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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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great to have you here. thanks for joining us. please be with us cheryl: breaking news this morning. health care and life support. susan collins may have killed republicans effort to repeal and replace obamacare. lauren: the president focusing on cutting your taxes today as gop leaders begin to roll out what their tax reform plan looks like. finally get to see it. cheryl: investors rattled after north korea key strength of declaring war also dragging the dow down 57 today. futures pointing to a mixed open. lauren: mixed reaction as well. cheryl: stocks of asia falling. index down 3%. kospi got to put 6%.
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lauren: is this the jacket of the future that lets you answer phone calls? "fbn:am" starts right now. train to a 5:01 a.m. in new york. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning good lauren simonetti. looks like a regular jean jacket if you ask me. cheryl: are they just put up with the sensors and i had at some point. lauren: breaking news. the latest gop double steal obamacare essentially of my supporter. susan collins joining senator john mccain, rand paul and ted cruz saying no to the graham-cassidy bill after the congressional budget office is millions of people would lose coverage under legislation. train to adam shapiro with all the details. >> the future for the graham-cassidy bill seems to have been sealed and late monday
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when it seems to release it to your, essentially said that it would save $133 billion in government spending for roughly 10 years, that millions of people would lose insurance. early in the day we heard from him at the bill's cosponsors, senator lindsey graham and he made the case as to whether legislation is necessary. >> is time to try something new and i believe if we took the money and power out of washington, we put in the hands of somebody you would have a relationship with and you can vote for if you don't like the product. we will get a better outcome. reporter: senators like susan collins from maine came onto the bill in part because this paragraph in the root word coming to decrease the number of insured people would be particularly large starting in 2020. that's about to .5 years from now. back to you.
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cheryl: president trump criticized mccain showing video clips of the arizona republican seen a few of the many clips of john mccain talking about repealing and replacing obamacare. he has change complete turn from years of talk. a little harsh words direct today senator mccain. lauren: more than mccain do mean graham-cassidy. kim jong sub one claiming president trump has declared war against pyongyang saying they would shoot down military jets even if in international airspace. he was reacting to president trump suite that kim jong un will not be around much longer. here's dismissing the latest comment. >> we have not declared war in north korea. the suggestion of that is absurd. our goal is the same. we continue to seek a peaceful nuclearization of the focus
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doing that through the most maximum economic and diplomatic pressures as possible at this point. lauren: fighter jets through the north korean border in a show of force. cheryl: president trump jury not to push the tax reform proposal. details from blake burning. president trump will hit the road to unveil the details of long awaited tax reform framework. white house press secretary sarah sanders seen certain details have been finalized and she gave this preview as to what to expect from the president wednesday in indiana. >> the president will discuss new details on the framework for cuts in reform. details include proposed rates for individuals, small businesses and corporations and will also discuss the elimination of loopholes at a rate that the current tax code in favor of the wealthy and did. reporter: the long-awaited repeal last focusing much public attention in the national football league and players who
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kneel during the national anthem. sanders arguing it's always appropriate for the president to defend the flag. >> this isn't about the president being against anyone, but the president and millions of americans being for something, for honoring our flag, our national anthem and honoring the men and women who fight to defend it. reporter: later today the president will host members, both democrats and republicans from the house ways and means committee. that is the group that will fill in some of the things from within this tax reform framework. back to you in new york. lauren: i'll write about programming is for you. president trump will meet with prime minister roy at the white house. we'll have live coverage about 1:45 p.m. eastern time. cheryl: but will the president say? s. always the? lauren: sometimes they talk about things you wouldn't expect them to talk about.
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cheryl: voters heading to the polls in a closely watched republican runoff seen as a referendum on president trump in his presidency. incumbent luther strange battling to take over the seepage of sessions left when he became u.s. attorney general earlier this year. white house advisers steve been in for moore in alabama yesterday lashed out at majority leader another establishment republican for their negative campaign ads. >> this election is $30 million being spent a mitch mcconnell and new crew of corrupting politicians have outside and i need to do story judge moore. supporting more of senator strange. cheryl: especially in alabama. the securities exchange commission heading to capitol hill today. lauren: boy what he faced tough questions. tracee carrasco joining us with that in more headlines.
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treat for good morning. the 2016 hack revealed last week, jay clayson expected to say that his agency mishandled the breach of its corporate filing system for the news. the sec announced the cyberunit within its enforcement division will investigate the cyberattacks and will likely face some tough questions from senators also looking into the massive equifax hack. he's also expect you to say his predecessor really didn't do much to stop this. lauren: relatively new at the job. target is raise the minimum wage is again. tracee: this is a good news for employees there. targets raising the minimum wage to $11 next month and $15 an hour within three years as it competes to fill low-wage jobs in a tighter labor market.
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the retail industry is the largest private sector employer in the u.s. in and competition for hourly workers has increased in traditional stores and distribution centers to fulfill online orders. 2016 target was raised to $10 after wal-mart said it would be paying its employees more. cheryl: not a lot to get by on, 11 bucks an hour. it's something. smart phones, smart tvs. we are both curious about the smart jacket. tracee: this is interesting. at first glance it looks like a normal stylish denim jacket. but this is the jacket of the future come the levi's commuter jacket with jacquard. you can connect to the internet while you wear it. a small device insiders and special yarn is made with that turns the bottom of the left sleeve into a touchscreen by pairing it with your smartphone droid. for $350, i don't think the jacket does much.
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advances much. advances in the light comes on when you receive a text or phone call. you can change music tracks that this might then also help with navigation. the jacket available in men's and women's sizes. cheryl: but my watched as all of that and so does the apple watch. tracee: levi says this jacket is by commuters. if you are riding a bike you need a bike in it the navigation it's a lot easier than your watch or your phone. lauren: i'm feeling very attacked by technology. for a high price tag, too. $350. maybe for christmas. cheryl: or just get an apple watch for $300. lauren: or regular jean jacket for a lot less. thousands of people stranded as puerto rico's airport struggles to recover from hurricane maria. we'll tell you just how bad it really is. hurricane maria finally expect it to make into a tropical
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storm. fox senior meteorologist janice dean with the latest forecast for you. we some major rotation with big tech stocks. we'll see what happens today. features five. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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trained to think of it is gambling with your next flight. united airlines launching a program that lets passengers an overcoat slide bit on how much compensation they are willing to take to give up their seats. go try this next month in select cities and, by the way, and after the dragging off of the flight back in april, the airline says just 260 passengers were denied seats in may and june. that's 85% from the prior year. lauren: i'll go with $9000. cheryl: that's your starting bid? lauren: that way people might feel like they're getting a deal. puerto rico's airport barely functioning after hurricane maria dropped that its radar system and power. officials say only two dozen passengers flying out every day even on the standby list in the tens of thousands. about 10 commercial flight down
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from a normal 176 bytes. cheryl: operating on generators. bracing for high winds from hurricane maria. lauren: senior meteorologist janice dean is still here in the thoughts of their center with your forecast. reporter: hi, ladies. the good news is maria will not cause too much of a problem across the east coast but if you go to the beach, currents are dangerous but not dealing with a direct impact for maria thank goodness and its weakening, which is also great news. still hurricane but the 5:00 a.m. advisory has said just does 75 miles per hour, so a category one and remaining offshore. we see beach erosion, and then by wednesday, it's out of fear that so glad to say goodbye to
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it. outer banks here and thursday and friday we will not talk about maria anymore and have a little bit of a break in terms of tropical travel. potential for more hurricanes. the cooler than average across the western half of the country. 84 new york committee for an atlanta with cooler temperatures as we get into the weekends. also point out for the western half of texas an area of low pressure that will braid potential for heavier rainfall and we don't need any range over areas hit by harvey. let's look at your forecast ties. cold front moving in. friday and saturday will be 60s in new york and in a school or break if you don't like hot temperatures. i know you like it hot, ladies.
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>> starts to feel little bit like fall. no tropical for the next seven days. see you later. cheryl: speaking of storms, is coming capitol hill yesterday. nearly 200 people arrested after staging protests against the gop health care bill. those protesters disrupting the only public hearing on that bill from the senate. last week launching a new type of vessel. guess what, it was a complete fake. we'll have that story. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: if you're just waking up, the pitcher caught up on what's happening now. three killed in a shooting attack at a crossing between israel and the west bank. the attacker came to the backing of the settlement and opened fire and security forces. the gate is open every morning to allow palestinians to enter israel for work. iranian state television releasing video footage friday claiming to show the launch of a new type of medium-range ballistic missiles. fox news has learned iran never fired a ballistic missile last week in the video release was more than seven months old. it was from a failed launch in january when the missile exploded after liftoff. nearly 200 protesters arrested and son carried out by police during a senate hearing on the graham-cassidy bill yesterday.
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>> if you want a hearing, you better shut up. lauren: at least 15 charged with disruption of congress. cheryl: at one point saying the senator will and the hearing if this continues. a pretty crazy story yesterday and is seen. the protesters not the only ones unhappy. susan collins confirming yesterday she will not vote in favor of the sub 10 bill. joining senator john mccain, ted cruz, rand paul, essentially making this bill dead on arrival. let's bring in patrice lee policy analyst at the independent women's forum. good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: what is the next step if there is on with regards to health care. this seems pretty much done. >> willacy scrambling over the next few days to see if there's anything that can be done to lose senators to regain their vote. it is very unlikely and we may be that to the drawing board.
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as we know, september 30th is the deadline to use the reconciliation process. they look at the repeal and replace them and i think it is time for both congress as well as the administration. president trump putting forth his best efforts to say hey, we need to hold true to a promise to provide some relief to americans struggling under obamacare. cheryl: there is a tweet earlier in the show. he had no problem using twitter as a bully pulpit. we find out about this president. he put up clips from john mccain, the many clips of john mccain for peeling and replacing obamacare. complete turn from years of talk. this is the first shot at president -- from president trump to a senator. may not be the last. >> no, president trump saw senator mccain as a poke in
5:23 am
his side earlier in the summer and coming back again and it is ironic that so many members of congress have run on repealing and replacing obamacare. what is interesting and there may be a little bit of hope, will see is for senator rand paul. he was interested in repealing obamacare taxes and ensuring that insurance companies for not getting big subsidies. maybe there is some wiggle room there if the bill is able to repeal some of those taxes. maybe he might come on board. we'll have to see. >> senator collins made her statement after the cbo report came out in always thought was the cbo said look, those with coverage that will decrease, costs will rise. cbo had to do a quick analysis of this. by the way, also complaining, patrice, that this was the fourth version of this bill, doing another version over the weekend. she kind of has a point. how do i make an informed
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decision on something, which is health care if i'm getting four different versions and i can't keep up with changes, which by the way, getting more and more expensive. >> what's interesting is now democrats are pointing probably rightly to republicans saying you're trying to rush this through which is a major piece of legislation without a lot of discussion particularly on the most recent bill. or maybe something to that. at the end of the day, we have come to the point where this is a pretty good opportunity to get repeal and replace them. not a perfect bill but an effort to get something done. they are obviously also lots of future measures that can be taken. they are trying. i just don't see it happening. the cbo pointed to the loss of people who don't have the personal mandate anymore so they will drop out of obamacare. medicaid expansion rollback with people who may not have as much
5:25 am
coverage. we are not that surprised the cbo will save millions of people would not have coverage. the cbo did say there would be a lot of savings. cheryl: i've only got a few seconds to do. i've got to ask you about alabama. we are watching the republican runoff for the sessions of the senate seat. what's going on with the party? you've got dead men out there've reported broadmoor and then president trump -- this seems like a dangerous game in alabama. >> it may be the trend supporters being split between these two candidates. what it comes down to his turnout and the turnout is in favor of strange -- i'm sorry, more coming into the first primary. so if luther strange is able to get people out to vote, that will work. cheryl: wild story. we'll be covering more. patrice coming to new mexico
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lauren: breaking news this morning. health care and my support. susan collins of maine have just killed the last ditch effort to replace obamacare. cheryl: the president focusing on cutting your taxes as gop
5:30 am
leaders world that tax reform plan tomorrow. lauren: north korea accused president trump of declaring war. a major selloff of technology driving the dow down 57 points. the nasdaq down 1%. cheryl: europe stocks open lower. mexico is the picture there. lauren: japan's nikkei done a third of 1% and south korea. kospi done a quarter of 1%. cheryl: twitter apparently now in the news business think they will update policies on when they can decide which tweets are quote newsworthy. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: 5:30 in the morning. september 26. on lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning.
5:31 am
i'm cheryl casone. twitter is going to not tell me what is newsworthy. lauren: they have to judge which ones are newsworthy and which could be an appropriate or fake news altogether. cheryl: a lot of actual real breaking news this morning. the latest gop bill to repeal obama tried my support. susan collins joining mccain, rand paul and senator cruz say no to this graham-cassidy bill. after the congressional budget office says millions of people would lose coverage under this bill. lauren: let's go to adam for the details. reporter: the future of this graham-cassidy bill seems to have been killed when the congressional budget office released its report, but essentially said that it would save $133 billion in government spending over roughly 10 years, that millions of people would lose their insurance. early in the day on monday we heard from one of the bill's cosponsors, senator lindsey graham and he made the case as to why the legislation is
5:32 am
necessary. >> is trying to try something new and i believe with all my heart and soul that if we took the money and power out of washington, put in the hands of somebody you would have a relationship with them you could actually vote for if you don't like the product. we look at a better outcome. reporter: senators like susan collins from maine came out against the bill as soon as the score was public in part because of this paragraph in the report. the decrease in the number of insured people would be particularly large starting 2020. that's just about 2.5 years from now. talk to you. cheryl: last night president trump strongly criticize john mccain in the tweets we are showing you. video clips of the arizona republican. the president said a few of the many clips talking about repealing and replacing obamacare. has he changed. complete turn premieres at top. that's one of the issues. seven years of promising to
5:33 am
repeal and replace obamacare. the deadline before the rules changes saturday. where do we stand? lauren: looks like we won't have anything to show them that is potentially shown in the midterm elections for republicans. the president also knows north korea is still a problem. kim jong someone's top diplomat is claiming president trump declared war against pyongyang, saying its military would shut down military jets come even if there is an airspace may not a north korean airspace. president trump treated kim jong un won't be around much longer. the white house dismissing the north korean foreign minister's latest comments. >> we have not declared war on north korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd. our goal is still the same. we continue to seek a peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that is their focus, doing that through the most maximum economic and diplomatic
5:34 am
pressures as possible at this point. cheryl: american bombers and fighter jets flew close to the border over the weekend in a show of force, but they did not go into north korean airspace. lauren: president trump gearing up for tax reform proposal. cheryl: more right now from blake burman. reporter: president trump will hit the road tomorrow to unveil details of the long-awaited tax reform framework. the white house press secretary sarah sanders seemed certain details have been finalized and she gave this preview as to what to expect from the president wednesday in indiana. >> the president will discuss the details on the framework for these cuts and reforms. details will include specific proposed rates for individuals, small businesses and corporations and he will also discuss the elimination of loopholes that it read to the current tax code in favor of the wealthy and well-connected. reporter: the long would it reveal as much of the public attention is focused on the national football league and players who kneel during the
5:35 am
national anthem. sanders are doing it is always appropriate for the president to defend the flag. >> this isn't about the president being against anyone. this is the president of millions of americans being for something, being for honoring our flag and national anthem and honoring the men and women who fought to defend it. reporter: later today, the president at the white house will host members of democrats and republicans from the house ways and means committee. that is a group that will fill in some of the planks from within this tax reform framework. back to you in new york. cheryl: a programming note for you, president trump will meet with prime minister rajoy today at the white house. live coverage 1:45 p.m. eastern time during cavuto coast to coast. lauren: parents, listen now. tens of thousands of jogging strollers recalled across the country. tracey carrasco has that and other stories. tracee: this is a big one.
5:36 am
delta enterprise recalling 28,000 jogging strollers that may contain a front wheel bracket that could break off, causing the child to fall out. four reports of this wheel bracket break and when her partner child falling from the stroller getting cuts and bruises. strollers were sold at target and wal-mart and other retailers as well from august 2015-august 2016. cheryl: very scary. twitter rejecting complaints about president trump street. tracee: this is interesting going back to the story we were talking about a few minutes ago. twitter will update its public science on what may be pulled from the website are allowed to stay on to include a consideration of newsworthiness as part of an effort to make the rules clear for users. they recently came up again after north korea believed a tweet from the president over the weekend was clear declaration of war. this is what the president
5:37 am
today. just heard foreign minister of north korea speak of u.n. if they have lots of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. anything the president treats his newsworthy and will not be pulled from the website. lauren: and he treats a lot. on a lighter note, celebrating national pancake day, but i hear these pancakes give you a buzz. tracee: yes, we will clarify the best, though. because of drinking your morning latte is enough, you can eat up the flavor the site of maple syrup. available today, limited-edition pancakes made for coffee latte lovers pancakes. salted carvel, pumpkin spice and bonus cover some of the pancakes to come with a little caffeine kick. lauren: no breakfast for dinner. you'll be up all night. cheryl: nothing like a sugar buzz to keep you rolling for a few hours.
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tracee: at 5:30, i'll take it. cheryl: thank you. speaking of coffee, coffee could carry cancer warning labels. presenting evidence to a judge in california claiming starbucks violated a state law requiring they warn consumers about a chemical created during the roasting process for coffee. they say the camel could cause cancer, but defense attorneys say it is found that very harmless levels. sometimes you've got to take a little bit of a grain of salt. lauren: you'll still drink your coffee even if it has the warning label. janet yellen expected to make what is a significant speech, really questioning why prices are so low these days. we will take a look at that. 50,000 people flew the indonesian resort in bali begins to rumble after a half-century of com, is it now ready to
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cheryl: welcome back pulitzer too caught up on what's happening now. attorney general jeff sessions
5:42 am
plans to discuss freedom of speech at the georgetown university law center. the crush of the berkeley speakers expect it to say freedom of speech is under attack at american colleges and universities. reports say six or president trump's closest advisers occasionally as private e-mail accounts to discuss white house business. reports come in a day after service the jared kushner, the president on a mock the numbers are used a private e-mail account. steve bannon, stephen miller, gary cohn and trump cohn and trump's daughter is on fire using the account when she was an unpaid adviser during the first month of the administration. none had a private server. hillary clinton had a whole server. nearly 50,000 people have fled the indonesian report island of bali. residents and visitors are safe beyond the danger zone that could raise that to 7.5 miles
5:43 am
from the peak of the nearly 10,000 has not erected since 1964. a group of candidates running out to be a hero on his wedding day. they were posing on a bridge in ontario park when the boy appeared to have been pushed in by a friend. the grim jumps in the water from the water from a suit and non-rescues the boy. she kept shooting the pictures the whole time, posted the pictures on facebook and they went viral. this guy is going to be a good daddy thing. lauren: a feel-good story. congratulations. he was wet for his wedding i guess. cheryl: at least for pictures. the big reveal tomorrow but president trump old reveal his tax-cut plan. but will he reveal? price waterhouse coopers, good morning. we are promised specific rates for individuals, small
5:44 am
businesses and bigger companies. what are you looking for? >> you know it's interesting, a lot of leakage coming out of the white house and the treasury but we don't know how the house and senate feel about it. overall, rates coming down. the top in one of the highest rates in the world. we need to bring those down and not as where the rhetoric has been. how far down, we still don't know. lauren: 15% is the goal, do you think they'll settle it funny? >> the president of the dealmaker, so likely settling lower than where it is. the interesting thing is when will it do with pass through partnerships. we don't know where those are going to land and that's to land about the little picture of a tricky situation right now. lauren: if there's a repatriation of trillions of dollars -- overseas, do expect to hear some plan of upbringing >> we have heard much about that
5:45 am
at all. clearly something talked about earlier in the president me. then the sordid gyrations of what could possibly happen with tax policy, it has been suspiciously silent on that topic. we hope we hear something about that. the markets are hoping to hear something about it. lauren: are you expecting to hear how will pay for all this? >> i look at as a triangle. corporate rates in some deductions they are then you have the budget. figuring out how to pay for it will be the challenge that everyone will be talking about in weeks to comments dynamic scoring. i will come back and talk about that at some point. >> yesterday we saw a big rotation out of the big momentum to knowledge he games like facebook and amazon and into the small caps, hence the russell 2000 on all-time high. regardless of the fluctuation in change in the market, most people will say tax reform is
5:46 am
now baked into the cake. if we like what we see from the administration to bar with regard to taxes, where does the market go? >> i think what is interesting is the market expect something to happen. the definition of something is a little fuzzy. they expect something to happen. i don't think tomorrow will be the big game changer because there's not a lot of mystery that it will be something as proposed. it is how this plays out in the legislative process. that's what the market is hanging onto. lauren: janet yellen delivers a speech later today. what to expect her to say about inflation? >> inflation is surprisingly low, not so surprising to all. what is interesting is the economy has crept up slowly over time. commodity prices haven't gone up in oil is staying low. not a lot of inflationary pressure and they think that will be worked into the calculus and most likely meaning we will not be rates picking up as
5:47 am
quickly as we thought. lauren: may be one more rate hike in december. good to see you. cheryl: i like that cheap money. lauren: say no more hikes. not necessary. cheryl: i think he's right. monday night football with a major twist last night. dallas cowboys american team in jerry jones kneeling before the national anthem was played. football and baseball news as well. aaron judge blasting his way into history. jared max with all the sports this morning. nike coming out in support of players rights to protest. a 5% this year. more on that coming up. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: nfl sponsor nike responding to the controversy in a statement the company same nike support the right to freedom of expression on issues that are of great importance to our society. nike canada in support of the players right to protest that did not take a stand on the reasons for the protests. the record earnings "after the bell" today. the stock up 5% so far here today. lauren: monday night football another mass protest on afl-cio on this one. cheryl: jared max here with the story but the big mail. lauren: i was thinking about you watching the situation.
5:52 am
dallas cowboys owner jerry jones saying i do not think the place to express yourself and society of those who recognize the american flag. that's not the place to do anything other than honor the flag and everyone who's given up a little bit for it. likud took to the pregame expression on the presence of a folk of the jerry jones joined his cowboy players and front office workers on the field in glendale before the national anthem. they stayed for about 14, 15 seconds and i walked to the side mind and stood for the playing of the national anthem, locked in arms as the cardinals did as well. and now to the game. first-quarter cardinals carson palmer, first and two touchdowns 125 yards. third-quarter cowboys just wills his way towards the end zone. cowboys take the lead in the fourth quarter dallas leading by two touchdowns in ezekiel
5:53 am
elliott. cowboys and 28-17. pittsburgh's dealers u.s. army vet nursed three tours in afghanistan told reporters why he's uncomfortable with this photo of him standing outside the tunnel. [inaudible] it wasn't me stepping forward. >> he wanted to not be the only guy there but the anthem started and had nowhere to go. not only became the nfl's salary that 24 hour period after the game. merchandise being sold in sizes for women. great stuff from villa nueva. steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger said sunday's protest led to a sleepless night sunday and he will be on the field for the anthem going forward. and some protest hasn't fared well for denver in the business
5:54 am
relationship to say stop airing the commercial with miller because it is part of the protest that lebron james not the only big name to sound off monday. antonio spurs gregg popovich. >> the country's embarrassment in the world. you we've got a choice. we can continue to bow their heads off the wall with this conduct or we can decide that the institutions of our country are more important, that people are more important, that the decent america we all thought we had them want is more important and get down to business at the grassroots level and do what we have to do. >> is only 25, but aaron judges hit the big 5-0. he breaks mark require single-season rookie record. cheryl: that's incredible. two home runs for the last two days.
5:55 am
the big 5-0. playoffs are coming. cheryl: all this controversy taking us away. >> is going to be great. so many great stories. going to be fantastic. cheryl: you can get sports reports fox news headlines 24 sevenths sirius xm channel 115. i still love that picture. lauren: i do, too. oil back in a bull market. going to london to find out why.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
cheryl: looks like investors are bullish on oil and opec will successfully shrink the global supply. weaver gold from "the wall street journal" joins us now. is that the case? >> yeah, good morning. it seems as though from an investor's to the prospects for oil look better than they did even among the go. u.s. oil back in a bull market run a two-year high. that comes a little bit more face that opec will be able to curb supplies as well as signs that demand may be a little better than expected and most recently on monday, also some threats to oil from iraqi kurdistan, which was actually
5:59 am
quite oldish for prices. a number of investors are retaining particularly among hedge funds at the moment. lauren: i also want to talk about them what is going on in technology. many popular name selling off yesterday. apple being one of them. though shares their correction territory. are there concerns about the iphone 10? >> it seems that way if you look at apple suppliers in taiwan and hong kong, though shares have come under tremendous pressure not just today but all along since apple shares have been falling since the launch. i think kind of tepid reviews, signs that demand may be weaker than expected as well as expectations and rallies in share prices going into the launch that caused the pressure on shares related to the iphone around the world. >> a thousand dollars price tag for the 10. most people aren't willing to shell that out. riva gold.
6:00 am
thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> things for joining us. let's say good morning to maria bartiromo. maria: good morning. happy tuesday, everybody. i maria bartiromo. tuesday comes september 26th. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast good republicans plan to repeal. susan collins to force another to announce she will vote no on this bill. joining john mccain by rand paul, ted cruz all in opposition. even seeking some changes to get to a yes. >> the bill clearly opens the door to weakening protections for people with preexisting conditions. >> my opinion from the get-go on this bill, the graham-cassidy bill keeps over 90% of the spending cover keeps over 90% of the taxes in simply reshuffles the formula. maria: mor


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