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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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connell: wonder what gates has? wallace interviewed him on "fox news sunday." [closing bell rings] dow is up, no it is down, five points. up for the week. david and medical sis a "after the bell" right now. david: thank you, connell. stocks staging a comeback. they are closing into the red further. melissa: look at the chart. david: they're trying. the dow closing in the red for the second straight day. it is down abo 15 points, we had bee down, just to remd you, 60oints at low, so there was sort of a comeback. s&p and nasdaq turning positive. small caps and russell 2000, climbing solidly. that is good news. closing at record high. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." more on big market movers. here is what we're covering during this very busy hour ahead. the latest republican health
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care push likely dead on arrival after another senator now says he can't get behind the bill. this means for, what it means for any attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. bernie sanders is pushing his single-payer plan this hour. is that the only option? north korea now threatening to launch a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. president trump is firing back as the war of words continues. the president getting ready to leave new jersey to go down and stump for luther strange in alabama. more on the importance of the event tonight. this key senate runoff. steve forbes, geraldo rivera, nigel farage, ari fleischer, dr. marc siegel, wow, all joining us. david: what an interesting group of people we have coming up for this hour. meanwhile stocks stocks kind of gasping for air at the close. they will not be as bad as they were and certainly not earlier today. the dow had been down 60 points
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at one point. they are slightly higher for the week. let's go to nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, when i heard of a pending war possibly with north korea i figured market would take it on the chin but nothing happened. >> everyone watches north korea closely. we'll talk about defense stocks in a moment, that surge on the news. finished relatively flat for the dow, down 10 points, higher for the week. up four or five trading weeks. not a record still, but we are higher to the week, for dow, s&p. the russell right at a record. taking a look at apple, apple weighed on the dow, down 60 dow points roughly throughout the week. it had the worst week roughly in five months since april, late april. down buck 1/2 today at 151 and change. so worries about connectivity for the watch. worries they're not selling enough of the 8. is everybody waiting for the 10? we'll know that late october,
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into november. also defense stocks, you mentioned north korea, a hydrogen bomb could be coming over the pacific, nobody wants to hear that. look at defense stocks. surged two, three, 4%, moved to all-time highs. those are front and center. david, melissa, have a great weekend. david: nicole, thank you. melissa: gold climbing up because of fears of north korea. crude oil however, climbing slightly for the day and the week to end at $50.66 a barrel. oil is now up more than 7% for the month. david: well the big news of the hour, a major setback in the obamacare repeal effort. senator john mccain saying he will not for the graham-cassidy health care bill. our own blake burman is live in d.c. blake, obamacare is collapsing all over the country. no more so than in mccain's home state of nevada. he campaigned on repeal and replace. this is a plan put out by his best friend in the senate,
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lindsey graham. so what is going on? reporter: none of that really seems to matter, david. earlier in the summer john mccain cast decisive no vote on attempt then to repeal and replace obamacare. now this afternoon, he has announced he is a no once again, this time on a different measure, that being graham-cassidy. part of the spa nation he gave on this day he wants a full cbo score come down the line. that wouldn't happen before the end of the month as needed. he wants to see more bipartisanship with this this is part of explanation he gave. a quote from the senator's statement. we should not be content to pass health care legislation on part line basis as democrats did when they rammed obamacare through congress in 2009. here is the math on all this. there are two no votes on the republican side, mccain and rand paul. the focus now shifts to lisa murkowski, who has been mum, and to susan collins said earlier today, i quote, she is leaning against the bill. three defections would kill this
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bill. right now number is at two. reality on this one is starting to set in for republican. >> there are a couple of uncommitted members and there is opportunity between now and september 30th, the end of next week to get vote on this, affirmative vote. i'm hopeful we'll still have a path forward. certainly senator mccain's announcement is not helpful to that end. reporter: meantime, david, the president's travel ban, the 90- day travel ban is set to expire this weekend. we're learning from the department of homeland security they are giving new recommendation to the president, that would be different from what we've seen from this administration as it would be tailored to specific countries based on their deficiencies. "wall street journal" is reporting that this could impact 17 different countries right off the bat. if this ended up implemented by the president, we should have the word from the administration in upcoming days, that number could rise or drop based on how countries react to u.s. standards, david. david: blake burman, d.c. thank
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you very much. melissa. melissa: here is congressman jody arrington, republican congressman from texas, member of the house budget committee. thank you so much for joining us. what do you make of chances now? >> great to be with you, melissa. i'm holding out hope we can get this done. that republicans in the senate, will not squander this historic opportunity. look, we've been talking about this, i've been on the job seven months. i'm a new member of congress. some of these guys have been talking about it for seven years and senator mccain voted for a repeal in 2015. i don't know how much more process you need than seven years, vote on repeal. it is certainly went through the house process from authorizing to the budget committee to the rules committee to the floor. i don't understand the hesitancy. we've got to govern, we have to lead, we have to deliver on our promise to the american people. melissa: you separated yourself from what is going on there fairly, still making the point it has gone on to the senate.
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they're the ones stomping on it, dropping the ball, that you just got there and haven't been here this whole seven years. doesn't everyone ultimately get blamed with voters if nothing happens though? >> absolutely. i don't think the american people distinguish between the house and senate. melissa: no. >> they say congress has failed to do their job. melissa: yeah. >> i think it will really hurt our base and their confidence in us. they all knew this was -- we made a promise. we said give us the majority, and we will deliver on what we told you we would do. and obamacare repeal was our signature legislation. this, would be a disaster for the republican party. melissa: okay. >> and i'm hopeful we can push this through and get it to the president. melissa: can you turn the page an move ahead on tax reform? we're hearing that is going to come out next week. you know that could really turn the page on this whole thing and get some points on the board, have a major achievement, major accomplishment, or see it going
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down the same way? >> you have 10 percentage points approximately in rate reduction tied up in health care. i think you have momentum issues with health care. i think we'll turn the page if we have to. we'll focus on things we can tackle, frankly are less complicated like tax reform. but, i don't want to lose sight, i don't want american people to lose sight, i don't want folks in the senate to lose sight, if domino of health care reform and obamacare repeal doesn't fall, it will make it significantly harder to get the bold reform we've been talking about on taxes. >> yeah, no doubt, but just seems like there is no way to get it through, especially when you have senators stepping up at the last minute to kill everybody's effort. congressman, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, melissa, for having me. david: despite a setback of health care reform president trump is moving ahead for sales pitch for stacks reform. take a listen. >> we're going to cut taxes for the middle class so hard-working americans can finally save more for their future.
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it willing the largest tax cut in our country's history. i'm asking members of both parties to come together, put aside partisan differences, and pass historic tax reform and tax cuts. david: let's bring in steve forbes, forbes media chairman. this is something you advice the president to do, go out to sell tax reform himself. with a second loss for health care, hasn't happened yet. lord knows what might happen next week, looks like with mccain's defection this will not pass, will that hurt tax reform? >> this will light a fire under republicans, if they don't get a big tax cut through, they will seen as big failure and will pay the price in next year's elections. david: don't you need strong leadership? frankly what we've seen from mitch mcconnell ineffectual. >> senate is different from the house. on senate side they get more on taxation. no way on taxation you will throw aunt tilly out on the
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street which democrats are demagoguing on health care issue. on tax issue, they go barreling ahead. do it across the board. they will get criticized pandering to the rich. if it gets economy moving, that sets stage, booming economy next year revisiting health care. david: that is interesting point. again it depend on getting it done now, the tax cuts and kevin brady, who is the chairman, the guy writes the tax bill, chairman of the ways and means committee. a good guy, he seems to understand tax reform better than paul ryan does. >> yes he does. david: he says it will be a while before they have a bill. >> i think the key thing, one, get the bill done before the end of the year, make it retroactive. if you make it retroactive june 1st or january 1st of this year, that immediately gets a kick in. invests will start. in april, people get a big refund. by golly, spring will look even better. david: even if it passes as late as christmas, you can still make it retroactive for 11 months?
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>> sure, absolutely. courts said you can do that. david: they are so getting caught in the weeds. you know how congress works. get caught in all the rohr ral issues which sometimes kills the heart and substance of the bill that they're trying to pass. quick and simple tax reform, you have advocated for this. so has art laffer and others. we just put together four points, if you can put the full screen up, across the board rate cuts, individual and corporate. cutting tax brackets from seven to three, simplification, killing death tax and one-time 10% tax on 2 1/2 trillion in cash held abroad. why not put something very simple about this? steve mnuchin talked about it. gary cohn talked about it. presumably president trump will. why not write it up and pass isn't. >> the white house will weigh in, make it simple. you will not get big radical tax reform. you can get a gargantuan tax cut
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like like reagan in 1981. big reform came five years later. big tax cut, economy starts to move. you have political capital to do that, more and other things. that is the key. david: you by the way had a chance to talk to some very influential people. you add together to wealth of people you gathered together for 100 anniversary of "forbes" magazine, that wealth that was represented, on the stage, is over $10 trillion. these are important people. one of whom of course was warren buffett. who is one of the main spokespeople at your meeting, at your party. did you convert warren buffett to a flat tax idea? >> not yet. that 10 trillion they have comes from reading "forbes" for 100 years. david: is there any hope to get some people to get behind a meaningful tax cut? >> key thing, get the base of the party, put pressure on members, you will get primaried if you don't get this thing
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done. that will count more than business leaders. reagan said that president trump, in a few weeks will have to make once details come out, hopefully simplified, and big. make a nationwide address. have illustration up there, family of four making 40, $50,000 a year here is how much the monthly income goes up if the tax bill passes. david: it's a great idea. steve, happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. david: wonderful celebration. don't forget catch steve forbes and me every weekend on "forbes on fox," saturdays at 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. guess what follows that though? melissa francis! "cashin in." you are the guest host of that show. melissa: huntsville, alabama hosting the president tonight. he is just about to board air force one to head down there as he stumps for his candidate to fill jeff sessions' empty
4:14 pm
senate seat. more on the importance of the event tonight and this key senate runoff. david: meanwhile british police charging an 18-year-old iraq refugee for the terror bombing on board a subway. we're learning new details on the president's travel ban once it expires this sunday. nigel farage, former leader of uk independence party join us from london. melissa: tensions escalating between president trump and the leader of north korea as the rogue nation threatens to test a hydroagain bomb over the pacific. >> north korea's is everybody's problem. this is not distinctly american issue. that rogue nation that represses its own people, that so brazenly did discharges it missiles into the country of japan, that is everybody's issue. strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation.
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melissa: we've been warning you this was coming from. france is threatening to withdraw from the 2018 south korean olympics sighting security concerns from north korean threat. if our security can not be assured our team will stay home. the games are slated for this february, and held 50 miles from the north korean border. david: not sure i feel safe in france these days. melissa: good point,. david: we woke up this morning of the unsettling news of north korea threatening to set off a hydroagain bomb over the pacific ocean, whatever that means. president trump responded, kim jong-un of north korea is obviously a madman doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before. what to make of all this? david sears, former navy seal, joins us now. david, what were your first thoughts by the way when you heard news he threatened to
4:19 pm
explode a hydrogen bomb, quote, over the pacific ocean? >> frankly wasn't surprised at all. i thought this would eventually be coming anyway. so it really doesn't catch me off-guard at all. david: doesn't this make it necessary for to us really aim to shoot down the next missile that is lit off over north korea? >> one 100%. we need to do everything we can that we have capability for ballistic missile defense. you make it more robust. david: could we shoot down a missile set off by north korea? >> if all the pieces are in the right places this is a big piece with our ballistic missile defense. there is a different layers between thad or patriot. they are not designed to hit missiles on way up. flat part of the trajectory or coming down. you have to be positions with the impact. david: are we positioned?
4:20 pm
do we have a ship in a position to shoot it down as it is coming back down? >> exactly. that would also put forward we new exactly where it was going to go. they can only govern so much range. those ships have other missions in the region. david: absolutely. >> we have to have the right positioned pieces. we have to set up to be ready as much as we can. david: david, you're a military commentator, not in political sphere of things, i want to throw up something here, "the baltimore sun," editorial, likening donald trump to the north korean dictator, who is the madman they ask in this editorial, kim or trump? they go on and describe a whole lot of litanies based on what donald trump said at the u.n. but suggesting that he is, advocating genocide against the north koreans. that he is a bloodthirsty conqueror. this is, this is madness. not a man elected by the peel of the united states compared bit baltimore sun to a north korean
4:21 pm
dictator. >> it sounds to me like the madman who is ever running "the baltimore sun." it is utterly ridiculous. when you make those statements, those statements crush your credibility as news organization or paper. it is so far from truth or remote fact, it is unbelievable. david: such an insult to the american people who voted for, even those who didn't vote for them have as president, donald trump. to compare them, to compare him to north korean dictator is just wild to me. at any rate, we have to leave it at that. have a great weekend. david, thanks for coming in the appreciate it. >> thanks, david. melissa: third time may not be a charm. the new gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare is facing an uphill battle in the senate. how do you and your family deal with health care as it stands now? we have got dr. marc siegel. he has all the answers coming up. plus total devastation in puerto rico.
4:22 pm
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melissa: puerto rico underwater. americans with family living on the island are frantically trying to can't their loved ones. most to no avail. joining us from cleveland, fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. i know you have a lot of family on the island. have you heard anything? >> melissa, my dad is one of 17 children. i have really scores of first cousins scattered throughout the island. three of them particularly i've been trying to reach. we have text messages. we haven't had any voice communication with anyone but we did get some text messages. the damage is absolutely, it is awesome, it is horrible. it is island-wide.
4:26 pm
puerto rico is thought of as modern kind of caribbean paradise. when you get away from beaches, most houses are made of wood with corrugated zinc roofs. most of them are gone. in my family particularly, one house, my cousin sonia's house are intact, so many extended children, have 10 kids and grandkids inside of sonia's house. everybody has electricity. there is no water. they stored water, they have a generator but better off than vast majority of port reek cones right now. they're worried about running out of propane and resupply of diesel for generator, things of that nature. i can't stress enough, when caribbean island is inflicted, dozens or hundreds, puerto rico is island of 3.4 million people. it was dysfunctional prior to the storm.
4:27 pm
70% of the power was already out from hurricane irma. you can imagine there will be no ice. the need is so acute, the airport, not quite opened yet. the ports not open yet. but this, thankfully, there are over 3,000 fema employees already in place. they were brought there for hurricane irma, the previous disaster last week's disaster. but, i can't stress enough how, i know how many, how many disasters compete for attention on the center stage. we've had harvey. we've had irma. but i just urge, and mexico city earthquake for god's sakes. i urge people to remember these 3 1/2 million american citizens who are so beleaguered and so needy. melissa: geraldo, talk to me how we got here before the storm. what was the infrastructure like? i mean was there a lot of corruption? i know island had, you know so
4:28 pm
much financial struggles, going bankrupt. talk to me about that? >> well, that is an excellent, excellent point. the dysfunction cat not be understated. i just want to more emergency aspect of infrastructure, the big dam is failing. they're trying to evacuate people in that village on the western side of the island, in the mountainous region, trying to evacuate people downstream from that dam for fear that the dam will fail, and drown them all. melissa: oh. >> in terms of your larger question, puerto rico is bankrupt. it is the first municipality of that size, first government entity of that size in american history to actually declare bankruptcy. there is a zillion lawsuits. the power company was already desfunctional. corruption is endemic. the, most of the people who work for the government and elections
4:29 pm
determined which party gets to staff these various agencies. they overstaff them, rather than spending money on infrastructure. the roads are horrible. the, look at the, elect call grid. you get a thunderstorm and power often fails. i love puerto rico with all my heart. it is a third world country away from the glitter of the tourist avenues though. and they have no capacity right now, because of the failed agencies, the corrupt and inept government. although i do like current recently elected, governor rosseso, the son of a recent friend of mine governor. can you imagine, with elderly people, to have no air-conditioning in that
4:30 pm
90-humid heat and no water or grand parents are there, or young children are there. and, with all that, remember the zika virus. melissa: yeah. >> with all of that stagnant, standing water. you're going to have all those bugs will come back. melissa: right. >> having gone there my entire life, you know, when you get a scene like that, with no sewage. i mean i can't, you're not, even when they open the airports, it will need like berlin airlift. they have to get those ports open. they have to have ships coming in with containers of generators and things of that nature. melissa: we her you, geraldo. thanks for getting word out. best wishes you to and your family. david: hard enough, texas and florida, those state economies are good. puerto rico is bankrupt. it will be terribly, terribly difficult. wheels of justice are turning, british police officially charging a suspect in london's subway bombing. the latest details behind the attack. melissa: a bold new security
4:31 pm
agreement, why prime minister theresa may, why they will follow eu rules and pay the eu billions more. nigel farage, the former independence party leader sounds off.
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4:35 pm
and fox news contributor nigel farage joins us to talk about this and other subjects. nine gel, this story resonates here, specifically because some of the suspects were refugees. some of that may have changed since their arrest. but the fact we have a travel ban here aimed at areas of the world that have a lot of trouble makers in them. and that travel ban expires on sunday. just wondering when brits look at what happened in london with the recent bombing, the fact that some of the people arrested were refugees, did they want a travel ban there as well? >> no, i'm afraid not. indeed, you know the fact that we've been letting people in as refugees who are now doing things like this to us, yet, it still seems that so much of the liberal establishment is still completely in denial and would rather not talk about. now as it stands, the number of refugees coming into the uk is lower than it was, but i look
4:36 pm
across at what's happening with you, i mean, how many more warnings does america want? london, paris, brussels, and on and on. nearly every single week, we are having bad things happen here, because of extreme forms of islam, and i would have thought that the one thing about trump, whether you love him or hate him, all he wants to do with this ban is make america a little bit safer. david: why is it that, do you think, is that there hasn't been some kind of popular revolt in london, or in paris or brussels or wherever, it happens, where refugees are involved in terrorism, against the policy of just opening your arms and letting them in? >> because it is very difficult. society has been @tuned to believe that anybody that questions refugees is somehow a bad person, a nasty person. we have actors, we have rock stars, you know who line up and
4:37 pm
hold up signs, at least they were a year ago, saying refugees, welcome, and speaking out against that gives you a whole load of abuse. i do think, having said that, that opinion is changing, and i suspect the number of refugees the uk takes in years to come will be far lower than it has been in the past. the trouble is, what we don't know is how many bad people have we let in? david: right you don't know what is there already. you have led a movement of sort of rebel voters, if you will, that is one reason why you had the "brexit" vote, in getting out of the european union, but despite that your prime minister wants to continue to pay into the european union. she said for the next couple of years you will pay billions of pounds to the e.u. is there any revolt against that? >> well, you know, so the timeline was, we were supposed to leave at the end of march 2019.
4:38 pm
what she has announced today, is that for a further two years, we will go on paying in money. we'll continue to have free movement of people who have got european union passports. we'll be forbidden from signing new trade deals with countries like the united states of america. frankly, she is delayed the whole thing by at least a couple of years. what is going on here? is the ordinary people, the little people, in our country, rebelled. they voted for "brexit." the problem is, the power was put back in the hands of our establishment political class, who never believed in it in the first place and it's a bit early yet to talk of this but, yes, i do not think politically the british people are going to put up with this. it is completely, unacceptable for this, the most important vote and the biggest vote we've had in these islands history to frankly be ignored by our political leaders. there is more to come.
4:39 pm
david: once again, great brit and the united states seem to parallel with each other and what happened in society. the swamp is not giving up here either. some of the swamp creatures are trying to take power again. there is popular vote against it. we'll see how it ends up. nigel farage, have a wonderful weekend. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. melissa: president trump is heading south. the commander-in-chief is about to leave the white house to travel to alabama. next, ari fleischer former white house press secretary explains why the administration is putting a lot on the line for one senate race. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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david: white house is getting involved in the senate race and
4:43 pm
white house with president trump will head down to campaign with luther strange ahead of the election next week. peter doocy is in huntsville, alabama. reporter: president reagan said there was a 11th commandment, not speak ill of fellow republicans. that applies to this race, the so-called ten commandments judge is one of the supporters. his supporters are out in full force criticizing incumbent senator luther strange, who has president trump's endorsement, getting a visit by president trump at the night. sarah palin came down to last night to make the case on judge moore's behalf, that luther strange is too close to mitch mcconnell, so can't be trusted. >> the president needs support to keep the promises that elected him, so we're sending trump someone who has our back,
4:44 pm
not mitch mcconnell's. reporter: trump won alabama with 62% of the vote in november, and he likes senator strange. i asked strange about what he makes of all the attacks, that he is a creature of the swamp since he has only been there since february. >> that is one of the kind of jokes i had with the president. i've been in washington less time than he has. it is kind of a narrative. there are a lot of outside groups, some that have just most recently been in the white house dismissed, who have separate agenda here. they're primarily backing my opponent. doing everything they can in terms of attacks and so forth. but that is an agenda aimed at somebody else. reporter: a very having development came about a few minutes ago. the campaign, the roy moore campaigned, emailed a group of supporters to say that dr. ben carson, a member of president trump's cabinet, is now offering his support of moore. of course, the president is endorsing strange. carson now saying that he is
4:45 pm
glad to hear that moore is running. he wishes him well and hopes everybody votes on tuesday. shy of an endorsement but very interesting. david: the president is for one guy and his cabinet member, this is very strange turn of events. peter doocy. thank you very much. melissa: technically that wasn't an endorsement. david: close, close. melissa: close doesn't get you there. ari fleischer, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. demystify this whole thing. what is going on, ari? >> we have a split party and the split is playing itself out in unusual ways. that is what primaries do, they split you and then you stay. this is very bold of president trump to jump into this one. he could have stayed out and said i will work whoever wins. he is rolling the dice going in for the underdog, if the underdog wins, luther strange will win, he will owe it to donald trump, the sign after the type of stroke donald trump has in primary and general. melissa: the flip side, if it
4:46 pm
doesn't work out what does it mean? >> well, if it doesn't work out the president rolled the dice and lost, and that combined with what just happened apparently in the senate, i think most pundits will say it's a bad week for republicans. they can't get their act together. they can't pass policies. the president tried to influence a race and couldn't do it. all which is going to be true but let's wait to see what happens. the election is tuesday. whoever wins that primary will almost assuredly win the general election. melissa: we have tax reform coming up. when you look what just happened with health care seems to be happening. it is not dead yet, but seems to be on life-support the very least. do you see things, is there a way that tax reform goes more easily than the rest of this? >> well, here is what you have to keep your eye on. there is a tremendous number of republicans in washington, i talked to several congressman about this and senators, who know the burden is on their shoulders to get something done. after failure to repeal or
4:47 pm
replace obamacare, if they can't do tax reform what is the point of having republicans. they feel extra pressure to deliver. when people target, people like mitch mcconnell, for example, as soon as somebody become as leader in washington, has the responsibility of bringing consensus about, they get targeted by a group in the party because the party wants purity as opposed to consensus. that is formula for never getting anything done. every leader you get. and it will be a rotating crop of leaders who can never satisfy the pure wings, because, the job of a leader is to find consensus, which inevitably means arriving at compromise among a group of willing conservatives who want to work together. if one slice negative wants to work with the broader slice, republicans can not govern. melissa: this is how we got to the dinner with chuck and nancy. we'll see if that pans out into tax reform. seems like he was having more like over there. hate to say it. it is terrible. but ari, come back soon.
4:48 pm
david: we are praying for tax reform. melissa: i care about the economy. i care about your taxes. i care about your economic health. david: desperately. melissa: your family, it is about tax reform. i can't take it. david: now that health care reform looks dead for the year, how do we live with what we have got? dr. marc siegel has ideas you need hear for your family's sake. that's next. when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this.
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4:52 pm
deterred. we can not in good conscience abandon this cause. the american people are hurting. inaction is not an option. let me be clear, a vote to against graham-cassidy is vote to save obamacare. the republican majority in congress was not ileced to save obamacare. they were elected to repeal and replace it, it is time for every member of the republican majority to keep their word to the american people. [applause] melissa: he also announced that the president will be headed to indiana on wednesday. david? david: so john mccain's announcement he would not support the new health care reform bill pushed by his friend lindsey graham essentially killed any hope of health care reform this year. so how do we live with the dysfunction of obamacare? dr. marc siegel, medical correspondent joining to help. is it all continuing get worse? we'll have rising premiums? we'll have rising deductions and we'll lose doctors? >> and lose insurance companies.
4:53 pm
there is no question that is the direction. it starts with a mandate that isn't popular among our people and doesn't work t doesn't work to mandate, that a young person buy a bronze plan for $3,000 a year, rather than taking a 1000-dollar tax penalty, waiting to they get sick. aetna says, if you wait to get sick we'll drop out of the market. that is happening. premiums spiral up. david: not only as a doctor, but somebody tries to figure out what is going on with public opinion, whether people will be so disgusted with what happens that they may be drawn into a socialist alternative? of course bernie sanders, in addition to vice president pence, do we have that sound bite, producers? bernie sanders was talking about this, republican leadership failing to get enough votes to change obamacare. let's play bernie sanders. >> and we say to mr. trump, and the republican leadership, you
4:54 pm
are not going to allow thousands of americans every single year to die unnecessarily. we're not going to let you pass that horrific legislation. [cheering] david: his horrific legislation from my perspective is socialized medicine. that is the worst of all solution. >> to give you a minute on that, his plan will cost $32 trillion over 10 years. according to urban institute. his plan will lead us to a system like canada has, where your average wait time between the time you see generalist and like me, get treatment from specialist, 20 weeks. his plan erodes employer based market system workses in the united states. most people are happy, 170 million people. not going to happen here, single-payer. david: obamacare, i wonder if a lot of doctors such as yourself, fed up with paperwork and mishmash what happens with
4:55 pm
obamacare, will go off the grid? they will say, my clients have such high deductibles they may be willing to pay cash out of their pocket to see a doctor. forget about insurance companies, forget about the government. >> let's talk about that. the biggest point you made i agree with is about the deductible, david. somebody comes to my office. they have a high road problem. i want to get a thyroid ultrasound. sorry it is not in my deductible. i won't get it. puts liability on me. i need them to get a test. they can't afford it out-of-pocket. insurance doesn't cover it. that is obamacare. concierge medicine is building up. tell you the problem with that. if our a concierge you can promise the world but don't have the specialists to refer to. i have to be in a certain network. obamacare networks don't work either. they're very narrow. major hospitals don't take them. concierge i can't get orthopedists i need.
4:56 pm
i can't get obestetrician i need. they don't play ball. concierge will grow but won't solve problem. david: quality goes down but it will provide some solution. >> it is not a good time to health care. i wish we get back to the nixon plan, we give people a card who can't get it any other way. melissa: don't mess with the original, especially when it comes to sugary breakfast cereals. ♪ so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. ...
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4:59 pm
the general mills cereal is returning to classic formula after customers revolted over the brands decision to sell all . one angry lover said that it's basically a salad. >> i put all natural cheetos with no orange color in the
5:00 pm
cabinet at home and i was waiting, nobody's touched them yet. >> no. they are like non-orange cheetos it's like the trix. >> kids love colors. >> risk & rewards starts now. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> the trump team put america back on a world stage exercising back on a world stage exercising >> we don't want more. we don't want loss of life. >> north korea is everybody's problem. this isn't just an american issue. >> but at the same time we're not going to run scared. >> liz: president trump hitting the campaign trail in alabama after wrapping up a big week with world leaders at the united nations. the president going to support senator excuse me senate candidate luther strange at a rally and fox business will bring it to you


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