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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the dow, this is the 42nd record close under president trump. that's it for us. thanks for having us in your homes. we have charles payne up next with making money. charles: we have several breaking stories. first to the united nations where president trump made his decision whether to pull out of that iranian nuclear deal. more on that decision and who is talking about it. on wall street the federal reserve chairman janet yellen announced unwinding trillions of dollars from the balance sheets sending the stock market on a wild ride. to the devastation in mexico and puerto rico where natural disasters are striking hard. first the reviews are in and not you reaction.
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iran and north korea ramping up their threats against the united states following president trump's u.n. address. did the president go too far or are these countries finally realizing there is a you are in sheriff in town? with us is tammy bruce, captain chuck nash and peter books. captain nash, i have got to start with you. the drum beats of war are loud and clear. president trump did not mince any words. >> he called out a lot of people and good for him. he removed any of the ambiguities surrounding this. he said what makes logical sense here. he said if we have to defend ourselves or our allies against north korea, we'll decimate north korea. that message was for kim jong-un. but it was also for beijing and
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moscow. charles:ed the normal course of people who don't like trump didn't like the speech. applause in the u.n. caught some people off guard. the idea of sovereignty and getting rid of bad actors. tammy: there are bad across toarts in don't know regions destroying the lives of people. the world is realizing the importance of borders and being able to control your own country. but we haven't had anyone in western civilization say it. the venezuelan voices, oh, my gosh, reagan is back. that's good news. once people get permission to admit sovereignty and national security matters, people will
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aloud. charles: the man from venezuela thought it was an insult to compare president trump to president reagan. charles: it feels like china though somewhat quite, not ready to budge. these are two central players that have to move over and unite with america and the rest of the world. >> neither vladimir putin nor president xi jinping were at the u.n. they are critically important. they are major powers out there and have influence in iran and north korea. north korea, china borders it, so does russia. and with iran china is a major tour by much of their oil and russia plays parole. the sanctions are great, but
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implementation is important. these countries know how to smuggle and set up shell companies, front companies. their interests don't necessarily i line with us in both places. charles: we just intercepts russian ships smuggling oil into north korea. speaking of acting. general mattis has been vocal lately. he's always level headed. by said something interest being the $700 billion we are going to spend on defense, that that's not enough and if america doesn't step up and remove the spending caps, we are doomed as a nation. is that hyperbolic or is there truth in that? >> we need to take stock and see what needs to be fixed up since
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the obama -- after the obama years. you have got people working longer and longer hours. the accident rate in the military right now is significantly higher than i can remember when i was on active duty. we were in a down friend for -- a down trend for a significant period of time. the safety is being challenges, and a lot of it has to do with people being overworked, and they are tired. charles require sounds like nikki haley gave up on it saying america has done all they can do. tammy: in nickly haley was a flight attendant i would be ready to be in the crash position. she was serious it was the end result, it's the end game.
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sanctions, diplomacy. 25 years. it's not stopped iran or north korea. if anyone is going to stop them, it's going to be president trump. if there isn't action, ambassador bolton mentioned this as well. it means we are doomed. it's not about partisanship or rhetoric. it's about protecting the nation. charles: the photo went around with kelly with his hands over his face. was that an awkward moment, he wasn't ready for rocket man? is he still getting ready for president trump. tammy: this is a speech that was written. so everyone sitting in that room in the united states including secretary tillerson and kelly knew what was going to be said. so there is no reason to react that way. one split second of moving our
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hand or moving our face is there forever it. like muhammad ali standing over the fellow he beat it seemed like forever. i think there is too much made of it, and searching for anything to make it look bad for the president. charles: peter, we are talking about being doomed. the clock striking midnight. obviously we are coming to some sort of conclusion. it cannot go on like this. north korea cannot continue to launch missiles over japan. we have the capability of extending those missiles first and further. they can't keep exploding these nuclear bombs that are certainly effective. from all your experience and everything you know about the military, diplomacy, war, where do you see the end game? >> i don't see an end game happening anytime soon. i think we are moving into a
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cold war situation in asia with north korea like we had during the cold war with the soviet union where we have capability we have to defend against, a strong allies and developing our nuclear defenses. take on north korea you have to think about what china and russia will do, and you have to think about your allies in south korea and japan. we have to continue to put pressure on north korea. my concern is north korea doesn't have a price for its nuclear program. they have been offered economic development, peace treaties. up not sure they are willing to give up their nuclear system. charles: every agreement we made
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with them in the past, they have broken it and continued to march toward this nuclear doomsday scenario. puerto rico taking a brutal hit from hurricane maria. there is no power on the island. the total damage is unknown. the former governor of puerto rico joins us now. just an amazing amount of devastation on the island of puerto rico. give us the assessment as you understand it. >> it's the worst storm in 85 years to hit the island. the devastation to basic infrastructure, homes, many of them are code compliant and made of concrete. still windows were blown away. this was 2 miles per hour shy of a category 5.
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and now the problem is all the water different' been raining consistently. so we have flooding in he section, every area of the island. we are talking about 3.5 american citizens. fema has been wonderful so far. but it's just the beginning of a main reconstruction evident that will take a while. contrary to texas and florida where you can truck in your equipment and whatever you need. in the case of port are you i could you have to fly in. charles: there i some arcane old rules in place that make it spinsive at times to ship things into puerto rico. but having said that, the rebuilding process, how does puerto rico which has been hit by back-to-back storms in the throes of bankruptcy and seen a mass exodus from the island, how
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do they recover from this. >> i must commend what fema and the administration has been doing working together with the government. thirdly, what will we do locally? it requires the private sector participation in every sense of the word. the current administration believes in private-public partnerships. so there will be opportunity to upgrade a lot of this infrastructure and make it better and avoid the mistake that perhaps were made in the past. i pray for no casualty. i pray for the thousands of families that don't have a place to stay tonight. but by the same token i believe and pray this will be seen as an opportunity to move forward and leap frogging to a stronger
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charles: the death toll from the earthquake that struck mexico city yesterday reached at least 225, but it is expected to rise. reporter: the president of mexico declared three days of mourning after the deadliest earthquake in 30 years rocks mexico leaving hundreds dead in the rubble. 200 people have been found dead and we expect the body count to
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climb as rescuers dig through crumbled buildings and search for missing people. mexico city's mayor says 52 people have been rescues so far and 38 buildings have collapsed in the city. rescuers are using the help of k9s to rescue people who are trapped. at least 20 student are dead and many more are still mission as rescuers continue to search for victims and parents stand by waiting for signs of life. this 7.1 magnitude quake is the second major one to hit mexico in two weeks. u.s. geological survey thinks the death toll could reach over 300 people. the country of mexico sits on several tectonic plates that
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push against each other. mexico city is built on an old lake sediment that's softer than rock. so when quakes hit the area it's less stable. there is a high chance of aftershocks so more tremors could be on the way for a city that's already been rocked by devastation. charles: jessica turner is with the u.s. geological survey. as you just heard. two major quakes hit mexico in the last two weeks. you have mexico at a 7.1, japan had a 6.1 and new zealand a 6.1 earthquake. is something unusual happening here? >> these are actually all very seismically active areas around
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the world, most of often referred to as the ring of fire. those are areas where we normally see earthquakes of these size. most of of the time they happen in areas off the shores so the energy quake has somewhere to go. but they so your on land, the.1 mexican earthquake that happened yesterday, those times of earthquakes can cause nor damage and casualties. charles: the way the so-called ring of fire is happening in such:quick succession, should we be bracing for even more earthquakes? >> i don't think there has been an increase in the large earthquakes that happened over the years. we see the magnitude 7 range around 10-12 fert quakes of that
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size each year. so i don't think in that case stronger earthquakes are happening more. people are aware they can happen at any time. so i usually say if you felt one earthquake, you prepare for a bigger earthquake that could happen the next day. >> we just had hillary vaughn talking about the tectonic plates underneath mexico city making it vulnerable. can the most of catastrophic damage be avoid with early detection. >> the people located on top of where the quake is located, they are not going to get much of an early warning at all. because it happens right there and it's very quick. with this earthquake if people were able to get that early warning.
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trains can be stopped. electric authorities can shut down. charles: you just talked about being at least one big one, 8.1 or higher each year, each season, if you will. we have been talking in this country about the big one, perhaps in california. do you see any signs these earthquakes could be getting larger and far worse than what we have seen in the last couple weeks? >> it's hard to predict when the larger earthquakes are about to happen. we try to prepare for the larger earthquakes. charles: jessica turner, thank you very, very much. we'll be right back. get between you and life's beautiful moments. switch to flonase allergy relief. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens,
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or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. charles: the california attorney
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general announced the state is suing the president over the border wall construction. >> the border between u.s. and mexico spns some 2,000 miles. list of laws violated by the president's administration in order to built his campaign wall is almost as long. charles: here to discuss, democratic strategist and ford o'connell. there is some existing wall that was already approved and existed that money is going toward to fix up and repair, and of course when this president finally does get the okay to build the wall they probably want to get it going right away. ford: if the white house can show this fence is permitted under the secure fence act of
6:25 pm
2006 which clinton, biden, and california senator dianne feinstein voted for, they will prevail in court. when it comes to immigration, the supreme court tends to side with the white house. charles: california has pushed back against every trump initiative from daca claims to sanctuary cities. i think the attorney general is being somewhat disingenuous about the laws that might be broken. >> it was 20 states attorneys general that sued the president over the daca issue. in addition i think you saw the attorneys general of this country ban together and sue president trump on his anti-refugee laws. charles: what about the border
6:26 pm
wall. >> on the border wall i don't think it's biased if the attorney general wants to follow the law. ford: there is a law in place. secure fence act of 2006. this is a hail mary. he's citing the clean water act and in the secure fence act we built fencing in yuma, arizona and showed a decline. >> if if you can follow the law in yuma, why can't you follow the law in california. [all talking at once] ford: on immigration federal law prevails. charles: isaac, if arizona is following the same law, why
6:27 pm
would california not follow the same law. >> the federal government cited section 102 of the iiira as to why they could circumvent those laws. that expired in 2008. i'm not fancy lawyer like ford, but if milk expired 10 years ago, i don't drink it. ford: that's not true. because guess who else the built fencing on the southern border, obama using that law. that law is still in effect. charles: before we get out of this segment. isaac, you mentioned using common sense. if we are going to be honest about this. we know california would prefer to have the red carpet rolled out and no wall at all. so they are going to continue to
6:28 pm
fight back against the trump administration. isn't that the honest truth? >> i think the honest truth is the california attorney general is the only person in this equation suggesting we follow the law. charles: the president is not above the law and neither are illegal immigrants who come into this country. ford: federal law is controlled by our immigration is controlled by federal law. chief executive executes that power. charles: we'll leave it there. the obamacare repealer is getting there -- repeal effort is getting there. the democrats sounding the alarm. that means the gop is getting close. i have got all the details coming up next.
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charles: the clock is ticking for the senate republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. they are coming as close as possible, the september 30 deadline. slimming as republicans do a last-ditch effort to a spokesperson for mitch mcconnell saves the leadership's intention to consider the graham cassidy bill on the floor next week. president trump commented on the bill in fact a few hours ago. >> we believe that graham
6:33 pm
cassidy will do it the right way way. it's got support from republicans. we are at 47 or 48 already. charles: the push has democrats sounding the alarm. nancy pelosi said the health care bill does serious violence to new york and california. watch. >> i think we have a really good chance to stop it in the house because it does such violence to the health care, people in california and new york and other places. charles: my panel joins me rnc spokeswoman brian was very first trust portfolios chief economist and -- caylee it's great seeing you. president trump seemed optimistic saying 47, 40. we know rand paul is out so that puts murkowski mccain columns and perhaps cruz into play. give us the latest. to make good to see you charles.
6:34 pm
we are confident about graham cassidy. this is an effort to repeal and replace obamacare working on a lot of positive movements from the senders. we are convinced it will get at least 50 votes in perhaps 51 and this will do so much good for the american people. they've been suffering under the burden of obamacare. millions of people next year for one have but one insurance company. this is the relief the american people need. charles: speaking of that let me ask you brian, we know the economic damage from obamacare particularly to small businesses businesses. would this bill gives the kind of relief we need to further unleash our economy? >> absolutely. charles there are some tax cuts in the bill and by pushing kind of block grant, cutting the funding the state has made making states pay for the promises they made rather than the rest of the country.
6:35 pm
and that's why nancy pelosi is complaining about new york and california. what they did is they opened up medicaid to everybody. they added health care things that were covered by insurance and that costs a lot more. they are counting on the rest of the country to pay for it. what happens is they say hey if you want to do that new york and california you pay for it and that will help the other 48 states. so i do believe that this bill is better than moving to a single-payer. it's better than bailing out the insurance companies but is still not a perfect reform. nonetheless it will help the economy charles. charles macisaac the fact of the matter is obamacare by obamacare is a failure and it's been medicaid that is taken up the slack but that's an extraordinary program. let me finish my question isaac to the question is, states always gripe about not being able to control their own destiny. what is wrong with these giant block grants so they can control
6:36 pm
costs and control housing when the money is distributed? >> answer to that is two points. what is your comment about the failure of obamacare which is the fact that we have less americans uninsured than ever in our history before. more americans today have access to lifesaving and life-altering health care than they ever had before in. that's not a failure. >> but also don't forget that the costs are rising massively. >> and i answer charles question question? charles: answer my question because i want to get back to caylee. >> the original question about block grants, the problem is the aca you call it obamacare put limits on health insurance companies that they could not deny things like pre-existing conditions pay they could not say pregnancy by a woman was an uncovered condition. they could not say old people because they are sick or need
6:37 pm
health care have to automatically have get higher rates than others. charles macisaac you haven't answered my question. >> the problems writing three of them. charles: ceilidh we do have an issue with republican governors particularly kasich and others and that is making it a nail biter. >> the republican governors and senators and congressmen need to get behind a republican president who is advocating for this. i'd want to dispel a meth that isaac made. this does not change predicting conditions. you cannot deny someone coverage coverage. it demands as they come up with plans and i want to save you isaac isaac i sat across from a mother who told me about how she had to empty out her 401(k) to a quarter premium and a father who picked up a second job as a bus driver whose son was denied medicine. you are ignoring the plight of obama victims across the country. charles: we are out of time but
6:38 pm
deductibles went through the roof. everyone lost their doctors. the dow jones industrial average and s&p closing in repertory on the heels of key moves telegraphed by the federal reserve. what it means for you and your money. my commentary is next. ♪
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it's a champagne and models potpourri on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, gany, gany, gany♪ ♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested charles: another shocker from equifax. they got hacked two months before they reported it and then the attacks began after security -- every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
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when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. charles: the fed announced its game plan to reduce its balance sheet and in the processing knowledge to the u.s. economy as the wind at its sales and should continue for some time. fact it looks like the fed is looking at the goldilocks scenario for several years out. without a mind to think the fed is sandbagging big time when it comes to growth and inflation.
6:42 pm
i'm sure they would rather err on the side of underestimating things rather than being too optimistic but i think 2018, still think we have a great shot to pierce that 3% gdp. on that note 11 of the 16 policymakers are ready for at least one more rate hike this year. again that seems to belie the notion by the fed that were slowing down. allies that narrative. remember the market is cool with higher rates as long as it's based on proven economic trends and not projections or plants. the fed ironically played out a plan to normalize their bounce which reflects in my mind anticipation of a stronger economic backdrop than their official projection. i did the math on this. my "back of the envelope" math puts the fed elegy that 1 trillion bucks at the start of 2024 and i know it seems like a long time but this actually is very aggressive and that means it's a strong economic
6:43 pm
background. once the market digests these today the contradictions and everything else the market found its footing and rallied into the close. we saw the s&p down to all-time highs which is more representative main street america that outperform today through tomorrow "after the bell" tesla announced they are and bailing an autonomous driving ship with the company. it cheers up nice and after-hours and makes them major breakout at $15 a share. here's the question does the fed have it right or is the company being too cautious? i want to bring in jeffrey cleveland and thanks for joining the show. see that my pleasure charles. charles: i think we are looking at 2%, 1.8% pay that kind of growth does not seem to correlate with what i'm seeing across-the-board for business investment the stock market and other indicators. >> i think the 2% number is just the average for the last seven
6:44 pm
years. forecasters charles i think they get stuck in that rut if you will and they are unwilling to forecast much higher growth unless they see something dramatic. we think 2.3, 2.4% growth this year is very reasonable. i do agree with you next year there is some upside risk to growth. i think we can beat that 2.3, 2.4%. more importantly the cycle is not over. i think that's the biggest thing that investors are wrestling with. they think we are late in the game and things they do come to an and. i think that's wrong. i think we have two economic expansions that were longer. the 1960s in the 1990s. i think we will surpass the 1960s. i think we will give the 1990s expansion which went on for 120 months. i think we will give them a run for its money so i'm optimistic about growth over the next couple of years. charles: let's. charles: let's talk about
6:45 pm
wildcard the trump economic agenda particularly tax cuts. how important is it that he gets done not this year but eventually? >> i think the economy can grow charles without tax cuts. we can hit the 2.5% growth. the thing that i've noticed is investors have moved from being optimistic on policies to being pessimistic. they are probably far too pessimistic. we think something gets done later in the year or early in two next year that will be on the margin good for growth. i don't know forget is to the 3% figure that you are forecasting budgets and upside push to economic activity. charles: you want to get an a quick last word? >> the big thing from the fed that stood out to me is not only do they continue to hike even with inflation being low or sub target the unemployment rate, the unemployment rate has fallen further than a forecast, under 4%. the lowest level that it's been since the 1990s which is
6:46 pm
another good sign for the u.s. economy. charles: i'm with you and i agree with everything you said and we will see about the 2.5 versus three. i think we'll be happy either way. i have the latest on the hurricane maria destruction in the storm's track devastating. we will have the details right after the break. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products,
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charles: hurricane maria charging through puerto rico today leaving the island without power and facing widespread damage. the latest on the hurricane's track we turned a meteorologist rick standing by in the fox weather center. >> i'll tell you what we really don't have a lot of images out of puerto rico so far. it's been very scary. we will get a lot more tomorrow once the storm is out of there.
6:50 pm
we see heavy rain across the western side of the island but i'll tell you what one of the islands that didn't get hit badly from irma but take a look at this the eyewall going into the island unfortunately and then cutting across diagonally throughout puerto rico affecting almost everybody. because of that there's 100% of the island without power at this point and it has weakened quite a bit. that said the last few images here are we starting to see it getting back together again. it's going to be bringing probably hurricane-force winds at least to the north coast here in the dominican republic and eventually in torrance parts of the turks and caicos. in both cases the worst remaining off the dominican republic and the worst of it remains probably 50 miles to the east of the turks and caicos so that's good news all around. the center for the worst of the
6:51 pm
storm short after that the storm continued to pull off to the northwest and eventually going to the north and hopefully splitting the difference between bermuda and the eastern seaboard. that said i think we are going to have some interactions here maybe in towards the outer banks were parts of the east coast i wednesday eventually seeing strong winds. this is the official track of the storm. it's a much bigger storm that's why once we get up here i think we will see some -- do we have direct landfall but closer gets to the coast the worst the impacts are. that to the north of that, there you go that's tropical storm jose. we been dealing with josé for two weeks across the atlantic and it installed here with windy conditions rough surf across parts of the northeast however that is creating weakness in the atmosphere. i think what we are going to see by wednesday and thursday the storm gets stuck here again and
6:52 pm
the storm behind it having more impact before friday. i think we may see the storm completely out of here. that's next friday. charles nine days or so we will be watching the storm you're potentially across the east coast. good news if you're in florida georgia south china, this isn't the storm for you other than potentially some swell. we have plenty time to watch this one. charles: rick thank you very much. a nice relief for florida. the special counsel team interviewed the number two show at the justice department and some breaking news on paul manafort. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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6:56 pm
in 2014. this exchange is innocuous. here to discuss gregg jarrett of "fox news" correspondent and former defense attorney and carolyn police say. let me start with this because it dovetails into this muller investigation which seems to expand a couple of decades now particularly with respect to paul manafort. is this a bombshell of sorts? >> it's not a long shell. they were going to find something at some point. the bigger bombshell we are hearing now is rosenstein is talking to muller so they are going to get to the bottom of this memo laying out the reasons for james comey's firing and that's the bigger bombshell. charles: rosenstein is technically muller's boss. it's not only awkward, that's the kind of stuff you get disbarred over. rosenstein should recuse himself himself. he should never have been involved in this to begin with.
6:57 pm
you can't be the prosecutor and a chief witness simultaneously. >> i think people are saying that perhaps he doesn't have as big of an element in this investigation because he is not recused himself yet and apparently he plays by the books books. he would have recused himself by now so the fact that he hasn't this point is indication. charles: it doesn't bother you at all? >> i think we can seem recuse himself down the road. the meeting took place a while ago and he still there. charles: the guy that offered a memo recommending trump fire call me and now mueller is investigating whether the firing was obstruction of justice and that makes rosenstein a key witness. he can't be a prosecutor in a key witness simultaneously. that guy in your screen right there on the left should recuse himself and he should face bar examination questions and maybe be disbarred.
6:58 pm
>> you are absolutely right. the issue here is whether or not that memo was in fact pretextual and muller when you dig deeper to see what if any communication rosenstein had with trump prior to the drafting of this memo. that could be the key element of any instruction case. charles: you agree with the assertion that the firing of comey was one of the worst political decisions? >> yeah i mean look it happened because jeff sessions sandbags the president. sessions knew what he was being sworn in that he was going to recuse himself from the russian case because hours later he met with the department of justice lawyers about it so he actively deceived the president. the president was rightfully angry about it and look when you have lost the confidence of the president you should resign. session should resign. charles: your article and "fox news" i posted on the show saying he should never have
6:59 pm
accepted the position of a.g.. how do you see this? >> i read the piece and i thought it was excellent. i'm not so sure the sessions accepted knowing previously he would have to recuse himself but i think a lot of this information came out after-the-fact when it was realized that things were snowballing out of control and he did with the public felt he should do. >> on june 13 he told congress the day after he was sworn in he began meeting with lawyers at doj to recuse himself. >> that was the day after he was sworn in. charles: there other things that people -- people are criticizing him for not doing. in other words the response from the public as i see it insists that he's just not up to the task. clinton, comey and susan rice there is compelling evidence that all three of them may have committed crimes in that jeff sessions is twiddling his
7:00 pm
thumbs. he's done absolutely nothing to investigate and/or appoint a second special counsel to investigate him. he should do it before he resigns. charles: thank you both very much. so it's great to be between two great minds that it's great to have -- he's next. lou: good evening everybody. the strongest hurricane to hit harder rico in nearly a century has knocked out power to all 3.5 million people who live on the islands. hurricane maria made landfall this morning as a category 4 storm. high winds and flooding taking downed power lines over the entire island. just two weeks after puerto rico escaped with what was only a glancing blow from hurricane irma. as of right now tropical storm force winds are still reaching over the islands as the governor has imposed a curfew trying to deter looters


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