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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou dobbs is next right here. lou: good evening everybody. we have been calling on this broadcast for the investigation and prosecution of fired fbi director james comey for months and the justice department we learned today is now investigating comey and the department of justice inspector general leaving the investigation on two fronts. first, examining the role of the former fbi director in the agency's probe of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and also the director's possible violations of the hatch act that prohibit overt partisan political conduct on the part of our government officials. the white house today saying it
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fully supports those investigations and press secretary sarah sanders declaring president trump's been vindicated by his decision to fire, a if following revelation after revelation about the former at the eye directors conduct in the weeks and months leading up to his dismissal. >> i think there's no secret comey by his own self admission leaked privilege government information weeks before president trump hired him to comey testified in fbi agent in engaged in the same -- he sets his own stage iv himself on that front that his actions were improper and widely considered illegal. "the news york times" or on alpha t. politicize the investigation by signaling he would exonerate hillary clinton before he interviewed her are the key witnesses. he's very happy with the decision he made and i think he's fully vindicated by a lot of those things and knowing it was the right one.
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republicans in congress calling for answers to the chairman of the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee senator ron johnson demanding full transcripts from the interviews and the office of special counsel conducted with comey's fbi staffers and clinton's conduct today getting the attention of a maryland judge who is ordering the state bar association to open an investigation into that quote egregious actions of three attorneys who helped mrs. clinton delete her private e-mails and while clinton may believe her benghazi cover-up has been successful at his complete five years later now a judge has ordered the state department to search the e-mail accounts of mrs. clinton's closest advisers concerning benghazi related material, all of it. joining me now to talk about the case against comey molars witchhunt and more retired lieutenant colonel tony schaefer
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senior fellow in the london center for policy. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. lou: first your reaction to the comey investigation come inspector general. >> this is validation of what you and i have spoken about. it's like an iceberg. you can see the top but you know there's more in this case this is more like having a wonderful victorian house and all of a sudden you start chipping away the paint and it's all riddled with termites. james comey had this pristine image. we know he wrote two months in advance to get out of jail free card for hillary clinton. in addition to that. lou: and the fbi top officials had to know that. for him not to come forward and not to have said anything to me suggests that this fbi at its upper level, its senior management levels, i mean there
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is a horrible corrupt atmosphere that would allow that kind of conduct by the fbi director. >> that's the issue. all the stations were supposedly upset when comey laughs. i haven't found one because everybody recognize before calmly left there was a double standard. there's a standard or leadership which is very low and the standard for everybody else. i've had friends of mine, at vi agents slammed over minor transgressions in here lou we are talking about the worst case james comey violating his secrecy oath relating to secret material and some of the things he leaked to the media i would argue concert to classified information. lou: the e-mail scandal itself, to exonerate her two months in advance and for him to pit it on the investigators on the case we are told without question the field agents believe there should the a constitutional minimum and the fact of the matter is the clinton foundation
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was never investigated and it's an obvious pay-for-play scam that was perpetrated over number of years by a former president and the then secretary of state. >> i think this is the issue now. we need to have jeff sessions jump in and do his job as special prosecutor should be looking at the issue relating to the throwing of the investigation of the e-mail and the clinton investigation. lou: i've got to be honest with you i have a belly full of special prosecutors. why not the justice department? why not the inspector general x. why not go after these people for violation of their oath of office in the corruption that is absolutely manifest? >> someone highly qualified who would be willing to jump in and do an incredible job and they would follow the facts for ascend above that you have prosecutors who are willing to come in and do the same thing that i would argue you could do
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this if the leadership allowed the system to work. lou: jeff sessions one allow it to work? >> i'm saying you should get a firebrand prosecutor who has fire in his or her valley who can do this based on the letter of the law and application era. he doesn't have to find a partisan to do this. i'm telling you lou all he has to do is go to his resources and find someone who's motivated to do it and let loose. lou: it's clear in the justice department is very day the partisans are obama administration holdovers that are wreaking havoc with the justice department that should be on the balls of its seat and going after incident after incident. it's a terrible situation and hopefully as you suggest attorney general sessions will be energized. >> and if he can't, step aside. lou: all right i'm going to drag
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my feet on this one. i want to see that justice department, live and its belly be fired also because the job needed. lieutenant colonel tony schaefer good to have you. turning now to hurricane irma's devastation the white house announcing the president will go to florida or stay to survey the damage from the storm. millions across the state of florida could be without power we are told for weeks as residents are beginning to return home including those in the upper keys were about a quarter of homes there were destroyed by irma. "fox news" senior correspondent adam housley is in key largo with the report. c residents of the battered florida keys are getting the green light to return home but hundreds lining up at dawn eager to survey the devastation in the wake of hurricane irma. clay crockett is one of the thousands forced to leave as a
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the category 4 storm took aim at his business and home. >> the search came up to here which means there's flooding inside. >> others say despite the damage they don't plan to relocate any time soon. >> i've never been through anything like this in my entire life. we love it here in the keys so we will be back soon. >> while some were allowed back and others turned away. as they tried to make it further south to the lower keys. fema estimates that 25% of the homes in the keys have been destroyed, even more damage. >> basically every house in the keys was impacted in some way or another. >> after any major storm there's this reassuring sight. utility trucks streaming in cruz hurrying to restore power. about 15 million remain without electricity across the state. the u.s. military is also ready to shuttle and relief supplies and position the uss abraham
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lincoln south of miami with the u.s. iwo jima and new york near key west. north in jacksonville storm surge swell the st. johns river causing the worst flooding in 100 years monday. there was a national guard the role then assisting with more than three and 50 water rescues. senequa writes on the ground yesterday was nothing short of what the definition should be about the despite the time it will likely take to recover florida's governor is optimistic optimistic. >> we are going to get this thing rebuilt. this state astronomers julian people. >> the situation the caribbean is tired extremely dangerous in some parts prevent st. maarten her ports of armed gangs roaming resource at the hurricane irma. american tourists got out sunday but said the experience was surreal. >> would hurt people were coming in different resorts. a humanitarian crisis lingers in
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paradise, desperate scene playing out all over the caribbean as people wait for food and water in the sweltering sun. >> we need water and food. a french military ship expected to arrive today while the first british military planes arrived in turkey and pecos with much needed relief, at once picturesque island now in runs. tonight water and power is coming back on it by bid in the keys. still a lot of people without either. cell service is sporadic at best. we are told that we'll come back bit by bit as well. the nova death toll, 12 total have died in that the official number this hour from hurricane irma here in florida, 12 overall and 55 if you count the caribbean so a lot of cleanup yet to go in a lot of places for search-and-rescue to get into lou. lou: adam housley reporting.
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we are coming right back. much more, stay with us. the trump administration showing a new threat to north korea following new sanctions. >> all options are on the table. that hasn't changed. the president said he wants every country in all to step up and do more. lou: the latest warnings, here next. a growing obstruction from senate majority leader mcconnell. we will have more on this latest efforts to solve the trump efforts to solve the trump
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lou: breaking news now, the supreme court has delivered an important legal victory to the trump administration. the supreme court has ruled that the trump administration can ban most refugees from entering the united states. the justices in doing so blocked the lower court ruling that would have expanded the number of refugees existed from the travel ban while the full case is pending a full argument. the supreme court will hear those full arguments on the travel ban on october 10. president trump today warning north korea again that the latest sanctions approved by the united nations are only the beginning. president trump made those
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comments during a meeting with malaysia's prime minister. >> we had a vote yesterday on sanctions. we think it's just another small step, not a big deal. i don't know if it has the it has an impact but certainly it was nice to get a 15-0 vote. those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. lou: the president calling on all nations to get involved and to lift their efforts in prohibiting north korea from continuing its development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. joining me to discuss the president's warning to north korea the impact of the sanctions and much more former cia analyst senior vice president for policy and programs at the center for secure policy. fred good to have you with us. >> it to be here. lou: the president himself styling these steps as if you will only the beginning.
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what is it going to take and are sanctions of any kind going to be adequate? >> i like what i heard today. likely i am sure you are tired of hearing the ministries and say that they have had the toughest sanctions ever against north korea that will cause them real pain and they would have been tougher if it wasn't for china and russia. the obama administration said that because they didn't care about this conflict. they did want to solve it. they just wanted to be seen doing something they -- when other nations cheated to what i think president trump is doing he's trying to exhaust all the normal options before he tries more drastic options including things like shooting down north korean missiles. i think it's a good strategy. lou: the president has made it clear that he is not going to be an appeaser and then accommodate her or her conciliatory present when it comes to dealing with kim jong-un.
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at the same time there is a lot to work through here and nothing more important than the role of china and in making clear to china that we understand its role in assisting supporting and enabling the north koreans to improve their ballistic missile technology and at the same time advance their nuclear weaponry. this has got to stop. what will it take to get china's attention and insistent cooperation that leads to dealing with north korea and their firm and decisive manner? >> i think we have to stipulate that the present is incredibly destabilizing the planet u.s. president goes along with week week -- and pats himself on the back and walks away.
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mr. trump is not doing that and i think the chinese and the north koreans hear him very clearly that these u.n. security council resolutions are a very early first step and he's ratcheting up the pressure. i don't think the chinese want that and i think they seen the future possible sanctions against chinese firms and mary b. -- maybe drastic sanctions against the chinese government. lou: the treasury secretary steve mnuchin has made it clear that the administration will in fact bring sanctions to china itself. the president has talked about the prospect of eliminating trade with china. do you believe that this administration has the will and the strength and the confidence to do precisely that if china does not take responsibility for what is created on its border? >> i believe it will and i believe it has to. if north korea has a hydrogen bomb nuclear weapons and icbms
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that could hit the united states this is an offensive force to attack the united states, drive us out of asia and reunite korea under the north's leadership. we can't let that happen. lou: and the exposure particularly in south korea but also other allied nations including japan. the prospect of a conflict widens beyond a few hours. it's unthinkable in terms of the casualties that will result. what is the solution they are? >> well, we do not want a war in asia and i think that's why the trump administration is wise to check every box, go down every peaceful avenue before we get to that point. i think by doing that we bring in our allies if the day comes
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where we have to take military action against the north which i pray never happens. lou: fred, thanks so much. sid great to be here. lou: be sure to vote in our poll and the question is do you believe that mitch mcconnell has become now the biggest obstacle to the trump agenda as he originally resists the 51 vote threshold? cast your vote on twitter lou dobbs. i like to hear from you follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and instagram "lou dobbs tonight." on wall street today a record-breaking performance with stocks again to the dow up 62 points the s&p up eight the nasdaq up 22 all indexes closing at record highs. volume on the big port 3.22 million shares. appleshare slightly lower after apple unveiled its new products including the iphone x.. equifax with nearly 30 lawsuits
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after exposing the personal data 143 million americans in the cyber attack and tens of millions of citizens of the united kingdom as well. finally the beginning recovery for america's middle class. median household income last year hit a record high topping $59,000 a year. that's an all-time high and a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network pickup next president trump set to go to florida thursday. he will assess the devastation and damages from hurricane irma. one city grapples with the worst flooding in more than a century. we will have that story and more from jacksonville florida, next. stay with us. we are coming right my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people...
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lou: northeast florida under a coastal flood warning, and that warning is through thursday. hurricane irma caused record-setting flooding in jacksonville which has received a foot of rain from a storm that landed some 500 miles away. fox news' senior correspondent rick leventhal live in jacksonville with the latest for us. rick? >> reporter: and, lou, all that rain overwhelmed the st. johns river. it flooded downtown streets. the waters have now receded, but that rain did some unexpected damage including to the browns creek bridge which is closed tonight because authorities found that there was a washout underneath. the support was compromised by the rushing flood waters which were up to the edge of the bridge and even over the bridge in spots here at the base of it. so they've shut it down. they put those barricades up there, and they won't let anyone over that bridge. 20, 30 miles that way iser if man dean that beach and amelia island, but you have to go all the way around.
4:28 am
anybody who lives on the other side of the bridge has to go the long way down to i-95. there's been a lot of damage to businesses and homes, you see the browns creek fish camp had to clean out after about 3-4 feet of water swamped this establishment, and they had just finished bagging up all this stuff inside when the high tide rolled in earlier this afternoon and flooded it again. someone told me the next high tide at three a.m. could be worse, so they fully expect it to continue to flood until the river goes down. across the street, a neighbor actually went down to texas after hurricane harvey to help out with the relief efforts there. mike krause says as soon as he heard about hurricane irma headed this way, he had to leave texas and head home to get ready. >> the storm's coming and cut our trip short there and booked it on back to jacksonville to get prepared here. >> reporter: and then your house wound up in the water. >> and my house wound up underwater. [laughter] yep, everything -- luckily, it's two levels, so i was able to get
4:29 am
most of my belongings upstairs and all that, just the lower level was flooded out about knee deep or more. >> reporter: the mayor of jacksonville, which is florida's largest city, says they're now in recovery and rebuilding mode. the mandatory evacuation order has lifted, some businesses have now reopened. there are still roads blocked and some flooded, but jacksonville is on the way back. in fact, the jaguars will be hosting the titans as scheduled in jacksonville on sunday. the rescues that were going on, lou, have slowed down a bit. fire and rescue made about 356 rescues overnight, pulling people out of rough waters. there may be still a few left to be saved, but the waters have gone down pretty dramatically. one thing that actually has gone up, lou, are snakebites in the aftermath of hurricane irma in jacksonville. lou: oh, no. i -- everything that those florida residents and jacksonville residents have having to contend with and still
4:30 am
the victims of hurricane harvey in houston, it's been a historic few weeks here. rick, thanks so much. we appreciate it. rick leventhal reporting from jacksonville. we'reing right back with much more. stay with us. president trump plans a 13-state blitz pushing tax reform. >> the president is our best salesman, and he's our best spokesman. and so, yes, it's good to have him out on the road making the case to the american people. >> the dean, e rollins, takes up whether republican leaders will obstruct or support the president's agenda. >> and this speed flyer, distracted by the stunning mountain views in southern france. we'll show you the cliff-hanging video and much more here next. we'll be right back with the we'll be right back with the cheru has no choice. she, and millions like her, must walk miles every day for dirty water. but together, we can end their walk
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lou: embattledded majority leader mitch mcconnell turning to the leftist new york times trying to save his own skin with outraged senate conservatives. mcconnell telling the times that democrats celebrated prematurely their spending deal with president trump. mcconnell says he wrote language into the bill that allows him to delay the debt ceiling vote until next year. he says thereby robbing democrats of the leverage they thought they would have to push through their policy priorities. now, what's interesting about that is he apparently thinks he
4:35 am
deserves plaudits from the republican party, perhaps even the president himself. one bit of legislative trickery mcconnell continues to stubbornly resist is going to the 51-vote threshold that president trump has demanded. and without it, efforts to repeal and replace obamacare and push the entire agenda of this president including tax reform remaining as a result very much in doubt. we're joined now by the dean himself, ed rollins. he served in three presidential administrations, chief political adviser to the house republican leadership. ed, great to see you. >> thank you. lou: what in the devil is mitch mcconnell thinking? he's bragging about being a toadie to the establishment and refusing to move through the nation's business. >> well, the reality what he doesn't realize and hasn't realized up to this point,
4:36 am
donald trump got elected to change washington. and changing washington means getting things done and the things that he promised, most important thing these republicans have to do at this point in time or they're all going to pay a heavy price is get this tax bill through. and at the end of the day, it's going to be a difficult task at best, but it has to happen. and the members themselves are going to pay a heavy price. it would have been much easier if mcconnell at the beginning as we started yelling from the beginning of this administration had changed the rules. simple term of changing the rules to where a majority -- lou: what excuse in the world is there? i think he's absolutely irrational. he's obviously been bought out by the chamber of commerce, the round table. and, frankly, the establishment that includes the democratic party itself. >> well, the history of the senate has been you slow things down. the country doesn't want things slowed down -- lou: he's a genius at that. >> the country now wants things to work. and you basically get a majority elected, and that majority moves
4:37 am
forward. lou: is there any excuse for this man to deny the efficacy of going to the 51-vote threshold? >> none, whatsoever. none, whatsoever. and the reality -- lou: then what the hell should people do? because he's just a stubborn obstructionist -- >> i think what's happening is bannon and others who are out there saying to these candidates, you want to run for the senate? you have to pledge that we'll get rid of this filibuster, that we'll get things done. lou: are you really saying we're going to have to wait until the 2018 elections? >> well, no, i certainly hope not. lou: doesn't this president have levers that he can bring to bear? >> we have a primary in alabama in a couple weeks here. lou: looks like that's going to blow up in mcconnell's face. >> at the end of this -- the day, this party has to understand the trump agenda -- lou: the rank and file look like morons. it is a party that's poorly
4:38 am
led -- worse than that, led, it seems, by enemy agents in the form of ryan and mcconnell. what in the world are we to do? >> they ought to be out there beating the drums on these tax issues, and, obviously, it has to move, it has to move quickly. and the very idea it's going to be tough, it's this, we can't get 60 votes, you're not going to get 60 votes. you're going to get 51, 52. democrats are not going to be bipartisan, they're going to fight you all the way. and at the end of the day, you have to compromise too much for them, and we have a majority, and we need to make our majority work for the president. lou: do you know that, honestly, mcconnell is such a repugnant figure that i can't imagine why the u.s. senate, the republican conference, is tolerating him. why -- rune, in the house. -- ryan, in the house. these two men are absolute obstructionists. >> i think what has to happen is they have to move away from just one person or two people leading
4:39 am
anything. these members have to take charge of their own destiny and move the ball forward. and this thing on -- lou: do they have the brains and the guts to do it? >> if they don't, they're not going to be there. lou: that's one answer, but the fact of the matter is we're stuck with this nonsense until the midterm elections. >> let me just say this, if harry reid was still running the democrats -- which, thank goodness, he's not -- if he only had 51 or 52 votes, he'd get through what he wanted to get through. lou: yeah. >> that ought to be the role model. lou: what's it going to take? i'm hooking for the magic solution. >> well, you've got a very powerful president in his ability to go out and communicate the country. i think they're running a superb operation, like the dinner at no time -- lou: the white house. >> they're not getting full credit for it, but his going out and campaigning in 13 states concern. lou: can he get mcconnell out of the leadership position? >> if he decides to try and do
4:40 am
it, i think he can. certainly, he's got a wife in the administration, so he can certainly put pressure there too. lou: referring to the secretary of transportation, elaine chao. thank you so much, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: as tax reform languishes and as the president prepares to go full tilt supporting it, well, obamacare remains unrepealed, unreplaced, and you probably also might have missed one thing congress did find time to do. we want to share that with you. the house of representatives in the midst of all of this found the energy and the capacity to pass a bill that absolutely tears up federal rules regulating self-driving cars and preempting states from imposing their own regulations on so-called headless cars. the plan, pushed by a new, powerful lobby group funded by ford, lyft, uber and, yes,
4:41 am
google. and run by the former head of the national highway traffic safety administration under president obama. the swamp is still in very good working order. and, yes, the swamp is far from drained. please roll the video now, and we'll show you this speed flyer who, that's his view -- not a bad one. a little close, you might think, for comfort. and, indeed, the thrill seeker flying down a mountain in southern france spinning upside down, threading the needle between two jagged outcroppings at tremendous speed. all the while enjoying one beautiful view. and coming really, really close to disaster. the closest, he said later, the closest he's ever come to disaster. but what a spectacular ride. up next, president trump blasting the national left-wig
4:42 am
media as -- left-wing media as a new report shows their war against the trump administration is only rising in intensity. former governor mike huckabee joins me to take up, well, a national left-wing media that just simply hasn't any conscience whatsoever. we're coming right back. most american homeowners would be shocked if they knew just how rich they were. the average american home value has increased $40,000 over the last 5 years. but many don't know you can access that money without refinancing or selling your home. with a home equity loan, you can pull cash out of your house for anything you need- home improvement, college tuition, even finally getting out of credit card debt. come to to shop and compare home equity loans right now. because at lendingtree, when banks compete, you win. hey, i'm the internet!
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lou: a new study confirms the relentless attacks against president trump from the left-wing national media only worsening the broadcast networks' evening news. devoting nearly 74 hours of coverage to president trump and his administration this year. and guess what? 91% of that time, of that coverage negative to the president over the summer. and the bias against the president extending even to the miss america competition. judges asking a series of anti-trump questions during the pageant. here's an example. >> there are multiple investigations into whether trump's campaign colluded with russia on the election. well, did they? >> last month a demonstration of neo-nazis, white supremacists and the kkk in charlottesville, virginia, turned violent, and a
4:47 am
counter-protester was killed. the president said this was shared blame with, quote, very fine people on both sides. were there? lou: you gotta be kidding. joining us now is former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, and fox news contributor. great to have you with us, governor. mike, i mean, really? miss america? the ignorance of the questions was unbelievable. >> you know, hollywood is falling apart. their movies are in the tank. miss america pageant is relegated to really a distant watching event that nobody really pays attention to, and that's why. because people don't want their entertainment to be turned into a political diatribe by a bunch of celebrities and people with an agenda. this is just absurd. when you mentioned the 91% of the coverage about the president being negative, i'm thinking,
4:48 am
yeah, that's because lou dobbs is the other 9%. [laughter] it's just absurd. lou, you know, the only reason i can smile is because it's so over the top that at some point the american people, they're not that stupid. they really aren't. they're pretty smart. lou: they're very smart. >> and i think they're being played for chumps, they're being played for chumps by the national media, and they're going to find it blowing up in their face. lou: we're only talking about the networks, cbs, abc, you know, their evening newscasts. meanwhile, there's "the washington post" and the "the new york times." it's anti-trump, anti-trump, anti-trump. even the most committed left-winger in this country has to understand those two outlets have become sheer caricatures of anything remotely resembling journalism, even propaganda,
4:49 am
they're so over the top. it's hard to take them seriously. >> well, it's why i call them the new york slimes and the washington compost. lou: i like that. i hadn't heard that. >> well, that's what they've become. and by the way, lou, all of these so-called political fact-checking organizations the, that's a bunch of crap. they're not fact checkers, they're left-wing loons who are trying the prove that, you know, they're right and everybody's wrong. there's no fact checking to it. there's no objectivity. journalism is a lost art these days, and it's tragic because the media plays an important role in being the watchdog for the whole public. but they've become the lap dog of the left, and frankly, have imploded upon themselves. lou: yeah, i think you're exactly right. and i want to very quickly, we've got about 15 seconds, your view on the 51-vote majority in the senate. any excuse for mitch mcconnell
4:50 am
not going to it right away? >> none at all. it's time to use the power they have, get the taxes done, repeal and replace and stop playing around with this. we elected them to do a job. for heaven sakes, lead, follow or get the heck out of the way. lou: that has such a sweet sound to it, get the hell out of the way. i may have added the hell. governor, thanks. governor mike huckabee, appreciate it, as always. >> thanks, lou. lou: president trump planning a 13-state blitz all across the country to sell his tax reform plan. up next, we'll take up the president's top priorities with rachel campos duffy and charlie rachel campos duffy and charlie hurt, we'll be right bacacacacac you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees
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♪ lou: to bring you up-to-date on our online poll. the question we asked last night, do you believe the number of people hillary clinton blames for her 2016 loss proves that, indeed, it does take a village? 73% of you saying, yes, that seems just about right. joining me now, fox news contributor rachel campos duffy and washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. thank you both for being here. rachel, let's start with, if we may, just the matter of rt, the russia network, not registered as a foreign agent. and for years has operated as a propaganda outlet, and the obama administration seemed to ignore
4:55 am
its presence as it says it was concerned about russian interference in our elections. what do you make of that? >> well, it seems like they're only concerned about russian interference until they realize that donald trump won the election. i would note too, lou, i looked up -- there's a lot of democrats that have worked for rt. larry king, sid blumenthal, jesse ventura's daughter, oliver stone's son, so there's a bit of a democrat influence or collaboration -- lou: you know, that sounded like -- >> you and i have talked a lot about. lou: that's got a 1950s feel to it, the way that you pray that out. concern play that out. [laughter] >> i suppose. lou: charlie, what do you thinksome. >> well, this has been sort of the lurking story that nobody wants to touch, and that is that, you know, everybody talks about all this alleged collusion, of which there's no evidence, between the trump campaign and russia. but what automatically has to go
4:56 am
with that, the thing that everyone has to agree upon to even level that accusation is that all of it went on under the obama administration. lou: right. >> it was under the obama administration that the dnc got hacked, it was under the obama administration that all that stuff was revealed, it was under the obama administration that outlets like russia today, rt, and all these other outlets did everything they could to sort of influence the election. by the way, which governments do all the time. but it's all can be laid at the feet of the obama administration. and, but reporters, the media wants to have sort of their cake and eat it too. they want to have the story about russia collusion with trump, of which there's no evidence, but they don't want to cover the fact but all this stuff occurred under barack obama. lou: yeah, well, there's another oversight on the part of the obama administration for eight years, and it's also permitting al-jazeera, the qatar network,
4:57 am
to operate without registering as a foreign agent even though they were clearly a prop -- propagandist organization. i can't imagine, rachel, what it will take to get to the bottom of all of the purr mity -- per mity of that administration. historians are going to be working for decades to straighten it out. >> well, i mean, i think what's frustrating as voters is we wish the doj and so many levers of power, you know, the republicans have all levers of power. there's a lot of investigating of things that went wrong including this under the obama administration that i wish there'd be a little more pedal the metal on the part of the trump administration to get to the bottom of this -- lou: you're saying you wish attorney general jeff sessions would get off his tail and get his department to work -- >> yes. lou: because there is much to learn. >> right.
4:58 am
and you can be sure that had hillary won, all of this would have been buried. and the beauty of winning is not just that we get to make america great again, but we get to investigate some of these things that have gone wrong, many of it illegal. and we have to show the work. lou: much of what's gone wrong here is about paul ryan, charlie, and mitch mcconnell. and mitch mcconnell is starting to edge out ryan as the leading obstructionist -- [laughter] from the establishment wing of the party. i mean, it's just ignorance for this man not to go to the 51-vote threshold, isn't it? >> yeah. no, and i can't believe that i'm saying this after, you know, 15 years of covering congress and for much of that time appreciating the value of the fully buster rules in the senate, but democrats have completely wrecked all of that. they've ruined all of the meaning behind that 60-vote
4:59 am
majority. they have, and, of course, if they were in the position that mitch mcconnell is now, they would absolutely coaway with it. >> right. >> and i, at this point, completely agree with you that we're in a different era now, we should do away with it. but, you know, one of the things i think is so interesting when you talk about registering for, to lobby, there are tons and tons and tons of regulation, miles and miles long. much of it that's to been violated that governs the way everybody acts around here, and it's still totally corrupt. and the outcome is totally corrupt. and that is what is so great about donald trump, that's why he's such a breath of fresh air. he doesn't know all those rules and regulations, he doesn't understand all the minutiae, but he knows it needs to be blown out of the water, and he's very good at doing just that. >> this is a reason why they hang on -- lou: -- going, rachel, to help him from now on instead of
5:00 am
obstruct. >> let's hope so. >> well, let's hope they will, but there is a reason why they hold on to the filibuster rule. lou: we've got five seconds, rachel. rachel. cheryl: breaking news. guess who's breaking bread with democrats and republicans at the tax reform plan. our political panelists here. lauren: apple ceo tim cook takes to wrap up the latest iphone facial recognition technologies. we'll take a close look geared between two shares of the dow component boeing. the s&p, nasdaq closing at record highs right now. u.s. market pointing slightly lower open. lauren: stock market installed stock market assaulted the ftse down 36 points. the acf


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