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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 21, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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persuaded china to get its central bank behind an effort to freeze all banking transactions, with the country of north korea. the devil in the details, what they do. ambassador nikki haley will no doubt elaborate later on. trish regan right now. hey, trish. trish: i'm so happy they're doing that. neil: absolutely. trish: as i keep saying there is economic alternatives we should explore. this is one of them. neil: a big one. trish: thanks, neil. trish: president warning countries whose banks do business with north korea. we expect to hear a whole lot more about these actions from treasury secretary steve mnuchin in just a short time from now. that is coming up. all of this as we look that is soft lightly. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. the president meeting with leaders of south korea and japan today, urging our allies in the
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region to continue putting pressure on kim jong-un, to join in our efforts to cut resources to the rogue nation. as we have learned china, finally told its banks to stop doing business with north korea. is this enough. we'll ask lieutenant colonel ralph peters. outrage, that samantha power unmasked americans in alarming pace in the final months of obama administration. sources telling fox she asked to unmask 260 identities more than one request per day in 2016. judge jeanine pirro is here with the intel for you. but first, i want to go to blake burman for the latest on new north korea actions. i like sound of it, blake. >> this comes in the form of an executive order president trump signed in new york today before he met with leaders of south
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korea and japan. the president saying this new executive order allows for the treasury department to go after individuals, companies and financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. the president saying the new measures will give the treasury department the ability to go after those that do quote, significant trade with north korea. adding it is in the areas of goods or services and technology. the president also saying that foreign banks are going to have a decision to make. >> foreign banks will face a clear choice to do business with the united states or, facilitate trade with a lawless regime in north korea. reporter: the president confirmed china's central bank told banks within the country it can no longer accept new north korean customers, a big step there. as you know, trish, the president has been pushing china for a while now, many months on end, to try to exert some pressure upon its neighbor.
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>> i want to just say, and thank president xi of china for the very bold move he made today. that was a somewhat unexpected move, we appreciate it. reporter: the president was also asked, trish, whether or not dialogue continues to occur with the rogue nation. he simply responded by quote saying, why not? trish? trish: blake burman. thank you very much. join me for analysis on all of this, we have fox news strategic analyst, author of a brand new book, we have lieutenant colonel ralph peters, food to see you, sir. >> always good to see you. trish: we've been saying over and over again, almost every day, you and me right here on the show that china needs to do more. china needs to take some responsibility. china needs pressure on north korea. now they seem to get the message. what is your reaction? >> my reaction this is a good day but not yet a day to be
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euphoric. you used a key word, seemed. china is saying the right things. we have to wait for details what they will actually tell their banks because some reports in international media, there is no new loans to north korea. that is not the issue. the issue is money laundering, money transfers, et cetera. but nonetheless, any action, any serious action by president xi of china is certainly welcome because, as you pointed out time and again, this is the last, best hope for military action. now the other good thing today, is that there is no daylight between president trump and prime minister abe of japan. and, president moon of south korea, who is initially pretty wishy-washy on things, he is moving in the right direction. so the alliance is strengthening. the chinese banks, there is a big question mark what they will do. remember, s&p, standard & poor's and moody's recently downgraded china's credit rating. so we'll see.
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my outstanding questions are two will china turn a blind eye to people trading illicitly with north korea? will the russians step in? because when president trump talked about cracking down on people who do business with north korea, that -- trish: russians are part of that i hear you. there is a lot of illicit activity, smuggling that happens. i should point out, china told us before that they aren't going to trade with north korea and yet, as far as the trade numbers look, you look at first quarter this year. they were out there saying. we'll kurt tail this. trade was up nearly 40%. but i think it goes further than just sanctions. as art laffer told us the other day, the problem with sanctions is that you're cutting off this region from the rest of the world. while that may seem fine. the danger, colonel peters, you have rogue islamic nations more motivated by religion than anything else. that might want to use this
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stuff against us and are we putting kim jong-un in a position where he needs that financial resource, he might sell some of this technology. so that is a danger. i say you got to go back to what you and i keep talking about, and that is either changing this regime in north korea, or, disarming them. and china has the intelligence and capability to do that. they just need to be willing. >> they won't. china will go only so far. they don't want to be seen as betraying their ally. again, north korea is very valuable to china as strategic partner. as a cat's paw to play against the united states. we often forget that the greatest strength, ironically that kim jong-un has, is he doesn't care how many north koreans die. even vladmir putin has to answer to the russian people at some point. in iran, rouhani and khomeni
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have to answer this their people. kim jong un doesn't have to answer his people. he has to keep his praetorian guard and military well-fed. trish: the people might say we have had enough. they might start to rebel against that. we've certainly seen that before in other parts of the world. >> yeah. trish: i just keep saying, colonel peters, i want us to put as much pressure on china as we can. there are a lot of things we can do. we represent so much to them. we buy so much from china. we have a whole lot of power. we need to be able to use it. >> yeah. but we buy so much from china and china steals so much from us. trish: yes. >> that is their idea of fair trade. but look -- trish: they're in violation of the wto agreement. we really haven't done anything about that we're now threatening. for them to steal 200 to $300 billion of intellectual
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property every year, colonel peters, we can clamp down on this as we should. >> you're absolutely right. to me the way to deal with iran is to make an example of north korea, if necessary. i am concerned about, picking more than one fight at a time. but nonetheless, in long term, once north korea problem is solved, and it will be solved one way or the other, the great strategic competitor is china. russia doesn't have the population, it doesn't have the gdp. it doesn't have the oomph left anymore. china is a great strategic competitor. china sees it. we close our eyes. trish: you heard me say before, i would rather lose dollars than lives. >> oh, yes, sure. trish: let's explore every economic possibility first. colonel peters. thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: meanwhile the liberal media blasting the rhetoric using strong rhetoric during his u.n. address to put north korea
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on notice. watch here. >> he wasn't a president, he was a preacher up there, giving his dark world view. >> it is really frightening to hear an american president talk about obliterating any other country. >> this was unusual speech for an american president. does it have any hallmarks of unusual speeches by other country president presidents? >> this goes down in history of weird u.n. speech. >> it is certainly an usual speech, weird speech, "rocket man." insulting kim jong-un. trish: you can't insult the guy threatening to take you out? when did that become weird to insult someone threatening you and all of your people? not to mention, you know one of the best lines was when he called out saudi arabia saying basically the u.n. could be a great organization. it has a lot of potential. but you know, you have saudi arabia sitting on the human rights council! yeah, he has a point. these are things that you're just not supposed to say right?
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how dare you go there if president of the united states. how dare you say the obvious? my next guest says the president was spot on calling out the north korean leader. here to explain, fox news contributor, former governor of arkansas, governor mike huckabee. good to see you, sir. so he was spot on in your view. >> spot on trish. trish: in your view and my view. >> absolutely. i was proud of the president going to the u.n., saying to the faces of these countries what most of us know to be true. i find it amazing trish you have all these liberals who are crying themselves to sleep at night because the president dared tell the rogue countries the truth about themselves. let me make a point, just hope that some of these liberals would listen to. they all talked about how his speech was dark and it was dangerous. let me tell you what's dark. dark is lil' kim, aka, "rocket man", lighting a candle on icbms firing across japan
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and toying with the notion of taking a nuclear device and aiming it toward the west coast. that is dark and that's dangerous. i want a president who says you are not going to keep doing that. when hillary goes on stephen colbert and sits there acts like she is savant, and we need more diplomacy, i want to say, hillary, you were the chief diplomat of the united states. how well did that work out for us? your husband was president over 20 years ago made deal to let them continue what they're doing. how is that working out for juice one giant warning whether it comes to iran, the deal we made via president obama in iran. you see the same exact thing unfolding. north korea should be a warning to us. i don't blame entirely the clintons. many administration, right, left, in between. you know what, president bush takes some responsibility for this too. somebody should have stepped up
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along the way. we're at a situation where somebody is stepping up and how is it that the left can actually think that is bad? don't they want to protect themselves? >> well, this is what is amazing. when you were talking to colonel peters, the obvious is true, china now said whoa, this guy is serious. we can't just sit back, you know, twiddle our thumbs and let the north koreans get away with whatever they want to get away with. as donald trump would say, this development with china today is huge! and it is. trish: he said it was somewhat unexpected. which is interesting too. >> i think it was unexpected. why it would not have happened if what? >> if he had not made that speech at the united nations. and if he hadn't dropped a bomb on the syrian runway. if he had not put the "mother of all bombs" in in afghanistan. look, people around the world may not like donald trump, they may not love donald trump, by golly they fear donald trump. that is the best position for an
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american president to be in. not that they want to wave flags or give him a standing ovation when he comes to make a speech. so they realize the u.s. is no longer sound asleep. we are wide awake. we'll take care of our borders, our people, our responsibilities, and you're either going to help us with that, or you will get left behind and regret it. i think it's a long overdue message to send to the world. i'm so proud of that president standing up and saying it that way. trish: healthy changes perhaps. thank you, governor huckabee. good to see you. hurricane maria, everyone, devastating puerto rico leaving the entire island, 3 1/2 million residents, just awful, without power. no one has power there. we're told this may go on for months. you look at pictures of the devastation, just awful. meanwhile, you've got houston of course, which is still suffering after hurricane harvey. and the big question, you know, all these cars, do you see
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those? they're completely ruined. they were saturated. they were flooded. and one of the concerns right now is that these cars are now making their way on to the used car market believe it or not. and you could easily be tricked into buying one anywhere in the country. we're going to tell you how to guard against that. the intel next.
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>> was absolutely obliterated. puerto rico got hit with wind, they have never seen wind like this anywhere. got hit as a 5, category 5 storm, which is, literally never happens. so puerto rico is, is in very, very tough shape.
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trish: president trump approving disaster declaration for puerto rico after hurricane maria slammed into the u.s. territory, wiping out power for the entire island. more than 3 million people. maria killed at least 15 people across the caribbean so far. fox news's steve harrigan in san juan, puerto rico with the latest. >> floodwater or storm surge making little island across puerto rico. these condominiums have three or four feet around some of them. we've been seeing people hand up what good they need, sometimes by rope to people in them. the entire island is out of power. that is the calamity. no power inside, a lot of houses we've been in have structural damage. damaged roofs. real tough going here. we've seen people do what they can to sweep up, or even pull up power poles. it has been a do it yourself operation here so far. people told us they're not getting any help at moment.
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there are debris from two storms, from irma two weeks ago, now from maria. you can tell one pile of debris from the other. it is too early to tell how many people are killed by the storm. there are entire areas, the southeast, still haven't been reached out. they're cut off. in san juan, puerto rico, steve harrigan, fox news. trish: let's go to another natural disaster hit the homeland. floodwaters from hurricane harvey recede, harrowing scene is left behind. this is social media video, showing thousands of cars, stranded, submergeed by floodwaters. a lot of these cars could end up on the road or back in your driveway? this is buyer beware scenario. fox news correspondent casey stiegel is live with the story for us. casey, how does this happen? >> well, trish, it is
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unbelievable. first of all recovery here in southeast texas is progressing slowly by surely. it is arduous task as you can imagine, cleaning up all of the cars, home, businesses, personal property, that went underwater, when you drive around houston and the surrounding communities, you see piles of debris, waiting to be taken to the landfill. people working hard, to start over. but officials here, estimate, that more than a half million vehicles, cars, trucks, suvs, totaled by the floodwaters. that is in this region alone. we're not talking florida and irma. this is just in texas. many abandoned on the streets, towed to giant lots. some will be crushed. others are salvaged for parts. but law enforcement officials also warn some will be cleaned up and sold to unsuspecting buyers. shipped out across the u.s., which is why consumers are advised to have used cars
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inspected thoroughly before buying. >> you will see there are some corrosion been left over in some interior parts under the dash. in the vehicle carriage here. the springs have already started corroded. and in the seatbelt area, pulling out some seatbelts will show mildew. reporter: this ford dealership in galveston county, houston, is not taking any chances. more than 1100 vehicles on this lot alone, in their service department went underwater. about $35 million in lost inventory. but the owner tells us those will be crushed. so the cars and trucks can not be sold. mitchell dale has a very positive way of putting this whole disaster into perspective. >> homes are destroyed, memories are destroy. so, us, you know, our cars can
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be replaced, our new facility here, certainly we had to, it's a business interruption but we're working hard to get back. reporter: dale estimates in fact that his business, following the storm is up about 200% because so many people now have to buy new cars themselves, and trish, he says the vast majority of customers walking on to his lot here, have nothing to trade in. no equity, nothing to put down, because they lost it and had no insurance. trish: thank you very much, casey. scandal at equifax where 143 million americans private information exposed just getting worse today. we're learning hackers roamed undetected in equifax's computer system months before anybody even noticed. the sec announcing it too was hacked.
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trish: got breaking news on equifax, everyone. the hits keep on coming. deirdre bolton uncovered another problem for us. fill us in. >> not bad enough that the company was hacked twice. cybersecurity experts saying all along, you have vulnerabilities, here is how to fix them. equifax couldn't or didn't or combination. then as you know, basically, only thing consumers could do to protect themselves was to freeze their credit, so nobody could go with your name, your address, your date of birth, your social security number, call a bank, open a credit card in your name and charge whatever they want. take out a loan in your name, default on it. that is the real threat here. equifax began promoting a fake site -- trish: back up. equifax -- >> unknowingly. trish: unknowingly, go enter your information into this site
2:27 pm
but this was a fake site? >> exactly. exactly. crazy as it sound, the hits keep on coming. almost not believable. that is exactly what happened. the silver lining, i will say -- trish: well the stock actually recovering a little bit. >> but it lost a third of its value since september it was announced earlier in this month. that the hack had taken place. and you will notice that its peers as well. transunion and experian which trades out of the uk, they have lost but not quite as much as equifax. trish: deirdre, i want to jump in. we were talking the other day i was making point why should i put information into ex-which fax system so freeze credit? they are telling me i have to do it. why should i trust the company that -- >> unfortunately, the silver lining to this, is tha wanted te point to equifax that their system, they need to pay attention. at this point they need to pay attention. trish, i have to say, listen, i
2:28 pm
could be wrong, i have a hard time believing this company will exist in its current form a year from now. lawsuits are coming out of the woodwork. the massachusetts attorney general filed a suit against the company on behalf of massachusetts citizens affected 23 class action lawsuits are proposed. you have high-flyers, hedge fund manager carson block opening up $500,000 suit. trish: and the doj, right? they're looking at executives out there selling shares even though they maybe might have known. >> or should have known. it is not just three random executives. one is the cfo. the other two are presidents of two divisions. these people sold a collective $2 million worth of stock, by the time they learned a second hack, that affected 40% of americans. and the time the company went public with it. so that the department of justice has opened a criminal
2:29 pm
probe for possible insider trading, looking at those three executives in particular. neil: -- trish: agree with you, that the company won't exist in its current form a year from now. deirdre bolton thank you. looking to build a second headquarters for amazon which could create 50,000 new jobs. jeff bezos if you're listening, i know the perfect place and we have the guy leading the charge to bring it to his state. we'll explain. see you here next.
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trish: the dow is it 22374. trading lower as well as nasdaq. apple shares are falling on reports that apple watch three has wireless connectivity issues days before it hits the stores. the tech giant says it is working on a fix for a future software release. licensing for intellectual property, the deal signaling, google's push to expand made by google products, include the pixel smartphone and google home may be significant. toys "r" us plotting its return after filing bankruptcy earlier this year. the chief executive said it will trim down the stores. it will revamping online and in-store experiences. workers may see wage increases too. that is good news.
2:34 pm
amazon, everyone, is launching a nationwide search to build a new location to build a separate corporate headquarters. cities and states across america are racing to win over the retail giant and potentially bring thousands of jobs, maybe 50,000 jobs and billions of dollars worth of investment into their states. my next guest is out in front of it all. he has been beating the drum for more business to come to his home state and my home state of new hampshire since the day amazon made the announcement. he has been leading the charge pushing for new hampshire which, as you all know, happens to be where i grew up, where i happen to also think amazon should be setting up shop. here to tell us why, how the state can get more competitive, new hampshire for amazon cofounder, who also happens to be my cousin. good to see you, deck lan. >> great to see you, trish. trish: i'm really glad you're doing this. what is it that new hampshire
2:35 pm
can offer amazon? >> well we have, probably the best quality of life anywhere in the country. if you look at various reports, that's clear. we also have very educated population and proximity to boston, to draw from some of that tech talent is really what puts us near the top of the list in making a play for amazon. trish: i think you're right. it has got so much going for it. obviously i'm biased. you are too. >> we might be a little biased here, that's true. trish: it's a beautiful place to live. the people are wonderful. you have a very educated population. it is close to boston. you have the mountains. you have got the beach. my one concern is, i never understood entirely why new hampshire has not attracted more business. zero income tax and zero sales tax. you would think those would be big drivers, but they have a pretty high corporate tax rate. i mean it is still 8.2%. the governor is working to get it lower but that's a lot.
2:36 pm
>> yeah. so it is a lot. he is working to get it lower, part of that effort. we need to look, amazon locating from a place where zero corporate tax rate exists. amazon is certainly taking that that into consideration. we have to do what is necessary in order to bring companies like amazon, not in one-off sort of way. typically how this works. but to really to make sure that everybody knows, big business, small business, know that new hampshire is open for business. we're trying to attract jobs to the state. we can certainly have more people staying in the state of new hampshire, then having to go to new york, down to boston to work. trish: i know it is very personal to you. i have known you your whole life and i know you lived all around the world. you have lived in big metropolitan areas and you have moved home. what do you -- >> that's right. trish: what do you want for your family, and every other family there in new hampshire right now? >> well i mean, that's true. i met my wife in new york.
2:37 pm
we moved to san francisco. we moved back to new york. when we were thinking of starting a family and we have a one-year-old now, there was no better place in new hampshire, than new hampshire to move to. that is where we wanted. we saw ourselves raising a family because of quality of life, what we can enjoy. what we want for ourselves and our family and our daughter the same we want for every other family in new hampshire. the children of new hampshire being able to grow up to work in new hampshire. not have to leave the state in such numbers, and go find jobs elsewhere. we want jobs here of the we want jobs back in new hampshire. we want to have our kid grow up and work in the state. trish: something happening on the national level too, right? that is why the president is talking about working with democrats. having a bipartisan effort to have lower corporate taxes because united states of america needs to compete just like new hampshire needs to compete. i will tell you, there are some folks that aren't so happy about this, both on the national level, even on the local level.
2:38 pm
you have a venture-capitalist, and an investment banker telling mike cody from the union leader, and i quote from the article, i would prefer to see workforce development occur incremental level to support new hampshire's existing businesses before bringing in amazon and sucking up all. what he is saying he has his own kingdom, working for him. he doesn't want the threat of another business coming in and taking away his talent and maybe he has to pay his people a little bit more. you can't pull the rug out from everyone underneath you. how do you get people like this one and other lawmakers want to live in their little cozy environment on board? >> i think it's a pretty simple argument. we need to have the competition in the state. if only draw that we have for enemployment here is there is no other competition that will not get the jobs. we have, we right now in this area produce more tech talent
2:39 pm
than we have jobs to fill. if we can change the calculus, if we get more companies to move here, that will only benefit the start-ups. we learned that in silicon valley, more people you get, easier it is to attract more people to an area. that is simple argument. an argument i'm willing to make and sit down to talk with him, to make sure we're on the same page. we're singing from the same song book coming to trying to get amazon to come to new hampshire. trish: listen, bipartisan thing. everybody should want jobs in that state. it is so important. i have to see one more picture of little tiernan she is adorable baby. every time my kids see here, james and i at least for a week how they need a baby sister. she turned one years old. she is adorable. >> i'm sure they would like a baby sister. we'll be happy to visit as much as we can. she absolutely adores your children. trish: i'm so proud. lori is part of this effort as
2:40 pm
well. you guys, you're doing the right thing. you really are. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on, trish. trish: you heard deaglan mention the governor of new hampshire, chris sununu. he is supporting his effort. he thinks the state needs to be attracting business. he wants to compete as well and work with deaglan and his team and everyone else with this bipartisan effort to bring jobs to the state of new hampshire. lower taxes may hold the key. chris sununu will join us monday 2:00 p.m. with all of that. new reports that former ambassador samantha power sought to unmask americans on almost daily basis up until the election. president trump meeting with leaders of south korea and japan a short while ago, talking about what we need to do about north korea. former navy seal, republican congressman from virginia, scott taylor, is here on that next. think your large cap equity fund
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trish: in just a few moments treasury secretary steve mnuchin will update us on new actions president trump is taking against north korea. earlier he issued an executive order to increase authority against anyone that tries to do business with the rogue nation. he announced that china has told its banks to stop doing business with north korea. this is so important because i said over and over again, china plays a very vital role in all of this. kim jong-un is in existence, essentially because china has allowed him and his family to be there. china has been perfectly fine and complicit in all of this. we have a lot of power when it comes to china, maybe it is time we start using it. joining me right now, former navy seal and republican congressman from virginia, author of the barack obama, hillary clinton and selling out of american national secure, congressman scott taylor. congressman, good to see you. i don't think it's a maybe we should be using this. fundamentally we need to start
2:45 pm
exerting as much pressure on china as we possibly can. i am encouraged by what we heard from china today. i think as the president said, it was somewhat unexpected but welcomed. what more should we be doing and what can china do to rid ourselves of this major problem, "rocket man"? >> well, it is great to be with you trish as always. i think you're absolutely right. when you look at china and relationship with north korea, they're about 90% of the trade with them. we're doing other things with other countries that may or may not do business with north korea, but it's a small percentage. you're right china has to step up to help. they have been perfectly fine with north korea being agitator of us if you will. those missiles shoot towards us, not other way around. but that being said, this president, this administration has certainly turned up, turned up the screws, if you will. china has played, they have been in two u.n. resolutions now, like you announced.
2:46 pm
they will tell the banks not to do business with them. no question that china, they had a red line. and their red line they don't want destabilization of korean peninsula. they don't want a refugee crisis with north korea. the redder line what the president is doing, trade relationship with the united states. i don't think you're off base whatsoever, we should us that. >> we should. everybody keeps talking about the military options. that is important. they need to know we're serious about the military options. but before we risk so many lives, i think you need to fully explore the economic options, which means, basically, forcing china to start to actually get some changes. congressman, i keep saying intelligence specialists and to military folks, why can't we just change the regime? why can't we put him off in a corner. i'm told we don't have intelligence to do so. we couldn't possibly do that. we don't have enough
2:47 pm
possibility, but china does. reality is two things that you mentioned there. using our economic component as opposed to war if you will, which should be a last resort. i represent more active duty and military folks and veterans than any organization in the nation. that should be of course a last resort but you're seeing a stronger stance with japan and south korea, feeling tensions rising there. the japanese prime minister said he is happy with the president's response and how they dell with it. when you look at the economic component like you said, using that power, when you remember kim threatening obama, shooting missiles there, the president said, you know what? we'll have investigation on trade in china? then all of a sudden, kim about faced and stopped, didn't say that anymore. you haven't heard that anymore. the redder line is trade relationship with the united states. i don't think that is
2:48 pm
coincidence whatsoever. trish: congressman taylor. good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: i sure hope we exert as much economic pressure for sure. everyone, new reports that former ambassador samantha power was unmasking americans at such a rapid pace in the final months of the obama administration. that she averaged more than one request for every working day. what was going on? we got the intel for you. i'll see you right here after this. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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trish: reports that the unmasking from the obama administration was actually a whole lot worse and more widespread than anybody first thought. fox news says former u.n. ambassador samantha power was unmasking americans almost on a daily basis more than 260 times
2:52 pm
in the year leading up to trump's inauguration. unmasking by the way is a request to identify americans caught up in foreign intelligence gathering. power is just the latest obama administration facing scrutiny for these actions. joining me attorney brian claypool. let me ask it, brian, how, i mean how unusual is this, let's start there? if she was asking for effectively one person per day, how strange is that to you? >> this is beyond unusual. in fact, trish, what this is, there are a few words come to mind when i hear about this. abuse of power. offensive, reprehensible, and potentially legally actionable. i mean she -- trish: let me start with abuse of power. why is it a abuse -- just lay it out for the viewers what is at stake here? >> yeah. sure. there is what is called a minimization process, trish,
2:53 pm
what this means to break it down is for example, the nsa is investigating a foreign agent, they're allowed to wiretap those phone calls. so let's say there is a phone conversation between a foreign agent they're investigating and a u.s. citizen about dry cleaning for example, as opposed to making a bomb in a living room. the name of that individual should not be identified. it should be secured privately. for example, it should be identified in an intelligence report as, u.s. citizen number one. that you preserve the identity. then what you do you have an unmasking process that samantha powers and susan rice completely usurped. the unmasking process, you have to make a request to a 20-person panel at the nsa to release the identity of that person. you have got to prove, that you need to release the identity because it is related to some kind of intelligence that you need to stop a bad thing from
2:54 pm
happening. trish: what the is danger here? why, from a privacy perspective, what, what kind of precedent would something like this set? >> well i see two major problems with this, trish. putting aside the privacy one for a moment of the absolute abuse of a power here, you have high-ranking u.s. rep representatives on behalf of a president, a former sitting president, who are using their power to obtain information, against the law in my opinion, possibly impact an election or to possibly disparage or impact an investigation against president trump and his administration. i find it hypocritical the minute donald trump, jr., has a meeting with a female russian attorney everybody is threatening to hang him with obstruction of justice. we have blatant violation of the law we're not hearing much about it. in terms of privacy issue, anybody impacted by this, whose
2:55 pm
name is released they have a potential civil case against samantha powers and also possibly a limited criminal case, if this information is now used or published to somebody else and that information harms the individual. this is huge. trish: this is very perplexing. you also have the whole paul manafort issue out there. there are reports he may have offered to brief a russian billionaire during the campaign. what is your thought on that? what do you make of it? >> well, i mean, first of all, we have to figure out what evidence we have to support this proposition, because what i've been seeing the last year, trish, is, we're hearing things about, okay, here we have manafort briefing a russian billionaire. we had donald trump, jr., meeting with a female attorney. and what we find. what we're finding a visceral reaction they have done
2:56 pm
something wrong or broken the law. not everybody is jumping to that conclusion. trish: i hear you. if we're to assume this is innocent, maybe he, knew a russian billionaire and was saying yeah, the campaign going really well. i think we're going to win or something like that. it is not clear entirely what the, what the malice is in all that. anyway, brian. we'll continue to stay on this story. we appreciate you joining us here today. lots of questions all around. >> you got it. trish: thank you so much. quick break, we'll be right back. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. .. .. ..
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coming up any moments moment not we will hear the treasury secretary he is expected to address those actions regarding north korea and maybe get some questions on tax reform you heart earlier for my cousin in new hampshire. so that we can start to recruit businesses like amazon guess what the nation needs to
3:00 pm
do the same thing. we need to compete. >> we need to tell you you just mentioned treasury secretary steven mnuchin he is about to speak right now. you see the podium at the new york hilton. he will articulate what president trump announced this afternoon but here it is. when it comes to new actions against north korea, targeting north korea the president saying we must maximize pressure there will be direct targets on actions against north korea. on any bank in the world. that does business with north korea any vessels and aircraft that had visited north korea after visiting the united states. it will be in target


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