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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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lots to talk about including in fl, maybe tax cuts. for trish regan doesn't come any better than that. talk about breaking news. trish: lots of it. that's right. north korea as well. breaking right now we're about to hear white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. that will happen any minute. we'll go to her live as soon as she takes to the podium. you have escalating tension between the united states of america and north korea. the rogue nation foreign minister out there today saying president trump's tweets that kim jong-un won't be around much longer is quote, a declaration of war. that is what the north koreans are saying. that north korea has every right to shoot down u.s. bombers in international airspace. wow. well see what sarah huckabee sanders has to say about that. market off 65 points. turning lower. s&p down seven. nasdaq composite index off 61. we're off the lows of the
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session. i'm trish regan, welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." as we await the briefing to get underway i want to bring in senior fellow for american progress and undersecretary of defense for ronald reagan, larry korb. good to have you here, sir. what would be given your approach, given the rhetoric every day gets ratcheted up and up between us and kim jong-un. >> i think you have to tone down the rhetoric, talk calling him "rocket man" and things like that, particularly doesn't help. trish: it doesn't hurt, larry. why is that such a bad thing? he is a little "rocket man" with rockets he wants to shoot off, i know donald trump likes nicknames? >> well, yeah, but he might take what trump is saying literally about blowing them up and doing all of this. i thought steve mnuchin, the secretary of treasury yesterday, when he was on the sunday morning talk shows, put great,
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we got to work. i have authority to put more sanctions on banks and countries that do business with him. trish: i agree with him. i will go to the line of questioning in just a second. yes, he should take the president seriously. kim jong-un should take the president of the united states seriously. he should take all of us seriously and should stop doing what he is doing whether you call him little "rocket man" or not. >> what you don't want him to think we'll attack him so he attacks. that not what you want to do. our policy of massive retaliation been there since the eisenhower administration. anybody that uses nuclear weapons, they know that you don't have to insult them because you feed into his narrative. he is the one who is unhinged, well, trump is unhinged i better do something. trish: he knows what that means, larry. i know he is unhinged but he is not entirely stupid because that
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is what you would have to be to actually do that because the minute he tries to do something to us, boom, he is gone. he is off the face of the planet. >> but if he thinks we're going to do it to him, that is what you don't want hill to think. his people say, trump is liable to attack you, you better go first, nobody wins with that. he will lose but we will lose. i remember during the cold war khrushchev said the living will envy the dead if you have a nuclear war. so you don't want that. that is what you got to do. trish: i think that the president is trying to make it very clear to him that he has to stop with this. it is not as though we're going to stop. he needs to stop. let me turn, you brought up something very important, that is mnuchin and these sanctions. i keep looking at it, larry, saying why aren't we doing a heck of a lot more? china are in complete violation of the wto agreement. they're stealing 200 to
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$300 billion of our intellectual property every year. we could go after them really, really hard. in turn, that would be bothersome, more than bothersome to their economist. in other words, i'm getting at the china has the ability to affect north korea's fate. why don't we exercise some of our optionality on china so we get them to do what we need them to do. >> they are and we're doing stuff against their banks and people who work for klein who trade for north korea, won't have access to the american -- criticizing iran. why should we make a deal out of north korean deal even though the international community says that they're keeping it? trish: we seem to have a little bit of problem with your satellite shot. we'll try to get that fixed. larry, i think there is a lot we can do. there is a lot we should be doing. before we start talking about
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blowing things up, i would like to know that we have exercised every option when it comes to dealing with north korea, vis-a-vis china. larry korb, thank you so much. joining me with political implications of all of it, congressman from florida, member of the foreign affairs committee, francis rooney. good to have you here, sir. you heard what larry is saying. doesn't like some of the rhetoric larry is using. you heard what i was saying. in fact that that is going to happen? >> i think we've seen encouraging signs from china after both secretary tillerson made clear that we didn't want to take over the peninsula, or enact regime change. we wanted to stop the nukes. i think president's clear talk is exactly what's necessary to end 30 years worth of in and out appeasement which enabled the kim family to make them think they take the united states for
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granted. trish: doesn't bother you they call him little "rocket man"? that doesn't necessarily change our policy it drives home the point we're not putting up with this. you know, i didn't really, got the diplomats all worried, right? i don't see it he was talking on diplomatic stage. he was talking to his audience there in alabama friday night. >> we have to be clear. remember the whole korean problem arose because of unclarity by general mcarthur and dean atchison when they made the chinese think we didn't care about korea in the first place. the more clear the president is, increases the odds that china will do exactly as you're hoping, continue to put pressure on north korea to enter the community of nations and stop their nuclearization. trish: that is important. do you believe, sir, that china has the capability to really use some influence there? would they be able to take kim jong-un and put him off in a corner, perhaps see a regime change through or get rid of some of the nuclear arsenal?
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what is it that china could do that we can't? >> i think china can do most anything they want with him. they're virtually economic and political colony with china. they share the geography. almost all of their trade is with china. china has the deeinggraphy to stop this problem, not the united states. trish: i spoke to a lot of people in the military, they keep saying to me, we don't have that intelligence. we don't have that -- yes, we have the capability to go in and take out kim jong-un but we don't he the ability to do it in targethe way, remove him from t of nuclear weaponry. china you're telling me this, is consistently what i hear from a lot of people, china does. china has a history of being there and effectively this regime is in place because of china?
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>> i look at north korea to china about like the bahamas to the united states. they depend 100% on china for their survival. trish: yeah. they do. they do. so you know, before we start talking about losing lives, i think i'm okay losing a few dollars here, saying you know what, if we have to cut off trade with china, so be it. i know walmart will not be happy. there is a lot of big companies that rely on that marketplace to either have their goods made or hoping that will be a big, new, source of consumerism for them. but if china is not on board with us, is not really being an ally in terms of the military effort, how can they ever be an ally in terms of financial, in terms of the financial world? in terms of our economy? >> well they can't. that is why it is important to cut off their oxygen by taking sanctions down to the level of the companies, wherever they are, china, russia, zimbabwe, doesn't make a difference. anybody that deals with north korea, will not be able to sell goods in the united states.
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trish: there seems to be a big, big protest that is happening right now on capitol hill, sir, at a senate hearing where you have people being arrested there, over the gop health care bill. let's listen in to this now. [shouting] >> okay the committee is in recess. the committee is in recess until we get order. [shouting] trish: hear people shouting, do not cut medicaid. you can see they are taking the senators out of the session.
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they are arresting people because protesters there on capitol hill, they are protesting the gop health care bill. you will recall, of course, that senator mccain said on friday, that he would not be voting for it. this was the lindsey graham bill which surprised a lot of people because lindsey graham and john mccain are very good friend. it was lacking support. there is lindsey graham looks like right there. is that correct? you see some of the protesters there, you can hear them at least, in the crowd yelling, do not cut medicaid. as i said, some of them have been arrested. they're saying don't kill us, kill the bill. that has been one of their chants here. it looks like pretty much this bill isn't necessarily going anywhere, as i mentioned. mccain is not supporting it. also susan collins from maine indicated she doesn't want to
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support it. rand paul made his feelings clear on that as well. doesn't have a tremendous amount of room to go on, but nonetheless, some people just like to protest. they're out there on capitol hill today, getting themselves arrested, and causing a big scene. all right, everyone, we are waiting still on the white house. we'll be hearing from sarah huckabee sanders. we anticipate there will be some discussion of the nfl. the president blasted the nfl from making a business decision, because it's a business decision, to allow players to kneel during the national anthem. football is part of american entertainment. as an entertainer, don't you need to do what the boss is asking you to do, stand up to be a patriot when they're playing our national anthem? anyway, this is become quite an uproar and you can anticipate that the white house will have a few more things to say about it. we're on it. i will see you right back here after this. you know who likes to be
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trish: all right. everyone, the briefing is underway. let's listen to sarah huckabee sanders. >> more than half of our schools do currently not offer courses in computer programing, and nearly 40% do not offer physics. the memo the president will sign directs secretary of education betsy devos to take several steps to address this issue for our students. first it directs the secretary to establish high quality stem education with a particular focus on computer science as one of the department of education's priorities. second, it directs her to establish a goal of devoting at least $200 million per year in grant fund towards this priority. finally, the memo directs secretary devos to explore administrative actions that increase the focus on computer science and existing k-12 and
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postsecondary programs. this memorandum comes on hills of the executive order the president signed in june to expand apprenticeships giving more americans opportunity to earn while they learn and receive skills training putting them on the path to fulfilling work. the president believes it is our responsibility to give our students, especially underrepresented groups, minorities, women, those from rural communities every chance to. trish: having technical difficulties. there is miss sanders. >> the timing of memo will be important to the america's underserved communities is particularly fitting today. september 25th is the 60th anniversary of the little rock nine's first day of class at central high school. a few weeks prior to the first day the governor called in the arkansas national guard to stand by as segregationist blocked nine black students from entering the all-white school. one of the nine students, elizabeth ekford recalled, and i
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quote. they moved closer and closer. somebody started yelling. i tried to see if -- [no audio] trish: we heard one of the senators say, let's let them get out of their system. >> kind of -- they're protesting, that is just what they love to do. >> you heard democrats say we really need to --. some maybe votes. they will be out. trish: see if miss sanders has anything to say. let's listen in. >> central high is one of the most racially diverse and high achieving schools in arkansas.
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this is the testimony how far we have come in the last 60 years. it is not lost on the president or his administration that there is more work to do. we need better schools, and we need better jobs to provide safer, stronger more prosperous future for every american. president trump is working to make america great again for all of our citizens. his actions continue to show how committed he is. with that i will take your questions. john. >> sarah, clearly the president has strong views on whether or not players in professional sports teams should stand for the national anthem. given the response that the president has gotten over the last 48 hours, even from tom brady of the new england patriots, who believes that what the president said on friday night was very divisive, does the president regret at all describing these players who take a knee for the national anthem as sobs who should be fired? >> look, this isn't about the president being against anyone
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but this is about the president and millions of americans being for something, being for honoring our flag, honoring our national anthem and honoring the men and women who fought to defend it. i think general martin dempsey, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said it best when he said this morning, it is important to remember our military is composed entirely of volunteers. it obviously take aspects kind of patriotism for people to volunteer to risk their life for their country. theirs is not blind patriotism that pretend there is nothing wrong with the country. every man and woman in uniform knows we still have work to do to achieve equality, opportunity and justice for all to which we aspire but every member of the military also knows that what is right about america is worth defending. and if is worth defending it is worth honoring. he continued, i hope athletes who use the protest, understand why people like me intend to
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stan during the national anthem. we do so not because we agree with everything done or everything done in america's name, despite all of that the world is a better place because america exists that seems to me worth of honor of respect during the national anthem. >> i understand general dempsey's position. i think people would thank him for his service to this great nation but did the president go too far in referring to the players as s.o.b.s who should be fired. it is appropriate for the president of the united states to defend the flag, the defend the national anthem and defend the people who fought and died to defend it peter. >> you talked about the president using twitter to emphasize those thing. over the past 72 hours, the president tweeted a dozen times about sports about kneeling and nascar. he tweeted zero times about puerto rico. the bottom line question, what message is the president sending by emphasizing sports right now
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and not a crisis -- >> he is not emphasizing sports. you're missing entire purpose of the message. emphasizing something should be unifying celebrating and promoting patriotism in our country should bring everybody together. when it comes to puerto rico the president has sent both administrator long and senior advisor to the department of homeland security tom bossert to puerto rico today. they're on the ground to assess the damage. with we've done unprecedented movement in terms of federal funding to provide for the people of puerto rico and others impacted with these storms. we'll continue to do so and continue to do everything that we can possibly under the federal government to provide assistance. >> to be very clear the president is instead emphasizing something that brings americans together. what message does it send for president to stand behind the presidential seal at a rally in alabama and call an american citizen who is expressing his first amendment right as son of a b. >> it is appropriate for the
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president to defend the flag. hold on i'm not finished. it is appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag and promote the national anthem and promote it. >> how about respecting first amendment. jeff. >> north korea's foreign minister said president trump declared war on north korea. it reserves the right to take countermeasures including shooting down u.s. aircraft. does the white house deem president trump's comments at the u.n. as declaration of war? >> not at all. we have not declared war on north korea, the suggestion of that is absurd. >> what is white house's suggestion to shoot down u.s. aircraft even not in their airspace? >> it is never appropriate for another country to shoot down another country's aircraft over international waters. our goal is still the same. we seek the peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that is the focus. doing that through the most diplomatic pressures possible at
2:23 pm
this point. >> sara, does the president believe there are very fine people who kneeled yesterday watching those games or are all all sobs? >> i think you're trying to conflate different things here. look we certainly respect the rights that people have but we need to focus. this isn't about the president being against something. which is what everybody tries. this is about the president being for something. this about the president being for respect in our country through symbols like the american flag, like the national anthem and hundreds of thousands of people that actually stand versus the few hundred that may have knelt. >> follow up. the president said kneeling has nothing to do with race. colin kaepernick took a kneel, took to his niece, many of these games specifically because he said black people in this country were not being treated fairly by police. how is that not an issue of race? >> i think that the focus has long since changed and certainly the message what a lot has been
2:24 pm
communicated over these last several weeks through this process, through this protest by these players. >> sarah, from the podium you often expressed some frustration about the media and not focusing on the agenda that the president has, substantive issues, things he wants to get done, tax reform, health care, et cetera. when did the president decide at this rally that he was going to spend so much time talking about the flag itself and doesn't that distract from the things you are trying to accomplish this week, whether it is tax reform or health care or efforts in puerto rico or the showdown with north korea? >> look, i certainly don't think that talking about the american flag is a distraction for the president of the united states. this should be something every american can get behind and support and celebrate is national pride in our country. and supporting those that have fought and died to defend it from all different background. and so i think again, that is,
2:25 pm
certainly be a priority of the president. you act like that is all he did over the weekend. we did a lot of other things. we're continuing to push forward on tax reform. continuing to push forward on health care. continuing to push forward on the safety and security of our border. >> with that in mind, that was a point he said, i want to put that in the headlines. >> i'm not sure when that decision was made, i wasn't there, but i know it's a priority for the president to always defend our flag, always defend the national anthem. and certainly support the men and women in uniform. jennifer. >> couple questions if you don't mind, sarah. on the german election, has the president called merkel yet to congratulate her on her win? >> they spoke on friday. they're working on timing for second call of congratulations. i don't believe that has taken place. >> why not yet. she won on sunday? >> they're working on logistics of both leaders coordinating.
2:26 pm
>> plan for tax reform? >> he had quite a few conversations with, those will continue. he will make the announcements on specifics on wednesday in indiana. mike? >> just, "l.a. times" report over the weekend that the president was warned by top aids including mcmaster not to provoke kim, sickly in the united nations. >> i'm sorry? i missed first part of your question. what you said. >> "l.a. times" reports that president was warned not to provoke kim jong-un in the united nations speech because that it would potentially backfire? now they see this as declaration of war? >> as i said many times before i wouldn't use another news source
2:27 pm
as your source. i push back on that story at the time but -- the speech writing process, was very happy with the president's speech at the u.n. >> sarah. >> go ahead. >> when colin kaepernick said his protest is about fighting police brutality, fighting racism, you're not taking him at his word. you're saying that -- the american flag. >> i wanted to ask, interview
2:28 pm
the president gave this morning on the radio, he seemed pretty pessimistic about health care. i wonder what. i wonder what his interactions were today? is he calling individual senators? is the vice president calling? i know they, the vice president has been doing that. what is his thought today? do you think there will be a vote this week? >> whether or not there is a vote we sure hope so. we're calling on congress to do what they were elected to do. certainly what most campaigned on, to repeal and replace obamacare. we can't live with the obamacare status quo. it is complete disaster. we're hoping this moves forward. >> is he doing something -- >> he is engaged directly and through his team, legislative affairs team of the
2:29 pm
vice president. >> can you tell us what he is doing tomorrow? >> there is a fund-raising dinner. i have to get back with you on specifics. john decker. >> this is significant week for the president, for republicans. it is an opportunity, some are saying the last best chance for repealing and replacing obama care. and yet much of yesterday, beginning part of today's focus as far as the president is concerned on the nfl, players who tank a knee. can you explain how that is helpful effort repealing and replacing obamacare. when the president spend so much time on that other issue, the issue involving sports? >> really doesn't take that long to type out 140 characters and this president is very capable of doing more than one thing at a time, more than one thing in a day. john gizzi. >> you see, sara, talking up so much -- when president speaks about that particular issue. majority of questions have been
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asked of you so far today, have been about. that is determined by you guys. tremendous amount of power when he speaks. he tweets something, it takes away from the legislative record, do you not agree? >> no, i don't. i think it is important for a president to show patriotism. to be a leader on this issue. and he has. john gizzi. >> thank you, sarah. two questions. not about the runoff but about the personnel. are the members of the cabinet and president's official family free to disagree with him on matters such as political contest. >> the president has a lot of people with a variety of backgrounds. certainly with a variety of opinions. he always welcomes them voicing those. on that specific issue i couldn't speak to that because i haven't talked to the president about it. matthew. second question. >> my second question, yes. on september 15th, heather nauert, the spokeswoman for the
2:31 pm
state department, spoke at national press club, and i think this is important, because prime minister rahoi is meeting with the president tomorrow. miss nauert said the u.s. took no position on the plebscite in catalonia october 1st about separating and becoming a second country and, and i quote, we will work with any government or entity that comes out of it, end of quote. now does that mean if catalonia votes to secede from spain, the u.s. is going to recognize it as an independent country? >> i don't have anything further than what heather said. if anything takes place let you know. dave boyer. >> is the white house reviewing jared kushner's use of private email account for government business? and how widespread is the use of private email accounts in this white house? >> to my knowledge very limited white house counsel has instructed all white house staff
2:32 pm
to use their government email for official business and only use that email. >> is the instructed them since this came up? >> i think we get instructed on this one pretty regularly so. >> "politico" reported that secretary price has been taking private jets for months. white house counselor kellyanne conway traveled with him in six states. given comment on the trips, one, was the white house aware on price's travel. that he spent 400,000 taxpayer money on private jets just since may, is there any standard what is and isn't tolerated from this white house on this kind of conduct? >> this was not white oust approved travel. this was done through the general budget, department of hhs. and i think secretary price addressed this over the weekend. they're conducting both an internal and ig review and all travel on private charter has
2:33 pm
been suspended until that is completed. >> if i can follow up on that, get the white house's take now on that travel since you said it wasn't approved ahead of time. is it ever appropriate for a cabinet official to spend taxpayer money on private planes, notice i said private plane differentiated from military flight for national security. >> i think certain instances it probably is. that has to be done on case-by-case basis. i will not give a blanket statement on hypothetical situations that i couldn't possibly be aware of. >> whether the white house looking back on that do you approve of the travel? >> the white house again, that wouldn't have gone through the white house for approval. so i couldn't speak to that mike. >> two immigration-related questions. one, do you anticipate a refugee announcement in next couple days on both the cap on refugees from the president which has to happen on end of fiscal year, end of this week and will that, can you give us some sense what's going to be, what's going
2:34 pm
to look like? will there be restrictions built in? second on daca there has been word for a while on set of principles that the president and white house wants to put out, describe the way forward for a legislative deal. is that something that you can give us some guidance on? >> on the first question i expect that something will happen on that relatively soon and when we have those details and it's appropriate we'll be happy to share them. again i think it will be soon and we'll let you know when that's been finalized. in terms of your second question -- >> [inaudible] >> yes, on responsible immigration reform we will be putting out specific principles that the white house supports and would like to see done legislative. >> when will that happen? >> probably in the coming days. >> sarah can you just clarify, were you saying, were you encouraging nfl players to protest police? >> no. that's not what i'm saying. i was kind of pointing out the
2:35 pm
hypocrisy of the fact if the goal is, and message is that of police brutality which they have stated, that doesn't seem very appropriate to protest the american flag. i'm not sure how those two things would be combined. >> [inaudible] today iraqi kurds voting on a plebiscite. i was just wondering, you already expressed your dissatisfaction with that taking place but does the white mouse have the message for the turk, iranians, iraqis as they weigh their response to this vote? then i have second question. >> we hope for a unified iraq to annihilate isis and certainly unified iraq to push back on iran. >> second question, why is saudi arabia not included in the list of countries on travel ban? >> because the way the travel order has been placed is that countries have to meet a minimum
2:36 pm
baseline requirement and also be part of sharing information. over this last period of time they stepped up and met those peace line requirements that the united states has laid out zeke. >> -- criticism from the islands, territoryies delegates, representatives lawmakers, slow is pace of federal assistance. what steps is the administration taking presently aimed in coming days to increase the pace of relief and aid both to the island and more broadly, was the administration caught flat-footed after two massive storms and third one a bridge too far. >> not at all. the federal response has been anything but slow. in fact there is unprecedented push through of billions of dollars of federal assistance that the administration fought for. as i mentioned earlier, tom bossert and proctor & gamble long are on the -- brock long are on the ground today to do
2:37 pm
thorough and deeper assessment what needs there are. our focus is continuing on the life-saving efforts and immediate disaster response efforts which are currently underway and those funds have been secured and are available. once we have greater insight into the full assessment of damage, we'll be able to determine what additional fund are needed but we're still in the fact-finding process on that piece of it. jordan. >> follow-up, jan's question earlier about tax reform. you didn't answer her question whether the plan that the president will be announcing when it is finalized, we heard a number of different dates from the president last several days and other administration when the corporate tax rate will be set. is the tax plan finalized right now with the president -- 48 hours? >> there are certain details finalized with the president announcing those on wednesday. jordan. >> thank you, sarah. puerto rico, what would the administration say to the people on island, there is not enough
2:38 pm
time, not the time to do this big fact-finding mission. there is isolated areas on the island don't have any water, electricity, gas. there are buildings that don't have roofs, water coming into houses? this is all reported in the media. what do you say people on the island saying there is not enough time, aid needs to be rushed there immediately? >> the response has been at unprecedented level. we're supplying federal assistance as quickly as possible. we'll continue to do that. the president asked both tom bossert and brock long to go beyond the ground, come back give us a list of what is needed, that we can turn around quickly. i'm talking about longer term assessment, which simply can't be done today. we want to make sure funding is provided but we also want to make sure that we're actually funding the correct things. deb? >> steve bannon and another former white house official are supporting roy moore in the alabama primary tomorrow. we also know that bannon met
2:39 pm
with -- who is challenging dean heller. does the president brief, we talked about loyalty friday night. does he believe he owes it to republican senators who voted for a senate health care bill to support them? how does he feel about his own people basically supporting a challenger and as he spoken to them about it? >> as i said many times before due to the political nature of the question i will not weigh in an specific race or involvement in ace race. >> i'm not asking about a race. i'm talking about principle here. the president talked about loyalty friday night? bus he feel on principle if republicans vote the way pushes them to or wants them to or asks them to, does he owe them something in return? does he feel the people in this white house should go along with his thoughts on these races? >> i think the president feels he owes it to the american people who elected him which means they supported the agenda that he was trying to promote
2:40 pm
and the more that we have a like-minded officials helping promote and push that agenda and pass that legislation i think better off we are. that is certainly the reason that the president was elected and so i think the more that we can have people help make that successful, that is certainly, i think a positive thing and right step forward. halle. >> i want to follow up here. will the white house commit to releasing jared kushner's private emails related to government business? >> i would have to ask. i'm not aware of that conversation? >> is that something you would do -- >> i'm not getting ahead of a conversation that hasn't taken place. >> will you let us know? >> sure. >> great. i have a question, i want to be -- a question going out here today, talking about the president wanting to defend the flag. you know the oath of office is to defend the constitution. so does the president have a problem with the first amendment? >> not at all. the president is simply stating that pride in our country is a good thing. it is something that we should
2:41 pm
all celebrate. something that should bring us together, not divide us. standing up for national anthem is symbol of that. jim? >> follow-up on what halle is asking. why is it that the president over the weekend is going after, or seeming to go after african-american athletes, then this morning he is putting out a tweet praising nascar, geared toward a different demographic, the way they stand and respect and honor the flag? is he trying to wage something of a culture war? >> not at all. the president is not talking about race. the president's talking about pride in our country. what you saw yesterday were players and fans of all races joining together as americans to honor our servicemembers. that is what the president is talking about. that is what his focus is on. as you guys know the president has an event here in a minute. so we're going to close there. >> follow-up -- >> it's a cultural reference. trish: you heard sarah huckabee sanders talking about a few
2:42 pm
things but most especially about all of the controversy over this nfl firestorm. i want to remind everybody, how it all started. so let's go back it friday night. here are the president's comments in alabama. >> we're proud of our country. we respect our flag. wouldn't you love to see one of those nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now? out. he's fired! he's friday! [cheering] trish: all weekend long people were talking about this. sarah huckabee sanders spent a good portion of the address there dealing with media and questions. we have "wall street journal" shelby holiday and kaltbaum capital management president gary kaltbaum. interesting what people latch on to. gary, you think of something like football, part of who we are, right?
2:43 pm
you think "friday night lights," you think america, you think football, it is part of our culture. it is something unique to us in europe, football is soccer, part of our heritage, family history, something family members like to watch together. the idea that someone doesn't like to honor the national anthem, the idea that a player a player benefited from the great society and hopefully making a lot of money out there at field, doesn't want to honor the country, that understandably strikes people the wrong way. but you know, if we take all the emotion out of this, we remember, that sports is, gary, entertainment, and entertainment, has value? that people are making money off of it, why doesn't the nfl say, okay, guys, you don't want to, you don't want to show your patriotism? guess what? we don't really want to see you
2:44 pm
play? >> well look, the other part of entertainment has spectators. i got news for you, spectators buy the beer and car insurance sponsors nfl. that pays nfl and salaries. the nfl better start getting it. if i were them, i would send some executives into the stands, who was watching it. ratings are going down, spectators going down. for me one thing that stuck out today, the number one jersey and shirts and stuff being sold is for the gentleman, the football player that came out in spite of his whole team staying inside of the locker room. trish: you see a lot of support for him. >> there is a little line in business called, know your client. they better start knowing their client or things will head south. trish: know your customer, exactly. that is what i'm getting at. this has audience, that is traditional audience, loves football, loves the flag, loves
2:45 pm
america, and shelby, look, if you're one of those players don't like this country, play somewhere else, go to canada, see how that works out for you playing football there? >> that is true but sports is very unique business. players, if you call them employees have far more power over consumers, managers, coaches, league commissioner in many cases. to tell the players you can't do this, fan looking at them. it was their decision whether to stand or kneel, not show up at all. as you said -- trish: there is that good, somehow, like the fact they play football that well, because i think there is a lot of good football players out there, i realize some are more talented or others, if i'm owner, i want to sell tickets, i want to get ratings, look at up and comers out of the university system and say enough with the pro. >> let me push back a little bit what was said.
2:46 pm
when the dallas cowboys wanted to put insignia on their shoes to, to honor dallas policeman that were killed in the, during their duty, the nfl said no. trish: ah. >> all of sudden this happens and nfl -- hold on one second. >> you can't get colin kaepernick kneel, all of sudden after president trump's speech last night nobody can kneel. that brings a huge legal problem to the nfl. they don't need anymore legal problems. trish: you weren't allowed to dance in the end zone. double standard perhaps. we're taking a quick break. much more, see you who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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trish: we were just listening to
2:50 pm
sarah huckabee sanders. as i mentioned the bulk of that press conference was about addressing the firestorm about the nfl controversy. i'm here with ed rollins, as recall managed ronald reagan's re-election campaigns quite successfully. we were going to talk about taxes but you know what, we were talking in the commercial break, ed, you and i, about the nfl players and their protests, you were so poignant and you were so eloquent on this i want to say it to the viewers. we'll talk taxes later. >> i'm a very good if the ball fan. i watch five or six games every day. our flags are carried by soldiers. fire our jets over it. the country spends a lot of money to make the couple minute ceremony. it is to hon extraordinary country to live in. the professional football players are very best what they do. there is no quotas. 70% are african-americans.
2:51 pm
they are not perfect players or this is not a perfect country, but two or three minutes thank you for letting us live in great country. if you want to protest, stay in the locker room or outside the arena. people come to football game, watch or entertained, equally important one or two minutes to say thank you to our great country and great people that made our country great. trish: i think this is why it caught so much of an issue. people heard friday night in alabama, he is right. there is something fundamentally wrong about not wanting to honor and take that moment for this great country that we've been lucky enough to live in. there are a lot of other places we could wind up being born. we're fortunate to be here, ed. >> i watched ken burns great documentary of vietnam war, which was during my era. watch thousands and thousands of young men killed come back with flag covered draped and that is why this country is very, very special. the flag is very special. it is not intellectual debate,
2:52 pm
it is emotional debate for us that care so much for it. trish: thank you, thank you for saying that we'll take a quick break. we are back with, no, break. we're going straight to the governor of new hampshire. amazon is launching a nationwide search for a new location to build its second corporate headquarters. now cities and states across the country are trying to compete to land this multibillion-dollar project along with the thousands of new jobs that it would create. my next guest says he is doing everything he can to make sure his state gets amazon's headquarters, new hampshire governor chris sununu joins me right now. governor, good to see you. >> great to see you. thanks for having me on. trish: i'm thrilled to have you on. you're talking to a hometown girl here so i can't do anything but support your effort, full disclosure. tell us what you're doing to attract amazon? tell you what, governor, you have a lot of competition out there and you have competition from states that don't have as
2:53 pm
onerous corporate tax new hampshire has. >> we do, but when you look at overall tax base the rest of the country is trying to catch up to new hampshire. we have the best tax incentives in the country for 200 years. one of our objectives we get out, talk to amazon. make sure they realize all benefits bringing their company here. look that we don't have sales tax, income tax. 50,000 employees, hundreds of millions of dollars per year going into their pockets. that is natural upgrade on everybody else. look at our base. trish: that's -- we a graphic zero sales tax, zero income tax. how do you make ends meet? keep government on short leash. what they don't have they don't spend. >> that's right. trish: the problem is shareholders, shareholders we want to keep as much we can of profits, while it is great employees get a little bit more, what is the state can do?
2:54 pm
i must commend, you sir, we're 8.2% in corporate income taxes in new hampshire you worked that aggressively to get it done in the 7s but even then it is higher than many surrounding states, certainly higher than zero in places like texas? >> we're lowering business profits tax three of next four years. the business profit tax really affects companies very, very differently. you have to look at the internal financial structure of each company. when you look at internal financial structure of amazon, ours is incredibly competitive compared to the rest of the country. look at the infrastructure projects. not we're proposing or imagining, the ones are near completion and projects shovel-ready here today to green light what amazon wants to do, to give them flexibility in the world to drive forward. trish: where would you put it, i'm just curious. >> somewhere in southern
2:55 pm
new hampshire. still half hour outside of greater boston metropolitan area. we're out of the greater boston area without burden of taxes and things that trouble large major cities. we have the best of both worlds. so again, when you look at the whole package what we're putting together, i honestly believe nobody can compare to us. trish: good for you. you know what? you're preaching to the choir. i like, you can go to the beach. you can ski. you can go hiking. there is a wonderful sense of community in the state as well. i would like to see corporate taxes come down a little lower. i think we could competed harder for ge had we had lower corporate taxes. governor, this is going on nationally, right? the president is talking about how we need to be able to compete as a nation. >> that's right. trish: with all these other countries. you have got the uk, canada, even france with a lower corporate tax than us. so i think in many ways, sir, you symbolize what our country is trying to do as well? >> look, last month i took 1600
2:56 pm
rules and regulations wrote them straight off the books. that is just to open opportunities for businesses. we have the highest per capita income in the country, fastest growing economy in the northeast, lowest poverty rate, access to the most educated workforce. all the pieces line up. trish: you know what i love most of all, family member of mine was on recently who is leading this effort for new hampshire for amazon, this is bipartisan. this is something -- >> it is. trish: something the left and the right can all agree on, governor. everyone wants jobs whether in new hampshire, whether it is in texas, ohio, whether it is in this country. congrats to you sir, thank you. >> thank you. trish: quick break. we'll be right back. omy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national.
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trish: all right, everyone. coming up at the top of the hour, president trump is set to make an announcement on his administration's commitment to equipping the american work force for jobs in the future. this is something you heard the press secretary start off with this in that briefing.
3:00 pm
he is expected to sign a memorandum instructing the department of education to invest $200 million a year to expand s.t.e.m. education programs. good stuff. all right, liz claman is going to bring it to you just as soon as it happens. she joins us now. liz: exactly. we've got our cameras, we're waiting. as soon as that happens, we'll look at it. it is jobs, but it's also obamacare, the national anthem and north korea all grabbing investors' attention in this final hour of trade. as the markets see a bunch of reasons to sell, not too many to buy. at any moment, as you heard trish say, we expect president trump to announce he's giving the department of education $200 million, and it basically involves getting the nation's students prepared for the brave new jobs world; science, technology, engineering and math. we'll take you to the oval office as soon as the president is ready to speak. let's, if we can, dip into the live picture of the senate finance committee hearing going on right now. protests bre


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