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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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issuing a state of emergency. president trump approving an emergency declaration for the virgin islands. thank you for having us in your homes. thanks for watching. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: fast-moving developments on north korea. defense secretary mattis saying the united states has not attempted to shoot down any of north korea's missiles because they have not posed a direct threat. president trump bringing a tough reform message to the united nations today saying it has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. tomorrow he is expected to call for a harder line on north korea and the iranian nuclear deal. adam shapiro joins with us the latest. reporter: the president will be
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meeting for dinner with latin american leaders. they expect to be talking about the situation in venezuela, those president will not be meeting with mr. maduro of venezuela. they will talk about making the u.n. more efficient. the u.s. is the single largest contributor to the budget of the united nations. the other issues have to do with north korea as well as middle east peace. the president meeting with emmanuel macron of france. france of court is on the receiving end of some terrorist attacks. also the president met with benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister talking about middle east peace, and talking about ways to stop iran from paints fearing and meddling in
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the midwest. >> peace between the palestinians and israel will be a fantastic achievement. and we are giving it an absolute go. i really think we have a chance. i think israel would like to see it and the palestinians would like to see it. i can tell you the trump administration would like to see it. reporter: the president will speak tomorrow before the united nations general assembly. that speech around 9:30 in the morning. and he's expected to address the issue of north korea. but that situation continues to escalate and everybody is expecting the president will discuss north korea and iran. charles: we'll bring in our panel.
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let me start with you, steven. a lot for president trump to cover. the bureaucracy in the u.n. the president says he seize potential for the u.n., after 72 years, i would hope so. what's on the agenda tomorrow? >> this is defend gentleman havr again. it could have bent same for president bush. turning it around and saying what are you going to do with these issues. president trump has come with some ideas. but north korea will dominate the discourse over the next couple days. charles: part of the problem is where russia and china are.
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russia and china have a veto which is an impediment of anything happening concrete. >> the reason this u.n. forum is so crucial to his efforts on north korea. a key part of the president's strategy for rolling back north korea's nuclear prarm is sanctions. but sanctions don't work unless they are aggressively even forced. and it will be largely the responsibilities of china and russia. the fact that those two countries have their top diplomats all in one place with trump and ambassador haley and their team the next few days, this means this is a key moment when the president may be able to if you are china and russia not to just sign on on paper on u.n. sanctions, but to actually put muscle behind, even coursing these sanctions. this is some place where they could make progress.
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charles: hearing nikki haley speak, she suggested the u.n. security council is out of options. but there was a plan put forth that was watered down. since then north korea last another missile. they ignited their most of powerful nuclear bomb to date. is there a chance there is a diplomatic solution? >> i don't think there is. the u.n. did, you know, put more sanctions on north korea. but nikki haley herself i was surprised to hear her admit they have gone as far as they can on the security council. i don't think you will see china and russia step up and enforce the sanctions. we have instances of sanctions where they pledge to enforce them, then they don't. that's a great win for the countries enforcing it.
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i don't see any way that north korea is going to give up its nuclear missiles or nuclear weapons and missiles its develops because they believe it unless their security interests to keep them. charles: let's talk about the america first agenda. how he plays that out with respect to the rest of the world, and the responsibility nations have to themselves. >> that has been a big underemphasized point. the america first points was interpreted as isolationism or withdrawal. it has turned out to be a different kinds of engagement. and to me it's about rebalancing. the message he was teasing today about the organization of the u.n. having to do more for itself and right size some of its missions and look carefully at the expenditures when the u.s. gives such a large quantities of it.
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share more of the burd many of its membership. i don't necessarily favor his odds in pushing it. the calcified institution has spree sift the message for a long time. he may be able to push tonight ways others have failed. charles: president trump able to get nato to step up to the plate. we are seeing a runaway bureaucracy in spending. and they have had resistance to these calls in the past. >> it's interesting hearing the president and ambassador haley do a wink wink nudge nudge hint hint message to the other nations that they would like to see them investing more. and of course as has been highlighted. the u.s. is one of the main funders of the united nations. something that trump as a
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businessman of course is acutely aware of is the fact when you funds something you have extraordinary leverage over it. so the question becomes do the u.n.'s member nations think trump and ambassador haley from paper tigers when they make the threats? or do they actually take it seriously and change the way they relate to this international body. and of course it remains to be seen. it's something that will be looked at closely. charles: there is not a lot of love in the united states for the united nations when we are fronting 22% of the bill. we saw president trump with his brief hello, if you will to the u.n., i think he put down to some markers. he's going to be pretty tough on them tomorrow. >> he's right and this. he's a little less tough than
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was on the campaign trail where he said the u.n. was the enemy much freedom of and democracy. the united nations has gone way past its collective security rationale when it was first put in the 1940s. they are into all sorts of different things. you can look to their peacekeeping mission in various countries. it's very corrupt and run amok. i think it does need to be reformed from top to bottom. charles: the corruption stories have been horrific in certain parts of the world. what would happen if we were to walk away from the united nations. they are ineffective organizations. i don't think they intimidate any of the nation's bad actors. so what would happen? >> my sense is not have as much would happen. it's seen as having some value to the presidential strategy and u.s. strategy over many, many years.
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i toyed with the idea, why don't we move the u.n. to a different country and maybe it u.s. would have less of a bill to pay and maybe there is a famous developer that could use that real estate in new york better. but that's kinds of glib. but this institution has one major national security issue of put on its plate, knows the korean peninsula. and here we are today failing to change trajectory of things there. that's a pretty big failure for an institution. charles: i have got a breaking news here. protests have broken out in new york city. you are looking at protesters that began at grand central terminal protesting what they say is white supremacy. they are on their way to times square. nikki haley on a sign with white
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supremacy. this will be the first of many. national security advisor h.r. mcmaster is better off without steve bannon and others in the white house. we'll tell you why next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> is the administration better off with steve bannon out of the white house? >> the administration is better off when we can serve the president by integrating and coordinating across all our agencies with our key allies and partners and present the president with multiple options. so what's important its to have an inclusive process and not manipulate into a particular
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agenda. we are advancing the president's agenda and policies and strategies for the american people. charles: h.r. mcmaster attributing the strength and support of the trump team as being better off without steve bannon. deneen, let me start with you. a lot of folks are saying with ban noon outside the white house, he will be a more effective spokesperson for trump and he and trump for the most of part are still on the same page. >> that's what we are hearing. but to the point of what's going on with mcmasters comments. it's not surprising the two of them were butting heads.
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mcmasters is an obama holdover. so he's an establishment military guy. there are dozens of individuals who will fall under that as well. >> for wars, the sort of pro war and the same sort of agenda that puts corporate america ahead of the regular folks? >> i think he's more interventionist. but i think when trump goes non-interventionist and when he talks about america first, that doesn't view america functioning as the world policeman. that's closer to obama. one thing that's positive about bannon being gone, there is after more orderly process. charles: do you think it agenda has changed? what i'm hearing on tax policy. it sounds closer to the things steve bannon wants. no breaks for the upper class.
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the strong focus on the middle class and small business. >> i think we have to separate his economic global agenda from his foreign policy. some of his instincts have been right. being sceptical of the united nations. i agree with that. taking a firmer line with syria with the chemical attacks. that was one of the best moments of his presidency. that's not something i think steve bannon would necessarily encourage him to do. charles: how do you see this playing out. there are a lot of calls, this core supporters who are distrusting of mcmaster. for some of the reasons you just laid out. >> there are calls for mcmaster to be let go, to be fired, because a lot of people don't think he's on board with the president's agenda. he's also holding cover for individuals in the obama administration, obama holdovers who are still there, a lot of
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them have not been let go. i think they are not really on board with everything the president wants to do. charles: you think mcmaster is part of the swamp. >> he's establishment kind of guy and he's career mind, absolutely. charles: in new york city the protests have just begun in the grand central area of 42nd street. the protests ostensibly against white supremacy but it's a whole smoarganything anti-trump. i'm t. when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can also help with this.
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charles: the battle for tax reform is heating up as the so-called big six in the republican party remain divided.
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house republicans are promising to release the plan early next week. congressman kevin brady is pushing the idea of tax cuts for all income groups. >> we are unified around a strong middle class tax cuts. i want to lower the rate at every level so people can keep more of what they earn. washington takes too much of what people earn and they waste too much of what they take while they have got it. charles: ned ryun, a former george w. bush writer. and emily, i loved the tax cuts for all. i would love to see that come to fruition. >> those were even couraging remarks from congressman brady. the republican party knows they won the presidential elect in part because the middle class was mobilized.
6:23 pm
they thought donald trump was speak for them. i think they understand they are under serious pressure to do that. we'll abide by those conservative principles of limited government and the government taking less from hard working people. charles: how will you focus them? it could be something else except i'm not hearing enough from so-called pass-through businesses and other groups out there. >> i'm hearing even couraging news. they will be looking at small business tax cuts. you will see something in the range of 30% tax cuts for small business. i'm hearing trump is going into the field next week. he will be targeting 13 states which is a winning issue. when 63% of democrats think it should be a top priority. you are looking at a solid
6:24 pm
issue. my concern is i wanted it to be a legitimate tax reform. but i want to say keep it simple, student i'd. a corporate tax rate at 15%, i'll settle for 20. i want tax cuts at the middle class and simplifying. making it so simple you will be able to do your tax returns on one page. and i want that repatriation of revenue at 10% to bring back that money into the i.s. to put into u.s. jobs. 10% of $4 trillion. $400 billion for the government. we could build a wall and infrastructure with that. charles: there were comments from putnam. he sent a message to the republican party saying don't mess with 401k plans. they are seen as low-hanging
6:25 pm
fruit. there was a suggestion about a bored adjustment tax. that's been rebuffed. but should the gop take care not to make sure that big businesses get the biggest breaks and somehow the middle class pays for it? >> i think what ned says is key. tax reform is a winning issue. they look like they are doing something that helps big business and not the middle class. they need to be careful. but they need to be creative with the policy because they have to lower the deficit with it, and that's no easy task. charles: the gop at this very moment may be this close to voting on obamacare repeal. it's building steam. i have got the details for you
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charles: there's a new g.o.p. obikiya repeal bill and its building speed. this is john mccain indicating he may be a reluctant yes to the bill proposed by republicans senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy. majority leader mitch mcconnell reportedly told senators that he will only bring the bill to the floor if the g.o.p. can garner 50 yes votes
6:30 pm
once of course thought to be dead on arrival. this bill is in the final nail in obamacare's coffin. here to discuss elizabeth harrington staff writer for the washington free beacon. elizabeth let me start with you. this morning everyone wrote this off and all of a sudden as the day went on i am reading it's one vote short. >> exactly. i think the vote -- big momentum push was the arizona governor who gave his support to this bill which gives john mccain a pass to support this bill now because all along he said if my governor supports that i will definitely take a look at he's the real important vote here because he's the one that killed at the last time. i don't think republicans would waste their time expecting to get susan collins are lisa murkowski on board. mccain is the key and i think rand paul is also the key to get this through. they are very close and here they got momentum going. >> on that note rand paul all day long seems like a pretty
6:31 pm
firm no. they are question marks out there but what's interesting is you have heller who is the sponsor. he was really tough and ron johnson is a sponsor so some people who were decidedly knows and question marks before are on ward. >> what it comes down to the same argument we had last election that i've heard from a lot of republicans. okay so you don't like trump at your option is hillary. this bill isn't perfect but it's not obamacare and it's something to build on and when you have republicans campaigning for years and years on repeal and replace they shoot their credibility. this is a limited window of time and i think they have to act on this. >> i would have course prefer a full repeal but it appears to be set in the right direction and lindsey graham is a co-sponsor the bill. he's a very good friend of senator mccain so there's a possibility that he may support it but i think president trump needs to lean on the democrats in the red states to assure that up.
6:32 pm
charles: i then heard where president trump stance on this but i have heard the cbo scores and going to happen for a couple of weeks. >> they should get the initial cbo score early that next week. the american people who care about the cbo score and the republicans want to repeal obamacare. the republicans in the senate have a deadline. they need to get this done or they won't be recognized in the majority plain and simple and president trump kellyanne conway said he will definitely sign this bill and republican senators have to remember that this is not going to be the final version of the bill. it still has to go to the house. they can tweet it and change it but the big thing here is they get rid of the mandate and individual mandates get rid of some of the taxes and that god's obamacare. that's essentially repeal and they need to get their act together and get it done. charles: i think your point
6:33 pm
gillian it's been stealthy because can republicans afford any more egg on their face? it's one thing now that optimism is building that they run the risk of failing in front of the public to do what they promised they would do. would everyone essentially said as low-hanging fruit is these things to accomplish. >> it's inexcusable that this hasn't pass so carpet with the cbo scoring i think that's an excuse that's going to push it back past the september 30 deadline and by the way cbo scores are not definitive. that they've been wrong quite a bit. a bad excuse. charles: what are you thinking putting a finger in the wind? passing this without a lot of drama and a lot of promise. there are some folks out there that have a chance to make amends to their voters by perhaps doing that quote unquote right thing now. >> here's the other thing
6:34 pm
bernanke sanders medicaid for all is appealing for a lot of people who can't afford to the deductible to the premium if they don't do something so they have to move forward. charles: elizabeth democrats saying this is worse than the bill they voted down. it would get some of these states of medicaid and by the same token where the republican concerns is that we block grant the states and a lot of things will take that money and create their own de facto medicaid or health care for all. >> democrats alawi say whatever plan is going to be worse and you may say that every time, somehow it gets more terrible for the democrats but when you talk about law granting the other part of this bill in 10 years it's stop suspending so there's a cliff for it. in california some of these liberal states want to try to do single-payer they are going to run out of money because a lot of that's going to be redistributed to states that didn't expand medicaid. they are not going to be
6:35 pm
uplifted to do that plan and with block grants it will make it more fair for the other states to come up with their own plan to get a little more competition the single-payer to me wouldn't work anyway. charles: quickly i want to go around, elizabeth does it passed? >> i think it does come i think does. charles: we will leave it there. >> it had better. charles: okay, we will be right back. that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand,
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charles: hurricane mariyah getting stronger as it bears down on the caribbean and moments ago the national weather service upgraded the storm to a category 4 as it heads towards puerto rico.
6:38 pm
another record day for the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500. the major averages don't tell the whole story so here are today's messages from this market through this morning caterpillar got an upgrade from
6:39 pm
ups which lifted his ratings to buy. noting the amazing growth for this company. talking about the global economy. the most recent quarter saw construction sales up 11% at latin america 34% and now for the record i've been pounding the table on this stock for years and that's my target to 135 for another global proxy is bowing. that's only going to ground the next two decades. the delivery of 41,000 planes for $6.1 trillion. it could see japan shift from its papa constitution to confront an imperialistic china in a bombastic north korea. although stock continues to rally around the world. another theme today, forget about the noise about the market being worried about rate hikes. at this stage of the recovery the market needs to see some conference allowing its moderate
6:40 pm
adjustment to so-called accommodation so with the start of the meeting tomorrow financial for the best performing sector today on speculation the fed will not shy away from slowing down and removing it. i told you last week about short squeezes. stocks with huge short positions did very well. a lot of those including tesla. the first money looking for a quick score willing to push and chase these names to tesla 27% short position applied optical electronics. then there is general rotation. i'm watching investors that exit the safe haven and utilities with a lot of money into 2000. larger rivals talking about this index today that beat out the dow s&p and nasdaq ends getting close to a major breakout of 14.50. there's a lot of influences to this rally and most of them are gaining momentum and gaining strength. we will be right back. your lineup.
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charles: in the wake of the cybersecurity breached scammers are preying on potential victims as the department of justice is reportedly investigating three top executives were selling their shares after the breach was discovered but not purporting to publicly publicly journey me too discusses christopher bray senior vice president of -- and john laurel at former federal prosecutor. chris let me start with you. today's equifax put out its own timeline on how the event unfolded. i think it's created or confusion and more questions than we are to have. >> i would agree with you there but the more important point is that information is out. once the genie is out of the bottle we are talking about social security numbers and people's identities and you can't put that genie back in the
6:45 pm
bottle. people need to worry about their identities being compromised for the rest of their lives. charles: john let me ask you from a legal point of view because i lost track of the class-action lawsuits and states attorney generals are getting together as well. i'm confident the justice department investigating these insider selling $2 million worth of stock. >> writes this is not only a cyber disaster is a legal disaster for the company because what the allegation is is that the company delayed reporting to the public that there was this breach and during that delay period shares the stock being sold by high-level executives. if they knew about the breach in security and they sold those stocks during that period that could be insider trading so that's a big issue for the company. charles: we haven't confirmed it but there are float -- reports floating tonight that there's a large breach five months earlier that the company did not tell
6:46 pm
the public about so christopher you said something he was startling and i've want to get back to this. you were saying this breach may impact people who lost their information because of it for the rest of their lives? >> bavis correct because what was compromised here, this was not like the breach a while ago where your e-mail account details were compromised. you're right entire identity is compromised and you can't can go out and get a new social security number so what is being traded by a criminal organization and body and soul? he need to be looking over your digital sold -- shoulder for the rest of your life to make sure again at the essay. charles: the moves that the company has made so far christopher are they adequate and do they do anything to slow down potential identity theft among other things? >> unfortunately the horse is
6:47 pm
out of the stable. they are doing whatever they can to make things good but you can't pull that data back and it's now out there so the actions rests on the individual to protect themselves and know what to do to protect them selves rather than hoping in vain that the company is somehow going to rectify this. charles: let me enter a tear because we have breaking news. you're looking at general mcmaster is president trump is meeting with latin leaders at a working dinner at the united nations. let's watch. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
6:48 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much.
6:49 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much everyone. it was a great honor. i had a long conversation with president xi of china this morning. we discussed some of the obvious things and we discussed trade and we also discussed a place called north korea. it was a long call. it was a very good call. we have a very fine relationship and let's see what happens. i think we are making great progress. and we are going to be going to china during the month of november. you probably have it in your schedules and i look very much forward to that. i'm thrilled to host this important dinner with leaders of some of the greatest allies in the western hemisphere and that
6:50 pm
is so true. we are here to discuss the growing crisis in venezuela. the socialistic dictatorship of nicholas madero had this inflicted terrible missouri and suffering on the good people of that country. this corrupt regime destroyed a thriving nation by imposing a failed ideology that has produced prop -- poverty and despair everywhere it's been tried. to make matters worse madero stealing power from elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule. the venezuelan people are starving and their country is collapsing. it was one of the wealthiest countries in the world for a long period of time and now the people are starving in the country is collapsing. who would think that's possible?
6:51 pm
their democratic institutions are being destroyed. the situation is completely unacceptable. as responsible neighbors and friends of the venezuelan people our goal must be to help them regain their freedom, recover their country and restore their democracy. i would like to thank the leaders in this room. we have some great leaders in this room. i want to thank them for condemning the regime and providing the vital support to the venezuelan people. most of the media, the press, a lot of other leaders have no idea the tremendous people without exception in this room are doing as leaders of their country and helping the people of venezuela. i can tell you we really appreciate it and the world really appreciates it. thank you all very much. we appreciate that so much for the united states has taken
6:52 pm
important steps to hold the regime accountable. we are prepared to take further action if the government of venezuela persists on the path to imposing authoritarian rule on the venezuelan people. we are fortunate to have incredibly strong and healthy trade relationships with all of the countries gathered here today. they are doing very well with the united states. we want to try and change a little bit so we can turn the tables just a little bit. i congratulate you all. nicky knows exactly what i'm saying and rex knows exactly what i'm saying but we have great relationships and we do great trade. our economic bond is forming critical foundations for advancing peace and prosperity for all of our people and all of our neighbors. i ask every country representative here to be prepared to do more to address this unbelievably serious crisis
6:53 pm
crisis. we call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in venezuela and we want it to happen very, very soon. again i would like to thank everybody. we look forward to having dinner with you and we will talk individually about what ideas you may have concerning venezuela and other situations that we are also dealing with including trade. mr. vice president thank you very much for being here. would you like to say a word? >> thank you mr. speaker as it appeared it was my great honor to represent you and the united states in the trip to latin america. it's good to see many of the leaders extending their hospitality to the united states and i echo your strong affirmation of the partnerships that are representative at this table, partnerships for prosperity, partnerships for
6:54 pm
security and we look forward to continuing to work with all the leaders to promote the mutual prosperity of all of our nations throughout this hemisphere. it's an honor to be here mr. president. >> thank you very much. would you like to say something? secretary of state. >> mr. president let me at first my welcome to all of you to the dinner and these are all very important countries to the united states relationship in the western hemisphere economically but also from a security standpoint. we have many many shared issues to fight against crime, fight against corruption and all of you are very important in the cooperation that we receive and working together towards the shared goals so very pleased to be with all of you tonight. >> thank you so much for the job you have done over the last along time since you put it together. we had incredible meetings today
6:55 pm
with france and with israel. the two leaders and they are great leaders and we covered a lot of territory. we have a lot of agreement i can tell you that, so we have done a lot and we are going to be doing a lot more i understand for the next four days. nikki will you say a few words? >> we want to welcome everyone to new york. i can tell you in the united nations really your ambassadors are great friends and we have started to work really closely together. your region matters and the partnership and the friendship need to be sought so we don't wait until a crisis hits but we are all targeting and everywhere they can. thank you for your time and being here and enjoy new york. >> thank you and we appreciate you being here. thank you all very much. appreciate it, thank you. charles: president trump and key
6:56 pm
members of his administration. we will be right back. urney to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you.
6:59 pm
charles: president trump just landed what he says is a meeting with the latin american leaders gathered at the united nations. enter your assessment of this? >> i thought it was a very strong statement particularly on venezuela and the president talked about human rights democracy. i have to say on trade in no really i think the president is sometimes not well served by his staff. it's like somebody inserted generic diplomatic what a play language about what grady -- great trading partners these countries were in the rates on cameron thinks that's not what i actually think so yes to go back and say we want to turn the tables a little bit. overall i thought it was a good statement. charles: what do you think, you have 10 seconds. >> it was an important message he an account a lot of the narrative about a disengaged president. this is an important message.
7:00 pm
charles: venezuela and the western hemisphere a major problem with civil strife boiling over there so we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime lou dobbs is next. keep the right here on "fox business"." lou: good evening everybody. said big week for president trump who is in new york city meeting with world leaders for the 72nd united nations general assembly. the annual summit trying to tackle a number of international challenges chief among them north korea's nuclear threat, iran's nuclear deal and syria's civil war to this is also the president's debut with the united nations, an organization that he criticized throughout his campaign for the presidency as weak, incompetent and hardly a friend to democracy. mr. trump wasn't wrong but now


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