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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 21, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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end of the year. thank you for joining us this morning on "fbn:am." >> maria bartiromo standing by. maria: good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. happy thursday to you. i maria bartiromo. thursday, september 21st. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, first day of fall. the commission breached the agency revealing its filing system was hacked. significant information cybercriminals may give access to in trading on coming out. practice this morning looked like this on the heels of the fed meeting yesterday pulling back a bit. dow industrial down 10 points. the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged yesterday, but did keep the door open for a possible change of hiking rates come december. they will begin to reduce the balance sheet next month. in europe, major averages look like this. european indices higher across the board at the dax up in the caci passé%.
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ft 100 of fractionally. asia overnight markets are lower with the exception of japan which was up about a fraction. devastation in puerto rico. the entire island this morning is about power after hurricane maria slammed catastrophic flooding. >> very serious. both territories are basically without power and will be for a very long time. they both had very fragile power systems. we don't have a good handle on the search and rescue at this point from the standpoint of fatalities were people trapped theater folks are moving out as soon as the weather allows encoding to be performing delayed safety missions. maria: we are following maria's path as the storm battered the dominican republic. a daring operation underway in mexico. rescuers in a race against time this morning to free a little girl trapped under the rubble of her school following tuesday's devastating earthquake.
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the latest from mexico city coming out. president trump continues to deliver strong message in your beard the commander-in-chief with the latest in japan and south korea at the face-off at the growing threats from north korea intensifies. the rising threat from the reason with new concerns surrounding iran this morning. players left in shock after a foul ball strikes a young fan. more on her condition this morning and then you call first date and safety coming out. in this connection the cellular problems and mixed reviews questioning if it's the right time to get the new apple watch. we've got the issues around the new product coming out. all the stories this morning. took me to talk about it, dagen mcdowell at "the wall street journal" telecom reporter and real clear politics national political reporter kit political reporter caitlyn hughley burns is here. good to see you. >> good morning. dagen: so much to talk about. maria: i know it. dagen: the federal reserve
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moving ahead on tackling obamacare, which mitch mcconnell plans to vote next week. tax reform, you know, that seems to be picking up steam. a lot in washington despite the fact the senate and house are at work right now. maria: you're absolutely right. the white house will come out with this plan attacks her for next week. what happens on both sides of the aisle in terms of the senate and the house. a lot of conversation this morning about the bill. dagen: absolutely in terms of what it will do. any republican who doesn't get on board with it. i don't understand why they wouldn't, whether it's a governor or someone in the senate simply because that's what conservatives preach. more controlled by your citizens in their respective state receive health care or at least the part of health care that government funded. i think you will be interesting. all i found lisa murkowski. she's one of the three who voted to give the senate bill during
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the summer and she's the critical vote because rand paul despite -- [inaudible] the clock is ticking. only a couple of weeks -- not even a couple of weeks by the end of the month. this is totally putting a lot of pressure on them. maria: talking about all of the above coming up. congresswoman jennifer gonzales will join us again. puerto rico congressman ron desantis is going to weigh in on all of that. and mohammed al arian is here plus the resources ceo of bread quash it is here and professional bull rider matt triplett will join us. all that coming up this morning here. securities and exchange commission now saying that cybercriminals hacked into the agency files last year access information that may have been used to give them a secret edge in trading. jay clayton says his agency learned last month previously
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detected they provide the basis for illicit gain adding specifically to test failing component which was patched promptly at the discovery and exploited, resulted in access to nonpublic information. "the wall street journal"'s global economics editor jon hilsenrath are not. good to see you. thanks for joining us. let's go right here then i will ask about the fed. >> we are still finding out what is interesting is this happen in 2016 and we are just learning about it now. what we think happened here is hackers got into filing system through which companies can put out all of the reports, 10 k., quarterly reports on a new report and there's a number of different things that might've happened. hackers might have been able to
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get their hands on this information and trade on it before it got out in public. you know, it's also possible as sec chairman clayton says that they can sometimes put out false statement. but there was a case a few years ago for a trader in bulgaria put out a statement about a takeover offer on avon and was able to make a few thousand dollars. the author never happen. it was fate. he traded on the uptake on that. you know, willie sutton once said he brought back more than money is. but we're seeing right now is forever the information has come at us for hackers we've got equifax and now the sec. maria: debut for more more than four months before security uncovered the mass data breach. in terms of its echo effect
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story, this is getting worse. >> yeah, it sounds like what happened that this is part of the game hackers play, but basically they got into the system in march of this of worked around for a few months. we described in our story of someone breaking into an office and tried to find the doors were the knobs are unlocked. they looked around until they could get their hands on this trove of information worth 140 million individual files. that is the latest story there. going on for months before they found out about it. maria: obviously yesterday the fed announcing they will start cutting the $4.5 trillion balance sheet of bonds and other securities next month nearly a decade after the financial crisis in a generation. gina gallant in the economy right now. i want to get your reaction. >> the decisions that we've made this year and our balance sheet
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or ones with taken because we feel the u.s. economy is performing well. maria: the market seemed to feel that way as well, john. >> absolutely. look, the unemployment rate down unemployment rate data for .44%. broader measures include people working part time for coming down also. the economy is on track to grow more than 2% this year. it is doing pretty well. one hang up the fed has despite the fact the economy senate predicted track, we're not getting a lot of inflation. people say why tight monetary policy when there's no inflation. they think if they don't move now to look at some financial bubble and they don't want to be behind the curve so they are taking these steps now. maria: based on what was seen in the market reaction, the dow and s&p 500 hitting all-time highs yesterday with some of a selloff
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in treasury bonds, the deal going up more yesterday. does that send the signal to lease when you watch the fixed income market that faster growth is expect to despite the unwind or investors worried about disruption to those bond markets where you don't have a lot of liquidity to the financial crisis because of regulations and investors worry there is some major shakeup at the fed is unwinding the $4.5 trillion portfolio. dagen: you know, we had this event a few years ago called the tape called the taper tantrum with the fed was sending out signals it would stop buying bonds in the bond markets not only in the u.s. but all over the world. they have been so transparent with that, signaling this for so long that there's no sign of that happening right now i'm not one of the reasons why we are seeing stocks at new highs. a fire at the fed, the thing i would be worried about is not
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the taper tantrum, but what happened in the mid-2000 which is the conundrum. they started raising rates and bond yields fell instead of rows and we ended up getting a housing bubble out of that. i think the word has to be the fed doesn't move aggressively enough, yet the spot market remain as they are and we get the bubbles building. dagen: another thing that happened as the fed did that kind of easy kind of easy pc stairstep of interest rate increases. wall street firms got even more creative coming up with ways to package mortgages and get people in when they couldn't afford the homes they were buying. that was a lot of financial engineering on behalf of false tree. >> dagen, i think that's a really important point. the fed is doing the same thing again right now.
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they had this very easy pc policy back in the mid-2000 or the signal very clearly every single step. it was extremely predict the ball in got complacent and you have to wonder whether the fed is so predict will now that the markets will get complacent and do all kinds of risk-taking to end up causing trouble down the road. true three new balance as we watch this economy one step forward, two steps back in some regard. good to see you. thank you very much. jon hilsenrath. stories of survival after the earthquake in mexico city. crews worked desperately to save a little girl trapped in the rubble and there is word that they are finding more children trapped alive. the apple watch, woes around the apple watch admitting that the new device which comes out tomorrow as a serious problem. we will tell you about it when we come back. stay right with us.
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what are conditions like this morning, right? you are on the ground and send one right now. you might guess, i am. things are still really rough. the entire island doesn't have power right now. there's no power. they are down for most of the networks. a lot of these sort of neighborhood in the more rural areas are really devastated. maria: any thoughts on when things recover? is it going to have to be rebuilt from the ground up and wonder thoughts in terms for how this takes? >> it's going to be a while. talk to the governor prior to the storm and he was sober about it. it's going to take a long time,
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weeks. to rebuild part of the grid and restore power. maria: right, what are the next steps in terms of how the recovery begins? >> right now i think people are mostly waiting for the flooding to really improve. we still have remnants of hurricane maria. so once it went down considerably in people at fenway source, there are actually a lot of u.s. resources in the form of fema and homeland security and a lot of other supplies and not below mobilize. maria: will be watching. thank you for the update. richard is in san juan this
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morning. desperate search and rescue operations underway in mexico after the powerful earthquake. cheryl casone on that story. >> crews in mexico working frantically looking for survivors. i want to show you this video. rescuers trying to free a girl for the trapped rebel. 25 people including 21 children died at the school after an earthquake brought central mexico tuesday afternoon. these are live pictures of the rescue operations underway right now in mexico appeared hundreds of buildings have been destroyed in mexico city. more than 240 people overall have been killed in the region. these are live pictures we're looking at right now. it's a frantic situation. it really is, maria. everyone be quiet because they've got the dogs that are there. if there is a sign of life, everyone gets quiet. they try to yell out to the
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people underneath. it is heartbreaking, frankly. we've got something in new york. the new york yankees did beat the twins 11-3. that was overshadowed by an injury in the stands pretty young girl and a lower the mercy at yankee stadium was hit in the face by 105-mile per hour wind drive. also third baseman todd frazier. the game was delayed about five minutes as medics tended to her. she was taken to the hospital. her father later said it was too early to know she would need surgery. players themselves really upset by what happened in the stands at yankee stadium. a lot of the motion. finally, leaving you with this. a big problem with apple smart watch but not the shelf yet. website which was a $399 watch that loses contact committee. basically when the watch connects to open wi-fi networks
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the user has been on before, maybe hotel or coffee shop, you can't make a cell phone call, you can't text message. that's the whole point of the watch. they will fix it. treat to share a common thank you for that. you follow telecom and technology. big deal here? >> the watch that does the people when you think about health care. >> this one has a cell chip in it so you can leave your phone at home, go for a run, go for a hike. the reviewers got their hands on early models in "the wall street journal" fun when they would leave their phones behind it was a connecting all the time. during the one thing he needed to do wasn't working. maria: that's going to be a problem. >> big problem. maria: are you going to get the apple watch? dagen: no. but what of my friends bored old one and fell in love with it.
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not someone you'd expect like an apple watch. >> attracts your heart rate and it's supposed to monitor their spikes in your heartbeat outside of exercise so you can maybe find health problems. maria: monitoring your glucose in all sorts of things monitored. we'll talk about that this morning. the president meets with leaders of afghanistan, ukraine and south korea. the president revealing his beta decision on the about era iran nuclear deal. we'll get into that. plus i'm using artificial intelligence to make life-saving drugs. how can cut production time and cost next. a.i. in virtually every industry. back in a moment. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix.
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maria: artificial intelligence breaking new ground in medicine. the cost of developing the legal pharmaceutical drug exceeds $2.6 billion for companies including birth are using a to cut the expense, cost and time that it takes to create new drugs. here to tell us about it is the ceo of earth. good to see you. thanks for being here. tell us about the company and the interactive biology platform. >> it the bio pharma company. we are the first company in to use a.i. artificial intelligence used in biology is bringing together all of the data and analytics that are helping us drive more of an understanding and patience. based on the understanding we
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are able to develop drugs and diagnostics. we announced our partnership with the department of defense first-ever a.i. driven product and diagnostics, which is able to help the dock during patient understand the difference between an enlarged over nine hyper coffee and prostate cancer. right now the only way to determine if a person has a prostate cancer or bpa is to do a biopsy and biopsy as you all know are very unsafe. unfortunately, the side effects can be and the tens or infections. the cost of determining if they have a prostate cancer is very high. but they are able to do three simple in a much less invasive manner, much more specific manner to determine if he has a
6:26 am
higher chance of prostate cancer. >> why is it more difficult? maria: faster. >> exactly. human biology in and of itself is extremely complex. for us to process the amount of data in the time it needs to be processed is not possible by the brain. secondly, by using a.i., it helps us develop hypocrisies and be more precise. it helps us to understand the areas in the biology with things have gone wrong and help us deliver the drugs and diagnostics in a much more effective way. dagen: this test for a cancer, how widely used willett e. and will it be available to most men who need to get tested for
6:27 am
prostate cancer? >> it is astounding that one in every seven american men will be diagnosed in their lifetime at prostate cancer. dagen: my father had appeared maria: and your father? dagen: he is still alive. again, the biopsy as you pointed out is incredibly invasive. how widely used what this has to be by doctors? >> this will be used on an individual who has an enlarged. basically to every man in the united states and around the world who has no marched to help understand is it just a bph or noncancerous issue or is that prostate cancer. it really is available to every single individual. >> at the man lives long enough, they help identify the cases
6:28 am
where you let it rest. >> that's exactly right. two areas and prostate cancer. one is the population. individuals over 70, in some cases the doctor chooses not to give any therapy. it is called active surveillance. but in most cases, the only way to truly know if the individual has prostate cancer is to do a serial biopsy. you can imagine of her times of stress and attention put on that individual. with the availability of this test, an individual can conceivably use this every three months, every six months. instead of having to be a subject to the side effects and the cost of cores of biopsies, one can just take a simple blood test. très do that is amazing. we should point out you are using a.i. towards parkinson's disease. this is an exciting moment in time. good to see you.
6:29 am
thank you for joining us this morning. we'll keep watching that. the president works on diplomacy to deal with north korea. the u.s. and south korea conduct military drills near the border with south korea. grounded general electrics cost cutting measure needs a big shift in how company executives travel. details coming up. back in a moment right here "mornings with maria." anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. ♪ ♪ let your data live wherever it needs to, but see it all in one view. the ibm cloud. the cloud for enterprise. yours. the cloud for enterprise.
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, first day of fall. top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. north korea threat in focus this morning at the united nations. in just a few hours president trump will hold trilateral summit with the leaders of japan
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now, they're not because of their regional political issues. for example, president moon when he was running for office, he basically promised dialogue with north korea. he signed a major aid package for pregnant women and children for north korea that japan doesn't agree. he also does not want military action, he does not war military action whereas mr. abe has supported the idea of having military options on the table. now, the question is whether the
6:36 am
military option is something that they are moving towards to or something that they want north korea to move to. it's an opportunity to get heads together and see what's going to be the best solution to contain north korea right now. it's going to be a good meeting but there are differences when it comes to what the regional motivations are and how they want to approach this. i also want to mention in president trump's -- in president trump's speech he has been using so much strong rhetoric saying that he would totally destroy north korea if it was a threat to north korea or allies and the response from north korea is if he was thinking about surprising us with a barking dog, then he's clearly dreaming. the rhetoric is not working against north korea. there has to be more. president trump is talking about sanctions and the needs for countries to come together and pressure north korea. what we are seeing is china and russia really coming together on their own and sort of being an
6:37 am
opposing front, even if they are acting in sport of the sanctions and containing north korea, they really are not because what they want is take some of the power away from the u.s. and want a less of a world that has u.s. strength. >> ly mentioned -- and he mentit in the speech. it's outrageous, i think is what he said. remember the tweet that raised a lot of eyebrows really going after an ally was interesting. so we will see how that meeting in person works compare today that tweet. >> yeah, president trump is known for saying -- for saying some pretty strong words and i've always thought that was part of his businessman coming to the table that he likes to start every negotiation with very strong words and then sort of back off because then the other side feels as they though would want something in the negotiation. i always thought that was part
6:38 am
of technique but we will see what happens and what comes out of this meeting at this point. dagen: talk about moon and abe and south korea and japan respectfully, but hasn't moon been sounding tougher on defense and aligned with united states and people anticipated early on in terms of the military exercises and then japan on the other hand is increasing missile defense. that was just recently passed. it does seem as united part of the world -- >> absolutely. you have to think about people try to get elected and regional politics play a role in what they say. for moon during the election cycle he was saying things that
6:39 am
were a lot more relaxed towards any sort of military conflict with the north but then the north keeps ratcheting up and just continues and then next thing you know, south korea is saying that thaad missile system, now we are okay with that. now thaad missile system is now on the korean peninsula. so the other thing is, the military exercises with south korea. we have been doing those for a very long time. the u.s. military always makes a point these are not in response to rhetoric and what happens in north korea, these were long-time planned. look at what they are doing. they are basically practicing can south korea. maria: military exercises are being done today so the impact. >> i think the impact is we are ready for anything that may come
6:40 am
and prepared to fight and if you listen to what general mattis has to say, he's a no bs kind of document there may be questions about president trump and whether he will use strong rhetoric but not really be willing to back it up. i think when you listen to secretary mattis, he's a no bs guy and he's saying that there's a military option that would not destroy south korea, not saying what it is or we really want to get to the point where we are using it but the military exercises make a point to north korea that the u.s. and south korea are ready to fight. don't forget that china and south korea are also conducting naval exercises and war exercises just north of japan. so, you know, as i mention, the u.s. and north korea -- the u.s. and south korea, japan working together but at the same time china and russia are certainly working together to destabilize the u.s. power and power with allies in the region. maria: i think you make a great point about that. they all have political
6:41 am
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maria: welcome back, markets are looking lower this morning in the u.s., take a look, fractional losses, nasdaq 4 and a half. a couple of names on the move, however. we are watching shares of gej electric this morning. the company is cutting corporate jets as the ceo pushes for
6:45 am
$2 billion savings plan. starting next wednesday flights will be scaled back and replaced by chartered services. ge jets combine total of $70 million according to aircraft blue book. we are also watching tesla this morning. reportedly working on own chip, a lot of activity in the chip business these days. it's been, quote, tough to transition to mobile chips. tesla shares down about a third of a percent yesterday. the state of florida suspending a license of nursing home where nearly ten people died two weeks ago following hurricane irma. "good day charlotte" with the story. cheryl: officials in florida suspending the license of the rehab center in hollywood hills, florida. nine patients died there after hurricane irma knocked out the air-conditioning system.
6:46 am
the state previously add been banned the facilities from admitting new patients and receiving medicaid. well, turns out that e-greats may not be -- e-cigarettes are not safe after all. participants in new study development abnormal heart rate. the rapid heart rate puts users at much higher risk of heart attack. 500 transmissions sold as parts. the transmissions can fail. that's a crash hazard. reports of incidents or injuries but the recall does involve the john deere model 105 models, february 16th through july of this year. stock up 20% up to year to date as you can see on your screen.
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ups expected to hire 95,000 temporary workers this year, of course, that's the holiday surge. 30 million packages, that compares with typical nonpeak volume of 19. those are ad latest headlines. maria: coming up, clueless about wine, no problem, subscription service that delivers wine to your door for your pallet. that's next.
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maria: welcome back, cheers to small business, weekly tasting is the newest way to discover wine without ever having to leave your home. here with us now is the two weekly tasting who cure recipes. good to see you, girls. what i love about the segment is not just ordering wine but you're teaching us what wine goes with what, tell us about the company. >> weekly tasting is a nonsubscription-base delivery system where we curade wine. maria: you both are sommeliers? >> it's a really hard thing to do. maria: tough job but somebody has to do it. >> not just so you can understand wine from your
6:52 am
perspective but from what you like to taste. maria: you are talking about what to pair in terms of food or telling us what a caberent is or a lot of people don't understand why pair wine with certain food? >> it's really both, right. the weekly tasting will pick wines and you try four wines from all over the world and other times i did a pizza-pairing and one goes with sausage pizza and one with vegetables. maria: u.s. is a huge wine industry, should i go with california, should i go european. do you find drawn to american wines or european or it's a mix? >> well, it's not a subscription. you pick the stuff that you want. maria: you don't have to
6:53 am
subscribe? >> not at all. you can pick what you like. so we do have a lot of european wines, they tend to be really great values because of the euro-dollar exchange and there's a lot of winery and great opportunity to learn origin of the greap. -- grape. in terms of where we are right now, september, this is an important time of the year, isn't it? >> it's a great time for gift. we have an dinner ideal pack. maria: very cool stuff. a lot of start-ups opening virtual doors every day. you have been able to come up
6:54 am
and create this company. how have you been able to navigate starting a business, the start-up world has to be competitive. >> we are excited so there's a personality behind it, 70% of customers come to the weekly tasting even though it's not subscription and come back on their own and they tell their friends. it's a great time for us. maria: people want to know what to do and they want to know more about wine. i took a wine tasting class years ago and i don't think i retained enough. it's like an ongoing thing. you really have to understand as you experience. >> yeah, it's sort of like to rosetta stone of wine. we have the wards that tell you the things that you should know, the food pairings, it is really overwhelming. i think the cool other thing about this is nailed to you and picked out so you don't have to deal with the wall of wine.
6:55 am
maria: yeah, that's the thing. prices. most people don't realize you can get a real good bottle of wine for attractive wine. you don't have to spend $400 for wine. >> there's wine at every price point. you can go to weekly tasting box and open it for dinner. >> the action right now because there's so much competition, so many new regions coming online that we can learn about, huge action in 15 to 25-dollar range. not more than $30, you can get some great bottles. the wines are about $17. maria: i'm seeing recently bottles with twist-off. should we not be afraid of twist bottle of wine? >> definitely not. maria: why haven't we used that sooner? >> i think it's the industry's response to cork and cork issues sometimes you can have infected
6:56 am
cork. this is a great way to know that every time you will get a great bottle. maria: great stuff. thank you so much for joining us. still ahead, the end of resumes, how artificial intelligence may be the future for hiring the next generation's future for your company. >> thank you patients that i see
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get e*trade and get invested maria: thank you so much for joining us on, first day of fall. september 21st, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump throwing his support behind the gop's latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare. >> obamacare is a disaster. it's a wreck, it's a train wreck and it's only getting worse and i must be honest with you, whether it happens or not, something is going to happen and it's going to be positive because frankly obamacare cannot make it. it cannot make it. we think this has a very good chance but obamacare is only getting worse. it's dysfunctional now. maria: more and the president's plan and the republican's plan on health care coming up. the president continues to deliver a stern message in new york meanwhile. commander in chief set to hold key meetings with leaders of japan and south
7:00 am
korea today as they face the growing threat of north korea. the rising threat of the region. new concerns regarding iran as well. markets are low ahead of the fed's meeting, nasdaq, s&p 50 down a fraction. the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged as expected but opened the door as possible interest rate increase come december. the fed announced it will reduce balance sheet next month. take a look at the gains there with cac quarante in paris, up two-thirds of a percent and dax index two-thirds of a percent. in asia markets lower across the board. devastation in puerto rico, the entire island without power after hurricane maria slammed the region with heavy winds, catastrophic flooding. we are following maria's path this morning as the storm batters the dominican republic. massive price tag that the
7:01 am
technology giant is pay forking brains behind the smartphone. helping shoppers stay on target literally how the retailers app can now guide you to the items you're looking for at the store, check out target coming up. from the magic 8 ball to my little pony, we have a lock at -- look at the toys hall of fame. joining me to talk all about it, fox business dagen mcdowell, ryan and real clear politics national political reporter caitlin hughes burns. dagen: millennium falcon from the star wars collection. >> hasn't made it yet? >> did you see trudeau wearing the chewbacca sox?
7:02 am
maria: florida congressman ron desantos is here. we will talk devastation of harvey and maria and also talk about domestic agenda with congressman desantis. plus ceo will be here and the chairman and ceo of chubb evan greenberg and professional bull rider matt triplett. president trump pushing on health care reform. the legislation would implement a block grant program that gives funding to the states and would also eliminate the individual mandate, employer mandate and medicaid expansion. the replacement bill has republican support. former president obama, however, is slamming the legislation and said the reversal would be frustrating at a minimum.
7:03 am
>> i think they will do it the right way. tremendous support from republicans, certainly we are 47 or 48 already senators and a lot of others are looking positively. >> all of them doing without any economy or plain common sense rationale, it frustrates and it's certainly frustrate to go have to mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. maria: blast from the past. the president now is calling senator rand paul the lone gop leader who has came out against the bill. rand paul is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force in fixing health care. graham-cassidy is great and ends obamacare. congressman, good to see you, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. maria: we want to first ask you about the bill next week but
7:04 am
your thoughts on the devastation in florida, anything to tell us in terms of the impactosses
7:05 am
from the storm. maria: that's a big impact. congressman, we will be watching the economy which, of courses -- of course, has been doing well.e .
7:06 am
dagen: voted against moving the earlier senate bill forward was murkowski, john mccain and susan collins. a lot of pressure but it seems with mitch mcconnell he will bring it to to a vote. i want to ask the congressman. what about where you would stand on the bill, but there's a lot
7:07 am
of people that are being shamed on the bill starting with jimmy kimmel, how many colleagues would be on board aspect.
7:08 am
maria: that was a lie. dagen: only obamacare taxes that gets repeal is on medical devices which was a job-killer. the investment taxes from obamacare is actually still in that bill so whatever he was talking about i have no idea. >> no,edical device tax
7:09 am
for that reason. maria: secilin was making the claims as if we didn't know the bill and we know it very well but he's continuing charade online. let me turn to tax package, congressman, we are waiting on details from the white house next week on a tax program. if it's a 20% corporate rate, if it's a 28% pass-through rate, if it's taking individual rates to 12-points the
7:10 am
freedom to air on the side of progrowth. maria: sounds like you think we are going to get a bill and by
7:11 am
year f end, do you believe that to be true? >> i hope so. if we can get a bill soon, then you can do it. longer this drags out then -- so we have to get the bill written and then once there's a bill written, everyone could have input and everyone in the republican side we desperately want to get this done. people are going to want to vote for this thing but we have to see it. maria: we want to ask you about this, and i have to get the panel's take as well. samantha power sought to unmask americans on such a frequent basis, almost a daily basis in the days leading to the election. two sources say that tun masking request exceeded 260 last year. congressman, she's expected to meet with the senate and house intelligence committee as part of russia probe next month, what do you make of the mask, unmasking requests and is there going to be any? is there going to be any pushback or anything to -- to get to the bottom of these
7:12 am
unmasking and the lawlessness that went on at the end of that
7:13 am
politics seem to be involved in wiretap capabilities. >> there's going to be repercussions in the congress in terms of trying to reauthorize some of the progr want ben -- maria: are they right now the et of this. maria: yeah, no we don't, just keep getting bits an pieces, congressman, good to see you
7:14 am
this morning. thank you. >> thank you. maria: google gives up to acquire operations, $1.1 billion deal why the technology giant is beefing up technologies, back in a moment parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey
7:15 am
to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
7:16 am
maria: welcome back, hurricane maria regaining strength after it tore through puerto rico.
7:17 am
cheryl casone with the latest details now. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria. the u.s. territory is dealing with a severe financial crisis. this morning they are dealing with widespread structural damage caused by hurricane maria. the storm hit puerto rico as cat 4 yesterday, destroyed hundreds of homes, turned streets into rivers knocking out power across the island. there's now 100% power loss in puerto rico. maria, the most powerful hurricane to ever directly hit the island at least in the last 80 years. now to méxico, this desperate search and rescue operation continues to be underway this morning after a powerful earthquake there, crews are working looking for any survivors, the video you're looking at showing rescuers free a little girl from rubble in her school. the magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central méxico tuesday afternoon, hundreds of buildings have been destroyed.
7:18 am
the death toll so far stands at 240. well, google announcing its buying part tie -- taiwanese maker. it's a pretty good deal for google. cash deal. license for intellectual property, they will not acquire any of the manufacturing assets but google is expanding efforts to crack into the hand set market, no punt intended, sorry. shares up 20% this year. there you go. finalists for the national toy hall of fame. nominees include the board games, magic 8 ball, matchbox, my little pony, transformers, the card game now and whistle
7:19 am
ball. paper airplane, sand, couldn't make final cut and inducted overnight to museum which happens to be in rochester, new york if you want to stop by. maria: i like clue. cheryl: now.-- uno. [laughter] dagen: why aren't the toys in the hall of fame to begin with? >> exactly. it's been around forever. >> on the left, that exact one. [laughter] maria: funny. dagen: we played with fire and sticks. maria: coming up forget resumes, a new app scans your face to find the right candidate for the job. i will speak with the ceo coming up.
7:20 am
aldi with new wine calendar straight ahead. ♪ so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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7:23 am
maria: welcome back, next employer could be using artificial intelligence to determine whether or not to hire you. created by hire-view, assessments is a video intelligence program that scans job applicants before recruiters meet them in person, goldman sachs are using software to locate talent to hire. hire view ceo, kevin. good to have you on the program.
7:24 am
>> good morning. maria: explain how the assessments works. >> our customers have really been looking very broadly for talent. what we have done is created the ability to look at video interviews and transcribe audio and look at facial features and the way people communicate to look for the attribute thats thr customers are looking for, an opportunity to look very broad and find the very best people. maria: can you indicate something by technology that maybe a human can't see from a facial expression? >> no, actually it's doing what humans do in person. rent as people we communicate on multiple levels not only the words that we are using but our factual features communicate as we are speaking with each other. replicate what a human being would do so we can help companies find candidate that
7:25 am
have great customer service skills, have all the qualities that they are most successful employees do so we are replicating what people do in person but doing it on a very, very large scale. >> hey, kitchen, it's ryan, what do you input in the computer in order to give it the intelligence to make those kinds of determinations because obviously this is an assessment that's still driven by human opinions, right? >> it very much is. what we do is work with our companies to model after their most successful employees. we are looking for customer service people, we are looking for people who have the highest customer service scores and we built algorithm and model for talent pool. a way to replicate most successful people and they can now interview very, very broadly and interview thousands and thousands of people and we help them find the very best of people and move to the top of
7:26 am
the list and find those people quickly and interview them first. >> does it help protect against bias in hiring that people may have that you can strip out of a computer? >> it absolutely does. we are rigorous about that. our
7:27 am
kevin, meet your father. kevin
7:28 am
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7:30 am
sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. .. .. .. maria: welcome back. it is thursday september 21. your top stories right now. hurricane maria's wrath. after ravaging puerto rico. the 12 punch of harvey and irma. the federal government is hard at work in the aftermath of the hurricane.
7:31 am
we are here in a bipartisan delegation to make sure that we can assess the full damage of the hurricane all that those would be needed to rebuild. we made sure that the fema funds were there. they were accelerating very quickly the true cost in assessment of these storms. warren buffett shed light on that. house majority leader panders to the parents. she was shouted down by young immigrants during a daca event. we will have more on that. the retail giant is using new technologies to guide customers.
7:32 am
markets this morning it's expected to be down about eight points. after the federal reserve meeting yesterday. they left interest rates unchanged. he also also outlined their expectations. check the european markets this morning. but it is up half a%. in asia over overnight markets closed mostly lower. s&p downgraded its rating on china. our top story right now. berkshire hathaway warren buffett said they suffered greater losses. an interview with the wall street journal he said it's
7:33 am
very hard to give numbers but there were more total losses by quite a margin. joining me right now is the chairman and ceo. it's good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. it's pretty extraordinary. have he see what is taking place. we've had three hurricanes and two earthquakes in a months time. the suffering and the enormity of the tragedy to seek human life in our hearts go out to all these people. our job is to support them in their time of need right now. can you characterize where the real damage has been done harvey was more of a flooding event than a winter -related
7:34 am
event and i think that is the berkshire comment about more impact to automobiles. the damage it did through the caribbean and now puerto rico on the wind and rained damage. it does to people's homes. buildings to their individual lives in the is that that is the commonality of all three events. and puerto rico is without power this morning. how long does it take to recover from things like this. what would you say the damages. what is your assessment so far. no one has a great handle on this yet. among all three events anyway. let alone let's not forget the two earthquakes in mexico and
7:35 am
the tragedy of that. it's just unfolding right now. you still see the images of that. on capitol hill the government is working hard on this. you feel like the private sector could really be stepping up. when it comes to with disaster recovery that is a role for government. the government always has a role to play in that. the on the role of the private sector. but when it comes to ensuring these events. the private sector can do much more and frankly the government distorts markets and behavior of individuals by underpricing and encouraging people to live.
7:36 am
it is for a couple of reasons. one could be that they simply determined not to buy it. people who are less fortunate and therefore they can't afford it. that's where the government's role is when people are forced to live somewhere but they are exposed to live with peril. be on to the onto that it's the role for the private sector. where he you see the growth with this point. i know you've done a lot of acquisitions is that still in the cards going forward artie think the growth now comes from organic over the last 15 years. only one third through acquisitions. while i wouldn't say that were ever done making acquisitions and in that regard you stay
7:37 am
tuned. if they never make another acquisition the growth opportunity in front of us is simply enormous. and you look at the growth of economies and we ensure exposure. and as economies grow and people rise into middle incomes as businesses develop. so does exposure. our growth opportunity in the united states is tremendous. asia, latin america where we have tremendous presence. tremendous opportunity.
7:38 am
i want to ask about the broad economy. now the trip administration is working on this. one and half trillion dollar tax cut potentially. you say a lot of the customers they are to see the big impact as you see the pastor of the corporate come all the way down. tax reform for business has two important priorities. the pack system. which we don't have today. and not a territorial system. were at a disadvantage. if we in fact implement this kind of tax reform the stimulus into the economy will
7:39 am
be tremendous. and that will spur growth in business and jobs and for insurance is a growth opportunity. how do things feel for you right now. and then you got the hurricanes and earthquakes. how much a second to take the momentum out of economic growth. on one hand the economy takes a short-term hit from disasters like this. but then as stimulus after that. because of the rebuilding that takes place. the infrastructure and in replacing buildings in people's homes into the instruction material. it's a real opportunity.
7:40 am
if we were to see a 10% repatriation do think that money comes back here. tell me about that. was that largely because of brexit. we have not we've not moved our london headquarters. briggs that will change the regulations for help financial companies can behave. we are establishing we have done business there for many years. with a very large presence in france.
7:41 am
there and liked it regulators. the government has been quite accommodating. we picked france because that is the best place to locate the headquarters. whether it be certain economies in europe and certainly asia. we are present in 55 countries around the world throughout asia and throughout latin america. we are truly global organization and we are focused on growth and taking advantage and right now you are knee-deep and supporting all of the people that need you. as we watch the disastrous numbers coming up.
7:42 am
is anything else you can glean from this. when our customers and our insureds when they suffered and suffer and they need to call and contact us. they don't receive an answering machine. we've over 400 adjusters on the ground we have already examined over 75% of all of the losses that have come in on harvey. we have teams on the ground in puerto rico right now and more flying in as soon as the airports allow an open. that's why they buy insurance.
7:43 am
evan greenberg is a ceo. there is an app for that also. although all although he finds a new way to countdown to christmas. the new wine advent calendar. we are back in a moment with more mornings with maria. listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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on my yacht made of cuban mahogany, gany, gany, gany♪ ♪watch this don't get mad (bell mnemonic) get e*trade and get invested welcome back house minority leader praising the parents of dreamers. the top democrat on the house said that parent to who travel to the u.s. illegally did a great thing. these kids who are working
7:47 am
were in the military who are in school. her comment so after she was shouted down they demanded she do more to protect all illegal immigrants. a little change of heart from nancy pelosi. target wants you to use the latest technology to find what you want in their stores. it shows you where you are in the store how to get to the isle you need to get to the have been selling this in their stores. shares of the company down about 18% so far this year. move over chocolate advent calendar. they are going to sell it with 24 mini bottles of red, white rose.
7:48 am
i'm starting to tell you it's only been offered in the uk. we have a professional bull rider. we are back in a moment. anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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7:51 am
maria: mastering the all -- the art of bull writing.
7:52 am
five competing countries each hosting events. the unit states, australia brazil and canada each competing. during this right now is the professional bull writer. matt, it's great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm so privileged to represent the u.s. of a. we get to go against five different countries. is going to be super fun. what he think about when you get on this enormous beast. it's a little crazy. i get a little nervous. but that is due to putting so much pressure on myself because i want to succeed some much. >> until people actually go and see you guys the animals
7:53 am
and the bulls are the athletes as well. an athlete versus athlete. you have your own that you had been working with. they wake up before they eat. they are such a big part of that show. like i said before too many people. we get find tremendously. just like they are our own. i think we are watching the video take with our sport if we are sitting on the sideline. we don't get paid.
7:54 am
i think is a very smart choice. this curious. i was 92 and half. the scariest ride was in the final. how much money can you make from bull writing. usually if you are in the top ten you could make half a million. whatever year is it. given event this weekend. it is in long island. this is not a sport that we look at a lot. were talking about sports here all the time.
7:55 am
that hasn't been an issue with the intimate protest and patriotism in the sport? >> i like to pay respect to the men and women who have given their lives and spent so much time fighting for our freedom. it is a big part for us. i can wake up every morning doing what i love. >> i have stood behind the shoots and behind where they load the bowls in. and you guys get on. it is an absolute blast. you are about to get on the bolt what is going through your mind. it is such a fast pace in that reaction time. i train and prepare throughout the week. that way i'm not thinking
7:56 am
about it. i have a stationary barrel that just goes up and down. i can work on my moves and everything i need to do. spend a lot of time in the gym. i just do whatever it takes. the injuries that some of you guys sustained are just astonishing. i remember we were talking about pistol robinson and broke both legs. are there any protections. we have this little foam pad and that's about it. when you fall are you afraid the bowl is gonna come at you again. after eight seconds our job is not done. we the three best bull fighters in the world to protect us.
7:57 am
i'd had to say ten to 15 years. just depending on how while you take care of your body where you get hurt or you can't write anymore. i looked up to my dad a lot. matt, it's great to have you on the show. matt triplett good luck this weekend. chick-fil-a gears up to open its biggest store ever.
7:58 am
parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ has gotten to know our business so well that is feels like he's a part of our team. with one phone call,
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8:00 am
maria: welcome back. good thursday morning first day of fall good to have you with us i am maria bartiromo it is thursday september 21, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, here we go again! another health care battle on capitol hill president trump throws his support behind the gop effort to repeal and replace obamacare former president obama meanwhile, fighting back. >> it wasn't perfect. it was better. and so when i see people trying to undo that hard won progress for the 50th or 60th time -- the bills that raise costs reduce coverage, we roll back deductions for older americans people with preexisting conditions it is aggravating. >> leaders plan to vote next week tough on north korea
8:01 am
president trump to hold key meetings with ladders of japan south korea as they face off with growing tleet from north korea latest on threats from the region, markets this morning flat took infuriates indicating lower opening dow industrials s&p nasdaq fractionally lower after federal reserve left rates unchanged yesterday no surprise opened the door to a possible interest rate increase come december, fed announced will begin to reduce 4 and quarter trillion dollar balance sheet beginning next men and women in europe mostly higher to look at european indices rabbing kacac quarante up two-thirds of 1% dax up a third of a percent in germany ft 100 down a fraction 4 points lower in london in asia overnight most lower standard & poor's loader rating on china shanghai composite down quarter of a percent, devastation in puerto rico entire island without power hurricane maria shamed the
8:02 am
region. >> boortz down on dominican republic, problems mixed rules consumers questioning if right time for new apple watch or waiting until kinks go away big apple bigger chicken, chick-fil-a plans to open allergies restaurant in new york city, joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" telecom reporter ryan, realclearpolitics national reporter, is here. >> good morning. maria: good morning. >> bull hi-ridinbull-riding. >> usually comes through the regular pbr tour through in january, i have taken a bunch of people. >> have a hard job. >> it is extremely dangerous, concussions they most of the bull riders wear helmets some don't wear helmets concussion risk is huge because we talked about it in football, sports
8:03 am
like football, but in bull riding it is front and center. >> every time you he get on a bull. >> fun chief economic advisory mohamed el-erian here ceo resources grant here, jeff green talking about this new health care bill, that may come for a vote next week as well as a tax reform package next week as well. and this, the senate can vote next week on latest bill to repeal and replace obamacare, the outlook in that chamber far from certain blake burman covering the story from white house with very latest once again all rise on the senate. >> they are jeed maria mr. connell said his tension to, at least bring the graham-cassidy bill to senate floor next week president trump o fully behind this measure urging senate republicans to fall in line. >> a very good chance support
8:04 am
from republicans -- >> every -- 47, 48 already senators a lot of others -- looking at it positively. >> short of the 50 votes republicans need to advance this out of senate and footing that magic number unclear rand paul is already a "no." john mccain susan collins complaints about the process. lisa murkowski has not tipped her hand. >> why not? >> because, i am doing a due diligence that i committed to doing yesterday. i am going to wait till cbo analysis comes down before making a final decision. >> this grammatically grammatically would revived health care through block grants rid of individual
8:05 am
mandates of obamacare yesterday former president obama gave a speech about affordable health care act republican efforts to unwind it called it aggravating saying it laccommon sense rationale. >> a blake burman at the white house, joining us elian chief advisory mohamed el-erian thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> what do you think about this efforts to repeal obamacare if it fails next week in the senate, how will that weigh on markets, what is your take in terms of this policy coming out of washington, and how it impacts stocks? >> i think maria the markets are less focused on health care, reform and much more focused on tax reform. so the question in the marketplace is will this facilitate or complicate tax reform? that is a really uncertain question, and people are waiting to get indications out
8:06 am
of washington. >> the tax package would you think would move needle on economic growth right? right now the trieshgz or catalyst for this market has been fundamental backdrop seems to have improved quite a bit. >> it is three triggers one as i say overly contact economic growth has improved, mainly on account of what is happening outside the u.s., two, the fd -- the markets are very comfortable that the fed other central banks will continue to be supportive. three, there is a lot of cash, sitting on balance sheets of companies, and that gets put back into the marketplace, so those three things have been pushing stocks higher and higher. and the hope is you are going to validate prices by improving u.s. fundamentals. >> let me ask you about fed mohamed federal reserve announcing yesterday going to reduce massive 4 1/2 trillion-dollar portfolio of bonds and securities next month a decade after the
8:07 am
biggest financial crisis in generations janet yellen called it a vote of confidence in the economy. >> basically, that look, the economy is doing well, and -- we should start doing this, but this is something we have not seen before mohamed winding down of 4 1/2 trillion-dollar portfolio how easy this is going to be? >> so the fed intends to make iment as in exciting as possible. they wanted to make it as if we are going to watch paint dry. dull, predictable, that is how they want to make it and i think they are going to succeed because going so slow, more interesting are maria the fed continues to signal higher interest rates than priced into markets. and we saw some reaction yesterday. bond yields have gone up dollar strengthened markets starting to realize the fed still has a december rate hike on radar screen. maria: yeah i think that
8:08 am
signaled that yesterday, is that the right course mohamed? another interest rate hike in december as i mentioned i know things have gotten he better but sometimes, it is two he one step back higher rates crash or slow down an economy that is just beginning to gain traction? >> i don't think they crash the economy. i also don't think they slow the economy. why? i think there is momentum in this economy not great but strong enough momentum that potential upside, if we get tax reform done, so when the fed looks at its two mandates, it gets a green light from the employment mandate, it gets a flashing yellow light from inflation because it believes inflation too well, low well below target 2% has to think of financial stability when i put three things together i would urge a rate hike in december as opposed to a wait
8:09 am
and see attitude. >> s&p today cutting its credit rating for china first time cutting a credit rating since 1999 talking about risks from foreign debt this is second down graded by a major ratings company this year, what is your that i can on the missou move would you put money in emerging markets china europe? look around the world for us. >> first china down graded should not come as great surprise like you said moody's moved earlier a repudiate months ago everybody was expecting s&p to follow, but it is a signal to the chinese politicians ahead of a very important gathering that they have to take seriously the growth model that can no longer gen on credit and debt to power this economy forward so it is a very strong message, within china, not a great surprise to the markets, as opposed to what investors should do, if you -- recent months ago i was on your show
8:10 am
kept saying the key thing is to get exposure elsewhere internationally. and that has been the right call. now unfortunately, it is not as easy a call because emerging markets have done extremely well. i think right now one has to look at valuation and start thinking maybe at this point should i take some cash off market not a lot of cash but some cash off and wait for a better entry point. maria: are interesting how well the international markets have been do you feel that way in the u.s. as well mohamed. >> we know market up better than 20% since election, valuations around 18 times earnings would you apply u.s. stocks today? >> depends what starting point is but i join the many professionals who look at this market and say we understand why it has done so well. and it is great that so many people have benefited. but at some point jooufth to validate these asset prices to
8:11 am
fundamentals ultimately political call about ability of congress administration to get tax reform done to infrastructure and continue on deregulation, we are watching that quick on dollar you mentioned earlier dollar has begun to rise obviously had a tough year, the euro was soaring earlier in the year what is your take on the dollar, and the continued sustained strength here? >> so ironically the tough years for the dollar means the weaker dollar, has been good for the economy, and good for the stock market. why? because chanes earn from sailing abroad the dollar more competitive they are, having said that my major concern that is the system as a whole, doesn't accommodate a strong currency for europe not great news euro has been -- it is a hot potato no one wants stronger currency keep eye not on u.s. u.s. is fine but how you add up a global economy that is not strong enough to
8:12 am
support a very appreciated currency. >> always a pleasure to see you thanks so much. >> thank you maria mom el-erian from allianz, hurricane maria wrath continues the storm regaining strength after ravaging prosecutor where it is expected to make landfall next. >> a new feature in chick-fil-a, giant is going big in big apple our first look at the chain's largest location ever. we're back in two minutes' time. ♪ ♪ what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13®
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8:15 am
regaining strength rips through caribbean the category three stormy expected to hit the turks and caicos islands next slaemd puerto rico eliminating all power on i'll no power at all fox news live in weather with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning reports over two feet rival yesterday entire island under flash flood warning wind gusts over 135 mile-per-hour winds not only in puerto rico but the u.s. virgin islands pictures devastating the storm offshore, it did weaken a bit as it moved across land but you can see that huge eye, now showing signs of strengthening
8:16 am
a major hurricane again, 150 mile-per-hour sustained winds as of 8:00 a.m. advisory where is it going now? we hope east of turks and caicos east of bahamas and hopefully ms east coast of u.s. we have to watch for weekend very close to mid atlantic northeast. next week into midweek, the good news that i can deliver looks like florida does not have to worry about the storm at all. again, the potential for impact that is indirect impact for the east coast, quick, hurricane josé this was hurricane josé now a tropical storm, when in clement weather coast as well as new england slight days as josé continues to linger. >> search rescue operations in mexico, after that powerful earthquake, cheryl casone with details there. cheryl: mother nature very cruel this week, crews in
8:17 am
mexico working frantically, looking for survivors this video rescuers trying still at this hour to try and free a trapped little girl from rubble of a collapsed school. the second night now parents and onlookers have been surrounding the cool they talked to one girl trying to get her out 25 people including 21 children died in that school, that 7.1 rocked mexico tuesday afternoon hundreds behinds destroyed at least 245 people killed at this point. >> shock at yankee stadium girl hit in face by line drive off the bat of todd frazier in
8:18 am
distress yankees manager was told by security she would be okay but a rough afternoon yankees stadium yesterday. well in washington, the lincoln memorial vandalized, a 21-year-old student, one side has been they say permanently damaged, about arrested for allegedly using a penny to engravy unknown slogan on north side of the memorial charged with malicious destruction of property last month lincoln memorial defaced with red spray paint picture you are looking at from last month, chick-fil-a reported to open a store in new york city financial district unlike any other store it has, going to be a five level 12,000-square foot chick-fil-a the area having clear views evident
8:19 am
free dom tower, impression of twin towers want is to make it a postcard to 9/11 if you will, going to be half mile across from enter of the world trade center honoring the male with the design. >> thank you. coming up about-face for apple watch the technology titan smart watch might not have upper hand on competition thanks to serious glitches getting into it, for panda handling -- a motorcyclist gives minnesota police story of a lifetime, next, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:20 am
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8:23 am
liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: so apple watch the serious three watch, there are issues the technology that is supposed to let you call text e-mail without being tethered spotty at best the maker acknowledged the problem shares are flat. >> bad news for apple for for the -- >> bad news for both i am sure apple is going to figure out how to resolve this problem like software update sounds what is happening the watch attaches to the wi-fi network even if not you a tent indicates not able to get on to wi-fi network jamming up lp signal, some colleagues trying watch had problems even away from wi-fi so some
8:24 am
connectivity issues speak to how difficult it is watch has been something hard to catch on, because it has all the as smart as of the smartphone but in a tiny space, some of the other companies that make watches they are bigger heavier put antenna in wristband apple tried to really cram in small space but difficult. maria: a small space. >> how do you make the call? >> looks airpods, like dick tracee talk to it, it speaks to you a lot of if futurist excitement that you can just wear device and maybe you don't really need a phone but wherever you go you can use watch to log into computerize. >> if you are in a job you are busy, one of my family members, has the phone but you can get up from your desk and walking around you still have your mobile device with you so
8:25 am
it is a nice -- truly mobile alternative having your phone in your hand all the time. >> apple talking about big benefit to the watch generally they can notify you whether or not you should be working out more get up monitors heart rate. >> i know the answer to that. [laughter] go for a run leave phone behind beach leave phone behind reachable in emergency battery life a big issue communicating -- probably not able to leave on a high day and main connectivity. >> you mentioned chip there is activity in the chip business google paying 1.1 billion dollars for the htc division develops pixel latest move by google to make android devices competitive we know the lattice chip -- china -- what
8:26 am
is your take with chip business. >> softbank spent 30 billions on a company not many people heard of people who own chip business own future some ways because the chip technology that is in the chips drive what smartphone can do now that so many will are connected, you know what capabilities are in pipeline shape those capabilities rufrts softbank ceo wanted to acquire he is excited about artificial intelligence to control and shape that technology it is the core of the technology that the chips are about why so many want to control it. maria: are you going to buy knew iphone iphone 10 you are expert in tech i want to know what you are doing. >> really good question the price tag 1,000 dollars for apple 10 is steeper than any
8:27 am
other device they have proud, carries gives most free financing are getting grouchy we don't want to give 1,000 dollars of annoy, zero interest financing for this device might be more expensive because carries are not giving away promising they are tired of -- >> putting the price aside i wonder if there are glitches you should be afraid to buy iphone 10 as soon as it comes out. >> i don't think so this is supposed to be the best iphone they have come up with, the screen is huge, on this device. >> you don't need to worry there will be supply shortages. >> even coming out in november. >> will come out hard to get hands on if i bought it probably end up having to wait three to six months for delivery. >> how big he innovations in this space. >> a break when we come back mining for success the coal company crediting president
8:28 am
trump's energy policy for advancements in growth a lightbulb goes or for general electric why the company is grounding it corporate jets back in a moment. .
8:29 am
8:30 am
maria: welcome back, happy thursday thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, thursday, september 21 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. getting to have you on north korea president trump set to hold key meetings today with
8:31 am
leaders of japan south korea as they face off with growing threat from north korea, yesterday the commander in chief called on allies at united nations to crack down, on the hermit kingdom. >> today the world faces an enormous security threat from north korean regime. we must all stand together, and be accountable and implementing the united nations sanctions and resolutions in response to north korea's hostile and menacing actions. >> more on the rising threat coming up meanwhile, betting big on coal company looking for success due to president trump energy policy clipping wings ge plans to save money grounding private planes for the c. suite markets close to yesterday futures fractionally lower opening for broader averages dow industrials down 10 points nasdaq s&p down a fraction first responder left interest rates unchanged did
8:32 am
keep door open for possible interest rate increase come december announced beginning of reducing balance sheet next month going to try to wind down four and a quarter trillion dollar balance sheet beginning next month weekly jobs claims hit about tape -- that is lower than any of the expectations, not a major market impact at all, nonetheless lower than we've seen before. in europe, this morning, major averages mostly higher cac quarante in paris up a half% dax up a third of a percent ft 100 down fractionally in asia overnight market mostly lower as you know s&p downgradeing rating on chooen, shanghai composite down a quarters of a percent, bear with us on this -- how a panda on a bike is leading police in man so thea bamboozled. >> strong with world leader details internet goesnuts over yaind prime minister justin
8:33 am
trudeau's "star wars" -- >> cool, justin this story half an hour american coal energy energy provider opening u.s. firm coal mine in western kentucky's grove, joining us, ceo grant, good to see you thanks he for joining us. >> hi, maria thanks for having me on. >> congratulations on new plant take us back to when plants starting you say you are encouraged to build this mine because of president trump's energy policy. . >> absolutely, so this mine has been in progress for the last for you or so years essentially all the work in the planning that had to occur, to did he lynn eighth resource permitting ready for strucks was prepared, all we had to do raise money, and, on the back of the trump administration coming into the into the oval office and ending the war on coal we were able to successfully raise
8:34 am
approximately 40 million u.s. dollars financing ina australian equity market to help build out this mine coupled with 20-million-dollar project finance facility from bank in australia going to allow us to fully fund new mine will provide three million tons new high quality thermal coal to a local utility. >> specifically from the president orders on energy policy with a what has allowed to you create this what about infrastructure projects executive order this summer announced to try to speed up, how does it affect the you or do you need more from congress. >> sure i think a lot of positive progress in the trump administration, from testament pa's perspective department of energy, department of interior, reducing a lot of the regulations and a lot of the hurdles put in place for the coal industry. over the last administration. a lot of that has leveled the playing field more for producers as yourselves to go
8:35 am
out produce high quality products our country has in billions of tons underneath the ground, infrastructure projects again, it is very important for this country broadly for coal industry, we are going to produce a thermal coal tends to be used foreclose it be about electrical power generation not as directly impacted by infrastructure build out but our contemporaries who produce metallurgical coals for steel making will benefit significantly from infrastructure provment rollout. >> i am curious to know what you think the long term prospects are for a coal industry only there is a deregulatory move in pro coal sentiment from this administration, but there seems to be more kind of regulator regulatory whip lash differences from obama administration and this one who is to say what next administration may do do you have confidence the coal industry an sustain itself
8:36 am
given overly sentiment around climate change and things like that broadly in u.s. >> absolutely, i think while u.s. coal industry is is in decline i do think going to be a very important part of our energy infrastructure going forward. and we're going to reply a critical role as part of that, in what is i think the most well balanced base in the illinois basin from supply and demand perspective. you know, as far as regulatory within lash i think the administration has been doing has been helpful they have been rescinding some of the rules overreach on previous administration part using a specific tool called congressional review whereby when congress comes in says this rule is no, he longer valid, rather than a new administration coming in just promulgating same rule again, it will have to go back to congress would have to go through congress as with any law should normally go through obviously, congress and then up to executive branch.
8:37 am
other than regular lateing sorry, enacting laws through regulators under obama administration. >> is it safe to say trump administration saved coal industry saved jobs if not if creating jobs in that industry? >> absolutely. i think you know we're hiring right now 200 people over next 12 months to build out our first coal mine. we are going to hire another 300 we hope when we start building out second mine 20719. and -- 2019, folks out of work directly benefiting from some efforts. the administration's efforts obviously only one part of the puzzle, 2016 was terrible year for uask coal that was primarily because of low natural gas prices, and weak demand. over 2017 that improved gas prices hovering around $3 fairly bullish on them overtime that is allowed u.s. coal o producers to take the
8:38 am
more share away from natural gas as far as electrical generation, also in international markets while u.s. coal, domestically dropped international demand continued to increase i think will continue to increase through 2030 you see extremely high international prices for thermal coal metallurgical coal you haven't seen five years that means u.s. producers are able to export more excesses production that may have historically gone to some plants that have been shuddered. maria: a lot of important points i know you believe coal ahead of gas as main energy source to produce electricity what is long-term plan in terms of cleaner coal. >> absolutely i think a lot of interesting things the administration is looking at, basically, we have a great backbone of inexpensive reliable coal fired power utilities in this country, what we don't have is we don't have newest technology as far as burning that coal goes countries like japan, korea,
8:39 am
building high efficiency low emissions coal plants can take obviously carbon all other bad actors reduce them significantly from burning same coal feed stock the issue in this country our utilities have not been able to use this technology, there have been issues as far as new source review, and other regulations that inprohibit them from modernizing our facility if next five, 10 years we are able to work forward with the administration help with congress's help to go ahead bring in newer technologies can take everything so positive about coal which is low cost reliable base load power make it cleaner -- mit less. >> we will watch the story thank you good to have you on the program. >> thank you maria. >> coming up north korea threat in focus at united nations president trump prepares to hold a trilateral summit with leaders of japan south korea to being talk
8:40 am
about cracking down on kim jong-un's nuclear ambition what we can learn from that next. >> canadian president trudeau "star wars," some fans into a frenzy, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. . maria: welcome back, general electric announced it is halting fleet of corporate jets nicole petallides on floor with more details there good morning. >> what does it mean you got to fly this commercial go on regular plane that is exactly what is happening, over at general electric, really frustrated jeff immelt saying missing profit goals has been cutting costs trimming staff
8:44 am
corporate level now move forward says can you go to the fleet of jets preparing to sell them that executive who originally used to supply on private jets had six of them, now that was about 300,000 dollars more than 300,000 dollars in costs, last year, for jeff immelt executives a safety and like but now going to have to fly charter or commercial that is the new way, they will keep at least one aircraft and helicopter as well so don't worry. taking a look also a deal under pressure, recall there 25,000 long trackors, model d105 sold basically from early february last year through summer of july this year. and that is because they have pose a crash hazard transmission can fail watch for deer on the move have done really well.
8:45 am
>> nicole petallides meanwhile, president trump meeting with leaders of south korea and japan today to talk about north korea, cheryl casone with more details there, cheryl. cheryl: yeah the president is going to told meetings with south korean president moon jae-in and japanese prime minister incident show abe in new york two days after he said in first u.n. speech u.s. will coat to let destroy north korea. well, if washington is forced to defend itself or ielz he called kim jong-un "rocket man" that is viral, check this out speaking of viral a fashion statement from prime minister of canada justin true bo supporting chewbacca socks earlier this week photos viral "star wars" fans freakin' out one fan tweeted justin true boou wearing socks a plus, may the force be with you "star trek" alum fellow canadian
8:46 am
shatner was not happy about that tweeted this i thought we were friends, chewbacca socks question mark put a crying emoji next to it, having fun with that, this is not the first time he has -- "star wars" may he wore stocks featuring rd2 prime minister of ireland when he with a wore those good sense of humor. >> minnesota state police solved mystery of a panda on motorcycle this summer concerned motorcyclists called 911 to report a person in panda suit riding a motorcycle the petition the bike through traffic guy riding without hands on steering got away but dispatchers saw panda few weeks ago on camera finally found him guy said he wanted videos to go viral he was cited for reckless driving, oh took away panda head those are headlines. maria: there you go. >> viral. >> got with a he wanted i
8:47 am
guess. >> playing into his own game there. >> a lot of -- why just -- >> a consequence. >> keep him from doing it again. >> and -- danger on roads. panda head on. dagen: not a helmet. >> is trudeau wearing william shatner's face on socks? >> never underestimate the media never underestimate attention seeking behavior from trudeau. >> want that to go viral sure did next looking back a year after going public talk with ceo of trade desk what is next for digital advertising company, pretty good year back in a minute. ♪ ♪ i got just what i needed what i needed, i needed someone to see just with a what i needed ♪
8:48 am
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8:51 am
. >> we are committed to transforming 640 billion-dollar advertising industry today mark a massive milestone in getting just a little bit closer to that. i am so glad to be here congratulations for amazing -- to the family. >> [applause] maria: that was trade desk ceo jeff green one year ago celebrating initial public offering since then trade desk has seen revenue growth to the tune of record 72.8 million up 54% year-over-year joining us to talk more about it jeff green ceo of the trade desk, jeff good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much, excited to be here. >> looking at meteorit ing metrr for you what is driving what
8:52 am
is happening at trade desk? >> so the single biggest thing secular tail winds the internet taking over everything most advertising is trans acted in really old way. so of 650 billion dollars that is trans acted digital advertising we think about 15 billion is trans acted the right way similar to digital stock transactions in that process transforming other 640, 635 billion dollars. >> so how do you see the market right now? because we're talking a lot about advertising, o moving to online although right now, the bulk of the money is still in tv, are you seeing increasingly customers want all options digital, as well as traditional or mostly digital? >> well, growth coming in digital, of course, there is a lot of discussion about cord
8:53 am
cutting cord shaving cord how do you get in front of millennials without being on care, custody and control tvs perhaps most exciting shared in most recent quarterly report was that connected tv inventory went up 10x, one thousand percent for us 22, over 22 last year just a commentary how ad funded options on connected tv are growing rapidly and that in order to get in front of those you have to be countercyclicaled of it advertisers looking for digital to solve all problems including tv you point out half the pie. >> i have a question about how your technology works are you essentially creating an auction so that when a viewer or an only or digital eyeball goes to a video or web site you handle that so advertisers
8:54 am
get to that demographic is that how it works? sort of, there are a wunch businesses only that run auctions my last business, i created an exchange sold to microsoft so companies like google microsoft yahoo! they are actually at exchanges host auctions we operate on the other side of the auction listening to seven million auctions every second, so that is how many auctions there are in internet includes things spotify pandora nbc, fox, and msn yahoo! when they send requests to us we have one-tenth of one second, to respond and say do we want this one. so our job and our technology, is to essentially help you know whether bmw mcdonald's domino's pizza to figure out of seven million adds every
8:55 am
second which ten should they buy. >> there is talk recently about advertising content going online next to unsavory content, employment youtube temporarily other things what are thoughts on that, and does your technology help mitigate some of those challenges? >> absolutely. yes, our tech has to because if you are the biggest brand in the world we power northeasterly all of them, they are all extremely sensitive about showing their content next to things that matter. so -- it is really important that we make certain that they don't run on content they shouldn't so what is happening on internet people figuring out how to price sort of pricing disparts i between user content and premium they have not discriminated much on content they focus mostly on
8:56 am
user as markets mature getting more and more aware that they have to be cognizant of both. >> jeff, you reported net new clients what are you respecting year ahead 18, what guidance are you getting. >> well, so the guidance given so far reported three times, and each time, we have exceeded expectations continue to inch up our guidance for the fewest we are extremely bullish on our future. one of the things that is especially great about our business is that it is reoccurring and predictable like any fast company we want to figure out exactly what is going to happen, in the future so we can manage expectations, and because we have a really stronghold on our business, we believe, that we are good at predicting what is going to happen, so with 95% client retention, we are really confident that we are going to continue to grow like we are, and especially to see that growth internationally in a
8:57 am
new channel like connected of it. >> watching good to see you thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> jeff green coming up final thoughts from all-star panel. back in a moment. # if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far.
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
8:59 am
>> welcome back. final thoughts on the all-star panel. as they can mention before, lots of pressure from the republican party. >> the htc acquisition google just announced.
9:00 am
google has the next phone october 4th. very interesting. >> and i'll be a buyer at the apple iphone 10 a year from now. >> that'll do it for us. thanks for joining us. dagen, ryan, caitlyn. "varney & company" begins now. here is ashley. ashley: stuart is off today. a devastating hurricane that is paralyzed puerto rico in the clock ticking on health reform. nine days and counting for the senate to pass the bill at just 50 votes. we begin with president trump's approval rating with a three-point bump of a strong couple weeks. it began with his response to the storm's harvey and irma. his budget deal with senator schumer and leader pelosi clearing the dead. now the gop is working on the growth agenda.


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