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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it's the 38th record close under president trump. thank you for having us in your home. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: breaking news tonight. health and human services secretary tom price offering his resignation from the trump administration and the president has accepted. reporter: secretary price had come under fire as the controversy had been building over the use of private charter aircraft for his travel when there were other options available to him. questions posed'president about whether he would fire secretary price, we received his resignation letter. he talked about his 40-plus
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years of work on health issues, he said success on these issues is more important than any one person. in order to look forward without any further disruption i'm tendering my resignation. before making his acceptance public he made some comments on the situation and what ba bothered him about it. >> i was disappointed because i didn't like it cosmetically or otherwise. i think he's a very fine person. i don't like the optics. we renegotiate deals, we are renegotiating the f-35 fighter planes. i safed hundreds of millions of dollars so i don't like the optics of what you just said. reporter: price offered to pay
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back $52,000 for his seat on the charters by only was a fraction of the total cost. paul ryan called him a good man. senator schumer making this about the healthcare debate saying the health secretary should be focused on the law not working to sabotage it. the search will be on for a replacement. one piece of context as i toss back to you from the reporting of our colleagues at fox news. we expect the office of management and budget to come out with a new policy that will govern the use for private aircraft for public employees. charles: roy murdoch and former
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bush 43 presidential writer ned ryun and ned, let me start with you. pretty swift action. we know from his prior life as a businessman and during the campaign. he makes these decisions fairly quickly. this weighs on him. ultimately he probably felt he was doing what was right for the american people and his words. also the optics of it. ned: as well he should. he ran on draining the swamp. this was not to be business as usual. this was not to be status quo. this behavior has taken place in previous administrations both republican and democrat. the thing i would say to president trump, with price's resignation, price was a symptom of the disease and he can deem
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with that with an executive order and say i do not want to see this behavior moving forward with my cabinet members. government service is about being a servant, not living the lifestyle of the rich and famous on the taxpayer dollar. i was happy to see this take place and i assume this was resign or be fired. we want to be talking about other things. we want to be talking about tax reform. >> many folks pointing out that this is not new. ned talking about this being a symptom of the disease. that ran rampant during the obama years. the use of private jets was the modus operandi. a message for everyone in washington, d.c., the so-called swamp, let's cut it out? >> absolutely.
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i couldn't agree with ned more. i think it's important for this president to make it clear this is not the status quo. he ran on the campaign to rid washington of it. in the last 8 months we have seen multiple cabinet members using this privilege. using private jets that are paid for by big oil. the secretary wanted private jets for his honeymoon. this president needs the clamp down on this and put a stop to it. charles: let's talk about another elephant perhaps in the room. tom price was brought on board to shepherd through the repeal and replacement for obamacare. we kept hearing when this guy is in, he's the architect, he has already written these plans, he will give us three of them and
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we'll just pick one. none of them have worked. and i didn't see him around a lot when it was time to sell this thing. there could be something to that as well. >> the graham-cassidy bill had gone through, he might have had to pay something like that. he took some flights he shouldn't have. it's unfortunate because tom price is a physician, an actual doctor and also the chairman of the house budget committee. he understood fiscal matters, medical matters. it's really a shame this happened and he had to go. charles: he had 40 years of
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service. will this make it harder now. president trump has been saying if it were not for this friday deadline graham-cassidy would have gone through. will this make it harder to push through the repeal and replace effort? >> your bet is as good as mine, charles. i have very little faith in the republican majority in the senate to walk and chew gum at the same time. is it going to make it harder? i am not sure you could have made it any harder than it already is. maybe come back to healthcare in january or february. but i don't really think tom price's resignation or, you know, lack of evident on this -- it was a lack of leadership in the senate that brought about the graham-cassidy bill.
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charles: to ned's point, was it symptomatic of a disease that's easy to catch once you are in washington, d.c. a lot of the drainers get there and say this ain't too bad. >> the swamp turns into a hot tub. the fliets and ease of travel. the failure of graham cassidy was not a failure of tom price, it was a failure of mitch mcconnell. shame on them for not doing their jobs and taking off and playing beach volleyball or whatever they did. i think if they had done that they would have gotten something on the president's desk by labor day. charles: president trump making some overtures towards the
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democrats. democrats admit obamacare need working on. do they make this major breaking news and make a mountain out of this poll hil -- out of this mo? >> tom price had been in washington for decades. it's indicative of an administration that plays fast and loose with regulatory laws. i am hopeful in lamar alexander from tennessee and patty murray are working together to address concerns with obamacare as it moves forward. so i think you will see some energy now. republicans as ned point out, have failed miserably in recent iterations to repeal and replace obamacare.
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it's the law of the land. we'll not see any movement on that before the end of the year. and we'll gladly run on these folks taking away their healthcare. >> there are a lot of thing that could be done as the secretary of hhs. lot of things will be done on a regular teary basis. >> last thing if i can say this. even though this is sad to see tom price's behavior, at least it shows republicans police their own. contrast that with the corruption file of senator bob menendez in new jersey still in office with democrat leadership refusing to act. charles: the bottom line, kevin, president trump moves swiftly to address this. and this was a major move. one of the key members of his cabinet is out. he's out over something that was
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business as usual. but no more. we are talking about president obama hitting the bricks to get this thanks plan through next.
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>> lip naight the tax breaks and special interest loopholes that primarily benefit the wealthy. our tax plan benefits the middle class. we give congress the flexibility to add an additional tax rate
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for the highest incomes. charles: the president pitching his thanks plan, affirming the plan is not designed to benefit wealthy. he offered congress to chance to add a fourth tax bracket. so what is this mysterious fourth bracket? what would it look like? and is it even necessary? it feels like perhaps the republicans and in this case president trump is too concerned like the definite neutral crowd. i'm a person who believe the tax cuts for the wealthy benefit all americans because it's more money that circulates in the economy. >> this is not the kind of talk i would expect out of a republican white house and i would be surprised if the gop
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congress. i don't think it many going anywhere. focus on cutting taxes, and everybody who works or wants to work will be able to work and prosper. charles: president trump hinted maybe chuck and nancy can get involved. what would the republicans give back for this. what would the democratic party be willing to give up on republicans or conservatives consider free markets, pro growth. >> there is a willingness for democrats to reach across party lines. we have seen it with daca. but this for ray into tax reform taken over a couple-months of preparation on the hill is a sham. charles: what would democrats be
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willing to say we'll sign on to something as a compromise. we'll get another bracket for the rich people. and then what do they give up in return for that? >> we can look at revising issues with the estate tax and the trump administration and the trump family stands with his proposal to make over a billion dollars when the president passes on his estate to the family. democrats have been willing in the past to have conversations about these. charles: i do want to make the point that when we talk about tax policies for all americans and the focus is on how much money the trump family may make, it seems so petty. this is how we got alternative minimum tacts which was aimed at a handful of american families
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and it became so insidious it crushed many families. when you make policy out of anger like that. and you specifically go after a group of people, it has bad impacts. >> it's out of fairness. >> this will benefit the middle class, most of small business owners in america are defined as middle class. they provide over 50% of the jobs in the u.s. if you are taking that pass-through tax from 39% to 20% you are enabling them to hire more people and growing the economy with more jobs. charles: ned, does it have to be revenue neutral? >> i don't believe so coming out of the gate. i would hope it will take us to 4% growth and we'll make it up.
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i don't like the idea of a higher tax bracket. 10% of the people in america pay 70% of the taxes. >> those people aren't hurting. >> 1% pay 40% of income tax. >> what is the fair share of number? charles: we are talking about revitalizing the economy and using the tax code for growth. that's a punitive measure. for 8 years it didn't grow the country. president trump leading the manufacturing renaissance. it's something i have been talking about for a long time. wait until i show you the evidence. we have someone in the manufacturing industry. he's going to tell us firsthand
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charles: president trump addressing ameeting at the national association of manufacturers. >> for decades the policy of washington, d.c. on the subject of manufacturing was a policy best sum right in one word. surrender. they surrendered. the year of economic surrender is over and the rebirth of american industry is beginning. america is winning again. charles: i have seen all year long signs of a you are about oning renaissance in
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manufacturing and it was spurred by donald trump. it's been holding even as gop leadership has stumbled. also back with us, ned ryun -- drew, we'll have a photo of you and the president. that was cool stuff. let me ask you. i looked at the data. what we are seeing is a manufacturing renaissance. how important is it that parts of the trump economic agenda go through? >> it's hugely important. our factories, there is so much optimism and cash on the sidelines. it will come off the sidelines and be invested back in the fam factories, getting more
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automation, hiring more people it's exciting. this an optimistic time for us. the association of manufacturers said three quarters in the row have been over 0% on average. we are enthusiastic about the new paradigm -- over 90% on average. these tax reforms will be huge job creators. we are talk from going 40% tax rate to 25%. it will be great. charles: why does president trump have to go to red states, to the heartland to sell this? it feels like he's spending more time selling fellow republicans than anybody else. >> it's kinds of a shame. some of us are starting to
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question what is the point of republican majorities if we can't push through a common sense agenda. if you are taking the corporate tax from 35 to 20 you make us highly competitive. you will see a 4% growth in the economy. after the healthcare debate, i don't think he can leave anything to chance, and he should be putting pressure on everybody, republicans and democrats. it's not my agenda, it's a common sense agenda that puts america first. the thing that i think is interesting about this is tax reform. we don't want an international approach to business tax. we want a territorial. we want more of the revenue to be invested on the american
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stores. charles: as i look at the survey. your point about the 90% averages holding tough. but small business optimism has come down a bit. these small guys are saying we need you to hurry up and regulations aren't the problem. the regulations are the reason why the numbers held up. but for the small manufacturers, the clock is ticking. >> we need a sense of urgency. we need capitol hill to get moving. it's time. enough talk. we have to get points on the board. we are in the red zone. it's time to push it through. we have got to score. it means broad base tax reform. simplifying the taxes, let us invest, and let's get those animal spirits roaring.
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>> charles: i'm hearing more nfl players pushing back at fans telling them don't come to the games or even watch them on tv and i had to tell you it makes me cringe from a business point of view there could be no greater mistake, with your customers is the kiss of death. when people found out the ceo of abercrombie & fitch said once he only wanted "good looking people in his stores" i knew his stock was going to get hit in fact one point abercrombie was super stock $18 in 2009 and it went to $75 talking up over 300%, when he made those comments it was $ 50 a share. today you can see the stock was at $14.44 and it never recovered soles fast forward to delaney walker of you feel that word disrespecting you don't come to the game. oh, be careful what you ask for.
6:33 pm
if you think people are sensitive about their weight and their looks, it is nothing compared to their passion for patriotism and this country. the bottom line right now is league owners and players have to make it very clear they respect the views of fans through actions and words, or they're going to face diminished incomes and far less clout and it's going to happen in the blink of an eye. here to discuss the conservative millennial blogger and contributing host at the blaze along with shelby senior video reporter for the wall street journal. alley welcome to the show. >> alley: thanks for having me. >> charles: for me the economic angle is they're making it worse because they're telling fans if you don't like it so what. >> alley: absolutely and that's a very arrogant statement to make and it shows how out of touch these celebrity athletes are with the necessity of their fans. the bottom line is that the nfl does not exist for the players. the nfl exists for people who like to watch football. the nfl would not exist if there aren't people who would like to
6:34 pm
watch football, and i think we absolutely will see the market correct itself. we've seen that with espn and bar stool sports, when espn came too political bar stool sports stepped up and started taking over that monopoly they once had >> i'd have to say the nfl wouldn't but very fun to watch if you didn't have the world's best football players playing in the nfl. it's a lose-lose situation. the second they were attacked you have really tough decisions to make. i totally agree you shouldn't tell your fans not to show up but he's trying to say you guys should respect our first amendment rights we respect yours. we do what you want you do what you want. >> charles: if i do to the movies i don't want to see someone go across the screen before it starts and saying your political views. >> and i hear you. >> charles: i don't want to do that while the national anthem is playing. >> capitalism is playing out the way it should by people buying jerseys of the players who come out and stand and-- >> charles: burning the rest.
6:35 pm
>> boycotting players who kneel and thanks play out as they should. >> charles: how will this play out because long term contracts but one thing is for sure. ratings are beginning to slip, espn paid a heavy price and they can lose the cloud and it can hit them in the pocket book. >> yes i absolutely agree that capitalism is playing out how it should. i'm not necessarily myself someone who boycotts things on a regular basis, however i always tell my viewers that if you want to protest against something boycotting is actually a very effective way to do it in a market like ours and that was president trump' message. what he said at that rally when he stirred this whole pot was leave the game. if someone is kneeling, leave the game. he knows that that's what gets these players, these teams the league by itself is people not watching. >> charles: last night of course it was echoed in actions by fans, green bay packers put out a communication to their fans/owners because the team is owned by the public asking them to lock arms in unity and very few did that but overwhelmingly
6:36 pm
people have their hands-on their hearts or saluting and again it's a tough thing i think a lot of people forgot what this thing was originally supposed to be about and morphed into something completely different but nfl players have to blink because as much as i know i love football i didn't watch last night and i don't plan on watching this weekend. >> most people say they will not boycott but i want to say it was about 25% in a recent cnn poll said they would boycott. 25% is a lot. that's a huge chunk of your fan base. it's going to hurt. >> charles: remember what happened to the united states marbel league? >> no. do tell. do tell. i have no idea. >> charles: i guess we can't live without football and it's always college football but the bigger issue is the american public is very patriotic. i mean-- >> also very divided. >> charles: protests before it and after it a lot of time in the day. find a different time to carve out three minutes to make your point. >> i think they are able to get
6:37 pm
creative. i'm listening to the nba owners recently coming up with better ideas to allow players to express their thoughts but still respect the national anthem and creativity is the name of the game. >> charles: ladies thank you both very much. another day another record not just for the s & p but for the nasdac, russel, transportation, stocks you have to be in and where this market goes for the rest of the year i'll break it all down for you, next. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives,
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>> charles: well it's a
6:41 pm
marathon and it's a sprint. all the major indices raced into the plus column ahead of the closing bell today. the s & p, nasdac, russel 2000 and the dow jones transportation index in fact all established fresh record highs so the question is where do we go from here? well first, i've got to tell you i don't think that the markets need a tax bill this year to keep moving, but because the underlying economy is already moving in fact it's picking up steam so i will take that excuse along with you folks out there waiting for a crash and just toss them because i think we're talking about long term this rally is just beginning to start now, right now personally our modeling for the dow jones industrial average a rally to about 23, 600, i think that's your next major test of resistance on the upside. so it means we could have pull backs although i don't think any will be more than 5% but at the rate of revenue and earnings growth we've seen over the last couple of quarters this number is very very conservative and in fact, long term, i'm looking for the market, the dow jones
6:42 pm
industrial average to go north of 25,000. now, the main point now is that there is a sense of urgency rather than guessing where the next top is focus on the foundations of this rally and i've got to tell you right now good old fashion stronger economic growth. i continue to preach that yes, this is a marathon and in my mind again it's nowhere near the finish line so procrastinating not only has been costly but it will continue to be so what's the roadmap look like? well, i want to make sure that investors know where the action is right now and if you look over the last month, if you want to talk about the sprint part of this, there have been pretty hot sectors and the good news is that these sectors all the best proxies for the u.s. economy particularly america's heartland your portfolio should have exposure to these industries here, industrials with within the industrials key industries are aerospace up 28% a lot more room on the upside, machinery moving stuff around up 22%, road
6:43 pm
and rail coming on strong up 21% , you also want to have materials in your portfolio, the key industries there are chemicals, not sexy at all but making big time money and container packaging stocks i love them. they've always been a proxy for the economy, energy is up 10% in the last month, integrated oil the big oil companies that paid big dividends because oil has been spinning its wheels but if it breaks out it breaks out big time. go to for more information, meanwhile federal aid now slowly making its way through puerto rico beyond the ports, its been a tough learning curve for everyone. we'll have details and an update for you next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same.
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>> president trump: the police and truck drivers are very substantially gone. they're taking care of their families and largely unable to get involved. there for were forced to bring in truck drivers, security, and many many other personnel by the thousands. the electrical grid and other infrastructure were already in very very poor shape. they were at their life's end prior to the hurricanes and now virtually everything has been wiped out and we will have to really start all over again. we're literally starting from scratch. >> charles: that was president trump discussing efforts to
6:48 pm
replenish and restore the island of puerto rico which of course has suffered immense damage. with us now on the phone is michael from the salvation army. michael thanks for joining us can you describe what's happening there in the latest efforts by your organization? >> yeah, first let me say thanks for spending this time with me. we certainly have had tremendous day-to-day in terms of getting some product to our folks and in fact, we just had a briefing with our command there in puerto rico and they've told us that they picked up about 60,000 meals from the airport today and to distribute to some of our centers, and so its been a very difficult situation, as everyone knows it's no secret that its been difficult to get product in and out of or into puerto rico but i think we've turned the corner and it looks like we're going to be back in business. the thing that i want to say is we've been feeding like even
6:49 pm
since after irma, we have some facility there around the island of puerto rico and so we were sort of embedded there and already feeding and so this was just a matter of a little hiccup for us until we got these food supplies which we got today. >> charles: michael, we are see ing up to 10,000 containers stranded on the docks there. we've seen downed bridges. there's been a big learning curve i think for everyone involved here. how has the response been since the realization that this is going to be something that no one has ever tackled before and do you feel comfortable knowing that folks who are in rural areas are going to be able to get much needed relief soon? >> sure, and that has been the issue. we spent a lot of time planning and pre planning, but no one expects these kinds of logistical nightmares, roads down and just people not, we just can't get to people, but actually, again because we're situated really right around the
6:50 pm
entire island, in fact i'll give you an example. in our briefing today we talked about the fact that tomorrow we're going to try and take quite a bit of supply out to the western side of the island and we know that there's some areas there that are desperate for food and so the salvation army is going to be out there tomorrow and hopefully getting to as many people as we possibly can. obviously we can't get to everybody, but we are concerned because we do have our community centers and churches throughout the island. >> charles: michael thank you very much. god bless the work you're doing and please be safe we appreciate you coming on. i want to switch with me is red alert politics editor and washington examiner contributor ron meyer. ron, you know the left always has been calling this president trump's katrina. i think the messaging has been somewhat clumsy and people wanting particularly when you bring up the issue of debt at this particular time, but reality of all of this is that
6:51 pm
this thing is going to cost not just the rescue effort but the rebuilding hundred billion dollars maybe more and it's a realistic i guess adult conversation to have at some point. >> ron: yeah, it is and the political fallout, really we shouldn't be talking really all that much about it but unfortunately if people like congressman making fun of trump for owning a golf course saying it's his katrina those aren't the conversations we shouldn't be having and also the people in the trump administration talking about how this is good news and i think she misspoke and obviously regrets it but listen we shouldn't be having any mission accomplished banners. the trump administration is working hard and you can see the amount of work that fema and many others in administration are trying to make sure these american citizens get the help they need but talking politics it's getting a little bit ridiculous. we'll have to talk about what we do to rebuild their infrastructure. we're talking about infrastructure built for the country. obviously puerto rico has to be included in this. we'll have to to rebuild all
6:52 pm
their bridges most of the roads which are already crumbeling, so there's a lot that has to be done. >> charles: ron there is also the political aspects of this as well. the estimates are up to 1 million puerto ricans may decide to leave once and for all i have family members who want to make that same choice. many will land in the east coast , a lot in florida which could tilt that state back to the blue column so there are politics involved in this as well, but the aspect of this being a racial issue and being called out as a racial issue just days into it unfolding, how comfortable are you with that? >> ron: well listen, you know if we'll talk about the politics red versus blue listen cuban americans are the most republican people out there because of the politics of the island they came from obviously communism but then also the people that helped them once they got here. president trump can do something to make sure this island is taken care of and the people who are american citizens can get the help they need especially if it's here in the home country.
6:53 pm
if people were rewarded who helps them and who stands for them and so i don't really think that should be the calculus and in some ways i'm actually grateful that democrats are getting so political about this because the pressure is on the trump administration to do as much as possible and so the trump administration is doing as much as possible and so while it's dirty and it's not, i mean it just shows you how awful politics are that democrats, not all did you many democrats are politicizing it. >> charles: it's the usual suspects and we want to reiterate these are american citizens and we pray for them and everybody that i know is rooting for them to come back and politics should not play a role thank you, ron appreciate it. >> absolutely charles. >> charles: coming up why russia could be talking out of both sides of its mouth with this north korean crisis. they wouldn't do that would they we'll be right back. it? ♪ ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it?
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charles: russia seems to wants it both ways with this north korean crisis. moscow hosting a north korean diplomat to talk about ways of diffusing tensions between moscow and the united states. let's discuss with the panel. rebecca grant is a former official in the office of the secretary of the air force. and retired guinea sergeant jesse jane duff. ladies, thank you for joining me. the international atomic energy sore yietion says north korea's raped progress made it a new threat to the world.
6:58 pm
it poses a global threat. that puts this in perspective. >> they are he can coving what y are echoing what she says. they have this ability to develop missiles and they are a threat. charles: do you take these over tiewrs from vladimir putin to be just paying a copycat? >> it drives him bananas not to be in with the big boys. and he's look ahead to the economic development. i would like to extend a pipeline into south korea, and that means going through north korea. he's getting ready for when talks begin to see what piece of the pie russia can get in solving this crisis
6:59 pm
economically. >> russia stated north korea would rather eat grass than give up their nuclear program. he sees his nuclear weapons as a life understand policy. i don't think we can trust russia. it will always to be their advantage to try to negotiate or manage or manipulate for their own advantage. they have no interest in whepg our economic sanctions. russian strugglers are getting petroleum products and aid over to help them during the storm of the sanctions. i would reminds people who came in on a white horse when president obama driewf the red line? it was russia. they said they would get rid of
7:00 pm
the nuclear weapons personally. and they have a love affair with bashar al-assad. charles: ladies, thank you very much. the man himself is next. lou dobbs. trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs who is on vacation tonight. health and human services secretary tom price resigning after coming under fire for use of private planes on the taxpayer's dime. president trump told reporters he wasn't happy with price and didn't like the optics of this. john roberts has our report. >> it's starting to be known as firing friday around the white house. administration officials often use pry that charters or government threats. in the case


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