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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. on. you are the best whether it comes to this, an when it comeso tv lou is the best. lou: leaders of senate intelligence committees are coconspirators now in the russia witch-hunt. they created. the result, not one irky o irkyf evidence. and produced by fbi's more than year long investigation that preceded the senate's grandstanding, in all, about 21 months of investigations, nothing to show for it. period.
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instead chairman burr served as nothing more than a tool for the paneled top democrat, senator warner, warner's press secretary yesterday, baiting news and media outlets urging reporters to tune in to a news conference today, promising that the committee would make new in russia investigation. what did they produce? more grandstanding and a inyou endo. -- they have no evidence that trump campaign in anyway coordinated or colluded with russia, perhaps unaware of their overwhelming irony they presented this in big posters to show how they wasted taxpayer month, claiming to have interviewed over a hundred wents and holding 11 open hearings. the result, nothing. the committee, should realize it time to shut down their
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witch-hunt, but senator burr can't bring himself it face real fee. -- reality. >> it is safe to say that the inquiry has expanded slightly, jen arrested hundred of -- generated hundred additional requests on our part for information and identify many leads that expanded our initial inquiry. lou: the senator thinks he is being cute, it is grandstanding by senator burr, seeking media attention senator warner doing. the same, his puppet master role in the witch-hunt is something he seems to enjoy, and burr as well. nonsense does not stop there catherine herridge in washington with the latest for us. >> thank you, lou. after 9 months of investigation
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and over 100 interviews, they said they did not have evidence or concrete evidence of world nation between trump campaign and russia. they did tell reporters there is more work ahead. >> still open, that we continue to investigate boykin teligent -- both intelligence and witnesses, we're not in a position to come to a temporary finding on that until we've completed process. reporter: senator said next stage will include public hearings, inviting michael koen to testify. and committee has an invitation to facebook, google and twitter to testify on november one, asked about russian-backed ads, senator said that goal of division, not helping a particular candidate or party. >> we feel they used the social media firm's both in terms of
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paid advertising and i believe is more problematic would created fall accounts and others that would driven rest toward stories or group, they were to drive -- division. reporter: christopher steel, dossier helped to kick-start fbi's counter intelligence investigation last year, and steel refused to identify his sources and who made him. >> committee hit a wall, we have on several occasions, made attempts to contact mr. steel. to meet with mr. steel, to include personally the vice chairman and myself as two individuals, making that connection.
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those offers have gone unaccepted. reporter: and senator told reporters that russia campaign continued after the election in november, they are expecting a more aggressive targeted campaign during the midterm elections. lou: thank you very much, catherine herridge from washington. >> our first guest is outraged over theism come tense of -- the incompetence. the senate intelligence committee, joining us chris farrell. let me ask you, first. perhap a question you don't often get asked, you run a lot of investigation, how would you score the intelligence committee's affords to this point? >> it is a failure. if my investigatorso my staff came back to me after 9 months, and gave the double tax answers
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that mr. burr and mr. warner presented, i would fire them. charles: senator warner out did himself, blathered in response to the questions. this is preposterous, yet mitch mcconnell is note talking with the chair and ranking member to say, come on, guys, no one is trying to make sense. this is i don't know if the right word is a witch-hunt, it is an obvious insult to the american taxpayer and the intelligence of americans in the country. to have this go forward without any evidence of any kind, no crime to find, no crime found. what in the world do they -- and by the way i'm talking with allen the other day said point blank, collusion is not a crime, he can't condone anything they are doing. >> as i have said, many times,
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no one can name a criminal predicate. in that regard, unfortunately, senator burr serves as a glorified sock pu puppet to senr warner's 2020 campaign. this is all sound bite material, they produced 4,000 pages of within testimony. lou: good lord. >> make it public, put it up on internet and let's crowd sources, i bet i could come up with some conclusions to draw. lou: i don't doubt, that. burr hit the wall with the trump dossier from former british spy. chris steel. who by the way we still don't know if he was on the fbi payroll, gps fusion just
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disappeared from the conversation. somebody has been hard at work to keep them below the radar. certainly out of media attention. this smells to high heaven. if anything it looks like senate intelligence committee with the insistence on grandstanding and persisting if the face of no evidence, they look like they are involved in the same web that is being woven across washington. >> well, let me give senate intelligence committee some pointer, start with a dnc server, then go have debbie wassermann schultz, explain her relationship with th the -- awoe in brothers, they running e-mail
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servers for debbie wassermann schultz, about 40 other democratic members. and then ask republican leadership where they are not saying the same thing that i am right now, these are legitimate open counter intelligence questions, we have real evidence of bad actors. lou: and chris, this is just, beyond comprehension. that burr continues t to act lie a -- he continues to look like warner's lackey here, someone should point out, you look foolish. >> it is embarrassing, i don't know how he gets up and makes those presentations, and lets warner go on his tirade. it is really disrespectful to his own office, it a shame. lou: yeah. chris farrell, great to have you
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with us, which we had time. we have more to discuss. >> sure, thank you. lou: we're coming right back, a lot more to cover, a lineup of guests, including noted conservative best seller author americani -- pat buchanan on th, for the to subvert the president trump presidency. >> president trump and first lady in las vegas. >> a very sad thing. we're going to pay our respects and see police have done a fantastic job. lou: we take up a historic number of national crisis that the president must contend with. we talk with congressman mike kelly here, next. >> now comes a report that
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of the day in las vegas, less than 72 hours after the shooting rampage that left 59 dead, and more than 500 others wounded. president showing great compassion today. he invited some of the folks to the white house, later in the day he assuredsur assure survivt they would never be alone, america would remain by their side, president trump and first lady were there to comfort them, they lavished high praise on law enforcement, first responders, at police headquarters, telling them a grateful nation is grateful to them. they kept tragedy from escalating, even further. >> i will tell you people of nevada, and the extraordinary
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city have shown the world their incredible, character, courage and resolve. nevada is a very special place. lou: our next guest, praying president trump for his leadership in the wake of national tragedy, in las vegas, joining us now to talk about mr. strusm' trump's success in o comfort the survivors and victims and lift the nation's spirit, congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania, congressman good to have you with us, i think it is extraordinary, we did a little math, this president in course of dealing with all tran powered. hurricane -- tra transpired, hurricane harvey, a consider 5 -- category 5 and a category 4. and the tragedy in las vegas. all these issues he is dealing
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with, he traveled over 25,000 miles, in just a little -- under 2 months, this is an amazing performance. i don't know many folks, i don't know of any president who is equaled him in that expenditure of merge and concern -- emergency and concern. and effort to comfort the nation. >>ly is a real person, we heard that 90% of life is showing up, when you show up, people know you care. who has shown up more than this president at every turn, he is there with you, people think back about when people showed up, it is fun to show up when you are celebrating but whether you really hurt that is when you remember those people most. this president, this first lady have been incredible models of what america is about. thank god he is not a standard
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politician with talking points, he speaks from his heart, i find that sogen wine -- genuine and refreshing. a state talking business person who loves this country and given up so much of his private life to serve. lou: this is a president that says to hell with political correctness. if the left can't handle it, the dems can't handle it too bad, american people in point of fact deeply appreciative of a straight talking, truth telling chief executive running the country. >> he is a true leader, and every turn, he shows up strong, and he shows up for every american, he covers the whole gamut of who is out there. you have to love this man, and love this family for giving us what they have to serve. lou: that is lost a lot, this is
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a president, who had to sacrifice aic ar a extraordinarl of comfort and life style that most of us ca can conley dream - only dream of. and now to allege latest -- legislative initiative on the ways and means committee, i know you and congressman brady working hard on the tax cut tax reform, if you want the speaker let'speaker's version, it is not ready, it is not baked. >> no, but again, we've talked about this, we went to from a blueprint to a framework, there has been nobody more open to the discussion than chairman brady.
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he keeps telling members come and talk to me. and that is something that i think is really refreshing from the 7 years that i have been here, i have never seen it this open with this much involvement. lou: yet we have so many questions, how are you going to incentivize repatriation of 4 trillion will do ashes that is parked over -- dollars that is parked overseas in bank accounts and bring parody for small, and why, if this is a middle class tax cut, don't we see the middle class getting the preponderance of the tax cut. lou: i'm not talking trickle down, i am talk -- i have listen to gary cohn, to steve mnuchin, they say, we can't guarantee everyone in middle class gets a tax cut, why the hell not, deliver. >> i understand.
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a lot of us feel that way. they are being cautious on -- what they say, too often, anything they say gets taken to floor, it is you promised this, yoyouyou didn't do exactly. lou: you are not going to deny chuck schumer and nancy pelosi their time on the floor. it is going to be rough. >> it is, i don't think that country has seen a it more partisan than now, if you rely on chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to sell tax cuts, you are talking to wrong folks. you know, we're looking for pro growth tax reform, we know that by making sure that corporations are where they need to be globally competitive, we put people back to work. we get middle income people and lower income people with more take home pay. lou: i just want to know it is a middle class tax cut, and i want
10:22 pm
to know what middle class is going to get out of it, they have been screwed for 25 years in this country, you know it, the president knows, that is why he said it has to be a middle class tax cut. >> this president said clearly, forget about worrying about the wealthy, they will take care of themselves. you know, nothing is finished yet, but his concentration, and it will come out of white house, you know that. his commitsome to middle income and lower income people to make sure their lives get better, they have to have more take home pay, we have to lock at what we're doing globally make sure we can compete globally and we have more product. lou: i am not going to worry about a bunch of u.s. multinationals, who in many cases have out right oligopolyic
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power and strength, i'm going to worry about the middle class working man and woman. i think that when speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell come to glory to that issue we have a tax reform. >> did you, lou. >> vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that senate intelligence committee should be investigating clear evidence of democratic wrong doing, rather than nonnic is stant russian collusion? i mean, you have to laugh whether you hear it. cast your slow the on twitter. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and instagram. on wall street, a day of records for stocks, ho-hum, the dow up 19. s&p up 3, nasdaq up 3. all at new record highs, volume on big board under 3 billion
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shares. service sector, accelerated last month, hitting highest level since 2005. since 2005. and 'pr an puert 'puerto rico bg after the president suggested he -- that investors may not get paid back. and listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, president trump standing by his secretary of state who went rogue. >> i am honored by his comments, it was a phony story, thank you very much, it was made up by nbc. >> total confident in him, i have total confidence. lou: not much better, should president keep tillerson in his administration? we'll talk about that here next, stay with us, we'll be right
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lou: what do members of trump's cabinet do when they behave badly? insults, open contradiction and ignorant behavior on the part of cabinet secretaries was exceedingly rare within even rarer, tolerated by the president. but president obama does things differently. he's saying to his wayward
10:30 pm
secretaries from time to time, he's big enough and strong enough to put up with insubordination. rex tillerson called the media together to deny reports that he was on the verge of resigning way back in july. not a very timely argument but one they decide to make. he wasn't convincing. he did even worse when he was asked if he called the president a moron. >> the most of important thing is to reaffirm my commitment to the president and dispel the notion that i ever considered leaving. >> where do you think the reports are coming from? >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. lou: petty or not, he was
10:31 pm
awfully close to the position of creation. that means tillerson himself was a person it seems responsible for the subject even being broached. the president had to rein in tillerson on north korea. he tweeted that tillerson is quote wasting his time. secretary mattis not only contradicted the president yesterday, but straight a -- strayed away from his lane as he seems to do from time to time. mattis just exceeded himself telling the senate the iran nuclear deal is in our national interests. however, the president has not made a final determination on that issue. as for the recently ousted tom price, speaker paul ryan who spent more time it seems working against rather than for the president tried apparently to
10:32 pm
persuade the administration to keep price, despite his ethical issues and failures in the healthcare. some of the problems are some of the cabinet members aren't acting secretarial. it's time for them to afford the president the respect he and the nation deserve. the magic word isn't please, it's now. and now the quotation of the evening. this from president eisenhower who said only strength can cooperate. weakness can only beg. we'll be right back. the ineptitude of the senate intelligence committee is astonishing. the chairman and ranging democrat wasting taxpayer money after they found no evidence of
10:33 pm
collusion between the trump campaign and russia. none at all. >> we are not in a position where we'll come to any type of temporary finding on that until we have completed the process. >> we take up what has been a grandstanding witch hunt against the president with ed rollins. we'll show you how this daring couple took their love to new heights. heights.
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lou: joining me is ed rollins who worked in three presidential campaigns. what is wrong with the president's cabinet secretaries? these are accomplished people. they don't seem to understand the value of keeping counsel between themselves and the president. ed: i used to brief in the reagan white house and i would take it new appointees. i said i have remind you of one thing. one person here got votes. everybody else here lives off his reflected power. make sure you are doing what he wants you to do. which means you have got to communicate with him. i think tillerson made a good
10:38 pm
faith evident. but the tragedy of that story is it stepped on the president's speech in las vegas. we are having a duel. i don't think he quite understands what this president wants. lou: when he was running exxonmobil i'm sure he would have loved hearing one of his subordinates do that. ed: the stories about him leaving certainly are coming out of the state department. they are not coming out of the white house. i think that needs to move forward. lou: the president says he has full confidence. but it's interesting to me, there is a certain who cares quality to the story. if he leaves, so what, if he stays, so what. ed: there is only one person who got votes in that white house.
10:39 pm
i think to a certain extent i hope mr. tillerson wants to be part of the team and continues to move forward. but if he doesn't, he knowledge be replaced. lou: is it your political sense jared kushner, ivanka, the president's daughter are becoming if not a liability, a distraction rather than a resource? ed: i always thought it would have been better when they stayed in new york. when they became federal employees. it's a disproportionate. when i was complaining about his daughter maureen. he said just be glad i have only one child involved in politics. if you want to tell her anything, feel free, but i'm not about to. i think jared is in a lot of things he doesn't have much
10:40 pm
knowledge about. i think she has made a good faith evident to be a good soldier. i think it administration will be well-served if they go back to new york which i expect will happen in the near future. lou: it's getting awkward. i'm not quite sure if there is going to be a rising comfort level in the republican party so long as they are there. >> i don't think there will be. one of the problems. it's not just a question if they were democrats or democrat contributors. the reality is we see this in the tax bill. we have had 9 months, 10 months to work on a tax bill. we have to get this bill passed. we never got a firm healthcare bill. lou: it's starting to look like
10:41 pm
a replication of that effort. ed: if you want to get the economy moving you cut taxes across the board and get the small businesses focused on. you are creating more confusion with the different stories going out there. the reality is you put your plan on and you run with it and gift once it's out there. >> it's funny. you have got ryan and mcconnell talking about regular order. now they are doing sort of -- what would you call it, a piecemeal, weak kneed effort of regular order. talk to kevin brady. if you have got an idea, listen to paul ryan make a speech. this is amateur night. ed: this is a critical thing for this president and this country
10:42 pm
to get this tax thing right and they have a short period of time to get it right. lou: please roll the video. this couple is tying the knot literally as they rig slack lines 400 feet above the grand canyon for your wedding. the two professionals making it to the middle and finishing off with a bungee jump. i'm glad my wife didn't see this video when we married a long time ago. russia opening up a battle with nato. later pat buchanan joins me. we'll take up the president's response to all the crises that left has prepared for the president. they just keep it coming. we are coming right back. stay with us. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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lou: joining us tonight, retired four star general, jack keane. let's take up the issue of generals in this administration. somebody had an interesting idea
10:47 pm
the other day. they said maybe the trump administration should start looking for a bunch of generals. three stars and higher and just people the administration with it. then you hear mattis answer a question like he did yesterday, and he jumps the president in terms of a view on the iran nuclear deal. which do you think is the way to go. >> you love putting me on the spot here. jim is a good friends of mine as you well know. one of the things when it comes to generals in any administration. particularly these principled positions they have. in the past the positions they have had in government, they always look at them as being independent of the administration. but now they have actual
10:48 pm
political appointed position, which means they have to serve that administration's political agenda as well as everything else they are doing. and that is a leap for officers. and i think they go through some adjustment to this. at the end of the day they likely don't think of themselves as a political appointee. the truth is, they are. with mattis' question before the congress. every time we went before the congress we believe you answer that question truthfully to that congressman. but he's serving a president who hasn't made a decision yet to the nuclear deal. the better answer for the political appointee who happens to be a general is senator, that is under review and the president knows how i feel about it and i'm not going to talk about it until he makes
10:49 pm
decision. lou: he couldn't say, senator, you are an idiot? >> no, he's not going to say that. lou: when you have got a handle like "mad dog" attached to you -- >> you want him to be colorful. lou: i do. but in support of the president publicly. and i take your point. but i expect generals to be adaptive and recognize -- think of the talent we are talking. the generals in the administration. a little thing like a senator can do a lot better than that. let's turn to some other issues that are far more complex and far more important. and start with north korea. we continue to have some noits in the back grounds of talks, rex tillerson, secretary of state bringing it forward again, the president advancing it with
10:50 pm
don't waste your time, we are going to do what has to be done. what's your judgment about what has to be done? >> we have a back channel that's open and deals with the hostages. i don't believe there is any discussion that's taking place that's going to bring north korea and the united states together on a by lateral discussion unless all conditions are met. if those conditions are met, we are not talking to them. that's the position of the administration and i don't think secretary tillerson is outside of that at all. lou: general jack keane. great to see you. the general by the way, just got in from europe. you look, i think the expression is splendid. >> i stayed up all night watching the yankee game. lou: it was worth your while. china buying its way into the u.s. economy.
10:51 pm
but president obama is trying to constrain that. the chairman of the securities and exchange commission block a chinese takeover of the new york stock exchange. that means in all likelihood that deal is dead. for free.
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lou: in own online poll we asked should a ceo be held responsible for restitution due to negligence and 95% said yes. joining me now pat buchanan, author of the book, nixon's white house wars. pat, great to see you. my gosh. you have led a busy, busy life. what do you think as you watch general mattis jump the president on the conclusion in a senate hearing. what do you think when you hear rex tillerson being told he's
10:56 pm
wasting his time thinking of talking to kim jong-un? >> i think that mr. tillerson made a mistake in revealing the fact that we have got back channels to the north koreans. with regard to general mattis. i think what you spa was a general in action up on the hill when he was asked a point-blank question of senator king, is the iran deal in the national interests of the united states in your judgment and he said yes. i don't fault him that much for it. we just got the knowledge that a lot of us suspected for a long time that's folks in there think we ought to sustain it because the losses from dumping it over would be greater than any gain. lou: it will be interesting which way the president does come down on this. let's turn to the million dollar
10:57 pm
donation to the resistance movement in the democratic party. antitrump resistance groups. we are talking about tax exempt non-profits, the money coming from soros and you name it, and no problem. fight the president and no responsibility to the irs. >> this town, washington, d.c. is peeled with foundation and public policy institutes and things like that which are basically tax exempt money going for political activity to affect policy and change policy and influence it. you have folks going on television, they are all supported by tax exempt institutions. i think it's a subject that could be taken up as a whole issue. i don't think the attack biz soros really damage trump.
10:58 pm
i think the challenge for trump is keeping the center of right party he's got. lou: what are you going to do with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell? >> what you have got to do is play with the cards you have been dealt. trump showed up in washington and you have paul ryan there, you have mitch mcconnell. unlike some others, i don't fault mitch mcconnell as much for this reason. what's he going to do? john mccain, rand paul, susan collins, they are not going to vote to helping out on the healthcare bill, and they will vote the other way. what is he suppose to do. a congressman said in the senate mitch mcconnell does not have really a working majority on every issue. it's just that there. i think they need more senators.
10:59 pm
lou: i hope you are not suggesting raising the number to 200 of them. because 100 is more than i can bear. >> just more than 52 is all i was saying. lou: i hope it goats the right direction. but i'm not sure we can count on that. i want to turn quickly -- go ahead. i just want to turn the -- go. i'm going to shut up right now. >> you were going to talk to the issue of the senate committee hearing that's going on and on and on, and thn they refuse to say what they learned which is there is no collusion between the president of the united states and vladimir putin or the top of the trump campaign and vladimir putin. if they had gone 8 or 9 months and failed to find collusion i
11:00 pm
think it's perhaps time they say so and remove the cloud of suspicion that's been over the president's head. and the same would be true with the mueller investigation. lou: pat, i'm with you on. you are the best whether it comes to this, an when it comeso tv lou is the best. lou: leaders of senate intelligence committees are coconspirators now in the russia witch-hunt. they created. the result, not one irky o irkyf evidence. and produced by fbi's more than year long investigation that preceded the senate's grandstanding, in all, about 21 months of investigations, nothing to show for it. period.


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