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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. s next. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening. the trump white house blasting ousted fbi director james comey fan laying out the strongest case yet against the former director who is already the focus of two investigations. here is what sarah sanders said. >> the memos that comey leaked were created on an fbi computer while he was director. he claims they are private property. they follow the proat california an official fbi document. it violates the standard none
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disclosure agreement all personnel must sign. that's clean and clear that would be violation. lou: the department of justice now refusing to provide two of its top officials in the fbi for interviews with the senate judiciary committee. one of those previously said james drafted a statement exonerating hillary clinton two months before interviewing her. his comments are of interest to the department of justice's investigation of the handling of the clinton email investigation itself. the justice department citing special counsel mueller's russia investigation in its refusal to provide those officials for interview. steven boyd wrote this. saying quote. the scope of the committee's
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inquiry has not been deconflicted with special counsel mueller's investigation. therefore to protect the integrity of the special counsel's investigation, we'll not be able to provide them for interviews at this time. the likelihood james comey will be facing investigation. it is clear much has changed in washington of late. where james comey and hillary clinton it seems are facing rising prospects that they may be held accountable for their conduct. >> it's shock, but i'm even couraged. back in july of 2016, corrector comey's preposterous present briefing about hillary clinton's violation of national security
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law in my opinion comey should have been under investigation at that point. but we have to hold our breath and wait a while. but the fbi, three days of white house briefings. the fbi might call that a clue as to what the expectations are from the white house. >> there are a rising number of clues and a bill of charges the department of justice is pursuing against comey. and many have had questions about his conduct, his statements, his actions leading up in the week and indeed the months before his firing by president trump. suddenly the left has gone silent on the issue of james comey's conduct. it's interesting to watch the national left-wing media no longer so enamored with the fired fbi director. no longer questioning at least
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in their reporting and ope -- os the judgment of the president. he looks rock solid in the judgment of the director he fired. >> it also coincided with hillary's book tour. when comey was providing this testimony he laid out the fact he leaked all this information. and the senators sat there and thanked him. and he should have been read hits rights and taken out of the room in cuffs. comey has a long track record. i have been on the record for literally years saying comey isn't the kind of guy he claims to be.
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he know firsthand -- i know firsthand the investigation of the el paso office of the fbi, he covered that and his real criminality and corruption in that office, and it's yet to be resolved. lou: you mentione mention -- you mentioned hillary clinton. we are further watching an order to produce all of the relevant material at the state department that would pertain to her activity. there is a mounting it looks to me, a mounting case being built at least publicly that says, mrs. clinton is in serious jeopardy now of a full-on investigation and prosecution. >> there is an entire body of
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evidence that judicial watch uncover candidate through the freedom of information act litigation and depositions we have taken of people like cheryl mills and huma abedin and several others. all that is good and solid evidence even though it's been uncovered through a civil process. it's part of a universe of information out there. it's a few losing on the fire. lou: . there is a fire now. it's not simply em%. we are watching a relationship between comey's investigation and the conduct of hillary clinton as secretary of state for that entire period. he exonerated her two months before the investigation. never put together a grand jury for the purpose of investigating her. and making a determination about prosecution.
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and further, never touched the obvious pay-for-play scam that is the clinton foundation. >> correct. there is virtually no daylight between the clinton state department and the clinton foundation. we have the emails to demonstrate that where doug band is emailing huma abedin and telling her what to do, setting up meeting and phone calls. it's beyond dispute. if you want to take the time to investigate something, look at that. look at uranium one. that should be occupying investigators' time. lou: yet they resisted doing that. attorney general jeff sessions as we wrap up here, it seems there is some passive-aggressive approach at the justice department right now. in one moment he will step forward and another he will step back.
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where is the attorney general and your judgment of how he is performing given all that is before us. he's awol. he's absent and very quiet. if he chooses to do that as far as his role as attorney general, that's one thing. but then he better have a good press operation going. if he wants to keep a low profile that's fine, but his press operation bert be communicating to the american public about what the department of justice is doing. neither is occurring. we don't see the attorney general and a press operation that's getting the word out. and to have both fail, to have both silent is a disservice to the president. lou: and troubling, frankly. even for those of us who believe strongly in his talent and commitment to the country. it is without question trouble.
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he's a great guy, but he's got to comun kite bet -- communicate better. lou: turning now to hurricane irma. president trump going to naples and the fort myers areas tomorrow. there he will survey damage and devastation from the storm. residents continue to try to get home to begin their cleanup. all this with sweltering temperatures and still some considerable flooding in much of the state. a third of the population in florida remains without power tonight. fox news senior correspondent adam housley is in homestead with our report. reporter: the most of vulnerable now victims in the immediate aftermath of hurricane irma. police say 8 nursing home patients are dead, likely succumbing to extreme heat
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inside this sweltering facility. >> we are conduct a criminal investigation and ruling anything out. reporter: in daytona three people are dead and 2 others hospitalized overcome by carbon monoxide from a generator running inside the home. brian llenas was there when an army helicopter flanld key west. delivering much-needed aid to people needing the basics. >> anything we can get down there we'll need. reporter: others loading up on food and water. we also tagged along with the
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u.s. border protect air and marine operation. these men have followed irma conducting search and rescue in the virgin islands, puerto rico and florida. we feel bad for the families who lived here. they lost their homes. hopefully they can be rebuilt. >> it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. you will see trailers flipped over. you will see boats on the side of the road. reporter: first responders are going home to home, in some cases mark an x and zero indicating no one has been found. >> the keys will be tough. we'll have to make sure we get some plaintiffed house and
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rental assistance and hotel support for those displaced. reporter: help is pouring in from those on board u.s.s. abraham lincoln turning sea water into drinking water. they follow hurricane irma from puerto rico to the virgin islands and tomorrow they continue operations in the south keys. lou: adam housley reporting from homestead, florida. president trump reaching out to republicans and democrats for tax reform support. >> i'm a conservative and i will tell you i'm not sceptical. if we can do things in a bipartisan matter that would be great. lou: we'll take up the president's push for bipartisan support.
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lou: a lot of people never thought they would hear me saying these words, but here we go. president trump is hosting senator chuck schumer and congresswoman nancy pelosi for dinner at the white house. the democratic leader is going to the table offering no concessions in their push for amnesty. but instead is pushing a stand alone bill that would support dreamers without funding the border wall. paul ryan is saying deporting dreamers is not in our nation's interests. all this comes after unaccompanied minor children
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have been placed on the southern border. college front maryland the latest city to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. the washington, d.c. suburb becomes the latest jurisdiction to permit non-citizen voting. four towns in massachusetts have taken steps to allow non-citizens to vote. to discuss the wall, border security and the push for tax reform. congressman, great to have you with us.
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let's -- palm ryan, the speaker on the wall say there is only one person he knows of in the entire conference who wants the wall. a little hyperbole? >> when i saw the article, lou, i just talked to paul weren't last 20 minutes, i said what was this about? he said when was it? i said it said earlier this year. he says i may have been speaking with hyper bowl. he knows now and we made the point clear and he support us on it. we got $1.6 billion in the bill we passed and he assured me as of the last -- last 15 minutes that won't be the ends of it. we don't need a wall for all 2,000-plus miles. if you can get across the big
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bend national park carrying all the water you have to carry, thin wants you in this country. we have special miss for you in our military. but there are places we have got to have a wall. the best thing we can do for our nba of -- for around neighbor mexico. lou: they are highly informed and highly sensitive to getting bs'd again. they have been bs'd by the left and the right and slide to by republicans and democrats. and now paul ryan the so-called republican speaker of the house. he's a rino as you well know. but he's not less the speaker. and we are suddenly -- we are not hear being the wall. we are not seeing the wall going
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up. we are watching illegal immigration into this one truth last four months. we are watching unaccompanied children surging across that bored. we are watching families surging across that bored. what the hell is going on. >> we have got to get the wall started. lou: that's the nonsense we heard when dana roar backer was pushing through a wall under bush. the wall doesn't get built. the wall has got to get built. we can't even get this one started. what's the deal? >> we do have a lot of people who don't want one. we were just voting in the house and really, lou, i was just sitting there, we had 23 votes, and most of it seems -- most of of the democratic amendments to the appropriation bill passed
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and it seemed most of of the republicans did not. i'm asking people around me, what's going on here. is this some parallel universe? we are supposed to be the majority and suppose to be getting these things done. we have got to get a wall done. it doesn't have to be everywhere, but we have got to get that done. some of us are not giving up. lou: i'm proud of you not giving up. but i don't buy it. i just don't bite. you can't even get one started. it's not about giving up. i can give you little gold stars for not giving up. but that doesn't mean anything happens. i don't understand why there isn't a significant push here. it is the source of the majority of meth am get means, heroin and cocaine coming into this country. no presidential candidate has focused on those drugs more than
10:23 pm
this president, donald trump. you beth, i think that helped -- you bet, i think that helped him get elected. the talk about daca. when anybody in washington talks about legalizing anybody, we get a surge. we have got to quit talking about legalizing anybody. lou: there isn't a single soul in your conference or democrats and the leadership of both parties who don't understand the relationship of cause and effect talking about amnesty. you have got president's liaison to congress talking about acrossa, amnesty in a trade for tax reform, is that b.k. or is that wha of -- is that bs or ist the trade for tax reform. >> that would be disaster.
10:24 pm
that won't do this country any good. it will increase a new surge that already started. talking about this stuff has got to stop. we have got to push through. lou: i hope you all -- the game has been played too long. it's terrible. >> we can't give up. this is why i forget for our country. we are losing the greatest, freest country we ever had. lou: i agreen tirely. congressman love -- louie gohme, thank you. will trump supporters who chanted "lock her up" in rallies through the campaign and the election. will they soon get their wish? what do you think?
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cast your vote on twitter. on wall street stocks hitting new records. the dowts jones industrials up 39 points, the nasdaq up 2, have on the big board 3.3 billion shares. it's been most of days the last couple weeks amounting to 3.3 billion in trading. target will hire as many as 100,000 holiday workers. target by the way, the 7th largest retailer by number of employees. equifax shares plunging another 15% after massachusetts becomes the first state to file a lawsuit over the firm's massive data breach of some 143 million
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americans. a remind tore listen to my reports on the salem network coast to coast. we'll be back with more on the clinton cover-up. shocking claims about the clinton state department's response to the benghazi terror attack. stay with us.
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. lou: stunning new revelations that the clinton state department silenced security contractors, private security contractors following the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack. two benghazi security contractors speaking exclusively to fox news after some five years after the attack that left four americans dead. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tonight has our report. reporter: what the state department contract officer trying to silence you?
10:31 pm
>> absolutely. >> the u.s. ambassador is dead and nobody is held accountable for it, and three guys who tried to defend him all died. >> the people who made the poor choices that actually were more responsible for the benghazi attacks than anyone else, they're still in the same positions making the security choices for embassies overseas now. reporter: jerry torres, former green beret is president and ceo of enterprise advanced solutions which provides security for embassies and consulates around the world, along with brad owens, they have more than 45 years of service. speaking exclusively to fox, they have firsthand knowledge of the security nightmare on the ground in benghazi, libya before the 2012 terrorist attack. in the spring of 2012 torres bid for the security contract in benghazi, but the nearly $700,000 deal handled by state department contracting officer went to a mysterious foreign company blue mountain group.
10:32 pm
guards were local hires through a local company and not. ambassador stevens and his team knew they were in trouble, warning the state department that radical islamic groups were everywhere. >> a disaster, sending the cables back to the contracting guys and the decision-makers and weren't responding. it's gross incompetence or negligence, one of the two. >> they came back to you ands said can you take over security? we were ready. you know, unfortunately, 12 days later, the ambassador was killed. reporter: after the attack, e-mails show blue mountain was advised not to talk, torres and owens got the same order and the state department contracting officer went further. what did the state department contract officer say? >> she said that i and people from torres should not speak to the media, should not speak to officials with respect to the benghazi program. reporter: the state department declined our request to make
10:33 pm
her available and the mental edge repercussions have continued against their company. >> since that conversation, we bid on 20 security force contracts and lost 18. reporter: do you feel more comfortable coming forward now because there's been a change in snrgz. >> given the politics has been taken out of benghazi situation, no longer a candidate or anything related to, it we have an opportunity to fix the things that happened. reporter: fox news also sent a series of questions to blue mountain, the security team during the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack and no immediate response. lou? . lou: catherine, thank you very much, catherine herridge, our chief intelligence correspondent reporting from washington, an awful story that persists and thanks to the torres group for stepping forward. one hopes that all of this can be made right. we're coming straight back with
10:34 pm
much more, stay with us. the white house defending president trump's decision to fire james comey, and today, the white house getting specific about charges against comey. >> james comey leaking of information, questionable statements under oath, politicizing investigation. those are real reasons for why he was fired in the president's decision was 100% right. lou: fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett joins me next to take up comey's corruption and possible prosecution. and this fearless fellow taking a ride on the wild side. we'll show you his hair-raising bike ride here next. we're coming right back with your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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. lou: joining me now to discuss the case against james comey and hillary clinton, attorney, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, gregg, great to see you. the white house press secretary sarah sanders making it very clear with specificity and a long list of charges against comey, this man is in real trouble. >> i'll be even more specific by naming the statute. 18 usc 641. lou: again? >> 18 usfc which says you cannot convert government property to your own use and convey it to somebody unauthorized. that's precisely what comey did by leaking presidential memos
10:39 pm
to the media. lou: it turns out he's a corrupt official. he exonerated someone he was supposedly investigating two months before they had even -- the testimony never impaneled a grand jury. how serious could he be in investigating if he didn't have a grand jury that could also lead to a decision on prosecution? >> and gave unlikely immunity to a bunch of clinton aides as well. the list goes on and on. look, he's in legal jeopardy not just under the statute i cited for leaking government documents but he testified a year ago in the house judiciary committee when asked did you decide not to prosecute hillary clinton before or after you interviewed her? he said under oath, after. how is it, then, that he composed this statement exonerating her two months before he interviewed her? that strikes me as false testimony. lou: false testimony for which,
10:40 pm
i don't know what the consequences are. >> perjury. lou: but i do know this. without a justice department that is up standing tall and energized and carrying forward that investigation which this justice department under attorney general jeff sessions is not, what is to be done? >> well, i'm surprised with jeff sessions because he has a distinguished legal career before he became a u.s. senator. lou: a distinguished prosecutor. >> yeah. but i feel fairly certain that donald trump, based on his comments, regrets appointing jeff sessions. sessions sandbagged the president by recusing himself and he knew he was going to do it pfr he was sworn in. that led eventually, the special prosecutor, and sessions also trusted some key members of his longtime staff to select the top individuals at justice, including rod
10:41 pm
rosenstein, who was notoriously close to bash -- barbara mikulski. what was he thinking? it was a mistake to have jeff sessions as a.j. lou: a koch representative is operating and people they hired in places of importance, they brought in the establishment. these are not only card carrying folks, they've got bandeliers and weapons that are fashion to destroy anyone who would act against the establishment, and they are taking down in every way they can, this president's agenda. >> well, the president, who i think is very loyal man, very trusting man, and trusted the wrong people, the selections were not good. he got snookered in many cases, sessions is one of them.
10:42 pm
lou: hillary clinton, very quickly, the benghazi revelations, judges requiring a bar association investigation into three attorneys. insisting that there be, that the state department turn over e-mails now as we revisit that again. >> yeah. lou: this looks like something is now a foundation is being laid for serious investigations? >> it is, going to be more than a bar investigation. it has to be a second special counsel appointed to reexamine the evidence, reopen all of it, and decide and knew whether she committed crimes of self-dealing, pay-to-play, and a clear violation of the espionage act with classified documents, their private server. lou: can't be a doubt in any reasonable person's mind that the clinton foundation was nothing more than a pay-to-play scam, perpetrated on an immense scale, a scale never before seen. >> a crime you use your public
10:43 pm
office to confer benefits to a foreign government in exchange for money, the evidence is precisely she did that. lou: crooked hillary, i believe is the expression. >> that's why it sticks, because people think she's crooked. and the evidence is there. >> i think we can say here, the wisdom of the crown. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> roll the video now, we'll show you a man take his bike ride to new heights. yes, there's the bike, there are the heights. they come together in this one thrilling video. he rode 650 feet above the ground over montenegro making his way across this viaduct, that's what this is. 650 feet above the ground about. an inch on either side of that tire that was giving him, well, both transportation and his life. an extraordinarily bad idea, i think, in the first place, there he is doing it, and i
10:44 pm
exalt his courage, and really wonder about his judgment. what an amazing stunt. up next, more good news for the middle class. president trump makes a bipartisan push for tax reform. dean ed rollins joins us next, we'll take that up and much more. stay with us.
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. lou: joining us now to discuss tax reform and the president's bipartisan efforts, ed rollins who served in three presidential administrations, chief adviser, the dean himself, ed, the president himself it's being reported in places that marc short his he liaison to tax reform is working on daca and tax reform? >> how does that relate? tax reform is something the president promised. daca could be part of it, that includes walls. the idea that you'd make that deal, i'd fire him in a heart beat, fire him in a heart beat. lou: he's a koch operative. how he got the job is beyond
10:49 pm
mindless, i don't care who put him in the white house in that role, it's crazy, isn't it? >> at this point in time, the tax policy have to sell itself and the president has a majority and if he's trading anything i'd be trading with republicans to make them a majority. my sense of -- democrats aren't going to put it over. not going to be the 51st vote, if we get 55 or 56 votes, maybe a couple joining up. that's not going to happen. today we're fighting hard to get what the president promised and what's going to stimulate the economy. lou: tell me what he does, if you will, let's kind of figure this. you've got paul ryan who says that the tax rate should be 22% not 15%, which the president today again reiterated is the number. you've got mitch mcconnell, who has basic leads the president's expectations are too high for the low-lifes that are in elected office on capitol hill. you tell me what is he to do, and where is he to turn if he's
10:50 pm
going to make something happen for the middle class in particular, for small business in particular. >> the other expectations and those are the people who voted for him for the things he promised to do in the campaign. and i think to a certain extent if he can't get cooperation from mcconnell or ryan to get a bill he wants, basically gets one of his friends up there and he introduces it, goes to the country and says i'm not supporting ryan or mcconnell's bill, this is my bill, and goes out and sells it across the country. if he can't basically make people stand up and be counted, screw it. he's going to be a failure as a president. lou: is he a failed president? >> no, he's not, i'm saying -- >> this is what i'm trying to focus on here politically. he is doing everything he said he would do. he's already introduced it, he's pushing it forward, whether it's tax reform, whether it's repealing obamacare, whether it is a trillion dollar infrastructure plan, whatever it may be,
10:51 pm
suddenly we can't get money for a wall and that's accepted. suddenly his press secretary is talking about comprehensive immigration reform, which is the language of the dead hand of the past on capitol hill. that is the expression of the joint effort of john mccain and the late senator ted kennedy. >> and rubio. lou: it's going to inject it. >> at the end of the day, they've tried, when obama had a democrat majority, he couldn't get immigration reform through. when bush was there -- lou: what does he need to do? >> say the wall is -- no branding it if the wall isn't in it. lou: if he does not push the wall does, not push what he promised the american people in every quarter here, undercuts everything he has to say for the next three years. >> no one going to trust him who busted their tail for them. it's important we get the wall.
10:52 pm
lou: it's about the security of the nation. >> if you pass daca alone, you'll have another daca bill in four years. lou: they won't wait four years. >> they won't wait four years, right. lou: ed rollins. up next, the nuclear explosion of identity theft in this country. that's how our next guest morgan wright describes the equifax cyberattack and what should the punishment be? should the punishment be? they should be ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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. lou: in last night's poll, do you believe mitch mcconnell becomes the biggest obstacle to the trump agenda biirrationally resisting the threshold. 95% of this audience says yes. equifax ceo richard smith vowing big changes after his company's massive data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million customers. congress is demanding answers from equifax calling smith to testify, and that testimony has been set for october 3rd. other hearings sure to follow. joining me now to discuss the latest cyberattack against corporate america, cybersecurity expert morgan wright, great to have you with us. >> good to see you again, lou. lou: great to see you, i have
10:57 pm
to tell you i'm so disgusted with the way the ceo of equifax responded. he's going to make changes, well bless his little entitled heart. he has just screwed up the lives, potentially of 143 million americans because he couldn't run a company worth a damn! what's your reaction? >> look, you were saying earlier and i totally agree, there should be criminal charges in this. in fact, lou, something i talked to congress about after i testified on, we talked about accountability. you need a digital version of sarbanes-oxley. people go to jail. if he misspent $143 million, he'd be going to jail. you basically misspent 143 million people's identities, you ought to go to jail, too. i think there should be a separate investigation into the stock activity going on after the breach was discovered. this is going to get worse, and lou, this number, first rule of data breach, the number is not the real number, it's going to
10:58 pm
be higher. >> the ceo had the temerity to see there's no problem when three of the executives, including the chief financial officer of equifax sold stock within a matter of days, three or four days of learning, they said they didn't learn but the company learned of it three or four days, and the next thing you know these three officials are selling stock and it takes six weeks to let public know. the sec ought to be all over this, and i mean do something. i am so sick of these cyberattacks against corporations that have the wherewithal to protect that data to which they are entrusted by their consumers and customers. it is just ignorance and not a word do we hear from the business roundtable. jamie dimon wants to go around talking about as if he copies everything that donald trump is saying. instead, he doesn't even pay attention to this.
10:59 pm
it's just disgusting that the chamber of commerce business leaders aren't reacting, demanding better performance from themselves? >> lou, this thing could have been -- here's the other thing too, it could have been prevented. it was a simple fix. they knew it in march. lou: by the way, morgan was one of the very first people to point this out that they had the patch waiting, all -- and they ignored it. >> all it had to be is applied! after the nsa tools were disclosed to microsoft, microsoft put out a patch to the vulnerability when korea did the wannacry ransomware. when you get something like this, this system, lou, runs systems at the irs, other big companies like this. this is the type of software that's all over the place. everybody else patched it. why couldn't equifax? lou: absolutely, i couldn't agree with you more. accountability is essential here. morgan wright, see us soon,
11:00 pm
please. we'd like to sigh more often. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us, tony sayegh, tammy bruce and historian doug wead as next. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening. the trump white house blasting ousted fbi director james comey fan laying out the strongest case yet against the former director who is already the focus of two investigations. here is what sarah sanders said. >> the memos that comey leaked were created on an fbi computer while he was director. he claims they are private property. they follow the proat california an official fbi document. it vio


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