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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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so that they're looking to continue to grow here domestically internationally. i think it's a great idea. [closing bell rings] liz: front page of "the new york times" of, that exact story. drones. you have to figure it out. art hogan. i will send it over to "after the bell." melissa: new threats out of north korea sinking stocks. the dow ending down better than 53 points. nasdaq hit the hardest as as tech titans loselouser is. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. glad you could join us. here is what else we're covering for you in a very busy hour. a big week for tax reform and health care as the clock is ticking. new details what the president is calling, a quote, totally finalized plan, including the largest tax cuts in our history. music to melissa and my ears. as the republican leadership in the senate tries to push through their latest effort to repeal
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and replace obamacare before friday's deadline. overshadowing the agenda and headlines is this controversy over politics and sports. the president doubling down on his call for nfl players who protest the national anthem to be fired. nfl owners and fans are responding. among our guest this is hour, jim gray, from fox sports, congressman tom reed, ricardo rosello, governor of puerto rico and dr. alveda king. melissa: good lineup there. microsoft, visa, mcdonald's among today's biggest drags. let's go to nicole petallides on what is moving markets. >> hello, melissa and dave. that's right. there was spooks with the market with north korea. tough talk, saying that the u.s. declared war on south korea with
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president trump's comments. that spooked the market. we saw selling. you saw rotation out of technology. that too weighed on markets. the low of the day was 130 points. we recovered much of that. we're down 52 points on the dow jones industrial average at this time. we did see also some tech stocks, as i mentioned, technology, rotation out of tech. they have been the high-flyers. some people those are real winners of 2017, no doubt. you look at some names beaten down and you can see them under pressure. facebook down 4 1/2%. amazon 1.6%. 10% correction we were watching for amazon from the recent highes. apple, apple in particular was in the news because of a report from digit get times, that apple was slowing down parts needed from suppliers. analyst said he is not surprised to see. that they're operating at about 40% roughly what they initially thought they would need. that ultimately, people still
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like apple for the long term. take a look at parts suppliers. they're all down, from the launch. from the september 12th launch we heard what apple has been bringing. apple is under significant pressure. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you. david: investors driven to safe haven of gold after the threats from north korea. gold gaining 13.50 an ounce, back above $1300. gold is trading 22% above the lows of the year. oil at 53.22 a barrel today -- 52.19 a barrel. a war of words with the nfl continues. our own blake burman live at the white house with the latest. blake another busy day there. reporter: one of those day, pick a topic, melissa. white house press secretary sarah sanders trying to argue this renewed debate between
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president trump and national football league she claimed is not having distraction shun on the legislative agenda however this is very clear on top of the mind of the president as he started off the day with series of tweets, one which he said the following, and i quote here, he said issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. it is about respect for our country, flag and national anthem. the nfl must respect this. sara sanders says it is always appropriate for him to defend the flag. >> this isn't about the president being against anyone. this is about the president and millions of americans being for something, being for honoring our flag, honoring our national anthem and honoring the men and women who fought to defend it. reporter: as for that agenda the president will hit the road on wednesday as he will travel to indiana to lay out details of this first batch of tax reform framework. the sanders, saying that certain parts of it have been finalized
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at this point. and shy gave a bit of a preview what to expect on wednesday. >> president will discuss new details on the framework for these cuts and reforms. these details will include specific proposed rates for individuals, small businesses and corporations. he will also discuss the elimination of loopholes that have rigged the current tax code in favor of the wealthy and well-connected. reporter: now the president is scheduled, speaking of the schedule, tomorrow to host a bipartisan group of the house ways and means committee. that is a very influential group at the center of this tax reform overhaul, as the blueprint, the framework will be presented on wednesday. this is the group, david and melissa, that will end up filling in the details of that framework. i guess you could say tax reform is about to be under construction which you can hear at the white house. >> i can hear it. when people say nfl i think of tax reform. when they say health care, i
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think of tax reform. when they say twitter i think of tax reform. i don't know, blake, we'll look forward to wednesday. david: single-minded my co-host. melissa: tax reform. david: me too. liz peek "fiscal times" columnist and steve cortes, former trump campaign and fox news contributor. saying that this dust-up will crowd out the message on tax reform which you say what? >> david, no. clearly by the way in a sense they are related. as the nfl crisis has shown us unfortunately as a country we're incredibly divided. i think we're divided as we've been in my lifetime. a large cause of that divide in our society is slow economic growth, economic anxiety, always exacerbates other problems, whether a family country or like the united states. we had far too slow growth for a long time and middle class
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people, no growth for a decade. one of the quickest ways to spur real growth, particularly for middle class families, tax reform, simplification and lower rates. david: liz, i'm with steve halfway. i think the elites of this country, whether million dollar football players or people in the media making much too much about the racial divide in this country. my family, like every other family in the u.s. has a lot of, not racial divisions but racial harmony people are coming in, intermarrying. i think we as a nation are so far beyond this debate which made a molehill into a mountain by a lot of these people in the elite. however, everybody has a stake in tax reform, don't they? >> absolutely. by the way, this was a single issue maybe that donald trump was elected to pursue. by the way, also getting rid of obamacare which doesn't seem to be going anywhere very fast. i think steve's totally right. better growth is really what is
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needed to heal a lost wound of this country, whether it is racial or gender or anything else, income in equality, all those issues, become less important, if we want income growth. david: i want to give steve a chance to come back. i didn't mean to beat up on you. you know what i'm saying steve. >> that's all right. david: as a nation, individual families in america we're so far beyond where the debate is in the media and political sphere. >> no, david, i think you're spot on actually, there. i do believe in america racism thank goodness is thing of past. we have racist sins in the past. we can't gloss over them. they are incredibly important. i have teen daughters. when i interact with teenagers i'm not sure they see color. that is enormous progress for our country. but that doesn't mean we're not divided on a lot of other things, even not necessarily race. david: but it means tax cuts
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bring us all together. melissa: we're running out of time with the committee hearing currently underway interrupted by protesters at the beginning of the event. adam shapiro is on capitol hill with the latest on this one, adam. reporter: we want to do the count if the bill is brought up for a vote later this week. let me show you who is a yes, who is a no, where we go from here. right now the nos, john mccain, rand paul. ted cruz's office, last 30 minutes, saying as of right now ted cruz is a no. those three are enough essentially to kill the people or keep it from coming for a vote. on the fence, should ted cruz change his mind, the on the fence votes would be susan collins, we expect her to be a no, lisa murkowski, from alaska, collins from maine and mike lee from utah, his office is still waiting for details what this does to medicaid going forward. but the key is why as we hear at
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the hearing they want to do this, which is because according to senators who are testifying, senator cassidy for whom the bill is named, one of the sponsors, obamacare, the affordable care act is failing a great many americans. and as senator graham who is the coauthor of the bill said we need to do something now. here is senator graham. >> it is time to try something new, and i believe with all my heart and soul, mr. chairman if we took money and power out of washington, got it closer to the patient, put it in the hands of somebody you would have a relationship with, you could actually vote for if you don't like the product, we'll get a better outcome. reporter: many of the people testifying saying this would not a better out come for millions of americans, for one reason or another might lose their health care. or if a state made the decision to waive the preexisting coverage those people would lose coverage. here is what senator wyden had to say about it.
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>> nobody has to buy a lemon because it is the last car on the lot. this trumpcare bill is a health care lemon a disaster in the making. the fact that it is the last republican repeal bill standing doesn't make it okay. reporter: so right now, there are enough votes to kill the graham-cassidy-heller-johnson bill. republicans are trying to what you heard the other senators say, lemons into lemonade. they're working on rand paul. he will have a press conference in the next half hour. perhaps, perhaps, he has changed his mind. we'll find out. back to you. melissa: adam, thank you so much. liz and steve are back with us. liz, you know, i kind of, looked for a second they might get something done. then i was wondering again, why aren't we focused on tax reform? it doesn't seem like we can do multiple things at once? >> this is what republicans
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promised for seven years to get rid of obamacare. honestly makes my head explode, people like rand paul, ted cruz and others are basically acknowledging that the, sequel to this is massive taxpayer bailout of a failing obamacare. that is in the weeds next up. i don't understand how they can really be opposed to states rights, to federalism, to things that conservatives believe in. ted cruz is especially mystifying, because texas is a big winner in graham-cassidy, they get tens of billions of dollars of incremental fund. this is an abomination. i am really shocked republicans can't come together on this very disappointing for the country. melissa: lindsey graham is supposed to be the guy everybody likes, he is in the middle, let's make a deal, blah blah, so? >> he is showing he is
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ineffective even though people like him. i agree with liz, this is washington at its very worst. melissa: so typical. >> these republicans are tacitly happy with the status quo. they simply r they don't really want things to change. k street, washington cap ball, democrats and republicans that group against the trump movement. we are eventually going to prevail but maddening the process. melissa: i don't want that to be the truth, they really don't want things to change. they say that is not the truth but it certainly feels ike that for many americans as they watch this. steve, liz, thank you. >> thank you. david: the crisis in puerto rico continues. most of the island is without power. hundreds are forced to flee their homes as a nearby dam threatens to give way. the governor of puerto rico joins us with more of the situation on the ground, and what they need right now. melissa: north korea's new warnings. the rogue nation now threatening to shoot down u.s. bombers even if they aren't in their
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airspace. we have more coming up. david: that's nice. white house responding for president's call to fire nfl players that don't stand for the national anthem. jim gray on how this will impact professional football and other sports going forward. >> it is always appropriate for the president of the united states to defend our flag, defend the national anthem, and defend men and women who fought and died to defend it. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪
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xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to david: the president igniting a firestorm with this comment. >> we're proud of our country. we respect our flag. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son after [bleep] off
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the field out right now, he is fired? he's fired! david: team owners and players speaking out against the president this weekend. 200 player sitting or kneeling on sunday. the number up from six last week. new england patriots owner bob kraft did not support the president on this. i'm deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments on friday. i'm proud to be associated with some players who make such tremendous contributions and postively impacting our communities. now his quarterback, fellow trump friend, tom brady also backed up his teammates. yeah, i mean i certainly disagree with what he said and you know, thought it was just divisive, like i said be i just want to support my teammates. i always, i'm never one that says, oh that's wrong or that's right but i do believe in what i believe in. and i believe in bringing people together and respect, love and
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trust, and, you know, those are the values that my parents instilled in me. david: fox sports broadcaster jim gray joining me now on all this. jim, thanks for being here. before the president's comments it appears the kneelings were dying down rather than heating up, is that right? >> absolutely as you mentioned. very few were participating. colin kaepernick is out of the league. there were very, very few, four to six had participated. but the tide turned entirely after that speech in alabama when the president referred to those folks that they should be fired and called them sons of, that was rallying cry i and, entire league came together and united. they did not appreciate the president's comments. thought they were wholly inappropriate and it galvanized them. david: jim, i was wondering why they were dying down?
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did they saw connection between the kneelings and drop in ratings for the nfl? >> well you know that is being discounted in some quarters and in other quarters it is being, excuse the pun, trumped up. a lot of factors go into that. the ratings were down last year. competitive imbalance is part of the reason. the games just weren't good in many instances. the political process last year, president trump garner ad lot of audience that was a contributing factor. colin kaepernick, taking a knee has to be factored into a certain degree. david: we mentioned what kraft had said. he is trump supporter who is against what president trump said on friday, but not all owners have come from the same point of view. the dallas owner, jerry jones, was speaking to some of our associates at fox business last week. here is what he had to say about all this. >> well i do not think the place to express yourself in society
4:21 pm
is as we recognize the american flag, and all the people that have made this great country. the very opportunity for us to get, to be there in front of the nation. that is not the place to do anything other than honor the flag and everybody that has given up for it. david: we should mention, a notable number of players do honor the flag. one of them on sunday was alejandro villanova, pittsburgh steelers, tackle. all his teammates were in the locker room taking a knee during the anthem. you can see he had his hand on his heart. a guy is former army ranger. real hero. so there are differences of opinions on this, aren't there, jim? >> well, certainly there is. and that was a beautiful moment right there. david: it was. >> you know, what jerry jones was speaking to us, prior to this weekend, 70% of the fans did not want to see the kneeling taking place. david: right. >> jerry is representing a lot
4:22 pm
of fans and people taking in the games feel. it is fair to point out, put that in context, that interview was before the president called the players s.o.b.s, for peaceful protest. david: i'm sure he will be asked that question several times this week as well. jim, quite a controversy, thank you for being here to talk about. appreciate it. >> to put in another sports metaphor, i think we're top of the third inning. david: exactly. we want pure spots. church and sports we don't need politicized any shape or form. jim, appreciate seeing you. melissa: meanwhile alejandro villanueva decision to stand clearly resonated to fans. the steelers defensive tackle and former army ranger is clearlying top selling jersey in
4:23 pm
last 24 hours, knocking tom brady out of the top spot. people wanted his jersey after he did that. >> i have to admit, i wanted one. wint on nfl to buy one. he is a real hero. melissa: you know what? to me this is about my country and honoring vets and honoring first-responders. david: he is a great man, a real hero, a genuine hero. separating politics and sports as a war of words continue over the national anthem. how can our country unify? alveda king, the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr. she has a wonderful message. this is amazing lady. >> in puerto rico, thousands lacking power and water in puerto rico. we'll talk with the governor of puerto rico ahead. that is next. >> it is scariest thing in the world. i thought we would die when the eye turned. we moved into the bathroom.
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melissa: puerto rico in desperate need of assistance. the island faces crisis four days after hurricane maria made direct landfall. residents do not power, clean water and food and cell service. public officials say health is needed as soon as possible to avoid a humanitarian crisis. house speaker paul ryan in a statement saying quote, joining me on the phone, that is not what he said. we'll get you the quote later. joining me on the phone is puerto rico governor ricardo rossello. thank you for joining us. let me ask you the question every single normal human being is asking me about the situation. they're saying reporters can get there. it is a, a united states province. why is it that we can't
4:28 pm
immediately get food and water and those sort of things immediately to the island? there are americans. it is not that far away. hard for us to understand. what is the problem? >> well the problem right now is the air traffic control. it has been very limited, to give you a sense, it is about 20% of what normal air traffic control to puerto rico because some towers are limited. no with standing -- notwithstanding it is critical we get those resources. we established a logistics protocol to make sure they get to the different people all around puerto rico to, shelters so people have food and water. we're also doing this with fuel. so that's, essentially, the answer to it. but really what we need is collaboration, we have been getting it from fema and the administration. now just looking forward to see how we can start rebuilding puerto rico. melissa: seems like we have an army. we have a navy. we have cruise ships. this is another question people say to me.
4:29 pm
why can't cruise ships come to bring supplies, house people, offer energy? how are reporter crews and stuff having energy and people there don't have electricity? explain all of this? >> right. well, there are generators. some of the hotels have generators. that is probably how reporter crews have energy. there are cruise ships coming to puerto rico actually with resources. so i want to sort of normalize a little bit the conversation. we are getting resources. fema has brought in, you know, tons of resources, a million liters of water. half a million crates of food. we're also getting food supplies from other states, from, quite frankly the private sector helping us out, private citizens. so there is food coming. it's a little bit slow. the logistic process of delivery is little bit harder because we lost telecom and energy. that is essentially what has been the limiting things but certainly could use all the help we can get, particularly on,
4:30 pm
national guard, security and so forth so we can make sure the prized resources can get to the people where they are most needed. >> another big question i keep hearing people who want to get money to family on the island who need help rebuilding. it is like the walking dead. the atms are not working. is it possible to do bank to bank transfers? are the banks working? what can you tell us how people can aid families there? >> we restored function to 63 a atms in puerto rico. that is starting to unfold. it's a limited area. it's a function of having direct line connection and having energy and electricity. so, we, one of the things we're doing is we're posting up an 800 number, the number is
4:31 pm
202-800-3133 for anybody that wants to volunteer, wants to give resources or help in any other way. they can channel it through there. it will come directly to our joint center of operations here in puerto rico where all of the food, all fuel, all of resources are distributed along the island. melissa: okay. sir, i hope you keep coming back on so we can stay abreast of this progress and help you get attention you need. one of many areas around the world right now that is suffering and needs help. we want hem all attention. we love having you on. best wish. >> let me say one thing. we're proud u.s. citizens. we helped u.s. citizens when irma came by. it is time to help puerto rico. i call on congress to take an immediate aid package to help puerto rico. melissa: i understand, sir. david: we were so elect e-- electricity in florida. i hope the same people can help
4:32 pm
puerto rico. the white house expanded travel ban. now it includes north korea and venezuela. why are opponents calling it a muslim ban? >> republicans racing for another loss on health care as the white house is putting focus back on tax reform. come on! next, tom reed, republican congressman, member of the house ways and means committee responds. david: oh. ♪ ppendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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melissa: make-or-break time for health care. the latest republican push to repeal obamacare facing increasing opposition as an important deadline approaches on friday. last-second changes to the bill may be, are being made to try to win over crucial senators. all this, while the gop and president trump are set to unveil their tax plan later this week. here now to react is congressman tom reed. he is a member of the ways and means committee, who will be attending a tax meeting at the white house tomorrow. congressman, first of all what will happen at the meeting tomorrow? >> you know we're continuing to work. the committee came together yesterday and today. we're going through details of getting this framework together. so we're unified in the house, senate, white house, where you see our principles and guidelines being laid in the ground to guide us through this tax reform process. melissa: yeah. what do you see as the details so far? we're hearing some of them. the corporate rate, idea of doing away with deduction for state and local taxes, that will be a hot button issue.
4:37 pm
it makes a lot of sense but painful for a lot of places like new york city, where nation is subsidizing cities and that is not right but at same time it is painful to get one. does that go away. >> coming from new york, i'm sensitive to the state and local tax reduction but i have kept an open mind. we are trying to thread the needle to accomplish what we need to do. lower the rate. get it down to individuals for a poseable stage stamp type return. targeting main street and middle america, getting people back to work. melissa: small business owners are part of the critical infrastructure to create jobs. working for a living needs a break. how likely do you think it is to get this done? we're all a little afraid having seen what happened with health
4:38 pm
care. >> i think obviously the failure of health care i think even puts more pressure on tax reform. i think we're recognizing that as members of congress. we have to deliver for the american people. i'm still working across the aisle. i still think there is a path to bring in democratic support. you may not get the hard left. you know what? you get governing members to give relief to people back home. melissa: is that real? we haven't seen that happen with health care. we had a few kumbayah moments that seemed to have disappeared. do you honestly, honestly think you can get some democrats on board? >> i wholeheartedly believe we'll get democratic support for this. they represent people back home suffering under the broken tax code. there are members like josh got heimer, that co-chaired the problem solvers caucus on other side of the aisle. they want to govern and get things done for the american people. we have working groups in the problem solvers caucus on health care reform. we put together health care proposals. we demonstrated you can get things done in a good faith,
4:39 pm
respectful manner. >> you really think so. >> i really think so. melissa: give me scale of one to 10 what do you think likelihood we see tax reform this year, scale of one to 10? >> i think it is done. i will say a 10. melissa: really? >> we're at the point where congress has to deliver for the american people. and we all recognize that. and i will say that, there is members that are willing to compromise in good faith, have the conversation. i was at the white house with a bipartisan group of members just couple weeks ago. i tell you the president wants a deal done. i believe he is putting american people first when it comes to -- melissa: senate too, will senators do it? >> i'm looking at 51 vote threshold in the senate. i believe that is made up of democrat and republican senators. obviously mostly republican but democratic senators are interested to it too. a lot of democratic senators in red states, keep that mind in 2018. melissa: you gave us hope. i hope we don't put our hopes
4:40 pm
too high. what do you think, david? david: 10 on scale of one to 10? i have difficulty believing that. melissa: i saw steve mnuchin. we were coming home from church. he got out, straightened the tie. david: did you shout a question at him? melissa: i had three kid. david: our money! melissa: i don't know. we'll see. for all of the talk of division, we've got a message of unity coming up as politics creep into our sunday pastime. how can we all come together as americans? next dr. alveda king, the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr. she is here with a message of hope and unity. ♪
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now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? melissa: so president trump continuing to defend his criticism of nfl players protesting our country's national anthem tweeting, quote, the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. it is about respect for our country, flag and national anthem. nfl must respect this this
4:44 pm
photo, resurfacing amid the controversy, showing martin luther king, jr., kneeling in peaceful protest after hundreds of people were arrested in 1965 during a march aimed at urging african-americans in selma, alabama, registered to vote. joining me now to discuss all of this is author of, america return to god, civil rights activist and fox news contributor alveda king. thank you so much for joining us. what are your thoughts when you see that picture come back around, and you think about it in the context of kneeling going on today? >> thank you so much for of the opportunity to share. of course during the 1960s, i was a teenager, and i marched and demonstrated as well and participated in some of those activities. so to see my uncle and other civil rights leaders kneeling, there is a similar picture with my dad and reverend shellsworth and reverend young. we prayed and we depended on
4:45 pm
god. i think it is very important now. we're in america, certainly we can protest, as long as we protest peacefully. but as the young people take that knee, i'm praying that those are for prayers asking god to help america. and i would say that it is not so much about racism and all of that, although those terrible forces do come into play. but all of the situations that we're dealing with here in america, you said in the previous segment, people need jobs. people need safety. people need security. that is very important. and so where we've not necessarily taught the younger generations about how america has struggled for freedom for everyone, not just one class or group of people, or one skin color or another. we as americans have been fighting for liberty, for many, many years. so as we take the knee, i would say, we all need to take the knee and pray. that's exactly what i begin to
4:46 pm
think when i heard the big debate about the knee. melissa: yeah. you know, it does seem like we've gotten to a place where is very difficult to even have conversations about these issue, as people kind of yell and get hostile on both sides, and a lot of emotion is involved and no one is really listening. how do we get back to a place where people hear each other, we can move forward, make some headway as opposed to continuing to butt heads and be angry? >> where there is envy and strife and every evil, what we do in the family, dr. martin luther king, sr. and their children, christine king, a.d. king, my dad, and each generation after, we do the six steps of non-violent conflict resolution. so we gather our facts, we begin to educate our public, and our audience.
4:47 pm
we examine our own hearts to see where we are, to see if we're still able to love people. and then we negotiate. if that doesn't work, we protest peacefully. as you see in the photograph, you showed a few moments ago, what the objective being non-violent conflict resolution. and so, in my pro-life work, in myself rights work, and my work as a christian evangelist, i'm always saying, can i love you? can i hear you? can i put aside anger and strife, and really search for and begin to look for solutions? and so i say, we should pray for our president, and everyone who has authority and even in our own lives. we can take the knee, let it mean something, let it be for reconciliation, not division. melissa: that is a powerful message. what is the sixth step. i heard one through five, examining our own heart. what is six? >> reconciliation.
4:48 pm
after you negotiate, you may have to peacefully demonstrate but at the end of the day we want reconciliation. melissa: yeah. alveda king, thank you so much. it is always so wonderful to have you on the show. we really appreciate your message. thank you. >> thanks for the opportunity. david: i love that woman. i just love her. melissa: good stuff. david: so does my wife, by the way. meanwhile a declaration of war. north korea claims it reserves the right to shoot down u.s. bombers? what's up with that? how the white house needs to respond coming next. ♪
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melissa: a federal court in new york sentencing former congressman anthony weiner to 21 months in jail after he pled guilty in may to sending a lewd texts to 15-year-old girl.
4:52 pm
he faced 10 years in jail before a plea deal, to spend 27 to 21 months in jail. in exchange, weiner agreed not to a peel. david: you may have missed it because of all the nfl stuff but the president sent out a tough tweet on saturday about north korea. i'm quoting. just heard foreign minister of north korea speak at the u.n. if he echoes the thoughts of little "rocket man," they won't be around much longer. that prompted this response from north korea's foreign minister, quote, since the united states declared war on our country, we will have every right to make countermeasures, including the right to shoot down u.s. strategic bombers, even when they are not inside of the airspace border of our country. here is claudia rose set, independent women's column fellow and foreign affairs columnist and sometimes visitor to north korea. claudia, should americans be prepared for war with this
4:53 pm
country? >> unfortunately, david, yes, that is where it is heading. we should not forget in 1950, when the korean war broke out, but from the north invading the south, the surprise invasion, we were surprised. and yeah, you should be because at this point, it is brinksmanship. i'm looking less at words. north korea loves to make all sorts of over over over the topc statements but the actual capabilities that they have got. they can now reach us with ball intercontinental ballistic missiles. david: it would be suicide, claudia. the president said we'll obliterate north korea if they push it to that level. will north korea's generals and all the other people in the administration follow the guy to suicide? >> quite possibly, david. i know it sound crazy but i, we have to hope that he will calculate he shouldn't do it. but, here's the further problem with this.
4:54 pm
even if he doesn't launch a missile at the united states, or shoot down an american warplane outside of korean airspace in international airspace, he is demonstrating to the entire world what you can do in the way of bullying, threatening, and developing weapons to attack, not only our allies, but the united states itself and get away with it. the u.s. has -- david: i have to push back a bit because what he has not faced before is the kind of executive order that we just saw released last friday from president trump in which he essentially created an embargo if you will, financial embargo of north korea. he has never seen anything like that before. this may have some effect in stopping his ability to get stuff. >> david, i wouldn't bank on it. david: really? >> problem is it may constrict him or a while. sanctions ear road. sanctions are porous.
4:55 pm
we have every sign for a generation china is not really on board for this. while they look eager to cooperate at the moment, our attention will turn to other things. david: wow. >> china is masterful country at evading sanctions. what they did big time in iraq. they did it in iran. david: we've seen it happen before, no question about it. i have to ask you a question question, the president expanding travel ban to include north korea and venezuela. >> yeah. david: yet his critics still call this a muslim ban even though it has north korean and venezuela which is not muslim. how do they see that? >> it is not a muslim ban. what he is trying to do is control infiltration of the united states by very hostile powers, whether non-state actors, jihadi terrorist groups or in case of north korea, north koreans. not a lost north koreans come to the united states. it is more a message in that case. ii hope they waive it for defectors to testify and tell us
4:56 pm
about the horrors of north korea. david: okay. >> he wants to do something more effective on the north korean, front, david, a, put them back on list of terrorist-sponsoring states, diplomatically and start a push to kick them out of the united nations, things they might feel on the, in the international scene. david: i read your piece on it. terrific piece. claudia. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: we all agree on the fact that we hate the airline fees but did you ever wonder how much the reservation and baggage fees add up to? david: yeah. melissa: we have the number coming up just like you start their own businesses. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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... >> melissa: your vacation is their reward, airlines raking in a record $1.2 billion in checked baggage fees during the second quarter of the year this is according to the department of transportation.
5:00 pm
>> airlines also making reservation changes and when i fly jet blue they give you a chance for about $35 extra you up it one grade and you don't up it one grade and you don't >> here is risk & reward on that note. >> president trump: wouldnd you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects us? they say get that off the field right now, out and he's fired. fired. >> [applause] >> president trump: you know, some owners going to do that. he's going to say that guy that disrespects our flag, he's fired and that owner, they don't know it, they don't know they're friends of mine, many of them they will be the most popular person for weeks and they will be the most popular person, because that's total disrespect. that's a total disrespect of everything that we


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