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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it's a disappointment to sit here and see the failure. lou: we'll find out more soon. choorly hurt, thanks so much. lauren: breaking news this morning. and a donald trump and the gop establishment, outsider robert moore defeating luther strange in the primary. cheryl: a big day for the president. taken the wraps off his tax reform plan. lauren: vidal with its longest losing streak down for days in a row. if it's an opportunity to buy? cheryl: taking a look at europe, stocks opening slightly higher as you can see this with the up by 11 from the cac in paris up by six. lauren: stocks in japan and south korea costs become
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fractionally. turn into an extensive gametime call off for a refund for the package viewers when it canceled because of the protests. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: good morning. by the one in the new york and wednesday, september 27th. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. just a quiet morning in new york. transfer we don't even know what that is anymore. drink is so much happening overnight and breaking. the show done in alabama where roy moore has defeated luther strange in the alabama special election taken a nomination for the u.s. senate. strange at 4524% of the victory of the president trump majority leader mitch mcconnell because they both strongly backed luther
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strange. lauren: congratulations to roy moore on his win in alabama. luther strange started way back and ran a good race. a former state supreme court justice emphasizing unity and when to find -- unifying the party in his speech. >> together we can make america great. we can support the president. don't let anybody in the press think that because he supported my opponent that i do not support in and support his agenda. lauren: in his concession speech, luther strange thanking the president. >> the president took a chance. he did not become down. that is why loyal friend do. sometimes it about politics. sometimes it's about friendship. just a common goal to make the country better.
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lauren: democrat shuns in a special election in december for the senate seat previously held by attorney general jeff sessions. cheryl: for one of the story, republican strategist amy turkey again. good morning to you. this was seen as a referendum on president trump and mitch mcconnell and the votes are in. alabama voters have said they went the other direction. is this a bad signal for the strength right now in the party strength? >> i don't think i see it more as a referendum on mcconnell and the establishment. in this day and age, this and age, this actually proves he can get rid of an incumbent and it shows that people actually want to drain the swamp and replace these establishment folks are people who are honest and courageous and will follow through with promises. i don't see this as a referendum on the president. cheryl: it's interesting about someone like luther strange or way more is way more seem to be
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the more donald trump antiestablishment, come and shake things up. walking around with a pencil. and yet president trump supported the other candidate. why you think of us? do you think the president saw something he was worried about were the other way around? >> i'm not exactly sure. it confused a lot of people who do support the president. once again, this is a day and age where people are awake. they want to make sure they are going to replace these folks with honest folks and have the courage to do the right thing. i don't see this as a problem with the president, but i do think people were confused to were confused on why he supported strange. maybe there is a promise he had to follow through with. god bless the people of alabama not following the $9 million was spent by mcconnell's super pac trying to buy their vote.
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cheryl: here's the thing. that's what the party loyalists are concerned about the split in the gop that icc with president trump and mcconnell supporting the same candidate for republican senate seat, a crucial state in washington, the fact they lost does make you wonder what midterms will look like next year. >> well, you've got kelly ward coming up and you've also got here in the state of nevada danny tarkanian running against senator heller. each race is slightly different and with luther strange, difference here is that luther and moore are both supported the president and never wavered when he was running for the president me. but then you've got other folks like jeff flake and dean heller was never instructed that president's agenda. cheryl: we look at the president's tax plan today. using president trump and mitch mcconnell can maybe get
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something through when it comes to tax reform? >> i sure hope so because this is vital in sensing the american people are really needing. this will create more jobs, food on the table. this will create higher wages and hopefully entice companies to stay here and keep their money here. cheryl: great to see this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you are the hope is when i'm tax reform because he did not get them health care. the latest gop health care bill dead. leaders scrapping a plan to vote on the graham-cassidy bill this week they say they are not giving up on giving up on repealing in the placing of omnicare. >> to events that are under our control are not under our control, we don't have a vote. if we don't have the votes will postpone. >> we attending back to this after taxes. we will have time to explain a concept can have a better process and take the show on the
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road. lauren: we'll see what happens. premiums on the most popular upon the care plan rx decade to jump an average 15% next year. cheryl: they lost a crucial deadline. if they would've done a clean vote, they would've had it going away. now it's working across the aisle and health care. lauren: i don't see any democrats coming on board like because the tax reform. cheryl: very true. next on the agenda tax reform reports. president trump although some of the details in indiana today. lauren: a preview for my schapiro today. >> this is that a tax reform, the white house and leadership among republicans will unveil the detail of what the president wants than what republicans say they want as the country moves forward. historic tax reform and almost dirty two years. we expect to get details about
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11:00 a.m. this morning. here's what republican leader mitch, said about this moment. >> we do think it is time to turn to her twin priority, returning the tax code. we've reached agreements to go forward in an optimistic we'll achieve that. >> a big focus on tax reform is lowering corporate taxes. paul ryan says this'll be a middle-class tax cut. >> frustrated the senate has not had it on the seminal promise health care which by the way up the way up on the care is collapsing. tax reform affects every single american. tax reform is the most important thing we can do to restore restore confidence, get jobs and prosperity and that is why we are focused on getting it done this year. >> the big question everyone is waiting to know, the president has said he wants 15%. republican leadership on the hill have said 20% to 25%.
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around 11:00 a.m. this morning we should know officially. back to you. >> we can't wait to live coverage of the speech on tax reform from indianapolis. it starts around 3:00 eastern time. we'll find out senate finance committee chair orrin hatch and presidential candidate ted cruz had to say about tax reform when they join maria maria bartiromo suborning cytherea at 7:30 eastern. cheryl: she is live in washington with the big guys. this is the day. lauren: of warren is right in this blueprint. cheryl: other big headlines in the big change at the top of equifax. the ceo has stepped down. lauren: tracee carrasco joining us with what was behind the move another headlines this morning. did he resign? was he asked it?
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tracee: richard smith was out. equifax says he was retiring effective immediately and wouldn't get a bonus for this year, but still could get millions of dollars in pension benefits. still scheduled to testify before congress next week. pulling up to reiko barras junior, an executive from the asia-pacific to serve as interim ceo. lauren: i wonder if he has to get any compensation back when the shakes down. twitter listening to the users. cheryl: they are testing out this new thing. new limit on 280 characters doubling the limit. they have been hacked skin for more space. twitter says the longer limit will be tested on a small portion of users but would not confirm if president trump will be part of the test group. twitter executives of me with the senate intelligence
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committee in washington today to discuss russian interference of the 2016 election. cheryl: big story. surprising move to directv and all the drama in the nfl. train for customer service representatives at directv letting customers cancel subscriptions to a sunday ticket package of benefit games and get their money back because of the national at the protest. this can hurt hurt hurt directv if people cancel. $280 service as a major customer draw for directv. the franchises in $1.5 billion a year licensing revenue. nfl ratings already down 11% this season according to nielson compared to last year. cheryl: the fans have been so vocal on twitter, social media saying they don't want politics in the football field. they just want to enjoy the game.
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tracee: it's becoming a polarizing issue. thank you. coming up when we return. the latest republican announcing he won't run for reelection. you will not believe possibly speaking of the nfl a former carter back in breaking ground to build a prototype. we will be right back. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back of the issue caught up on what's happening now. as many as 20 rockets have falling at the kabul airport in afghanistan hours after secretary defends james madison nato chief jim solberg arrived unannounced for talks with afghan officials at the airport in the area is being evacuated. flights are canceled for now. so far no word on casualties and no group has claimed responsibility. what began yesterday on the u.s.-mexico border wall. six companies broke ground in san diego. prototypes 30 feet long, 18 to 30 feet tall.
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finally this spirit will peyton manning run for the senate seat. bob quirk or you may have heard is not going to run for reelection. speculation on who will run to replace him. indianapolis colts quarterback peyton manning who played college ball at the university of tennessee. the sports stories could india. lauren: thank you publisher of print the president has to indiana to lay out his long-awaited tax plan. what can we expect to hear in more importantly can something like this dryness. brian grinberg, and at the king's college in manhattan. good morning. >> good morning. lauren: what we expect to see in this framework today cutting the corporate tax rate to 20% to 35%, cutting the tax rate on passenger businesses 25%, maybe 28%. and this is important. in terms of the individual tax
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brackets, we had seven. what if we took back not to three, but to forward the top rate would be under 39.6%, but higher than 35%. is that the character that might appease those who don't want tax cuts on the rich? >> one of the biggest objections as this is a tax cut of the rich. they are trying to throw those critics to those critics about if they were not going to take the top individual rate down all the way to 35%. something between 35% and 39% of we'll see if that appease his critics. if people are against this bill they will continue to be against the bill. you can see republicans taking an eye towards trying to get this through. anything they can do to make this happen. that is why they are willing to give a little bit on the individual side. lauren: you said on your show and rightly so that health care would pass. do you think it will pass particularly by the end of the
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year? >> there's a lot more wiggle room here and at the end of the day politicians like cutting taxes more than the messiness of health care. i don't know if it's going to be as ambitious as though we talk about here. $5 trillion of tax cuts on the table now. you will not have that at the end of this process, but you will see something on the business side because everyone knows that's where the real growth potential is included with the president is eager to get done. lauren: speaking of the 5 trillion committed to condemn back to a budget that allows $1.5 trillion worth of cuts. this is in some ways an understatement. today the president in sydney indiana talking about taxes at the democratic senator there, joe donnelly and also small businesses. as you pointed out, tax reform is key to economic growth and helping small businesses. connecticut is 25% gdp? >> i love the thought of 5% gdp.
5:19 am
a really ambitious number for developing economy like the u.s. 3% target is a more reasonable target. still a heavy lift as well. lauren: we are at 3% now. >> we were last quarter. sustain 3% growth. it's not the only thing. you don't talk about regulatory reform. i was still love to see republicans take a bite of health care. i'm not optimistic. a package of things will get us to 3%. the president is right to push the growth agenda talking about 5%. that may be a bridge too far right now. lauren: brian grinberg, so good to see you. thank you. cheryl: coming up, a humanitarian crisis unfolding in puerto rico. hospitals without power or medical supplies. mark cuban stepping in to help. maria finally downgraded to a tropical storm moving out to
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sea. fox meteorologist janice dean with a look at the forecast. under wednesday as you can see you finally a higher opening to the dow, s&p and nasdaq right now. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. cheryl: is puerto rico continues to do at the devastation from hurricane maria, the health system struggling to cope with the prices. national best or medical system has done over 300 health care workers from united states to assist puerto rico.
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u.s. health officials said more fuel for generators, clean water for patient care are two important priorities to the island hospitals and clinics. in congress, lawmakers pushing for quick approval of a puerto rico. lauren: an american rapper pitbull doing his part to help puerto rican cancer patients, setting his private plane to transport patients to the u.s. for therapy with the country's current health care crisis. patients otherwise able to receive the care they need. he could deliver supplies to his hometown in puerto rico. they've raised over $140,000 from earlier relief efforts. tree into a disastrous hurricane they feel the effects run. maria as a tropical storm causing rip currents across the east coast. lauren: fox meteorologist janice dean joins us.
5:25 am
reporter: let's get maria out of here. tropical storm off the coast of the outer bank brazenness highways, certainly the rip current thread and storm surge remains over the next 12 to 24 hours. we watched the storm moved north and east very quickly out to sea. also want to point out lee is a pretty good looking hurricane. the good news is lee is not going to affect any land. looking at the tropical models right now, both of those will exit, but we typically look across the southeast coast, gulf of mexico, caribbean as we head into october. so far nothing on the raider yet. the rest of today's headline very warm across the eastern half of the country. chicago's 70 stray word of broken high-temperature records to add today was 73. cooler than average temperatures behind it. a definite shift is the cooler air moves into the east end warmer temperatures across the west. also point out heavy rain into
5:26 am
texas. southeast texas doesn't want to see anymore rain because of what we saw with harvey a month ago. forecast highs this week and due thursday and friday. cooler temperatures on the way for the northeast. saturday looking at 67 degrees in new york. enjoy the last day of summer, ladies. lauren: i think i thought 84 degrees in new york today. cheryl: thank you. coming up from a data breach every day it seems. lance of credit card numbers may have been stolen not your favorite burger drive-through. is tender the next thing? is giving amounts of information. how safe is that? you want to watch that story. you are watching "fbn:am." stay with us.
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. a bull for donald trump of the gop establishment. also later worrywart defeating luther strange in the senate primary. lauren: a big day for the president as they take a they take a package of tax tax reform plan has to indiana. cheryl: all of this with posting its longest losing streak in three months yesterday. there might be a good peer-to-peer will talk about that with one of our guys pointing to is that the higher opening. lauren: europe stocks have open. up 14 points. dxm 73. cheryl: the nikkei .3% in south korea the coffee down .07%. cheryl: are you ready to pay $7 for a gallon of orange juice? you might have hurricane irma to thank for that. "fbn:am" starts right now.
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cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. september 27th. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: happy hump day. halfway through the week. two more alarm clocks. tree into the state of florida. lauren: you've been warned. breaking news this morning is the showdown in alabama last night were worrywart defeating luther strange in alabama special election seeking the republican nomination for u.s. senate from a more car 54.6% of the vote. luther strange 45.4%. a blow to president john senate majority leader mitch mcconnell because they strongly backed luther strange. train to the president treating congratulations on his this republican primary win in alabama. luther strange started way back and ran a good race.
5:32 am
moore is a former state supreme court justice and is emphasized he would unify the party. he said that in his big dirty speech. >> together we can make america great. we can support the president. don't let anybody in the press think that because he supported my opponent that they do not support him and support his agenda. [inaudible conversations] meanwhile in his concession speech, luther strange thing to the president. >> the president took a chance. he didn't have to come down. that is what loyal friends do. sometimes more than politics. sometimes it's about more than a friendship come in just a common goal to make the country better. cheryl: more will face jones for special elections in december for the senate seat held by attorney general jeff sessions. lauren: the latest gop health care bill instead he is dropping their plan to vote non-graham-cassidy this week,
5:33 am
but they're not giving up on repealing them replacing about my care. >> nuclear through events under our control are not under control. we don't have the votes. we've made decisions that we don't have that will postpone it. >> coming back to this after taxes. we will have time to explain a concept, have a better process and take the show on the road. lauren: if we don't address this, we'll get killed. they know they've got to do some rain. according to the congressional budget office government premiums on the obamacare plan expected to jump an average 15% next year. train to the agenda is a big one. coming up today it will be about tax reform. president trump rolling out some of the details goodies in indiana later today. lauren: adam shapiro has the story for us. >> this is the day tax reform, the white house leadership among republicans on capitol hill who
5:34 am
unveiled the details of what the president wanted what republicans say they want as the country moves towards historic tax reform, the first in almost 32 years. we expect to get details around 11:00 a.m. this morning. here's what republican leader mitch mcconnell said about this moment in history. >> we do think it is time to turn to our twin priority, reforming the tax code. we reach significant agreements to go forward and i'm optimistic that will achieve that. >> a big focus for tax reform has been unwilling corporate taxes. paul ryan says this would be a middle-class tax cut. >> yes we are frustrated the senate has not backed in his seminal promise health care, which by the way obamacare is collapsing. tax reform affects every single american. tax reform is the most important thing we can do to restore confidence to this country and take jobs and prosperity. that is why we are so singularly focused on getting it done this
5:35 am
year. >> what will the corporate tax rate be? the president wants 15%. republican leadership on the leadership on how has that anywhere between 20% and 25%. around 11:00 a.m. this morning, we should know officially. back to you. lauren: lower taxes will make us more competitive with the rest of the world. fox business will have live coverage of the speech from indianapolis. we will also find out what orrin hatch and senator ted cruz have to say when they joined maria bartiromo, "mornings with maria" at 7:30 a.m. cheryl: o'reilly returned to fox news last night with a one-on-one interview with sean hannity. the former anchor discussing everything from his new book the nfl and left-wing groups trying to eliminate ideas they don't agree with in corrupting the media. >> the far left agents and i think they are able, want to
5:36 am
destroy the constitution in the sense they wanted all changed. these totalitarians want to wipe out any speech with which they disagree. train to hannity agreed with bill. they have been corrupted utterly ideological. lauren: hurricanes and hacks. here is the latest tack. sonic the guns potentially data breach. tracey carrasco joins us with more on that another headlines. >> potentially as many as 5 million credit card users and members have been stolen from customers. last week sonics credit card process reportedly said that there was some unusual dignity tied to the cars that have been used at the fast food chain. in a statement sonic said we are working to understand the nature and scope of this issue as we know how important this is for our guests we immediately engage
5:37 am
forensics in line for us that when we heard from our processor. cheryl: i can't even get a burger and i can't online data turns out without getting hacked. transfer i told you hurricanes and hacks. tracee: we will call it a lesson and over sharing. it is really a scary reality for some people. a reporter from "the guardian" wanted to get a ds is exactly what kind of information tinder had about her on a dating map. the european union data protection lunch a row every citizen to request this front-end or it would shake out with surprising hit with 800 pages of data including her name, the 870 matches she made with different people in the 1700 conversations she had with those matches. as for the security of information, not guaranteed. according to policy is or should not expect that your personal information or other communication will remain
5:38 am
secured an data is likely used for targeting advertisers, but it will make you think twice. cheryl: that is a lot of information. over 1500 conversations? cheryl: my mind is going somewhere else. you did as many people as you want. true freedom permission is just out there. o.j. prices. what's going on? transfer you may not have been in the path of hurricane irma, but if you buy orange juice you will feel that the supermarket counter. orange juice or christina such as $2.30 more for a gallon of orange juice, almost $7 as a result of irma cutting through florida. 60% to 70% of the crop was destroyed and how higher rates will go depends on whether brazil can increase its exports to the u.s. to help cover the
5:39 am
shortfall. cheryl: i didn't realize the juice was coming out of florida and the oranges that she read mostly come from california. lauren: they are all over, but yeah. the biggest producer of orange juice. you can switch to apple juice. tracee: there you go. try to be optimistic. cheryl: thanks. a lot more coming up. the king of saudi king of saudi arabia at ending a long-standing policy with the oppression of women. we've got that story. the first losing streak in three months. the chief investment strategist is here. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ retirement rabbit, from voya. i'm the money you save for retirement. who's he? he's green money, for spending today. makes it easy to tell you apart.
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lauren: good morning. let's get caught up on what's happening now. presidential adviser roger stone spent hours behind closed doors with members of the house intelligence committee yesterday investigating russian election interference. stone said his lawyers told in president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort expected to be indicted by federal prosecutors investigating russia's attempt to disrupt lesher's presidential election. house republicans said yesterday that they won a second central council to look into the
5:43 am
controversies involving hillary clinton in the obama administration. the new call follow delegations that fbi director james comey drafted exoneration for hillary clinton weeks before he actually did. a royal decree saying that women will finally be allowed to drive starting in june of next year. until now, only men were allowed to get licenses and women who drove in public risk being arrested and fined. the long-standing policy has become an international symbol in saudi arabia. imagine that, they are going to drive. cheryl: congratulations to the women of saudi arabia. good grief. the dow industrials falling for the fourth straight day yesterday the longest losing streak in four months. chief investment strategist is here. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: markets under pressure. what is going on here?
5:44 am
do you think it's because of obamacare, earnings, interest rates? what's the reason behind the dip in the market? >> i think there's a variety of reasons. our short-term turn cautious at the beginning of august. s&p was changing hands around 2490. it is still changing hands around 2490. we think we've got a little bit more pullback due here for a bunch of reasons. but we think it sets the stage because the secular bull market that began in october of 08 is still alive and well. true to knows a good time to buy. tax reform is the big story today. companies getting the corporate rate down to 20% is a heckuva lot better than 35% if they could make that happen. what type of numbers are we going to expect? >> for every one point drop, and
5:45 am
hypothetically as $1.31 in earnings to the s&p 500. what i hear off the hill and you probably don't know this but i spent a lot of time in washington d.c. running capital markets for a brokerage firm in that area. what i hear off capitol hill is that is around 23% 25%. theoretically they make a retroactive come you can see $155 earnings on the s&p next year versus the current s&p estimate for 144. cheryl: valid be a boost for the market if we think this is going to go through. we shall see. as they go into this tax plan for the president today, but also what about the individual side of all of this? more americans have more money in more money in the pockets. you will see savings rate go up, and that go down. what impact you see if we go from southend to four brackets for the tax code?
5:46 am
>> i don't think that happens in 2018. that is not what i'm hearing. corporate tax is the main focus on the hill right now. individual taxes are still a few a few years off. i do think the american consumer is doing pretty well right now. employment is pretty much an all-time low if the fair debate are you creating high load jobs. the fact of the matter is we create a lot of jobs over the past four or five years. cheryl: would you make of the fact janet yellen is having to defend herself because of inflation? >> inflation is actually higher than the official figures suggest. the fed is going to the glacier role in terms of increasing interest rates. i don't think that the headline for the equity markets. cheryl: we haven't seen that inflation come through not the interest rate decision. december is a big month. we'll come back and give us your insight then. right, jeff?
5:47 am
good to see you. thank you. lauren: of pleasure, cheryl. lauren: the new "star trek" series. also a favorite for video pirates. in sports, 12 time all-star guard is leaving. where he is headed. in baseball, a fan gets ejected from a new york baseball game. you will not believe what happening. fbn has sports when they come right back. "fbn:am." graham-cassidy
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lauren: the premiere of the
5:51 am
latest "star trek" series climbing up the list of the most pirated shows. almost 1 quintillion people tuned in to watch the premiere. the episode already the 12 most accurately parroted show among users discovering the second episode of that number night team "game of thrones." they've been the internet's most pirated show for seven years in a row but now have competition. cheryl: "star trek" is back. basketball season is coming back right around the corner and there's some big news this morning from the nba. lauren: so have they were certainly as well enough above. >> a little bit of a mixed bag today. they go together like peaches and cream are the subject of the song by peaches and herb. reunited and it feels so good. dwayne wade will breathe -- according to -- sending a one-year contract with the cleveland cavaliers for $2.32 million days after he reached the buyer out what the
5:52 am
bulls after wondering chicago, wait, lebron won two titles together for years with the miami heat. one of the biggest crack downs on corruption in college sports history. fbi charging for ncaa division i basketball coaches with robbery to recruit athletes. a top adidas executive also implicated your coach is accused of pocketing players agents and financial advisors at one of them, former nba star chuck% now assistant coach at auburn university, but for how long. he's been suspended without pay. louisville confirms it's also been targeted in this investigation. who said this saw players made apple watchers? last night at yankee stadium the home plate umpire went to the backstop, total security guide could get this guy out of here because the fan was apparently yelling out locations in spanish. outside, outside. the fan was removed.
5:53 am
as for the game, check out the first inning aaron hicks. a grand slam from wilson ramos. want to help the yankees win 6- 6-1. the red sox also secured the wild-card game on tuesday. l.a. dodgers last night quenches the home-field advantage. cubs unable to wrap last night. it's still exhibition season but last night the first nhl game in the desert for the expansion of the las vegas coordinates. they lost in overtime for the l.a. kings. the t-mobile arena 17,000 plus. before philadelphia eagles rookie kicker booted again would exceed one yard field goal with no time left, quarterback carson once told teammates he would give elliott his week's paycheck at the kicker made the cake. watch this. >> all bringing my paycheck.
5:54 am
i'll give him my game check. i give him my game check he makes it. >> and i didn't even have to bleep anything out. what an all-american all-american celebration to all-american celebration to address the media today and find out if the right had to donate this a $2000 a year paycheck. the kicker earns $475,000. the nfl 31,000 for a game check is not much. that's a real spirited effort. cheryl: the kicker is that the underappreciated move until they do something. >> 65 yards is amazing. drink a good story. thank you very much. no politics in your heads. >> i don't know what that is. lauren: thank you. sports reports designed box headlines 24/7 channel 115. cheryl: coming up, exit from the
5:55 am
e.u. has a lot of corporations thinking twice before they invest over there. live report from london coming up.
5:56 am
5:57 am
cheryl: great britain's plan to exit from the european union has
5:58 am
some delaying. let's say good morning to riva gold for "the wall street journal." some firms are reaffirming their investment. >> good morning. yes, "the wall street journal" how companies both in the u.k. and outside the u.k. are reconsidering a lot of their plan with just a general uncertainty about what the uk's future trading relationship with the e.u. and the rest of the world is likely to be. the data is a little bit mixed on this. you have had the british chamber of commerce already warned its members have delayed a lot of divisions. some companies outside the u.k. have decided to postpone or change some plans relating to the u.k. and that is something the bank of england has issued a warning about as well. cheryl: obviously a lot of uncertainty with regard to what the regulatory structures will look like in england. we don't know. we do know that the euro is sitting on a one-month low right now. how is that affect human beings over there?
5:59 am
>> this morning that it's actually been quite helpful for european stocks this brought them up to their highest since around july. the year was pressured not just by the reset time of the dollar and growing expectations for a rate rise in the u.s., but a little more political uncertainty in the aftermath of the german election in light of continued kind of polling in italy. that has crept back up a little dead end is pretty positive for european stocks. lauren: quickly, how are our investors where you are responding to what's going on in the u.s. in terms of where we stand on inflation and we are getting a blueprint for what tax reform will look like today. >> that is definitely played a big role in europe have big shares are up mostly as a result of the higher yield and the stronger dollar we got in response to expect patience of taxes as well as higher interest rates. definitely having a ripple effect.
6:00 am
lauren: riva gold commit thank you very much. cheryl: that is if arrested we. we want to say good morning to maria bartiromo was life in our capital, washington d.c. good morning. maria: thank you so much, cheryl. good morning, ladies. live from d.c. this morning, i maria bartiromo appeared wednesday, september 27th. special coverage this morning at the white house preparing the replay in. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the biggest tax cut in american history the president says promising sweeping changes as the administration prepares to release its major reform plan later today. commander-in-chief will travel to indiana to celebrate the rollout. fox business network taking you back to the events at 3:00 p.m. eastern when the president is in indiana. the health care plan flat line. the latest gop effort to repeal interface obama carries on hold right now after mitch mcconnell pulled the


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