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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 28, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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our anthem. lou: that is the intelligence and perspective they bring to is. thank you both for being here.ks well. kennedy: the republican establishment is chaos after a major loss on healthcare. the gop lays out its thanks proposal. legendary nirvana bassist is here. it's time to shred. alabama wants more roy. stab. luther strange was defeated. even though he had $10 million crony kisses from mitch mcconnell, it wasn't enough for strange to make out with a
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victory. even though president trump tweeted and campaigned for luther strange. he seemed to have ties to everything the president hates. an he lee jones to mitch that would have meant lock step voting with the establishment. roy moore is nuttier than a cashew farm, but he had the backing of bannon. central power does nothing for people who matter most of. bannon said they are on different side of a curious coin. a popular divisive fire brand who swat a morally anti-establishment candidate with outside cash. what remains to be seen is if this wildfire spreads to arizona
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where dark horses like kelli ward hope it will help her surge to victory over anti-trumper, jeff flake. kennedy: roy moore's win sent shock waves through the establishment, and so did the gop's colossal failure on healthcare. can they bounce back in time for the 2018 mid-terms? joining me, guy benson. welcome back. guy: i cracked up at your brief mention of "what happened" during the monologue. it never gets old. kennedy: is this still a win for
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the president? guy: i think that remains to be seen it's a victory tore steve bannon and some of the -- victory for steve bannon and some of the people who surrounded the president. roy moore votes with trump the way he wants, i think it' an open question. we looked at graham cassidy healthcare framework that was pulled from the floor. roy moore was campaigning against it saying he wanted a better bill and more conservative and would have voted no along with rand paul and john mccain. it could be that moore end up being a thorn in trump's side occasionally. but the base will be pleased with moore's victory. setting aside some of the more interesting views the gentleman holds. kennedy: it posed quite a
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conundrum for people in alabama who supported the president overwhelmingly. but it shows they are not in lock step. it is more important to see change in washington than fulfill the president's political desires. it seems steve bannon now is the most of powerful political figure in america. guy: he's certainly powerful. you are starting to see a lot of republicans in the senate looking around and wondering where does this train roll next? bob corker of tennessee announcing he's not going to seek reelection. there is a chances was wincing saying maybe i'm too moderate or too traditional as a republican to survive this environment in a very red state. i know there is rumblings about roger wicker from mississippi with a well-financed challenger from the mercers with deep ties
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to bannon. there are a number of democrats up on the senate side who are vulnerable. kennedy: the primaries could be very interesting in the senate races. when you talk about rising and falling political fortunes, is it time to ditch mitch? guy: that's up to members of the senate. when you talk to members of the senate, the vast majority of them want mitch mcconnell as their leader it's a thankless, difficult job. they think he is step permt alley and tactically suited to the position. he has very strong support from his membership and his caucus. but if he remains this lucrative pun. ing bag for outsiders where issues and campaigns are hinging on the name mitch mcconnell in far-flung states you might see nervousness seep in.
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kennedy: it's very interesting because you think about the senators who were going to vote no on graham cassidy and they are from two vastly different ends of the spectrum. it seems hard to straddle that chasm and mitch mcconnell is about to see his pants ripped. guy: mccon has been basically saying let's get to 50 votes. let's pass anything. then there has been this moving target of people who are going to vote know virtually all of the time. can i just say, kennedy, susan collins has her own obamacare replacement bill she introduced earlier this winter'. i would love to know if she would be willing to vote for her own bill on obamacare. that might be the next move for mitch mcconnell call her bluff. all right, susan. here's your bill. are you a yes on your own bill?
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oh, you are not? kennedy: guy benson, i always appreciate you being here. one area where republicans might be able to eke out a win could be on tax reform. the president laid out how he made a deal on the corporate tax rate. >> i wanted to start out at 15 so we got 20. 15 was so low we didn't take in the revenue. i wanted 15, but we got 20. so i'm not negotiating that number. kennedy: the sweeping overhaul called for slashing the thanks rates for individuals and businesses and nearly doubling the standard deduction americans use every year. there are unknowns in the plan like how are you going to pay
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for the cuts without driving the deficit. is it ultimately a good plan? i will bring in my beautiful party panel. the edfor at daily caller, katie frates is here along with comedian jimmy fallen. and former new york congress member nan hayworth joins us. you see what's happening with tax reform. what is the good, the bad, the ugly and the chance it will pass? >> the good is that it definitely the outlines do take us closer to where we need to be, vis-a-vis where we are now. simpler, flatter tax go ahead, great. that grows jobs. that's terrific. eliminate the deductions,
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credits, preferences, et cetera. except the most of cherished ones like mortgage. i'm dubious that in this senate if they try to pass it with reconciliation, being able to craft provisions once they get down to specifics. i'm not worried about the house, but i am worried about the senate. when push comes to shove there may be specifics that come in the way of getting those 50 votes. kennedy: the ultimate question is if you are not cutting spending but are cutting revenue, how do you pay for it. >> with a facebook tax on uninformed posts about tax reform. think about the money made out of taxing stupid facebook posts.
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think about how it would curb the people writing them. >> on the one hand they claim to want free speech, but they don't tax it. kennedy: is this an area where we heard a lot of promises. we saw bipartisanship on immigration and the 3-month debt ceiling plan. but what are they willing to do on tax reform? >> you have got a couple in the senate that are vulnerable. but the problem with the rest of them is no one wants to compromise because you have such a loud, angry portion of their base that will consider any kind of work -- look what happened to nancy pelosi at her town hall. she got shouted down.
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it's a base that says if you work with republicans and betrayed us, we'll vote you out of office. what incentive do they have? kennedy: republicans could take bernie sanders' thanks plan and hand it to democrats. and they would say you hate poor people. >> everyone is wrong to say trump should have led with tax reform. he could have led with save the puppies and say it's racist towards cats. kennedy: according to a fox news poll. 49% approve of the president's strategy. that's up one point.
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in the problem that the tax accept is so complex that people won't know it's good until they note fruits of its passage. >> we are seeing in the positive economic ratings, we are seeing what the president can do. he does have power as the executive to cut down on regulations and brudens. he has done that. we are seeing that. but we are seeing a discounting taking into account what happened with healthcare. i think there is a certain -- it's not really -- it's not really, it's reflecting on the president in that way. but if they could vote and say who do you blame for this, the president or the senate, they would say the senate. kennedy: that's another reason why mitch mcconnell is damaged
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goods. >> it's his fault on the economy he's not getting credit. it's trump's fault from a messaging standpoint. it's all he should be talking about. it's the one song people know is okay. the stock market is surging. >> every time the economy and wall street hits a new record, why is there not an email in every single reporter's inbox saying look how awesome we are. they don't take advantage of how good things are. >> 47% of people don't pay taxes. so the nerve of these people. what more do you want from us as a country. you are already not paying. how can we improve it more for
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you. kennedy: i have never seen a full episode of "girls." i know i don't like it. the party panel returns a little bit later. a new report claims president trump's tough talk of devastating military action about north korea has the leadership sow confused, they are seeking clarification from an interesting source. ♪ can i kick it?
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kennedy: president trump is reportedly good at keeping the north koreans guessing. while the secretary of state often seems on pushing for speech. the president said this yesterday. >> if we take that option, it will be devastating, i can tell you that, for north korea. that's called the military option. if we have to take it we will. kennedy: back shoament communist regime isn't take any chances. their foreign minister claimed they would shoot down u.s. strategic bombers even when they are not inside the air space
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borders of our country. lieutenant colorado ramp peters returns. what happens if they shoot down one of our bombers in interest national air space? >> that is a blatant act of war. we would have to respond. if you respond in this circumstance you have to respond with overwhelming force. you take the opportunity to destroy their nuclear and missile program. peace is better for the environment and the markets. blah blah. but peace is preferable. but we cannot allow there to be a nuclear pearl harbor somewhere down the road. that said, you have got to divide them up.
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the generals are getting scared. the top civilians are getting scared. but kim jong-un lives in a bubble. kennedy: that's an important point and leads me to wonder what kinds of information are they giving kim jong-un? are they so scared for their lives that they just give him fake good news? >> that has been a cardinal worry for me for a long time. when you give kim jong-un bad news it doesn't turn out well for you. he kills members of his own family. i know he's surrounded by yes men but the yes men are starting to get worried. they don't know what to think of president trump. i think trump is in his own way pretty effective. they don't know what to make of him. they have never been talked back to like this. kennedy: it may have its merits.
12:21 am
we have yet to see how it plays out. we may look and say thank goodness there was a rhetorical shift in this country to put them back on their heels. do you think it's a good thing that there is this vulnerability? >> i think in this situation it's far for good than bad. the north koreans are used to rolling over us. with president obama they knew what they were getting or wouldn't get. they knew he would upon dirt and ultimately do nothing. with trump they are hoping that jim mattis is driving the car and trump is just leaning out the passenger side shouting. but they don't know. i think in this case uncertainty is playing to our advantage. and the chinese don't really know. for the last 25 years nobody student to the chinese. now, you see the chinese
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starting to act. whether they will go far enough to break the regime is yet to be seen. kennedy: how would you like to exercise your free speech in insulting kim jong-un. go ahead. >> he's too a threat toik insult. it's like kicking a kid. you don't do it. trump does a good job of it. kennedy: he does. coming up. popular music tested cultural boundaries for decades. but can musicians who became stars by pushing the envelope survive the assault on free speech? hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult?
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[♪] kennedy: that's a beautiful song. since the dawn of rock 'n roll miss, the punk enemy have had their free speech rights challenged. we'll take a closer look at how artists had to censor themselves.
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welcome back to the show, the nirvana bassist. there is no greater champion of free speech in music and in law than you. you surveyed the landscape and i know you read a lot of supreme court decisions, and you have been a musician for almost as long as you have been alive. how do you explain the current attacks on free speech? >> we live in a very polarized country. people feel like they are on the side of righteousness. we could look at this on a case-by-case basis. but the policies are nuanced. but what are people really saying and how is it being interpreted. there is so much information out
12:28 am
there and a lot of clutter. kenneth's much easier to say this is my clutter bucket. this is my theme. if you don't want to put things in my clutter bucket you are on the other team and therefore i hate. and every issue becomes buy if you are kaitd whether it's immigration -- by if you are, oe relief. >> it has to do with tribal i am. people have a -- it has to do with tribalism. i run meetings at our local grange. we say the pledge of allegiance. sometimes people just stand and don't make the pledge. and i have seen people not stand and that's fine.
12:29 am
we don't live in a totalitarian government and we shouldn't be leaning on people. you took that yellow ribbon and american flag down. you were the first one on the block to do that. kennedy: therefore you are the enemy. and all of a sudden you are under suspicion. that sounds like stalinism. kennedy: that's what it leads to, fascism and her to tearianism. you -- or authoritarianism. as you look back on your own music. there was a student at the university who complained because his teacher showed the class "blazing saddles." do you think the very mana song "rape me," do you think you
12:30 am
could release that song today? >> it's a metaphor for violation and that's as far as i will go winter breting that song. at the time there was a centralized media environment where we had record labels and tv. the tv didn't want to us play that song at the vmas. and so what nirvana did was we compromised so in places like walmart and areas in the country, the only place you could buy music at the time, we changed the title to "waste me." today there is so much information out there and you can put things out there, and you are going to get caught in that tribalism anyway. you will get caught in wiseguy comments on the internet. so you might as well say what
12:31 am
you believe and put things out there. you will get up interpreted one way or another. look at the likes on youtube. there could be a fawn being born, its first steps and you will get a thumbs down. there is a video of something meaningful, deep, and it gets like maybe 1,000 views and somebody sitting on the toilet, that gets 10 million views. where are you going to go? no pun intended. kennedy: you have to keep putting it out there. you are putting it out there with your new band. i congratulate you. your voice sound very womanly. >> i'm the bass player. i also play accordion. kennedy: you played accordion at
12:32 am
at grange hall? >> yes. kennedy: krist, thank you so much for being here. if the nfl doesn't change it will quote go to hell, that's according to president trump who spoke about the ongoing player kneeling controversy. >> i think the nfl is in a box. i think they are in a bad box. what's happening with their ratings. on thing that's doing well in the nfl is the pregame because everybody wants to see what's going on. kennedy: according to the nielsen ratings the nfl has seen an 11% decline. bryant gumble threw the challenge flag on the president's assertion.
12:33 am
bob costas saying of colin kaepernick. sometimes he sounded looks like someone who took one semester from a radical college professor and that's all he knows about the world. katie, it's interesting because i think it's a little bit of wishful thinking that some of these athletes are going to take on the mantel of people like muhammad ali and kareem abdul jabar. >> in reality, i don't want to deal with politic when i turn on the tv and i watch sports and see my seahawks play. it's permeated he part of american society. i hate that. and i think a lot of people hate
12:34 am
that. it's clearly not paying off well for the nfl. maybe they should have taken a hint from espn. directv is doing refund of packages. kennedy: where are we? is this inspiring a generation of social justice warriors? is there some benefit to this that we are at a cultural impasse and this might get us over the hump? >> no, i believe the nfl is the strip club pushing the buffet instead of the girls. i don't know that's what's bringing them inside the tent. we have gotten to this age of real self-aware. the nfl is very personal to me. i have paid and not paid due to
12:35 am
my nfl from the gambling standpoint. but one of the things we have always know, pro football players are such good athletes, we let them not go to college. they don't have to go to class. but let's take these same guys. kennedy: the last word, nan. >> people watch football to watch football. if the league is going to devolve into forums for political activism, they have to let the dallas cowboys put decals on their helmets memorializing the five dallas police officers who were slaughtered last year. or memorializing 9/11 none of which they allowed. kennedy: hurricane maria left
12:36 am
millions in the caribbean in immediate need of water, power and medical help. it will have long-term implications because they rely heavily on tourism. we'll look at whether the travel industry will be able to recover anytime soon. anytime soon. that discussion is
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kennedy: welcome back. the hurricane may have moved on but the damage and hardship in puerto rico is worsening. president trump has approved an increase in federal cost sharing to help the u.s. territories. the military is sending troops and supplies with 7 million meals and millions of liters of water on the way. puerto rico relies heavily on tourism as do the crib islands such as st. maarten and st. thomas. thanks for being here. it's interesting that you have put your energy into a travel
12:41 am
website. as you say, the whole end prize of trying to find cold places to go is so corporate and boring and you end up with the same lists and the same recommendations. >> humorlessness. when has anyone not traveled and found a vein of funniness in it. but the reason i sort of made the transition out towards travel is partly it's more interesting at my age now than music. but it's the essence of story telling. travel is at the heart of every story, whatever story you tell. it involves movement and discovery. kennedy: how can we rebuild
12:42 am
these places? is it a form of charity going somewhere that has been ravaged by hurricanes that may not be up and functioning? or is it stoking the human spirit and the power to heal by visiting places. >> you bring up a point. we'll help by going there without question. and they will appreciate us going. the caveat is there has to be somewhere to go. in puerto rico that won't be the case for a long time. kennedy: incredible people and pristine and safe. >> as is st. maarten, the british virgin islands that were so badly hit. what's remarkable is most of of the crib wasn't affected. that's lost in the drama of the crisis. puerto rico was so badly hit,
12:43 am
and that's american citizens. we have to first care about puerto rico. the president's response has been woeful. kennedy: he has gotten good marks for his response to hurricane harvey and irma and texas and florida. americans have a disconnect. we still support rico as a different place. but when you born there you are an american citizen. >> i think we should be helping st. maarten. i do hope tourists do go. infrastructure is so damaged, it will take a while to get power back. kennedy: it's a perpetuating cycle where they can't get the money to rebuild, but tourists can't go there until they get the money to rebuild. >> we have the help.
12:44 am
they are american citizens. houston and florida is trump's base. he was very, very quick to offer a helping hands there. puerto rico he doesn't see as his base and i think he was proportionately slow and cajoled into it. as the average citizen, we should go there. kennedy: it's free speech week. you have been a publisher and employed non-traditional writers and correspondents. very quickly, what is the state of the union of free speech in this country. >> terrible danger. it's being intimidated. and writers are not necessarily as brave as soldiers and first responders. writers can get intimidated. editors is intimidated. our whole industry is intimidated by tough competitive times. i want to bring something sort
12:45 am
of general staid as the travel industry. let's be bold and brave. i'm giving a keynote speech in a conference next week and i'll make that my message. we as a community have to be brave and stand up to people, even our own president. >> there are holes in the market. it is the wild west. there are boundaries to be pushed and money to be made. always good to see you. coming up. first there was the swine flu. now there is the swine traffic jam. i'll fell you about a scourge not even the good
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kennedy: congratulations are in order to khloe kardashian, she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend. lean back because this is the
12:50 am
"topical storm." topic number -- we begin in the great state of kentucky. where they do not mess around when it comes to collecting their soda tax. watch this. no, this is not a real government employee because he's doing something productive during business hours. this is an armed robber dressed up as a coke bottle who stole $500 from a rally's restaurant. they are offering a 5 cent reward for anyone who turns him in. they don't call me big pun for nothing. topic number 2. don't you hate when you are trying to sleep in your hotel room but there is a goat in the hallway making too much noise?
12:51 am
that happens to me all the time. that's not true. the goat is usually in my room. that's none of your business. on ward. guests at the la quinta hotel were awakened by a goat who was ramming into doors. it showed no respect for do not disturb signs. if housekeeping doesn't care, why should he. topic number 3. let us head down to richmond, virginia where police were forced to intervene because someone was hogging the road. this little piggy was trying to get to a hotel party but he wound up getting lost. he ran around making a ton of
12:52 am
noise and wounds up going nowhere. just like the republican healthcare bill. i'll bet that pig likes mitch mcconnell. wild hogs are considered impossible to catch when they are running around in the open. luckily one man had the good sense to play "the national anthem." a student is accused of bringing pot brownies to school in modesto, california. parents at the school are outraged. the only person not calling for his suspension is the snack lady who sold out of hers in 8 minutes. i shouldn't be joking about this.
12:53 am
one student reportedly got so high he claimed he saw a little pig running around on the road outside school. mrs. flanders, there is a pig in the road. shupt, ryan, i'm sick of you have playing reindeer games and crying wolf or pig. the new york yankees ejected a fan after he tried to tell their hitters what pitch was coming. it caused the new york mets to ask, what's a fan. the umpire approached the man after hearing him yell out where the opposing pitcher was setting up his mitt. the fan would yell low and outside. if the catcher was really high. he would yell rhianna. the fan was not given a refunds
12:54 am
for the money he paid for the game. this consider him to be armed and refreshing. especially if he makes fireball whiskey. which i'm not suppose to be talk about after the human resources intervention. coming up in his free speech week on kennedy. i hit the sidewalks to test people first amendment knowledge. knowledge. shade speech is protected by the ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can
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kennedy: all spieches protected by the constitution including hate speech. but do americans note extent of their first amendment rights? at the risk of getting beat up i hit the streets of new york city to make sure they do. it's free speech week on the kennedy show. if free speech ended tomorrow, what would you like to say before it ends. >> lock her up. have sessions move forward. kennedy: is hate speech protected by the first amendment? >> it is. >> i don't like the, by the is.
12:59 am
kennedy: there are a lot of things i don't like. i don't like mayonnaise. kennedy: hate speech is protected. you don't look good in white. that wasn't very nice. but protected. isn't that crazy? >> i will always tell you the truth. kennedy: is hate speech protected by the first amendment? true or false. >> false. kennedy: no, it's protected. if free speech ended tomorrow and you could only say one filthy or wrong thing what would you say. my mom might be watching so i will refrain. >> what a great man this is. kennedy: thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. and email me at free speech week continues.
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i'll see you on the "outnumbered" couch mom a >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the hd mirrorcam, brought to you by inventel products, llc. yep, they're out there, driving recklessly, causing accidents, and driving up your insurance rates! this is a show about car accidents... ...classic cars... ...and the hd mirrorcam, the personal security camera for your car. this is... "accidents caught on camera" with the hd mirrorcam. today, we're going to hear from people who have been in accidents and used the hd mirrorcam to prove their case. hear from law enforcement experts to hear the secret to protect yourself from tickets and lawsuits. we're also going to visit a car


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