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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 3, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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violent. if people don't know, barcelona as part of the region. it is a big region. thank you for your perspective. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: that is it for us. thank you for watching "fbn:am." maria bartiromo with one of the rear right now. >> thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, uber third at 6:00 p.m. on the east coast. deadly issued in a u.s. history. more than 500 wounded following the attack at a country music festival in las vegas sunday night. police found 23 guns inside the room a 64-year-old shooter, stephen paddock at the mandalay bay hotel and several more at his home as well. president trump will travel to las vegas tomorrow. >> we call upon the bonds of citizenship, the type of community in the comfort of our common humanity.
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our unity cannot be shattered by evil. >> gospel of john reminds us there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. the memory of those who display the ultimate expression of love in this unimaginable act of hate will never fade. their examples will serve as an eternal reminder that the american spirit cannot and will not ever be broken. train to the latest on the shooting in the search for a motive or may not. despite strategy, strong day for stock prices. all the major indices closed at record levels yesterday and jeans this morning as well. features up 30 points on the dow industrial. they look a european indices. german is closed for holiday. as you can see up fractionally moving. the nikkei average in the hang seng green at the other markets were closed for a holiday. equifax is the former ceo said to be grilled by lawmakers later today as he outlines the
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response to the recent attack. also, millions of more americans may have been affected. fox business premiere live coverage of the hearing at 10:00 a.m. eastern. wells fargo faces questions of its own. template set to testify before the senate banking committee today is the company continues to apologize nearly one year after the phony account scandal began. the hires fired employers. leaving ge, breaking down his time at the top as he retires three months ahead of schedule from general electric. the death of an icon, life and legacy of tom petty is the rock legend dies at the age of 66. joining me to talk all about it, fox business network dagen mcdowell. homeland security adviser michael sabonis at this in the global economics editor jon hilsenrath is here. good to see you. good morning. thanks for joining us. a terrible day yesterday we went
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to get your thoughts on this sort of motive today. >> a day america is not going to forget for a very, very long time. the security in venues and people coming together. particularly vegas. maria: we will have more on that. learning more disciplined disciplined about the gunman behind the deadliest mass shooting in american history. 64 euros retired accountant stephen paddock open fire and concertgoers to the second floor of the mandalay bay casino sunday night. he killed at least 59 people, wounded 520 others before killing himself. authorities say stephen paddock said 23 firearms. some with scopes, though las vegas sheriff joe lombardo spotted nothing nefarious. >> this was an integral -- individual described as a lone wolf. he was an avid and that he had
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stuff in his room. >> 23 weapons. i miss him in mesquite, nevada, 3519 additional bombs that thousands of rounds of ammunition. jeff flock on the ground in las vegas. he has the very latest. jeff, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, maria. it is extraordinary to know so much and learned so much about stephen paddock over the last 24 or 36 hours or so when no clue as to why he carried this act out. as you report from a 64 years old, looks like a fairly normal retiree. fairly successful at it apparently. also successful with business investment, lived in a retirement community there. no one saw anything amiss. even talking to family members, specifically his brothers. one of his brother said when he learned his brother had been
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responsible for this, it was like an asteroid falling from the sky. >> no religious investigation, no political affiliation. he just hung out. we are shocked, horrified, completely dumbfounded. reporter: so many of the match against an experienced do have sense or whether they political piece to them. it's his brother indicates, maybe there will be other interviews. at this point there is nothing like that. and while it's not the sort of snapped and did this about todd because clearly this took tremendous premeditation and preparation. there is nothing to indicate what would've gone wrong. a man who had absolutely no criminal record, no aggressions with the law. it is a puzzle trying to put together in las vegas.
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>> incredible job. joining us right now is former homeland security special agent in charge. former fbi member john torres. thank you for joining us. you just heard that the killer's brother, unknown in terms of what the motive is. woody things happening here? what drives a 64-year-old retiree, no real criminal history, no known affiliations to terrorist groups to kill 59 people. >> on the outside year, it is truly bizarre. to take a look at someone who would do this kind of carnage and kill so many people, usually as he received earlier there's a number of different reasons they would do some thing like this. the motivated religious motivations or they pledge some sort of group in this case i can assure you von forstmann is going to be really looking with
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a microscope and taking a look at what could really have triggered this type of attack. >> john, they talk a lot about how could this guy brought his weapons into the room. we know that there was a gun show in vegas and really becomes a question of what to von forstmann have done ahead of time to prevent this from happening. how real-time is social media information or police or law enforcement, how real is that in terms of preventing something like this from happening? >> is becoming much more critical in today's law enforcement. especially recently been able to monitor social media, especially in the big event going on. in this instance, this person is not in social media and not
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communicating with people and truly is a lone wolf, becomes difficult. it is a tool on for sunnis to take advantage of. dagen: at it they can make towel. based on reports when shots buy votes using target practice also found more ammunition and ammonium nitrate, fertilizer used to make explosives found in the murderous car. can you read into that at all? does that tell us anything? this profile so far doesn't add up. >> it doesn't add up, but when you take a look at all the items in his possession, it's obvious it's credible. the most important -- what are the warning signs, went to his
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friends and associates know telling his girlfriend who is currently overseas, when did she leave to go overseas or without a trigger that would cause them to do something like this. maria: trying to figure out why he carried out this massacre, what will give him the most clues that they were looking for as well and what do we know about his companion in japan right now? >> starting with love on for snowball lookout verse, they will do a complete review, forensic review of all the electronic phones and computers. they were forensically look at vehicles, search warrant of all the possessions of residences, properties he owns, travel records. they will look at everything inside out and upside down.
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as for the girlfriend, obviously living with them, talking to them, will know what the personality was like, what were his triggers that would make him mad. i can assure you they will want to talk as quickly as possible if not doing that already. >> this is jon hilsenrath from "the wall street journal." what can you tell us about the way the individual chose to take out his attacks were taken at a hotel room, sneaking on the weapons into the room is scoping out this venue. how does law enforcement need to respond to an attack like that in the past people tended to use explosives. this guy took a totally different approach to doing this. >> it's an incredible amount to premeditation and obviously planning to rent a hotel room with a clear view, un- abstract it to the venue to be able to disassemble and/or hide that amount of weapons to bring into the hotel without being noticed.
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also, to have a few of this venue for three days of the festival is ongoing. what that tells law enforcement is they have to take a look at changing them using the best practices, especially with the secret service uses for national security special event. obviously, that type of security is very expensive but you can take some of the best practices, especially coordinating with the business community, sending out red flags similar to a few of the person that comes in and have a view of the venue like this and not the type of person that wants to have someone come in, especially the cleaning crew appeared cleaning crew. or something like that is happening, you certainly want to put the notification out there to law enforcement so you can actually make the interview the person or take a closer look.
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maria: thank you for your insights this morning. coming up, the shocking death of the rock legend. ♪ and i'm free ♪ free fallin ♪ maria: tom petty has died. details on this sudden death across the world. for equifax fallouts. details that millions of others were affected by the massive data breach coming as the former ceos testifying in washington this morning on the hacking disaster. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back. former ceo of equifax will testify today. the first of several he will make this week before congressional panels. cheryl casone with the details. >> at morning, murray appeared richard smith set up a fax failed to implement the fix two security flaws back in march to cause the massive security breach that around. it's review has increased the number of affected consumers in this country by 2.5 million. now look in a 145 by 5 million people affect it by this breach. shares of equifax down 10% so far this year. another ceo scheduled to appear on capitol hill. plus are the chief tim sloan to apologize for this phony account scandal.
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they fired 1800 employees with practices that the bank. regulators fined wells fargo $185 million for openness and his 3.5 million deposit and credit card accounts without customers knowledge. they spoke about that with maria last month. >> we didn't move as quickly as we should. we fundamentally change the company in terms of how we're organized. we've centralized this function. we've changed management and made many comprehensiveness to deal with that. clearly we made a mistake. we had to take responsibility and we are now fixing it. >> fpm will be covering testimony later on this morning and also covering testimony for richard smith, former ceo of equifax. well, break-in overnight, mourning the death of rock legend tom petty.
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the ♪ mpeg free ♪ free fallin ♪ >> peddie died after going into cardiac arrest at his home in malibu. during the 70s and 80s, the rock and roll hall of famer had a string of hit singles with his band the heartbreakers. but he also cofounded the super growth of traveling mulberries along with bob dylan, ray orbison, george uris and. tom petty and the heartbreakers had just completed their 40th anniversary tour last week. tom petty died at the age of 66. maria: already paid thank you, cheryl. tom petty. what you have to say? >> i want them to play american grove over and over again. the opening guitar is one of the greatest rock 'n roll. the initial erroneous reports that he had died and he was
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still alive. does the number of news organizations. her breaking. maria: it sure was. general electric ceo stepping down months earlier than expected. what's next for the company led for 16 years. to send hillary clinton among the democrats getting political hours after the las vegas mass shooting. back in a moment. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives,
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maria: an unexpected move it general electric announcing he is resigning as chairman of the company's board. three months ahead of schedule the stock as you see there was up on the news in after-hours trading. current ceo john flannery will replace the chairman of the
6:22 am
board put in industrial giant. tommy what you think of this move. this is significant. >> this transition has been going on for a few months. i don't think it fundamentally changes the direction of ge's. it marks the moment to talk about what she tells us about the u.s. economy. he took that position two days after 9/11 at the tail end of the recession. ge is a window into the u.s. economy. what is era marked a low point for the u.s. economy. he started as we were going into it. a slow economic growth and that showed up. maria: i don't think you can join in on the economy. ge has gone through fundamental change, major assets to change the makeup of the company. i was on jeff and notes.
6:23 am
>> sure. maria: stocks down 25%. >> which underperformed the broad market. >> yes i had to transition away from ge financial. they think you put that in part because they really built the ge financial. he allowed that to continue. >> he has the revenue. though it's half the revenue. >> got caught and taken out the financial crisis. >> but again, he ran ge, immelt date from 2,122,008. god is -- that was a disaster developing over that. >> under jack welch, it was under all-time highs. the revenue was incredibly strong levels. >> there was a period when the u.s. economy.
6:24 am
he got out of the right time. he gets credit for really running the company brilliantly. he got out right at the right time. >> can i raise an issue because we viewed ge and its heyday in the 90s as it was a benchmark of the u.s. economy because it was so diverse. was immelt not capable of running a company so diverse? was that only chuck welch is chuck welch's talent who could run it, that he was capable of getting his arms around it and being able to see disparate businesses for what they were and how to grow them. >> it has to be which you pointed out, that he didn't see the problems in ge financial. that became a disaster for him and he is seven years to figure out overexposed to the financial sector. >> you can say was that someone of a plot box for people didn't understand what ge capital was. how did he not figure it out?
6:25 am
being forced to sell it so many years later. i was a big move in a completely change the make up. >> this company was a reflection of the u.s. economy. the whole u.s. economy became too exposed to the financial sector and it took down the whole economy and ended up being a black mark. maria: you wonder what happens to the stock now. >> it's below 30. that's for sure. but check ge shares. pull up a chart when you get a chance there. >> what is immelt doing now? are they going to pay that? will they get more assets and try to acquire different things? will they take the different assets and focus their business? maria: the higher ge's stock which is owned at this time by
6:26 am
ge was 59 and three quarters. i was under jack welch. so what does he do now? he was actually being looked at us perhaps going to uber until he says no, he's no longer in the running. >> he doesn't have to do anything. dagen: but now it is wind turbines and jet engines in health care. >> so diverse. good thing or bad thing? you could potentially question the exposure to emerging markets and the rest of the world. really shifted the focus of the company to emerging markets. they had a heyday, but as we know what china and how it slowed down, that might not have been a rate. maria: indicative of the broader economy. we'll keep talking about that on hand coming out. we're headed to las vegas this morning with the latest on the massacre that claimed the lives of 59 people in a shaken the
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>> i am maria bartiroma, it is tuesday, october 3rd. 6:30 on the east coast tour in las vegas, the deadliest mass shooting in us history, 59 people were killed, 500 wounded. authorities hunting for a
6:30 am
motive, what drove stephen paddock to rain bullets on an unsuspecting crowd of thousands. >> we will not be tarnished by this one sick, horrible human being that he thought he could destroy who and what we are. that will never happen. jolene: community rallied, lined up for hours to donate blood yesterday. money poured into the donation fund. global markets are firm despite the tragedy. markets did not react to anything yesterday. futures looking to extend the gains this morning, dow industrials up 25 points, 28 points, nasdaq up 31/2. markets are mixed, germany closed for a holiday comedy is in the upper fraction as is the cac quarante in paris. the nikkei and hang saying in the green, hong kong markets up
6:31 am
better than to present the japanese market up 1%, shanghai and korea closed for the holiday, donald trump headed to hurricane ravaged puerto rico and more companies including amazon sending aid and supplies to the island as we speak, advertising fallout for facebook detailing how many americans saw divisive russian linked ads during the election. what the social media giant is doing. as iphone 8 plays with problems. what you need to know about the battery woes. tesla under pressure, stock sliding as a reveals model preproduction much slower than expected. this top story, the deadliest mass shooting in us history, authorities learning more about the suspected gunman, stephen paddock, who opened fire in a crowd of 200,000 concertgoers monday night in las vegas. the tragedy leaving 69 people dead, 527 wounded.
6:32 am
adam housley is live at the scene of the shooting. >> reporter: we are across the parking lot from the shooting that took place 30 hours ago. we saw an ambulance leave 15 minutes ago. generally that means they are taking a body with them as they leave the area. the investigation ongoing. we are getting an exclusive look at the perspective the shooter took, the open unobstructed view he had. we have a couple maps to show you, the first is the layout here in the southern part of this strip. the concert took place, the 3-day festival, the second map shows the perspective, the redline gives you an idea where the windows relocated to the unsuspecting thousands, 22,000 below. to give you a more lively look, the actual video taken by a
6:33 am
viewer here one year ago where the same festival the day before the last day, walked into his hotel room with the camera on his phone to show how neat that two room suite was. anyone who stayed would say the same thing, beautiful view. what it provided the shooter with a wide open, two different angle view of the concert below. you can see that, shows you where the shooter was located from last thursday until the shooting took place late sunday night. back here live a chance to hear from more people that lost their lives, people who survived, and one witness talked to us about what she went through, take a listen. >> she was cut in the back of
6:34 am
the head, just ridiculous, i can understand one person had done something but this person went out and killed so many people that he didn't know. >> reporter: you can hear the emotion, people around town yesterday, biker jacket because it is cold in the mornings, the guy asked me why i was here, do you come here a lot? we are here for the shooting, he turned around with tears in his eyes, i was there and the person next to me got shot, we just ran, two hotel down, my mom picked us up, you hear that one after another. we got here so early yesterday, and in turn called me and said what do i do? there was a shooting, we are hiding in a hotel. i talked to her and her mother, this morning they still haven't slept in all these hours. they tripped over a body.
6:35 am
these are the stories we are hearing, the killing will begin here but it will be a long time coming. jolene: hard to take, thank you. joining us now is former u.s. army officer, thank you. your thoughts today? >> what he amplified his this is a soft target. this was not a soft target. you had a semblance of people at this concert so you had major police presence, armed officers at this location, what you had with a sense of vulnerability because you had the shooter at the high vantage point was able to shoot and kill numerous people so it wasn't a soft target. we want to look at how to
6:36 am
fortify ourselves or protect people in these large gatherings. jolene: people are afraid to gather with lots of people. can we do that? >> there is a strategy we could employ and once the drones. when we look at the nuances of policing, technical innovations are taking precedent in policing, and that should be used as a viable commodity in giving an overview what is happening in these locations. that is one step. we have to consider these things have happened before. when we look at the charles whitney shooting august 1, 1966, when he was in the clocktower or university of texas grounds, we had similarities. when we look at the vantage point the shooter had in dallas where he shot several police officers we want to take that
6:37 am
amalgamation of circumstances and use that for law enforcement to create a more credible pathway to fortifying the public. >> a lot of people looking at the secret service playbook in order to protect the mass gathering. also the establishment where they have counter sniper capabilities. one of the things from this situation is to obstruct lines of site so the question, would there be a way to shield this? the other question is could you have a coordinated position so that if you could pick up using infrared or other technologies to pick up a flash that you engage? >> i agree with you but i am a prior army officer. snipers were in high demand. we don't have resources to
6:38 am
support sniper teams for every public assembly so we have to think in consideration of drones, drones are the cheapest resource we can use in these situations. i am a firm proponent of having snipers everywhere. we look at new york city, times square, the nypd deploys a sniper team in times square. that costs money and a tremendous amount of training goes into being a sniper and we don't have those resources. jolene: what would drones be doing? >> they would relay intelligence to another team's they could respond to a possible threat. jolene: if they saw him blowing out the window in 30 seconds -- the biggest shooting is rekindling the debate over the nation's gun laws, cbs fired a
6:39 am
legal executive, their senior lawyer, for a facebook post she did. she said i am not sympathetic because country music fans often are republican gun toter is. the network all the message deeply unacceptable, fired her immediately. hillary clinton entered the fray, tweeting just hours after the shooting the crowd fled at the sound of gunshots which imagine if the shooter had a silencer which the nra wants to make it easier to get. our grief isn't enough. we must put politics aside, stand up to the nra and work together to stop this from happening again. las vegas native jimmy kimmel also outspoken on his program last night. >> donald trump is visiting las vegas on wednesday. he spoke this morning praying for those who lost their lives. in february he signed a bill that made it easier for people with severe mental illness to buy guns illegally. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, speaker of the house paul ryan and a number of other lawmakers who won't do anything about it because the nra has their balls and a money clip,
6:40 am
send their thoughts and prayers today which is good, they should be praying for god to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country. jolene: your thoughts on that. >> i completely discount the cbs administrator, she's not worth the conversation. jolene: ridiculous horrible comment. but i have to stop you, it opens a window into how some individuals. we are thankful this one couldn't shut up because now she is out of a job but to say that rather than keeping your heart and mind on the people who lost their lives or been injured in that shooting, i showed a complete vacuum of morality. and there are a lot of people like that in this country. >> a lot of people on the left feel that way but going back
6:41 am
with the gun rights, i am a strong proponent of the second amendment. when we look at places like chicago, chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country. look at the propensity for violence in chicago. a week ago we had the church shooting in tennessee, the person that stopped this shooter from killing more people was a licensed gun owner. we need guns to protect ourselves, good people in the hands of guns to protect ourselves from bad people in handguns. >> what is missing from this debate is automatic weapons are illegal. >> they are not illegal. you need a specific license. arthel: they have been -- any machine-gun or automatic weapon manufactured after 1986, the only ones technically legal in this country were manufactured before that date and you have to be registered with federal authorities. >> if we know anything about how he got his hands on this weapon
6:42 am
-- >> they are tracking that now. i saw one of the owners of the gun shops, he said this was someone who wasn't on the radar. i have a strong investigative background, this is not the person i would have looked at. tips come in, a massive amount of resources investigate these tips and this is not someone at the apex of the radar. this is someone with a propensity -- arthel: quickly on the guns there were two tripods allegedly found in the room the guns were positioned on and also according to the wall street journal a bus stop that turned potentially a semi automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. jolene: he must have adjusted something turning a semi automatic weapon into a full automatic weapon. arthel: that is something you can easily by. >> the state of nevada is an
6:43 am
open carry state. people can carry weapons on a strip of las vegas, gun shows quite frequently in las vegas. in no way, shape or form are they strangers to gun orders in las vegas but the truth of the matter is this was more an aberration than the norm. how do we ramp up fortifications or threat assessment as law enforcement to prevent these things happening in the future? is an arduous task. jolene: chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country. >> chicago, new york city and los angeles. >> 534 homicides year to date, 534. >> you have bad guys in possession of guns was the good guys will have guns. look at the police department, how does the police department counter bad people? with guns, the secret service protect the president with guns,
6:44 am
we need guns in the hands of good people. thank you for having me. jolene: we will take a break, a lot more to come this morning, stay with us.
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jolene: take a look, down industrial's expected to be up 30 points, nasdaq, s&p 500 in the plus column, couple names, could it be more trouble for apple at new iphone, company investigating several reports the batteries in the iphone 8 are swelling. the problem causes the screen display panel to dislodge. and apple spokesperson saying they are looking it the issue. we are up a fraction and watching walmart today, the retailer making a booth in its bid to take on amazon acquiring new york state delivery startup, terms are not disclosed the rico saying walmart paid less than $10 million, shares of walmart
6:48 am
up 13% year-to-date, donald trump headed to puerto rico to see the devastation from hurricane maria firsthand. dagen: the president and first lady leaving in a few hours, he spoke about his plan while there. >> we will be seeing all the first responders, the military, fema, most importantly we will be seeing the people of puerto rico. we have -- amazing what has been done in a short time. >> the visit comes two weeks after maria ripped through puerto rico leaving people scrambling for power, water, medicine and food, things are not much better now. the administration has come under fire for not moving quickly enough to help puerto rico recover from the worst hurricane to hit the island in 90 years, the president accused san juan mayor of poor leadership, after she criticized
6:49 am
the federal response. amazon, a cargo plane into puerto rico loaded with donations of relief and supplies. we are getting our first look at the extent of russian influence in the presidential election. facebook now says 10 million people, paid for by russian entities. may not have uncovered all activities that attempted to interfere in the election, taking a look at stock, facebook shares up in the premarket at 48%. tesla badly missing its production goal of its model 3, badly missing it. they wanted to make 1500 model 3 ss but only build 260, tesla so there's no problem with the supply chain and that will address bottleneck issues very
6:50 am
soon. it was a pretty big mess on the production side. >> support for victims and survivors of the las vegas massacre pouring income of $3 million raised on a go fund me page thanks in part to a donation by the oakland raiders. monday night football honors those lost with moment of silence, it was not without controversy, the story next. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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maria: monday night football an emotional moment before the game. >> nfl story centered around the national and rarely about community but last night everybody took pause to reflect on what took place sunday in las vegas. >> the nation experienced orifice tragedy when shooting in
6:54 am
las vegas resulted in the deaths of innocent people. at this time please join us in a moment of silent reflection for the victims, families and loved ones and the heroic efforts of our first responders. >> with a black-and-white image of the vegas strip all players stood for the national and farms linked, not complete unity from the kansas city chiefs sideline, chiefs won 29-20. kansas city amazingly the only team that has not lost a game. the oakland raiders who will of the las vegas donated $50,000 to the las vegas victims fund, clark county commissioner chair set up and go fund me page that has raised $3 million. ultimate fighting championship based in las vegas, dana white pledges a $1 million amount to the families of those affected
6:55 am
by the tragedy. usc says it is the 216 schedule at mgm grand will go on. the nhl expansion las vegas golden knights make an announcement that they will make a significant donation toward relief effort and players from the team will make appearances to support victims and victims families and first responders. maria: everybody came together. >> we are seeing it more and more in the sports world, puerto rico. maria: joining the hurricane maria relief effort. >> jorge posada. maria: ricky martin, gloria stephan landed bringing supplies to the island. it was nice to see everybody together, this is posada's fourth trip since the hurricane hit. they raised $300,000, flown puerto ricans back to miami for medical treatment. nice to see celebrities getting involved. >> a lifelong yankees fan, i
6:56 am
followed jorge posada most of his career and i know how much his native land means to him to see him involved all these years later is very special, something he pointed out on the western part of the island people are not getting supplies. people surviving. >> a connection between puerto rico and new york. >> one quick thing as a racing fan, he is part of the 2018 nascar hall of fame class, famous engine builder, he has been ill but just want to bring it up. >> for doing something politicians are, knowing how to behave themselves, the crisis and tragedy focusing not on the politics of the moment but helping people and providing
6:57 am
relief. >> how much money these guys make and it is not on anybody to say it is my duty to have to do this. great to see people step up and say let me see how i can help. maria: catch jared's sports report 24/7 on serious xm 115, the latest on a shooting rampage in las vegas, we are looking for motives, "mornings with maria" right here. with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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7:00 am
maria: good tuesday morning, thanks for joining us, i am maria bartiroma, tuesday, october 3rd. it is 7:00 on the east coast, the deadliest mass shooting in us history, 59 people confirmed dead with 500 others wounded, following the attack a country music festival sunday night. police found in excess of 23 guns inside the room of stephen paddock, several more guns at his home. >> i was trying to be brief, ran across the street, people were screaming and yelling and crying. >> just to run as hard and fast as you can. maria: the search for a motive. it was a strong day, a firmer
7:01 am
tone as well. it closed at record levels, all-time high futures indicating that continues at the open, 31 points on dow futures, nasdaq up 5.5 points, germany closed for holiday but the s&p and cac quarante up a fraction. in asia overnight, gains in japan, nikkei average better than 1%, hong kong, hang seng index by 2%, the markets closed for the holiday. equifax in focus taking the hill as the company reveals millions more may have been affected by the mass attack. grilled by lawmakers today over his response. taking life to the coverage at 10:00 eastern. wells fargo facing questions, testifying over the banking committee, to apologize for its phony account scandal. it rehired some of those
7:02 am
employees that were fired because of that, one year after it all began. gm charged up for the future, details on the automaker's plan for all electric apps going forward. the death of an icon, the life and legacy of tom petty. the rock legend dies at the age of 66. all those stories coming this tuesday morning. dagan mcdowell, homeland security adviser michael balboni and economic editor john hilsenrath is here. dagen: we can debate the greatness of tom petty all morning, how he lines up in the all time greats list. i say he is up there. maria: there were some questions whether he passed, but this morning we are focused on the tragedy we have been discussing all week. we are learning about the gunmen
7:03 am
behind the deadliest mass shooting in american history sunday night, 64-year-old retired accountant stephen paddock opened fire on concert goers from the 32nd floor on sunday night. in doing so he killed 59 people, wounded more than 520 others before killing himself. authorities say paddock had 23 firearms in his hotel suite, some with scopes. at his home in mesquite, nevada they found an additional 19 more guns along with explosives, the browns of ammunition. jeff flock is on the ground with the latest this morning. >> reporter: tremendous volume of carnage shocked so many people, as we stand here on the venue where the country music concert has taken place we see an ambulance emerge. a good indication they are
7:04 am
moving another body, total of 59, what we are finding about stephen paddock, on the one hand doesn't fit the bill at all of someone who would have committed a crime like this. on the other hand his brother told the radio station in las vegas he didn't consider his brother to be normal, no indication something like this was in the offing. >> or anything -- >> no religious affiliation. >> no history of mental illness. >> he had a couple guns but they were all handguns, legal, might have had one long gun but had
7:05 am
them in a safe. >> a lot more than one. it is worth noting, stephen paddock did not have a history of mental illness, his father spent several years on the fbi's most wanted list, believed to be a suicidal psychopath was the way he was described. escaped from prison, beyond that no more answers. maria: the father of the bank robber who escaped prison on the fbi most wanted list. what did you hear in terms of reaction to stephen paddock's brother? you had a soundbite in your piece, he is baffled how his brother did this and what was going on. do people believe him? >> he truly seemed shocked. on the other hand he did tell this local radio station he
7:06 am
didn't think his brother was altogether normal, talked to him the last time during hurricane irma. 's mother lives in florida, a brother, apparently stephen called to ask how the mother was doing as a result of the hurricane. they were in partnership in some of the real estate deals they had done. brother eric said stephen helped make him wealthy like stephen had become wealthy from his real estate investments. this is bizarre. maria: something doesn't add up. jeff flock in las vegas. we want to bring in one of the witnesses, megan kabbalah, and recording artist jones. thank you for coming in today. appreciate you being here because you will give us a first-hand account. you were staying at the mandalay bay hotel where paddock was purchased when he fired the shot. tell us about it. describe the moment he opened
7:07 am
fire. >> i was actually staying in the hard rock. i was therefore a three day intensive training program and that night had a private meeting, in the foundation room at the penthouse level, our meeting ended at 10:00, 50 of us scattered, 10 went downstairs to the casino floor and i was up top and a few of us decided to go to the balcony at 10:07. maria: there was a balcony. >> one and only balcony up top in the middle. i stepped outside and a person i was with, gave me her phone, took some pictures but with 30 seconds of getting on the balcony i heard the first rounds of fire and i knew something was wrong and hurt again 30 seconds later. maria: was the balcony above the 32nd floor?
7:08 am
>> we were all the way at the top. maria: he was below you. >> yes. on the third round people started screaming. i haven't looked over the balcony yet. people started screaming. i looked over and i knew that fire was from up top. i started recording and you can hear in my video fire happening in the beginning, 10 second rounds and nothing for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, then 15 seconds, it was complete and total horror. as they were firing i could feel up top it was coming from the left side, not knowing he was 10 floors below shooting right below us. maria: you were on stage with bands big and rich before the shooting started. the crowd thinking god bless america. let's watch and we want to get your take on things.
7:09 am
♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ maria: looks like an incredible moment. what can you tell us? >> it was an incredible moment, a unifying moment, every color, creed, religion coming together thinking god bless america. an hour later people were gunned down. it was intense. it was intense. i can't explain it either then the fact we were so close to being shot. it could have been us. could have been john rich or big kenny or the veterans they brought on stage which his wife he pulled me onstage, honorary celebrity bartender for the veterans, pay homage to them.
7:10 am
the night should never have ended this way. maria: you spoke to a couple in the front row. >> when i got home at 11:45, to get my baggage, i asked this woman are you coming back from vegas, where you down there? she started bawling saying we were in the front row against the stage and pretty much said jason was singing, the round of fire, she heard it, nothing happened, no one moved. second round she turned to her left, a handful of people collapsed. third round of fire the guy in front of her was shot and collapsed and she and her husband tried to stop the bleeding, they were covered in blood. the worst moment was when the lights went up and in front of the stage, they were trying to get over the fence. was it just one entrance in and
7:11 am
out? she said yes, there was nowhere to go. they were trying to get over the fences and there were bodies everywhere, total horror. when i looked back, it was completely unacceptable. how many more massacres we have to have in this country before gun control is taken seriously? this is las vegas. why aren't there metal detectors? i am -- when i go to a va hospital in the bronx in brooklyn they are going through metal detectors. why wouldn't you in las vegas maria: you probably will see metal detectors now. >> the question is how long the shooting actually took place? do you have specific recollection of the >> from my personal experience when i got on the balcony, seemed it was already going on and when we came back into the
7:12 am
room with an ten minutes, the swat team stormed in on the foundation and to my knowledge it seemed it was a good half hour of shooting. >> when you were there, what was the first moment you knew something was happening? what did you see first? >> i was tapped on my shoulder and told there is an active shooter and we had to hunker down in the bar we were in which was 5 minutes away, we were literally 15 minutes from the shooter. we left, went to the next venue, five minutes away and immediately found out our friends that were still at venue where bunkering down or hiding, there were bodies on stage, around the stage, around. a really good friend of mine is john rich actually was performing and had to bunker
7:13 am
down and hide his wife with their baby on the 32nd floor. their hotel room. maria: you are still in las vegas. why are you still in las vegas? what is the feeling in las vegas today? >> it is my hometown and i whether it is foreign or domestic terrorism we can't conform to this way of life of being fearful of everything, fearful to go to a baseball game or concert. there is going to be constant fear and division. for me being from vegas, i don't want that to happen to the city. i don't want this city to cave because of terror. to me less guns don't equal less terrorists, just doesn't. doesn't equate. john rich was the only one
7:14 am
carrying a gun with the people in a bar bunkered down with seven rounds. if there was more than one shooter we had no chance. luckily he handed his gun to literally a police officer, fbi agent reporting an fbi agent, i am not certain, you would have to ask john rich, he was an officer and he handed his weapon to him and he is who protected the door we were bunkered down in for three hours incomplete fear. we did not know, we were told there were three shooters initially so we didn't know. maria: thank you, both of you, for sharing your stories, we appreciate it. coming up general motors ditching gas powered cars, the plan to go electric. and remembering tom petty, taking a look at the highlights of the legendary rock star's life straightahead.
7:15 am
7:16 am
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theravent. the answer is right under your nose. maria: another setback in relations between cuba and the united states. cheryl: the trump administration preparing to ask you but to withdraw 60% of the diplomats from washington after a series of clinically illnesses affecting many embassy staff in
7:18 am
cuba. there were other physical issues. the us cut their own embassy staff in cuba following strange attacks and harm 21 american diplomats in havana. some have complete loss of hearing. cuba has denied involvement in these physical attacks against our diplomats. general motors going 100% electric, it will be 20 electric vehicle models in the lineup by 2023. the goal, abandon the combustion engine completely. these will draw their power from batteries or hydrogen. shares gm up 20%. fans mourning the death rock legends tom petty. ♪ i'm free
7:19 am
♪ freefalling ♪ >> he died in los angeles after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home in malibu. in a 70s and 80s the rock 'n roll hall of famer had a string of favorites with his band the heartbreakers selling 80 million records worldwide and cofounded the supergroup the traveling will berries with bob dylan, george harrison, jeff lynn. they recently completed their 40th anniversary tour. tom petty dead at the age of 66. dagen: we can debate, we were talking about it in the green room, tom petty is up there in terms of the revival of american rock 'n roll with springsteen, bob seger and john mellencamp. they are all in the same group. let's honor them while they are still alive. >> the songs you never forget
7:20 am
the remind you of so many things in your life. dagen: i listen to tom petty a lot. i listen to tom petty a few days -- every week. maria: coming up, a community comes together after the horrific attack in las vegas, detail on hundreds of people who waited hours to donate blood across the state. the ceo of wells fargo ready to say i am sorry following the bank's fake account scandal. back in a moment right here. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can
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7:24 am
momentum with down industrial opening 30 points. capital management ceo and cio, still a buyer of stocks here? >> we haven't been a buyer for a while. we have been lightning up in the us, buyers of emerging market equities, so much not buyers, trying to get a redo of the buffet, i will take hedge funds ten years from here. maria: meaning what? >> he can have the s&p. maria: you are selling at any strength or sorting this market? >> we are not fully short yet, we have low net exposure, a lot of hedge fund exposure. valuations here, the second worst of all time, doesn't mean they can't get to the first worst, they can. we are nervous. >> hedge funds were not supposed to be in favor doing hedge
7:25 am
funds. >> i'm old but not that old. for a time in my career that fund was declared dead when they got to $600 billion in assets, then $2.3 trillion, $3.3 trillion debt again. i wrote about this a couple quarters ago. it is like taking tom brady out of the super bowl, in the third quarter, take him out, they should not take him out but after the management cycles, 7-year cycle, said easing when the fed index does better in the fed contract, hedge fund and active management do better and we have been in a 7-year cycle and that has changed. >> we were talking about the interplay between volatility and the markets. tell us about that. we are not seeing a lot of volatility, that itself is driving the market higher.
7:26 am
>> it is reflexive. when you do something it can have an impact on the market you are working on. when people lever up in real estate prices go up and they lever up more. volatility as volatility goes down, people start doing things like getting long and short volatility, or an overlay strategy for individuals, selling options. on top there are these crazy strategies, their only criteria buying stocks is the volatility of the stock price. volatility, you buy more and at some point what does that do? it causes a bubble. i am on record, started writing about this in january, i thought we would surge 2800 which would
7:27 am
be equivalent of 29 top at 381 and have a crash. i'm a big believer in their isaac newton, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. maria: how significant a crash are you expecting? >> that is the hard part. normal correction is 38% with the recession and normal correction. if we make policy errors, talking about immigration policies, tariffs and trade wars, and do those things, who knows? maria: what is the answer? normal correction is top to bottom. >> the worst ever is 89%, not saying it will be like that but we have securities trading, exxon mobil at 38 times earnings, industrial conglomerate, should never trade about 15 times. dagen: no hedge fund manager has been able to trade their way
7:28 am
around a 1929 crash. >> the idea of hedging, as markets get more expensive you should get more hedged to, not less. as they go down you should get more long, not less -- >> why 2800? >> i find better stuff to do, argentina, look at argentina. i am not sure. that is what makes the mark. >> he would not be surprised to see a 50% selloff. >> not overnight. it would take a couple years. it plays off not like 29 but more like 01-02 where the market goes down, we are due for a recession. the fed has not abolished recessions. maria: we will be watching this, we will be right back, stay with us.
7:29 am
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning. i maria bartiromo. tuesday, october 3rd. top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. at least 59 people killed. more than 500 others wounded. authorities hunting for a motive. what drove stephen paddock to rain bullets on an unsuspecting crowd of 22,000 concertgoers sunday night. president trump will visit las
7:32 am
vegas tomorrow to address the nation in the aftermath of the attack. >> do we feel such great anger at the centrist murder of our fellow citizens, and it is our love that this today. and always will forever. the answers do not come easy. but we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened. maria: in the hours after the attack him as a community rally together. doesn't find it for hours to donate blood yesterday. money poured into the donation funds. global markets this morning have a firmer toe this morning despite the tragedy features game and to open a 35 points. nasdaq up about three. europe this morning similar tone. markets in germany closed for holiday. really just flatlining there appeared in asia overnight, good
7:33 am
performances in japan and in hong kong. pang sang as you see up 2%. nikkei average in japan of better than 1% and closed in asia overnight. getting grilled on the did the ceo of equifax and wells fargo in the hunt feet as they face questions over their respective scandal. full coverage coming up. atm fees hit a new record high. you are not going to believe how much it costs now. we've got details coming up. the deadliest in a shooting in american history that killed 59 people, injured 500 others. authorities found 23 guns inside a hotel room the 65-year-old gunman stephen paddock. the shooters skill unknown. president trump and a las vegas mayor karen goodman weighed in on the community coming together in the aftermath of this terrific attack.
7:34 am
the maker unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence and although we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. >> are first responders and law enforcement back so quickly, so professionally intended to be made right then and there and were able to get up to mandalay bay and four minutes is an incredible feat. it is something that saved thousands of lives. maria: chewiness house government affairs affairs manager for american medical response in las vegas. thank you for joining us. he went to the scene. you helped helped coordinate end-to-end system for transporting those injured in the rampage. can you tell us about it? >> you know, i got the call, the pages 7:15 at night and is able to make it to the command center at 11:00.
7:35 am
we've fixed the aim built this point i predict take patience. et cetera to make my rounds asking if they were ready. they're about to embark on something that could potentially change their lives. all of our crews ready. more than enough people willing to come in. they were able to take england says, so we were able to have 66 ambulances that notably transport it, before he states the rest of the time. maria: michael. >> when you take a look at what you have been a part of the response, i've got a chance to actually sit with the fire departments and police department in vegas. i am struck by the professionalism, resources and obviously you have come together in a way that is really dramatic. you have brought together this incredible scene and save lives by your response. so tell us, did you plan for this type of event? could it be done in the past the
7:36 am
major ready to respond in this way? >> well, with amr, where the ambulance responded to dear linda shooting county san bernardino, colorado. we've experienced these, so we were able to add or senior level be able to trickle the information data, put landing. we have good relationships with local law enforcement, local fire departments. we are able to sit down, have tabled talks come and discuss things in great detail because las vegas is a destination everybody wants to come to. we constantly talk about these things. we do drills as far as verbal drills come the stuff physically in-person drilled and make sure we are ready for anything at any time. maria: david, i want to ask you because one of the things so uplifting of the stories you heard from people who were on the scene, individuals just running to help others come up
7:37 am
plugging bullet holes with their fingers. fashion a makeshift tourniquet is. it's just that kind of gut instinct people used to respond to those in need. can you tell us more about that? >> you know, human nature inherently wants to help. when you see somebody in trouble, and they just naturally have this thing the clicks and said there had been they want to help people. anybody i thought festival last night, each one of those people are heroes. they are the unsung heroes of this incident. it is something we are trained to do, something we have a passion for doing and for all of these people to come out and all of these people to kind of disregard for road safety to make sure their fellow man is taking care of, those are the true heroes of the situation. >> can you describe how you train for moments like this? this is a once-in-a-lifetime
7:38 am
event for you. what you do to prepare for it? >> you know, we go through different scenarios. we talk about different facilities that could be utilized as a target. and then what kind of talk about where we would station crews in certain areas, where we would stage them, how we would transport patients to the various hospitals, processes we would go through there and make sure we utilize proper resources. when we have mass incidents like this and we have to remember amr is still serving the entire community when it comes to 9-1-1 calls. we are in the city of las vegas in north las vegas and make sure those citizens had the coverage they need to get them to the hospital. luke over the manpower we would need in these situations and do as we did in this situation we send out a mass text employees calling for all hands on deck. an overwhelming response. there wasn't a single parking spot. people were parking in alleyways
7:39 am
and out on the street, walking a couple blocks to make it down to the strip so they can help everybody. we prepare. train to local officials addressing the urgent need for blood donations. hundreds of people answered the call. some waited in line for six hours at donation centers across the state. were you surprised by this response? what did you see in terms of long lines giving blood? >> you know, we saw the same things. long lines wrapping around buildings. my wife is one of those people who wanted to go and donate blood. they are turning people away because so many people are shunted to donate blood. and to be honest with you, it's not something that surprised me. i was born and raised in las vegas. we come together. we are a unified city and whenever you mess up our city, we are going to step out. >> one of the things i want to
7:40 am
mention. first responders can sometimes we forget you were also impact did by the intense violence that has gone on behind you. you can get people back to work after experiencing an event like this. >> leahy said, not only are they to first responders. we don't know who we are running on. we may be running on her best friend or family member, so we have to mentally prepare for that. there could be a little bit of a followed afterwards. the next couple days and weeks will have counselors on site at amr, other various places our employees can reach out, talk to people in the hope that people in open up and really get some help if they needed. maria: we believe that needed. train to leave the leave it there. thanks for joining us. thanks for all your service. >> thank you very much.
7:41 am
we're proud of our first responders. maria: we are proud of yourself and we appreciate you in on the first responders. people in california the referendum crackdown. why schools and small businesses are shutting their doors. we are going to tell you what went on. the new high cost straight ahead. back in a moment. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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maria: breaking news. president trump treated this. so proud of our great country. god bless america. the president sending to treat out moments ago. meanwhile, general strike called in catalonia, spain. cheryl casone with the details. >> businesses and schools are shut down today to protest
7:45 am
police violence in a band referendum on the independence over the weekend that happened. one strike called by trades unions and grassroots movements. also facing distractions along with a lot of attractions there. catalonia leaders say 90% of voters backed independence from spain. it's important for the economy accounting for 20% of spain's overall economy. over at figuring out a way to limit ceo travis kalanick's power in the company. they consider proposals to be divided over what roles he should play in whether he should retain control over a large part of the board. and out of network atm has risen again to record $4.59 per transaction. that is a jump, 55% from a decade ago. people in pittsburgh at the
7:46 am
highest followed by new york, washington, d.c., cleveland and atlanta. back to you. maria: $5 to get access to your own money. this is crazy. anybody surprised? dagen: why can't people he thinks more than they hate the media? that's what i want to know. we don't take your money. >> i think the banks are pretty high-end people save lives. maria: they are pretty high up there. five dollars to get access to your money. >> it's the same machine. it your money. maria: is a convenience to go to an atm. why are you charging more? this is out of network though, right? maria: cheryl, if you go to your own bank, you're not getting $5? >> yeah. it's the ones on wheels because
7:47 am
we are so lazy that we can't leave the convenience store, the one you probably shouldn't take money out of that looks like the old kind of windows like the black screen. >> i'll be the on the panel. get your money out from your own bank so you don't put yourself in a position where you've got a ticket out of other atms. >> it's a seamless network. we are talking about going out of your network. if you're a citibank customer, teacher money from citibank. maria: you are right. the $5 just because i want to go to a different bank? dagen: i don't carry around a roll. i didn't grow up in new york city and i'm always afraid i'll lose it. i'm such a due file will drop it in the street if i have more
7:48 am
than $40. maria: and you can't because you could charge $5. coming up, former ceo of equifax. details on the plans to testify before the security breach. what went wrong there next.
7:49 am
the so new touch screens...
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7:52 am
maria: on capitol hill today, the former ceo of equifax will get grilled over the massive hack and wells fargo expected to apologize for the fake account sale scandal. tracee carrasco with the latest. >> good morning, maria. an interesting day on capitol hill. ceos answer major scandals and expect to hear a lot of apologizing today. richard smith, former ceo of equifax will testify before the u.s. house committee on energy and commerce. it is expected to outline everything that went wrong leading up to the hack including staffers not responding properly to a warning in early march about a software vulnerability in scanning tool that failed to identify the threat. smith is also testified wednesday before the senate banking committee and on thursday before the house financial services committee. yesterday equifax said a review now completed and it increased the number of effect did
7:53 am
consumers by two points i have millions to 145.5 million people. also heading to the hill, wells fargo ceo tim sloan expected to apologize for the banks funding account scandals that included opening as many as 3.5 million credit card accounts without customer knowledge. last month on the show he told maria what went wrong. >> we fundamentally change the company and how to organize. >> we had to take responsibility and are now fixing anything that made to be broken. >> wells fargo is a better bank today than it was a year ago. wells fargo will be a better bank than it is today.
7:54 am
maria: they have made a lot of changes. on the equifax story, michael you've got some issues. unconditionally some of the questions are where you updated. the big question is what did she know and when did you know it. in addition to which the attorney was the one who signed off on the stock sales done by folks in management. >> stock sales are going to be a big issue. >> why are you selling your stock? the cybersecurity council to security council. why is it important to separate
7:55 am
themselves? >> because you don't learn cybersecurity and law school. >> traditionally, if you put into place all the different protections and continue to learn. it is a journey. this is a credit rating agency. iran says i'm going to get on something that might have been hacked. more than stealing information like a target. this is how you rate my credit. maria: one guy, john kelly is a senior counsel in charge of stock sales, cybersecurity. he's got too many responsibilities. >> huge portfolio. that's not how the other rating agencies do it. it's raising a lot of questions. maria: good point. >> these individuals need to be careful about what they say because again you open yourself up to lawsuits.
7:56 am
>> you think is going to take the fifth. >> i don't know. if you have counseled him i tell you to be careful about what you say. maria: what is the answer? why are you selling shares of your stock when you know you are hack and you have it told the public about it yet? it was automatic, right? >> he wasn't the only one. there were other executives also selling. >> were they on a program where they would just sell the stock at certain times and it was automatic so a pleasant time to this. is there a legitimate answer? >> to the doctor this sale, that could be an indicator you know something materials happen to the company. you keep it going on the automated process. i don't know the answer to that question. >> rules and regulations sharing information about a breach. >> equifax has demonstrated they weren't aware how serious a problem this was.
7:57 am
that may be as their defense. they did know this is material information. >> and maybe also their problem. maria: absolutely. tracee carrasco, thank you had taken a flight to washington when the hearing begins. coverage of the former equifax ceo testifying. kicks off at 10:00 a.m. we will be there live. trouble for apple's iphone a reporting production issues next hour here on "mornings with maria." stay with us. life.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
maria: welcome debacle good tuesday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is tuesday, october 3, we are top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast texture deadliest mass shooting u.s. history 59 people confirmed dead over 500 others wounded, following the attack, at a country music festival in las vegas sunday night. >> this is a remarkable community of people who are involved who do care and this heinous crime this maniac, could do such destruction to so many people a very difficult time while sun shining in las vegas a very dark black day i am sure that october 1st 2017. would be of the darkest days ever hopefully never again. maria: police found 23 guns inside room of pad pok at mapped wlai b-- mandalay bay
8:01 am
hotel he reportedly made millions from real estate deals two planes properties across the country a passion for gambling large amounts of money details on killer authorities search for motive ahead despite tragedy, it was a strong day for stocks all record highs futures indicating you do up, nasdaq up 8 points. >> in europe imagines as you see there most higher, with the ft cac quarante really right around flat, and break even but, nonetheless, a positive tone, in asia overnight, japan and hong kong up, nikkei average up better than 1% hang seng up better than 2% others closed forhold, recovering from devastation awaiting president trump's gaur from a white house as he have a he does to survey destruction by hurricane in
8:02 am
puerto rico. >> equifax reveals millions more may have been feekd by that massive hack former ceo to be grilled by lawmakers day over response fox business bringing live coverage of the hearing 10:00 a.m. eastern, wells fargo facing questions of its own tim sloan to testify before the senate banking committee today as company continues to apologize for phone account skeenl has rehired, some vrs employees that were fired, because of that, the shock nearly one year after it began, will a reported bad apple spoil the next batch of iphones problem that said to cause screens to pop out, the death of icon to report life legacy of tom petty rock legend dies at 66, joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, former new york state homeland security adviser, and wall street
8:03 am
editor jon hilsenrath. >> how does i don't recollect city what loans from what happened in vegas about how to deal with shooters? >> the tempo what happens in this city amazing we get to -- at the pope comes and visits national security events, we have national conventions huge events all the time, and the police department very, very well versed trying to handle these events, this event is everybody's worst nightmare, suddenly someone gets to approach, high above a scene, fires without any type of -- you know, information ahead of time like this guy had no footprint the thing people lose sight of he was a lone wolf wasn't in radar screens not like traveled overseas got trained came back this is the thing that everybody sits there and says, how do you stop this, how do you -- >> i think from the man's -- from what we know so far,
8:04 am
there is a big gap in it that needs to be filled. >> something is up. dagen: doesn't make sense. >> doesn't make then those on hunt for a motive authorities digging through the las vegas shooter home a second day fox news is live in mesquite, nevada where, the shooter's home is, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. police are out here an the scene standing by in case investigators need to come back later today, police told me that is the plan, that is what they expect to happen. over my shoulder you can see the garage, boarded up at this point, that is a different scene than two days ago, because police had to s.w.a.t. had to access the house via garage yesterday, so the garage door itself is actually kind of throne in a pile in driveway right now, i heard in you a minute ago talking about no digital footprint we he know of so far if you ask neighbors or at least try to ask neighbors in this neighborhood i want to show you over here, they don't want
8:05 am
to talk about it you can see the sign in front of next door neighboring's yard saying don't block our driveway stay off yard do not ring our doorbell neighbor on the other side we show you video if we put that up, a white sign printed sign out hanging on door i want to read it i do a feel it gives you insight into what neighbors in this area are thinking it says our community is doing its best to deal with the tragic event that occurred. says in part, the second paragraph ends by saying we did not know him. we did not know him 20 feet away from a guy now mass murdereder neighbors say we didn't know him police are trying to figure out who this man is we know his dad one point was on fbi top 10 most wanted list for robbing a bank in 0's, 70s but aside from that what we know about paddock a big gam obligblegambl.
8:06 am
>> shocked horrified completely dumb founded. >> nothing. >> the fact that he had those kind of weapons is -- just -- where the hell did he get automatic weapons? he is not he has no military background anything like that. >> -- no religious affiliation no political affiliation he just hung out. >> regular guy that hung out that is what we seem hearing a lot as i mentioned his dad does have that criminal background, and 60s, 70s on top 10 want list from fwib paddock doesn't have a background traffic citations when police went into house recovered 19 guns ammunition
8:07 am
looking at computers to figure out what they can learn about this man to many at this point a mystery. >> back to you. maria: regular guy 19 guns another 19 at home i mean incredible, thank you, very much, joining me right now is las vegas mayor, goodman, mayor good to have you on this program our condolences to you, and all the people of las vegas, this morning. >> thank you so much, it has been a very challenging time. i must tell you our first responders and our law enforcement we have bn tradition for a long, long time we are extremely safe place our conventions have enjoyed wonderful times here and we are not on this miss kree -- miscreant we have 547 hospitalized. it is one sick, sick human
8:08 am
being just research, and law enforcement, and authorities, to look into him, i will never dignify by remembering his name because it is about the people we have lost each of whom so innocent coming here for a grand time we know how to do here in las vegas. and it is it has been challenging we've had such support, and offers of help from around the country, even from abroad, but our people who live here love this community love offering hospitality we are known for we are embracing each other, but we know these 59 wonderful people no longer here all their families getting condolences from everywhere the president such graciousness in words was so appreciative of that the support that we're getting from washington from everywhere. >> let me k you -- >> everybody up all night delivering food, doing -- >> you are right, the country
8:09 am
has come together, to try to do as much as possible, for the people of las vegas. and, of course, for the victims' families let me ask you mayor goodman when you see able to trans port 23 guns to his room at you know, at the mandalay bay resort, do you think about changes you would like to see in some of the -- at the hotels on the strip? i mean could it be, that that could have been avoided if you had metal defectors i recognize this is hard is that where we are right now mayor? >> well, to answer the first part of your question we have so ma so many entertainers specialty people bring equipment to have people with numerous bags or large bags coming in that is not unusual for us. and truly what we need to get out not to handcuff we need to
8:10 am
remain free be productive carrying embracing people, and so it is up to the ownership, entertainment all great hotels in use in the resocorridor to make those determines i hope they don't do that why do we punish everyone, for the sickness of one or two people? it is beyond me, it is crippled the world absolutely crippled the world. i want to be free i want to live my life everybody else deserves to live their lives being productive carrying involved human beings i hope they don't do that i have an idea some the point i will share to help just anybody would has a question once they have brought their bags in. >> what is your -- >> and you know people travel -- people, pardon? >> what is your idea?
8:11 am
>> more like a wand, the idea is that the people who do the room maintenance, would come in, just have a wand not to invade privacy of individual but specific firearms explosives those materials would be able to wand could we done at front desk every piece of equipment and every suitcase everything that people bring in. >> that is not that -- >> you know when you look at this i have lived in this -- >> go ahead. >> i have lived in this town 55 years, a phenomenal place our convention business tourism the entertainment the food so much going on but these first responders you are talking about well train professionals we have had so many out for event 22000 people a lot of people in an
8:12 am
outdoor venue that our law enforcement our frs how pl-- first responders quickly got people to travel unit to other hospitals that was the overwhelming piece and then the response of our community i went home last night quite late they were still people just normal people, with a rental van delivering water delivering food to the hospitals, and families. it is the most fabulous community, so diverse, where diverse as any municipality in the world -- people, the backgrounds, just caring, they love it proud of this community. >> they want freedom. >> they don't -- defined by this man they demand freedom. >> let me ask you are you seeing more threats over the last few years, than usual in las vegas are there threats in terms of of terrorism that you can tell us about? >> well, you know, what i am
8:13 am
hearing and i always go to the authorities, because people say so many things, rand inaccurate things they don't have defined answer you know we have creach, mellis here big part of economy family very embracing yet we have 350,000 you tourists coming in every week last year i think about 43 million tourists, and that includes a huge convention business yet we have the best restaurants and so we do see we do hear but we leave that to law enforcement and the -- the military to tell us what is going on. and then they alert us, in government appropriately so we can handle it most of us have been to the federal emergency management training, which i did six years ago telling you what you do in a terrorist or
8:14 am
a single attack or shooter situation, we practice, and this community is as safe as can possibly be hoped for, you saw how our first responders and law enforcement handled this entire activity, and the doctors and nurses, i was shocked when i got there, 1:00 in the morning, to our number one trauma you be the i couldn't believe how quickly, our community responded, everybody no matter whether they just got off work turned right around came back, and this has nothing to do with just that one you trauma unit, all the hospitals just exploding with all their people, coming in but knowing what to do they didn't have to reinvent this we were trained for this, it is remarkable. maria: good to have you on the program this morning. >> concentrate on this -- >> we are thinking of you all the people. >> i hope we concentrate --
8:15 am
>> final word real quick. >> thank you. i just hope that we concentrate on beautiful 59 innocent people. >> thank you so much mayor goodman we will see you soon, thank you back in a minute. .
8:16 am
8:17 am
maria: welcome back president trump will travel to las vegas tomorrow following the worst mass shooting in american history, first, he will visit puerto rico today, to assess island's state after hurricane irma blake burman at the white house with more on the
8:18 am
president's plans good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you literally as of 60 seconds ago the president is now en route to puerto rico he and first lady will spend five hours on the ground to survey damage from hurricane irma and maria there has been debate quite some contention government response to hurricane that are battered puerto rico, they said on this day focus will rest elsewhere. >> i expect the focus to be on the recovery efforts, when we are fully committed to, the top authorities to the federal government protect lives safety of those in affected areas as we work together to rebuild lives. reporter: president will return back to white house this evening then turn back around to head tomorrow, to las vegas. amid a national tragedy the president is calling for
8:19 am
unity. >> unity cannot be disinherited by evil bonds not broken by violence although we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. and always will. forever. >> back to president trump to puerto rico focus just will not be solely on puerto rico maria as also the president will meet with the governor of the u.s. virgin islands back to you. >> we will watch blake burman at the white house next, facebook tackles russian link ad scandal head-on. >> remembering icon a look back at life and legacy of tom petty. from the very beginning ...
8:20 am
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visit for a store near you. mourning death of a rock legend cheryl casone. cheryl: tom petty died in los angeles after going into cardiac arrest at his home in malibu. >> ♪ i am free, free. >> late 70s 80s romare bearden hall hauler had string of singels with band heartbreakers, cofounded the traveling alongside bob dylan george harrison tom petty heart breakers completed an anniversary tour last week dead at 66.
8:24 am
one of the headlines following apple is looking into reports of possible i felt phone battery problems, there are reports inp gentleman and taiwan claiming the iphone 8 batteries as well so much panels dislodged no reports of sploefrgz apple released iphone 8 up 30% so far this year. >> getting glimpse into the extent of russian influence in the presidential election facebook says 10 million people saw ads paid for by russian entities, also warned they may not have uncovered all activity it attempted to interfere taking a look at stock facebook shares up premarket stock up maria 48%, overall, those are headlines back to you. maria: thank you, so much, we continue to hear fallout about this election and ads your take? >> if facebook has daunting about task force assuring people in fact real people
8:25 am
bought ads. >> secondly how you -- what are parameters are you looking at content who is seeing this and the big question did all this activity have an effect on election facebook can't answer certainly very keen to discussion, as to what impacts russian may have. >> you have to wanderer how it effects future elections are chinese wanting to -- >> north koreans? >> so i mean, this and -- facebook is a huge map for people to play on, it is hard to know, like you say, how do you are monitor something like this about. >>. dagen: facebook has the problem typically of technology companies younger technology companies, that you throw something up there, kind of worry about the ebb consequences later, that it is like let's test it they did that with facebook live, video streaming weren't vetting any
8:26 am
content, you had suicides, people broadcasting murder, and they seemed always seemed caught off guard that they see things happen it is cause they manage after the fact is mentality given the size of facebook, and global reach and scope, they really have to start being more proactive in their thinking about managing this. >> you understood when all of this technology was developing, you want to squash it with all regulations, but now they have gotten a huge part of our whole market, to come in say -- it needs to be more regulation. >> to look at it now mature enough to see what kind of -- >> they are self regulating they know that want the government out. maria: they want government out, but should government be out a fair debate we want free markets, and small government -- but this is enormous influence i don't know ahead searching for answers police trying to piece togethering what led to
8:27 am
deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history the latest next equifax in hot seat what to expect lawmaker get ready to grill former chief over the massive data breach walk innin -- back in a moment. retirement rabbit, from voya. riiight. and that means...? i'm the money you save for retirement. i help you get organized so your money could multiply. see? got it. who's he? he's green money for spending today. you know, paying bills, maybe a little online shopping... makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking. i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does.
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8:30 am
president trump leaving for puerto rico will tougher the devastation from hurricane irma and maria that is him and first lady boarding aforce one to puerto rico spoke to reporters we will bring comments ahead this morning, the president and first lady, headed to puerto rico, horror in las vegas the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. highest at least 59 people killed more than 500 others wounded, authorities are now hunting for the motive what drove steven paddock to rain bullets on unsuspecting crowd of 22000 concertgoers sunday night? this is an individual that is described as lone wolf i don't know how it could have been prevented if we didn't have prior knowledge to this individual it wasn't ev dent he had weapons. >> to las vegas globally markets, having a firmer tone
8:31 am
today to look at futures indicating rally continues yesterday markets hit another all-time high, and today that momentum continues dow industrials set to up on 30 appointing nasdaq up 7 pointses subpoena -- s&p 500 positive have in europe closed in germany for holiday ft 100 in london cac quarante in paris up this morning in asia overnight, rallies in japan,hong kong nikkei average up better than 1% hang seng next up better than 2% shanghai kospi closed for holds, grilled on hill former ceo equifax and ceo of wells fargo, each on the hot seat this morning as they face questions over their scandals we've got the coverage, plus tesla under pressure sliding down two and a half% reveals model three production slower than expected we get into it breaking news president trump leaving for puerto rico, moments ago, he spoke to reporters before he boarded marine one. >> yes, we have a tragedy we are going to do and what
8:32 am
happens is outrageous in many ways -- the police department has done an incredible job we will talking about gun laws as time goes -- >> i do have to say how quickly the police department was able to get in was really very much of a miracle, they have done amazing job. [inaudible question] . >> well i think has come back a long way, and you know i think it is now acknowledge what great job we have done people are looking at that. in fz in florida we get a+ i will tell you what i think we have done just as good in puerto rico, and actual much tougher situation, but now roads are cleared, communications starting to come back, we need their truck drivers have to start driving trucks on local level they have to give more help i will
8:33 am
tell you first responders the military, fema, they have done an incredible job in puerto rico, and whether it is her or anybody else, they are all starting to say it, i appreciate very much the governor and his comments, he has said we have done an incredible job, and that is the truth. [inaudible question] . >> we will talk about that later. >> -- [inaudible question] . >> it was a sick man a demented man lot of problems i guess looking into him very, very seriously dealing with a very, very sick individual. >> to latest out of the las vegas we are learning more this morning about the gunman behind at the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history police say 64-year-old retired accountant paddock opened fire on concertgoers from 32nd floor of mandalay
8:34 am
bay casino and hotel killing at least 59 people wounding more than 520 others before killing himself, authorities say the paddock had at least 23 firearms in his hotel suite some with skoepz in mesquite, nevada they found additional 19 guns, along with explosives, thousands of rounds of ammunition, jeff flock on the ground in las vegas right now with that angle good morning to you. reporter: learning much more about steven paddock maria nothing that at this point would make sense of what took place yesterday, as we heard earlier on your broadcast, his brother no indication whatsoever he had as many guns as were found, meanwhile, here on the scene, about occasional, ambulance goes by another body from the scene ringsed with police cars right now still shut down, as is the mandalay bay, hotels around it as well this is typical day on
8:35 am
this side of the strip if you walk down strip i passed new york new york almost looks normal i think fair to say won't be very many normal days to come any time soon in the city of las vegas. >> all right jeff thank you, jeff flock, in las vegas this morning, joining us right now is are former fbi assistant director jim kallstrom, this guy doesn't seem to fit any type of profile that makes finding a motive, that is what we want to talk about joining us on the phone are you with us thank you so much for joining us this morning what is your reaction to all that we've seen? on the phone: well, i am sadness grief anger with psychopath. did this to so many people that you really had no connection with it i mean it
8:36 am
just -- off the charts. i have to say, though, that in just observing the telephone i mean the tv coverage, the first responders out there were absolutely splendid police, sheriff fire department ambulance people ems people also, the obviously hundreds and hundreds of people in the audience that were either veterans or trained in -- in certain medical procedures that as we hear more and more about it we are just heroes. >> jim, to training, how well trained was he? i mean steven paddock had 23 guns in his hotel room 19 other weapons in his home, what does that tell the fbi investigators in terms of the planning of this the training that he had? just year stumped it doesn't
8:37 am
make sense. on the phone: it doesn't make sense maria excuse me, obviously there was planning over a large span of time, there is no question about it. i mean i'm 50 years removed from almost 60 years, 55 years removed from vietnam i know sound of automatic weapon when i hear it, and that is what we were hearing. and those are military grade projectiles tearings of bodies how he had access moved semi you automatic to full automatic the investigation will figure out it is very strange there is not a lot of answers coming forward dagen: one anecdote i wanted to point out before we move on mike that is in "the wall street journal" today someone actually raised it online with me, that the -- the murderer sued cosmopolitan hotel a few years ago for 30,000 dollars
8:38 am
in medical bills from a slip and fall, and the judge actually dismissed the case and then ordered paddock pay hotel attorney fees, they had video surveillance of him, and he was wearing like gar bangy cheap flip-flops drinking carrying a bag with beer in it and fell he turned around and sued the hotel that is just one of the small details that, does this portrait developing doesn't add up. >> jim, mike. >> mike how are you -- >> good you and i worked a long time, talking about terrorism, and what the profiles are, and this case, doesn't seem as you said doesn't seem to match any type of profile we have ever chatted about, so the question to you what do you -- if you were running this investigation, what are types of things where is this going to take you? >> obviously the social media footprint the neighbors, what where else would you look to try to find out what made this
8:39 am
guy do what he did. >> i think you i just highlighted the main things no question about it. and, obviously, anything this guy has contact with anything he did over the past couple decades is going to be -- you know have to be looked at his relationship with his gun dealers, and you know who he knew what were capabilities what other people came into his life what does girlfriend know is she aware? what that is all about? and but you look at these mass killings over the decades, and there is usually you some explanation from a psychiatrist standpoint some relayingsship victims and perpetrator a category of four or five citied he deviations from middle he had no direct relationship that we know off to mass crowd, so what is the motivation?
8:40 am
we have to we have to look at that, what was he motivated by something in internet? who knows. >> that is what i want to hear on training how he was trained with these automatic weapons, and how skilled he was, and perhaps, at you know dissmbling, what do you rule out types of terrorism a early in the investigation one first thing they said no links to terrorism of course later isis claim responsibility for it nobody believed it they said this is a lie, isis is constantly claiming responsibility for stuff that they didn't, so we learn later maybe that's true what -- maybe that wasn't true. >> i guess i could say if first before that microphone i wouldn't rule out anything the federal bureau of investigation we ought to keep things open, i think appropriate to say that probably at this moment, you know, there is no -- there is nothing that you know shakes
8:41 am
the tree that it is terrorism but that is i i would not comment to the fact that -- wasn't motivated by something connected to terrorism, i would leave that on the table without question. >> could you speak to how much planning and training needed to go into doing something like this? how much time -- needed to accumulate for this person to get a to a point could pull off act like he did. >> i my immense training. >> where that is what i am trying to get at. >> could be nothing more than firing ranges number one having people you can learn quickly how to -- take military weapons apart put back together again, you can have a friend who is a gunsmith figure out how to move a weapon you can go back and forth hotel numerous occasions check into rooms a high roller figure out angles of attack read manuals tell
8:42 am
you how far projectiles will go doesn't have to be that sophisticated. >> the planning weapons explosives indicates this guy this is no random act this guy planned for a while sounds like potentially years. >> it is far away from random as possible certainly not a random act it was something didn't set this guy off, a week ago he does this, this has been going on for a long, long time. and why he picked that particular day you know maybe we find out may be we would be the. >> all right. a pleasure thank for spending time jim kallstrom we appreciate you joining us this morning, jim thank you. >> all those people in las vegas families. >> god bresthless them. >> stuart varney weighs in on market resilience that won't kwit to wells fargo chief executive set to face congress over phony account he scandal today what to expect from that testimony, back in a moment. kid.
8:43 am
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charge in premarket trading this morning the nouning announcing it missed model 3 production expectations, nicole petallides on the floor right now. >> good morning this under pressure down over 2% right now for tesla trying to pump out that model 3 that was the model that was for the masses 35,000 dollar model that turned out is bottleneck issues they say they can fix figured it out pumped out 260 model 3 sedans pales in comparison of 1500 forget long-term goal 5,000 nowhere near a that they face competition in electric vehicle market gm plans two more electric vehicles in the united states 18 month and 20 globally within six years the market heating up gm and ford
8:47 am
premarket higher, then roku we talked about last week unbelievable tech ipo best ipo large ipo for 2017 took off nearly 70% on first day of trading had a great day following, pulled back a little yesterday new products streaming products media players operating system new remote,so really had unbelievable takeoff there are analysts touting this company others from very beginning obviously talking about what a fast run on first few days, gopro you can go through ipos we will see how this one fares. >> on wall street futures hiring for broader averages closed all time nice data reasomehowing investors belief in resilient economy. >> this stock market won't quit.
8:48 am
>> really i am amazed by this quite frankly i didn't see it i've got a number maria here it is four trillion -- 4,856 billion dollars that is a lot of money and that is how much the value of all stocks have gone up, since the election. >> wow! >> 21, 22% on dow something like that. >> 3% -- who would have thought 4,856 billion dollars stunning number i think trump rally trump growth agenda beginning to move, and i think that is why, the dow is at this all-time high adding so much to nation's welt where i am coming from. >> i have to agree with you thank you so much, i know you are going to have more 10 minutes, rollback regulations, that enabling of businesses to put money to work. >> part of the deal, the
8:49 am
infrastructure plan coming up part of the deal, there is lots into this four trillion dollars love it. >>ance anticipation of tax cut "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stew artist 9:00 a.m. congress sets sight on equifax former ceo faces tough questions on cap lyle over massive data breach left millions exposed to hackers what we are expecting to learn from that hearing. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back, getting grilled on the hill former equifax ceo will face a husband panel on the massive date breach learning the hack exposed information of even more americans than thought gerry willis is here good morning to you. reporter: that is right the credit report on monday about 145.5 million of u.s. customers might have been affected that is up from previous estimate 143 million numbers from outside company equifax thierd elevate the because the about before equifax ceo smith repetitives before subcommittee of house energy commerce committee expect fireworks representatives on both sides of the aisle are outraged about equifax apoll
8:54 am
apologizing ahead for firm failings blames human error and technology failure, quote as ceo i was ultimately responsible for what happened on my watch equifax entrustedz with americans private data we let them down to each and every person affected by this breach i am deeply sorry this occurred, now, the equifax board is said considering back to compensation according to wong walking away with 18 million dollars, after losing all personal data practical every adult in the zmun what other fallouts do you expect. >> i had a chance to read his testimony yesterday fascinating he laid out a timeline my question was when did they know about the breach ahead of the stock sales by executives, it turns out he knew about the breach a day before the cfo sold his stock that is according to his testimony, he may be
8:55 am
positioning himself in testimony i would expect he has to defend himself not only to this copossibly sec and others. maria: what does swier executive suite know once cetcho finds out doesn't he tell cfo. >> that would be my assumption. >> we don't really know. >> he says at that point he didn't really revise the he severity didn't understand it this started much earlier in spring of the year, when it finally hit his desk, you know other people started selling. >> one question is whether the sales were on auto pilot, this happening -- got information and went out -- >> no information in testimony on that, he doesn't make any remarks about the cfo selling or others, but talks about that timeline and that is what i thought was so riveting. maria: it is usually there are automatic stock sales in place i don't know if this was the case here. >> how do you you restore confidence in a credit rating
8:56 am
agency that has a cyberbreach like this losses that data, now when people go how do they know information is accurate. >> you got to wonder what banks are thinking they are customers of equifax we are not just a product of that of equifax put out own shelves interesting to see what banks financial advisers do. >> as xooers do we have to assume our information is getting out there whenever. >> i think so. >> so sad i am not sure there is any good solution for people out there. maria: this is new normal. >> great reporting as always. >> thank you, tune in 10:00 a.m. eastern for coverage of equifax hearing in front of the digital commerce consumer protection committee final thoughts from this all-star panel. back in a moment. ve. but it's usually seen from the rear. the 2018 audi q5 is here.
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fidelity. intelligent technology can help protect it. the 2018 audi q5 is here. maria: welcome back. final thoughts from this all-star panel. jon hilsenrath. >> i'm the economics egghead on this panel. today doesn't seem like a day to be talking about the economy or the markets. hi heart goes out to all those people in las vegas who had to go through what they went through. maria: yeah. >> against the backdrop of this terror what has come out is a community coming together, tremendous spends from the first responders. just an excellent community to handle this, we just pray for them going forward. >> and the concert goers saving the lives of others, just rescuing those who were fallen beside them. and yesterday look at social
9:00 am
media, my takeaway is sometimes it's just better if you say nothing. maria: that's true, you're right. that'll do it for us, jobs numbers out on friday. big show coming up. dagen, michael, jon, we'll see you then. that'll do it for us, "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: what do you mean that'll do it for "varney & company"? [laughter] maria: i know! you're just kicking off. go for it, stu. stuart: maria, thank you very much, indeed. can you believe this? stocks are going up again, and the dow is not that far away from 23,000. good morning, everyone. all right. 22,557, that was monday's close. that was the 43rd record of 2017. all right, now look at this. the dow will go up a little more when trading gips today. why -- begins today. why is this? two reasons. the economy is showing a lot of strength, and investors are confident that a a tax cut will be passed this year. in other words, this


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