the night life that i fell into more than anything as an escape. when i put on the uniform i was a baseball player. that's never going to go away. i was very confident in putting on the uniform and i was free on the baseball field but i didn't know how to be a man. i will didn't have a father figure in my life so was hard. my mother raised five of us so i had to learn what it is like to be a man with challenges and being able to trust myself and being able to walk in the right doors but i didn't walk in the right doors. kennedy: you say a lot of that
12:43 am
is not expressing your feelings and that's why you write the book with a narrow psychiatrist and a psychologist and several mental health professionals because that was so important for you to overcome that dark us us. you tell kids don't quit and that's another thing that parents struggle with. when you pull your kids back and how did you not get up into the dark side? >> i think her parents they have to get back to the table to talk about real things. they have to talk about faith and educate our kids about drugs drugs. we have to talk about prescription drugs, stop giving your kids a prescription because they hurt their shoulder. most people don't understand once they take them it will alter their mind and when it alters their mind they will feel good and they want to keep feeling like that and they can get out of the darkness.
12:44 am
kennedy: it is a national health crisis yet we treat people like criminals. do you think we are coming about it in the wrong way when we throw people in cages? >> you are coming about it the wrong way. too many people at the top are talking about addiction and talking about opioids in herald that if you have never walked through that an headed education about the need on educate educate the kids about it the kids will never learn. social media outlets and everything, we need to get back into the schools and i hope president trump will allow me to speak to him about the addiction problem and get it back in the schools where you have somebody with experience to stand in front of the kids and tell them about the dangers of drugs. they have social media and internet and they find everything. take this pill. this will make you feel better. kennedy: nothing from the outside makes the inside feel better. x. questioning colin kaepernick how do you feel about his
12:45 am
protest? >> i wish you would keep that separate it from sports. i know the feeling and i understand what you are trying to say and i get it but politically you don't need to be involved with it. you can perform play sports because sports will be of her one day and then it's going to be am i going to go around protesting or my going to go around making a difference? >> can make a difference by not falling into the trap and he can make a difference. i think he means well. i think he is a nice guy but i think everybody is going to take it over the top because he plays sports. kennedy: this is a great country that is afforded you the opportunity to make a difference and in the second act of your career is phenomenal. you're out there chile helping people. >> it's about people and that's why he wrote the book. shedding light on comics to help people and educate people so you don't give up on anyone. never know what's going to happen. kennedy: darryl strawberry, he
12:46 am
didn't give up. don't give up on yourself. you are awesome. great talking to you. coming up the movie it has only been in theaters for a week and authority has a spin-off. we rodney and his new business.
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kennedy: welcome back. disney world reopened its doors after closing down for hurricane irma and i'll be the first to admit it's a bit odd to be discussing disney world and hurricane irma in the same sentence. one is a financial nightmare that caused thousands of people to lose their homes and the other is hurricane irma. this is the topical storm. topic number one. "fox news" correspondent jeff flock has spent the past few weeks reporting live from hurricane zones in texas and florida but today he took on a far more difficult challenge. he visited his 91-year-old mother in florida and interviewed her on live tv. i have to warn you ahead of time the footage you are about to see is incredibly cute. watch. >> i heard you say i'm in my and aware. i'm not. >> we are on television right now. >> oh for heaven sakes.
12:51 am
when we going to tell me back? kennedy: she survived hurricane irma by riding out the storm in her bouts of which is amazing. i would never think to suggest my mom right out of the bathtub because she has no place to make her moonshine. while you may not be in your underwear, you are an adorable survivor. topic number two. jeff flock's mamas and the only senior citizen within incredible tale of survival. an 81-year-old connecticut man miraculously avoided injury by starring in a video that might he perfect metaphor for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. watch this. coming in for an easy landing and what happened? the plane goes tumbling to the ground like a presidential candidate who overheated on the 68-degree day. oh mercy. luckily the pilot is okay and he
12:52 am
expects to return to work later this week at the harrison ford school of flying. topic number three. a group of women serving coffee in their bikinis are fighting mad and for once it's not at their fathers. the bikini baristas. they are suing the city of everett washington for passing an ordinance that bans bikinis at restaurants because the attire is closely associated with adult entertainment. the women claim this violates their constitutional right to free expression and it also limits their ability to make tips. personally i hope -- because it really hits home for me. not only have they lived in washington state that i paid my way through college by dancing for quarters in the bikini and to this day i can't hear songs about flashing back to that
12:53 am
plywood shack. the reboot of the movie it shook up the box office this weekend and now it's shaking up a small missouri town. police in the town of grandview say someone has been tying red balloons to the local storm drains just like a clown in the movies. witnesses say the bullet and started popping up last week when the town band bikini baristas. police believe the pollutants are most likely the work of an unqualified amateur and for that reason they are currently questioning sideline reporters. topic number five. perhaps the only thing scaring people more than the movie it is the idea of attending the winter olympics in south korea, or as they are now being called the nuclear winter olympics.
12:54 am
officials are reportedly having trouble selling tickets to february's games because of the fear of a war breaking out between north korea and south curry and for whatever reason sports fans don't have as much confidence and dennis rodman's diplomatic ability. in addition to fan some athletes have suggested resignations and attending the games but apparently no one wants to compete in the 200 cross across major defection. nevermind the dangers of demands landline slalom. coming up ucla the top 25 ap college football poll my alma mater is number one and something else. i will tell you what that is and why the libertarians in me can let some things slide. let some things slide. that's in the nightcap, next.
12:55 am
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12:59 am
libertarians we are not supposed to endorse publicly funded institutions of higher learning. that isn't ucla we are talking about. obviously the best school in the country so i think we can make an exception. let's not forget the football team is held by hopeful josh rosen. ucla chancellor was humble and gracious about the new saying the school takes great pride in its academic achievements while the fussbudget sack calfed we try not to get too worked up or excited every time a new list is published. now you can save that for campus visits from ann coulter and ben shapiro, you hacks. congratulations bruins, tequila shots all around and to for a rosen. thanks for watching the best everyday. follow me on twitter instagram @ kennedy nation on face the
1:00 am
kennedy fbn a need mel kennedy fbm on "fox business".com. tomorrow kentucky congressman -- nan hayworth and the one and only chris stirewalt. it's going to be a great show. it's going to be a great show. i will see you tomorrow night.t. (bright music) hi, i'm suze orman. after all these years of working with people and their money, the one thing i've learned about it is this: that every single one of you has what it takes to be the master of your own financial destiny. i'm going to show you how to be more so you can have more. (singers vocalizing) ♪ (producer) stand by. ladies and gentlemen, suze orman! (applause, cheering) ♪ hi, everybody. i'm suze orman. now, if you are watching this show, i'm here to tell you that the next 30 minutes


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