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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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you can catch me right here on fox business at 7:00 a.m. it was great to be with you tonight. mr. charles payne is here. he has "making money." charles: fast-moving developments all over the country. devastation in puerto rico, protests in the nfl and major dysfunction in washington, d.c. high-flying stocks are getting hit. i'll tell you the next stock to make you money. the gop healthcare bill on the verge of collapse. they are targeting wavering senators. the cbo releasing partial scores
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on the bill in a moment. meanwhile protesters interrupting senate hearings today on healthcare reform, causing disruption as the party is trying to lock in 50 votes before the saturday deadline. amy holmes, rasmussen reports. caylee, i have got to start with you. the ball is in your court. you don't need the dems. it's in your court. how is it going to go? >> i hear you. the gop owes it to obamacare victims everywhere to get this done. there was a striking "wall street journal" story that said 79% of americans who paid the obamacare penalty for not getting understand had an income level of below $50,000.
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charles: big government always hurts the poorest of the poor. i think it bothers me some of the folks saying they are against it aren't against it for the billet self. but they want things like regular order. they want to debate. they want the process to be like the good ole days. this isn't the good ole days. it sounds discontinue geneous for a few senators to say that's their reason for ask voting no. let's get the score, it's out. reporter: this is a partial score. they haven't been able to assess the entire bill because they haven't had enough time to do it. but over the 2017-2026 period the legislation would reduce the
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deficit by ask 133 billion. but the number of people with comprehensive health insurance that's covers high-cost medical events would be reduced by millions compared with the baseline projections for each year during the decade. that number, depending on how states implemented the legislation. the reduction in the number of insured people relative to the current through would result from three causes, enrollment in medicaid would be substantially lower because of large reductions in the federal funding. second enrollment non group st. paul would be lower. enrollment a all times of health insurance because penalties for not having insurance would be repealed. this will be a problem for senators like susan collins who
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said she is leaning no. charles: just to recap. a partial score. essentially the deficit is down $133 billion. but there will and reduction with folks in coverage because medicaid enrollment will decrease. the word adam used was substantially. the states get block grants from the federal government. without the penalty fewer people will elect to buy health insurance. >> that's the key word. fewer people would elect to by health insurance. secondly, when you are looking at -- they talked about enrollment of medicaid would go down. i would assume it applies to states that expands medicaid coverage fund obamacare and now they wouldn't need to.
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but they have block grants so if they want to subsidize medicaid recipients they could make that choice. it would be up to voters in that state to put pressure on governors and state legislatures and say now you are in control of the money. but getting to the politics. they like to spread the wealth around. it looks like republicans want to spread the blame around. >> again, ford, i thought the overarching theme was anything would be a step in the right direction. with premiums going through the roof and people having lost their doctors. it would seem like a win on the core board is a win on the core board. ford: i think you hit the nail on the head at the top of the show. i think they don't understand if
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graham cassidy doesn't go through right now, obamacare is here to stay. in 10-15 years we'll be down to single payer. and we are $20 trillion in the hole. this is one step in a process. graham cassidy is not perfect, but it's far better than obamacare because it gives power to the states and gets rid of the individual mandates. you have to do this now. frankly if you don't, we are done. essentially the democrats will gain seats in the house in the 2018 mid-terms. will it get any easier then? >> will it get any easier when you have to get to a 60 in vote threshold? if senator rand palm thinks the democrats are going to go with a libertarian philosophy he
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doesn't understand them very well. charles: we still have skinny repeal failed, and then partial repeal, then replace and repeal failed 57-43. the votes have gotten narrower and narrower. what do you see as last minute efforts to get somebody on board, a couple of these holdouts. >> voters need to put intense pressure on their elected officials. they need to pick up the phone and call their senators' offices. we cannot afford to plots one more vote. senator collins says she was waiting for the cbo score to come out. this is not a cbo score you can hide behind. there is one thing that this cbo score could never take into account. and that's state ingenuity. this plan reempowers the state
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to make the health decisions. how can a cbo score count what's going to happen in 50 states before the governors make the plan. charles: the cbo hasn't been good at counting the federal score. reporter: the concluding paragraph this cbo report gets to what we were seeing in graham cassidy with block grants. it won't be good for susan collins or lisa murkowski who were on the fence. the decrease in the number of insured people would be particularly large starting in 2020. the legislation would make major changes to federal funding for medicaid and the non-group marker. the graham-cassidy bill proposes block grants. they expect other limitation
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problems would accompany grants specifically designated to assist with the transition. given the short time for planning and making changes between now and then. that was something the democrats were talking about, there would be no way for governors and state legislatures to come up with healthcare plans in the 50 states in just two years. charles: amy, you and caylee both spoke on the fact that the states would show ingenuity. the cbo is saying the opposite. it's too short a period of time. there are some states that have done some innovative things. but it's hard -- i love state. i think they should be in charge of this. >> where would you want to shift that point, charles? we with obamacare that's falling
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apart. charles: let's be honest about this. president trump was able to hook a lot of republican governors for medicaid expansion, we'll pay for it, take it. it was low-hanging fruit, now they don't know how to get out of it. >> and it was phased out under obamacare, so there was always the expectation governments would have to figure out how to get it through their state budgets. when it comes to the policy-making process, the state legislatures will feel a lot more pressure than the people in washington, d.c. do. ford: i think this is better off in the states. we note federal government can't manage this. charles: i'm getting word the drama is over. susan collins is a definite no.
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i'll let you digest that. ford: susan collins is likely to run for governor of maine. the guys i hold responsible is john mccain, my former boss. lisa murkowski, we are bend over backward to help you. susan collins i totally understand. she has been consistent from the beginning. she voted against this become before donald trump was president of the united states. charles: caylee, you are the diplomat on the panel. >> senator rand paul should get on board with it. it's a much better bill than silly repeal. do you want to be known as the senator who left the american people with obamacare? i don't think so. charles: these people are wedded to their ideology and they are re-elected every time.
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can president trump do some last-minute arm twisting? >> between now and saturday it doesn't look like it. the republicans want to spread the blame around. they can point at democrats and say you had buy-in, too. >> the american public voted for republicans for this number one issue. when people started getting their new health insurance rates in november of last year and saw the sticker shock, they could not believe it. that turned the tide big time. that really took a little bit of time. any republican who is afraid of ownership of this, you own it. >> the tea party rose up against president trump because of obamacare. for years republicans promised
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it. if we don't materialize on this promise it will be a big problem going forward charles * do republicans help themselves from a strategy point of quasiing this is the last chance to get it done? ford: it's a realistic standpoint. and we are being realistic about the problems with obamacare. you were correct earlier when you said the poison pill in obamacare that sucked republicans in was the expansion of medicaid. and americans are hurting. charles: there will be scrambling and inducements. the block grants will be larger for kentucky and other states. but there is only so much money in this whole thing. can they dip into this $133 billion deficit and take $33
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billion for further inducements? >> could there be the louisiana purchase-style arm twist? i'm pessimistic about that. but at the end of the day, obamacare is circling the drain and that's hurting real people. if they whiff it again, i don't think they can stake responsibility for that. charles: a lot of this will fall at the feet of mitch mcconnell, and paul ryan. what do you make of that that maybe this will say to the republican party and the got we might need new leadership. >> i know mitch mcconnell and paul ryan have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get this done. obama, it took 18 months to get obamacare. if every senator goes home to face their constituents.
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they are seeing their premiums increased. >> there is a hard deadline. saturday, for republicans to get reform that's con-leaning. after that the threshold goes up to 60 votes. the sprand paul criticism is crazy. he's making the perfect the enemy of the good. ford: the budget reconciliation mulligan will expire on september 30. should we get rid of the filibuster? guys -- >> when the shoe is on the other foot you won't want it stepping on you. charles: this looks like an unmitigate disaster for the republican party. you are absolutely fantastic. thank you. we'll be right back.
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charles: in puerto rico they are racing against the clock. a major dam is on the brink of collapse after taking a hard hit from maria. on the phone with myself kevin conroy. kevin, thanks for joining us. give us the latest assessment on your efforts thus far. another big issue. i have a lot of family in puerto rico. is how you even get supplies to survivors. >> so far we raised $730,000 for hurricane relief efforts for
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puerto rico and the caribbean in addition to hurricanes harvey and irma. after disasters like hurricane maria we reach out to to our existing partners on the ground to see how we can most of effectively funds and support emergency relief operation and recovery efforts. we are in touch with organizations on the ground in port are you i could delivering fuel, hygiene supplies and emergency relief services. charles: we had governor on and he talked about the need for water and food. this is a crisis. is your group covering this area or are you covering other things? >> we are supporting an organization called fuel relief
6:21 pm
fund that's brings fuel into devastated areas. there is widespread power outages. a lot of families have had difficulty getting in touch with loved ones. we are trying to see what we can do to fix that. charles: because of the experience you have had, what are your thoughts about how people are stepping up to the plate. the millions of dollars donated, the contributions. the people volunteering. i don't think it's a message we talk enough in this country about how we help one another when the chips are down. >> it's important to come together as a country to help each other and help those in need. and hope they would do the same for us if the tables were turned. it's part of what makes america such a wonderful place.
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charles: next the battle over tax reform. that's this week. washington dysfunction. this might be your last chance. we'll break it down for you when we come back.
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charles: republican leaders expected to release details on the framework for the tax plan. ford, let me start with you. another bite at the apple. i don't know which one is lowest hanging fruit. i thought obamacare reveal was. certainly lower taxes is music to everyone's ears. there is no way republicans can mess this up, could they? >> they could. this has to absolutely get done. this means jobs for the american people. we have to separate tax reform from tax cuts. we can get middle class tax cuts
6:26 pm
through. if we want full scale tax reform and want some jewels the economy and put as much money back in the hands of hard-working americans, we'll need 8 democrats to have tax reform. wholesale changes to the individual and corporate code and trying to repatriate that millions of dollars overseas back and make a tax code that's simpler for the everyday american. the so-called passive businesses. the offset would be the elimination of mortgage deductions. does that sounds like the right formula to you? >> tino the president will give some of those details wednesday. tax reform has been very different than obamacare. there is one plan worked on behind the scenes.
6:27 pm
there is a lot of time and energy put into this. in we need 8 democrats. there has been so much leg work done on this. i have seen it firsthand and i am encouraged. charles: what induces eight democrats? >> this is middle class tax reform. every single american will have more money in their pockets. >> 2018 also induces them if they are in red states that went overwhelmingly for president trump. go back to caylee's point. there has been for quite a number of years hopes to have meaningful tax reform. not you rubber is hitting the road.
6:28 pm
we have the problem solver's caucus. president trump has been talking about it since he was inaugurated. but i would say the one warning is the devil is in the deductions. and you are looking at small business owners to create jobs versus the average american losing their mortgage deduction. >> what donald trump is talking about in those 10 red states, guess what, it's at a 68, 78% approval clip. the president's absolutely right. but he's going to have to make the political sale of his lifetime to get the democrats on board. this isn't a simple balance sheet math. anything that's good doesn't matter as long as we can be on the red and blue team. the american people are
6:29 pm
suffering and we have to put it back for them. charles: we'll see if chuck and nancy are sincere about reform. it's been 1974 since we had this type of reform. meanwhile, nfl ratings are down, the protests are up. there might be a correlation there. we'll debate it next.
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charles: ratings for sunday night's nfl games have dropped, this compared to the same week of last year. all three major networks, have seen noticeable declines in viewership, following increase in national anthem protests, stemming after president trump's controversial comments on the nfl, and the players who are making the protests, to discuss is my panel. patrick rich, and ford, and former army ranger. mr. rich, the impact of the protests were discussed last year. they were blamed for the lower viewership, now this year, after this particular week, a lot of people concerned that nfl may have done some irreversible economic harm on to the league. >> i don't agree with that.
6:34 pm
i think one major cause of what we're seeing with represent to ratings, you have a changing demographic of how we're consuming sports, more people cutting cord, people are streaming sports on phones and ipads, they are not captured on from traditional nielson ratings, and experience at stadium is tough to match compared to in home experience, the companies are dominant in sports stadium industry, they try to help teams. charles: ja. yeah. with all due respect, tv that i watch now makes the experience much better than in 19 70s,. bring in with breaking news. president trump weighing in on this with a couple of tweets, chief of staff john kelly was opposed to my stance on nfl
6:35 pm
players disrespecting flag, country, total lie, general kelly totally agrees with my stance, and the fact they should not be disrespecting our flag and our great country. also saying, tre tremendous bach to nfl. and players for disrepresenting our country, ford. listen, we can talk about cord cutting. i could think there is a coalition between lower ratings and people disgusted with the entertainment industry in general preaching at them every time they just want to see a good tv or a football game or movie. >> i, agree, 72% of americans, think that not standing for the national anthem is not patriotic. and let me say this about
6:36 pm
president trump, this is a winning issue with his base. but this is one he would like to reframe a little bit. and he is right in terms of a larger question. if americans are not united by the flag, then what are we united by? i think this scares a lot of people, this argument is more jennerrin -- generational than racial as the media is trying to paints it. charles: how do you come down on this? >> you know, the first thing you do as a soldier, you take an oath to defend the constitution of the united states. and its amendments, my stance is that first amendment is one of the most important, you may not like what the people are doing to protest but it is their right, they do have free speech. just like by friendaal alejandro
6:37 pm
villanueva, who served with me it is his right to go out on the feelfield and place his hand ons heart. >> robin, you are right, and i respect your service, and you are right abouta alejandro villanueva. but i think for a lot of americans it is not about rights, it is about decorum, for some the flag is our religion, even above god for some. charles: it pains me to see this, there are so many better avenues to make these protests, they should be swelling with pride they are in a country making this much money doing what they love. thank you. >> today major averages ended the day in the red, mostly over rotation out of the winners, a little bit of sabre rattling but
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inside the lines. charles: quick update on healthcare bill, susan collins says she is a no on graham-cassidy. i just saved thousands on my loan at in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans the same way you shop for flights online.
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6:42 pm
and companies will dominate our lives for years to come. the question is, what happennies to the cash that is leaving them. small cap russell 2000 mate a nemade anew high. mostly new money chasing a break out. in other words those are hot stocks. some of the cash is moving back to brick and mortar names, we know that holiday hires announcements, 100,000 at target, 80 thousand at macy's, maybe it is too soon to write-off enter brick and mortar. we'll get latest consumer sense sentiment tomorrow. >> and crude oil has a rally going, climbs over 52 bucks that is a critical resistance point.
6:43 pm
down to point where expertses talking about a greater collapse, that did not happen. in america, although there are some signs of global demand that would be a goldilocks scenario, a lot of you push back when i say this, i continue to think that crude at 60 is a net plus for america that is where you get great jobs and investments, that brings me to manufacturing data out of texas. despite hurricane harvey, manufacturing came in better than expected. general business activity was up, new orders up, shipments up, capacity utilization. this is a kind of data that is never talked about on financial television, but it is the measure that keeps me confident and excited about thissic and ex this mark -- this economy and this market, animal spirits are very much alive and doing well. you have to maintain a balance of the market.
6:44 pm
that means strategies. for more guidance. meanwhile opioid addiction is out of control in the united states. how do you feel about that? we'll break it down, next.
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charles: breaking news from orange county, california, firefighter on the ground in the air battling a fire now burning in the canyon. you can see the amazing video
6:48 pm
there. that is live. we'll keep you posted on the developments as they continue. charles: pharmaceutical giants cvs taking their stance in the fight against opioid epidemic, limit daily dose a anage -- dose of pills based on how strong they are, joining me now dr. nicole, friday night, you tweeted out, i am optimistic new restriction at chaves cvs, i way about it. >> it was an interesting friday night, at-this-point it is all hands on deck, do i think that
6:49 pm
the new restrictions are going to solve the problem? absolutely not, i applaud every forward progress right now. i am working to keep but bureaucratic control out of medicine, what i see from cvs is keeping supply out of the streets. we in midst of this, not only an illing crisis and a legal crisis because of the medication. charles: and dr. zombroski, people saying that dr. sapphire is correct, but you may be pushing people toward illegal sources if they can't get it from a pharmacy. >> these are good points, this gives us an opportunity to talk about how we got here, talk about how cautious, how much medications we give to patients,
6:50 pm
right now, cvs is telling the farmist do what -- pharmacist saying, do what you want to do, so they call me up, telling me i don't feel right filling that prescription, but now i have to take time to talk with them, i that is okay, but it starts to short circuit the doctor and pharmaceutical relationship. there are a lot of people with chronic pain issues that could get very well caught up in this net, it could be well-intended. charles: right there are some people who are in extreme pain, they need to take something. a lot of people are afraid that may foo stop or behalted. >> patients have a right to pain relief. we want to make sure that patients have a happy, healthy life, 80% of those who ended up
6:51 pm
on heroin, it started with legal forms of opiate. they have been talking other people's opiate prescription, by limiting how much is in supply, you may have teenagers or young adults taking it from family member or grandmother. charles: i want to ask, doctor, chris christie, talked about an initiative for nonopioid pain relief, is there such a thing? could that ever be done? these efforts to get people off one thing created a new addiction withing should else in the past. >> right now, we are resources for science for pain relief, and we're looking at new studies in university practices in terms of newest medication, that is offer panel geesia main relief without the addiction.
6:52 pm
against if we can get that progress or that conversation started, it is a great place to start. charles: thank you so much for youri expertise, we appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: tensions with north korea reaching a new boiling point after rogue regime accuses president trump of declaring war. so, what is their next move? we'll tell you, next. millions of you are online right now, searching one topic.
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>> we've not declared war on north korea, frankly the suggestion of that is absurd, our goal is still the same, seeking peaceful denuclearization of north korea. charles: white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, affirming that president trump did not declare
6:56 pm
war on north korea. foreign minister claims they have authority and every right to shoot down any u.s. bombers flying near the peninsula even in international airspace. joining me now, lieutenant colonel daniel davis, former cia operations officer, clara lopez, senior vice president at center for security policy, claire. you un, it is interesting, north korea continues to ratchet up language to point they feel like they are trying to bait the u.s. into axing first. >> it does in a way. i think that the president of the united states, president trump is not going to take that bait. but i think has made clear in his statements, and through his ambassador at united nations, nikki haley, that u.s. will defend the mainland, the people, citizens of united states, and all of those who are americans,
6:57 pm
including in guam, we will defend our allies as well. charles: when do we though, provocations, claire, they continue to ratchet higher and higher, feels that we've drawn red lines, and every time we do that kim jong-un goes after them. when do they get do a point where we might have to act? >> i think the situation of north korea having the demonstrated ability to put an icbm with a nuclear warhead perhaps with an emp above u.s. or one of our territories oral lies, is or one of our allies is unsustain able. i think at some point something will have to be done to change that situation, whether through extreme financial pressure through assistance of chinese regime in beijing, regime change perhaps in pyongyang itself. charles: that sounds great,
6:58 pm
colonel davis. but, if that does not happen, the idea for us, the -- virtually everyone agrees that denuclearization of north korea will not happen. even if a million north koreans would starve to death from economic sanctions, kim jong-un will not give up the nukes. >> that assessment it correct, if there was ever a chance to stop it was mid 1990s, now he views them as essential to his survival. we have to do then is use deterrentses t to make sure thee never used, i disagree with anyone who said he cannot be deferred, because if mao tse-tung, dictator in uss r, stalin who was had killed million of his own people, if
6:59 pm
they can be deterred then kim jong-un can be. charles: they were deterred at great costs, all right? what costocol ne, colonel with e respect, which we be prepared to endure as american citizens? >> what cost, we prevented a nuclear war, we prevented them from going to war, that is same thing we need do here, using military force would probably prompt him to use those is worst thing to do, if you open this up by saying seems like he is trying too bait us to an attack, i think there is something to, that let' let's look at why he s doing, that china said in august in north korea starts any type of military engagement they are on their own, but if they attack north korea and started a war they would prevent that from their best chance to get china to come in on their side. we cannot fall into that trap. charles: we appreciate when
7:00 pm
experts like you can -- like you come on try to clarify it for us, i believe we're dealing with a mad man, we appreciate it thank you. >> thank you,. charles: thank you folks at home for watching, now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump is waging a war against what many call a thugocracy that has become the nfl and league support of those who seek to weaken our national values and respect for those values. a fight they believe we should have had in this country a long time ago, one is only becoming more heated, sources say that dallas cowboys are texte expecto protest the national anthem tonight, before their game again the cardinals, details have not been divulged some, cowboy players have called to


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