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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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u.k., but then would kneel for our anthem. lou: that is the intelligence and perspective they bring to is. thank you both for being here. >> we weren't sure that the benefits are focused on the middle class, the working men and women, not the highest income earners. train to breaking news this morning. swift reaction of president trump's plan for a massive tax cut. members of his own party going against him. lauren: the world is mourning the death of hugh hefner at the age of 91. a look back at the life and wild times of the entrepreneur and playboy founder. drain tube rank stocks on the trump tax plan right now. futures pointing to a slightly lower open. lauren: checking out european stocks this morning.
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all higher. ftse up for comic dax up 43. train to the nikkei rising almost half of a percent. south korea cost the edges lately higher. and then, there is space. lauren: how this could lead to the past of your personal information. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york. there is a come september 28th good morning, cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. lauren simonetti. magazine founder hugh hefner has died. the magazine says he died of natural causes at his home last night surrounded by family. friends are mourning his death. >> this is a huge, a huge come to you skype it would every think of him and what he's done,
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he had a big impact on so many of us. >> is surreal. unbelievable. i feel really sad. cheryl: hugh hefner built the launch with playboy magazine in 1953 at a time when the nation is conservative about the issues of and. he ran playboy first in chicago and then in l.a. many stars including madonna, namely campbell, kim kardashian, even at the low end. hugh hefner was 91 years old. a look at his life. lauren: he'll be buried in l.a. cemetery next to marilyn monroe. cheryl: he really was an amazing american figure. lauren: let's move on to taxes. following today's president trump colony once in a generation opportunity unveiling his land in a major speech in indiana saying it would boost economic growth within
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middle-class miracle. connell mcshane with more. >> an argument we heard from the president that lower taxes lead to more jobs. vice president mike pence and now run the country. the headlines from his speech, seven brackets down to three. corporate rate higher than 7% and he will focus from president trump on the middle class. >> we will cut taxes for the everyday hard-working americans. people who worked so long, so hard and they've been forgotten. but not forgotten anymore. we prove that november 8th. >> the next season all this will take the argument the president made here back to washington d.c. and trying to read the number of members of congress to come on board. that led to a moment here in his speech yesterday with the president directly address one of those members. a democrat from his home state was in the audience.
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>> or senator donnelly doesn't approve it because he's on the other side, we will come here and campaign against him like you wouldn't believe. reporter: senator joe donnelly he's referring to travel to indiana with the president on air force one could be a key vote before all this is said and done. cheryl you in new york. cheryl: some states will have issues with this. the president's plan would slash corporate tax rate and simplify the individual brackets. click them and has the details from the white house. spin that the president's proposed tax plan calls for lowering of rates on the individual side while also having of redline with it. on the individual side, the proposed rates would be set at 12, 25 and 35%. standard deduction would double while the death tax alternative minimum tax would be scrapped.
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small business top-end rate would be 25% while the figure for corporations would drop to 20%. the president had campaigned on a 15% corporate tax rate but now insists a number is nonnegotiable. >> very much of redline. i want to start a 15 so we got 20. the numbers are so low. but i wanted 15 covers so we got 20. 20 is my numbers are not negotiating the number. >> for members to not accompany the race. a company if -- family for that makes what and if the tax bill next year of a thousand dollars lower give or take than their tax bill this year. back to you in new york. cheryl: stay tuned to fox business for more this morning. congressman kevin brady and treasury secretary stephen minich and -- mnuchin on
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"mornings with maria" this morning. lauren: more of us want tax cuts. nine in 10 americans favoring cuts on small businesses as well as the middle class, but not many voters like the idea of cutting the corporate tax for lowering taxes on the wealthy. 34% say they plan to lower taxes on corporations. 20% favor tax cuts on which americans. train to wealthy americans and and corporations employ many people. something to think about when you answer the question next time. president trump moving forward on health care after senate republicans postponed a republicans postponed a vote in the latest plan repeal obama cared because of a lack of support. try telling reporters they signed an executive order to allow people across straight lines to buy insurance. this move would affect millions of people. lauren: "fox and friends" pete hegseth spoke with trump about the future of the repeal effort.
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>> we have the votes to get it done. you can't do when someone's in the hospital. when you have 52 votes and you need 51, it is very hard to get because you always have somebody in some cases that want to grant and, a lot of bad things happened. we have the votes, but we don't have the time because it's literally friday event at a certain time on friday. so we'll bring it into a few months from now. we will vote it. it's bought grants. it's going to be great health care. in the meantime, i'll negotiate with democrats of the can come up with a fantastic health care bill, that's okay with me. both parties bipartisan. lauren: you can watch peaceful interview on "fox and friends" later this morning. cheryl: well, speaking of president trump, a war of words going on between the president and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. taking on the president after trumpeting yesterday facebook is
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anti-trump. trump blasted the company on twitter after facebook said it would give congress political lab on the sides were for by russians during the 2016 election. lauren: trumps that facebook is against him. liberals say we help term. both sides have said about ideas and content they don't like. that is the run in a platform for all ideas looks like. zuckerberg added he underestimated the impact of fake news on his site. cheryl: of course a billion people around the world of facebook. toshiba has finally found a buyer for its memory chip unit. the japanese unit to a group led by capital by 18 billion. apple, dell and seagate technology, but faces some legal technology from western digital. they operate with toshiba. they also need approval by the antitrust regulators. toshiba wants to close the deal
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to raise cash by march so it can keep listening on the tokyo stock exchange. toshiba up about 10% so far this year. lauren: if you're expecting to get the iphone time when it hits shelves in november come you'll have to wait potentially a whole lot longer than that. cheryl: yes, i was hoping for the phone before that time. tracey carrasco has more on that and some other headlines. tracee, good morning. tracee: maybe not by christmas. because of production analyst from consumers, the iphone 10 will sell out within an hour or two when it goes on presale on october 27th. apple says the phone will be in stores on november 3rd. you can expect some
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lauren: another video of another passenger this time on southwest. >> don't touch me. >> then walk. train to the woman is dragged off the plane after two dogs boarded and she said she was deathly allergic to dogs. she did not have proper medical documentation to stay on the plane after she asked the airline to remove the animal. southwest should get an apology to the women. check this one out. more than 30,000 people evacuated in central ukraine after a large fire at an ammunition depot set off a series of massive explosions. the explosions should chortle is
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for residential explosions. two people injured in the prime minister sabotage same external factors may have caused. o.j. simpson may be a freeman on monday appeared at a hearing in july, members of nevada seemed eligible parole date of october 1st, this sunday. releases are only connected on week days since they spent nine years behind bars on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. he could be a freeman on monday. cheryl: i'm sure a lot of people aren't happy about that. finally debuting his tax plan. tax cuts from americans, but the planned to face hurdles within the president's own party. congressman peter king says any tax reform legislation must retain the state and local tax reductions. they must not be taxed twice.
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year to weigh in come a, kristen tate and michael starr hawkins. good morning. it's been a good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: if you're in new york, new jersey, california, this plan does not work for you. you will not get support on either side even though he was threatening the congressmen yesterday. how are they going to handle this? >> getting rid of these big perks for high tax states, levels the playing field and makes her federal tax system much more fair. why should people in kansas be subsidizing the policies of a place like new york. if the people of new york don't like it, they can vote to lower their taxes. overall this is a great plan that will stimulate the economy come and make america competitive again and will allow americans to file taxes on a postcard. i think you'll see broad support for this among hard-working americans throughout the country. maybe not from people in high
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tax areas, but they need to lower their taxes if they have a problem with it. cheryl: powerful voices in the congress and the senate. if he doesn't get support from them, he's not getting support for these packages. i think it's going to be negotiated. if you look at the fox news poll, it's interesting what americans are saying. they honestly want tax cuts for themselves, but then they say they don't favor a tax cut for the wealthy. lowering taxes on corporations, that is fox news poll only 34% support that. the truth is michael, that is the job creation factor in all of this. why is this message not getting out to americans right now? >> i don't think them have been coded message in a spade when it comes to tax cuts, republicans have been voting democrat. in this instance, he branded the populace, but now you are starting to see tax cuts potentially for wealthy and getting rid of the estate tax in the alternative minimum tax.
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this is going to be hard for the president to message and convince people this is going to be tax cuts for the middle class are mainstream and not wall street. cheryl: we haven't had meaningful tax reform in this country since 1986. this has to be bipartisan. we all agree on that, at least among the three of us. but at the same time, if you look at some things they want to do, doubling the standard deduction for most american families, we are talking at least a thousand dollars. can i get that out it leads to tell americans this will help you at the end of the day? >> absolutely. the way i see it, three major ways the plan will help everyday americans. the first is that it will simplify the system, reducing seven brackets down to three. the second calls for a higher child tax credit and doubles the standard deduction, which allows you to keep your income tax-free in the third, which he discussed his lowering the corporate tax
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rate down to 20%. liberals love to say lowering corporate tax rate is a giveaway to rich corporations and while they do legally pay the taxes, costs are ultimately borne by a combination of shareholders, consumers are high prices and workers through lower wages. trumpeting to get these messages out there. cheryl: also, we know they wanted to go down to the three brackets, but we don't have the income levels. what income levels would democrats be comfortable with? >> this is one of the big problems. the income models in new york will be income level since a tennessee or alabama. i think it's going to be hard to create brackets by only using three packets that will make it affordable. the cost of new york, $150,000 in new york will not go nearly as far, worth $150,000 in alabama or mississippi will go so much further.
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>> that's because new york has imposed high taxes on themselves. >> that's not necessarily true. one thing to what you said earlier. liberal states like new york and california shunned a lot of the southern states. without states like california or new york, and if you like mississippi and alabama would never fund their own governments. we should all be careful about how we attack the liberal states. lauren: michael, kristen, great points or both of you. so much to talk about. take a knack with us early. >> thank you, cheryl. translated doubles in the details and we don't have all day. allowing foreign ships to deliver for an age. cooler temperatures coming right here to the northeast. janice dean coming up with their forecast. we'll be right back. ♪
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lauren: president trump considering allowing foreign vessels to shepherd the supply of firm u.s. ports to puerto rico. restrictions in the act required the ships to u.s. companies to be carried by vessels built in the u.s. and are majority owned by american firms. they also must have u.s. citizens as crew members. u.s. carriers in the department of homeland security pose the way for donald trump is considering. they say the problem isn't a lack of ships, the devastation to the island transportation network as well as shortages. a big-time shortage of diesel fuel. cheryl: they still have no
5:26 am
phones, can't get access to food, cash. it is dire down there. at least with maria, things are changing. cooler temperatures moving into the east coast today and a lot more weather news obviously. lauren: senior meteorologist janice dean what the forecast. reporter: hi, ladies. we've got berea, was briefly a hurricane yesterday dad they've also got lee. the good news is they are moving out to sea. get out of here, maria. there is the 70 miles per hour winds pushing north in a story. goodbye, maria. we won't be talking about you tomorrow hopefully. lee is the same thing. we will not affect the east coast at all with direct impacts even though maria will give us a rough surf across the mid-atlantic. rip current risk as well as bush is not even talk about maria anymore. the rest of the country with cooler temperatures in the northeast.
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still going to remain warm over the southeastern florida appeared: the first of across the rockies, particularly concerned with potential for rainfall over the southwestern taxes at the area of low pressure. we really don't need to get this because of what happened to harvey. a lot of people are excited. 66 on saturday and sunday around new york city on sunday. getting to his seasonal averages at nightfall factions. lauren: finally put the sunblock away. cheryl: genus, thank you. good running weather. i appreciate that. lauren: i don't run. cheryl: sometimes it's hard to say you are sorry. an apology in all three journals is offering more support for victims of the massive hacker attack. we are going to take a look at the wildlife in times of american icon.
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"playboy" founder hugh hefner has died overnight. we will have details of the look back at his life. we will be right back. i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now. lauren: breaking news overnight. "playboy" magazine founder cultural icon and you have or has died the age of 91. welcome to the show. i lauren simonetti peered cheryl: he was an amazing figure. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. the magazine issued a statement that there died of natural causes last night surrounded by his family. anita vogel takes a look right at his life the "playboy" empire. >> hugh hefner was born in chicago in april 1926. his parents were nebraskans, father and accountant, mother a teacher, both very strict. >> i was raised in a typical
5:32 am
home. "playboy" felt was dedicated to the notion of questioning some of the puritan repression that is so much a part of the american history. reporter: after two years in the army, have studied at the university of illinois university of illinois. he met his first wife, mildred williams premiered in 1949 and had two children, christie who became chairman in the el "playboy" enterprises and david. have worked in the subscriptions department of "esquire" magazine until 1952 when he resigned to start his own publication. with only $10,000 company published the first issue of "playboy," a marilyn monroe on the cover. >> when the magazine began in 1953, the female ideal in women's magazines looked like someone's older sister in the work hurdles and were very corseted. had the bullet bras. "playboy" from the outset one for a much more natural girl next door look.
5:33 am
>> his marriage ended in 1959 converted a chicago townhouse into the original "playboy" mansion. >> you arrive just in time. we hope you come in and join us. >> 1974 he packed up and headed west, moving into 22,000 square foot house in los angeles that became home base where they can fire in infamous winning party. >> the latter 90s and beginning of the new millennium are currently re-celebration. >> playboy reached its 50th anniversary in 2003. hugh hefner "playboy," the vanguard of the revolution will forever be remembered for breaking down barriers and building a unique american dream. >> i hope i played some part in the change in her and values and nighttime. i hope i haven't not be satisfied with it. goodnight.
5:34 am
>> in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. cheryl: we should also add that he sold the "playboy" mansion for $100 million last year on the condition that he could stay there until his death. lauren: interesting. and he did stay there. a top story this morning. sweeping tax reform plan. let's bring in jay shaw, ceo of personal capital. good morning to you. >> good morning, lauren, how are you? lauren: very good. the argument is, it is a good or bad for wealthy people? your thoughts? >> well, so far it is a framework. it is an opening bid. what appears to be some powerful things for wealthy people, clearly drop in the highest tax bracket could be helpful. the repeal is alternative minimum tax, estate tax. all those things are positive. again, the start of a proposal and what will be a long fight in order to get to the end.
5:35 am
lauren: yeah, so the positives than you did know some of these come the fact of the business tax rate will go down drastically. but there is a possibility in terms of the individual rate, if they go down command they don't go down that much. isn't that for democrats to say this really is a middle-class tax cut. >> we will see. it is very clear with the wealthy come at least with some paper the middle class to be determined. from my perspective, we look at wealthy people in the broad scheme of things, taxes just a factor of wealth in the big picture. and so, when we're advising our clients at personal capital, the most important thing is to consider tax, but look at the big picture. understand and have a plan for your finances. lauren: what do you make of the elimination of state and local deductions? i really could hurt many americans, including the wealthy, but particularly and
5:36 am
quite honestly blue states, new york, illinois, new jersey, california, massachusetts. would he make of the argument? spin magazines like something will have to be done on a national scale without specific conditions for the states you mention severely taxed. i'm from california myself and i see the impact of not having the deduction will be impactful for those people. lauren: i see this as being a middle-class tax cut, which is what the administration wants. a soundbite from chuck schumer yesterday. he disagrees. >> under this plan, the wealthiest americans and wealthiest corporations make out like being dead while middle-class americans are left holding the bag. lauren: can you explain to me how this is not helping the middle class? >> well, it is to be determined. it can come determined. it can come a framework in place right now understanding how a specifically about people on the personal income tax site as well as people that have interest in small business.
5:37 am
we see the entire dna. to be determined. it is too early to tell. lauren: jay, thank you so much. cheryl: to say the amt is the fact demand is not true. it's affecting more and more americans every year. there's so much to talk about, but we do want to move on to something else. free technology giants invited to testify on capitol hill about russian interference during the election. lauren: tracee carrasco join us with more on that and the other headlines making news. train for the senate intelligence committee has asked facebook to testify in a doping hearing on november 1st to see how russia and social media companies influence the 2016 election. twitter and google also reportedly been asked to testify at the hearing. some on the panels pushing for this hearing since facebook revealed a russian company purchase $100,000 worth of political ads during the
5:38 am
presidential campaign. facebook said it will hand over all 3000 that the purchase adds to congressional investigators. lauren: equifax interim ceo pending an op-ed in "the wall street journal," basically saying i'm really sorry. tracee: at what else is fair for him to do but say i am sorry. that is his first order of business. his new enron ceos to write an apology letter in the journal. he wrote a piece titled on behalf of equifax, i am sorry. the company didn't live up to expectations and compounded the problem with insufficient support from customers. he also said that january 31, 2018 can equifax will offer a new service allowing consumers the option of controlling access to their personal credit data. the service will let people blogging on mod access making it much more difficult. we will see if that really
5:39 am
works. trying to decide the public but assuming a lot of lawsuits are coming. >> absolutely. class-action lawsuits piling up. cheryl: delta testing out a new way to get people to fly in airplanes. tracee: it is an effort to include the experience providing free texting on flights to their go-go internet service beginning this sunday. the service will allow for the use of real-time messaging using im message, what path and facebook messenger. this raises concerns about privacy. can anyone see the messages? who will be a legacy of them? if the messaging is actually a selling point for customers. i'll tell you what would get me on a flight. let me bring my bag for free. that is better than text messaging to me. cheryl: you can text message on united. i logged in and have access and i could do it that way. on the wi-fi.
5:40 am
tracee: i liked the fact that once you on a flight once you on a flight from your disconnected. i personally like that. you can't reach me for a few hours. people are busy working. in that sense i can see how it would be a great thing. lauren: nonetheless, it is a freebie, very rare, from an airline. coming up, will the trump tax plan take a close look at that. uber shuts down leasing business in the u.s. market in the first layoff in its history. we will be right back. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. republicans will advance legislation that would provide 10 billion funding for president drums border wall. the bill would give funds for the wall in border security measures. building under san diego. uber confirm them into shutting down its u.s. auto leasing business. months after they discovered they were losing 18 times more money from vehicles. they began informing employees
5:44 am
of the decision to close down the business known as exchange leasing. 500 employees will be affected. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. a british man told doctors at the clinic he had a year-long cough. he was a smoker and x-ray showed doctors thought it was cancer. guess why. surgery found this was actually a plastic toy traffic called he swallowed 40 years ago when he was seven years old. the column on the price removed and his cough one away. >> that's unbelievable. cheryl: it really is. lauren: today president trump tax plan. how is that going to construct the industry. executive of builders and contractors. hey, michael. construction, very high tax rate. >> this is great. our 21,000 members are
5:45 am
applauding this framework. it helps our big companies, small companies and i would like to focus on her small companies. 99% of the license construction companies employ less than 100 people. these are small businesses. 25% is significant. the family-owned businesses in repeal of the estate tax is really significant for those generational businesses as they continue to lead their legacy in our industry. lauren: people are criticizing this plan as being too positive for the wealthy. the wealthy and upper middle class are sometimes the job creators. you want a plan like this so they can hire more people and kickstart construction. is that going to happen? >> absolutely. in our business is all about cash flow. in our small mom-and-pop
5:46 am
businesses, an extra dollar of cash as an extra dollar can invest in talent, technology and equipment. it's a beautiful flywheel effect glover in those taxes, make it simpler to they have an extra dollar on his paycheck on friday. give them motivation to be back at work on monday they really work hard for their companies. lauren: i would like to see more incentives around hiring and training the workforce. 529 bright now are good for investing in college education. i'd like to see that expanded so those dollars can be used for technical education, career technology as well as
5:47 am
manufacturing. you say what if my child doesn't want to go to college. they have a different path for themselves. the president let them then we get a tax credit particularly for small business to train workers because the complaint from corporate america as we are not training the workers. >> i think that is right. we have disrupted industries, second career people, military people that if we can invest and we do invest their numbers right now are investing in non-boarding programs to change their careers and come to the construction industry. rewarding small business could be nice. lauren: thank you for your perspective. appreciate it. >> the construction industry where there is a huge skilled labor shortage will really see that in texas and florida. we've got a lot more coming out. but college basketball scandal
5:48 am
has claimed a high profile casualty. basically fired blue patina. highlights coming up with jared max. and the latest on uber site with the british government to keep 25,000 drivers working. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone hi, i'm the internet! you knoarmless ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. ♪music
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cheryl: welcome back. one of the most successful coaches in college basketball back by the ncaa scandal. cheryl: jared max is here with that story. what a scandal it is.
5:52 am
>> widespread. this goes deeper the university of miami being investigated by the fbi. miami no stranger to export scandal. the ultimate deadfall. rick pitino wanted it all and in the end it cost them everything. the 12 winningest coach in college pass go history. team yesterday leaving 16 years there as a head coach placed on unpaid administrative leave after wide spread bribery scandal throughout several universities for louisville plays athletic tractor tom church on paid administrative leave. he was one of the highest-paid at this position. who's going to replace brick taino? according to a website in europe or you can bet on this kind of stuff, indiana coach is two to one odds in case you're interested. the defending world series champion has won a division title. go cubs go. last night for a second straight
5:53 am
year in the first time since 19 away during the playoffs three years in a row. chicago white sox nikki delmonico vass may beat the angels. who cares, right because it's not about the playoffs beard actually, it is. look how it affected the minnesota twins last night. twins in the playoffs one year after they have the worst record in baseball. houston astros won last night since joining houston, which claimed oldfield ended division series for the first time as a presenting sponsor. the lds brought to you by nissan a global leader in infrastructure sports business. but we ever see tiger woods again? check out this q&a yesterday. >> could you see a scenario where you would not come back? >> yes, definitely. i don't know what my future holds for me.
5:54 am
>> tiger woods, will we ever see him again? justin timberlake is to perform at the halftime super bowl 52. heartwarming story out of houston. shawn watson, texan quarterback donates his first game checks to a bunch of cafeteria workers energy stadium. watch this. >> i really appreciate you all. i want to give my first game checks to you all to help in some type of way. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. lauren: that's what i like to see. cheryl: that's amazing. football has gotten such a bad rap over the last few days, but then you see something heartwarming like that. donating to hurricanes that is. it's a powerful spore.
5:55 am
>> unwarranted verdict today, more people seem to approve kneeling for the anthony's days. cheryl: you never know. jared max, thank you. you can catch the sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 sirius xm channel 115. lauren: when they come back, who were spreading in london to have it drivers treated as independent contractors. what is at stake for uber. i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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cheryl: a legal battle london this month had the drivers treated as independent contractors. matches workers. we will gold from "the wall street journal" joining us this morning. this is pretty interesting. >> in addition to fighting for an operating license here in london, also engage in a parallel appeal over whether or not workers should be considered employees or contractors. it sounds like a technical thing, but this would have really big impact on whether it's required to pay them holiday time and all kinds of benefits. that's really a big question because they can have some people estimate about a 20%
5:59 am
impact of labor caused for uber and companies like uber operating not just in the u.k., but also across europe and in the u.s. as well. lauren: we have to get your thoughts on president trump's tax plan unveiled yesterday in the global market reaction. >> indeed. the stock market has been relatively subed in europe today. what youre seeing as ban shares gning in europe and in asia just like wall street yesterday. the same climbing yields, the bond market has made a clear decision that this is likely to boost growth and possibly accelerate plans on rates if it goes through, though there does seem to be a little division and hesitation and on whether it is too soon to start pricing all of this. cheryl: yesterday to your point on the future market now pressing a rate hike in december and that is to its highest level yesterday and you call that, by the way. thank you.
6:00 am
>> thanks for having me. lauren: thank you for joining us this morning on "fbn:am." let's say good morning to maria maria bartiromo and mourning maria bartiromo and mourning said maria. >> thank you so much. happy thursday to you. thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. thursday, september 28th at top story 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. "playboy" magazine founder hugh hefner has died at the age of 91. in a statement to the magazine said icon passed away in his legendary "playboy" mansion surrounded by loved ones. taking a closer look at the career and life of this icon. tax reform reports and focus. unveiling a sweeping overhaul of the country's tax code good president tom touted the plan yesterday in indiana. >> this is a once in a generation opportunity. we will cut taxes for the middle class, make it simpler and more t


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