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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 19, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lou: what kind of nonsense is that. we'll play if you play first? >> they would not go public with it if they didn't have the votes. lou: i couldn't imagine ryan doing that. kennedy: the president goes to the u.n. did he bring his america first agenda with him? the republicans propose a budget with $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. the familiar weighs in with a cop-hating antifa professor who advocates violence against his enemies. hopeful senators have trying to resuscitate obamacare reform. obamacare was always a clever and cruel ruse and the republicans have been the punch line for the bad national joke.
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two senators have interesting ideas that have creeping towards passage. repeel the employer and individual mandate and gets rid of the health benefits that require your insurance company to offer drug rehab, and maternity care even if you don't have a baby factory. and it block grants money to individual states so they can get out of the sticky web of centralistic federal planning. maine and alaska's politicians are addicted to governmentalism. they want more government, more medicaid. those two broads should spent spend less time beg for handsouts and spends more time make their states profitable.
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dr. senator rand paul still thinks this stinks. the cbo won't have time to score it, committees don't have time to debate it, and since a win is necessary to a desperate white house, you can expect payouts to senators who don't want to be accused of killing the vote. welcome to my graveyard. i'm kennedy. this whole repeal and replace thing might feel like political ground hog day. but will this hail mary succeed where all the strategies have failed? here is lindsey graham. >> senator mcconnell is doing everything he can. paul ryan told me to my face, if
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you pass it, we pass it. kennedy: like a kidney stone. that means there will be a lot of pressure on any potential senate holdout. joining me is dan henin ever. let's talk about the graham cassidy bill. what's not to love in the bill? >> apparent live it doesn't completely repeal and replace obamacare. but it goes a long way to doing that. it repeals the individual employer mandate, the 2.3% tax on medical device and it caps out on medicaid and transferred the money by a block grant back to the states who are allowed to experiment with creating a healthcare system appropriate to their populations. so it's much better than the status quo. amazing thing is, a week or so ago, it was regarded as a joke.
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what are we look at today? lindsey graham standing next to the majority leader mitch mcconnell. you have got senate leadership thinking this thing will pass. kennedy: so you have four senators who could be problematic. lisa murkowski, susan collins and rand paul. lindsey graham authored the legislation. he will probably get on board. i think he can be swayed. >> and the governor arizona supports it. kennedy: what about susan collins and lisa murkowski. of the two who is the most of likely to turn if they are offered the right presidential package. >> most of likely lisa murkowski.
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susan collins says her state is sinking under the weight of an opioid crisis. lisa murkowski seems to be hiding behind process and detail like the cbo score. kennedy: the cb portion won't be able to say with any accuracy who is going to lose insurance, how many people and when. though they have been wrong in the past. and that's giving ammunition to the democrats at well. >> there is no way the cbo can accurately score something like graham cassidy which will sent healthcare out into the 50 individual states. i don't think cbo can accurately score that within a week. lisa murkowski was praised by the liberals and the left.
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to me it's telling that they have gone ballistic over graham cassidy. chuck schumer is pulling out all the stops to oppose this bill which means it must have something going for it. if lisa murkowski wants to be the last senator standing -- >> especially if mccain votes yes. if she is one vote away, she'll be person spa non-grats non grar party. there is obviously some tension there. what will the president do differently? >> he might talk to lisa purchase cough ski personally -- lisa murkowski personally. trump having abandoned the republicans twice in the last three weeks, co-come back on board to help the republicans get a bill like this across the
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goal line by appealing to lisa murkowski to do it for him, the party and the country. kennedy: it's something that does benefit congress and the presidency. we'll see what happens. dan henin ever, thank you -- dan henninger thanks so much. president trump told rest of the world the united states is his number one priority. >> as president of the united states i will always put america first. just like you as the leaders of your your countries will always and should always put your countries first. kennedy: now that the u.n. has gone the a taste will they listen? we have chris barron and anthony
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fisher. welcome, everyone. so i will start with you. in one sentence or less, was this a good and fair way to size up the u.s. foreign policy? >> it's the fair way to size it. you president trump's foreign policy and not entirely unreasonable. i don't encourage ratcheting up nuclear tensions with north korea. but saying countries are inherently look out for their own sovereign interests is not insane. kennedy: it's straightforward and shownest and it's what every other leader says to their own people. so why not say it in mixed company. >> this was the most coherent foreign policy message i have heard from president trump.
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he left the door open to international cooperation. he talked about international states, their sovereigntying about the building block for tour global village. he also talked about we are not going to be meddling in other one trims affairs. kennedy: we have a lot to get to from this speech. was it fair to say america first? you put china and france first, why shouldn't we? >> to get on trump's good side you have to say this is the best speech ever. was that statement fair? >> you don't have to be a rocket scientist to note majority of the american people want a disciplined, calculated and diplomatic solution to deterring north korea. kennedy: glad you brought it up. >> when he casually threatens
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nuclear war -- kennedy: i wanted you to respond to putting america first. but now let's talk about north korea. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we'll have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. kennedy: go ahead. >> i think that if trump is going to focus on our allies, one of the things that the reality is, since this election we have lost so much credibility. pew had a report out where america's standing in the world has plummeted, 60, 71% of our allies don't trust trump on foreign policy. kennedy: why should we be
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spending that much money funding the u.n.? why should we be taking on a third of the burden? >> i always found the u.n. to be an i can effect you'll gas bag organization that elevates dictators and the worst regimes to a higher status. what trump said about if forced into a corner, if forced into an actual confrontation they would annihilate the north korean regime it moms different than what presidents obama, bush or clinton said. >> so what if the rest of the globe doesn't love us anymore. under barack obama was the globe a more peaceful place? appeasement doesn't work.
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kissing iran's butt and kissing north korea's butt didn't work with president obama. >> i think the south koreans probably disagree with you a little bit on the idea of annihilating north korea. japan is look at this and saying we are going to be the ones hole feel the brunt of this. >> we have skin in the game too. we have the military. kennedy: we are have much on the peninsula. we have tons of americans whether it's academics or military personnel or business people in places like japan. >> okinawa, the philippines. we are all over that area. i'm the last person advocating for a war-like confrontation.
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kennedy: i want to pose a specific question to you. anthony is right here and i agree philosophically we cannot be starting wars and causing casualties and getting involved in conflicts. but you don't have a solution. >> i think the solution would be a diplomacy factor. kennedy: that's not a solution for north korea. >> i think having our allies -- kennedy: there is no diplomatic solution right now. for people who want peace. >> because of the attempt to settle this diplomatically. that's why north korea has a nuclear weapon. you thought we could talk our way out of this. i want to avoid war, too. but we cannot live with a nuclearized north korea.
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kennedy: the president also said the u.s. is pay to go large a share to support u.n. >> the united states is one out of 193 countries in the naits. yet we pay 2% of the entire budget and more. in fact we pay far more than anybody realizes. the united states bears an unfair cost burden. but to be fair. if it could actually accomplish all of its stated goals, especially the goal of peace, this investment would easily be well worth it. kennedy: can you argue with that logic? either no one like us there or we shouldn't be paying the line's share of this. or it doesn't matter if people like us. >> there is a gray area here. i was on the you necessary co-commission for the u.s.
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entire u.n. at times can be a hot mess. i get that. there is a lot of improvement that can happen from a bureaucratic standpoint. but when you look at the work the u.n. is doing on the sustainable development goals and the energy policy. we are a super power. that means we are a world leader and have a greater responsibility. what that percentage end up being, i'm nol not going to say i know the percentage right now. i think it's okay for the united states to say we are going to contribute more. >> as long as countries kill gay people and brutalize women and religious minorities continue to have a seat on the human rights commission, not saddamn penny. >> the contribution to the bureaucratic costs are a drop in the bucket. getting food into where warlords
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are trying to keep it out. even if they end up padding the regimes we are trying to destabilize. i prefer like you were saying, i prefer we don't have the whole thing be a completely blind society where we rotate saudi arabia or libya into the human rights council and the security council is in permanent stasis since world war ii. kennedy: some countries are bad. the united states may not be perfect. some of those countries you listed are awful. the party panel is fantastic. senate republicans reportedly have a budget pitch that allows for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. we'll explain what it means for you next.
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kennedy: is the gop about to deliver on their tax plan promise? details about the plan not expected until next week. but writing such cuts into the
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budget may spare republicans from choosing which cuts will pay for the cuts. lower taxes have been the mantra of the republican party. but deficit hawks don't want to see deficit get out of control. here to answer that question, washington examiner commentary editor tim carney visiting the city of new york. welcome back. $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. that's a big number. what's tonight for me? >> there is the corporate side and individual side. one of the things republicans are talking about is doubling the standard deduction. kennedy: what does that mean? >> standard deduction is in effect the zero% rate.
8:22 pm
if you don't itemize your deduction, a married couple gets $12,000 tax-free. if you doubled that, then everybody's taxes go down who uses the standard deduction. some people who currently itemize might say the standard deduction is so big it wipes out all my deductions. then they go to zero for a significant number of people making less than $25,000. >> some of those deductions that people love, those are going to go away? will they also go away for corporations? >> i like the idea of a big tax cut. but when they are saying a big tax cut. part of what they are saying is we want to lower rates and not get rid of these special carveouts. what they cause companies to do is invest according to the tax
8:23 pm
treatment rather than the economic promise of something. g.e. employs a thousand people in their tax division. getting rid of the loopholes will help the economy. but republicans picking too many fights with too many corporate lobbyists. kennedy: when you are an individual company or small business owner or your family is the one that gets hit if you can't engage in this legal tax avoidans, then it gets frustrating. >> the corporations will all say we want some sort of tax reform. but then they will fight like crazy to keep your special carve-outs. i never blame anybody for taking advantage of a carve-out. i think the businesses ought to come around.
8:24 pm
kennedy: supply siders say don't worry about the defend sit. >> when the rates were super high like they were under reagan. the cuts would overwhelm it. it's not going to overcome the $1.5 trial. pat toomey hopes it will at least make that $1.5 trillion blow to the deficit smaller and reduce number of loopholes and spending. kennedy: but then we can have the government cut spending. not just us. >> they spend $4 trillion a year. i think they can probably find something. kennedy: there is gristle on that steak. social media is lit up with reaction to my interview with
8:25 pm
mike isaacson. the activist who tweeted about dead cops. >> am i suppose to tell my students yes you should become a police officer so that you can have a gun at all times and possibly kill someone? i don't think that's a good thing. i would love -- kennedy: i any your intention is to teach as many cops as many of them get on the street as possible so they can be assassinated. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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ken report bungling credit monitoring service see question fax is sinking deeper into hot water. now we are learning their computer systems were nakd march. equifax says this is totally unrelated to the hack in july where hackers stole the data of 143 million americans. the revelation of the march hacking called into question unusual stock sales and trades made by the company's top executives. what does the future of eve question fax look like and how in the heck do we keep our
8:30 pm
private information private and safe? welcome back. let's talk about this breach back in march. now we are hearing it could have bent same intruders poking around who went for the giant grab in the months in the middle of the year. >> they were coming and going and stealing all the liquor they could drink from the bar. eve question fax got warned about this in the spring and didn't do anything about it. the hack got so big they came out and said something about it. along the way some of the executives started selling shares of their sock. kennedy: one sold a million dollars of shares in the company. >> which is stuff we have seen in the enron and wells fargo cases. it does not look good. you mention all the people that
8:31 pm
got hacked. half of the country's for us out there. equifax has data on 800 million people around the world. there is a lot of data at risk here. kennedy: people who are concerned, obviously this is one of the major credit monitoring services. they have all your information, social security number, employment history. how can people keep their information safe at this point? >> it's pretty scary. dates of birth, social security numbers. pass words and possibly pet's names. which means my kitty snuggles is exposed. you need a credit monitoring system. but another thing i am doing is get your credit frozen. unless you are going out buying a new car or house that will need some sort of credit report
8:32 pm
on you. freeze your credit. if you did get hacked in this thing again, you at least are protected from somebody opening a credit card on your behalf. kennedy: i read in the "new york times" that that has been quite a disability for them. and that's why you have seen some of their top i.t. people also quit because they have not been able to nimbly respond to the threat or handle the crisis. scott thanks so much. last night on "kennedy" we had an antifa activist and professor who advocated violence against his enemies and tweeted about the future teaching dead cops. the communities you purport to represent, by and large a vast majority of them support police. >> that's not true. kennedy: republicans, democrats,
8:33 pm
independents. >> what about the poor communities that are constantly under the threat of police violence. kennedy: if you were so committed to your movement which i don't believe you are. i think there is a lot of cowardice that ones through you, you would become a copy don't see the logic there. kennedy: did mike isaacson make a rational case to justify his ideology? i will start with you, chris barron. >> i literally don't know how you made it through that entire interview. i am trying to figure out if the problem -- if we have an antifa problem after watching that person as a spokesperson for antifa. in the events of any silence, i'm not worried about that guy. i think maybe the country is safe. kennedy: anthony you have been
8:34 pm
doing a lot of research and reporting. >> i have a piece take on the an i a anti-farb heist hand book which is more co-gents than mr. isaacson but no less ridiculous. people who are not a cashists, whether they be conservatives, people of color who are in the way. journalists, photographers dismissed. and they don't have an answer to mass vigilantes being the arbiters of society. kennedy: are you going to get your job back at john jay? >> i don't know. kennedy: are you on paid or unpaid leave. >> paid with just like a cop that killed somebody. and hopefully i get my job back
8:35 pm
and get a promotion. kennedy: he claims antifa is a volunteer organization helping communities and bothing the crap out of people. >> i can't support his boasting of using violence as part of their strategy. they could be so much more effective if they looked at non-violent protesting. i don't understand how his hair is so aleutiais is so aleutian . there seemed to be a lack of authenticity. but hundreds of people are being arrested and people are saying it's okay to hit first. and that will only hurt the oppressed communities they want to lift up. kennedy: i don't think they want to help oppressed communities. that's not how you do it. encouraging people to commit
8:36 pm
violence, that gets people arrested and gets them in the system. we learned that in places like ferguson that preyed upon its own residents. >> the consequence is more likely to be a crackdown on peaceful protests than it is antifa smashing racism into oblivion one beatdown at a time. kennedy: they create sympathy for the other side. >> at least confuse the issue at a minimum. kennedy: that's when people tune out and they nullified what they have. thank you so much. coming up. france is the last place on earth nancy pelosi would expect to be met by angry protests. but the house minority leader got a less than welcome at an event in her hometown.
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kennedy: nancy pelosi held her first town hall meeting since she and chuck schumer struck a deal with president trump over daca. but a group of protesters shouted her off the stage. >> it's beautiful to our ears to hear your protection and
8:41 pm
self-dignity. but you don't -- stop it. just stop it now. just stop it now. kennedy: i love watching her get all worked up. she deserves every second of that. the protesters identified themselves as undocumented youth. they want her to fight for a deal that doesn't make any concessions to the president. they continued to heckle and she did not persist. other democrats have often faced harsh criticism from immigration activists. will the top democrats go back on their deal or will it be this year's ice bucket challenge. juan williams is here. this puts you in an interesting position because you have to choose between the queens or the
8:42 pm
dreamers. juan: i don't think the dreamers could be considered reasonable or politically sophisticated. they are not going to get a clean bill. following president trump's they are saying you can have this but you need border security. the kids are saying no border security. we are not a bargaining chip. so they are just pushing into the far extreme. it reminds me of you go back to 2010 and the people who would hand outside and say no to obamacare. and we negotiate or compromise, no. so this is what happens. you get people at the far end of the political spectrum and make demand. but that's not be in *. kennedy: everything is a bargaining chip to politicians who spend their lives running for office.
8:43 pm
juan: i in the your preconception delighting in nancy pelosi getting secured. but from her perspective she thinks she is a hero to those young people. but they think so. they think she is trading their integrity for the deal. kennedy: that's right. she is selling herself out. she promised to be the resistance. she is not resisting the president because his charms are pretty irresistible. juan: what did you call them? chuck and nancy? if you are one of these dreamers, isn't the bottom line that you have the ability to stay, you won't be deported, and according to both bills on the table, there is some form of a pathway to citizenship. to me, they can stand there and scream. but i ith ultimately they are getting what they want.
8:44 pm
kennedy: the president also received a lot of flack from the right. juan: for the same reason. kennedy: they don't want the president to conflate dreamers with any sort of immigration policy. border security and the wall is first and foremost in their mind. and the fact he might be compromising and offering with breitbart news called amnesty. that's a great compromise. juan: pelosi and trump are compromising and both extremes, the people to pelosi's left and trump's right are screaming bloody murder. kennedy: does that mean we are on the right path or we are so torn apart at the political scene that we'll never heal or get anything done? juan: i think this deal still has a chance. the question is what is the
8:45 pm
trade-off? kennedy: they are bargaining chips. both side want to capitalize on that goodwill in the future so they can guarantee their party is the one in power for generations. neither side has been able to do it. if they could, president trump wouldn't be president right now. but nancy pelosi has taken those votes and voices for granted for too long. juan: you just did my job. that was have good analysis. juan: i think you hit the target. kennedy: a cat has raised over $100 for the homeless. will he actually give it to them or blow it on laser pointers and cheese?
8:46 pm
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kennedy: this year's emmy award were the lowest ratest emmys ever. pats champagne and caviar, please. this is the "topical storm." we begin in tulsa, oklahoma where an office cat is raising
8:50 pm
money for the homeless. if you are not familiar with office cats. they are like house cats. this little guy many hostage takers notice he likes to play with money when people slide it through the door. that's so cute. he's playing with my dollar. if i can only get closer i can claw their fat little handoff and drink their blood. so far they raised $100 for local shelters. the cat is so popular they started a facebook page. finally some cat pictures on facebook. if we can only get some political nonsensical rants we would be good to go. topic number two. speaking of people who get paid in singles.
8:51 pm
black china is reportedly trying to start a rap career. on one hand she has already performed in dozens of rap studios. but this time she'll be rapping. we wish her the best of luck. though we haven't heard any of the song, she can't be worse at rapping than she is at selling. topic 3. the makers of the mcafee virus software named after ril levine as the most of dangerous on the internet. 100% of her files contain music that can destroy your will to
8:52 pm
listen to the radio. why she is considered the most of dangerous celebrity. topic number 4. don't you wish a politician would combine campaign commercials with the movie top gun? no, me neither. i never want val kilmer to run for office. but a democratic candidate for the house did it anyway, and he endured so much mocking, he's sick of mocking. [♪] ♪ you lost that loving feeling kennedy: let's court millennials with the movie that came out the
8:53 pm
decade before they were born. we tried to reach barbara for comment. although i will say it's nice to see that a democrat with a total lack of self-awareness is out there beside hillary clinton. topic number 5. is to r us is filing for bankruptcy. but don't go selling jeffrey the giraffe to a tijuana circus. i was just there. the company plans to maintain normal operations through the holiday season. after that they plan to reevaluate and could shift their focus from selling toys to being a place for children to play.
8:54 pm
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. kennedy: i glimpse into the future, and there is some fantastic news. for those of you advocating for real school choice and not some bifurcated half choice. millennials may hold the key to salvation. scene overwhelming number of people born between 1980 and 2000 love and support the idea of school choice. 71% of respondents believe schools should be customized. technology and options make millennials a magnet for generational warfare.
8:59 pm
but as they assert that on our education system, the ramifications could be beautiful. they have been through the one size fits all process and they are saddled with debt. they will possibly form the first generation to define and decide their own educational defendant any and we'll reap the fruits of their frozen passions. thank you so as much for watching the show tonight. follow me on instagram and twitter. you can find us on facebook and email tomorrow night on the show, three people with mustaches. john bolton, lisa boothe and lawrence jones. maybe just one. but it's enough to go around. i'll see you tomorrow night. i can't wait.
9:00 pm
good morrow. >> ♪ we're all so beautiful ♪ you're so sexy >> what not to wear... >> ♪ work it, work it >> ...and who wore it best? [ indistinct shouting ] >> hollywood's first fashion cop... >> i said she looks like prince valiant in a panty girdle. >> ...catches stars in his dragnet. >> the worst-dressed list caused more of a fury than anything that i can remember. >> now his heir wants success for the dress. >> you know what, harlan? let's let them get into their underwear. >> what?! >> what?! >> ...and have a look. >> ♪ work it [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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