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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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control and reason people can have those discussions. david: mike, we appreciate having you go automobile very important day. thank you very much. melissa: there's another news conference coming up. not exactly sure when but risk and reward starts right now. [bell ringing] >> running and there's a body and another body and another body. >> all of a sudden, the s.w.a.t. guys because it in with big machine guns and started yelling at us get down, get down. >> a crazed lunatic full of hate. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> we're angry, grieving, confused. people are hurting. cowardly, despicable act. >> such a tragedy to lose human life like this. these are the people who are
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family. we're so destroyed and broken-hearted right now. >> the american spirit cannot and will not ever be broken. liz: more than a day after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history that left 59 murdered and 527 wounded in las vegas, the killer's motivate still unknown. the president is going to las vegas tomorrow with the first lady after departing puerto rico. but tonight, we bring you inside into steven paddock's hotel room, into a look at his arsenal of weapons. we're tracking reports that paddock took disturbing video of himself in that room before he ripped apart the lives of hundreds. paddock reportedly set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly rampage. and yet another camera outside in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in. welcome to risk and reward, i'm elizabeth macdonald. police now say 64-year-old steven paddock believed to be a multimillionaire real estate investor had an arsenal of 42
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weapons. he reportedly used 10 suitcases to bring 23 guns into his mandalay bay hotel room that he turned into a sniper's nest. there were another 19 guns at his home in mesquite, nevada. also bipods to hold the guns, scopes, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition and devices to turn the guns into automatic weapons. and now this. police found several rounds of explosives, another report says ammonium nitrate in his karat his house. and now the fbi tells fox news investigators have discovered paddock said tens of thousands of dollars overseas possibly to his girlfriend in the philippines, but they are still investigating. plus, new details of who the victims are and the families and the lives they left behind. we're talking a kindergarten teacher, a nurse, special ed teacher, veterans, hard working mother of four, a minister's wife, a beloved high school football coach among the 59 killed. our own hillary vaughan has more with the latest. hillary.
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>> liz, we just got an update from sheriff. we found out that the shooting rampage that left 59 people dead lasted nine minutes. we also know that he set up eight cameras to capture all of this on surveillance. he put some inside the hotel room to capture the shooting act. and then also, some outside. he ordered room service, then used that service car, placed it outside his hotel room and put a camera on it so he could see law enforcement approaching the outside of his hotel room. we also learned that law enforcement is aware of some weapon modification, including a bump stock that's used to speed up the discharge of ammo. and as far as a motive? officials still say they're not ready to announce a motive yet. it's an ongoing investigation. also, they say this was a preplanned attack because of the cameras and weapons. it was premeditated. also, his girlfriend who was in the philippines right now. they say they're working on getting her back here, and
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they have a lot of questions for her. they also completed the investigation at his property in reno, nevada. here's some of the things that they pulled out of that home. five handguns, two shotguns, a plethora of ammunition, including electronic devices. now, they're sending these devices to the fbi that's going to review them. they're also sending weapons to -- or all of these weapons to the fbi crime lab in dc to further process them. and also, they said an interest point. we don't know if this person was radicalized. but, again, the reason why this is taking so long, why it's taking so long for them to also clear the scene is they want to make sure there's a clear chain of custody for all of this evidence so that if there was a need to prosecute anyone in the future and move forward with any type of charges, they want to thinking they have a correct chain of custody in hand, so all of this evidence could be presented in court. liz. liz: thank you, hillary. terrific reporting there. we are going to dig into the
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possible motivate of the murderer. we have new rooftop video coming in. apparently the woman who took this video was at a party on the rooftop of the mandalay bay hotel as the shooting was taking place just below on the 32nd floor. now, as she was figuring out what was happening, this is what she recorded. listen. >> oh, my god. >> no, they're gone. they left. >> holy (bleep). >> gunfire. that's gunfire. >> oh, my god. do you guys hear the gunshots? >> look at how many people are not moving. >> oh, my god all of these people are not moving right now. liz: let's bring in former secret service agent and former nypd officer dan joins me now. good to see you, dan.
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thanks for coming on. >> happy to be here. thanks for having me. liz: what do you think motivated the shooter? >> you know, that's the question that i think is puzzling everybody right now. you don't want to believe that this could be an act of evil with no motivation whatsoever. it makes no sense. i'm not willing to discount, though, liz right now some form of radicalization. i know it's been reported. no one can confirm anything, though, on it. but it just doesn't make any sense. all the preattack indicators you would have with an attack like this are missing. a life crisis, psychological disturbance, interaction with law enforcement, indications of school shootings telling people in advance, none of those are there for this. it literally makes no sense. liz: dan, reportedly s.w.a.t. team and the woman who took the video, she was put into a safe room. here's more from the video she took. listen. >> i don't even know what floor i'm on, but i'm in a room with over 100 people. s.w.a.t. team just came in and
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through us down to the ground. we're on the foundation of the mandalay bay hotel and s.w.a.t. team just through us down to the ground. and we have s.w.a.t. team out there protecting right now. we have two shooters and tons of people. liz: this is terrifying. do you think that the police did the right thing in this situation? >> yeah. i do. i mean, you have to -- you know, we have aban expression in the secret service. separate the public and the press. in this case, you have to get the people out of this. you have to clear people out of there immediately. i mean, you have an ongoing active shooter scenario. remember, liz, after columbine, everything changed. precolumbine, the way we handled these in law enforcement, these types of attacks was triage the situation by setting up a perimeter and then look to negotiate with the shooter. after columbine, that all changed. now the idea is you just have to go right to the attacker, even in some cases if you have to step over people to get there. you have to stop an ongoing active shooter attack, or
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you're going to see an even worse body count than we saw here. it was already tragic enough. liz: now, we were she just in a split screen there, the inside of the sniper's nest. the murderer videotaped himself before the shooting. we're going to get into the mind of this killer. who does that? >> yeah. well, someone who, obviously, some kind of sociopath who disconnected yourself with the consequences of your reaction. i mean, that seems obvious at this point. but what's puzzling about it is typically in my experience and in the secret service, we dealt specifically with assassination attempts and also with school shootings as well with other reasons not related to this. but they have some expertise in that. and there's usually some form of expression about the attack beforehand. they may have said something to someone. someone noticed something. what's so strange about this is we're now a day and a half plus into this. and nobody's come forward and said, you know, well, i thought something was up last week at the range when he
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mentioned this or said that. i'm not saying it's not there. i want to be clear on that. the fbi and the local law enforcement, may have something. but we haven't heard it yet. liz: yeah, good point. and apparently someone who is friends apparently were close to the girlfriend thought he was unstable, but that's about it. final point. >> yeah. liz. think about it. even if it's san bernardino attack, there were people out there. and they were trying to keep it as cryptic as possible, and they even suspected some things. very strange. liz: dan, thanks for coming on. good to see you. >> absolutely. liz: let's bring in robin, long time resident of las vegas and former star of the hit show lifestyles of the rich and famous. people visit las vegas to leave their stresses behind and now we're having hotels batting down on hotel security. how is this going to affect vegas? >> it was interesting last night i asked a couple of
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hotel executives what the status was with cancellations, and they said very, very few cancellations. so it doesn't look as if at this moment as if it's affecting the numbers of people who are planning to come here. whether that changes is anybody's guess. will they change security at the hotels? yes, we have a thing in this country, unfortunately, that we always take action after the horses left the stable. the idea of airport metal detectors being placed at many entrances and the different hotels here, i think after this horrific, senseless tragedy, the public will welcome it. all right. be concerts ever again within trajectory vision of tall buildings? you know, how airport runs
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right by the side of mandalay bay. it could easily have been, you know, the weapons trained on the airport runways, which is why they shut the airport down for a period of time on sunday night. liz: you know, robin, las vegas, the city proper, it's not that big. the circumference of it is not that big. >> well, it's a tail of two cities. you have downtown vegas, which is the city of las vegas, and then you have the strip, which is part of clark county. and this portion of the strip where all of this horrifying incidents took place was in clark county. but it affects the entire valley. we are a somber city today. we're still a grief-stricken city. we are still in disbelief at what happened. the outpouring of love and
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affection and care and comfort being given by everybody from chefs to entertainers to residents of this city is overwhelming and makes you feel proud of the reliance of vegas residents. how this will impact the city, you know, how business is tourism? we have the finest police force in the entire country here. they acted with extraordinary heroism and professionalism. within seconds on sunday night at 10:08 when the first shots were fired, sheriff joe said today, it was their actions and speedy actions that saved the lives of potentially hundreds of more people in that scene of carnage. so, you know, there's a lot of good here combating evil. liz: robin, you know, at this
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time when hundreds of families have been affected right now, there's always -- now this issue of dc politics coming into the story. we have hillary clinton getting criticized for her statements just hours after the las vegas shooting. she went after -- >> so she should be. liz: what do you think? >> well, so she should be. i mean, keep the politicians out of this. this is a nonpolitical event. this is an event solely for the local police department, for the fbi, maybe for homeland security. we're going to hear a lot of stories -- i heard a story last night that spooked me even more than the incident. was that a week earlier, we had another festival here downtown called life is beautiful. and apparently, the shooter who checked out three downtown hotels checked out them and then waited one week until this new festival opposite the
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luxor and mandalay bay. those hotels downtown don't give you clear views of festival grounds. mandalay bay gave you a completely open view of the festival grounds. so i don't think you're going to see festivals live on the strip ever again. that will be one of the consequences. and then i think you're going to see increased security similar to airports being brought in to tourist hotels. liz: thank you. we appreciate you coming on the show. come back soon, please. >> yes. liz: let's get to your money. closing on the green today. the dow up 84 points. we've got nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. yahoo tripling the number of people affected by the ahack into yahoo. 3billion people affected. now, nicole is going to give us an update and what happened in the markets. nicole. >> liz, another day of records. the dow jones industrial
5:15 pm
average up 84 points, the s&p 500 gaining there, nasdaq, s&p, and the dow any gains were a record. 4th record close under president trump. the nasdaq, 52nd record close of 2017. all kinds of records across the board. verizon, american express, walmart, ge help to lead the dow. one mover today was tell us moved up almost 2%. concerns about the production numbers. morgan stanley said use it as a buying opportunity. the company citing some production bottlenecks. they pumped out 220 unit deliveries to the model 3 instead of 1,500. but they said there are no fundamental issues. stock finished higher. liz. liz: thank you, nicole. coming up, we're going to try to get into the mind of a madman. reports, the shooter videotaped the incident. law enforcement confirming that moments ago. he also had a gigantic arsenal of weapons, ammo, bipods, and more. we're bringing in dr. keith
5:16 pm
ablo going to give his psychological profile. also on the show, a singer, she was on the las vegas stage during the massacre the other night. she is here to talk about that and how the media is trying to pull country music singers into dc politics. former pussy cat doll kaya jones here to talk about that. next. also, president trump visiting puerto rico with the first lady amid attacks that his administration mishandled the aftermath of hurricane maria because of quote racism. we have author kevin jackson here to react after this
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. liz: president trump visiting puerto rico with the first lady amid attacks that the administration mishandled the aftermath of hurricane maria.
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congressman jennifer gonzalez, she's a republican, she complimented the president's efforts today. >> during all of this time, we got the federal government by our side doing the job for the people here all the questions that the governor did. and the president his cabinet accomplish it and continued to send in more people. truck drivers and resources. thank you, mr. president for all you've been doing for the island. liz: joining me now, executive editor, he's the author of the book race tipping. he's kevin jackson. good to see you, kevin. >> you too, liz. liz: let's aside politics. let's talk context. puerto rico, recessionary basket case for about a decade. four out of ten in the labor force. big, creaky welfare state decades of overborrowing and overspending. do you see that conversation anywhere in the media, the back story to puerto rico? >> not a bit. and a great point. you know, barack obama had eight years to help turn puerto rico
5:21 pm
around. nobody declaring him a racist. this battle cry of the left of racism is just gone so old on america. quite frankly, i'm happy that they're continuing it because it's finally continuing to take the steam out. the whole sting out of the whole cry of it. look, donald trump is racist because he went after the nfl because they attacked the flag and the national anthem. this is a sport where 70% of the people who watch the sport are white and 70% of the people who play the sport are black. now it's puerto rico. he did everything humanly possible to help puerto rico. there's nobody that could have done a better job as president in helping puerto rico recover. and quite frankly, the recovery for puerto rico should have begun years ago. . liz: here's the point. it's not like president trump created the problem. i mean, it's got 78 different
5:22 pm
mayors, some governing just a square mile patch of land. i mean, puerto rico has been a problem. it needs to fix itself; right? i mean, the u.s. has been there trying to help. >> absolutely. look, it's been -- there's corruption in puerto rico beyond belief, and we've seen it now because the infrastructure and some of the things that they're now trying to do to help save, you know, save the economy and save the folks there. but, look, it's not just puerto rico. there was a young black rapper that blamed donald trump for the black on black crime in chicago. and i'm going are you kidding? these are things that have been going on for decades. by the way, look at the politics of puerto rico. look at the politics of chicago. look at the politics of any of these big cities. look at what's happening in our -- i keep going back to the nfl because i know that something will cover in a bit. but look at what we're talking about here. we're talking -- and i know we have taken politics out. but the problem is by taking politics out, we ignore the elephant in the room. these people are not interested in solving the problems of puerto ricoians.
5:23 pm
they're interested in pitting one group against the other and this puerto ricoian mayor, i believe the mayor of san juan who claimed that donald trump doesn't like black people and didn't want to deploy, you know, all the resources of the government is just ridiculous. liz: i mean, 40% labor force participation rate versus i think 65 for the u.s. a low -- half a million over the last decade. >> yeah,. liz: we've got to leave that there. okay. switching gears, the nfl asked for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. this happened before the washington redskins and kansas city chiefs game last night. let's watch. >> ladies and gentlemen, the nation experienced a horrific tragedy when a shooting in las vegas resulted in the death of innocent people. at this time, please stand and join us in a moment of silent reflection for the victims, their families and loved ones, and also for the heroic efforts of our first responders. liz: and, kevin, kansas city
5:24 pm
had two players sit for the national anthem. but it looks like the kneeling protest may be winding down. espn says 52 players kneeled this week. that compares to more than triple the amount the weekend before. what do you think? is the trend over? >> i don't think it's over. i think until the nfl takes a hard stance and decides it's going to run the nfl like a business, it's going to continue. and, look, it doesn't matter if only one person takes a knee or if, you know, one person holds his fist up. until the nfl decides it's not going to allow for these young pampered multimillionaire black athletes who, by the way, have no legitimate reason to do this. it bugs me that people keep acting there's legitimate iowa legitimate reason for people to do this. look, the blacks in america, we've made our own bed by going voting for the democrats and every city where all of these problems occur, liz, where these guys want to take a knee, it's run by democrats or worse yet, black democrats. the police force is black, city council is black.
5:25 pm
so this idea that they're protesting something and instead of being athletes, they've now become social justice warriors. until the nfl takes a stance on it, and it is ended, i think you're going to see the ratings continue to take a hi h. liz: kevin jackson, good to have you on. thank you so much for coming in. >> my pleasure, liz. liz: coming up, in the mind of a madman. the shooter videotaped the incident. he had an arsenal of weapons. dr. keith ablo here with his psychological profile. you won't want to miss that. next, the singer who was on the las vegas stage during the massacre the other night, he's here to talk about that. and how the media is trying to pull country music singers into dc politics. she is former pussy cat doll singer kaya jones here to talk about all of that. next
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. liz: president trump making remarks aboard the uss in puerto rico just moments ago. let's take a listen. >> we'll be going to las vegas where we'll be paying our
5:29 pm
personal respects and condolences to everybody. what happened is such a tragedy. so unnecessary. who can believe what happened in las vegas? lost great people of our country. and we're going to be paying our respects. we are here on this great ship today, and i want to thank the admiral and the captain. thank you very much. this is some ship. most people never know a ship like this exists. it's for helicopters of all sizes. it's quite something, and it's been a tremendous service to puerto rico and for the u.s. virgin islands. and we're really -- we were so
5:30 pm
nicely treated by the u.s. virgin islands. and frankly, over the years, have been great people, and we have with us governor kenneth, who has been very generous with what he said about everybody and fema. the army, the navy, the air force, the marines, the coast guard, the whole thing. and kenneth, we very much appreciate your remarks. i appreciate it very much. we're here right now because of you, because of the massive size of the airplane, the runways can't handle it, but the runways have now been opened and handling a lot of aircraft and a lot of help. and your people have been very resilient, and they've done a great job and already starting the rebuilding process. you got hit twice. you got hit very hard. 12 days. and puerto rico got hit.
5:31 pm
then they got hit by maria. so, kenneth, thank you very much. would you like to say something? >> yes, i would, mr. president. on behalf of the people, first off, thank you and your entire family and team. the dod, all of the help. and appreciation to you, dedication to our rebuilding. i want to thank our friends and brothers and sisters of puerto rico. we extend our condolences to the folks in las vegas for the tragedy that occurred. but because of your commitment, mr. president and the work from irma to now, we're talking about public schools and cruise ships returning. we still have a lot of work to
5:32 pm
do to make sure that we take care of those victims. but we have advanced beyond. and i want to really express my gratitude on behalf of the wonderful people of the virgin islands. >> i feel that we're all friends, you know? because we've spoken so many times in the last month, and you have really done a terrific job. the governor of puerto rico happens to be here and the congresswoman representing 3.5 million people in puerto rico. and thank you. . liz: that was president trump in puerto rico. about to depart puerto rico for las vegas with the first lady tomorrow saying the army, the navy, a lot of resources helping puerto rico. also said this: puerto rico, you are resilient and the officials are doing a great job. coming up, in the mind of a madman.
5:33 pm
the shooter videotapes, basically what he was doing before he did his massacre. he used eight cameras. we've got dr. keith ablow here with his psychological profile. we also have mark zuckerberg vowing to occu cush more fake news on the site. but why did they push fake news about the las vegas murderer? promoting inaccurate reports of who he was? we have an attorney suing facebook for helping terrorists, essentially. he's done a deep dive into facebook. facebook. he joinsal me next our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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gocentral from godaddy. >> come on, vegas. ♪ god bless america. ♪ my home, sweet home. [applause. liz: that was the crowd in las vegas singing god bless america just an hour before the shooting that left 59 dead
5:38 pm
and 527 wounded. it's heartbreaking for families of the victims. this video is one of the last they will see with their loved ones in it. now, country music star garth brooks also posting an emotional video. >> character flows country music all of our love to the victims, and the victims' families. tough. liz: joining me now, a musician was on stage moments before the gunman opened fire. recording artist kaya jones. she taped that video we came in with. kaya, we are so sorry for what you and your loved ones are going through. you performed a short time before your shooting. can you tell us what you saw? >> yeah. i was on with big kenny. they do this moment, which is what you were seeing of all of the stuff and payin paying to our service members. so they thought it would be a
5:39 pm
good idea to get up there and get a kick out of it. and then it, you know, moments later, after you've seen that footage, you know, that people were gunned down. it was crazy. we had to bunker down in the bar where we were, we had friends backstage that were bunkered down, you know, hearing the rapid fire around people that collapsed, they weren't sure they were dead at that point. one of our good friend's wife and child was on the 32nd floor in the other suite. they just happened to be on that floor. we were getting a lot of stories back and forth of multiple shooters, friends, and family of people that we know that were affected by it directly. or, you know, my first boyfriend in school, he was helping victims. everyone around him was shot. liz: kaya, what are your thoughts in the aftermath of this? we had some members of the media trying to pull country
5:40 pm
music singers and the country music industry into dc politics. what are your thoughts about that? >> it's not the time, you know? it's really not the time or the place. i understand everyone has their opinion when it comes to politics. but in this moment, it needs to be about the fact that we have innocent american people gunned down by a madman. whether it be a radical, a terrorist attack, or just a madman with a gun. we need to be honoring the victims. it's not about gun rights, it's not about politics, it's not about -- it's about the innocent people that were gunned down in cold blood. and i think that video footage, i took the one from the first at the front of the stage. and i think we need to just all really feel honored that all together, they blessed america with that song. and that's what they were
5:41 pm
doing moments before they were gunned down. it was a beautiful moment, and it was shattered by a madman. liz: it's an important gift for the families. thank you very much for coming on the show. we really appreciate it. >> of course. liz: coming up, in the mind of a madman. reports that the shooter videotaped the incident that he was about to commit. basically, he videotaped his room with eight cameras. dr. keith ablow here with his psychological profile. also facebook billionaire mark zuckerberg vowing to do more to curb fake news. why his site was pushing fake news about the las vegas mass murderer. pushing false reports yesterday. we have an attorney suing facebook. he's done a deep dive into facebook, he is lawyer keith joins me next.
5:42 pm
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>> we will strength genuine our own ad review process for
5:45 pm
political ads. now, to be clear, it has always been against our policies to use any of our tools in a with a i that breaks the law. and we have many tools already in place to prevent it this. but we can do more. liz: well, another embarrassment for facebook. billionaire mark zuckerberg had promised to crack down on fake news on his website. but a new report shows fake news showed up on facebook about the las vegas murderer, claiming he was an antitrump supporter with that he was a leftist who likes msnbc host rachel maddow, as well as leftist group move that's fake news. the problem is a growing number of people get their news from facebook. kevin noting that top trending las vegas posts on facebook about the vegas killer actually coming from russian propaganda outlets such as sputnik. that's a russian news agency. let's take a look at the stock closing the day in the green over there at facebook closing up less than a percent. good to see you, keith.
5:46 pm
>> good to see you. thank you for having me on the show. liz: facebook made this problem like fake news on the site is under control. is it under control? >> i don't think so. 800 law firm for the last 18 months, we've been studying exactly how social media has been used for nefarious organizations, and it's true that as people get more information from social media, it is becoming with the ability to manipulate a message and information in every different context from terrorism to fake news to russian influence over the election, fake ads, all of it. it is nonstop, and it's just accelerating. liz: you know, so, you know, they talk about elevating the conversation, wanting to bring the conversation up. but there's fake stuff on there. what's going on? >> well, part of the problem here is that these companies have absolutely no accountability for the information that they pose that's used on their sites. or at least so they say. there's a law section 230 that appears to be a get out of
5:47 pm
jail free card in their mind. and because they think they have absolutely no responsibility or accountability, it's, frankly, just lip service. they hire a few people, they say they're doing a few things. but in the end, they're not doing meaningful things to prevent misuse of their sites for nefarious or improper purses. liz: you know, look at facebook saying 10 million people in the united states saw at least one of 3,000 political ads linked to accounts by the russian government. now this is part of the conversation about the election; right? >> oh, there's no doubt about it. and i think it came up. i was talking about it once in the past that facebook, particularly, tracks where your political bent is, and they would actually sell that organization to organizations who wanted to use it for advertising purposes. so it was like handing the russians, you know, everything that they needed to sway the election. . liz: so, keith, you are actively pursuing a lawsuit against facebook about, you know, the spread of terrorist
5:48 pm
content on facebook. can you give us the status report on it? >> well, right now, we currently have a case on the san bernardino massacre, orlando, dallas, paris, and istanbul. we have been arguing the motion to dismiss on the orlando lawsuit is set to be argued tomorrow here in michigan. and, unfortunately, every time it just seems like it's not the end. we just keep coming up with another attack, another event, more people, more funerals, and i think the people who are fighting this battle are looking for no more funerals. accountability. act reasonably. do what you can reasonably do to keep people from misusing your tools and stop counting the money. liz: keith, thank you so much for coming back on. come back soon. >> thank you for having me on. liz: next up, federal investigators have interviewed an immediate relative of steven paddock's girlfriend who say they found paddock quote unstable and made him uncomfortable. but what was his motivate? we've got dr. keith ablow here
5:49 pm
to analyze the mind of a madman. that's up next. don't go away
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[gunfire] >> you felt like you were in a war zone. we just expect that we were going to get shot. >> as we believe paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. >> we're shocked, horrified. where the hell did he get automatic weapons? >> i would not wish it upon anybody to see what we saw. it is a horrible, horrible, horrible moment in my life. but we were able to take care of people. liz: into the mind of a madman. the mystery of why steven paddock committed this outrageous act, the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the 64-year-old retired accountant lived with his girlfriend in the retirement community in mesquite, nevada. no criminal past, no political
5:53 pm
or religious affiliations. he apparently had several large gambling bets in recent days. had both pilots and hunting licenses. his father was a notorious bank robber who used to be on the fbi most wanted list. it's a mystery, keith, dr. ablow. >> it is a mystery. but mysteries yield to information and research. every mystery. and so this family has a father who was incarcerated for many years after being on the fbi's ten most wanted list. he lacked empathy, he probably lacked empathy for his children as well as for others. he was prone to violence, he was noted to be suicidal and homicidal by the fbi. and so whatever genetic or life story importance we can place on that so that the life of this man chapter to chapter can be looked at in detail
5:54 pm
because then it won't be so much of a mystery. and i suspect that there was tremendous psychological turmoil that other people were somewhat aware of. liz: yeah. let's talk about that. >> exercising denial. liz: because we have government forces telling fox news that intermediate relatives of paddock's girlfriend said they made them feel unstable, uncomfortable. what do you think that means? and talk a little bit too about how the brother -- let's get to this too. the brother said the shooter had no history of violence. let's take a listen to the brother. >> my brother did a horrible, horrible thing. but i -- and nothing but condolences. it doesn't make any sense that he killed those people. it makes no sense that he did that. he has no history of violence in any way, shape, or form. you'll talk to his girlfriend, you'll find this out. . liz: what do you think, doctor? >> well, there may well be no
5:55 pm
history of violence, but there might be as noted by the girlfriend's significant other or friend or family a history of instability. and, you know, people are pretty good barometers. if people are getting a sense -- listen, there's something that unsettles us about this fellow. it might be that a person like that, and, obviously, i didn't evaluate this guy. but it might be that he's laboring with delusional thinking. with paranoia that he's not interacting with people in a fluid way because there are a lot of gears turning about what he really think so is happening under the surface. liz: i want to get -- >> and his actions at that concert may have been motivated by a very false idea. false delusions. liz: the neighbors had this to say about the shooter. let's listen what the neighbors had to say about the shooter. >> if i waved to him, he wouldn't wave back. he would not engage you in conversation. >> he seemed like a normal
5:56 pm
senior citizen. other than his line of work was professional gambling. liz: what are your thoughts about that? >> well, you know, this is not your average american household. somebody moves to las vegas or nearby in order to gamble on video poker who doesn't seem appearable, who doesn't engage in the normal pleasantries, the family member said he gave us the willies. he didn't seem to be fluid. so things were happening under the surface with this guy, probably psychologically, and probably quite severe, given what then transpired. and his taping of it takes it to a whole other level. because then you wonder about severe narcissism or about what he thought he was going to do in the afterlife, what that tape would mean to other people. liz: doctor, we have to leave it there. so sorry. come back soon. love having you go on. we're going to have more after the break for free.
5:57 pm
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liz: all 3 billion of yahoo's users were hit in 2015. charles: developments on major stories from wall street to capitol hill. but we begin with las vegas. the investigation into the shooter's motive continues to ramp up. 557 victims wounded. all victims have been identified by authorities. reports say stephen paddock gambled thousands in recent days and he sent tens of thousands of dollars overseas. jimmy kimmel delivered a moving


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