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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we tell clients be diversified. diversified portfolios, not only sector but style and size. liz: jay shah. positive advice. dow turning negative. it is going to be a close one. melissa and david. david: stocks losing steam in the final moats of trading. dow turning negative the past 15 minutes. it is down 6 1/2 points. the s&p on verge of going negative. it is barely positive. nasdaq faring best of the three. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this. is after the bell. this is what we're covering during the very busy hour ahead. pulling the plug on health care reform. senate republicans calling it quits, at least for now, on the latest push to repeal and replace obamacare. what it means going forward. the focus on tax reform with the president announcing details of his plan tomorrow, giving us some hints today, about what we
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can expect. and polls closing in a few short hours for an alabama senate race that could have major implications across the country. we're live in month bombry. senator -- montgomery. senator john hoeven, pat meehan, charlie hurt and gordon chang are among our guest this is hour. david: great lineup. the dow is sinking at close. s&p is negative too. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. it looked in the beginning of the day of trading we might hit three digits to the plus side but janet yellen rained on that parade. >> that's right. she basically is on track. they will continue with the rate hikes. we're seeing 76% likelihood of a rate hike in december. they will continue to do it in 2018, 19 and 20. we had back and forth action. dow at high was up 70 points. down 16 points. we're selling off again.
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the categories, sectors, telecom, health care, utilities. utilities normally a safe play. that is selling off. fold selling off. -- gold. we're not seeing a safe play. investors moving into the energy and financials and the like. look at apple. that was up 2 1/2 bucks. apple is under pressure. sold off. we at raymond james put 180 price target. if you're owning apple you're happy with that. we have to see what the iphone 10 does. we saw in the morning everybody was focusing on, you did see amazon in that 10% sell off. it was down more than 10% from the recent highs. now you see it moving back higher. apple, facebook intel, netflix with up arrows. a quick peek at dish here. directv allowing refund over anthem protest complaints. we'll watch for that. that is down 3 1/2%.
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we have a few pieces of durable goods and gdp. we'll watch later in the week. back to you. david: good stuff, nicole. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: gold reversing course after big gains yesterday. closing down more than $9, 3/4 of a percent to settle at 1279 an ounce. oil entering bull market territory yesterday but ending down. crude is up nearly 10% for the month. that's a big jump. david: one thing could change everything is tax cuts, if we get them. detailing what hopes will be the biggest tax cut in history, president trump meeting with the house ways and means committee. they're the ones who actually write tax law at the white house today, ahead of the big reveal on tax reform tomorrow. fox business's blake burman at the white house with the latest. did we see behind the curtain at all, blake? >> we're starting to get a little bit of a rollout, what it might look like when the president travels to indiana, david. we're told you can expect the
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president to lay out rates tomorrow for individuals, for small businesses, for corporations. that is part of a speech tomorrow that will last about 15 minutes or so. you're right, here at white house, he already met, president did, with members of the house ways and means committee. both democrats, republicans ahead of the big rollout tomorrow which the president said the tax framework, details within it, would be quote a comprehensive detailed report. the president gave a bit of a preview when it came to the child tax credit and also the standard deduction. >> we will cut taxes tremendously for the middle class, not just a little bit but tremendously. that includes nearly doubling the standard deduction that most families take on their taxes, and increasing the child tax credit where families really want, talk about for a long time. reporter: earlier today up on capitol hill house speaker paul ryan was asked if republicans need to get this
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done, especially after the failures of health care reform so that they can fulfill some of the promises that they had talked about for years out on the campaign trail. here was ryan's response. >> tax reform is the most important thing we can do to restore confidence to this country to, get jobs and prosperity. that is why we're singularly focused getting this done this year. reporter: big news in washington, d.c., literally a few minutes ago. republican senator from tennessee, bob corker announced he will not run for re-election in 2018. this puts another seat in play, one for republicans. the map favors republicans going around in 2018. david, melissa, now as you know health care reform appears going nowhere, there is a lot of questions with tax reform. the either questions raised, how might this impact and affect from republicans. we hear from one, bob corker, saying he doesn't want to run
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again in 2018. he is retiring. david: we'll talk about health care in a moment with senator hoeven. good setup. melissa. melissa: today's panel for reaction. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management. fox news contributor. heather zumarriaga, from vision forward. thanks to both of you for joining us. gary, let me start with you, the reason it might have a chance, it is really good for everybody except rich people. >> look, they fell into the trap of what they call the privileged few, they should not get anything back from the government, which i can't stand because producers are the ones that drive the economy. so i don't know what happened. melissa: i hear you. >> i am hoping this is bigger than what i am hearing. i'm hearing over 10 years, 1.5 trillion, terrific. but including federal, state, local, we'll send them 60 trillion bucks next 10 years. that is in just in taxes. this is a fly on an elephant's
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you know what. this is big and bold. i want to see something about the 75,000 pages of tax code. melissa: yes, absolutely, but, heather, we're talking about corporate tax rates. we're talking about the middle class. we are talking about getting rid of a lot of deductions. it's a big step in the right direction and the stick that they always use to whack the president and everybody on the right, it is tax cuts for the rich. even though you know, those may be good for the economy to give tax cuts to the rich, this doesn't seem to do it. so maybe there is a chance? >> it is not going to happen this time, from 39.6%, that top rate, lowering perhaps to 35% or not at all. melissa: state and local deductions, getting rid of that. that means everybody's taxes will go up. >> then everybody pays more if you close some loopholes and deductions. look, republicans need to get something done. president trump wants a win and legislation passing. melissa: will he get it. >> that is what markets want as
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well. i don't think it will be october 1st, few days from now, fiscal deadline. hopefully by year-end, i think markets decline 10 to 15% or not. melissa: gary, there is a lot of compromise in this. you don't think it gets done? >> i think something gets done, definitely not in the next week they came out with something. i get my main point. when the dems had house and senate, they went full bore, got everything they wanted. seals like republicans have everything, they are meek and mild little guys that refuse to go all the way on something they have been talking about for years. if there is anything this economy needs -- by the way they're not even talking about government spending side, that is out of hand at this point of time. there has to be a lot of things done and this is a little bit on the small side. >> i agree. melissa: thanks, guys. >> we were very disappointed by a couple senators, republican senators i must say.
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we are very disappointed they would take the attitude they did. at some point there will be repeal and replace, but we'll see whether or not that point is now or will it be shortly thereafter. but we are disappointed at certain so-called republicans. david: president trump earlier today calling out quote so-called republicans for desserting the party's last-ditch effort to change obamacare. moments ago, shocking news that the senate is pulling the graham-cassidy bill. so with health care change dead for now, will republican leadership be called into account for their second stinging failure on the issue? here now is senator john hoeven, republican senator from north dakota. senator, leaders get the job done. the republican leadership has failed twice. will someone there, in particular mitch mcconnell, be called into account? >> i think the focus is getting on, getting on tax relief and getting it done and getting it done by year-end. and remember, we're not about
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giving up on repeal and replace. we have to continue to work to get that done. hopefully we made substantive progress. it is something i voted for a number of times already and others have as well. we hope we're getting enough progress made that we dan get to the 51 votes we need. david: senator, let's be honest, you have two failures, two devastating failures on health care. the best you can do is move on to tax reform now but if you're going to do that, don't you need a change in leadership? the leaders have failed your party. >> i think what you have to keep in mind, david, even when president obama had 60 votes in the senate, it took him until the second year of his administration to get it passed. we made progress on health care reform. we're not giving up. we're going to continue. david: wait a minute, how have you made progress? you just failed for second time in couple months? >> by going through concepts that can work. if you look at latest legislation that we have found
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areas where we built consensus, we have to keep doing that to get 51 votes that we need. and at same time, pass tax relief. so it is an effort to do both. david: senator, forgive me, you know how frustrated the american people is right now with congress. >> sure. david: i don't have to mention the polls to you. this failure today does nothing to encourage any sentiment that you're getting the job done? >> david, then maybe, you should talk to somebody who didn't vote for repeal and replace. i voted for it three times now this year. david: you have, but your leadership has not succeeded in bringing the party together. remember the democrats were all over the place before obamacare and, like it or hate it, you have to admit the leadership, the senate leadership under the democrats got the dem together and passed obama care. why can't republicans do the same? >> david, as i said, in the second year. they didn't pass it the first year. they pass i had it in the second
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year. i share frustration. we have to keep working on it. our hope is to have tax relief done this year, repeal and replace done next year. david: same leadership? you don't think it is time to change leadership? >> i think focus has to be on getting the job done. that is what we're focused on. david: that is what leaders are supposed to do. so far they haven't. you understand our frustration, senator. >> we should. david: wish you best of luck. senator john hoeven. thank you very much for being here. >> you bet. melissa: got to get this stuff done. david: absolutely. that is what a manager in business and leader in congress is supposed to do, get the job done. melissa: yeah. people at home just can't stand hearing about it any longer without seeing progress. bribery and fraud at some of the nation's top college basketball programs. federal prosecutors announcing charges in number of schemes that included coaches, financial planners and an executive at adidas. david: this is heart-breaking. otto warmbier's parents speaking out for the first time detailing
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the brutal torture their son went through at a north korean prison. gordon chang said it was crucial to add north korea to the travel ban list. he will tell us why. melissa: the situation growing more dire in puerto rico. the president's making the island's roofry a top priority. fox news's geraldo rivera is on the ground in san juan. he will join us next. >> we right now have our top people from fema and they have been there. we are unloading on an hourly basis massive loads of water and food and supplies for puerto rico. hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. melissa: the crisis in puerto rico continues as government aid rushes in. president trump announcing he
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will visit the island next tuesday. yesterday on the phone with me, the governor urged congress, as well as anyone willing to reach out and help the island. >> we are proud u.s. citizens. melissa: yes. >> we help u.s. citizens. the hurricane came by, time to help puerto rico and we ask congress to take immediate action on aid to puerto rico. melissa: we understand, sir. joining with us the situation in san juan, we have fox news's geraldo rivera. i'm so glad you're there. i heard you said like myself, getting texts and emails with people with family on the island, they are very worried and have a lot of pressing questions. let's get to some of them. you are addressing them. people say there are not enough phone lines on the island. some places you can get to. there are other territories that, i will butcher this, some other territories they can't reach anyone.
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do you have any sense when there are more phone lines? have you heard anything? >> i have not, melissa, and it is extremely frustrating. cell service is spotty at best. it is extremely unreliable and it ads to the ominous nature of this spreading human catastrophe. if you can't reach your auntie in this county or that community, you feel the worse. i think most people are final though the, casualty count is now in the deep, in the teens, 18 i believe. but i don't think that is the big problem. the big problem is communication. if we could communicate, they could tell us what their needs are specifically but we know also at the needs are. we know they need electric power. they need gas for generators for their vehicles. they need fresh water for sanitation and for cooking and for drinking. it is great. i love the american red cross arrayed behind me, melissa.
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other people from health and human services and other federal employees, fema people are also here but they, they didn't bring cell phone service with them. you know, i know you have a series of specific inquiries. so, just, ask and i will give you my best, latest information. melissa: so in the last hour, we heard from the head of fema on the white house lawn and he said that the national guard has landed on the island and that they are there specifically to rebuild the energy infrastructure, the grid. that is a big worry. you had said, why doesn't somebody just bring a ship with a ton of generators? if you were going to do something to help, that would help a lot. he was asked a question like that. he said we're working really hard to open more capacity in the ports and airports. that is what fema is doing right now, working on that. how desperately is that needed? what difference would that make?
4:20 pm
>> absolute difference. the big port of ponce, crippled. san juan only operating during the day time. barges are waiting to come ashore but the infrastructure is not there. yesterday was most frustrating thing in the world. here at san juan airport, there was one relief flight. there were idle c-5s, idle c-17s, c-130s because the air traffic control was not in place. the air tower was destroyed by the hurricane. so you're not getting the bulk -- i love these people. these people, red cross is my favorite charity in these disasters bar none over decades but people, they come, they need to eat too. they need to drink water when they're here too. they need lodging too. the people of puerto rico need power. they need water. they need those generators ashore. they need infrastructure to be operational. and i will tell you what about the power grid. fema announcing that they're going to meaningfully step it
4:21 pm
up. do you know that 70% of this power grid was already out because of hurricane irma. so 70% of the island had no power before maria even hit. so, you know, the response, you know, sincere as it is, i think it is fair to say is relatively belated, melissa. i'm not criticizing anybody, believe me. i know how tough this is. melissa: yeah. >> this has not been a well-oil machine, put it that way. melissa: here on "after the bell" well continue to be a be a source of information. field questions, viewers out there, go to our facebook page, go to twitter. send them to david and myself. "after the bell" we'll talk to geraldo, whoever else is there, gather information and try to keep people connected, keep pressure on and keep information flowing during this time. geraldo, we will not forget about people there with you. we which stay on this and help. thanks for coming on the show today. we'll see you next time. >> thank you, melissa.
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david: valuable stuff. we have breaking news. earnings reports, nike, first quarter results, quickly, nil coal, what are the numbers? >> this was a beat on earnings per share. nike is trading higher by 1 1/2%. 57 cents, versus 48 cents estimate. revenue coming in roughly in line. they saw strength abroad which offset north american weakness. drop in converse and nike slipped behind adidas, they repurchased 15 million shares. thank you channels of growth, we talked about, david, growth through allison and also the direct to consumer channels that will help nike going forward. david: linking with amazon couldn't hurt. nicole, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: so in the room with the president, president trump meeting with democrats and republicans on tax reformerlier today, urging both parties to come together for the good of the american people. coming up we'll speak to one of the congressman who was in the
4:23 pm
room. pat meehan from pennsylvania. david: also controversy surrounding the nfl and national anthem has one marine veteran burning his season tickets. what you see on right side of the screen. charlie hurt from "the washington times" is here to respond. that is next. >> we're not a people that fought and died for that flag and disrespected yesterday like you did, i'm done. i'm making my own sacrifice. i'm standing up for what i believe. i'm getting rid of these tickets right now. ♪ from the very beginning ...
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the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at >> i was ashamed taking place. i don't think you can respect our flag, national anthem. to me the nfl situation is important situation. for people to disrespect that,
4:27 pm
for kneeling during the national anthem, i think it is disgraceful. david: president trump doubling down on criticism of nl players and owners who kneeled or sat during games. is the president winning his end of the argument for the american people? "washington times" opinion editor and charlie hurt joining me now. so charlie, yesterday, and sunday, all of the the sew -- sophisticates said the president is going on rages. this absurd. small minority of the american public. turns out a much bigger group of americans that cared about it a long time. not only disrespect of players on the field but nfl has not been handling it. >> amazing david. we're not talking about a 60-40 issue. we're talking about an 80-20 issue or 90-10 issue, which is very rare thing in politics these days.
4:28 pm
that chasm even exists among the players, if you look at number of people who don't partake in the stupid protest versus the small number that does. and i think it is so amazing to listen to the president's critics claiming that donald trump is politicized this. well, no, he hasn't politicized it. they politicized it by doing it. david: not only players by taking a knee. more than that the nfl coddling link, not doing anything, coming out with formula, anything chastised. leading to a lot of extraordinary scenes. we played in a tease to segment, a video after marine, a former marine, who literally is burning his season tickets. now, he is burning them, doesn't want anybody to resell them. he wants that seat to be empty. that is costing him thousands of dollars. more scenes we see like this, i think more people the president has on his side. >> without any doubt. i think, as usual the president is very much in tune with
4:29 pm
popular opinion. he just has a gut instinct for it. when this got dragged out into the political realm, he is the nation's head cheerleader anyway about patriotism. david: that's a great point. he has a bully pulpit. that is old catchphrase. that is true. he can speak for the americans who don't have the kind of resonance, because of all the media and everything, going out the other side. he is using it to defend this, sort of unspoken american. by the way, there is an attempt, by at least one owner to try to come type of compromise. jerry jones, owner of dallas cowboys. he took a knee with the players. he is against taking a knee during the anthem. took a knee before the anthem was played. the audience booed. they didn't know what was going on. but then, he stood up as did all of the players, when the anthem was played. might jerry jones, be coming up with a compromise?
4:30 pm
>> perhaps. i think it is kind of interesting that so many of these people are now saying, not about the national anthem. it is about, we don't object to the national anthem. we object to donald trump, which i say, great, shut up and stand up, put your hand over your heart for the national anthem. david: bingo. >> problem solved. david: i think you nailed it, charlie. once again this is example after president, first shot, all the sophisticates are saying what a disaster he is. turns out the american public is behind him on this. >> i'm sure this has been something that has been sort of gnawing at him for some time. david: absolutely. >> we now see something gnawing at everybody else for a long time. david: charlie hurt, good to see you, charlie. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: to another big story rocking world of sports. accusations bribery and kickbacks at top-tier basketball programs. details of three separate schemes were unveiled, agents financial advisors and apparel executives bribed college coaches to direct players to
4:31 pm
them. federal pros cores announcing charges against 10 people, including these four assistant coaches from auburn, arizona, oklahoma state and usc. also charged, jim gatto, the director of the global sports marketing at adidas. david: wow. we heard a lot of rumors bit. looks likes they have evidence now. primary day senator luther strange facing off against judge roy moore, voters hit polls for big republican runoff race. can president trump's support for strange put him on top. take you live to alabama. melissa: amid rising tension with north korea. parents of otto warmbier are talking for first time since the death of their son. gordon chang on why he agrees with adding rogue regime to the travel ban. that's next. >> north korea is not a victim. they're terrorists. they kidnapped otto. they tortured him.
4:32 pm
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>> otto was on the stretcher, across in the plane and he was jerking violently, making these inhuman sounds. otto had a shaved head. he had a feeding tube, coming out of his nose. he was staring blankly into
4:36 pm
space, jerking violently. he bass blind. he was deaf. as we looked at him to try to comfort him, it looked like someone had taken a pair of pliers rearranged his bottom teeth. we owe it to the world to list north korea as state sponsor of terror. melissa: so the parents of slain american student otto warmbier recounting the horrible reunion with their son, tortured at the hands of the north korean regime, the rogue nation, threatening war, attacks on american warplanes, with no insight, with no end in sight to the nuclear stand-off. president adding north korea to the travel ban. gordon change, author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. these were revealed this morning that americans did not know. the parents were led to believe, maybe he was in this coma, he would be in unresponsive state.
4:37 pm
here whether they arrive, he is making these noises that don't sound human. he is deaf. he is blind. they have rearranged his teeth. he is, every horrible thing you could ever imagine seeing, tortured, absolutely tortured and the parents saying today, these people are terrorists. what is the response to them taking an american student, and doing this? >> this is unspeakably evil, but the regime is unspeakably evil. this is what they do to their own citizens. you know, stories coming out of north korea, from defectors are just, so, in that interview with his parents it was really hard to watch. melissa: yeah. >> but, that story has been repeated so many times with other individuals. melissa: yeah. it is important to hear the story. you have to think that it is coming out right now because we are talking about this idea of
4:38 pm
the travel ban and of how to treat north korea as a whole, and this conversation continues. and you have even seen comparisons, people in the press, between president trump and this regime. when you hear things like this, just evil, physical torture, and horrors of what is going on in this country, it is, it really put as laser focus on what is happening, doesn't it? >> it certainly puts things in perspective. you have a lot of people saying we should negotiate with the north koreans. we come to terms with them. melissa: can you negotiate with people that do this? >> no. no country has had good relations with north korea, not even the friend and sponsor, china. this is, i think at end of the day, this really says to us, we have to deal with north korea in very harsh terms. we have to protect south korea, japan and people of north korea. because, you know, as this regime continues, those people are brutalized, like otto warmbier was brutalized.
4:39 pm
>> you have no idea how many people this has happened to, this is one american. versus all of the people, in his own country. what do you think when you talk about dealing with them in very stark, harsh terms, what does that mean? >> there are a number of things we have to do. we have to disarm them. we have to stop them from selling weapons. for instance, missiles to iran, chemical weapons to syria. when we see pictures of gassed syrian children that is north korean chemical weapons probably paid for by tehran. tehran pays north korea estimated two or three billion dollars a year for various forms of cooperation. none of it is good. this country is proliferating most dangerous items around the world. it is threatening to take over south korea, that is core legitimacy item for north korea. that is what the regime is founded on. this is the world's worst regime from any perspective. melissa: gordon, thank you. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: david, more bad news for equifax.
4:40 pm
credit reporting company announcing ceo is retiring amid fallout from the epic data breach earlier this month. fox business's deirdre bolton live in the newsroom with the latest. deirdre, hard to think of any breach affected this many americans. >> 40% of all the population. caused us a collective headache. cost the ceo his job. this massive data breach, talking about, touching 140 million americans, really changing the top of the look of that company. so, take a look. the board actually issued a statement, saying, we remain deeply concerned about and totally focused on the cybersecurity incident. so while the board looks for a new permanent ceo. the previous president of the asian-pacific region. he will serve as interim ceo. you recall all the details. industry peers say equifax. numerous warned of vulnerabilities. equifax is either incapable or
4:41 pm
incompetent but did not seem to act. adding insult to injury. we did weeks to tell the american public that social security numbers, names, addresses, dates of birth had all been stolen. that time lag may have made us all more vulnerable to identity theft. no specific cases have been reported yet. but theres were problems with the equifax website where people were supposed to be able to check whether their details were at risk. ftc is investigating the hack. department of justice started a criminal probe into potential insider trading of top three executives, executives sold $2 million worth of stocks after the hack and before the company went public with us. those three high-ranking individuals said they had no knowledge of the breach. it, seems very doubtful given their positions but that is what the department of justice is looking into. and we've been following the stock, down about 1%, but it has lost a third of its value since that hack became known in
4:42 pm
september. so ceo is out. and that follows last week's david, when two other top execs essentially dismissed. back to you. david: prices are being paid. deirdre bolton, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: timeline for your tax cut. president trump will unveil new details about his tax reform plan tomorrow, vowing tremendous tax cut for the middle class, up next, we will speak to congressman pat meehan, who went, who met with the president at white house earlier today. >> i look forward to working with the members of congress gathered here today. to pass the reform and the massive tax cuts that our country desperately need to thrive.
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♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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david: looking out for the middle class, president trump looking at bipartisan group of house ways and means committee members, pushing tax reform ahead of tomorrow's big rollout.
4:46 pm
here is what he said. >> we will cut taxes tremendously for the middle class, not just a little bit, but tremendously. that includes nearly doubling the standard deduction, that most families take on their taxes, and increasing the child tax credit. families really want and have been talking about for a long time. david: sounds great but with today's health care failure, the second in a up -- couple months, can the gop come together on this? congressman pat meehan, republican congressman from pennsylvania, the house ways and means committee member joins me now. congressman, you understand our hesitation about accepting president's optimism on this. if you failed on health care, what makes this any different? >> i think there is a number of different issues. first you have a president is fully engaged in this issue, comfortable with it. and has been a partner in its construction from the beginning.
4:47 pm
cabinet secretaries are communicating regularly with those of us in the house. house republicans have been working diligently a plan reflects some agreements that have been made. so i think there is a lot more collaboration on the front end, makes people more comfortable moving forward. david: i think you're right on that. you hear it from steve mnuchin and gary cohn they seem fully engaged on this. they want to participate in historic tax cut. there are problems already. the deficit hawks in congress, for example, some say if the cbo says it will add to the deficit. they're not for it. what do you say to that? , to them? >> i think we'll hear some of that criticism. but the purpose behind this, behind the cuts are to stimulate the economy and get business going again of the we have the potential to reach growth that is, that is there without doing a great deal of improvement. we can make up a lot of that ground. so you have to have confidence
4:48 pm
that these kind of incentives will work but i believe that they will, particularly because they're focused on allowing small business people and others to put their capital to work and get it to work quicker. as well as bringing over some of those stranded assets overseas to reinvest. david: we have historical precedents it worked in the past. when reagan tax cuts kicked in 1983 and beyond we had tremendous growth. we have a chart to put up. it was 4% the first year, 7%, the next year. mnuchin said there is enough revenue to come in to allow the tax cuts to pay for themselves once the economy grows. not everybody believes that among the republican caucus, including a number of senator. >> one of the important things that was done in the senate, was pat toomey, meeting with more conservative senators. pat is relatively conservative him seven, reaching agreement on some pace that we can work with, also recognizing dynamic
4:49 pm
scoring, anticipating growth. you have to recognize as well, we have done a great deal on regulatory reform that doesn't get factored in there. david: absolutely. that is why the market is up. clearly that is driving the market right now. let me ask one final question on rates. we won't know details until tomorrow. there is suggestion that the corporate rate only cops down to 25%. a lot of u.s. companies have left the u.s. to go to ireland where the corporate rate is 12 1/2%. if the corporate rate is cut down to 25, is that stimulative enough to bring those companies back? >> the folks i talk to that isish grover norquist, might stem the bleeding. it won't bring them back. 20% only will bring them that. >> grover is hard negotiator. if he had his way we're down to 10. david: you're comfortable with 25, that is what i'm hearing? >> we to figure out how we can get there.
4:50 pm
you have to be realistic about numbers you can make match. david: i would start with 15, settle for 20. 25 is too high for us. pat meehan, wish you very best of luck. it will be a tough pull. we hope you pull it through. melissa: settling for 20? i'm not settling for 20. i'm settling for 15. free speech under attack. jeff sessions announced that does just department will enforce federal law on free speech, protect student's right to expression no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. these comments come after protests shut down conservative speakers at campuses, most notably at berkeley. david: about three hours left until the polls close. the alabama special election is currently underway, it is pitting the president against some of his own allies. ♪ what did we do before phones?
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melissa: so we are now about three hours away from polls closing in alabama. republican primary runoff election for a seat in the u.s. senate. a race being branded a test case for president trump's influence outside of washington. fox news's jonathan serrie is in montgomery, alabama, with the latest. reporter: good evening, melissa. judge roy moore is hosting an election night watch party. the end of a bitter primary battle, many billing a as battle for the soul of the republican party. on one hand you have judge moore represents the populist wing. he gained notoriety for refusing to a remove ten commandments from the alabama supreme court. just because the nra endorsed
4:55 pm
his opponent, that doesn't mean he is not progun. >> the ads are completely false. that i don't believe in the second amendment. i believe in the second amendment. [cheers and applause] reporter: president trump invites president mike pence to campaign in alabama on behalf of senator luther strange, who enjoys the support of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other senate republicans. trum loyalists including sarah palin and steve bannon broken ranks to support more. despite being labeled a establishment republican, strange insists he is aligned with the president. >> we have the same goals. same agenda. so, i think it's a narrative being created because there are other agendas out there. people don't like mitch mcconnell, for example. other things going on. i'm keeping my eye on the ball which is president's support and his agenda. reporter: polls close at 7:00 central time.
4:56 pm
melissa. melissa: jonathan, thank you for that. david: well, maybe if you get those tax cuts, you will be able to afford, take a look at this. show the shot. melissa: let me see it. oh. david: that is diamond, folks. we're not talking quarts here. that is a real diamond -- ♪ but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. for tech advice. dell small business advisor with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business.
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melissa: so this is one time when i would settle for second best. the world's second largest diamond selling for a whopping $53 million and worth every penny. david: now, wait a minute. wouldn't you rather have the bigger one? she would settle for it. the key word is settle. it's just smaller than a tennis ball. it weighs in at 1,109 carats. makes it the biggest diamond found in more than a century,
5:00 pm
even though it was the second biggest. the seller wants $70 million, so it's cheap at 53 million. melissa: they got a total bargain. they should have called me. i would have paid 70. well, maybe not. david: risk and reward starts right now. >> i wasn't preoccupied with the nfl. i was ashamed of what was taking place because, to me, that was a very important moment. i don't think you can disrespect our country, our flag, our national anthem. to me, the nfl situation is a very important situation. i've heard that before about was i preoccupied? not at all. many people have died. many, many people. many people are so horribly injured. i was at walter reed hospital recently, and i saw so many great young people and the missing legs and missing arms and they've been so badly injured, and they were fighting for our country. they were fighting for our flag, they were fighting for our national anthem. liz: that was president trump earlier today and the


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