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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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checks. >> there no system in place to prevent people whoure under psychiatric care from gaining access to firearms, that has to change. charles: thank you very much. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, it has been 18 hours since gunman carried out worse mass shooting in our country's history. what we know is that at least 59 people were killed. more than 500 wounded. 64-year-old stephen paddock of mesquite, nevada, started firing an automatic weapon from 32nd floor of mandalay bay resort and casino, at an outdoor country music festival on las vegas strip. paddock killed himself, police
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found 16 weapons, and another 19 in his home, his motive remains unknown. we know from his brother, paddock was a multimillionaire who made his money, investing in real estate, and a high stakes gambler, it no -- had no children. his father was on the fbi's most wanted list, a fugitive bank robber, the gunman's family said they were shock and bewillers how stephen paddock could have shot and killed so many last night. [ sound of gunfire ] reporter: little is known about what motivated 64-year-old stephen paddock of mesquite, nevada to unleash a hail of bullets into a crowd of country music lovers gathered on the las vegas strip, monday, isis
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claimed responsibility, but right now federal investigator are disputing that. >> we have determined to this point, no connection with an international terrorist group. >> this is say crazed, loon tick full of hate, we don't know much about his background. reporter: police claim paddock, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound was armed with at least 10 rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, his brother say he lived a quiet life and claims he was not mentally ill and had no religious or political affiliation. >> we're shocked. horrified. dumfounded. he had a couple of guns, but they were handgun, legal -- i mean maybe's lock long gun but if a safe. reporter: paddock with no criminal history, reportedly perched in a there 32nd floor window, high above the
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crowd of 22,000 watching jason aldean perform, the last song of the night whether paddock began firing. ♪ [ sound of gunfire ] turning a concert venue who a killing field. >> the shots kept coming. >> everyone of hiding, they were hiding under bleachers. reporter: many witnesses thought the shots were fireworks part of the show, that excitement turned to panic. >> you heard the music cut off, you knew it was real, saw a bodies dropping and people getting trampled, i saw people in front of me get hit with bullets. reporter:ral dpoo aldean sayingt has been beyond horrific. >> we're angry. we're grieving. confusconfused, people are hurt. lou: trace da gallagher reporti. las vegas hospitals are calling
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for blood donations, hundreds are still being treated for gunshot wounds and other injuries. we have the latest for us you, jonathan. reporter: good evening to you, at-this-point 12 victims remain in critical condition at university medical center, but there there is a modicum of good news tonight, it is this, ceo of umc telling us a short time ago, that he does quote not expect to lose any more. one piece of encouraging news on what is such a difficult day for all of las vegas, and nevada, and the country. there was chaos at the shooting scene last night, ambulance service of las vegas stretched thin. there were tales are civilians stopping in pickup trucks or
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other vehicles and picking up wounded by the gunfire, and bringing them to this hospital and others in the las vegas area. i spoke with a surgeon who has worked all night and all day on some of the victims, he told me, he was shocked at extent of some of the injuries. >> a large caliber weapon, high power rifle, type of damage you see in abdomen, the spread of slashrapnel this was not an ordy street weapon. reporter: because of the caliber of the weapon, it created those horrific injuries, that is one reason why there was such a plea today from officials for blood donations, and the people are las vegas, have responded in a extraordinary way, going to headquarters of united flood service -- blood service, and lining up hour after hour at mobile blood donation units set
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up, including a couple on the street from me here. another sign, i have to say just return from covering aftermath of earthquake in mexico city, we saw there the best of human spirit, as people came out to volunteer their help, the same here in las vegas. another example. that worst of times offer bringing out the best in the american people. and in the mexican people, but today las vegas is proud of itself while mourning those who were killed, lou. lou: jonathan thank you, we appreciate it. from las vegas. stories of heroism emerging from the tragedy. many concertgoers, risking their own lives to save and protect others as gunshots rang out over the strip, fox new correspondent claudia cowen with our report. >> make sure everyone was okay.
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[ sound of gunfire ] reporter: as country music festival on las vegas stripped turned to terror, many in carnage slowed down their exit to help the injured. this concertgoer giving wounded and dead clothes on his back. >> how many people did you help. how many people did you see down? >> close to 20. >> in various conditions. >> i am not wearing any clothes, every who i thought, was had passed on, they have an article of my clothing covering their eyes, and everyone i saw breathing i held. >> random strangers, my staff members who live in district said they were running, someone opened a van door and pulled them inside for shelter. that is the kind of people we have here in las vegas. who are willing to reach out and help. >> right now we need your truck,
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we need to get people to the hospital, okay. >> put them all in the back, all in. >> can you pull over to the side. >> a lot of chaos. >> my focus was helping to get people out, keep them orderly, not so chaotic. trying to direct traffic so people done get hit by cars. reporter: one couple turned their vehicle into a makeshift ambulance. >> we ran to our car, and there were people hiding under my car for cover. and there was a gentleman that of shot, he said you can help me, i thought he was going to be okay, he was bleeding, he was not serious to shove him into the ambulance, i took him in high car. reporter: sin city turned into a war zone, the lives of hundreds changes forever, but there was courage and bravery of americans, in that same spirit,
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we're seeing long lines of people waiting to donate blood. lou. lou: claudia thank you. reporting from las vegas. president trump today of honored the victims in las vegas. calling for a moment of silence outside of the white house, flags ordered on half-staff, president trump said he would travel to las vegas wednesday. >> earlier president strongly condemned this senseless act of violence and comforted as he could to those who lost loved ones. >> it was an act of pure evil, hundreds of our fellow citizens are mourning the sudden loss of a loved one, a parent, child, brother, or sister, we cannot fathom their pain or imagine their loss. to the families was the victims, we're praying for you, and we're
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here for you. lou: white house stress secretary sarah sanders teared up during the briefing, as he applauded actions of heroism in the face of such evil. >> gospel of john reminds us there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend, memory of those who displayed ultimate expect of love, will never fade. lou: a tough day for all americans, we're coming right back, with much more. stay with us. >> president trump showing strong leadership in puerto rico. >> tomorrow morning early i'll leave for puerto rico with the first lady, it has been amazing in what has been done in a very short period of time. lou: we discuss the president's commitment to help puerto rico and all hurricane victims. >> and investigation continues into the gunman who fired an automatic weapon into a country music festival in las vegas.
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we'll have more on the deadly east mass shooting in american history, next, stay with us.
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lou: president trump today offered his condolences to people of puerto rico ahead of his visit there tomorrow.
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>> never been a piece of land that we've known that was so devastated, the bridges are down, telecommunications of nonexistent, electric grid is destroyed. we have tremendous aims of food, water and supplies generally speaking. we're going tomorrow morning first thing. lou: 95% of puerto rico still without power. but the governor said a quarter will regain power by next month. half of puerto rico still does not have running water. that number should fall to 40% by the end of the week, joining me to discuss the president's response to the hurricane and political rhetoric emanating from some local officials in puerto rico, ed rollins, member of political consultant hall of
7:16 pm
fame. pulitzer prize winning columnist for new york post, michael goodwin, and both fox news crypt contributors. >> let's go to san juan, president had a belly full, she has waffled back and forth. she seems to be in a partisan identity crisis. >> she is a very young woman, i believe she is overwhelmed by what has been going on recall o-- all that has been going on all around her, the president rose to the occasion today. i think he is doing this again tomorrow, it is as much a moral thing. lou: he has risen to the occasion through out, told his
7:17 pm
secretary of interior to move ships. i am so annoyeded listen to this partisan clap trap, i can't stand it, she is a young partisan, using it at wrong time, here people in san juan. >> i -- as you know, i care about this president, and support him, i want him to do good things like today. and i think arguing with her as he did initially -- >> stop this stuff. >> lou, that is -- >> this donald trump. >> there your opinion, and my opinion is different. lou: i'm telling you mine again. >> against it is your show. but, it is not, everything el is going well, a tramiou tremendout to houston and florida, this is our fourth tragedy in 4 weeks. lou: how is he doing. >> great. lou: i hear every hack in the world. >> i am not a hack. lou: i know that, or you would
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not be here, we're friends, every hack in media talking about tone again, he does more for the american people. i mean, and has been so much for everyone hit harshy, irma -- harvey, irma, go through the list, what in the world? i think his friends need to understand, the left is going to attack him relentlessly, they need to grow up and back off. >> today, the last thing we needed was politics, this is a day of mourning and unity? i would hope it would be. lou: i don't think it is a day of unity, i don't think it is a day of nationwide mourning. i think we have to be honest about these things, we're confronted with a tragedy of immense proportions in las vegas
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this president is dealing with aftermath of two of most powerful hurricanes to hit the united states. >> and a flood. lou: yes, and flooding. you know, this is just, where is the decency, the discretion. >> i think that on the left, there are those who think that no tragedy should be not -- must be exploited for political reasons, so hillary clinton today, mayor of san juan, i think this is very much a partisan piece, that will not stop, this is the left's response to everything because, politics is their religion. lou: it may be. but i don't think that is of an excuse for anything they are doing. they have lost -- the dems have lost their way. >> they have, and i think, as michael said this is not time for policy to be, this time for mourning and taking care was the victims, i think that president is doing a suburb job, and his government is, that is what
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counts at-this-point. lou: absolutely. speaking of nonpartisan issues, the nfl still with players locking arms, irrespective of the call for respecting the flag. some putting their hands over their heart, standing like americans should. and others with -- are you kidding me? black panther salute. and you have a mediacom flect surrounding the nfl not wanting to report this. this is like getting voice of the nfl. >> public has recognized this. you look at public approval ratings o the nfl, it dropped. my sense is that president got his message out clearly. >> this say matter of patriotism, i think that president has correctly framed
7:21 pm
it as such, with flag and national anthem, the nfl players who are doing this, they are doing this in front of a decreasing audience, the people are speaking with remotes. lou: ratings look to be year-on-year, down. it appears to me, we're going to know more tomorrow, we'll get final ratings tomorrow. from nielson, but it looks to be 20% perhaps more in decline in television ratings since the beginning of the season. compared to a rar a year ago. >> 5 polls, over 50% in those polls support the president's decision, this is not a good day for the nfl, and nfl is a commercial entity, they have not done a good job. >> and today, events will further that divide. if you want to play politics with these, you will be in wrong side of the american public. people know better. lou: right, we didn't mention ticket sales they are down.
7:22 pm
double digits, we'll find out more. >> we have not mentioned $44 million this commissioner gets paid. more than 5 top quarterbacks in the league. lou: a bang up job, rodger goodell is doing too. ed rollins and michael go goodw. >> thank you. >> hewlett-packard enterprise allowed a russian defense agency to review cyber security software that they sold as well to the pentagon. hewlett-packard giving russians access to the system called excite -- arc site to gain access to public sector market, arc site is used by much of u.s. military to detect, cyberattacks. are you kidding me?
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outrageous! on wall street, a record breaking day for stocks, dow gained 153, s&p up 10, nasdaq up 21, all closing at new record high, volume on big board, 3.1 billion shares. manufacturing activity, hitting highest level since 2004. hurricanes harvey and irma disrupting supplies, but driving up demand. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on sale el salem radio network. >> up next, the gunman's brother said that stephen paddock showed no sign of distress or mental illness and the family was blindsided with the news. >> we're shocked. like you think it is -- it came in all 5 of my phones in the house, and cells, they lit up. you know, i would have thought it was a friend.
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behind the massacre at the las vegas music festival. fox business correspondent hillary vaughn live from las vegas with the latest for us. reporter: lou, authorities now tell us they are sending s.w.a.t. teams to breach paddock's second home in reno, nevada. they also gave us information on what they took from his home outside of vegas in mess 88 -- mesquite, nevada, an additional firearms, explosionives and ammo rounds and hard drives from the computer, fbi will review, andy this found several pounds of ammonia nitrate in his car, that is used to make explosionives, they gave details about how paddock got 17 guns into his hotel room. he packed them in to 10 suitcases, some rifles had scopes, a source tells fox news
7:29 pm
that paddock purchased 30 firearms throughout his life, he passed at least 30 background checks, they have identified several gun dealers that sold him firearms, one. chris sullivan, released a statement saying that paddock did not raise any red flags, saying mr. paddock was a customer and purchased firearms from our store, aller necessary back ground checks and procedures were required, he never gave any indication or reason to believe he was unstable or unfit at any time. officials say, they are investigating paddock's girlfriend, marilou denley who is in tokyo, officials say when she gets back they want to speak with her, so far 59 people have died, injuries include gunshot, shrapnel and trampling, we're
7:30 pm
learning what it was like on the ground, a went saw 3 bullets hit head of woman in front of him, he knew it was time to run. >> i saw one girl get shot. another one of my buddies was near back room, my best friend saw him get shot in the neck, he grabbed him, took him checked his pull pulaskis, he was -- pu, he was done. reporter: we have seen many we'll walk are away from the strip here, wearing the clothes they were wearing at concert, a lot of cowboy hats and boots, today, that is a sign and a symbol of survival. lou. lou: and our condolences, and our delight to the survivors, i have to say, hillary, this no red flags around stephen paddock
7:31 pm
there should be some kind of flag. i get a horrible feeling that authorities behave as they would in socialist europe. where the practice is not to give a people any more information than they have to. i find that stunning how little the authorities are sharing with the national media. and why we don't know more about the woman who is in tokyo, as you described her. we don't know a thing about her. or her role. putting up no red flags, sounds like there was a reason he was putting up no red flags, it is extraordinary he would have ammonia nitrate for bomb making, because everyone is careful with how that material used in bombs is released to the public. this is turning to be a very troubling picture. we have very little in the way
7:32 pm
of information from authorities, that in and of itself is troubling. reporter: lou, you are right, his own family was blindsided by this news, they described him as a formal guy, a doting son, he wesent boxes of cookies to his mother, he liked to gamble and eat buriy o -- burritos, they ho idea. catching a lot of people off guard, law enforce. and those you know that would be closest to him, his own family. lou: all right, hillary vaughn thank you, a terrific job, we appreciate it. we're coming back with much more, stay with us. >> president trump urges secretary of state re rex tillen
7:33 pm
not to waste his time talking with north korea. >> now is not time to have conversation with north korea, we'll continue to keep all options to the table. lou: we take up north korea and our path forward. our next guest freed flights. >> and nfl ratings down against for monday night football, we'll have latest here next, stay with us, we'll be right back. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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lou: president trump responding to his secretary of state's announcement that the trump administration is keeping open direct channels of communications with north korea. president trump tweeted this -- i told rec tillerson, a wonderful secretary of state, that he is wasting his timeryin- trying to negotiate with little rocket man. save your energy rex, we'll do what has to be done, end of tweet. here to take up -- that perhaps tillerson's job is narrowing in scope, perhaps ending. fred what is your reacted when
7:38 pm
you head that? president admonishing secretary of state in the warmest of ways. >> two things, not first time that mr. tillerson has been at odds with the president, he did not want u.s. to withdraw from paris climate accord, he is trying to keep united states in thinterrible nuclear deal with . but the same time president is sending a message to north korea, that if we have talks with north korea he is going to drive a hard bargain, it has been a long time since the u.s. has been in that position. lou: do you think this is a time that tillerson is done. >> there is a rumor, i am concerned, he has said good things, i have a lot of conservative friends that state department will not interview, they have been blackballed, i am
7:39 pm
wondering where of the conservatives, this is a problem at beginning of bush administration. john bolton called somebody called white house said, where are the conservatives. mr. president, and bolton was invited it, i am afraid that is happening again. lou: i would be delighted in john bolton were invited in. >> so would i. lou: the fact of the matter is, tillerson is peculiar, it is stunning he would want to replicate failures of obama and bush, and clinton. which is precisely what he is prescribing when he talks about his direct talks. why in the world he would go rogue in midst of an asian trip, he did not have particular success, not publicly, the man is, it is stunning where he is
7:40 pm
right now. his job is to represent president trump and the united states of america, where the hell does he get off deciding something quite at odds with what the president wishes. >> that is right, he is the president's envoy. my concern is that mr. tillerson is inexperienced in international relations. lou: but he is not stupid. >> he has been captured by bureaucracy, he has advisers who do not think like trump does, that is an open secret in washington. that is why i say, where are the conservatives, why isn't the state department hiring them? >> a fair and absolutely critical question to answer. fred, great to talk with you. >> good to be here. lou: up next, nfl protests entering a week as ratings take a hit. legal scholar allen takes up nfl insult, and what is this stuff
7:41 pm
about bob mueller's special counsel, all of the investigations? and how full of it are the dems and the left? much more straight ahead, stay with us. we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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lou: sunday night football ratings fall another 4% compared to last year. it's all being very well for the nfl. if the players keep on insulting our anthem, our flag and america. several seahawks players didn't even take the knee. they simply sat on the bench. many vikings locked arms. entire defensive line refused to participate. as many as five of the browns
7:46 pm
raids their fists. >> gesture associated with the 1960s. for more on the nfl and why he thinks the russia probe is a politically motivated attack on president trump and he has other thoughts, too. we are joined by alan dershowitz. his new bikes called "trump up." professor, good to have you here. let's start with the book. i think everyone knows there is something going on with robert mueller special counsel. all the other investigation under way whether into donald
7:47 pm
trump, jr. meeting with russian agents. it's about collusion with russia. in your book you take on the issue straight on. >> it's not a crime. when you appoints a special counsel like mueller, you are sending a message that the president has committed crimes. there is no evidence of that whatever. you have to look at the statute books. even if there were to be political collusion, it wouldn't be a crime. you need to violate a federal statute. firing the form head of the fbi. that's not a crime. saying you are going to pardon somebody, that's not a crime. those are things we can argue about politically, but we shouldn't be making up crimes because we disagree with the politics of an incumbent. i would have made the same comments about hillary clinton. i would want to see where the
7:48 pm
crime was. lou: i never talked to the president about it. but i saw him when those cries of lock her up. he would become uncomfort with it. >> he should be. lou: there is pretty clear evidence that she in my judgment committed a crime. just one reporter's opinion. but it appears the administration made a judgment not to prosecute. >> that's the wise judgment. when somebody is a significant political figure you go after them politically. you use the criminal justice system as a last resort. we start to use it as a first resort. as soon as we don't agree with something, there must be a crime. lou: are you using "we" to include your fellow liberals?
7:49 pm
i know they are going after my judgment. they are absolutely ignorant going after this business of collusion. >> i agree. you have the distinguished former fbi director. robert mueller is raising holy hell with this republic, this government and this government's administration. he's doing it behind closed deers and we are not learning anything about the russians and what impacts they may have in the next election. that's why there should have been a non-partisan commission to look to the future. loufuture.lou. >> mark western is a one of the most sore and centrist senators in the u.s. senate. one of my former students. lou: sheer coincidence that i brought up his name. >> i think earn is jumping too
7:50 pm
quickly. if hillary clinton had been elected i think we would see republic scans behaving badly. republicans were behaving badly on senator ma then dezz. lou: when is the last time you saw a story from the left-wing nut television on senator in then dezz. >> i get a lot of emails from republicans saying there is a republican governor in there. once the republican governor is no longer in there, he might be replaced with a democrat. lou: why don't you call mueller and tell him to go home. >> i wish he would listen. i don't think he ever should have been appointed. lou: he should be fired.
7:51 pm
>> if he does that he will give his enemies grist to say he should be impeached. but he can only do it once. it's a political judgment. lou: firing comey. >> everybody should have fired comey. hillary clinton should have fired comey. he should have been fired day one. mueller is in a position where he can't be fired. when archie fox was fired, they couldn't fire the next guy. lou: afteguy. lou: archibald fox is an historic name. >> i think he made a mistake taking this. i think they made a mistake appointing him. and i don't think they serve the interests of the united states. lou: alan dershowitz has written
7:52 pm
this important book. yes, i know he's a liberal, but he thinks like an american. "trumped up." i love the title. the president showing true leadership in responding to the hurricanes and the massacre and north korea. we'll take that up right after the break. listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges.
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lou: joining me now -- mollie hemingway. let's pick up with alan dershowitz and his perspective on criminalization. i don't think it will add discretion or judgment as to when they will go after political opponents in the legal system. mollie: i don't think we have seen anything quite like what we witnessed the last year with president trump. this is a refusal to accept the reality of the election and criminalize -- what did president trump do that was so wrong, at the end of all this
7:57 pm
investigation. we could not have more reporting on this. it looks like the crime he committed was winning the election and some people are not able to handle that, and it's beyond time that they did. lou: why should anyone care that they can't handle it? these are daffodils and determined political operatives. >> these people are actually in very high positions. not just politics. in the media. and they are not being held to account for the crazy and irrational things they are saying. saying $150,000 in facebook ads changed the election from 2015. lou: what do you think when you look at "the washington post"
7:58 pm
each morning? what do you think when you look at the "new york times"? those are contrived, constructed orchestrated attacks on a sitting president thanked have no merit. the president calls it fake news. it's utterly manufactured partisan, ignorant propaganda. mollie: particularly with "the washington post" which quietly changed the entire basis of three of their big stories. it turns out the entire premise of the story isn't true like russia hacking the vermont power grid or president obama personally telling them about the ads with russia. not censoring news is treated as totally normal with obama but it's not applied to the
7:59 pm
subsequent president. the jeff bezos blog in the case of the "post." it's such ignorance on a massive scale, pretending to be journalism. are you kidding me? >> it's wonderful to have newspapers that hold politicians accountable. they need to do with good job with that and get their facts straight. and also not be owed wildly erratic in when they care about scandal and when they don't. lou: they are committed leftists. mollie: they should have covered the obama administration and its numerous scandals. had they done so they would be taken more seriously now. lou: that was a politic and objective way to respond.
8:00 pm
thanks for being with us. pastor robert jeffress and morgan wright among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: we are live with breaking news. a horrific shooting in las vegas killing dozens and wounding hundreds more. what was the shooter's motives. we'll talk to a witness who saw the entire thing go down, and a performer who was on a stage before the gunfire. we have he angle covered. so grab a seat and let's get started. welcome to a special live edition of kennedy. 58 people are dead and hundreds wounded in what is


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