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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 15, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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congressman trent franks, steve forbes, gregg jarrett among our guests tomorrow night. we hope you will join us. good night from new york. kennedy: democrat say they have a deal to let dreamers stay. but the president says not so fast. will the white house try to tax the rich to cut the corporate rate? brian brenberg crunches the numbers. why are democrats so hooked on single payer healthcare. juan williams will try to explain. last night'' super natural conservative fab produced a hint of hope for stranded dreamers. the president is trying to capitalize on immigration
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capitalism. if they stay in america she may have good-paying construction jobs buildinged the wall. nancy pelosi says she and chuck and the president agreed dreamers could stay and the wall could suck it. it sent president trump's conservative base into apoplexy. ann coulter tweeted at this point who doesn't want trump impeached. maybe the dreamers will want him once he has been cast aside by y by border hawks. it would be a $280 billion economic hit taking that's able
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bodies out of the workforce. you can get your wall. back off daca. any token momentum on immigration can be used as a goodwill chip for tax reform where it really matters. there is a lot in common between daca and taxes. a vast majority of americans want lower taxes. perhaps the president be calm hothead and get both done. i wouldn't trust nancy pelosi as far as i could throw her. but i wouldn't mind seeing her catapulted back into her crib. so the president says the deal on dreamers is close. this morning schumer and pelosi released a statement saying what
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remains to be negotiated is the details. ways going on behind the scenes. congressman jason coma get. you have been -- jason chaffetz. you have again inside the sauce and factory and production line. what's going on. >> it's always ugly. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they can deliver votes. people line up like lemmings behind them and do what they say. on the republican side with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell it's different. they don't necessarily line up. the dirty little secret is the border wall doesn't require congressional approval. all it requires is proper
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funding. the president already has the approval to build the wall. he does need to work on the funding. but when he gave the three-month extension and pushed this to december. that's when you will see the border wall funding. daca does require congressional approval. kennedy: democrats said it would run into all sort of problems in the court system. what is the president doing working with chuck and nancy. is he just simply trying to get votes and soften them up to get that 60-vote threshold or is he playing mind games with republicans. >> he's triangulating. he's getting democrats and republicans to come with him. he scared the republicans saying if you can't produce results. in order to get to the
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thresholds and grilts. i think all the president want to do is produce results, and he will have to drag along some democrats on these key issues. kennedy: immigration is wrought with emotionalism. the president wants the wall. that's what's most of important to him. he's emotionally invested in the wall. is he just finding a way to get the wallaby using something that's also politically convenient for him. because if he's the one that gets daca passed as a law, some of those potential voters will return the favor by voting for him or republicans for generations. >> he's in the white house because he got the republican base and had to drag some
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independents and democrats along to achieve that. every story the mainstream media has written will be neutralized. but i think you will see people on both sides of the aisle actually want this. but if you don't have the border security and don't have a wall. then you will see people on the far right side of the aisle say that's not what you promised. kennedy: that's why people were freaking and breitbart calling him amnesty don. an coulter with her impeachment tweet. and sean hannity saying the president will be finished if he doesn't stay faithful to his base. >> democrats want nothing but a former president donald trump as fast as they possibly can. but they gravitated a little bit because donald trump has been
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very adept as a politician. democrats want scorched earth, but suddenly he's offering something that's palatable. kennedy: i think it's confusing for them. they are in a position where they have to accept the olive branch he's extending. >> the role of congress is to get a bill on to the president's desk. healthcare, tax reform. i was in the room when they told us, get ready. we are going to have that healthcare bill on the president's desk the moment he's sworn in. we are in september and they haven't quite done that. kennedy: we were told by the treasury secretary tax reform would be done by august. august has come and gone and we are on the precipice of fall. >> we'll be lucky to get it by
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christmas. kennedy: dreamers are weighing in saying they don't plan on going anywhere. >> let me be clear. dreamers and their allies will not, and i repeat, will not let donald trump use our lives or our future in this country for as a bargaining chip for a border wall or more i.c.e. agents or additional detentions. >> i stand sheer today unafraid because i know this is just another obstacle my community will tackle and go through. i stand here and i ask members of congress to join us and fight for stand-alone dream act that will protect me and not hurt my family. don't negotiate with our lives. kennedy: what options do lawmakers have? former white house security council staffer gillian turner
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is back along with kmele foster and fox business network's deirdre bolton. so let us discuss this a little bit. you heard some dreamers saying we are not going to be used as a bargaining chip. that's what both sides want to do. >> president trump is torturing both sides equally. it's a jedi mind trick. we made an agreement, no we didn't, county wall is in, the wall is out. kennedy: it seems like he's in control because he has democrats and republicans more any confused. >> most of us have been confused since the beginning of this administration. i don't know whether the
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president actually changed his mind, if he knew what he was doing when he got into this. if the outcome of all of this is actual legislation that puts the rights these kids have in the law rather than having an arbitrary -- that is a meaningful improvement. however the president got there, whatever the deal is that's necessary to get there. not whatever the deal is. if that's what happens, that's a meaningful improvement for these kids. and it's to the former president's discredit he settled for a half measure. kennedy: they could have had the full measure early on, and barack obama deserves a lot of scrutiny for that. but it's time to look forward. does allowing people to stay in the country. for most of of them, this all they have ever known. is this the same thing as
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amnesty? that seems to be a big sticking point for the president's most of ardent supporters. >> what the president did here is take something that's traditionally and statutorily the responsibility of congress and put the ball back in their court. what he decided to do was not necessarily to end daca. it wasn't in his purview as the chief executive anyway. that was something president obama decided to make it his own. kennedy: sessions is very much, these people are here illegally, law and order, we have to follow the law. the president is saying i have a lot of love for you. >> he made it clear, he got a lot of criticism in the week of hurricane harvey. he's very emotional about daca. every time he speaks about it he
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says this is hard for him. his heart takes him in one direction. it's not easy for him. >> behind the talking points we are talking about 800,000 young people who are contribute together economy. they start businesses and hire people. kennedy: they earn and spend. and it's not -- their employment is not a zero stump proposition. the more people work, the bigger body to have in order to fill positions in your company the better you have in the business. when you are employing people legitimately, they are paying taxes. and money they will never see. hillary clinton once said it takes a village to raise a child. but it may take two villages to keep track of her stance on the electoral college. she was asked if the nation should abolish the select coral
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college. >> we moved towards one person, one vote. that's how we select winners. i think it needs to be eliminated. i would like to see us move beyond, yes. kennedy: she didn't say that during the presidential debates. during the debate last year hillary said this. >> we have been around for 240 years. we have had free and fair elections. we accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. kennedy: i'm so confused. she wrote an entire book wondering why people don't find her to be genuine and sincere. hillary, we have the throne waiting for you in the studio. feel flee to to come set the record state any time. it would be so much fun.
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after witnessing all hillary's contradictions. it's fair to ask, does she want to abolish the electoral college or is she making outrageous comments to sell her book? >> i know people who voted for her, even they are saying she needs to be quite and go away. if you are a fan of the democratic party, they need new faces and new voices. i think of it in the business world where i normally function. it's like a ceo who got fired who keeps showing up to the shareholder meeting. and she won't go away. and poor people who wants to support that party, that's a huge liability for him. poor president became's at a school, he's trying to bring up the next maybe incompetent
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president, but he's trying to develop the bench. she is still talking about herself. kennedy: i'm watching her interests snriewts news cycle. it's blah, blah, blah, me me me, sexism is bad it wasn't fair. >> i don't do losing. i don't have advice for her. kennedy: should we amended the constitution and get rid of the electoral college? >> i don't think more democracy is better. that's kinds of a feature. i'm not certain we need top reform that. i'm not sure she genuinely believes that. it's impossible to disentangle the various ways politicians
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entangle themselves. kennedy: if we didn't have an electoral college, al gore would still be president. >> i don't know she chose the right moment. the day after you lose the election is not the day to kick off the national dialogue, should we get rid of the electoral college. but it's an important conversation to have. over 50% of americans don't understand what it is and how it works. so schools aren't educating school children on what it means. kennedy: it's an important national conversation to have for people to think about whether they agree with it or not. pros and cons is good and useful and healthy. but i don't know that she is the right person to kick that off. kennedy: she has a dog in that hunts.
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kennedy: the return lands in hurricane-ravaged florida today. and he took the time to discuss tax reform. >> wealthy americans are not my priority. my priority are people in the middle class. that wraps we are giving the big thanks reduction to. it's about bringing back jobs to the country so companies can get reduction. we are paying the highest tax rate in the world. we want to bring that to 15%. that would make us competitive with china and other countries.
12:22 am
ken very china has a lot on its plate. but the gop is still pushing tax reform hard. should they cut taxes across the board or go with the president's plan to leave taxes on the shoulders of the wealthy. brian brenberg from the king's college. republicans are getting on board with what has become accepted as taxation orthodoxy. you should be punishing rich people. >> i think democrats, progressives are winning the war of ideas. when you look at this tax debate it's being constrained by the idea that any tax cut for the rich is immoral it's a moral argument. republicans are back off where they traditionally stood and democrats are controlling the debate.
12:23 am
you can say maybe the president is saying this as a sales pitch. he wants to cut the corporate tax rates. maybe's saying one thing but he wants to do something else. either way, i have a problem with the demore o, with the tene debate. why are we talking about the rich like they are siloed from the rest of the country. kennedy: why would you want to reform taxes in the first place? you want to give people a little bit of their money back. but you also wants people who have the ability to invest in the economy. >> the economy doesn't go anywhere unless you unleash that investable capitol. that's why you want to cut the corporate tax rates. this isn't about the wealthy as such. when they have an incentive to invest more their capital they
12:24 am
will do it. that goes into businesses, into jobs, into companies that train workers to work in a 21st century economy. the idea that we are going to leave the rich out here is fundamentally wrong. kennedy: it's almost like we agreed to the definition of the term. but what does rich mean? what does it mean to tax the rich? does that mean you tax billionaires? what does that mean? >> what it will mean over time is that number will come down and down and down because when you have a government centric economy it needs more and more money and progressives will keep going back to the well and say the rich don't pay enough. there is no hard definition and nobody can argue against it.
12:25 am
i think conservatives, republicans, libertarians have to stand up and say tax reform is about everybody. it's a system that's fair and applies across the board equally. the problem is nobody wants to make that argument. kennedy: that would be true equality and everybody is terrified of that see quality and nobody is making the case. >> we let justice be defined in a way that ends up harming the people you are trying to help. kennedy: i can't wait until your book comes out. coming up. speaking of lucky. while hillary clinton tries to stay relevant her seem scandal keeps rearing its ugly head. senator lindsey graham wants james comey to testify.
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12:30 am
the hillary clinton email case. this comes after leaks of a memo comey wrote exonerating hillary clinton before he interviewed her or her aides. >> there is so much to be determined here. comey need to come back. what was his real reason for clearing hillary clinton? had he made up his mind before he even talked to her? >> if he won't come, will you subpoena him? >> i would, yes. kennedy: is it time to put comey under the congressional my droa crow scope? lindsey graham talking about subpoenas for comey. >> this is a battle of inyou ebb doze and allegations here. we don't have a lot of new allegations other than james comey decided hillary wasn't
12:31 am
going to face charges, no matter what. some of us had that suspicion all along. i remember saying there was no way they would prosecute the democrat presidential candidate no matter what they found in the emails. i think that turned out to be true. it's a way of helping against anything that could come out from the mueller investigation. they are going to say if it's a close call with overseas something sketchy -- kennedy: it would set a precedent that might work out. >> this is preparing the battlefield for what's coming down the line from the mueller investigation. if the fbi director made a decision that was completely politicized. if a candidate for the presidency was able to break the law and get away with it, there is nothing that could undermine
12:32 am
the fbi's credibility. to say if he decided beforehand there wasn't going to be charges, he doesn't care much about the fbi's reputation, but cares about protecting hillary clinton and the democratic party. kennedy: that lends itself to the institutional corruption that can a country long term. now we are learning there were classified emails that went to huma abedin over that non-secured server. >> they set a precedence that will come up in the future and the continued back and forth. they thought they were above the law when it came to classification and the rules about what you can and cannot do on an open server. so they thought that, and that's the only way you could explain
12:33 am
such egregious violations. i used to have a clearance. it could happen. over a hundred? hundreds and hundreds of times? these are people who decided i'm above this. people thought james comey had the fiction in for hillary clinton from the beginning and hillary clinton thought she was above the law. those things are looking true. and that's a problem for the democrats if they are going to be saying there is russian collusion. we don't have evidence of that but there is more hillary evidence. kennedy: i have got to get back to the party panel. where do we go from here? can you reopen the investigation with a new fbi director and new a.i.g.? >> i think it does depends on what comes out from the mueller
12:34 am
investigation. kennedy: the hollywood hypocrisy is flooding in as you may have seen. dozens of celebs gathered to raise fund for those affected by harvey and irma. a seemingly wonderful effort by these a-listers who like to rail against global warming. the problem is many of them have carbon footprints. private jet travelers, george clooney, leonard dicaprio and justin bieber. he worships wasting energy. that's a lot of energy. do these stars have a right to lecture and ask for donations from the comfort of their
12:35 am
private jets? deirdre, i'll start with you. >> it's like the green -- we are sorry about the hurricane. it's not just jets it's private jets. so there is maybe five people on them. kennedy: your carbon footprint when you fly on a private jet is 60 times larger. i don't expect them to fly coach. but i want them to stop telling me how to live. >> how about go crazy and fly first class with five members of your even towrng and 15009er people. kennedy: while you are a private jet player, do you believe all climate change is at the hand of humankind? >> again, jealousy.
12:36 am
i'm shearing jealousy. >> part of me feels like why knock the people trying to do something to help. right? part of me feels -- >> they raised $44 million. kennedy: don't tell me to stop doing what i'm doing when you are going to keep doing what you are doing which is worse than what i'm doing. >> why are celebrities expected to donate their times when the rest of us americans are expected to donate our money? that doesn't make sense with me. >> in some cases they do both. and sometimes they pay their indulgences as well. but they pay some money to some fund someplace which apparently offsets it. kennedy: they are climate indulgences. >> we don't have all of the -- we don't have the ability to necessarily draw a one to one
12:37 am
correlation between climate change and these two storms. we need to remember the tragedies of the families on the ground and not politicizing awful weather and human tragedies that take place. but when we need advice on climate change we probably should not get it from them. kennedy: if you settle on your own time before you go out and test a bunch of hypotheses, you shut some of what could be 90% of the truth. >> i think george clooney hasn't looked at much of these things. >> i'm not an expert on george clooney. but i know he runs homes around the world that look like they can accommodate thousands of
12:38 am
people. kennedy: i would love to stay in his lake como home. >> maybe he should welcome some of the flood victims. kennedy: and we should probably take some of them. >> we should get to go, too. >> he got extra dings for his gas guzzling boats. >> between the boats, the cars, the planes. kennedy: that's why he needs more indulgences. thank you so much. there is three of my friend. coming up, several potential 2020 candidates are backing bernie sanders in the single payer healthcare push. but could they regret it when the next presidential election the next presidential election rolls around?
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that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. kennedy: the floodgates opened. the major democratic hopefuls for 2020 are all in on single payer. bernie sanders introduced his medicare for all yesterday. several democrats hopped on board including elizabeth warren. kamala harris and cory booker. while some polls suggest
12:43 am
americans like single payer, is it going to get far? is this the ultimate goal for the democratic party and the progressive left, single payer? >> it's the big idea on the political landscape. hillary clinton said her big idea would have been a guaranteed income for all americans based on oil, gas revenue like they do in alaska. she was afraid to put that idea out there. this single payer just like that for most of democratic politicians you would have been thinking this is a goal too far. people will paint you as a socialist. though 52% of democrats like this idea. kennedy: more and more people are warming to that and i think part of it is because they are
12:44 am
watching the understand market implode and it terrifies them. democrats had an idea that was half baked and republicans screwed up fixing it. so you leave the rest of the people not knowing what's going to happen with their future. you have an aging population. i'm not surprised more people are getting on board with it. it's kinds of falling apart. the biggest problem is not want to go help take care of people. it's not that instinct to make sure there is a safety net. the problem is how in the hell do you pay for insurance? >> in vermont, the governor put forward this idea. guess what. liberal democrats, eventually they had to back off because they couldn't figure out how to pay for it without imploding their economy. that's vermont. people will point overseas and say this we are the only western
12:45 am
democracy that doesn't have universal healthcare. but the idea again is we are different and our economy is bigger, and the issue is how do you pay for it. who is willing to pay the taxes sufficient to pay for it. this will drive up by trillions the national deficit. that's why in answer to your original question, do i think this will be the big issue for democrats, it is at the moment. for a party moving farther to the left, they are saying finally we'll stand by this. but how do you pay for it. kennedy: will they payments themselves into a corner. the pendulum always swings. will they be forced to come up with something bigger than obamacare with more coverage than obamacare and can only be called single payer? >> i think they will try. it may be like the wall. we wanted to do it but we don't
12:46 am
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kennedy: it's thirsty thursday which means i'll take my entire staff out for dringts after the show as opposed to the rest of the week where we drink before the show. i wish i was kidding. but not as much as the network does. protesters are often referred to as a bunch of clowns who need to get a job. that cliche' never seemed more aappropriate than it today. there was a rumor professional clowns were going to protest the movie "it." they want the movie to go away so they can do what they do best. you may not take this protest seriously but the stiff new york does.
12:51 am
400 clowns are coming in from out of town 3-7b so the city is bracing for an additional three cars on the road. the protest is still just a rumor. but if it does go don't will be nice to see someone riding a unicycle. here is my banjo. i plate on my sun cycle. -- with my sun -- with my unicycle. the number one question was how to tie a tie. followed by how to kiss. will we sure this is the world
12:52 am
search history? that sounds like my assistant ben. that's a no-no. googles data editor says how to searches have increased by 140% and the fastest-growing search is how to make a losing candidate stop whining about an election. unfortunately that search had zero results because not even google can figure it out. let's head up to boston where a group of protesters hung a sign at fenway park that said racism is as american as baseball. red sox only steal signs from the yankees. the banner was unfurled during the fourth inning causinged the crowd to boo, the umpire to stop the game and the police to kick
12:53 am
them out of the stadium. topic number 4. china. china is mourning the death of fozzie, the world's oldest panda who head off to the great bamboo tree in the sky. she was 37. she died doing what she loved best, texting and driving. it turns out she was a lifelong democrat and she died of embarrassment after reading hillary's book, "what happened?" god rest her soul. topic number 5. you win some, you lose some and
12:54 am
hate some. your glasses, your clothes, your voice. this is viewer mail. linda begins with kennedy gets on my last nerve endings. michael writes, i think i almost threw up and changed the channel within 30 seconds. holy wrap, michael, that's a record. no one has ever lasted that long. i have got rating to prove it. frances says this person confuses me more every time i accidentally listen to her on my way to find the remote control. is it in the bread box? no. is it brent kutions of the today ofenport? no. is it in the oven with the kitty? no. walter knows my secret.
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how unpopular is student loan debt? a personal loan site asked what they would give up if their debt was washed away. leftists like santa claus sanders couldn't trade debt amnesty for votes. 44% would ditch ridesharing. only 27% said they would move in with their parents to never have to make a college payment again. 13% would give up texting if they could give away what they owe in academic loans. with 22 mill americans holding a staggering amount of student loan debt, thank you so much for watching the show.
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you can follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook. and video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (narrator) he was a true patriot. (bob hope) this has been a great trip.


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