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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 26, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump is waging a war against what many call a thugocracy that has become the nfl and league support of those who seek to weaken our national values and respect for those values. a fight they believe we should have had in this country a long time ago, one is only becoming more heated, sources say that dallas cowboys are texte expecto protest the national anthem tonight, before their game again the cardinals, details have not been divulged some, cowboy players have called to stage some sort of protest, one player
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saying it not going to be business as usual. the controversy ignited last august with nfl and commissioner permitting collin kaepernick to insult the national anthem, our flag, our country, and wal all without consequence, friday night, president trump suggested as a rally in alabama that nfl should fire player who protest during the national anthems. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when someone disrespects our flag get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now be he is fired, fired! lou: more than 200 nfl players either sat or took a knee yesterday, more just did not come out of their locker rooms. president trump however standing by his remarks that owners must hole play -- hold players
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accountable. >> it very disrespectful to our flag and country, i think that owners should do something about it. it was great solidarity, i watched a little bit. i watched a little bit, and i will say that there was tremendous solidarity for our flag, and our country. lou: the nfl however operating it seems over the past 24 hours, was something of a mob mentality, even patriot quarterback tom brady, a friend of the president, spoke out against his comments. >> i disagree with what he said. you know thought it was just divisive. lou: divisive? fox news senior correspondent eric shawn outside of nfl headquarters in new york city our report. reporter: even after taking a hard hit, nfl commissioner goodell, is protecting his players like a unmove able offensive line, of protest he
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told sports il "sports illustray reflected their frustration and disappointment over device of rhetoric we heard, 200 kneeled or locked arms sunday, out of a total of 10696 players. >> you don't like this country, find another one. >> it is their right to have something to say. reporter: several owners joined protest on field, redskin owner schneider locked arms, and dallas cowboy player, jerry jones has said that grid iron is not the place for protest. >> this is is not the place to too anything other than honors flag. reporter: three teams stayed off sidelines during the national anthem, one player prominently defied that pittsburgh steeler offensive tackla tax --al alejao villanueva, a westpoint grad, an
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army ranger, served 3 tours in afghanistan, and awarded bronze star for saving his lives of buddies in combat, his jersey is now the biggest nfl item sole on-line, but it was criticized by head coach. >> i was looking for 100% participation. >> i love you brother, as far as steelers go no more. >> to show their support for some fans burned their steeler stuff. jim heaney 55 years old teal us he has been a steelers fan since he was born, but so aoffendsed by the hiding in the locker room he kissed his team good-bye. >> this has been on my wall for years, not any more. in the fire. hope all your ignorance burns too. reporter: on "monday night
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football," it will be dallas cowboys versus arizona cardinals. despite jerry jones' add mont ad monthing add add admonition it appea appears pros will continue. lou: thank you. >> villanueva standing in support of nation he now the to defend. -- he fought to defend while these couc coach and teammates d like cowards in the locker room. fact that his jersey is number one seller this week tells you just about everything you need to know about how most football fans, most americans feel about our flag, our national anthem and our nation. joining us tonight, it discuss legal aspects of this, protests,
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the response the possible changes in culture. that may ensue, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> good to be with you. lou: the legality of that, comment from some fans, that we heard. that it is freedom of speech is it really? >> we start with the basic rule of law, that firstm amendment rs the government, not your employer, if i say something, that our employers at knocks fos don't like, i can be punished for it it is not the government that is punishing me, there are some states notably, new york, new jersey, california, illinois, which prohibit employers from affecting. affect employment status because of a political opinion expressed. >> players can -- >> it depends on where they were whether or not they could be punished for going down on their
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knee during the playing of the national anthem. lou: setting aside punishment for a moment. >> i am talking about from their boss not the government. lou: i understand. but, put that aside. we're talking about couple hundred nfl players standing on sideline kneeling, disrespecting the flag, nation. fellow americans and commissioner saying have at it. >> the commissioner seems to want to pick a fight with the president. lou: my gosh, did you hear what he said. >> i heard. lou: to hear him say, you don't have respect for the nfl as he disrespects of president of u.s. u.s. >> i believe they they have right to go down on bended knee.
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eterms of what government can do to you, but in terms of the image you give to the public, the paying public, and terms of responsibility to your employer, dallas cowboys tonight will be interesting because their boss, that owner said, you will stand on the sidelines and you will not go on bended knee. lou: to that point, i need say that jerry jones, is among those meeting with the team, just about right now, we have not learned yet what has come from this or may we -- it may be possible we're not going to learn anything. but, he has said, that he would not be too pleased. >> well, i don't believe that texas, if the game is in texas, i don't know where it is or arizona, has statute that i referred to that new york, new jersey, illinois and california have i am sure he has lawyers that tell him whether or not
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that existing. lou: and what about the other side, rodger goodell, he is just -- he is changing the culture of the nfl. he is putting this in our face, those who watch the games, i have to tell you, one of the most amazing moments, my wife and i decided we're not watching another nfl game. >> not rooting for giants any more even though we're 0-3. lou: we were in nashville watching titans and seahawks, they did not kickoff, they remained in their locker rooms because of nonsense, somebody from seahawks said they did it out of love of country, this is most perverse statement that i have seen attach to this. it is an -- >> a culture that is alien to you and me, i disagree profoundly with what they do. but under the law. they have the right to decent from that culture. i tell you what also has right -- lou: wait, wait. our culture is about decent.
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>> right. lou: that is the point. not about decent on sidelines by a bunch of folks saying they are anti-law enforcement, they want month of may to attack other issues. and demonstrate no one contracted for that they -- i think they will change this course. >> this is a culture and attitude, you and i and most people watching and in america disagree with, this is a culture they are entitled to embrace on their own, however perverse is may be. lou: really? >> of course, the first amendment allows them. them. lou: president is right then, it will -- it will come to a contest of those exerts and practicing their rights under law. by they mean, as they demonstrate on the sidelines, and i mean i think, in shameful ways, i think it is shameful. that fans will respond.
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>> yes. lou: do what president said. >> you are right, fans may respond, put pressure on owners to conform to what the fans', because, people pay buy tickets and pay for advertising. it may come to, that but i tell you what also has freeze freedof speech, exercised it very articulately, is the president himself, when to the said they should be fire -- president said they should be fired, he is not threaten federal action, he is talking as a person, who has biggest mega-phone, and he resonated. lou: you know what, i mean, goodell and these players, they are playing with fire. because -- >> i hope they are not, good thing that federal -- free market can. lou: let me finish the thousand, that is, that they are playing with fire, because tha capital -
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calculus of free market, the fans are not going to put up with this, and they should not, this is an insult, this is about leadership that is rolling over and pandering to those players. who -- and the union. >> you will probably see a different tune whistled if this thing continues, we're just in the third week of season, in terms of union, they have most pro labor collective bargaining agreement if any major sport. lou: and i want to go to the one other point, some season holders are talking about massive class-action lawsuit. because they signed up for football, entertainment, not politics. >> don't think that class-action lawsuit would resonate but i would never put down creativity of plaintiff's lawyers to come up with something that might. lou: a certain editorial view there from judge andrew napolitano, we appreciate it.
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>>,. lou: we're coming right back, a lot more on the nfl, and what used to be a game, called football. stay with us. >> protests erupting in a senate hearing to republican's latest effort to repeal obamacare. >> if the hearing is going to devolve into a side show or a forum, simply for putting partisan points on board, there is absolutely no reason for us to be here. lou: we discuss chances for healthcare and tax reform with koncongressman dave brown and cs continue to search for survivors in central mexico nearly a week after the 7. on .1 quaker hit te country, we have the latest for you. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: rescuers in mexico still searching for anyone trapped beneath the rubble after last week's earthquake. officials say that their effort could last for at least two more weeks until they are absolutely convinced no wobbling is missing -- no one else is missing.
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>> puerto rico governor calling on congress to approve an aid program for the island to help it recover from all damage. it is severe damage from hurricane maria, 4,000 members of army reserves have been deployed to puerto rico to assist, aircraft and ships loaded with supplies have arrived or on the way. the governor shares more federal -- says more federal help is needed to prevent from what he calls a hume hewlett-packard hu, that help is the way. >> final nail in the coffin for obamacare repeal this week, senator luc susan collins annoug she is now a no graham-cassidy legislation. the fourth republican to publicly state the opposition
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6789 presiden -- president trump traveling to indiana state fairgrounds wednesday, unveiling a new tax reform plan, crafted by soy called big 6, sources say that consultations will continue right up to this speech. there is the big 6. we'll just call them the 6. my next guest is not willing to support tax reform plan until he gets some idea of what might be in it. he has voiced concerned it may not cut rates enough to produce robust growth in the economy, joining me congressman dave brat. member of freedom caucus and serves on house budget committee. let's start with this tax reform. >> yeah. lou: as it appears the effort to repeal and replace again are dying in u.s. senate your reaction? >> yeah, well, we just got to get it right this time, we did a
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face plant on health care because, it started off wild get free markets and competition across state lines and et cetera. then that was the promise in the better way agenda that what president trump promised. lou: oh, my gosh, did you mention the better way agenda. >> i did. lou: i am reacting speaker ryan's nonsense he conjured up a year ago, and wanted to make a contest of it with the president. we agree both are right now where are they? >> that is -- the bet -- we dene didn't get close, on tax right now big six saying that all of the right things that is a good thing, i will say that, corporate rate 15, trump wanting house 20. and s-corp, small business we want to be within 5 percentage points, if you get a 20% corporate rate, all small
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business back home get 25. lou: i have to stop you. stop you. there has not been a committee hearing on this legislation, there has not been a single instance of leadership, we're looking at polls, that say they don't like -- i mean that folks just don't like it. >> yeah. lou: republican version, nobody knows what it is for crying out loud. >> i am taking flack on this every which way, why don't you write the bill, do this that and the other, i wish i could. lou: what happened to socal regular ord -- so-called regular order, i in my view that is committee hearings and people know what the heck they are voting on who were sent to washington to put together public policy not reach for pigs in a poke. >> that is missing on tax.
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, once they unveil this kstreet will gt in all full out lather. >> why not get them out of town, spend all money you can, appropriate it, you have research. people with expert in tact care and health reform, and you know what you are doing. you are a former professor of economics, you could give sessions every morning before you get to work legislating. >> this will be test, if speaker, president and mitch don't stand up to k-street, then is is over, you will see loss, if those rates go up from, 20% h through, good rates low rates for individual back home. lou: but congressman, i -- all
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of us, i know we're need the great unwash citizenry, we don't have a clue what is going on. we don't have an idea, and by the way folks in my business are paid to know what is going on, we know there nothing going on. you got a house speaker who has not g got about persuasive powe, he has not been campaigning. president of united states said what he wants and all he gets are you know, in response are crickets from the senate majority leader, and the speaker. i mean this is not a game. >> yep. lou: this is for crying out loud, about the future. >> yep. lou: future of thetic and ex country. >> i agree, so let's not forget. healthcare is not done yet, when it comes to leadership. lou: you got your senators gone, i mean, i heard this time -- with with all due respect. >> president needs to weigh in on this package. lou: president has weighed in, i
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am tired of hearing that, why don't you go to merrill lynch ms office and see if anyone is home. >> let me finish out a thought, i am with you, if you are going to take out of swamp, you have to take out money, so all these senators, they have not been removed from a committee yet, not from nrcc . lou: you know they are not going to be because mcconnell is doing what tom donohue told him to do. >> you announce that every day about why american people don't know what is going on, that is why because big money does not want you to know, it doesn't want you to know what is might care bill. lou: so, what are you doing about it you? are not just victims. >> yep. >> a revolution in heart or soul of any of you. >> yeah, i think you know we took it on the chops fret prett. and the -- lou: all right, we are way over. >> right don't count us out yet.
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lou: bottom line, down caught you out yet, i am honest, i have one foot on-line across counting you out. thank you so much congressman. >> any time, lou. lou: i will try to restore my faith in y'all. >> thank you, lou, it's coming, you bet. lou: vote in our poll, question is, is it time for the nfl to replace its gutless commissioner with someone who will stand up for our values? cast your vote on twitter, at lou dobbs, follow me on twic tw, and like me on facebook and instagram, on wall street stocks down lower today, dow down 1/4 of 1% despite hysteria. a decline was over north korea kurk believe that? sip sep down 6, volume on big board, 3.2 billion shares, worst day for facebook.
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providing congress with foreign ads by russia.
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lou: a few thoughts about the nfl and its protest controversy. when president criticize the nfl for permitting some players to protest during "the national anthem." the president called that conduct disrespectful and called on nfl owners and leaders to stop it. commissioner roger goodell responded by attacking the president. good he will called the president's criticism divisive and arrogantly claimed the president's words suggest what he calls an unfor the not lack of respect for the nfl, the great game and all of our players. no, only the players who have been so offensive as to sit, to kneel, and ignore "the national
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anthem" and our flag. gold has continued to pander to the players rather than lead them. good he will suggests it's out of bounds for the leader of our nation to ask our country's most of successful athletes to honor our flag. it began when colin kaepernick demonstrated against our flag and law enforcement. that's what started. now the players league wants the whole month of november to protest more of america. it's time to hold them all accountable in the marketplace. which would you rather have your child or grandchild emulate?
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the player on the left or the right. odell beckham pretending to urinate in the end zone or villa if you ha who stood tall. then following the lead of the commissioner and perhaps their union, but it's high time they followed the lead of their president. some argued this is just sports and accused president trump of making this too big an issue. citing a distraction from the real issues when we are changed by murderer out rogue regimes. but president obama is bringing into the conversation the reality ignored by previous paths, the left's attack on our
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country, respect for our values, mayor take and nation must be asserted. values like we saw sunday. alejandro villanuevo standing tall and proud. then you see this. players for used by their coaches to kneel during "the national anthem." peewee players being indoctrinated to protest against the values that made us a free nation. who is the real hero. villanueva or the players who sit in protest all we hold dear. after all, this is now no game. now the quotation of the evening
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from president trump who said when you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice. the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity. president trump praising senator luther strange in a close senate race. >> he loves the state an loves the country. he will win against a democrat. lou: we'll look at the senate primary runoff tomorrow. the man challenging senator strange and the president, judge roy moore. why hike the mountains when you
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lou: north korea escalating a war of words, president trump saying the rabid dotard trump cannot evade a merciless punishment. the rhetoric not surprising since they threatened to beat the united states into jelly. these are just some of the
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things they hurled at the united states. reduce the u.s. mainland to ashes and darkness. make the u.s. suffer the greatest pain ever experienced. political pundits like to criticize the president for calling kim jong-un rocketman. the north koreans say the president's rhetoric make them assume the united states has declared war. the white house ashiewshed the north koreans we have not. joining us on the gop tax reform, and the primary runoff election in alabama tomorrow. ed rollins. great to have you here. let's start with if we may, the nonsense that the surrounding
4:40 am
the north korean statement. we had news organizations reporting that like that made some sense as if it were not some propaganda -- the propaganda that it is. this is nuts to me. ed: the day we declare they will know very quickly and won't have to be told. this president laid count battle lines and they are not going to blackmail us against as they have in the past. they come to agreements, we give them the resources and they go back and do it again. they shouldn't have wasted time on healthcare. they should move on so they can do it next year. but right now they have to get to tax reform and do it quick. the critical thing is the president has to sell it.
4:41 am
and i agree with what you said earlier. the president worked hard on healthcare. but this has to be the sole mission. they can't sell it, he has to sell it. lou: let's turn to the politics of the president and the nfl. the president taking on the issue of horrible leadership in the nfl. ed: there is no bigger fan than i am. i watch four or five games in week. i'm not watching tonight. i sent a letter out to my pac asking people to boycott the game and the nfl to boycott the president. i'm appalled by the fact that the american flag which is so sacred to us, it's a symbol of the greatness of this country that anybody would boycott or kneel down as opposed to stand up as we are all trained to do
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to thank good for living in this extraordinary country. lou: is it time for the nfl to replace its gutless commissioner with someone who will stand up for american values? cast your vote on twitter. please roll the video. we'll show you a wing suiter taking on one of the most of dangerous and intricate flights over the dutch alps. those jagged rocks at those speeds, it would not be a happy thing if he were to miscalculate. but beautiful scenery. don't you think? that's probably not the safest way to see it. but thanks for seeing. scene outspoken former judge hoping to win a populist wave to
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lou: senator luther strange and roy moore are campaigning in the final hours of a big senate a race in alabama. vice president mike pence, the star attraction, and judge moore is in fair oaks with steve bannon. the real clear politics average shows judge moore polling 10 points ahead of strange. for more on the race and what we can expect and what he expects, judge roy moore joins us from mobile, alabama. let's turn to real clear politics. a lot of people surprised you would be 10 points ahead. the average of all the other
4:48 am
polls at this stage in the race with the president endorsing your opponent. >> all i can say is i have got a strong support base. we anticipated this. the president's support for my opponent did not bring any change in the polls and we expect to win tomorrow. lou: in winning, what do you think is the reason you will win. what is your chief attraction to the folks of alabama? >> i think the people of alabama know me, they know what i stands for, they know what i have done in the past and they trust me. i think the opposite is true for my opponent. it has national implications. they have tried to come into this state and buy the people of alabama. the people of alabama are not for sale. they know what's going on. we are going to reject if the
4:49 am
senate leadership funds and the $40 million put into this race and they are losing. lou: that's an extraordinary amount of money. the democrats are look to for their first win. raises the question, are you the strongest candidate to go up against the democrat in december? >> i am, and they will find that out. i know there have been rumors put out and stories put out by the president that it wouldn't be as strong as strange. we'll show them. lou: the issues you are talking about in alabama and nationally, are you truly a populist? are you the man of the people in your judgment, is this part of the strategy or is this who you are? >> there is no strategy about
4:50 am
it. this is what occurred everywhere i go in the state people know me thp. they come up to me and say they are voting for me. this is a populist movement. i had lit toll do with it. it's of god. lou: of god is part of your strong element of appeal to thousands and thousands of alabamans. judge roy moore, good to have you with us. more than 200nfl players protesting the pittsburgh steelers starral shan droa villanuevo. pass for robert jeffress joins us next. stay with us.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you last night, friday night, do you believe the level of corruption and abuse of power during the obama administration, particularly by the intelligence agencies now overwhelmingly dwarfs the watergate scandal. 64% of you have say yes you do.
4:55 am
joining me, pastor robert jeffress. author of a brand-new book, "a place called heaven." the pastor just gave me a copy. i'm going to buy a bunch of them to circulate. and let's start with these nfl protests. the president making a decision to challenge the leadership of the nfl over permitting the disrespectful acts during "the national anthem." >> absolutely. the president was echoing the feeling of millions. americans who believe you have ought to be able to protest the things you don't like about our country without disrespecting the country that gives you have the ability to protest. some of the liberal websites are blowing up over a comment i made on fox. i believe these athletes ought
4:56 am
to thank god every day. they live in a country where they can take a knee without being shot in the head like they would if they lived in north korea. lou: i think it's true all of us. we take so much of what is america for granted to the point where america may be slipping, america as it should be, is slipping from our grasp. demonstrators, protesters and folks are complaining about. but we can do better. what i don't understand is the leadership of the nfl permitting this kinds of nonsense. if they want to protest, great. nobody is arguing their right to express themselves. but do it on their own time. get outside the stadium. cowboys and the cardinals. there is a statue of pat tillman, a man who lost his life serving his country.
4:57 am
he made a choice to leave the nfl and put on his country's uniform. salute one another and hold hands but do it outside. >> some of these athletes claim to be strong christians, i believe they are. but they need to remember the words of jesus, render to ceasar the things that are ceasar's, and to god those things that are god's. they demands our respect and obedience. it's christian thing to do to respect not trash your governing authorities. lou: they are saying many of these people by the dozens say they don't like donald trump. >> it's worse than that. they are calling him a bum. it's unbelievable to show that kind of disrespect. i was very critical of president
4:58 am
obama, but i was critical of his policies. i never criticized him percent personally. what they are doing is reprehensible. lou: so much is invested in the nfl. season ticket holders. the very idea that this is going on because this president had the temerity to suggest you should support our law enforcement. our men and women in uniform and respect our traditional values as represented by our flag and national anthem. >> every day he validates why so many of us voted for him. this is a president who is going to stand for right. thank god we have men like him and villa if yoand villainand -.
4:59 am
i would like to put up this still. this is a remarkable thing. the peer pressure and all the nfl leadership making it clear they want that demonstration and insult to the american people. >> he said i only kneel for god. isn't that great? lou: here he is at the tunnel in yesterday's game and on the right, men who chose to sit. and that's a shame. it's always great to have you with us. how does this end? >> it's going to continue. this is a battle between good and evil, right and wrong. lou: pastor robert jeffress. great to have you here.
5:00 am
thanks for joining us. please be with us cheryl: breaking news this morning. health care and life support. susan collins may have killed republicans effort to repeal and replace obamacare. lauren: the president focusing on cutting your taxes today as gop leaders begin to roll out what their tax reform plan looks like. finally get to see it. cheryl: investors rattled after north korea key strength of declaring war also dragging the dow down 57 today. futures pointing to a mixed open. lauren: mixed reaction as well. cheryl: stocks of asia falling. index down


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