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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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knee. >> they wanted to watch a football game. stuart: they want to watch sports, simple as that. that is why you and i watch soccer and golf. >> no politics. stuart: our time is up. wonderful to be back. thanks, every one. here is neil. neil: stuart, thank you very much. whether there is direct result of players protesting the national anthem or worse, this country the bottom line is, every minute we're devoted to talking about it is one minute less that they're talking about things like tax cuts, that are talking about health care reform. the latter is sort of on life-support right now. the former is looking kind of dicey as well, as some moderate and conservative senators argue back and forth over where this is going. but again the issue gripping america is back and forth whether the nfl has a problem on its hands. right now, of course, no punishment will be meted out for those players who didn't walk on to the field. they would include players from
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the seattle seahawks, tennessee titans and pittsburgh steelers. as stuart pointed out, ratings are down from last year continuing a trend we've seen through this relatively young year. we're three or four games into it. the read from charlie gasparino, and fox news contributor kevin jackson. kevin, i want to begin with you on this because your view is that whatever people might deem to be the right for players to speak and express their point of view, i agree with the president what he was saying about them. could you explain that? >> absolutely. look, donald trump has brought to the fore, the peak element in the room that we shouldn't be talking about social issues. this is not just the nfl. this is affecting countries and corporations all over the country. i want you to consider these multimillionaire black men are protesting an erroneous set
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staff tis i cans. look at fallout to black men like myself, just normal guys out there making a living. if you protest as multimillionaire with the nfl over something else, what will i do inside of your company if you want to hire me? this is impacting young black men who want to get hired, because the naacp, jesse jackson, black lives matter and this nonsense follows us into every interview where we go. it has an impact that is far-reaching. people are not discussing it. so i'm glad donald trump brought this up. i'm also glad because these young blacks have no understanding of politics, nor do they understand that people, as stuart indicated, want to watch football games. companies want to make products. they don't want to deal with these types of issues. neil: sabrina one thing comes up, whatever your feelings, i thought for the president, he made it a bigger issue than it needed to have been. it took time away from the talk
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about tax cuts, urgency getting them done, because the whole health care thing seems to be falling apart. that is rather restricted view of this, but i just think that he contributed to make this a bigger deal than it should have been. what do you think? >> i agree with you, neil. i think this was both a missed opportunity and now it's a distraction, right? a missed opportunity in the sense, i don't agree with what these players were doing. i think we have to separate out our feelings for particular challenges that the country might be facing or particular people who are in office right now from what the national anthem or what the white house or what different institutions represent. they represent liberty and opportunity and that is something i don't think we want to thumb our nose at. we want to embrace to figure out how to make life better for more people in america. this was missed opportunity for the president and for the players. there are better ways to start the conversations, look, we have done wonders, we have had
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tremendous success and people in our community who have not. how can we better address those needs. neil: kevin i want to come back to you on that. charlie gasparino, i want your sense offallout from all of this. we can't avoid too many distraction shuns to get the president's agenda. >> i agree with you. we should be talking about tax cuts, health care reform. the president had no reason to weigh into these waters politically. it was small issue to begin with. it was, basically being, people were moving away from it. now, he -- neil: gave them galvanize -- >> let's be real clear here. the nfl has a huge business problem on its hands taking on donald trump on this issue, i will tell you why. give you these statistics, lay them out there, 67, nearly 70% of all nfl viewers are white. that is the direct opposite of the league but it is what it is. most of viewers, 70% of them
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have incomes less than $100,000 or less. one other thing, it skews more heavily than the general population to military service. 10% compared to 8% of the general population. what you are talking about, is the average nfl viewer appears like donald trump demo. roger goodell has a huge business problem on his hands if he doesn't stop this stuff. i agree, listen, i have no problem with the players taking a knee. i actually don't. they're not burning flags. they're acting -- >> civil disobedience. >> in my view, this is, my father was a marine, recon. i grew up in pretty tough military home. i don't have too much of an issue with that i don't agree with it but i don't have a huge issue but let's be real clear here. roger goodell has a problem because his viewership has a hajj issue. those numbers i gave you are right from nielsen. roger knows it. jerry jones knows it. why not -- neil: that is going to be
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interesting. kevin, tonight we'll see dallas cowboys playing arizona cardinals i believe in arizona and one of the things we already learned that jerry jones read the riot act last year when this was happening with colin kaepernick, not to do the knee thing or sit out "the star-spangled banner," national anthem. how will he handle that tonight? other owners, including big trump supporters, and those who have given to the inaugural committee, dan snyder, washington redskins, locked arm in arm with players doing this. what will he do? >> i think jerry jones' team will come out pretty good tonight. i think nfl will get a bit of a boost because people support the cowboys. but i want -- neil: if jerry jones spots one or several, players getting on the knee locking arms, how will he feel about that? >> i think jerry jones will react exactly the way he said. he will get rid of any player that does that. >> he will blow a gasket.
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neil: i want to go back what they said earlier. this issue is huge. like most of the things that happens with donald trump people don't understand the bigger picture. this issue is huge because every issue we face, you guys are talking about tax reform, you're talking about foreign policy, and a lot of other things, donald trump, obamacare, these are issues racialized, either black against white or rich against poor. donald trump is using this particular issue to regal van noise america to remember what we stand for. >> some people would say he is using it to racialize it. >> you can say whatever you want. >> go back to how he said it. he could have said it better. >> why was even in the conversation? >> say what you want about colin kaepernick. i don't think he is a son of a. >> you may not think so but a lot of americans does. >> he went after legal rules on
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cte, paraphrasing, games are not exciting enough because of all these rules, you can't hit. how absurd. that was so stupid. >> president is trying to avoid -- neil: sabrina. i will go to you, kevin. >> i think, this is socal cue lated, the president is trying to avoid having real conversations i know keeping me up at night, things like north korea, health care, taxes but instead he is inserting himself in -- neil: this range of issues, i think his mind wanders and gets into these issues. >> this is where the -- neil: kevin, i know how strongly you feel about this you argue that the president is right to raise it. i'm saying right now time is not to raise it. i think it was dying on the vine. >> it wasn't dying on the vine neil. neil: pop warner kids, get down on one knee, you're right about that. as an issue, galvanizing issue i think it was going away. >> going away? we had the nba guys were saying
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we don't want to go to the white house because of this president. they tried label him -- >> football players not gone to other president. >> charles can i get a word in edgewise here. you talked about the pop warner kids. i'm talking to these young blacks. i'm out in the field meeting with these people, going to these schools, hearing conversations, i'm telling you they believe donald trump to be racist. they believe these issues coming up are real with black lives matter. and all these insane protests. and this is a huge issue because what it does it, challenges the status quo. i guarranty you, neil a lot of people look at this program, this guy is right. he understands is the pulse of america. donald trump has done something no other politician able to do, whether immigration, whether refugee resettlement of muslims, let me finish, sabrina or some of these other issues. he tapped into the pulse of america on this. >> -- rhetorical too.
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you're the leader of the free world. the president of the united states. you don't have to call players kneeling son of a-move. >> that is whoo people are calling them. >> don't have to get into the cte issue, like it's a non-issue. destroys his own point. neil: go ahead, sabrina. >> we can't have a civil conversation or debate or any disagreement anymore. the partisanship has taken over. >> yeah. because of the left. >> for people on the left who maybe sort of want to stand also recognize what the president is saying but we no longer can have that kind of disagreement in this country. partisanship. >> so jerry jones and dallas cowboys, jerry jones and dallas cowboys can't have a patch that supports police officers on their uniform. >> absolutely right on that. >> black lives matter can take a knee? neil: that is very good point. >> kevin made a great point
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100%. you can't take a knee to pray to god but you can do this. >> exactly. >> the aside polarization of the both of the opinions, whether this is good, bad, whatever, there is huge business story here and nfl is going to lose this because the trump, the demographic of the viewer excuse very heavily to what kevin is saying. and -- >> but charlie, the bigger point -- neil: decline in ratings have anything to do, i'm talking pre-the president's remarks to this stance? i think you could apply that to award shows, get on their political soapbox here. >> no question. no question. hold on. let me answer the question. no question that the decline was going to happen. i think donald trump is putting more after spotlight on it will make it even worse. to charlie's point, this is not limited to the nfl, guys. this is problem every business in america faces. their risk portfolio has to deal with what is going to be
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reaction if somebody in our country makes something even perceived as racist? in the case of blm, hands up, don't shoot it is a lie. so the nfl bought into it. they will pay for it. this is lesson for corporate america to say, look, guys, don't capitulate. how about go back to business of business? in this particular case, the business of america? neil: all right. guys, i want to thank you all, very, very much. i think we handled that as diplomatically as we could. meanwhile ratings are down for these games. >> they're up for us right? neil: they're up here. stock market down near session lows. a lot has to do with the increased sabre-rattling between ourselves and north koreans. north korea by the way saying donald trump's comments already are declaration of war. i don't believe they were talking about his comments on the nfl they might be responding as well, to u.s. bombers flying east of north korea. that is farrest north of
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so-called demilitarized zone we've seen in the 21st century. we have a a more after this.
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stocks, all of that being unwound today, amid fears, not only of slowing manufacturing numbers we're getting out, tangentially, not coincidenting, growing escalating war talk between this country and north korea. meantime this might have little bit to do with it, repeal of another effort to repeal obamacare. adam shapiro in washington with the latest. what is going on here? >> we had been expecting a vote on the graham-cassidy-heller-johnson bill, that was latest attempt to replace the affordable care act, obamacare. look where the numbers line up because right now doesn't look like mitch mcconnell and republican have votes in the senate. john mccain and senator rand paul saying no. senator paul's office actually this morning he reiterated a he remain as no on graham cassidy. you have some senators on the fence. if nobody votes against except those two republicans, you could
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pass this with the vice president throwing a tiebreaker. you have susan collins of maine, she is no perhaps. lisa murkowski is likely no but they are throwing money at her. ted cruz is leaning bense this and mike lee of utah says he is leaning against this. come back to susan collins asking for more funding of medicaid. the president an hour ago says he expects susan collins to vote no. as she said on the and morning press shows, here is why she might vote no. >> we're dealing with 1/6 of a economy and millions of people, you can't do sound health insurance policy this way. you need to have extensive hearings. the democrats must come to the table and that is what we should be doing. reporter: so the president again had been lobbying perhaps, perhaps persuade rand paul to change his vote. they're putting pressure on lisa
12:19 pm
murkowski as well as susan collins this is looking pretty iffy and perhaps not comingingio the floor later this week. neil: adam, doesn't mean if they don't have the votes they won't waste time taking a vote? reporter: they gain nothing by it there. will be a hearing at 2:00 p.m. on graham-cassidy. i was hearing a lawyer who intend to represent 200 people planning to disrupt the hearing. expect some fireworks this afternoon. neil: thank you, adam shapiro. republicans trying to reform health care, conservatives are allowances to win converts, dumping a lot more into medicaid and related moneys in some of those states where they're trying to exert some influence. to house freedom caucus member ron desantis doesn't like the
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smell of that. congressman, doesn't look like this is going to make it, am i right? >> well we'll see, neil. i think it would have been, probably would have had better chances after they failed the first time they didn't take a five-week recess. you have the september 30th deadline, i think they can pus another budget for fy-18 to try to do health care. people are focusing on september 30th. awfully difficult to do something like this in two weeks and there will be some push and pull. the moderates are sensitive on medicaid. my view as somebody more limited government guy is the come poe mize, work with them on medicaid but make sure we're focusing on market reforms so we can lower premiums on the individual insurance market. so i think that is what some of the conservative senators like ted cruz and mike lee are probably focused on. i think it is possible. i would like to see them pass and send something to the house because i think coming away with goose egg is really further
12:21 pm
going to demoralize voters that sent us here. neil: there is the other argument, congressman, you and i have gotten into this before, something is better than nothing. some changes, replacement parts to obamacare are better than obamacare. are you in that camp or no? >> right. first of all, the idea susan collins said the democrats got to come in, they will not come in on anything. their view not to fix anything on health care but to bail out obamacare. we're left with a situation we wanted to repeal it and replace it. i would like to repeal it all. i think that is cleanest canvas to write on. we don't have the votes to do it, that is clear. if we can roll back half of it, that keeps repeal alive. what i liked about graham-cassidy as a concept, if you're devolving the decision-making to the states it is laboratories of democracies. some states will do market reform to reform medicaid. it will be successful. other states, liberal states would go more obamacare big
12:22 pm
government direction. then the american people see what works. even though it didn't repeal obamacare. in fact it kept a lot of taxes and spending and spending block granting it, you are shifting power out of washington sending it back to the states. i think american people, you have much better chance of convincing your state government to do something than you do the federal bureaucracy in washington. neil: that would be better than what we've got? >> of course. neil: okay. your colleague, congressman louie gohmert said this morning on "fox & friends" that maybe arizona should think about recalling john mccain, not only over his health care vote but his cancer diagnosis. that he should focus on getting better and dealing with that. he is battling a brain tumor. but the clear message was, he certainly not helping republicans with his constant no votes in the latest effort to reject what you and your colleagues are cooking up on a health care repeal. what do you think of that? >> well, i will just wish him
12:23 pm
well on his health. i don't want to go there. i think individual members have been ill time to time. they have to figure that out for themselves and their families. i will say on the vote, had he run in his primary in 2016 saying that he would do all he can to scuttle efforts, even for a modest repeal like the skinny repeal, he probably wouldn't have been renominated. there is a lot of frustration when politicians are running commercial saying they will stop obama care, saying they will do all these things, then get to washington and somehow don't follow through, and do the opposite, i think that is frustrating to voters, and i think the republican party, as a whole, not everybody, but we have a certain number of folks who campaign one way, but then when they get to washington tend to act a different way. neil: are you disappointed in him? >> i'm disappointed that the senate has not been able to honor their promise. this is not just some side promise. this is core reason republicans took the house, the core reason
12:24 pm
republicans took the senate, it was instrumental in donald trump's victory. here we are having been promised this. guys who not only senate can not pass a bill, handful of senators voted against the same bill they voted for in 2016 that obama vetoed. so it has been very, very frustrating and it is doing a lot of damage to the republican party amongst our voter base. neil: real quickly, sir, four eighting my producers and your people, you mentioned the president. of course weighed in on the whole nfl mess, referring to those who get on one knee and all of that as sons of bs, as you know. and others discuss taking issues away from what you care about, addressing this health care thing, more importantly, tax cuts this week, when the details come out. do you agree with that, that he all of sudden shifted attention away from something more vital for the time-being? >> could be helpful too,
12:25 pm
depending how you view it. neil: good point. >> look, this needs to be said. stand for the, stand for the national anthem. you're not forced to do it. government will not put in jail. it is not a first amendment issue. it is a matter doing what is right to respect the people that fought for our country and to respect to give thanks for all the opportunities these millionaire football players have because of america. if they were born anywhere else in this world, they would not have the opportunities they have here. neil: jerry jones, the dallas cowboys owner says, his players honor that and do exactly what you said. has said in the past if they don't they're not on the team. what do you think of that? >> jerry jones is a smart business guy. dallas is a very pro-america, pro-military town. if you have players who are protesting the anthem, that is going to cause fans to be disenchanted to a certain extent with the team. but the nfl has a problem here, neil, because if you want to honor explain police officers they won't let you do it. if you want to raise awareness
12:26 pm
for breast cancer, they won't let you do it. fine you for celebrating the end zone. the whole leak is behind these players protesting the flag and national anthem. that is choice the nfl made, and i think they miscalculated on that choice. neil: do you think that is the why the ratings are down. >> i think that is part of it and change of play and penalties and i'm from sec country and people realize there is lot of good college football all. neil: few say. thank you -- touche, thank you very much. we'll see if jerry jones enforces that position. dallas cowboys are facing arizona cardinals in minnesota, i mean in arizona on "monday night football." he says his players have duty, obligation, job requirement to stand for the national anthem. we shall see. delity's active tro
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>> welcome back to "cavuto: coast to coast," i'm nicole petallides. looking at a market under pressure, two weeks of gains. the dow gained 550 points during the two weeks. today selling across the board. 10-year bond yield at 2.23%. the yield has been running up for two weeks. market pressure seen for couple reasons. one concerns about north korea. comments from the foreign minister there. coupled with the selling of technology as well. and some comments from fed president bill dudley, talking about raising interest rates and that, also comments on inflation. a quick look at amazon. we've been seeing selling of some winners. amazon 10% below its closing record high in july. likely to stay there by end of the day with this big move, selling across the board of some favorites, winners such as facebook, netflix. back to you, neil. neil: nicole, thank you very, very much. wednesday is the big day we are told. that is the day we find out details of the tax cut that the
12:32 pm
president is cooking up, along with republican leaders in the house and the senate. the president will lead the way here. what we don't know at this time is, what it will lead to, what he will spell out. will it include upper income? how low will the corporate tax rate go? to former reagan economic svengali, art laffer. you said 15% would be more than enough to goose the economy. everyone would be happy. now we hear it might be closer to 20% starting off. some marginal rates addressed as well, maybe for upper income, maybe not, what you're hearing thus far what do you think? >> obviously i think the corporate tax rate is great. i want it there, 15%. no ambiguity, neil that we are the lowest taxed nation in the oecd. i think four lower than we would be. ireland is only one of any consequence. we would be the tax shelter, tax location. that is what i really like to
12:33 pm
see. that would do a supercharged thing. if they cut it to 20%, would i leave the country, go to canada? no. i am staying here. i would like them to get it down as far as possible. that is kicker for economic growth. neil: it wouldn't be tax reform the way it was in era of ronald reagan. we should hasten to add, the president actually started the tax cut ball rolling in '81. it was five years later the reform came. >> yes. neil: in that period taxes went down a lot. there is not as much wiggle room that could happen on corporate front. [does that limit how much bang for the buck you could potentially get? >> yes it does. we didn't care about pay-fors or any of that stuff in the '81 tax act. we just cut tax rates across the board. that's what we did. the '86 act we had it revenue now trillion, so we cut rates and broadened the tax base. that is what we did in the '86
12:34 pm
act. both were excellent acts. this should be a tax rate reduction act without the pay-fors. that is what we need to get the economy going. once we get a fully growing economy with full employment. we go to tax reform. neil: i know you're again a fan if all you get is corporate tax reductions, great. they're trying to cook the marginal rate cuts as well. we get different reads on that, art, as you know. one saying upper income will be included. others say they won't. others say if they are included, offset will be limit of their deductions, so it's a wash. your thoughts on that? >> it is not a wash when you lower rates and eliminate deductions. that is a big plus. it may be static revenue neutral, neil, it's a big plus. i would love to lower rates or even limited deductions. that would be great. i would love to see that done here. there is article in the "wall street journal" having
12:35 pm
pay-for with carbon tax. that would be a fantastic thing to bring democrats on. neil: i was shocked. you would welcome a carbon tax, trillion dollars over 10 years to pay for -- >> i would love that. >> that is very unart laffer. >> no, they cited me in there. neil: i know. what, i got to talk to this communist. i know he will be on. explain your position. >> well, because, all taxes are bad, neil, some are worse than others. the carbon stacks is one of the least bad taxes. neil: would get democratic votes. that your thinking right? >> i don't know about global warming. i'm not expert in that area. neil: but you're happy to tax it? >> i'm happy to do least damaging taxes, carbon, land taxes some of the ones are, get rid of most damaging taxes income taxes high margin rate, corporate tax, personal income tax i would trade every day of the week, twice on sunday. far from being communist that is the pro-growth capitalist model,
12:36 pm
neil. neil: only thing worse than you talking about carbon taxes, if you weighed in on the nfl. that would be a problem. >> what is the nfl? neil: that is the nfl. >> i don't watch football. i was teaching at university of chicago. neil: you were too busy. thank you, my communist friend. art laffer, in "wall street journal"? what? dow down 97 points. apple a big contributor to that. we'll explain after this. for free. which means everyone has access to our real reviews that we actually verify. and we can also verify that what goes down, [ splash, toilet flush ] doesn't always come back up. find a great plumber at angie's list. join today for free.
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neil: all right. well, i guess selling on the fact, right? it has been better than a week since the original announcement and apple shares continue to swoon. more trouble for the tech giant, by extension, at least today for
12:41 pm
technology in general. deirdre bolton what is going on here? >> neil, apple stock at the key $150 level. the first time in nearly two months. some reasons perhaps apple does not share sales numbers. analysts have their own estimates. so there is a research firm, localitics. it put out a report that iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus sold fewer units this debut weekend than the iphone 7 and 7 plus last year and fewer than the iphone 5s in 2013. another possible reason investors are selling apple stock, there is asian based research firm that makes the claim that iphone 10 suppliers were told by apple to slow down delivery. that implies that apple is concerned that the x will not sell as well according to
12:42 pm
ditigitis. that may or may not be right but digit times has published that. it is getting a larger response from the analyst community. without missing obvious, apple stock is still up 29% year-to-date. compare that to the nasdaq, it is up 14% year-to-date. today is a big, heavy, tech selling day. i know some other big tech names moving lower as well. some people say, listen, these stocks were bid up so much over the summer, it is natural at some point to have a day where a few of them are bid down. neil? neil: deirdre, thank you very, very much who gains or who loses if apple suddenly stumbles here? to "barron's" associate editor jack hough, great to have you. first your impression what deirdre alluded to apple stumbled out of the gate? >> lukewarm is what i keep hearing from analyst after
12:43 pm
analyst, about the iphone 8. neil: is that right? >> that is not necessarily a wreck for apple if it means a lot of people are holding out for the iphone x. neil: if they are. >> that will make a big difference. looks almost certain numbers for the eight will be below expectations frankly. the stock has had a big run-up. two reasons for investors not to panic. one the stock started at ludicrously cheap levels, right? we're 15 times earnings. we're still cheaper than the stock market. apple is no high-flyer, right? the other thing is the company has a rising base of profits from software and services. that helps out to smooth out the profit cycle. this is not a company that lives and dies on product hits anymore. they still need to come up with compelling products. neil: do you think the the 10 or x will be compelling product. >> i am due for a new phone. am i running to the store first day to buy it? there are not that much more for
12:44 pm
me. i will probably by one. all my life is in apple ecosystem, all my kidses pictures i don't have time to organize. after a while you need a new phone. your cord getting gnarly. neil: if it's a 7, less reason than if it's a prior, right? >> i think apple x could do well because you have a big base of customers who were do for upgrades. also it looks different. that doesn't sound that important. keep in mind not everyone buys it just for function. people want to look cool. the phone, last smash hit for apple when they went to big screen phones. why? there was pent-up demand, peel could look cool. hey, i have a new phone. you can see at distance i'm the guy with the new apple phone. neil: winners or potential losers? carriers with the new watch but who are some of the ones that could bennett if you were to look at this entire sphere? >> interesting note out from craig halham, point to
12:45 pm
stmicroelectronics, ticker stm. they have higher dollar content in the x phone than the eight. a lot of supply remembers higher. if you have the x phone, that is company that can benefit. i mean, i like company like broadcom, teardowns on the phone is their share is rising. dollar content is 40% for this phone. even if you have soft sales, they can still do well. they're killing with apple and arista networks with switchers and routers. neil: they're not entirely dependent on apple. >> you don't want a supplier that lives and dies by the next product supplier. neil: the carriers this is gravy for them. >> the carriers have problems that go well beyond apple. there is no growth found anywhere. you ask people with the smartphones what are you doing, watching a lot of videos. i'm watching a ton. you watching them on cellular? i'm not a madman, i'm watching
12:46 pm
on on way spy. this is business for cable companies, not wireless carriers. there is not growth to be found in the u.s. very saturated market. finding fierce price competition for these folks. neil: wow. jack, great seeing you. thank you very, very much. big deal when jack gets the phone, just saying kids or no kids. apple continuing to swoon. a lot of technology sector continue to swoon. dow still off the worst levels. still off 82 points. stick around. you're watching fox business. nah. not gonna happen.
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neil: all right. in case you haven't heard the president added some new countries to the travel ban executive order of is. blake burman at the white house to spell it all out. hey, blake. reporter: neil, different iteration on this one from the first two the white house put out. they're arguing this is more specifically tailored to the individual countries involved. you can split them up into two separate groups. the first group which there is a total ban for people within these countries. that is libya, syria, yemen, you're right, they were on the initial travel ban but the administration added countries of chad and north korea. there is partial ban for those from iran and somalia, permitted travelers will experience enhanced vetting requirements. there are certain government officials from venezuela and
12:51 pm
share family members who will not be allowed to travel to the u.s. on one end a total ban. on the other a partial ban. the president commented on it this way yesterday when he rolled it out, i quote here, we can not afford the continued fail policies in the past which present an unacceptable danger to the country. my highest obligation to insure the safety and security for the american people and issuing this new travel order i'm fulfilling that sacred obligation. however the aclu is among the critics. they said, and i quote, the devil is in with details, and we're watching with the great skepticism. this is the trump administration third try to make good on unconstitutional campaign promise, to ban muslims from the united states. still a few weeks away, neil, until this goes into effect. that is on october 18th. important to point out no real date for the countries. they can come on or come off the list, based on their security procedures. neil? neil: thank you, my friend. break burman, the meantime the
12:52 pm
expanded order is still facing backlash. to immigration expert elvira salazar. what do you think of this latest effort by the president to expand it, change it, what you do i? >> i think on venezuela he is right on the money. thank you for neil, good to see you. venezuela's government is full of bad hombres, in particular the venezuela vice president, who is venezuelan born but his parents were syrian. he is a very good friend of hezbollah. does that sound familiar? very good friend of iran. they're very good friend with syria. what the trump administration is doing, they're preventing venezuela from becoming a launching pad to launch an attack into the united states from venezuela national. because i want to share with you, i interviewed a couple of people that told me they know for a fact that the venezuelan passport office, sometimes issues passports, venezuela passports to people that are not
12:53 pm
born in venezuela but very middle east earns. those people could become radicalized and be here in the miami and launch terrorist attacks. i think venezuela is right, is correct that they need to be on the travel ban. neil: that includes north korea and chad. others that are still on, iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. sudan leaves the list. what is your thinking who is in, who is out, how it stays, how it changes? >> repeat that again? i didn't hear the last part. neil: that iran, libya, somalia, syria, yemen are still on per the original list. i guess only country was formally dropped was sudan before the other countries were added. what do you make of that? >> i would say that list is full of names that are not friendly to the united states. and those states are going to use any possible way of coming
12:54 pm
into the united states and launching an attack. i think what the president is trying to do, is trying to do specifically that. if you do not cooperate with us, with the united states, when it comes to international terrorism, then you, you and some of your people can not come into this country. i go back to, i would say that venezuela, go back to venezuela, not because i'm very familiar with it. because that is the closest one. venezuela has great ties with iran. we know chavez for the last 20 years, chavez and maduro government have had a close relationship with iran. they used to sell uranium. chavez used to travel to tehran all the time. i believe basically what the president is doing trying to protect us from having any of these people come in and become radicalized, launch an attack. we have, i don't know how many people from chad, from sudan or from iran are asking for visas to come either to work or to tourists, be a tourist in this
12:55 pm
country, but i know we have thousands and thousands of venezuelans trying to come in every single day. we have to be very careful. the venezuela people are going through a horrible time, with very evil government because the problem in venezuela -- neil: not a ban per say, right? that is a country that deals with a muslim country but it is not a muslim ban. >> it is not muslim but the problem, hezbollah, many radicalized muslim countries could use venezuela which is very close, caracas is closer to california than miami. they could use a launching pad to launch an attack without being detected. neil: elvira, thank you very much. >> same. neil: that nfl anthem debate, whatever you think of it, what if i told you it is going to get in the way of tax cuts? that's important. or am i that wrong? ♪
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
♪ ♪ neil: all right, when you have the nfl talking about the fact that they were offended by the president's locker room talk, all right, that is game over. so does it mean that this nfl anthem discussion the president led over the weekend is feeding the beastly reaction and getting in the way of the things he wants to get done? let's ask real clear politics political reporter caitlin huey
1:00 pm
burns. what do you thinksome. >> well, it certainly is a big distraction. i do think this is speaking to his base of supporters who, i think, look at what happened over the weekend with many nfl players taking the knee not only here at home, but also a abroad in london in that game -- neil: they stood for the queen, but they didn't for our national anthem. >> right. so i can see the president really kind of continuing on with this through the week, because i think it speaks to, you know, when you look at polling, most americans respond that they think that people should stand and respect the national anthem. however, you know, we've seen this from the president over and over again as president and during the campaign where he kind of involves himself in these cultural battles, he picks fights, he kind of drives some wedges here, and that -- neil: to what end? >> right. neil: i can see if there's a method that will actually help him, but in trying to rally support for tax cuts, which is not going to be easy even within his own party, i don't know how -- however you feel about
1:01 pm
that, this helps that cause. >> right. and i think if you look at the broader context of this, you're right about the tax reform agenda is starting to get off the ground but not really. the health care debate, that health care -- neil: that seems to be dead. >> seems to be dead. you have the senate race in alabama tomorrow which, you know, could be a blow to the president's chosen candidate. and, of course, all these world, all these things on the world stage involving north korea. the president is kind of at a vulnerable spot politically. so we've seen him do this over and over again where at these moments kind of goes and revs up the base to gin up support and momentum for things like that. but i'm not sure how this fits into the broader agenda here, right? whether this -- i think it drives more wedges in congress at a time he really needs the support. and as we were talking about before, any democrats who were looking to work with him on things really see no incentive politically to get behind this. however, i will say we saw this over the campaign a little bit this year where the president
1:02 pm
tries to kind of get democrats to take the bait on some social issues -- neil: run with it, yeah. >> right, and they run with it. perhaps that's part of this -- neil: by the way, there might have been a method that i can't appreciate like speaking to the nfl to an alabama crowd, obviously trying to rally support for senator strange in this uphill battle. so it might work for him. but what do you think? if he were not to win that seat, strange has an uphill fight, i still look at it for the president it's a win because the republican nominee likely would be elected regardless. but what are your thoughts? >> right. it's hard to see a democrat winning in alabama because statewide they haven't been able to do so in a federal race for a long time. so it could be that way. but, you know, nobody is talking about the alabama senate race. nobody's talking about tax reform. nobody's talking about health care which, of course, this is really the last week they can do a health care reform bill because of reconciliation and that window closes at the end of the month. so, you know, this is certainly
1:03 pm
all eyes are on the nfl -- neil: the window to address -- >> the health care bill through reconciliation, right, exactly. everybody's talking about the nfl and not these legislative issues, and that's frustrating for members of congress who want momentum from the president marley on taxes. i think -- particularly on taxes. i think they'd much rather have him tweeting and talking about taxes, but this is an unconventional president. neil: indeed. nascar's issued a statement: sports are a unifying influence in our society, bringing people of differing backgrounds and beliefs together. our respect for the national anthem has always been a hallmark of our prerace events. thanks to the sacrifice of many, we live in a country of countless liberties including the right to peacefully express one's opinion which would seem to try to play it both ways here to understand what the president was saying, but to understand football players' right more to the point to opt out. so we'll see how that goes. but let's get reaction from a
1:04 pm
veteran, former army master sergeant jason beardsley. jason, good to have you, and thanks for taking the time. what do you think of this dust-up here? i mean, there are many who argue that the president breathed new life into a situation that was dying on the vine. i don't know how true that is, but your thoughts. >> well, thanks, neil, for having me on. i mean, this is a tough issue for a lot of people, but if we break it down to its basic components, you know, everyone has a right, a constitutional right as an american citizen to have a protest. we, i think everybody agrees with that. what happens here though is they're taking that right, and they're employees of the nfl, the franchise owners and the owners themselves are the ones making this statement. the nfl has said and sided with those who want to take a knee or sit out the national anthem. and i think a lot of americans are on the side of those of us who actually either served or really appreciate what americans have done to give us those unparalleled freedoms, those
1:05 pm
unparalleled liberties. while it may be divisive, we have to look at this from a strictly business standpoint. the nfl has made this a business decision, and they're okay sitting out the anthem. i disagree with that. neil: all right, a big test is monday night's football, the dallas cowboys, jerry jones made a big issue on this last year, when colin kaepernick still started kneeling for the anthem, more or less threatening his players, you do the same, you're my employees, you don't. bottom line. >> right. neil: what do you think happens tonight? what do you think to those cowboys' players, more to the point, who do that? >> that's oneover the problems when -- one of the problems when you drag politics into sports. most americans just want to turn on the tv and argue about the colors, the brand -- neil: quite right. >> -- the players. but now they're arguing about politics and race and social justice. jerry jones sent out a pretty good statement. by the way, it matches with the
1:06 pm
nfl's compliance plan which says the players themselves should respect the business model first and then leave their personal agendas aside. so -- neil: does any nfl contract, to your knowledge, have a stipulation there that you must stand for the national anthem or be out on the field for the national anthem? >> no, no. neil: i could see the yankees have a requirement about short hair, no facial hair, i guess, but i've never seen, to my knowledge, a requirement like that. and then the players could come back and legally challenge if someone insisted on it. educate me there. >> you're actually right. but again, that's where the come mines plan doesn't address the national anthem -- come mines plan doesn't address the national anthem, but it says to put your personal agendas behind the business model. this is not a players' agenda, this is the nfl. big business nfl is telling its fans we don't want to stand for the national anthem or we just don't care either way. this is about the team, the franchise, the business owners saying we want to bring this
1:07 pm
controversy, we want to bring politics to the gridiron. and a lot of americans just don't want that as part of their football recreation. that's our time off. of that's our sunday, our saturday, our monday night, so we stay away from politics when we're talking football, baseball, so on. neil: you served this country very honorably and at great personal risk, and i've heard from a lot of heroes like you who come up down both ways. yeah, i fought and risked my life, and my buddies died for them to do what they're doing. others argue, yeah, but that respect alone should be you don't do something like this. where do you stand personally? >> right. so thank you for that. first of all, neil, i'm a proud veteran of the greatest country in the history of the world. and many black americans have fought, the discuss keygy airmen -- discuss keygy airmen took the skies, the harlem hell fighters in world war i shugged it out in the trenches of europe under that flag.
1:08 pm
now, there were plenty of social injustices, but the point was they honored first and foremost their duty to their country. and so where i stand on this again is this: yes, i fought for your perm right to do this -- personal right to do this, but you didn't make this a personal protest. you took this to the team and the brand and the locker room which is now not about you personally, whether it's colin kaepernick or a hero like villanueva who stood up and showed america what heroism really looks like. neil: the only one who did, the only one who did, right. for that game. >> yeah. and i think that's the one that most americans are siding with. and when the president sides with those who support and honor and love our flag, i think he's got the back or most americans that feel that way have his back. i'm one of them. i'll stand up for that national anthem every time. and while i fight for your right to take a north korea on it -- a knee on it, that should be taken in a personal protest. if you want a personal franchise, let the nfl state it
1:09 pm
vociferously and enunciate clearly what's your big idea, what is the plan, what are you specifically protesting. maybe we agree and we'll sign on together. but let's bring america back to recreational football and enjoy the sport for what it was. neil: yeah. i do know that villanueva's jersey is the most in-demand jersey a day after. thank you very much, jason beardsley, and for your service to this great country. appreciate it. >> thanks, neil. absolutely. neil: all right, we do know, and it's a little early so whether there's an exact cause and effect people could debate, but ratings are down from what they were last year. of course, that's been the case year to date of football ratings in general on the professional circuit. sports grid president lou mayone on that. lou, is there a connection here? all this politicking and whether it is affecting viewing? what do you think? >> yeah, i think for sure. you know, politicking, you know, the politics shouldn't be in sports as far as i'm concerned. i think one of the reasons why year-over-year the last two years we've seen the nfl ratings
1:10 pm
down 10% is, one, because, you know, the theater that is donald trump and what we're seeing there, i think, is something special in the sense that the media has taken the attention away from what's going on in the world and focusing it on donald trump. when you look at last night's game, washington and oakland, we see week over week they dropped 8%. so it definitely is taking a toll on the nfl and its ratings, but it's not just this. there's other things that come into play here, neil. neil: yeah, a number of things, that you can get it in so many venues and sources and all the multiple games, i understand that. >> that's right. neil: some argue that the president himself might have made the situation worse in that it united owners who otherwise would have and have in the past supported, like dan snyder of the redskins, and put them in a position where they're, you know, arm in arm quite literally with their players. what do you make of that? >> yeah, well, i think he may have made it worse, but i also think we've got to take a look
1:11 pm
at he may have done it on purpose. neil: that's interesting. >> you have to look at donald trump as the master of the game, you know, the art of the deal. he's great at changing the narrative, and i think one thing we have to look at to one of your contributors before saying, you know, north korea is a big problem, you know? as he would put it, you know, little rocket man is a bigtime problem for the world. and i think that he's trying to drum up this patriotism, right? he's trying to get the folks behind him because i think he knows we will be going into some military action in the near future. i think he knows that, and this is part of his plan. and he's very good at what he does. neil: so you think this is his way of bracing us for something worse, and we've got to rally around the flag, allow me to grease the skids for that. >> absolutely, neil, i firmly believe that. neil: you don't think this could be an impulsive decision and saying this on the spur of the moment? >> i'll be honest, i don't think anything's impulsive. i think he knows exactly what he's doing. everyone talks about the tweets and this and that, but i'm telling you, these things are
1:12 pm
thought out, and i believe he's trying to rally the troops. not just america, but his troops to make sure that we're ready if we have to go into north korea. neil: by the way, from your vantage point do you think this nfl ratings slide will continue this year, or, you know, it could -- it's just one turn-around shy of a rivalry or really great game or some unusual heroics or tight, you know, division battle, that would bring it back? >> unfortunately, i think the ratings can continue to slide for many reasons you and i have discussed before on previous shows that we've done and interviews we've done together. i think the big thing here is the way people are consuming content, the way the pre-millennials and millennials are consuming content, it's not about the team, it's about players. that's what fantasy sports is all about, and it's taking a toll on the way people are watching, going to the games and really paying attention to sports. all professional sports. and i think the ratings are going to continue to slide unless someone says, hey, we
1:13 pm
have to focus on these young kids. they're not consuming cop tent the same way -- content, they're not watching espn. ratings are down, why? because these kids are not watching it. they're on their phones, their ipads. they're a much different generation. if you're not there and you fall behind, you're going to get into bigtime trouble. neil: thank you very much, lou. a different kind of read on this. to his point about north korea and whether it this is a way to sort of prepare us to sort of rally around the flag, maybe rally around the president and this idea that we could eventually go to war. so far the administration seems to be indicating that's one thing they necessarily are trying to avoid, that they're not seeking regime change in north korea. this, of course, after north korea's foreign minister said that the u.s. has all but called war against north korea, and a lot of the catalyst for that isn't only the kind of bellicose thicks that the president -- things that the president, they say, has said about them, but the u.s. bombers were flying east of north korea, the farthest north of the demilitarized zone in decades. after this.
1:14 pm
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♪ ♪ neil: all right, this health care rework appears to be on the eventual of collapse. i don't want to curse it necessarily, i just want to let you know that rand paul still appears to be definitely a no despite some allowances that were made for him and particularly the state of kentucky, from which he hails.
1:18 pm
susan collins looking more and more like a no, john mccain is a no, ted cruz saying he'd be a no and utah's mike lee would likely be a no as well. just three of thousands would be enough to -- those would be enough to torpedo it. adam brandon of freedomworks, gentlemen, welcome to both of you. adam, this seems to be hanging by a vine, if that. what do you think? >> i think my read is exactly what your read is. that's a lot of people that you're still trying to get onto this bill, and you've got about this much time left. if you're going to get that done, it's got to be done by the 30th, and there is no room for error and doesn't look like things are lined up. neil: if that is the case, phillip, i mean, obviously when they concocted this and came up with -- and i take nothing away when they did -- you would think that they would have had pretty good assurances that the results would be different.
1:19 pm
what happened in. >> yeah, you continue to see it's almost a process playing out, neil. i mean, the first step and the first failure was they said the president was going to to lead the charge, and the president said, no, i want the senate to do it. then the second attempt the senate came in and said, all right, let's try to fix this, and the white house played a hand. that didn't work, and now it's all in the senate's hands, and i think that's what the president wants. remember, we're still in the first year of his administration. they're going to make mistakes, they're going to fail, and then they're going to get the feedback and try to figure out how to make this thing right. i agree with adam and you, i think this is probably not going to pass. and i will tell you there'll be a lot of pressure going into the next year, into 2018 when we get a little bit of a reset to get this done just like it would be on tax reform. neil: right. >> the republicans are feeling the pressure here, and the longer they go without any scores on the scoreboard, the harder it's going to get. so they're going to put some pressure on 'em, and then in 2018 i think they may go for it again if they can't get it done
1:20 pm
now. neil: well, you know, if at first you don't succeed, keep trying, i understand that. adam, senator orrin hatch who runs the finance committee, when he referred to the tax cut battle, more problematic, more difficult than the health care thing, i'm thinking the health care thing didn't work out too great, so what does that mean about the tax cut thing? [laughter] >> i'll quote art laffer who said god put republicans on earth to cut taxes. so if republicans can't cut taxes here, what's the point of the party? we're running out of days. i think there's only about 40 legislative days left in the house, and you've got to get everyone lined up and ready to go. you can get a bill done before the end of the year, and if you're going to have the tax bill have any kind of effect on the 2018 elections, you need to have it done this year so you get all that growth in the first and second quarter next year. neil: i guess the differences on this, they all agree for the need for tax cuts, most of them do. but where they differ is how
1:21 pm
aggressively they should go. conservatives, more like supply-cider, the bigger the better, and i've talked to the rob port match's from ohio who are big -- portman's from ohio who are big pan -- fans of keeping them revenue neutral. when it comes to paying for them and how aggressive you are with them, what do you think? >> i think you're right. your seeing 10%, 15%, 20% on the corporate rate. and so usually you stick to one low number, and you use that as your negotiating point. trump has done that, for the most part -- neil: do you think he'll come out of the gate, phil, with 15% as a corporate rate? >> as a business owner, i'd be all for it. and i hope he stays consistent with that. and i'd also say, neil, look at the election that's going to happen in alabama, because that could cause a lot of problems for the very fragile senate majority that we have right now. and, you know, there's going to be some primarying going on. adam's probably licking his chops over that. [laughter] that's going to be a key factor.
1:22 pm
neil: but it would still be likely no matter it's moore or strange in alabama, i think, adam, the republican will end up winning, but i do understand phillip's view that it could backfire on the president if his candidate doesn't carry the day. would it hurt him? what do you think, adam? >> >> i think it potentially would hurt him, but then again i think whenever you have someone who's kind of the hand-picked candidate toppled, there's kind of a new energy that enters in. at the end of the day, i've just got to take this back to this tax cut because it should be a cut. and, yes, i do worry about -- i'm a deficit hawk, but if you don't start getting back to 3 or 4% growth, how are we going to pay off this $20 trillion that we currently have? yes, i'm watching this race closely in alabama, but i don't think it's as critical to taxes one way or the other. i think, i mean, the main thing here is mitch mcconnell's got to get his team in line and start pushing this bill and get this done so that it happens this year, before thanksgiving --
1:23 pm
neil: i'm just wondering if he fails at that, maybe no fault to him, is he kaput? is he done as their leader when they regather? >> i think a majority leader is a lot like an nfl coach, if you don't put wins on the board, people start looking for someone wells. neil: what do you think, phil? >> right now i do think they've got to put some wins on the board before the primary season kicks in next year. and if they do that, he'll be fine. neil: gentlemen, thank you both very, very much. all right, so the question is what about those tax details? whose taxes are going to be cut? whose allowances, special breaks, deductions are going to get trimmed? will it be a wash for some? others pay more? will it do anything for the economy? will it be retroactive? so much we don't know. we're beginning, though, to get some details. after this. ♪
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1:28 pm
the lone pittsburgh steelers' player who decided to go out and stand up during the national anthem, right now anything having to do with them -- that would include jerseys, any namesake items are the top selling items at again, anything having to do with him. and he got a lot of pressure from players who needled him for going out there alone when the rest of the team stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. but, of course, he did three tours of duty in afghanistan, felt it was something he just had to do. he meant no disrespect to fellow players and, in fact, i'm told some time ago, last year when colin kaepernick had been kneeling at a number of games, he didn't criticize kaepernick. he said he had a right to do what he did, just that he would not be doing the same thing. all of this comes at a time when many have been seizing on the president's remarks about the nfl and about players who sit this sort of thing out, that
1:29 pm
it's taking time away from discussing the president's tax plan. be that as it may, something we explored on this show already, we are getting more details about that plan having nothing to do with the nfl, having nothing to do with the national anthem, but it's going to be a national struggle. because they're not all on the same page. charlie gasparino's been looking into it. what can you tell us? >> here's what we can confirm at fox business as the sort of outlines of the plan. obviously, this is a work in progress. what i tell you here now may change tomorrow, it may change after president trump puts this out there on wednesday. but here's what we know, and it's, i think if this does happen, this'll be pretty good for the economy. trump's tax outline are likely show the corporate tax rate going down to about 20, to 20%. now remember, he keeps saying 15, 15, 15, it looks hike the 20% number is the compromise. but who knows? maybe he'll come out with this thing on the outline saying let's keep it at 15, and you can negotiate up from there. but at least the number, the word -- the number that we keep hearing, the whisper number is
1:30 pm
20%. i bet they come out with 15, neil, because it's a good place to start negotiating to move it up to 20%. the other thing, it's likely to show the top corporate, the top individual rate is going to be cut from 39 to 35%. you're going to take seven brackets down to three. this has kind of been out there. remember, this was during the campaign. and here's the real thing where i think a lot of our viewers that live in high-tax states are going to go nuts about if they're republican, the gop is looking at eliminating the state and local tax deductions. it's unclear if this is going to be in the plan as it appears on wednesday, but i am telling you what we're hearing from the leadership is they want that thing gone as way to pay for this. another thing i'll tell you is there's going to be a battle royale over that. i can't imagine a republican in new york, new jersey, california or any high-tax state that has an income tax is going to be, is going to be for that thing. but, you know, at least that's
1:31 pm
what's out there right now. so this is the plan, it's the plan that fox business can confirm. the state and local tax thing, i think, is the big takeaway here. the rest of this stuff was kind of known. the 20% number that's being whispered about, don't be surprised if the starting gambit is 15 when you see the piece of paper. it would make sense for it to be 15 and then they start negotiating up to 20. so that's where we are right now. it'll be very interesting as this comes out. neil: all right. thank you, buddy, very, very much. the read from house republican conference vice chair georgia congressman collins, does that jibe what you're hearing, the opening gambit would be a 15% opening rate, start with 15? >> hey, neil. i think we're hearing a lot of different things right now. the president's always talked about 15, i think 20 is a number we're hear willing. i think the biggest thing and the emphasis was really something you talked about a few minutes ago, 15, 20%, we have
1:32 pm
got to get to our country growing again. after the eight years of a president who did not understand the economy to a president now who has said this is the economy we've got to he, and growth has to be a part of this with our tax reform package, i'm supporting the president. i want to see this happen because growth is what we've got to see right now. neil: i can't imagine the guy who wrote "the art of the deal" would come out with something he didn't want, but we'll see. is it your understanding that the states that have very high taxes, they're in danger of seeing people writing off those taxes, those state and local taxes on their federal forms, but their numbers are few? that is, in terms of representation in congress, that there are more guys like you who would be perfectly fine with doing so, ending or removing that deduction? >> i think it's something we've got to look at. it would affect more than just those states. it would impact some, but also we've got to understand, and you and i have talked about this before, we just can't go into this and not remember that there
1:33 pm
is a debt and a deficit issue. we cannot go in and say simply we're just going to do this and not worry about, you know, impact. what we've got to look at is when we start taking things off the table, when you started looking at the bat tax, the border adjustability, in pay-fors you have to start looking other places. i think this is a reality of life, this is something we're going to be negotiating with. we have a short time frame window. i think what you're going to see is going to be pretty close to our beginning negotiating points to get this thing through, because at the end of the day we have got to get to this place where this is the top priority for our coalition, for republicans. we don't have to convince conservative voters that tax reform needs to happen, we've just got to go out and show it. i think the failure so far of health care, the struggles that they're continuing to have, i think we've got to reinforce to the american people that it's about them and not about politics and fighting up here. neil: well, you might have a tougher time winning over your colleagues, right, sir? by that i mean more moderate members who say it can't be just
1:34 pm
big for the sake of big, you've got to pay for it, it's got to be revenue neutral. what are your thoughts on that. >> >> i mean, let's go back. i think there does need to be some revenue -- we've got to look at the revenue-neutral perspective, but also we go back to kennedy, reagan, anytime you've dealt with tax reform, it causes growth. it causes growth in the economy, it causes growth in our national wealth, it causes growth in our income to the tax burden. what we've got to understand was by spreading that out we give people who get up every morning who want to keep their job, have their standard of living raises, have their wages raised because business and our economy and commerce is work. what i'm frustrated about is when we talk about other states and their high tax rate and being able to write them off on their federal taxes, why wouldn't we go to those states and say what you're doing is not working. why don't you relook at how you do your own economies. those are the kinds of things conservatives would look at. is it going to be tough? sure, but they sent us up here to find tax relief and help for
1:35 pm
the people -- neil: but it sounds like you're saying and i don't want to put words in your mouth, that you're more open to that than you would be to tamper with the mortgage deduction, any of that. >> it's something, yes, we've got to look at. some things have already been moved off the table, we've got to look at that. so it's a real issue, and we're going to have to adjust to that. i think at the end of the day it goes back to who we're doing this for, and it's the american people and the economy. i'm still frustrated with health care, and i'm still seeing that now, but we've got to pray the senate does. neil: do you think the president, whatever your views on what he thinks about the nfl and players who sit out the national anthem or don't come on the field for the national anthem, that he created a distraction at a time when people should be focused on this tax cut, guys like you are focused on this tax cut and that he hurt that? >> well, i think there's a lot of things i think the president did and said what a lot of people felt. i respect him just as i respect the individuals who want to
1:36 pm
protest. but as someone who served in iraq, somebody who's also still in the military, this is an issue that i would wish these football players who want to take part in their community, find another way to do it. go out and work in their communities, many of them already do, and i'm proud of the work that the nfl does. but this has become a national distraction. the example of nfl players such as pat tillman who went and died for his country, villanueva who sang the national anthem, three tours in afghanistan. for those of us who served, this is something that we need to move past to getting to healing in our country. we have worked a lot on this in our criminal justice reform. but i just think right now for the nfl, play football. if you want to know how it's played, just watch the secful we'll continue to play down there. [laughter] as we go. but i think this is, for us, play football. put a product on the field and then also work in your right to protest however you want, that's because many of us serve in our military so you can have that right. but go out there and -- neil: are you less inclined to
1:37 pm
watch a professional football game because of this? >> no. i mean, there's a lot of things in life that try to kiss tract you. -- distract you. i'm going to continue to watch, and i've got a falcons' team that's playing pretty good right now. neil: congressman, very good seeing you. >> take care. neil: all right, in the middle of this we're obviously trying to tamp down a little of the fiery rhetoric back and forth with north korea -- [audio difficulty] not our goal here. this after north korea was threatening to shoot down any of our bombers in international air space since we've already penetrated the zone that we've not been in in decades over north korea. it is getting nasty, after this. ♪ think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income.
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neil: former new york democratic congressman anthony wiener is going to be in the slammer for 21 months. that's how much a judge sentenced him for for sexting an
1:42 pm
underage woman. that's going to be a long time behind bars. we don't know when that would start. presumably soon. meanwhile, puerto rico still hurting and dam there in danger of failing after hurricane maria. connell mcshane's been keeping track of it because this goes from bad to worse. >> reporter: oh, yeah, it sure does. still difficult to communicate and figure out what's happening in puerto rico, but there's a high level of concern with this dam damaged by the hurricane. we're still being told there's a danger that it could fail. it's in the northwestern section of the island. now, if it were to fail, this would be a big, big deal, 70,000 people could be in danger, so they have a flash flood warning for that area that surrounds it. they're evacuating thousands of people in the area that surrounds it. no reports to suggest that it has a failed, just that there is a danger. so that's certainly one of many big concerns. i mentioned how difficult it is to communicate, and puerto ricans have a number of other issues as well. as you see some of the clean-up efforts, there have been ten
1:43 pm
deaths on the island blamed on the storm, very little cell service, if any. there's no power at all. you have shortages being reported for things like food and water and fuel, and you have people who have been waiting in lines for hours and hours just to get gasoline and in many cases the reason they're waiting is just to get the gas to power the generators so they'll have some sort of power. the speaker of the house, paul ryan, has a statement that came out today on getting help down there. the stories and images coming out of puerto rico, he says, are devastating. congress is working with the administration to insure necessary resources get to the u.s. territory. our fellow citizens in pert rio remain in our prayers -- in puerto rico remain in our prayers. they're trying to help, but we've been hearing stories of looking to get back here to the states, stay with family and friends. and i should point out maria's still a hurricane out in the atlantic, expected to stay offshore, but you have tropical storm watches today for the coast of north carolina all the way up to virginia, so there could be some effect from that
1:44 pm
as well. neil: connell, thank you very, very much. when you hear about the back and forth with the north koreans and how aggressive they've been hately, you're probably not all that woirt if you're on the east coast. however, if you're in hawaii, you're worried. on the phone with us, republican hawaii state representative gene ward. thank you for taking the time. what do you make of these latest battles back and forth and now the north koreans say we've all but declared an act or war both in our language and in our reconnaissance operations in areas that we have not been in, you know, in decades? what do you think? >> well, what hawaii's trying to do is walk a delicate line between being in denial and not being an alarmist, and we feel that ignorance is fear. so what we're trying to do is educate the population are. we had a briefing last week. we're going to go out into a speakers' bureau, getting basically a message of three things. if there's any explosion, any
1:45 pm
missile, it's get inside, stay inside, stay tuned. and, neil, what people have to know, you and me have a short window here in hawaii. we're about 20 minutes away from the missile but only 12-15 minutes before we actually get warned about it. so we don't have shelters, we don't have the opportunity to do that. we are just now being prepared. being aware is being prepared, and that's all we're doing. we're not overreacting but, look, you guys on the mainland gotta realize this, the july 4 missile showed that he can go to alaska, the west coast, possibly even into the middle. so what hawaii's doing, i think is what basically the mainland has to be doing, not being in denial saying, oh, we're so far away. technologically are, yeah, maybe hawaii is in closer proximity, but inevitably if this guy does what he says he's going to do, i think we all need to be prepared and be aware. neil: what are your thoughts on the way we have been reacting to the north korean leader, kim jong un? now, they take great offense to
1:46 pm
the way the president referred to him as rocket man, that the president would be very aggressive and destroy north korea, that this type of language has made things more agitated? never mind the provocative behavior of the north koreans, but what do you make of this? how do do you dial this down, or can you at this point? >> neil, you've got to remember this started 50 years ago. neil: you're absolutely right. >> you know, the, quote, end of the korean war. hawaii was placed on a map of death along with vandenberg where the b-52s are in 2013. but because of appeasement -- strategic patience and what i would call weak intelligence -- we're suddenly now trying to play catch up. you know, on july 4 when they sent the missile over, it was saying that the defense intelligence agency said, hey, well, we've probably underestimated their technology by five years. that is embarrassing and unacceptable. we've got to get better intelligence and basically the
1:47 pm
appeasement of the last three administrations just didn't cut it. so we really underestimated this guy. and so the rhetoric today, to me, is a side show. this has been going on for decades, and we've never faced the music. now we have no choice but to do what we're doing. neil: do you think he would act militarily? kim jong un? >> you know, it's a cheap analogy, but it's a wildly barking dog inside of a house warning the elephants surrounding it not to enter or he'll come out and bite and kill one of us. he doesn't see the perception of what he's trying to do. i think the analogy used to be m.a.d., mutually-assured destruction. he wants equilibrium, but i think it's going to be s.a.d. which is basically the suicidal assured destruction. the guy cannot win, so what he's trying to do -- he's got a gdp of $1800 a year per capita. he's got no economy, no loyalty
1:48 pm
aside from fear. neil: all right. representative, thank you for the heads up, you're right, prepare people for the worst, hope for the best. we'll have more after this.
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
and canceled that october 10th argument on the travel ban case after a new trump policy was initiated that includes north korea, venezuela and chad. others staying on the list are iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. sudan was dropped. so now it's not exclusively what some had called a muslim ban, it's grown to include -- again, by extension -- north korea and venezuela. that would be less the issue even though we've heard from guests here that since venezuela is working closely behind the scenes with iran, that might be the case. that's neither here nor there. but for now -- [audio difficulty] not going to happen right now. meanwhile, what is going to happen at least tomorrow is a runoff race in the state of alabama that pits the state's incumbent senator against a former supreme court, state supreme court judge, roy moore. and that is maybe a real test for the president of the united states. he has gone ahead and supported senator strange. of course, that was a named
1:53 pm
replacement after jeff sessions became the attorney general of the united states. but virtually all of the firebrands, if you will, including steve bannon, sarah palin have been rallying around judge moore, and it is judge moore who has big leads depending on the polls over senator strange. washington examiner white house correspondent sarah westwood on what's at stake if senator strange loses. what do you make of that possibility and what it would say about the president? >> it's a very real possibility that senator strange could lose the average of polls has him about ten points back behind judge moore. president trump seems to have adored strange from a place of loyalty to strange who has been loyal to trump. that endorsement doesn't seem to have been out of support for or solidarity with mitch mcconnell who also backs strange. and mitch mcconnell is fairly toxic in alabama. so in a lot of ways mcconnell's support for strange is almost canceling
1:54 pm
out -- neil: is that right? >> strange would have otherwise gotten. neil: i'm sorry. these polls that you allude to, are any of them post the president's visit last friday night? >> well, this is an average of polls, right? neil: okay. we just lost her there. the reason why i mention that is because i have seen these same polls, and i think you're back with us, sarah. they've shown a 9, 10-point difference, but i was curious whether that average included the president's visit to the stage and a fiery, red meat stage to friendly crowds. what do you think? >> obviously, president trump going down there personally could move some votes a little bit, but there are a lot of trump voters who seem to be fine breaking with the president on this. and you saw in this rally that sarah palin, sebastian gorka -- former aide to the president -- attended over the weekend. what they did is an argument that a lot of moore voters and trump voters have clung to which is that president trump has just gotten bad advice on endorsing
1:55 pm
strange. trump himself sort of alluded to this in his rally down there on friday when he said i might have made a mistake endorsing strange -- [laughter] neil: i know. >> i'll be back to campaign for moore -- neil: yeah, that was a weird one. is it your thought that the president might not lose on this and that it is likely that whoever wins is going to win the general election? it's not a guarantee or lock, but alabama being alabama and the president swamping a 2-1 victory there last year, that it would be the conservatives' race to lose? >> right. and trump sort of acknowledged this in his speech saying if luther strange were the lose, the media's going to characterize this as a sign that my clout is deteriorating. but if you look at roy moore, he's appealing to alabama voters for all the same reasons why trump appealed to them; because he's running as an outsider, because he's characterizing his opponents as tools of the establishment. so trump voters are sort of prove what attracted them to trump in the first place is still attractive to them, this insurgency, this disruptive candidate.
1:56 pm
so in a way it does show that president trump and the ideals he stands for are still appealing to alabama voters. neil: well put. sarah westwood, thank you. washington examiner white house correspondent. again, that race is tomorrow night. we could quickly know the results tomorrow night. more after this.
1:57 pm
. . . .
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1:59 pm
neil: all right. actually, just a few seconds away from a white house briefing with sarah huckabee sanders, lots to talk about including in
2:00 pm
fl, maybe tax cuts. for trish regan doesn't come any better than that. talk about breaking news. trish: lots of it. that's right. north korea as well. breaking right now we're about to hear white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. that will happen any minute. we'll go to her live as soon as she takes to the podium. you have escalating tension between the united states of america and north korea. the rogue nation foreign minister out there today saying president trump's tweets that kim jong-un won't be around much longer is quote, a declaration of war. that is what the north koreans are saying. that north korea has every right to shoot down u.s. bombers in international airspace. wow. well see what sarah huckabee sanders has to say about that. market off 65 points. turning lower. s&p down seven. nasdaq composite index off 61.


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