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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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reservation changes and when i fly jet blue they give you a chance for about $35 extra you up it one grade and you don't up it one grade and you don't >> here is risk & reward on that note. >> president trump: wouldnd you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects us? they say get that off the field right now, out and he's fired. fired. >> [applause] >> president trump: you know, some owners going to do that. he's going to say that guy that disrespects our flag, he's fired and that owner, they don't know it, they don't know they're friends of mine, many of them they will be the most popular person for weeks and they will be the most popular person, because that's total disrespect. that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. >> liz: you heard him and the
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results are in, the ratings slide continues, sunday night football dipping again, in week three after a tumultuous weekend for the nfl players being booed as they protested the national anthem. welcome to risk & reward i'm cheryl casone. nfl sunday nitratings down 11% from the comparable night one year ago following a 15% year-over-year dip in the second week 12% dip year-over-year for opening weekend there are those numbers they don't lie all this after president trump warned "if nfl fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag and country you'll see change take place fast fire or suspend them." now to put things into perspective for all of you all of the major sports tv ratings are down across-the-board okay? the recent j.d. power poll taken before the season was started said that 26% of viewers cited
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the protest last year as the biggest reason that they stopped watching for the last season, and that could mean a big loss in business. wall street estimates show if cbs espn, fox and nbc generate about $2.5 billion, right? well an nfl advertising revenue for this season just a 10% short fall, could translate to a $200 million cut in earnings, and analysts estimates for those networks. remember they are all publicly traded, networks with nfl builds and here are the stocks to watch for, you've got cbs, espn of course owned by disney, you've got 20% fox closing the day in the green, you've got comcast owner of nbc ending the day in the red, so a mixed bag for the stocks, but remember, you want to watch these names as this entire controversy looks like it's going to continue. let's bring in former florida congress pan and retired lieutenant colonel alan west good to have you on this one. >> good to be with you cheryl.
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>> cheryl: why not all of the people out there and i'm one of them that want to watch sports not politics on a sunday. we just need a little bit of a break so is the sporting event a place to have a political statement by nfl players? >> well, i think it's very interesting. i believe you would look at college football ratings they're doing pretty good but one of the things we have to understand is that the nfl has interjected itself into this world of politics. here in dallas last year when we had the five law enforcement officers that were killed horrifically the dallas cowboys wanted to have a decal on their helmet to memorialize them and the nfl said they wouldn't and you even had an nfl player fined because he had sobs that were memorializing the 9/11 so we cannot have this picking and choosing of what we think is a fair expression and what is not a fair expression but you know the person that i think came out the hero from yesterday was alej
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andro villenueva, whose a west point graduate also a three tour army ranger bronze star for valor recipient and he held true to that theme at the army, my army says this will defend. it was not about a football game it was about the respect of the flag and national anthem which he was willing to lay down his life for and seeing stand in that tunnel, the pittsburgh steeler player, that was important. >> cheryl: it was a moment i saw that as well and we should adhere that his jersey became one of the top selling football jerseys today. that just shows you how football fans feel about what they're see ing on their tv screens and it's interesting because if you look at the overall break down of the nfl and players themselves they've got more than 1600 players, you've got 200 of those players yesterday that either sat, took a knee. the average salary of an nfl player you know it's $1.9 million per year? and what i want to bring to your attention is wall street journal highlighted the problem that said "now the players want to be politicians and use their fame
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to lecture other americans." the press wants to make them moral spokesmen. the president wants to run against the players but the losers, the millions of americans who would rather cheer for their sunday teams as a respit from work and other divisions of american life. it doesn't get more clear than that. >> no, it doesn't get more clear and i think one of the things that was interesting yesterday was how the baltimore ravens were playing in england yesterday against the jacksonville jaguars and the ravens you had players who took a knee. if i was coach harbaugh of the baltimore ravens i'd take those players from fort mchenry and get them to understand what it was like for those american soldiers inside fort mchenry getting bombed by the british navy and so for them to take a knee on that flag, our flag, our national anthem and then stand for the british national anthem, that shows that they don't understand history. >> cheryl: right i agree with you. >> yeah. >> cheryl: and thinking about all of the times we have seen a
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world war ii veteran or a vietnam veteran in full gear, full uniform there with his colleagues whoever is left to salute the american flag to be together as a unit. that is respect what we should be doing with the american flag and the anthem. it's our country anyway but let's talk about roger goodell, nfl commissioner. >> let me just add one last little point. >> cheryl: sure go ahead. >> remember pat tillman of the arizona cardinals who quit football to go and en en list in the army and sadly he was killed as an army ranger. you have to ask yourself, do we have that quality of individuals still playing in the nfl today? >> cheryl: he played for the cardinals by the way and are playing tonight against the cowboys. roger goodell is saying the president's comments about the league and its players shows a lack of respect. he said divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl, our great game and all of our player s and failure to understand the overwhelming force for good, our clubs and players represent in our
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communities. so you as treasury secretary steve mnuchin responded and he says this is a job. players should treat it like a job. listen to the secretary. >> they have the right to have their first amendment off the field. this is a job and the employers have the right when the players are working to have rules, so you know, why didn't they wear stickers, why didn't the dallas cowboys why were they not allowed to wear stickers in response to people they wanted to pay respect to? so the nfl is picking and choosing what they want to enforce. and the president says for a long time the national anthem, this isn't about politics. this is about respect for the country and the people who have made great great sacrifices for this country. >> cheryl: little hipocracy for roger goodell, colonel. >> right and like i said you also have roger goodell and the nfl, my home state of georgia looking to pass a religious freedom actin georgia, he weigh ed in and said if you do this the nfl will not
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considerate plant a ever to have a super bowl there, so you can't have, you know your leg in both sides of this pond where one thing you're going to stand up for and another thing you can't say we don't want to be politicized but yet you try to be politicized and it's interesting you have a rule in the national basketball association all the players have to stand up for the playing of the national anthem but yet not the same in the nfl but you know the president could have said a little differently. i probably would have said it a little differently but the fan base is going to be the ultimate decider. >> cheryl: well i think they're already deciding if you look at the ratings. we'll see how tonight looks. i thought yesterday's ratings would be a little better but people turned it off. they just said forget it. it's interesting. colonel thank you very much. my pleasure cheryl take care. >> cheryl: well okay here is one sport that's standing up for the national anthem. nascar owners are siding with the president threatening to fire a driver who protests. nascar team owner says if you
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kneel for the national anthem be prepared to board a greyhound bus, and he also told the pit crew anybody who works for me should respect the country we live in. so many people have given their lives for it this is america. then you got hall of fame driver richard petty joined in saying anybody who doesn't stand up for the anthem should be out of the country period. if they don't appreciate where they're at what got them where they're at, the united states. to our political panel independent women's forum is with me and democratic strategist both here, ladies so much to talk about i hope your you're sports fans like i am. >> i am. >> cheryl: so let's talk about like nascar completely different response than most of the nfl owners gave. >> yeah, i mean it was refresh ing actually to hear from nascar that they are going to stand up for what is really important. these are two industries, two sports leagues that have tied their brand very closely to what is the american values and these american instruments the
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national anthem and the flag and so we've got one on the nfl side whose like you know, it's protesters and players can do whatever they want but you've got another saying no this is a symbol of the united states of unity not division and i think that was refreshing. >> cheryl: trump said "i'm so proud of nascar and its supporters and fans they won't put up with disrespecting our country" they said it loud and clear so do you think the nfl should be doing the same basically with this? >> i think the problem is that the president is taking a side and we have first amendment rights, the nfl players have first amendment rights which of course can be by their employers , you can get fired for doing something the nfl doesn't want you to do but they can't dance in the end zone so there are already restrictions on what an nfl player can do on the field and off the field but there is no place for the president to take position on speech. we have our constitutional rights our first amendment very precious first rights against government so i think the problem here is that what donald trump is doing is exploiting a
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division and i think there are beliefs on both sides and taking a side on speech and we have those rights. i'm sorry. >> cheryl: i have to say she does have a point, patrice, because look we weren't talking about colin kaepernick any more and then the president comes out on friday and makes these remarks. there's a lot of people that are been defenders of president trump and said he kind of messed up with this. >> i mean, i think a lot of people would support what he said. maybe they didn't agree with how he said it and some of the terms he used but there are a lot of people who came out in support of the protest in part because it's anti-trump resistance kind of dog whistle, so they're really not in support of criminal justice reform which is really needed and i think a lot of these players i'm not sure how committed to the actual idea of policy reform they are. i think a lot just are being opportunists and they may have a financial gain behind this. >> cheryl: i'm glad you brought that up because i spoke with jerry jones and he says that players should not be protesting during the national anthem.
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listen to what he told me. >> i do think that the place to express yourself in society is as we recognize the american flag and all the people that have made this great country the very opportunity for us to be there from the nation, so that's not the place to do anything other than honor the flag and everybody that's given up a little for it. >> cheryl: so daniele, he made those comments to me last week obviously before president trump came out and made his comments on friday that's the last public comment jones made about this but he's been pretty clear and i've had sources tell me not him but other sources say that he's gone to that locker room and said you work for the dallas cowboys, we are americans, we're proud to be americans, don't do it. >> no and that's he's right to do it. we have the patriots my team for example,, [laughter] the super bowl champions, you know who basically came out the opposite
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way and said my players do incredible work in their communities and stand for social justice so we stand with them. so my point would be this is not a debate that the president should be involved in because he is really constitutionally prohibited from taking a side on speech and this could be about religion. this could be about any other number of things and it's really dangerous even though it resonates with people i understand that. >> cheryl: he opened up a fire storm which has become a problem but thank you very much. we're going to see you both later on the show and i have to remind everybody the cowboys are playing the cardinals tonight so we'll see if the dallas cowboys any of them take a knee. i assume they aren't going to but we shall see. all right thanks, ladies. the dow closing in the red today , let's check what moved the markets fox business nicole is at the new york stock exchange, nicole? >> well cheryl stocks on wall street off across-the-board, the dow and s & p down a quarter of 1% nasdac the worst of the bunch down more than three-quarters of 1% as texts had serious selling
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and markets spooked by tough comments from the foreign minister of north korea and that weight on the markets the dow has been up two weeks in a row and gained more than 550 points in those two weeks. some of the worst performers on the dow in percentage terms visa , mcdonald's, microsoft, pfizer and a close look here at apple which also sold off after report from digitimes they are just not ordering as many parts for the iphone 10 as anticipated originally, spoke to an analyst whose not surprised to see they have roughly 40% of the components ordered but going forward they have to order as needed and big picture as i mentioned this technology stocks facebook, amazon netflix and google all finish with some serious down arrows. cheryl? >> cheryl: all right nicole thank you very much. well, the media absolutely sure that president trump's travel pause targets muslims. now he's adding to non-muslim
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majority countries to the list and taking one muslim majority country out of that list. american islamic form for democracy president is going to be with me and he says he thinks they are still going to call it a muslim ban and he will explain after this. think your large cap equity fund
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they save us from gettingones? lost, getting hungry, and getting nervous in places like this. now phones can save us money too. introducing xfinity mobile. with unlimited data for just $45. that's the lowest price out there for one line. and you can get the same price on up to five. see how much you can save when you get unlimited on a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to >> it is a ban, it has always been a ban and it targets muslims that's what the president wants. let that debate be over. they yelled at us. you fake news people, this is a ban, it targets muslims, and he likes that. >> cheryl: okay, so the media in particular, cnn it looks like, absolutely sure that president
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trump's travel ban targets muslims as the administrations new proposal on foreign national adds to non-muslim majority countries north korea and venezuela to that list and they removed the muslim majority country of sudan. just to be clear here, things have changed joining me now american islamic forum for democracy president dr. judy jas ser. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> cheryl: cnn just can't let it go. do you think they are still calling this a muslim ban tomorrow? oh, they will keep calling it a muslim ban as long as we're talking about protecting our country and extreme vetting and national security. to them it's all about identity politics, and they will call it that no matter what the president's administration tries to do. the bottom line is that you put the logic together and these countries are related to nations that are chaotic, whose security apparatus we can't trust that's why venezuela was added, that's why north korea was added and
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the washington post has a piece saying well nobody is trying to come here from north korea. bottom line is rational people look at these countries and say these are countries we can't trust the security apparatus. i do have some concerns. it's open ended now i'm very concerned about an open ended ban if you will because syria should be in that list number one, but once we get the extreme vetting done what the deadline did was allowed us to have a time period in which we can get the extreme vetting in place. now without a deadline i'm concerned that might go on indefinitely. >> cheryl: i thought syria was on the list? >> yes it is absolutely. it should be number one, it is on the list. absolutely. >> cheryl: let's give everybody a look at the globe again. let's remind everybody that the top three muslim majority countries are still not on the list. the top three and there you can see them right there on your screen. i mean, do you think that and just real clear, indonesia, pakistan, bangladesh but does that matter to anybody these are the facts, where the muslims are living right now in the world?
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>> the bottom line is what they care about is that we should be in a position of weakness. it's not about being muslim. not all muslims are islamic of terrorists for that matter but 99% of the islamics that want to come here on the backs of isis ideology happen to be muslim so they want to ignore that fact but it has nothing to do with muslim population or anything. they ignore the realities and sacrifice our national security as a result. >> cheryl: okay, so you know it's interesting because you've got this muslim activist and women's march could-founder linda sarser. she says muslim ban 3.0, no muslim ban ever and then she shed you would think north koreans are lining up to come to the u.s. but they are not. shake my head how is this a muslim ban 3.0. okay so she has a point there's not a lot of north koreans trying to get into the united states legally anyway not getting on to airplanes but trying to get to freedom somehow
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>> absolutely and this is a message many of the islamics sympathizers, like the american islamic relations who hasn't seen an islamic republic they don't love like the turks or the saudis and they ignore those who majority is running governments that are threats ideologically. they ignore that fact but simply want to say that americans are anti-muslim and bigoted because their entire mantra is about collecting muslims rather than a diverse population so i think there's nothing more pro-muslim saying islamics should not have a right to come here but muslims who want freedom like any country, anyone who wants freedom should be allowed to come. >> cheryl: yeah and they seem to ignore the fact that you've got hundreds of thousands of muslims that live peacefully in the united states and it's not about that. it's about safety with these countries that don't know how to vet those people that are leaving those countries, living in those countries it's a
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security risk it's nothing to do with religion. thank you very much. >> any time thanks cheryl. >> cheryl: well digitime is reporting apple's iphone 10 component suppliers have been told to slowdown delivery. apple reportedly waiting to see the pre sale orders of the iphone 10 as well as the sales performance of the iphone 8 and the iphone 8 plus. remember these are the latest debuts before they push the production of iphone 10 into full year. guess it makes sense kind of a head scratcher though. apple stock continuing by the way closing the day in the red the stock did, suppliers for apple also continuing to post numbers in the red as you can see on your screen. well, the former army ranger who did three tours in afghanistan, alejandro villeneuva, his nfl jersey is a top seller this after being the only player in the pittsburgh steelers to stand for our national anthem. coming up a double amputee
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wounded warriors of no veterans should ever have to standalone. but first, obamacare repeal protest breaking out today on capitol hill. as senate republicans sweet en the obamacare repeal bill. we've got congressman andy biggs , he says there's still time to pass the repeal. there he is joining me after a quick break. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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>> did he ever apologize for saying you're not a hero? >> no. >> if the president wanted to have a moment with you would you be receptive? >> of course, of course. >> there are some people who think that part of your no was to get back at the president and that the thumbs down was kind of more like a middle finger to him if i took offense at everybody who has said something about me or something like that, life is
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too short. you've got to move on and on an issue of this importance to the nation for me to worry about a personal relationship, then i'm not doing my job. >> cheryl: so they will push senator john mccain saying his healthcare vote wasn't personal. republican congressman lewis goldberg suggesting to fox maybe the senator shouldn't handle the vote. >> he is one of those that said i will repeal, if he had said last year what he was going to do, kelli ward would have beat him, ann kirkpatrick would have beat him but you know, nothing inhibits recovery from cancer like stress. i think arizona could help him and us, recall him let him fight successfully this terrible cancer and let's get somebody in here who will keep the word he gave last year. >> cheryl: okay, well, today the senate finance hearing on the graham cassidy bill disrupted by demonstrators chanting "no cuts to medicaid" chasing the
5:29 pm
chairman ox ren hatch to call a recess. >> if you want a hearing you better set up. >> [crowd chanting ] >> cheryl: all right taking a look at healthcare stocks today these were big names to watch, cigna, aetna, humana united healthcare all ended the day in the red. joining me now house caucus member congressman andy biggs hello. >> hi, cheryl how are you? >> cheryl: i'm good i'm good. so what are the chances do you think for healthcare this week? >> i don't think that they're particularly great this week. i think that there's too much to get done in three or four days. i think what you're seeing now is a little bit of vote manipulation quite frankly where leadership is trying to find any soft spots so they can bring people into vote for this will, which means that if they are able to do that, it won't be the bill that you and i are talking about today. it will be some other bill, but
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it will be something we have to read to look at but that's where they are i think and i think it's really hard to get that done say by this weekend. >> cheryl: you're an arizona congressman. you serve alongside john mccain. what did you make of lewis goldb erg suggesting mccain should be recalled by arizona voters? >> well he's entitled to his opinion for sure, and i'm not sure that senator mccain is the only guy that was going to vote no on this, but what i do think is the problem is that 60 vote filibuster rule in the senate that should go away and i'd love to see that happen. if that went away then i think that lewis' worries would be over. i think that we would be able to get more things done for the american people such as a better repeal plan actually. >> cheryl: well certainly, what all of us as viewers of you have watched is with the implosion of healthcare thus far, nothing has happened. now we've got to talk about tax reform and that's the worry. you've got president trump confirming plans to rollout this package.
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that's this wednesday listen. >> president trump: we have a tax plan that's totally finalize finalized. i think it will be terrific and i think it's going to go through and it will be the largest tax cut in the history of our country. >> cheryl: he's also saying he wants a 15% corporate tax rate despite what we're hearing that this plan is going to suggest 20 %. what do you say? >> well, i'm for the 15% plan. i think that is doable. i think in a dynamic scoring model you're going to see that work out on the revenue for the federal government but more than that you're going to see incredible economic opportunities generated with a lower tax, for corporations. you need to have a pass through that's also somewhere near there and then you need to repatriate the money that's parked over ouy not just short-term but long term regeneration of our economy
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, redirection and that's why i'm hoping for good news on wednesday when we see the plan. >> cheryl: well you mentioned the passthrough. so say the corporate tax rate is 20%. maybe the passthrough is for llc is something like 26-28%. what would you make of that? that's better than 35. >> it's better than 35 but it's still too high. >> cheryl: you think 28% is too high congressman? >> i do. i do think it's too high. both those rates of 26-28 i think both those rates are too high. you know, they're not going to really provide the same type of stimulus if you brought them down to around let's say 15 and 20 which would be a much better foundation for these business corporations and the pass through companies to build on. >> cheryl: wow all right well we'll have to see. we'll know soon enough congressman thank you. >> thanks cheryl. best of luck. >> cheryl: well, to you as well. the media saying the president's criticism of the nfl's national anthem protest is racist.
5:33 pm
radio host david web is here to react to all of that but first the playoff of the pittsburgh steelers standing for our anthem mer army ranger alejandro villanueva his jersey a top seller we've got a retired staff sergeant who says he shouldn't have had to stand alone.
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[singing the national anthem ] >> cheryl: that was pittsburgh steelers lineman, alejandro villanueva, gaining national attention, for the only one on his team to stand outside during the national anthem. this after the team collectively decided not to participate. well now, alejandro villanueva in the last 24 hours has the highest selling gear including jerseys and t-shirts than of any other nfl player right now. that was this morning. a former army ranger who earned a bronze star and served three tours in afghanistan. with me now is double amputee wounded warrior retired staff sergeant johnny joey jones. it's great to have you here tonight. >> good evening thanks for having me on. >> cheryl: i'll looking forward to speaking with you because he beat out new england patriots tom brady for the top spot. as a veteran yourself what do you think of his actions and
5:38 pm
more importantly are you proud americans are buying his jersey after all of this? >> i am. i'm very proud. i was a fan long before any of this simply because he went to westpoint, served his country and now is in the nfl so he represents a small portion of us that served in our football fans you know i don't know him personally. we had some of the shame friends shawn parnell served with him, i've heard great things about him but out of everything yesterday the most disappointing thing was to wake up this morning and hear that coach of the steelers i can't think of his name right now, that he actually was mad or upset because alejandro villanueva came out and stood for the anthem? coach tomlin, i don't understand that at all between leshawn mcco y doing jumping jack s in the anthem and coach tomlin saying he was upset alejandro villanueva doing what he should do i don't know where the nfl is right now. >> cheryl: is it right he had to
5:39 pm
stand out there alone? this is someone like you that served our country the whole point of a national anthem and the flag is to salute the people like you to people that have given their lives for this country over the last 200 plus years and then these players left him out there to hung him to dry i think if you will. >> well i don't know what happened in that locker room what decisions were made and at what point alejandro villanueva decided to walk on out. i tweeted yesterday for a lot of these that knelt yesterday i believe it was a protest for the president not for much of anything else and was probably a hard decision. i do believe there are patriotic people who took a knee yesterday that even today it's weighing on their hearts should they have done it and i understand that but at the end of the day when you have someone on your team that served tours in afghanistan and iraq that has been awarded the bronze star because he's been there and done that and seen things he didn't have to so you can play football i don't know how you don't go around him support him and stand beside him
5:40 pm
if for no other reason because he's on your team. i don't know the internal politics but it is really odd to me. >> cheryl: no disrespect to nfl players but you've got to wonder if they even have a clue about what they're actually kneeling for or why. this was against police brutality. this is colin kaepernick going out there against police, but you know then you've got other teams that have gone out there with their local police force and thinking of ohio in particular saying like we stand with our men and women in those uniforms. by the way, alejandro villanueva told espn back in last year when 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick first started kneeling, he said i don't know the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country providing you freedom, providing you 16 million a year, when there are black minorities dying in iraq and afghanistan making less than 20 grand a year and one year later, he's still standing firm, amid issue. what are your thoughts on that? >> well i guess the cheap shot
5:41 pm
is a year later, alejandro villanueva still starting for the steelers and colin kaepernick is no longer in the nfl but cheap shots aside i tweeted to colin kaepernick when he started taking a knee mainly because of an interview he gave. not because of the knee but the interview he gave he said almost blatantly that he equated my love for my country and my patriotism and my honor for this flag and anthem to supporting oppression of people of color, and that is absolutely false and that's what offends me. what offends me is to equate the two things, absolutely the anthem, the flag has a meaning for everyone. i get that and i understand it and i support the right to take the knee but when you give an interview and you make that leap you make that connection that is false, that's what offends me as a service member. at the end of the day for all of these people taking a knee, i would stand in front of them, i would give them a hug, i would want to know what it is that bothers them and then ask them to stand with me because even with these fake legs i stand for them. i care about them and i care about the 9-year-olds all over this country no matter what
5:42 pm
color their skin is they should be treated equally. i care about that but i believe that kneeling is only drawing the line in the sand, pushing people away, you can't treat ignorants like hate. you have to reach across that line and ask people to explain themselves, to share their experiences. i don't know what a 25-year-old blackman experiences when he's pulled over by the police in some city in this country. i don't know, but how many people in the nfl know what a 25-year-old american of any color feels like when they're in afghanistan getting shot at and lose one of their brothers and drape that flag over their coffin? i'd love to hear more about their experiences so they will tug on the heart strings more and i will understand them more but i would expect the same from them and perhaps they would want to stand beside me and i would better understand why they're kneeling. >> cheryl: retired staff sargent jones thank you for your service and thank you for your comments and know that i think a lot of people heard you just now and i really appreciate what you just said. thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
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>> cheryl: well, i'll tell you what celebrities are now, you've got to ask yourself if this is just against trump, right? these nfl players but all these celebrities are now jumping on that anti-trump train as well. we've got a guest who says she prefers to hear the opinions of real-life nfl fans instead but first after his comments on the nfl protest the media is back to accusing the president of being a racist. we're going to have that tape and talk about it.
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liberty did wh yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> cheryl: over the last 24 hours he's added fuel to the fierce debate in this country over race and tolerance, politic s and sports. now he's again inserting himself >> culture war that's exploding right before our eyes. >> there is an unmistakable racial element to this story in the subtext, the awkward subtext is a question we asked a few weeks ago in this program. is president trump a racist?
5:47 pm
is he making racist appeals? >> cheryl: so the media is saying that president trump is racist. and to protest racism in america , but the president is doubling down on his criticism and he says that it has nothing to do with race. during all this cbs, disney, time warn turpitude all closing the day higher, comcast ending the day in the red let's bring in sirius xm host david web. what do you think? i mean, this is a sensitive topic, it's hard to talk about, but you know my question with these players basically and the nfl don't we just want to watch football? >> yeah. >> cheryl: just give us a break from what's happening? >> look at espn they go political they lose about 13 million subscribers, now there's other reasons but that's a big chunk of it.
5:48 pm
first of all let me say this factually. donald trump is not a racist. i know people who have known him a lot longer than most people in this country even knew his name. i know the man and he's a very nice person. he's not a racist. he's the blue collar billionaire who gets it. now there's a little bit of context here for cnn and all these other media outlets. they need the ratings, and the more they have the hyperbolic reporting on donald trump, the more their ratings go up which are already sad. brian stelser who says total disrespect of our heritage, total disrespect of everything we stand for as a racist, no it's respect of our american heritage. that's what donald trump talked about. president trump, he didn't give up his right to his opinion, and frankly, nobody can fire an nfl player. collective bargaining they all have the same contract. trump can't fire him, we can't fire him, the owners can't fire him but the fans can fire the nfl when you look at their ratings from yesterday which have been going down 7% or so
5:49 pm
continuing to go down some have them at 13% down yesterday in viewership. they've spread their viewership out to be true but this racist narrative is really hyperbolic and it's about ratings and there's no proof. it's the boogy man and why they throw it out because it gets people's attention and they have nothing else to attack him on. irma, harvey and now tragically maria. the federal government doing a great job with local authorities no way to attack the president there. you just don't have it. hillary clinton today says i don't think trump knows that puerto ricans are citizens. what's her basis? we know what happened. by the way, first time we have the question and the answer on the cover of the book. what happened hillary clinton end of story. that's it. >> cheryl: we know what happened >> right well there is the question. but a serious point. >> cheryl: because that's the thing like you're saying that he's had to come out and defend
5:50 pm
things and a lot of americans feel like disrespecting the flag for whatever, you have your first amendment right but if this is free speech this is our country, but this isn't the place. you know this is a football field it's america's game. we want to get together with our families and just watch football i'm sorry. >> but here is some really important context to this. applying the left logic that wants to tear down everything to do with our founding fathers, slave holders and whatever. they go over to the uk they stand for god, the greatest colonial empire that had a vested interest in slavery and then they sit for the country that reversed the course of slavery and racism, the united states. so what we talk about on the break, they don't understand history. they don't understand context, and by the way, maybe they should go out and if they really want to turn their protest around turn it to all the big city mayors, those thousands that have been shot or injured all around america in in indiana
5:51 pm
urban communities. we'll we'll take a quick break but real quick celebrities jumping on that anti-trump national anthem protest we have a guest who prefers the opinions of real americans. we'll have that when we come back. is this a phone?
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>> cheryl: celebrities joining in the anti-trump and national anthem protest by taking to social media off the weekend telling athletes to take a knee when the anthem is played. jessie williams tweeting "every black player take a knee signed kaepernick in the next 10 days no one ended the white powerhouse, easy work, rachel wood responding to trump said no , i would like to get white supremacists out of the white house. michael lohr tweeted the audience joined with me and together we stood in solidarity
5:55 pm
with the nfl players protesting trump and owners and here you can see the audience standing in protest with michael moore on stage. back with me are patrice and daniel. has this just gotten out of hand >> absolutely. i mean barbara streisand, chelsea handler all these pep are coming out of the woodworks who probably do not watch football on a regular basis but this is a great opportunity to resist and come after president trump for his comments when in fact i don't think they're considering criminal justice reform which is a really legitimate serious issue. this is all just about going after the president. >> cheryl: its gotten ridiculous daniele. jessie williams says the anthem is a ploy to get many women to join the military. what do you say to that? it's a little out there. >> yeah, it's far more complicated than that and i will say that we hear the anthem at sporting events large and small, tiny, little triathalons in the middle of nowhere incredible nfl games and of course the olympics and other places and it's an
5:56 pm
incredibly beautiful thing and i say that as an immigrant something that makes me so proud i don't think we're going to stop hearing this anthem and these are very important issues we need to discuss. the conversation has to go on. you can see all the protests and love the anthem and the flag. >> cheryl: but that's the thing patrice. i'm wondering if we'll head towards a time where you won't have the anthem any more they just get rid of it. >> i mean some people have considered doing that but as i said earlier the nfl used the anthem in its tight its brand very closely to everything american and the flag and the anthem that's what it represents so i think it's going to be hard to untangle that from their branding. >> cheryl: patrice, daniele, what a topic thanks ladies for being here. >> thank you. >> cheryl: we will be right back . and cutting-edge transportation development to connect those ideas to the world. along with urban redevelopment projects worthy of the world's top talent.
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cheryl: stocks closing lower, the dow down 53 points, but still up 12% for the year.
6:00 pm
you can catch me right here on fox business at 7:00 a.m. it was great to be with you tonight. mr. charles payne is here. he has "making money." charles: fast-moving developments all over the country. devastation in puerto rico, protests in the nfl and major dysfunction in washington, d.c. high-flying stocks are getting hit. i'll tell you the next stock to make you money. the gop healthcare bill on the verge of collapse. they are targeting wavering senators.


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