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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 22, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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there are a lot of options. charles: a lot of options. we're out of time now. here's lou ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the still powerful hurricane maria, northwestward-bound tonight, starting to lash the turks & caicos after lashing parts of the dominican republic and devastating puerto rico. as of right now maria is a category 3 hurricane, sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. forecasters to expect the storm to track east of central bahamas and stay well offshore of florida and southeastern united states. in puerto rico residents emerging from their homes today, seeing the devastation from the biggest and most destructive hurricane to hit the island in a century. smashed buildings, balconies
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torn from the buildings, uprooted trees. floodwaters turning streets into rivers. president trump approved a disaster declaration. saying he will fly soon to puerto rico to assess the damage, to meet with local government officials and victims of hurricane maria. fox news correspondent steve harrigan is in san juan and has our report. reporter: they certainly do need help in many different areas. they need immediate help. this is the flooding around some apartment complexes just outside of san juan. none of these people have any electricity. no one on the entire island has electricity. they have been sitting up in apartments with damage from the wind and blackwater on the floors. they hand up stuff or down to get what they need. as far as the situation on the ground, help is on the way. there is coast guardianships bringing in millions of liters of water. the airport isn't open yet but should be open for aid tomorrow. the biggest problem here, across the island is the power grid.
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it has been weak for decade. it was hurt by hurricane irma. two weeks ago. now it was really demolished by the most recent storm, hurricane maria. it has been a do it yourself operation as i try to get out of the way of the police cruiser. they make quite a wake coming down the street here. it has been a do it yourself operation. we've seen people pulling up power lines by themselves, using hammers and nails. a lot of machetes. if you look to chris's right there, some people are cooking out this morning. they have no power, and very little resources. so those women chopped up with machetes or hammers some plywood. they used satellite dishes as wind screens. they have been making a barbecue through the the day. they will need a hot meal at end of it. when you're out of electricity. it is hard to get water. gasoline is in short supply. you're in the dark.
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people are in good spirits. couple incidents of reporting of looting. some grocery stores, their shelves were emptied during the storm. but on the whole, when you have no lights on at night, and a lot of people in tough situations we have not seen outbreaks of violence. of course the real test will be getting aid to the people who need it. and getting it to them quickly. in san one part rico -- san juan, port reich co, steve harrigan. lou: thank you, steve. from san juan. rescuesers in mexico are racing to find survivors 24 hours after a 7.1 magnitude quake hit the region. 51 survivors are pulled from the disaster sites. the chance of survival diminishing with each passing hour. the death toll is rising now at 237. 137 people were killed in the capital city.
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fox news john hand hunt in mexico city with our report. reporter: lou, the search for survivors becomes more desperate by the minute. nowhere more so than here at the school that collapsed when the earthquake hit. we just returned from a close-up look at the site of the search-and-rescue operation. take a look. this is the heart of what is obviously a very tense and very difficult search-and-rescue operation. the rescue workers inching their way across the rubble, remains of what was the school. they are looking for any signs of life in the past 24 hours. they have seen some signs of life through heat-seeking cameras. they are not saying whether they believe those survivors are adults or children. they are still sim me looking for anybody who may have survived what is obviously a devastating crush of rubble here. they say they will not give up until they can be absolutely
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certain that there are no more survivors. similar search-and-rescue operations are underway across this city. there have been some miracles. earlier today two women and one man were pulled from the rubble of what was once an office building in downtown mexico city. loved ones of those who are still missing wait and hope, but as i say, lou, with every passing minute those hopes dim. lou? lou: jonathan, thank you very much. jonathan hunt from mexico city. more vindication for president trump who said he was wiretapped back in march. the former director of national intelligence, james clapper, now admits president obama could have been picked up as he put it, excuse me, president trump, could have been picked up during the government's surveillance of trump campaign chair paul manafort. >> is it possible the president was picked up in a conversation
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with paul manafort? >> it's, it is certainly conceivable. >> is it likely? >> i can't say. i wouldn't want to go there but i will say it's possible. lou: the problem is of course james clapper, who has lied numerous, on numerous occasions both to congress and the american people, said back in march that he categorically denied any wiretap had been undertaken against the trump campaign. >> there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at time or as a candidate or against his campaign. lou: we're pleased to be joined tonight by the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. kellyanne, great to have you with us. the president taking steps toward reining in north korea. his executive order, sanctions,
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at the same time the diplomacy mr. trump has led with xi xinping paying off with the announcement by the central bank that they would constrain doing business in, end doing business with the north koreans. quite a day. >> it is quite a day, lou, and let's not lose sight of the fact that president trump issued his executive order against north korea right there at the united nations general assembly meeting. i think this is incredibly important. it was a consequential week for our president. really taking aim at our nation's sovereignty, saying america first will always be his guiding principle and he actually recommends other countries do the same. when it comes to north korea today, the president putting even more teeth into what has become a twice, a is fifth teen0 u.n. security council vote to sanction north korea. the president taking aim, speaking language where they know it would, their shipping,
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trade practices basically give people a choice, you deal with north korea or you deal with the u.s. but you can't do both. these economic sanctions are severe. military options still on the table but really deepening the economic sanctions and i think china blinked today. i think it's a relationship that the president has established with china. that is having, forcing china to act according to the will of this president. lou: let me turn to the unmasking scandal, and why there is not a justice department investigation underway right now into susan rice, samantha power, the u.n. ambassador, the national security advisor under president obama? why isn't there an investigation? >> perhaps there will be because i just think that the explosive revelations, even in today's news, lou, that samantha power was basically requesting one unmasking per day for most of 2016. it is just a remarkable number.
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lou: it is unheard of. >> it is unheard of. it grew at a clip i'm sure for all of them after donald trump unexpectedly beat hillary clinton. you know what happened during the transitional months, everybody was rushing around washington to sprinkle intelligence around. they lied. these people lied. they can't get their stories straight. lou: for crying out loud the director of national intelligence, james clapper, not only would get his story straight, he lied and lied and lied, and today acknowledges, well, maybe he was lying when he said, well anything is possible. i mean this is, this has reached a level where the entire administration of barack obama is suspect. >> and lou, let's keep the investigations going. remember it is team obama and it's mainstream media, their friend there, who by and large have been criticizing this president's claim of surveillance and this president's claims that this president questioning openly of
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unmasking of innocent americans. and they have been pushing back from day one of the president doing that. that is 6 1/2 months ago when he first said it. but now -- lou: you call it pushing back. i call it subversion outright, what they have been carrying on. >> let's continue the investigations, lou, and let's start getting the right people. lou: the right stuff and the right people. let me ask you quickly, president going to alabama, unprecedented step, for a sitting president to intervene in a primary election. what are the risks for him politically? >> well the president is five for five in special elections so far since he got here. the difference in all of those races that were very geographically disparate, very demographically different, that the president and vice president got involved, put manpower on the ground. nothing like hum of air force one coming to a state here knew and giving the presidential i am prime -- impr.
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this is sitting u.s. senator supportive of this president's agenda in six months on the job here. lou: you're talking about luther strange. >> that's right. lou: he is also been unsupportive of the president preceding that. so, it is an interesting decision, no angst, no uncertainty about putting president's prestige on the line is a question for the white house. >> well the president's also a loyal person. he endorsed luther strange in early to mid-august. he is following through on that. again we've got important things here like repealing, replacing obamacare. lou: will mitch mcconnell reciprocate, kellyanne, that loyalty and that fondness? >> i have no idea. certainly hope so. because he is a republican leader. i think he will insofar he is behind graham-cassidy. he is helping with tax reform. the president --
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lou: please. i know the agenda. i know the agenda. >> wait, i want to make something very clear. lou: i know. >> donald trump's ideas prevailed and the left's ideas failed a year ago. this is donald trump's -- people should get with the program or get it of the way. lou: kellyanne, por favor. we always appreciate talking with you. we wish we had more time so we can continue the fun. kellyanne. >> there is always next time. lou: you got it. look forward to it. kellyanne conway. we're coming back with much more. stay with us. president trump signing a new executive order targeting north korea. >> it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal, rogue, regime. >> lou: we take up the president's efforts to rein in the rogue regime. ambassador john bolton our guest next. america has had enough of congress and its failing leadership. wait until you see the polls on the so-called leadership of the
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individuals or entities that do business with north korea. president trump today also praised china and xi xinping for ordering their banks to cut off north korea, and the president of afghanistan praising president donald trump for his afghan strategy. ashraf gaun -- ghani met with the president in new york city. and calls for more u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> it's a difference of day and night. the cloud of uncertainty has been lifted, but equally important is your commitment to a political solution at the end of this process. lou: and now to take up afghanistan, north korea and the success of trump diplomacy, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton. john, great to have you. >> glad to be here.
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lou: it is remark to believe to see, xi xinping as part of personal diplomacy on the part of the president and afghan president praising the united states. when would we in the world, certainly not during eight years of the obama administration, and now xi xinping is acting like a true strategic partner? >> it is the mark of the success the president has had, despite all the criticism he has gotten this week is a triumph. i thought his speech on tuesday at the u.n. general assembly was top of the line and what china has apparently done, although we need to see their performance, in the past they have had the rhetoric, but not the performance, i think xi xinping appreciates that barack obama is no longer president and donald trump is a very serious person. so when he says as he did on tuesday, the only acceptable outcome in north korea is no nuclear weapons capability, that
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this president means it and the one before him didn't. lou: and the one before that and the one before that. all the way back to clinton. >> 25 years of failure. lou: as we look what is happening domestically, in our domestic politics here, susan rice, the former national security advisor lying again, talking about the unmasking of trump administration officials, trump transition officials, as well. the president, it is clear, possibly himself, targeted as well. and now we learn samantha power, who has your old job at the united nations, u.s. ambassador to the united nations, we're talking 260 plus unmaskings of american citizens. this is outrage just and i don't here a single republican leader calling for immediate investigation of the obama administration's national security apparatus. it is appalling! >> this is really something for the director of national
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intelligence to look into. you know i have a little personal experience with this unmasking. lou: right. >> when i was undersecretary in the first four years of the bush administration dealing with non-proliferation and arms control. i asked, brace yourself, i asked for 10 or 12 names to be unmasked because they had some connection with proliferation, i wanted to see more about it. the democrats made a huge issue in my confirmation battle to be u.n. ambassador. 10 or 12 names. in samantha power's case, total of 350. so, you know, if she can demonstrate a national security reason, well then she is entitled to have the names but i want to know what the rationale is. lou: i want to know who was unmasked. >> in my case i said to the senate foreign relations committee, you can have intercepts make them public, you can see the names, you can see all that. i had nothing to hide. if she has got nothing to hide, let's see what the senate has to say about it. lou: it would be nice to hear from the senate intelligence
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committee who is led i think by one of the most incompetent chairs i have ever seen in senator burr, because he is utterly dependent on mark warner, from the oil opposition of the -- i mean it is just as if they have thrown the keys to government over to the democratic party, or the intelligence services. i mean we've got a special counsel, now, john, who is running the government, and has the capacity to run this government without intervention or any break or constraint whatsoever because it's clear, it is absolutely clear, he doesn't care what he does next, so long as he continues with this nonsense. >> i'm actually a fan of senator burr's. i hope he can get this on track. i honestly think the american people will lose confidence in our intelligence agencies if they think that protection -- lou: who would have confidence in our intelligence agencies?
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surely you are not telling me -- >> they have enormous technical capabilities. lou: they have demonstrated, look at all unmaskings and all of the, the demonstrated technological prowess they have, meanwhile, it is, they have been used by the previous administration as a political arm. >> this is risk. you're absolutely right. this risks the opponents of surveillance at all, using what obama did to politicize intelligence to restrict our intelligence-gathering capabilities. it's a serious threat here i think republicans who believe in a strong national security policy have to step up to. there is no reason to protect the prior administration if these allegations prove out. lou: we're talking about the upper echelon of leadership of these agencies, what they had to agree to. we're talking about the fisa court, john. what will i put up with a fisa court that is a rubberstamp? why will we permit this kind of
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conduct without consequence? this is madness. >> i think the fisa court should be advised what they found out. mispens with the fisa court it is pretty tough operation. to me calling it into question the public's confidence in our ability to conduct government that pursues national security objectives without politicization. i lay that squarely at the doorstep of barack obama. lou: oh, i do too, and obviously the heads of the intelligence agencies during his administration, the heads of his national security team. and who knows, by the way, look at the fbi. are you kidding me? that is a way to conduct -- what about the head of his cia, who spied on the very intelligence committee that it has oversight over the cia and other intelligence agencies? >> i don't think there is more politicization of any intelligence -- lou: this is not a accusation. this is criminal conduct! >> and rank incompetent while on
4:24 am
the subject. lou: no question about it. people are saying really? they unmasked someone, the head of the damn cia is surveilling the intelligence committee? quite a bunch. >> to be sure. lou: i think we need to talk more about what we can grant these intelligence agencies, john, but that is a conversation for another time. ambassador john bolton, great to have you with us. >> glad to be here. lou: thanks so much. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe it will take special counsel to reveal the true depth of corruption among obama's intelligence leaders? we want to hear from you on this. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook. follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. on wall street stocks closed lower but near the record highs. the dow down 58 points. s&p lost eight. nasdaq down 33. volume on the big board slipping
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to 2.9 billion shares. the index is dragged lower by apple shares of the tech giant has fallen more than 4 1/2% since last week's product announcement. reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, wall street's top regulator under fire after admitting that cyberattacks broke through successfully the firewalls of the federal government and took files from a database and perhaps used all of that data for insider trading. the cyber crisis this nation faces. the subject of my commentary here next. stay with us. we'll be right back
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lou already we learned not only 143 million people were compromised by equifax as a result after cyber attack in march, but now we learn that one of the agencies regulating the company and all other or races in this country has also been hacked, the sec, the securities and exchange commission saying its corporate filings were hacked and those hackers may have made illegal trades on that information. despite detecting the breach last year, the sec is only now telling us about it. the number of cyber attacks reported by the federal government has risen by 1,300 percent.
4:31 am
these are just the hacks that have been reported. cyber attacks as hacks, not the bureaucrats who make it possible for the hackers to breach all that data. the most of notable that of the office of personnel management that affected 22 mill federal employees. gao said it has made more than 2,500 security recommendations. by golly, nothing like a recommendation to improve cyber-security. but as of february they haven't been implemented. but this is just our federal government. the private sector even worse at guarding our privacy. just asked geniuses at equifax
4:32 am
and yahoo. it's getting worse while big business and big government fail to respond. the quotation of the evening, this from will rogers who said, be thankful we are not getting all the government we are paying for. we are coming right back. the trump administration tells republican leaders to repeal and replace the imploding obamacare disaster. >> almost anything would be better than obamacare. obamacare is imploding. it's collapsing all across the country. lou: can the gop leadership deliver before the looming deadline? this fisherman battling a relentless adversary at sea. we show you the incredible heart-stopping video next.
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lou: facebook saying it struck a deal with investigators on ads bought by russian operatives. they spent $100,000 to buy ads on facebook. joining me now ed rollins, he served in three presidential
4:37 am
administrations. chief political advisor to the house leadership. the dean himself. i want to start if i may. last night ed and i were talking about the chief of staff and the white house, general john kelly and a picture that appeared in lots of places. i took some exception to it. this is one of those pictures and we can take that down because that's part of my reporting tonight. i'm going to report to you as you know that i make the point of being sure we tell the truth on this broadcast. i also make the point of correcting my mistakes when i make them. and i made one last night because i did not give the general credit for what he has achieved. i did not in fact treat the general fairly when it comes to that image. i still don't like the image,
4:38 am
but i should not have questioned his commitment to the president. i had the opportunity to talk with general kelly today. he made it clear he helped the president in rehearsing the speech. that he was fully supportive of the president. that he helped write parts of the speech, and that he has his president's back in every way. i will not divulge anything beyond the conversation to say i felt have badly that i had treated the general so badly and i was wrong. it is also i have to tell you -- it leaves me almost effusive and exhilarated to know that the general who has been his chief of staff for six weeks is doing so much for a president that he not only respects and is fully committed to, but is serving with the honor and the effort that one would expect of a former four-star marine general.
4:39 am
with that, ed rollins and i went to the subject of his loyalty to the president. ed: i apologize profusely to the general. many times on this show we complimented him. someone told me he voted for mrs. clinton. repeated that last night. i make mistakes sometimes in my opinions. i try not to make fact d make mistakes on facts. but i was wrong. there is no tougher job than chief of staff. he has turned this white house around. just to show you what an extraordinary man he is giving his service to his country over the years. he's one of four star jents, there have been 51 men who ever held that range. he's an american hero, and i owe him a profuse apology.
4:40 am
i wish him well and i know he will do well for this country and this president. lou: i wish i hadn't made the mistake and i apologize to the general. let's turn to where we are head. that is this is a president whose diplomacy is working whether it's with china, afghanistan and their leaders are responding just as the so-called foreign policy establishment that this president has been criticized for following feudal efforts. ed: we are the most of powerful nation in the world. we have had weak presidents in the past. this president stepped on the world stage, said what he's going to do. given great clarity to the trump doctrine, and we have a couple bad guys in the world. obviously the leader of north korea is a bad guy. he's firing off missiles
4:41 am
threatening us and threatening his neighbors. lou: what do you make of the idiots on the left criticizing the president for calling him rocket man which i think is one of the best lines of what i thought was the best speech by any president in my lifetime at the united nations. ed: the president has a great ability to put titles on things. again, this guy can't be dismissed. when you fire rockets promising you are going to put nuclear weapons on those rockets. lou: are they so committed to an ideology that has failed that they would continue? ed: the mere fact they applauded 8 years of lead-from-behind policies. lou: don't forget strategic patience. ed: they bribed him. we tried to get rid of his
4:42 am
nuclear program before. and we haven't stopped him. let's see if peace through strength which is the reagan philosophy will work. i think it will. >> this president means america first. ed: do you dare challenge him. the president made it clear here is the line in the sand. lou: you are asking should kim jong-un challenge us? we'll find out the degree of his death wish. please roll the video. two isn't enough to wrangle in this marlin. where is that blue marlin. it's still in the ocean. there it is. there it is. the blue marlin was attacking the people who were meaning it no good themselves. the man trying to catch it, it
4:43 am
didn't work out. the marlin won the battle. good going, martin. lou: look at these two fine americans. these leaders of i sentence courage and capacity. mark steyn will join me to look at the latest approval ratings for these two fine folks. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: joining me to discuss congress' pitiful approval ratings, the latest push to repeal and replace obamacare, conservative political commentator, television star, best-selling author and the list goes on, good to have you with us. let's turn to these polls. mcconnell and ryan. are you surprised that they are at 11%? >> no, i'm surprised it's that
4:48 am
high. the interesting thing is they have blown the last 8 months. mcconnell when he did his condescending thing at the elks lodge where he said this fellow, he's inexperienced. what's your excuse? you are suppose to be the master cunning parliamentarian strategist and you have bloant last 8 months. lou: as the president said they have carried out a charade the last 7 years. the house tried in one form or another. they repealed obamacare or some part of it 60-some odd times. then they get to a real opportunity to vote and they freeze. they are absolutely frozen at the possibility they would do something for which there might be a political consequence. >> suddenly their bluff was
4:49 am
called. i think it's deeply unattractive. there was something else mcconnell said. he said we have a lot on our threat between now and christmas because we have to raise the debt ceiling and figure out a way to fund the government. that's like me saying i have got a lot to do between now and christmas. i have got to make my november mortgage payment, and i have to transfer $50 from checking to savings. this is housekeeping. there is a dysfunction in the institutions. and the republican party is going to pay the price for that if these guys don't get on board. lou: i wouldn't be surprised if mcconnell or ryan, one or both, aren't removed from their
4:50 am
conference. they are so clearly sold out to the chamber of commerce, the business rounds table. they are not representing anyone other than those entities. >> when people talk about trump doing the deal with the democrats. the democrats have a base, mcconnell and ryan do not have a base other than the chamber of commerce. and i think there is no doubt that there is resistance to his bedrock issue which is immigration and the wall. they think all we have to do, we'll put him in the white house and we can turn him into basically jeb bush with slightly more butch attitude. and that's what they actually thought they were going to do. trump understands the danger if he goes down that path. lou: he has to be needs with the
4:51 am
latest' wal "wall street journal"-nbc poll that has his approval rating at 43%. the afghan president praising president trump. why isn't the national left-wing media covering it? i join sean hannity tonight. we are talking about the trump doctrine success. the first success everybody knows what the trump doctrine is.
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♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will live as one♪ lou: in our online poll we asked you do you believe special counsel muler exceed his original mandate for the russia investigation? 88% of you say yes, he has. lawrence jones, tammy bruce, let's start with mueller, samantha power and susan rice. why is the leadership in the
4:56 am
house and senate putting up with the egregious acts of these people, but instead investigating a president with not one iota of evidence of collusion with the russians. tammy: 8 years of working effectively with the gop, everything obama was doing, nary a pushback or complaint. we knew something strange was going on. samantha power. when we talk about nikki haley. the difference is extraordinary. people have to use the comparison with richard nixon was wiretapping mcgovern. this is what the swamp, what the uni-party wants in washington. business as usual.
4:57 am
>> the republican party doesn't have the will to fight. they have a deep-road conviction in the democratic party. when they see an appearance of wrongdoing they fight. they kept pushing until they got it. the republicans are willing to let things go. hillary clinton and her emails. they could have continued to press and press until they got some conviction but they don't have that backbone. what we'll see with samantha pour as well as susan rice. don't hold your breath because the republicans won't do anything. they will let it go. lou: the president's approval ratings in the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll up to 43%. his numbers are moving precisely in the direction this president
4:58 am
believed from the very beginning those numbers would rise as he achieved almost miracle results in the stock market and the economy, job creation. and -- >> it's going to go up more after there is more polling after this u.n. speech. honestly, lou, i'm not afraid as a country with all this national scare with what north korea what do. it seems like we have a commander-in-chief who is not afraid to lead and let the world know he's not afraid to lead. i think the polls will go up after this speech. tammy: we see need to see the resolve we saw on the international field here at home. lou: he has better foreign partners as heads of state in foreign policy than does in his
4:59 am
own party with the leadership of the gop on capitol hill. that is the main, main obstacle. tammy: it could be because he takes no prisoners on the foreign scene. he takes no prisoners here, too, and he will have more cooperation. >> those people will need the president when it comes to rereflects mid-terms. i hope they remember that. lou: it's interesting what they do know and what they are willing to do. the alabama senate race. a good move for the president? tammy: i think he has chosen the wrong horse in this case. i this ray moore will do well. >> i totally agree with tammy. he chose the wrong person and now i think he will lose some political capital when it comes to needing that vote in the senate. i hope the president knows what he's doing.
5:00 am
lou: no forecast, no prediction, no judgment, no opinion. he's shown us all wrong, he does know what he's doing. cheryl: breaking news this morning, new threat from north korea. threatening to test a hydrogen bomb over pacific ocean after called mentally deranged. dagen: u.s. stock market futures selling off from rogue nation. dow breaking a nine-day winning streak. take a look at how futures are holding off. cheryl: ftse still lower. dagen: in asia, japan's nikkei falling 1 quarter of


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