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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 2, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: all right. we're seconding away from a white house briefing. trish regan takes you through that. the dow races through records. perhaps it will be different, perhaps not, if it looked like a terrorist incident that much we know, wall street races and so are a lot of hearts and pulses. trish. trish: thank you, neil. we expect to hear a whole lot more about the massacre in las vegas and we'll learn it from the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders coming to the podium momentarily. at least 58 people are dead. 515 others have been wounded, making it the deadliest mass shooting in our country's history. as of right now the fbi says there is no connection to a international terrorist group. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." a lot of questions how this all happened, who this man was. take a listen to what those concert-goers confronted last night with this barrage of
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bullets. [gunfire] [screaming] [bleep]. >> get down! trish: as many as 20 two thousad people were at the con kert -- 22,000. many were sent ducking for cover. many thought it was a fireworks displacement it was end of a three-day concert. they thought it was finale. what you see from video, many people there, witnesses there with cell phones, that you didn't see immediately people start to run. because they were confused. they did not know what this gunfire was. we do know it was a 64-year-old nevada resident who holed
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himself up inside after room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and shot down at those some 22,000 people. president trump calling this mass cure as an act of pure evil. for the latest hillary vaughn in las vegas. certainly a lot of questions still. hey, hillary. reporter: hey, trish. the biggest question of all for these victims at the concert last night why did this happen? what was the motive? police are still whering through that. the district attorney for clark county described the shooter, stephen paddock, as a wmd, a weapon and man of mass destruction but when the fbi talked to his family members, they were shocked. they described him as a normal guy that just hung out, liked to go to vegas and gamble. he liked to eat burritos. he had no military background. no extreme political affiliations or religious affiliation.
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they were shocked to hear he was the shooter in this attack last night at concert. the mandalay bay casino behind me over my shoulder, people walking up the row, still leaving the strip, wearing what they were wearing at concert. a lot of them wearing cowboy boots or cowboy hats, like you see at a country concert. for a lot of people the night has not ended yet. hundreds at the hospital, trying to get medical help for a lot of wounds that they received in the attack last night. the big headline here is blood. they need blood to, for a lot of these hospitals. the area has responded. blood banks are reporting hours-long lines for people waiting to donate the blood for victims of this attack. we talked to several people that described what it was like for them on that night. i talked to one woman, her son, eight years old, this is the first time he ever had to run
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away from someone shooting at him. listen to what some other witnesses described. >> panic, fear. graduatetude how helpful everybody was. the amount of people that just swarmed around each other to help each other. panic here. shock. >> honestly, run hard and fast as you can. reporter: trish, we're expecting a lot, updates every few hours. we're expecting one anytime soon from the police. we're hoping to hear more what the motive could have been. a lot of unanswered questions at this point for the victims. trish? trish: thank you very much. hillary vaughn, tragic, an eight-year-old run interesting this. authorities are not treating this as any kind of act of terrorism. we heard from the fbi saying there was no link to terrorism, yet earlier today isis was trying to take credit for this.
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let's go to dr. sebastian gorka, expert in terrorism and from great america coalition. what is your reaction to this? why is isis trying to claim this in any way, dr. gorka, when the fbi says there is no link? >> isis has a track record of doing this in recent history. there has been two cases, at least two case, one in manila, one in france they could not establish any connection between isis' claim and the actual attack. it is very early days. the fbi says there is no connection at the moment. demographically this individual doesn't fit in. 60% of all the plots in the united states by isis, by jihadists included perpetrators between the ages of 16 to 26. this guy in his mid 60s, does not fit a demographic. either another kind of terrorist, think about what the concert was, country music. neil: conservative kind of
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gathering, it is psychotic. serial killer. had a sigh cottic break. we'll know in the next few days. trish: dr. gorka, do you think that isis is so desperate, we made inroads going after them they want to scare people any way they can? historically they wouldn't take claim on acts but now you mention this incident and we don't know anything in its entirety yet, they will discover more information but why would isis want to do that? >> well look, there is a couple of reasons. they may be doing this out of desperation. you look at what secretary mattis, what our forces are doing in the region. the liberation of mosul as one operator told me, we're stacking the bad guys like cord wood. isis is under tremendous pressure.
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doesn't mean they're on the ropes yet. look at recent attacks in march say, in canada -- marseille, it could be desperation or just to mess with us, trish. just to dissipate our investigative capacities. instead of looking at the case itself as a one-off, now they will have to put more of our ct assets, counterterrorism investigative assets on this case. could be any one of those cases at the moment. trish: you mentioned this guy did to the fill profile what you would see as jihadist. he is a 62-year-old former accountant. he did work at lockheed martin, which may be of some interest given weaponry he was using. this was pretty sophisticated stuff. not easy weaponry to get, dr. gorka? >> look, all we know, there are at least 10 long guns in the room when the police found his dead body. potentially other handguns.
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if you listen to the audio there is unanimous agreement this individual was using fully automatic weapon base of the length of bursts he was initiate ing. it could maybe even be a belt-fed machine gun. those weapons are incredibly difficult to get ahold of. we eventual loud import of weapons through private ownership. it's a closed market. unless it was stolen from a military facility. we don't know that yet. doesn't have a military background. doesn't have a criminal record to indicate terrorist connections. this point he was firing from a point of high altitude, more than 1000 feet a way, that is deadly, deadly tactic. trish: do you think he could have been working with someone, dr. gorka or do you think this was a sole attack? >> i always said since 9/11 there is no such thing as real
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lone wolf terrorism, talking about timothy mcveigh, not sad cases like jihadi jane, serious plots, boston bombing, fort hood, even one perpetrator like in fort hood there is some connection along the way to indoctrinatetor, cuter somebody sanctioned it. in the case of nidal hasan, awlaki gave him religious sanction to kill his fellow servicemen in fort hood. lone wolf of jihadi variety is misnomer, doesn't exist. didn't mean this could not be one man psychological issue, and decided to kill as many people as he could with his weapon. trish: we'll find out i think in the coming days. dr. gorka, thanks for being here. >> thank you, trish. >> joining me someone you may know, friend of the show, been on many times before, not
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talking about this, attorney brian claypool, he was at the concert when the shooting occurred, he joins me right now by phone. glad you're safe, number one. >> thank you, trish. >> tell us, brian, what that was like? >> in an area designated as vip section called the lounge. the way i could describe it, jason aldean is playing, looking out in the audience, if i'm looking at him, my right, ran from side of stage all the way out 50-yards or so, must have been forth or fifth song i heard a pop. to me, initially sounded like fireworks. he was the last act, i thought this was it, but when i looked behind me and i didn't see anything in the sky, i became worried. what is unique, trish, jason
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aldean missed a few notes during that first crack. he was obviously worried. what happened -- trish: forgive me. we need to listen in to the white house right now. >> president will be flying to puerto rico tomorrow to view the devastation. he will assure the people there we're with them 100 percent and today and for the long haul. porto reek cans need to know we'll be there to help them rebuild their lives. president called last night a act of pure evil in las vegas. the president ordered flags to half-staff. to further honor those lost in the attack we'll hold a moment of silence on the south lawn this afternoon at 2: 45. the president will visit las vegas on wednesday to greet family and friendses of victims to offer comfort to those wounded and thanks to the
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first-responders. all residents were visiting the entertainment capital of the world to watch concert. one man, sonny melton trillion from tennessee to las vegas for the concert with his wife heather. when the bullets rained down from above, sonny shielded her from danger, selflessly giving his life for hers. they had been married a year. others risked their own lives to save people they never met. mick mcgary laid on students from the concert to protect from gunfire. they are 20, i'm 53. i led a good life. they returned to the scene with pickup truck to transport wounded to nearby hospitals. gail davis attending the concert with her husband she owes her life to a brave police officer who ink tinge lively served as human shield protecting her from harm. sadly multiple police officers both on duty and off-duty were among those killed or injured. but what these people did for
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each other says far more about who we are as americans than the cowardly acts of a killer ever could. the gospel of john reminds us there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. the memory of those who displayed ultimate expression of love in the midst of unimaginable act of hate will never fade. their examples will serve as eternal refinder that the american spirit can not and will not ever be broken. in the days ahead we'll grieve has as a nation, honor memory of those lost as nation. we'll unite one nation, under god, indivisible. with that i take your questions. major. >> can you tell us a little bit about how the president first learned about it and your engagement with him, his own personal reaction. he also said in the oval might spend more than a day in las vegas of the was he referring to a couple days there? >> we're finalizing details of travel that take place. we know for sure he will be
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there on wednesday and beyond that we'll keep you posted as those arrangements are finalized. in terms of activity this morning the president was briefed early this morning by general kelly. he has been updated regularly and constantly throughout the day and will continue to as new information is provided by law enforcement officials. >> have you had a chance to talk to him about his own, how he dealt with this? >> i have seen him today, and i think he like most of america is saddened and certainly, his heart and compassion goes out to those that were affected. jeff. >> sarah, many times when these horrible massacres occur leads to questions about gun control. has this particular massacre made the president think about pursuing tighter gun laws such as background checks to prevent massacres like this happening again. >> look this is unspeakable tragedy. today is a day for consoling
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survivors and mourning those we lost. our thoughts and prayers are certainly all of those individuals. there is time and place for political debate but now is the time to unite as a country. there is currently an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation, a motive has yet to be determined and it would be premature for to us discuss policy when we don't fully know all the facts or what took place last night. jeff? >> follow on that sarah, do you believe, or does the president believe that this is a moment that this is a time when this should not be a political discussion, it should be a policy discussion? does he believe he could bring something new to the gun debate that has been, you know, guess locked into typical politics for some years? >> today is more like today, day of reflection, day of mourning, a day of gratefulness for those that were saved. i think thrill will be certainly
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time for that policy discussion to take place. but that is not the place that we're in at this moment. certainly i think there is time for that to happen. >> before he was elected president in some 15, 16 years ago he did have a different view on guns than he had during the campaign. does he believe this is something that he could lead a bipartisan effort on at some point? what point would that be appropriate. >> i think that is something that we can talk about in the coming days. and see what that looks like moving forward. one of things we don't want to do is try to create laws that won't create, or stop these types of things from happening. if you look to chicago where you had over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes last year, they have the strictest gun laws in the country. that certainly hasn't helped there. we have to, when that time comes for those conversations to take place, then i think we need to look at things that may actually
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have that real impact. matthew? >> thank you, sarah. on puerto rico, could you tell us a little bit about the president's aims for his visit tomorrow? do you expect any attention given some of his comments over the weekend? >> we have several stops that we'll put out later this afternoon in terms of the specifics of that trip. we are going to be spending significant time there in puerto rico, meeting with first-responders as well as the storm survivors, and we'll again put out details of that exact schedule later today. >> comments over the weekend like the folks down there wanted everything done for them, do you expect that to come up in those conversations? >> i expect the focus to be on the recovery efforts which we're fully committed to. the top priority for the federal government is to protect lives and safety of those in affected
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areas and life saving services as we rebuild together to improve their lives. not just in the conversations tomorrow, but certainly the focus we had since this began. >> follow up, who is exactly want everything done for them? who is that they? >> i haven't specifically talked to him about defined who they might be. the federal government is doing everything one our powers and capabilities first focus on life sustaining and life saving measures and as well as on the rebuilding process. we have over 12,000 federal staff on the ground. 64 hospitals out of 67 are fully or partially prabblable. 45% of customers in puerto rico have access to drinking water. eight commercial airports are operational. 65% of gas stations are open. all these things we're continuing to push and move forward. it will be part of that effort. john is it. >> if i may. does the president believe what happened amounts to an act of
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domestic terrorism? >> again, we're still in fact-finding mission. this is an ongoing investigation, and it would be premature to weigh in on something like that before we have anymore facts. we'll leave that to local law enforcement to work with also, the federal law enforcement to make those determinations. john. >> over the weekend, this was pointed out, the president was sharply critical of the carmela cruz, mayor of san juan. other than comments on friday morning, criticizing elaine duke, this is a good news story dhs getting supplies out to areas that needed it, what was she doing, prompted such criticism of the president. >> right now our focus is to bring the mayor into the coordination efforts. this administration as well as other members on the ground have reached out to her. we hope that she will join with us in those efforts and be part of things. she has been invited to participate in the events
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tomorrow as well and we hope that those conversations will happen. and we can all work together to move forward. >> sarah, time frame to reimburse the government yet for flights yet, if not, is there specific deadline when you and president expect him to do that. >> i'm not sure on the time frame for that. or whether or not it is already taken place. biel certainly keep you posted on that. jordan. >> thank you, sarah. given what the president said about secretary of state's tiller been reaching out to north korea, does the president have confidence in him as secretary of state? >> yes he does. of. >> have you spoken to him since those comments? >> i believe some i will have to verify. john. >> sarah, very sad day as the president said in his remarks. he said when he goes out to las vegas he will meet with first-responders and in addition to that families of the victims that were impacted by this. what's the message to each of those groups when he goes out there? >> look, i think very simple to
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say that his goal is simply to be there to show support of people around the country and stand united, and not only in this act of evil but against all acts of evil. that was clear in the president's remarks today. something certainly you will see from his visit on wednesday. jessica? >> sarah, thank you. following up on the tweets about the -- over the weekend, president tweeted they will do what has to be done. is it stated position of the white house you're trying to get back to talks or have you given up? >> no. we made clear now is not the time to talk. the only conversations that have taken place or would be on bringing back americans who have been detained with otto, those were the type of conversations that this administration was willing to have. beyond that, there will be no conversations with north korea at this time.
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there are three americans still detained in north korea. >> lines of communication with pongyang, that is what you're primary using it for? not using it to get -- >> that would be only reason to have conversations with them at this time. halle. >> does the president believe diplomacy is not worth pursuing in north korea? >> there is difference between talking and putting diplomatic pressure. we still strongly support putting diplomatic pressure on north korea we're continuing to do. now is not the time to have conversations with north korea. we've encouraged all of our allies and partners to do more. we'll continue to keep all options on the table when it comes to that. steven. >> today you talked about how time not to get into gun control debate or policy after the orlando shooting the president was on twitter talking about policy, talking about travel ban. when for example, chris murphy says time for congress to get off the bat and do something -- >> actually i agree with him,
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that congress should get up and do something. i'm not sure that it is specific to that i think congress had several months of doing very little. we would like to see actual legislation. >> what would the president like to see congress do is question i want asked? >> we haven't had the moment to have a deep dive on the policy part of that. we've been focused on the fact that we had a severe tragedy in our country and this is a day of mourning, a time of bringing our country together that is the focus of the administration this morning. >> in orlando, at that day he was talking about the travel ban, didn't want congratulations. there. >> there is different being candidate and being president. >> i do want to ask you before last night's massacre a bill was advancing through the husband, republicans cleared it through the house committee on natural resources among other things make it easier for people to buy silencers. hillary clinton tweeted about it this morning. she said, imagine the deaths in las vegas for the shooter had a
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silencer which the nra wants to make easier to get. does the white house have position on this particular piece of legislation. >> again, i haven't spoken with the president about that specific issue but i don't think that is something that would have changed. again i think before we start trying to talk about the preventions of what took place last night we need to know more facts. we're simply not at that point. it is very easy for mrs. clinton to criticize and to come out but i think we need to remember the only person with blood on their hands is that of the shooter and this isn't a time for us to go after individuals or organizations. i think we can have those policy conversations but today is not that day. >> sarah, are there any policy restrictions out of bound on the policy debate next few weeks? can you articulate his position on gun control is? >> the president is clear that he is strong supporter of the
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second amendment. i don't have anything further at this point. take one more question. fred. >> yes. couple questions. one, [inaudible] wanted to ask about the bill, act, would give permanent exemption of puerto rico from the jones act. when the administration consider either a permanent repeal the jones act or at least an exemption from it for puerto rico? >> i don't at this that is something that is necessity time. if we deemed that it was we could have that discussion then but certainly something that we don't feel like is necessary today. so wouldn't man that would be something that needed. >> okay. also, nomination of -- [inaudible] some senators, some in the media on her religious beliefs. does the white house have some concerns about that?
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>> we certainly support religious freedom and would ask that congress also support that as well. as you all know we've got a moment of silence taking place on the south lawn here momentarily. with that i will close. just again i think we asked collectively that everyone across the country keep people in las vegas and puerto rico, u.s. virgin islands in our prayers. thanks. everyone, you've been listening to sarah huckabee sanders talk about how the president feels terrible about everything that happened. she feels terrible, you could hear herself breaking up. said the president is supporter of the second amendment, but not the appropriate time of having that debate right now. joining me on set, former new york state homeland security director, michael balboni, former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force, peter rogers and former police
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sergeant. good to have you all here. steve, with your fbi background, they're trying to piece together now? motive. >> motive is very important, trish. motive through the forensic study of everything he owns, talking about his telephone, computer. talking about electronic footprints, who he spoke with, who he did some. maybe social media conversations with. what they will find out on these instruments, was there any hate speech? was there any bias. was there any political agenda. trish: that is the question. you heard sebastian gorka say, not clear what this is. we don't know. fbi has not discovered links of jihadist-style terrorism. there could be another form of terrorism. this particular group being targeted they were all country music fans. there will be a lot of questions. we don't know right now.
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his record was pretty clean. what kind of hate speech they're looking for? >> they're looking for hate speech would motivate somebody this extreme. what is hard to grasp, when the person is flipped becomes an instrument of this attack. look at planning. he went up to the hotel. scoped out the room. you will find out he was there before. we think even had some access to it. we don't know what the access consisted of. to bring the weapons and use that firepower on that group at that time, remember, last part of the concert. when the most people would be there. opportunity to do the most damage. the question, what do you do to protect going forward? that is the challenge. >> and the damage he did. if someone is known to be authorities and suspect a terrorist and comes out and does something that is one thing but in this particular case, peter,
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i imagine it would be challenging to authorities if he had none of these red flags. >> the response by the authorities, locate the shooter, breach that room within 10 or 15 minutes, take him out, or he took himself out, that is what's amazing. three female chicago officers there rendered aid to the people that were wounded. trish: you mentioned how amazing that is. they found that the smoke detection tore in that room on 32nd floor on mandalay bay went off, that is what led them to go to his room. tremendous you think, of all the more damage that could have been done, although these are horrific numbers. this morning, one of our producers was sending me research for this, at that point we had more than 400. title of subject of email she sent to me, i looked at it, it made my heart stop. more than 400 people wounded in
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this. now we know more than 500. these are horrific numbers. >> trish, strategic and tactical response of those police officers saved a lot of lives. the people on the ground, marines, military personnel, police officers, firefighters, americans came together to save their fellow americans. overall, there could have been a lot more people who passed away. i thank god we had good people on the ground willing and able to step up to risk their own lives. trish: when we think about how do we prevent this stuff going forward? you have the new york background. what do we do here? >> one of the words we need to pay attention to overwatch. participating in the ability, strategy of how to protect large gatherings, protecting people that need protection. you need obsfucation. close off lines of sight so prevent shooter from -- trish: this is what we do in new york city? >> great point. you have to take it a piece at a
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time. we are reactive. trish: no hotel rooms, when the country music is festival happening on the 32nd floor? >> there are capabilities where you have countersniper capability in mass event. you have the ability with certain nightscopes where you can pick up that there is some type of activity going on. you can circle on that. trish: how do you do that? but how do you do that? you have a nightscope that- >> exactly correct. what you can do pick up a thermal image. it is not foolproof. you will not be able to prevent something. if you have a massive event, maybe some of the things to consider. take out the line of sight which means you can put up screening so you can see into the crowd with as much specificity as you can. of the put it on high buildings. possibly work in coordinated response with law enforcement and social media to see what is going on. trish: peter, do you think is
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something he did on his own or one person pointed out to me had a spotter. they saw the second window blown out and they're questioning that. is that something you're considering at all? >> i would personally believe he acted on his own. he pick ad corner room. 22,000 people in a lot. there is one way in, one way out. no way for them to escape. he doesn't have to aim. he can buy a bump trigger over internet for $150. that rifle would turn automatic. he can keep firing. no place for these people to go. 22,000 people trying to get out of one exit. you saw some film was where people were knocking offense -- offenses.
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trish: thank you very much. we'll have a quick break. moment of silence coming from the white house. we'll have that for you next. we'll see you right back here.
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listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. trish: we're getting more breaking news into us. fox is reporting per a source the shooter bought more than 30 weapons, and that police found between 11 and 15 in his hotel room. guns founded converted, that is
2:37 pm
important, converted fully automatic ar-15 style assault rifle with high capacity magazines. i'm here with michael balboni, steve rogers. peter koconis. what that means, fully converted automatic ar-15. >> you can buy a weapon semiautomatic. you pull the trigger as fast as you can, that is the amount, that is the speed which bullets leave the weapon. fully automatic means you pull the trigger and goes in bursts. the ar-15, that weapon, people think of traditionally as military weapon. typically banana clip. holds 30 round. sometimes you can have extended one. it has other features. sometimes has a nightscope. sometimes a flash suppresor. we don't know obviously how the weapon was configured that is the type of thing we associated most with these types of attacks. people go to that as a weapon of
2:38 pm
choice. trish: i spoke earlier on the phone with jan morgan that run as shooting range. she said it is very, very difficult to get any fully automated weapon. you can't get the stuff. it is not on the market. if you do you have to have a very special license for it, steve, federalstamp, where feds have ability to go in your home to inspect. it is very difficult to get. seems he went to more traditional route, fully or semiautomated ar-15 he could rig up to make more deadly. >> automatic weapons are pretty much banned from this country. sew had to. absent buying it illegally or get a automatic illegally he had to mod did i a semiought tick to turn that into automatic weapon. trish: people convert them. mike baker, former cia on. tell me about the sniper world, whatever you know about it. was this someone who had
2:39 pm
sophisticated training in this weapon? or did he just given how it was rigged up need to point and shoot? >> yeah, you don't need a lot of technical know how. you know, these platforms, ar-15 type platform that people imagine that we were just discussing a moment ago, they're popular out west for hunting, and you know, they're readily available in semiautomatic form. you can, you can alter and turn these things into fully automatic weapons. you know it is out there. the information, the gear you need. it is not, you know, it is buy something from bob your uncle. there is work behind it. sometimes it creates a problem with the platform. it creates a malfunctioning weapon. it can be done and has been done. this is speculation. you know it is speculation as to whether that is the case or not.
2:40 pm
trish: this is what we're reporting here. via sources. the shooter bought more than 30 weapons. they found between 11 and 15 in his hotel room. gun found included converted fully automatic ar-15 style assault rifles with high capacity magazines. so they had been converted in some way, mike. that is what we have learned. >> right. but to answer your question about the, about the technical skill, this is not a sniper issue. the man had, had the advantage, right? that is standard methodology all along. attacker chooses target, timing, location, method of attack up until -- trish: there you are looking at the president and his wife coming forward for a moment of silence happening momentarily to honor all of these victims. this horrific day we all woke up to this morning when we learned
2:41 pm
that more than 500 people had been injured. at least 58 had died in this horrific attack. [bells ringing]
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[moment of silence]. 1. trish: the president heading back inside, alongside the vice president and his wife, also alongside melania trump, after a moment of silence to express their condolences for the victims in the las vegas shooting. the most deadly shooting in the history of this country. there are still a lot of questions as to who this man was and why he did this. how he did this. as i was just reporting we have learned through our sources here at fox that the shooter bought more than 30 weapons. there was also a gun show that was happening in vegas this weekend. one of the point this is official was making to our reporter is that this man passed an fbi background check, steven, 30 times in order to buy these 30 weapons. so there was nothing there to flag anyone that he was that
2:43 pm
unstable. >> nothing at all. and that's the issue at hand. the police are unable to do what many people think they can do without probable cause, without these red flags but let me add this too. regarding the modification of these weapons from semiautomatic to automatic, the question that still needs to be answered, was there anyone else involved with him? even to the point that someone else converted these weapons and gave it to him. those are one of the questions police need to answer. was there an accomplice. trish: there was questions originally about his girlfriend, roommate, wasn't clear, his companion of some sort. they seem to have questioned her. she is no longer a person of interest? do they ever say that, michael, they down play something because they get other kind of information? >> usually what happens, steve knows in the investigations he participated in, very early in the investigation. there will be a lot more information. what you don't want to do, you don't want to block out any type
2:44 pm
of source of information. you don't want to give a heads up to somebody else you're investigating part of a circle that might have helped him. steve raises something else. this guy was not -- we don't know he has a military background. a lot of people when they first heard about the incident, he must have had some type of military training. trish: you think he has some training, right? to be able to kill that many people but what mike is telling us, what you guys told me and jan morgan as well-runs a training center for the guns it doesn't take a lot of skill. if you have that semiautomatic that you're able to convert into fully automatic weapon, then it's not that hard. and clearly he was able to do much in the way of devastation with maybe perhaps no training. >> which tells you there was planning. there was planning, in this operation from a to z. he knew what floor to go to. he knew is trajectory of bullets
2:45 pm
to cause most damage. he knew what type of weapon he needed to cause the most damage in a short period of time. we go back to that question, who else, if anybody, may be involved with this guy. that is where police are headed. >> how did he get into the hotel? that is the big thing. trish: how did he get into the hotel with the weapons? >> yes. was he in the room beforehand. do preoperational surveillance. cameras in the hotel will pick that up. how did he get weapons, a lot of weapons platforms, you can take out the barrel and take off the stock, put it into a suitcase but that is a lot of weaponry. trish: that is a lot of suitcases. stay with us, guys. i want to go back to las vegas. hillary vaughn is reporting new details. hi, hillary. >> sources telling fox news that the atf is tracing these weapons to figure out how paddock got his hands on them, where he may have bought them. but as you were discussing earlier, sources tell fox news that he bought 30 weapons, at
2:46 pm
least and that means he passed 30 background checks in order to get these. we know he bought some of these weapons in california. some were fully automatic ar-15s with high capacity magazines. some are heavy long-range rifles to hunt elk and black bear. they are so powerful, they can penetrate two people with one bullet. there are hundreds and hundreds of injuries. at least 60 people were killed in the attack. we're getting new information from the shooter's brother, eric paddock about their family history. he says that the shooter's dad, the two brothers dad was actually on the fbi's most-wanted list, top 10, because he was a bank robber at one point in time. he said they never met their dad. they did know he was this bank robber on the top 10 most-wanted list. he describes the shooter as
2:47 pm
wealthy guy that liked to go on cruises. he liked to play poker and he was described as doting son, he would send his mom boxes of cookies. they were shocked to hear he would have guns at all. they don't know how he got his hands on them. they continued to say he had no extreme religious or political associations. or signs that he was mentally unstable. these things were not picked up in background checks at all. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information, trish. trish: we learned he was a licensed pilot. he was a gambler as we mentioned over and over again, no previous record. no criminal record. he also owned a home worth estimated $400,000 there nearby in nevada. hillary, thank you very much. we'll keep checking in with you as we get more information. everyone, stay with us. we'll be right back.
2:48 pm
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trish: we're getting more information in to us about the person that shot dead more than 58 people, suspected more than 58 now, more than 500 injured. still with us here, mike baker, peter kokonis, dr. marc siegel, fox news medical a-team. we learned he had a father wanted on most wanted top 10 list for the fbi, a father who was a bank robber. he led seemingly normal life. was an accountant. worked at lockheed martin in the late 198s. didn't seem to have any problems with the law enforcement. in fact he had hunting and fishing licenses. as one of our reporters on fox pointed out, he had actually passed a background check 30 times to get the 30 weapons that
2:52 pm
he bought there for this event. anything at all would flag people? nothing, right? >> right. background checks won't show intent, unless something obvious is flagged in the course of their background. this is the frustrating aspect of the investigation for everyone who wants to know why, what was motivation, what drove the person. you have to let the investigation play out. you look at dominants, in most of shooting situations, same methodology. there was surveillance to pick the concert as a target. what does he is have to do? he has to decide on method, location, time of attack. he goes to the mandalay. has to decide where he wants the room. they will pick up on cctv footage, given casinos are most
2:53 pm
covered in this part of the country. they will pick up where he did his first reci, surveilance. getting weapons into that room, i know people are perplexed by this, but think about it. your bags are not checked. your bags are not searched when you go into a hotel. these weapons, these platforms, for most part break down. not as if he is carrying long guns in there, in a rifle case. so, he put the same level of thought into getting those up into his room as he did in choosing that room, choosing that venue, that target and the timing. people say, how could they not have figured this out? think about it. maids kay come into the room. he walks through this process. puts a do not disturb sign out the door. maids come in occasionally. he is there when they come through the room. put out a couple towels. that is not that difficult this is not rocket science. when you're up on 32nd
2:54 pm
floor, size of "killzone," size of concert space, i hate to talk in this fashion, you have to put yourself in the mind of the attacker, again the technical capability doesn't need to be there. you're not taking your time to aim every shot. this was not his intent. these are sort of things -- trish: sounds very premeditated. he had to have premeditated this. peter, what kind of resources do we see law enforcement devoting to a investigation like this as we try to piece it all together? mike pointed out they have a whole lot of videotape in vegas in part to protect casinos. there is lots of tape to go through. you can look back to see if the guy was ever there before. he might have used a different name. might be hard to find him in registry for hotel but what kind of resources is law enforcement efforting putting forward to this? >> you're going to have police people do psychological profiles
2:55 pm
on this guy. if he is there three days, he brings bags in and out, carrying all those weapons, the question is going to be is, how did he make these fully automatic? it is always simple. people go on the internet, they have books how to build bombs. so they have equipment that you can buy, bump trigger for $159. you just to on the internet. there are just too many things available. and you know, thinking this thing out, this guy has 22,000 people herded into one venue with one way in, one way out and you have just an open season for this guy. and he had two areas to shoot from his hotel. there were people, there were las vegas policemen off-duty that were killed. might have been some on duty guys. there were three chicago female
2:56 pm
cops there. they helped with rendering aid. chicago we have venues where 300,000 people to see lalapalooza. what can you do to prevent this? are you building cages? trish: we live in a very different kind of world. dr. siegel is here. briefly get you in on all this. what is happening with the victims. >> 120 units coming in and going out. getting into the hospital, it is all about triage. 60 full-time surgeons working medical center. they are using techniques developed in iraq and afghanistan. techniques for stopping pleading. using plastics to keep arteries open. using platelets. in operating room. trish: have to take a break. we'll be right back.
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liz: trish, we've got new information streaming in at this hour on that deadliest massacre in u.s. history. 12 people are now clinging to life at this hour at university medical center in las vegas. eight have apparently come out of surgery. another four are in addition to those eight in critical condition. but consider them lucky. 58 people did not make it. they were killed by what is looking to be a gunman attacking on his own. steven paddock. you've heard the name already today. created what no one else can describe as a sniper perch on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas last night. sending 22,000 people attending a


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