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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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so and remove the cloud of suspicion that's been over the president's head. and the same would be true with the mueller investigation. lou: pat, i'm with you try until breaking news this morning. did the las vegas mass murderer have more attacks ahead? new evidence suggesting stephen paddock have plans to survive. his girlfriend now denies knowing anything. train to republicans in congress banning some stocks that turn semiautomatic rifles into essentially machine guns. we will show you what they are and debate whether it would really matter. train to another round of records led by internet companies think netflix and amazon. features point to a slightly higher opening. lauren: investors closely
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watching to declare its independence from spain. trying to markets in asia and south korea closer the holiday japan stocks that fly. lauren: puerto rican bonds nosedive after the country should wipe out its bed, leaving investors empty-handed. fox business exclusive coming out. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: five to 1:00 a.m. in new york. thursday, october faith. lauren: good to see you. i'm lauren simonetti. we do have breaking news on how the gunmen and make its planned his attack. cheryl: obviously, investors say there is evidence that gun man who carried out the worshiping massacre in u.s. history may have wanted to survive and escape. stephen paddock killed 15
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people, injuring 500 others before killing himself. train lauren: more police video that describes the shooting. >> halfway out. i see them halfway up. cheryl: jeff flock live in las vegas at the latest on the investigation. obviously, we are listening to the audio. did he have an accomplice? so many questions overnight. catch us up to date on what you hear in vegas. reporter: icon to you from immemorial in the middle of the strip the middle of the strip justice at the mandalay bay. i tell you yes -- [inaudible] police say they believe he did in fact top help. they don't say exactly why they
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believe it, but they believe he must have the planning that took place in the plane to survive the attack or at least survive it. also that he apparently cased another event in las vegas that took place earlier. it was something called the life is beautiful event that featured rock and rap artists. he is the police had to say about that yesterday. >> as many of you already reported, paddock rented a room at the hotel in downtown las vegas. reasons that ran through paddock's mind is unknown, but it was the same time as life is beautiful. reporter: that is the name of the concert. marilou danley come in 62 years old, his companion that she may build a shed some light on voted
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yesterday. apparently she did not. she also said when he sent money to her in the philippines and center after the philippines, she thought that was his way of trying to break up with her. i guess in some ways that is true. this is a statement that her attorney read to reporters yesterday. >> he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of but i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. reporter: i leave you with a picture of the memorial here. a lot of people. trying to do stories that keep coming out, we had some audio issues. he will come back later in the show against a broader update on what's happening on the ground in las vegas.
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lauren: authorities had five hours of questioning with marilou danley. i wonder if they believed what she told them. she shared to homes at the killer. cheryl: her statement said she didn't know anything and if our viewers could hear, she thought he was breaking up with her. she did come back voluntarily and is cooperating. meanwhile, president trump visiting las vegas to consult the shaken city. he met with patients, families, doctors at a hospital. he also visited the las vegas metropolitan police department with her first responders in the tragedy. >> we pray for the recovery of the injured and those injured officers who so bravely threw themselves into danger when duty called. and we grieve the loss of the law enforcement personnel who were killed in this vicious
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attack. lauren: struck many of the right chords. during his visit come in the president did not say if you would be taking any steps to pursue gun legislation. cheryl: let's move to another story we've been talking a lot on fox business. prices on puerto rico's bonds to get a kick yesterday. after the president told fox news in an exclusive interview that the u.n. territory massive debt would be raised. charlie gasparino has a report that investors are awaiting the comments. even if there is a bailout from the bondholders can expect to receive pennies on the dollar because of puerto rico many dollars. here is what he said to geraldo rivera to start a huge debate. >> we are going to work something out. we have to look at their whole data structure. they owe a lot of money to friends on wall street. you can say goodbye to that. i don't know if it's goldman sachs, but whoever it is you can
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wave goodbye to die. lauren: mick mulvaney, the office of management and budget document the comment saying that washington will not bail out puerto rico and he added that officials will have to find a way to restructure basically 74, $75 billion in debt. trade commission that there is no legal precedent for the president himself for the white house to wipe out the dead. that's actually impossible. the white house walking back on this statement. investors are watching facebook. they are turning to newspaper ads to get back in the nations could grace is. lauren: at tracee carrasco joining us that and the other headlines making news this morning. good to see you come the tracee. good morning. train for facebook took out full-page ads in "the new york times" and "washington post" in an effort to defend itself against the backlash is receiving for his role in russian interference in the 2016
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presidential election. the ad said we take the trust of the facebook community seriously. we will fight any attempts to lift on facebook. the immediate action facebook is taking acknowledged nearly 500 accounts that likely came from russia or bond with $100,000 with the facebook ads during the election. cheryl: the new apple watch. you might've seen a problem with this but apparently there's a fix. tracee: we told you about this for the watch came out. apple has reached a software update to address a comic to the issue effect in the brand-new $399 apple watch series three released a few weeks ago. this is the first smart watch for cellular capabilities and the problem was due to the watch switching to a wi-fi connection. if you have the series three watch come you can find beos 4.016 in the update section of
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the app on your iphone. cheryl: so many updates are always coming. don't blow this one off. >> i feel like there's more updates for the new apple devices than usual whether it's the iphone made or the watch. a lot of issues they are working out. cheryl: well, we hear burger king was paid a visit by some pretty rowdy ronald mcdonald. is that right? >> this is so strange. you have to see the video to believe it. 15 ronald mc donald collins robbed a burger king and taunted the staff. take a look. tracee: so strange that the woman had to do video said customers found it funny, but the bizarre scene went on for five minutes before the game got tired, shook hands at the burger
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king employees and left. they are part of an 80s weekend convention and decided to visit their fast food rivals. cheryl: i think that is fine. if i'm paying. lauren: i was wondering what are they doing. tracee: could you imagine being in a burger king? cheryl: i would be laughing. tracee coming up later on in the show. lauren: when we come back, republican lawmakers considering potential legislation that would turn semi automatic rifles into fully automatic ones without making a difference. does that go against the second amendment we are going to discuss and also show you because a lot of people don't know what exactly is a bum stock. we are tracking another tropical storm made. janice dean will have the latest on now. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: welcome back it up to jakarta but what's happening now. pre-army special forces are dead and two others wounded after being ambushed in the west african country. the soldiers were on routine patrol when the ambush occurred. u.s. forces in the country
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assisting armed forces they are fighting violent extremists. massachusetts teenager now being investigated after threatening to repeat what happened in las vegas on sunday. police say a 16-year-old student posted the thread on snapchat. police say there's no immediate threat than they did not have access to guns. check this out. a vermont newspaper trying to serve controversy on gun control. ended up issuing an apology two days after the mass shooting in vegas. a dead body with this caption, whatever happens in vegas. the editor admitted the timing of the cartoon is inappropriate. they wanted to draw the conversation to gun control, that people are talking for the editor to resign or be fired. that is that's happening now. cheryl: pretty inappropriate. this discussion about gun control has certainly kicked then quickly.
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one of the weapons stephen paddock was modified with something called it don't stop. what is a blog style? [gunfire] >> it is the foundation of a nation that would take 50 innocent lives in the days since new questions about the device that made the automatic gunfire possible. >> basically it reciprocates just a little bit, like this. reporter: dynax for corey cross said the so-called bump stock is pretty simple. >> the recoil of the gun after each round is fired is causing their finger to pull that trigger. and that is what allows the bump stock to be legal. the recoil allowing the bump stock to mimic fully auto and after that big a shooting demand
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for bump stock is on the rise. >> this morning we had 20 calls so far of people looking for. we actually quit carrying them a couple years ago because they really were not much of a mover. >> kraus himself said is not a fan. the device makes the gun less accurate and when it comes to hunting or target shooting, has no real use. >> there's no practical use for any of this stuff other than youtube videos are you one have some fun, shoot off a venture rounds. that is all well and fine, but that's the only practical use for that stuff. train to some republicans are open to considering a proposal from democrats to ban just bump stock. good away again, political analyst kirsten hart lane. good to have you. >> good morning. train to allow to start with you on this one.
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we are starting to understand what a bump stock is, but we don't exactly know if it would be an effective reason to legislate against them. what should republicans do and most republicans can't even steve scalise save people wanted more can control in this country, we have a different makeup in congress. right now, most leaders still say on the republican side people should be allowed to carry weapons for support for shooting for dvd. >> gun control laws are the most unpopular they've been pulling my in the last 20 to 30 years or so. representatives khalifa is right in that regard. however, one of popular momentum around doing something around this kind of action and the republicans really have had a gift handed to them in the issue of the bump stock because they agreed that there is no real purpose for these and it's they could give to say hey to their constituents have done something
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on gun control. it's really interesting to see what democrats have proposed in light of the most recent shooting because before it has been very broad action as we saw in 2012 with the extension of background checks after the sandy hook shooting. now is an incremental measure with the banning of the bump stock. you will see it coming together democrats and republicans, but also the nra has yet to weigh in on this specific piece of legislation and we know this thing takes a long time. expect a lot more public comment. cheryl: by the way, we just heard from the reporter story that the gun shop owners say these really wants telling. if nra members are trying to get them, and they are just not. there's a legal fight as well. federal law in 1986 b. and the use of fully automatic weapons.
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bump stock make a semi automatic fully automatic. isn't that the legal argument they can use to legislate this and then this particular piece of the gun? >> right, that is an effective argument. the bump stock are relatively new. they've only been around the past decade. in 2010, one of the manufacturer sent an inquiry to the atf asking and requesting legality approval. the atf returned that this is not subject to the national firearms act because it is in fact an accessory. a lot of the dialogue we've been hearing in the passover legislation really has been aside to this because of its effect. as kirsten pointed out, there have been broad legislation measures that included at the now given narrowly tailored aspect might actually pass. there's always going to read the second amendment argument that whether or not it's an accessory i still have a right to it.
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given the ancillary component will probably lend itself to more bipartisan support and delude.argument. cheryl: that's the thing. the sound egg sellers. if there were popular, people using them on farms for target practice but they are not. that seems to me and make it easy for republicans to get on board with legislation. >> absolutely. republicans are sensitive to the claimant from how they are perceived and everyone has been able to look at washington the last several months, especially republicans in charge of all three branches of government and unable like to point to as far as proud quasars. this is something where they could all work together and say we are responding to this and potentially save lives. let's not forget 59 people were killed because of this. cheryl: 58. 59 is the gun man. before i let you go, do we think this can pass the legal asked
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her to be in this particular part of the gun? >> yes, send him to incremental aspects, yes i do. cheryl: a lot of people are so saddened by what they've seen happen this week as a conversation that will continue. i wish i had more time at more time with you guys. thank you for being here. >> thank you, cheryl. lauren: coming up, watching tropical storm nate. fox meteorologist janice dean is all over it. when it can hit anywhere. cities and towns pulling all the stocks to get amazon to build its new headquarters. that you will not believe what one georgia town is doing. checking in on the market. more record highs. 50 records for the s&p 500 since election day. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: tropical storm brewing in the caribbean on track to make landfall in the united states this weekend. lauren: i don't think we can handle another storm. fox meteorologist janice dean has been tracking. what a religion out with nate. reporter: still a depression i think today will become a storm, but the center circulation will not get its act together. when it goes to water will start to see some strengthening. the area of low pressure there expecting it to become a storm as it makes its way into the gulf of mexico. the latest track at 5:00 a.m. becoming a storm in the next 12 to 24 hours will not have a lot of opportunity to strengthen. over warmer waters we will have
5:26 am
to worry. we'll have to watch the track obviously. if you live in here from louisiana to the panhandle community watch the track of this. we do expect to know when hurricane. vocalize flooding is certainly going to be an issue come the storm surge, all of that happening very quickly. not a lot of time to prepare. if you live across the louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia versus southeast, tennessee river valley. you need to watch this. all very good indication this will go into the gulf of mexico. intensity forecasting is not the greatest. if you live across the gulf coast you need to pay attention to this. lauren: they come all the way of the northeast. reporter: absolutely. lauren: thank you. we are ready. cheryl: coming up, how many devices do you need? google has some new toys coming out, but will consumers want them? getting amazon to build their new headquarters there, you will
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plus, his girlfriend denies knowing anything. cheryl: republicans in congress considering banning bump stock to turn semi automatic rifles into automatic rifles. cheryl: another round of records for u.s. stocks. this time a great internet companies netflix and amazon. features makes this morning. nasdaq futures have two points. cheryl: a lot of politics happening in europe as they pushed ahead to declare independence from spain. they are pretty much live. lauren: a slight gain for the nikkei in japan. cheryl: puerto rican bonds nosediving after president trump tells fox news the country should wipe out the dead leaving investors with nothing. that was an exclusive interview. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: 5:31 a.m. in new york.
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good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. this story could be bad for investors hedge funds. lauren: at the end of this month that they don't get a new round of money, their government essentially can't function. and it's already not functioning. cheryl: we know you have a lot of breaking news overnight. investigators say there is evidence now that the gunmen who carried out the worst mass shooting in u.s. history may have wanted to survive and escape. stephen paddock killed 58 people before himself. lauren: we have coverage that really describes the horrific moment. >> he is upstairs at mandalay bay. upstairs at mandalay bay. halfway up. mandalay bay halfway up. lauren: that officer was right on but there was some confusion
5:33 am
about where the shots were coming from. some thought it was fireworks. jeff flock is live on the investigation and there is a memorial as vegas tries to deal with this behind you. reporter: yeah, trying to do with this on a number of friends, lauren and cheryl. here are the headlines this morning. number one, the concept that he may have wanted to survive and perhaps go on and commit other attacks, driven apart by the camera he had outside the hotel room door, maybe authorities thinking he was looking to see if the coast had been clear. it had other material senate that could have caused other attacks. also revealed he had attended another concert in downtown las vegas, rented a hotel room overlooking the outdoor event, much like this one. had a plan to attack it and called it off or perhaps was he using that to case an event like that to see what was possible.
5:34 am
who knows. although they don't have any evidence to support it, they can't believe he did this all on its own. here is the chief roberto had to say about that. >> this individual was able to move this amount of gear into a hotel room unassisted. it is troublesome for the amount of stuff he had that both resident unassisted. reporter: marilou danley obviously a big focus yesterday. she was interviewed to choose not under arrest. she is cooperating and apparently she didn't have a whole lot to add to information about what the motive may have been in this. she said she had no indication whatsoever that he was planning to do anything like this and described him as a gentle, kind human being. listen to what her attorney said. >> i was worried at first the
5:35 am
unexpected trip home and then the money was the way of raking up with me. it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone. >> and maybe she gave authorities other information about his political leanings, religious leanings, but issue did come authorities did not make a public. they did say they are open to help if anyone knew mr. paddock, it sounds in some ways they don't have a lot. still multiple days. cheryl: real quick before rebate you go, one of the things that struck me overnight as they are saying maybe he did not act alone. what does that mean for an investigation that is already so large? >> well, i don't know that they have it.
5:36 am
they still don't have a handle on this. they said they think he may have had help because they can't believe he did all of this and planned all of this without any help. on the other hand they don't have any evidence he did. the cheaper one point said maybe he's just a super guy and maybe he is. cheryl: jeff flock, that is truly frightening. thank you. lauren: following the money on this. the philippines and wherever else they can find it because he had plenty of money. prices on puerto rico bonds taken a huge hit after president trump told fox news the islands that will have to be raised. charlie gasparino exclusively reported not. investors weighed the impact of the comments. even if there is a bailout, bondholders can expect to receive pennies on the dollar because the puerto rico financial problems. here's what the president said exactly to geraldo rivera.
5:37 am
>> we are going to work something out. we have to look at their whole data structure. they owe a lot of money to your friends on wall street and know how to website out. you can say goodbye to that. i don't know if it's goldman sachs, whatever it is you can wave goodbye to that. cheryl: mick mulvaney, office of the budget walked back saying that washington will not fail a puerto rico. officials there will have to find a way to restructure more than $70 billion in debt. 73 billion to be exact. the president doesn't have the legal power to wipe out the data. cheryl: right now they are focusing on how. google wants to release a new line of smart products to compete with apple and amazon. let's ask tracey carrasco. she's got that story and a lot more. >> this is a pretty ambitious lineup. group unveiled the second of the
5:38 am
hardware devices introduced last year including a smartphone of google home speaker bragging technology upgrades and sleeker designs make it a lot better. with the new versions, m. archer at 800 include the ability to squeeze the phone to activate its virtual assistant and an upgraded camera. one major disadvantage right now verizon is the only major carrier to sell it. google smart speakers range in price 50 to $400 to compete with apple and amazon. they also introduce a wearable camera, laptop, earbuds. cheryl: we'll see if they can catch up with apple. the former ceo back on the hill yesterday. what happened? tracee: another day of testifying. the massive data breach which exposed the personal information of nearly 146 million americans have been because of a mistake
5:39 am
by a single employee. 225 cybersecurity employees. smith said one person failed to heed security warnings and did not make software upgrades which would have prevented the breach. on a lighter note, if you are watching yesterday's hearing, you may be asking yourself, is that mr. monopoly sitting behind smith? yes, it was. a woman who manages public citizen campaign against the practice of their right to sue the companies they do business with. they wanted to bring some awareness to the issue. of course arbitration. cheryl: i don't really care. i just like the outfit. >> i can't believe the ex-ceo insane. >> it was one person. talk about placing blame. amazon is building second headquarters in cities across the country really want their
5:40 am
business. who wouldn't want amazon to come to your city. they are going to extreme lengths to be chosen as the location for the second amazon headquarters with creative videos, offering tax breaks. tucson arizona sent jeff bezos a 21-foot cat is, but this is hard to top. georgia said it would be an exit of this land. so how does amazon, georgia sound? >> i like it. doing anything they can. good stuff this morning. stay with us. of course it's early in the morning. some of the best performers we have seen. markets on those names. today we've got blue bassinet. of the living u.s. presidents, hurricane that comes with the
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cheryl: a pitcher, but what's happening now. secretary of state tillerson design reports required. given a press conference to praise the president after a report he had to talked out of quitting by the vice president. former sheriff arpaio free of all criminal charges. a federal judge accepting president trump's pardon. he was convicted in july of criminal contempt for disregarding a court order and traffic patrols also targeted illegal immigrants. all five living former u.s. presidents will gather this month to support her convict is. george w. bush and barack obama will attend the hurricane relief concert titled deep from hard on october 21st at texas a&m university. a lot of big headliners. they will also be giving money to puerto rico as well as the dems in florida and of course
5:45 am
texas. lauren: can you get us tickets? cheryl: i would love to go. more records on wall street every single day. they can't help but internet docs like netflix and amazon. ring and the founder and chief analyst of disruptive tech research. hey, lou. >> hay can agree to be here again, lauren. lauren: it seems like this is a controlled rally? >> we've been on here since may. when is it going to end? boosting the pullback in june and more recently is that number. now we see that tech stocks get back to rallying and it's justified. lauren: why? why is it justified? >> everyone is ignoring similar key fundamentals. first there is a trillion dollars of tax overseas. that is a lot of fuel for director organic investment as well as mergers and acquisition. we are not seen any ipo
5:46 am
insanity. a shout out again to cheryl who predicted the snap ipo flop. that is a good sign. the masters are not good enough job i.q. set yours doing not with reckless abandon. lauren: a more established tech company apple has had a lot of glitches that their new products, new watch, and the iphone may. are you concerned come you concerned coming of the report earnings november 2nd. >> will, always not content surrounding apple. that's always the narrative. what can we pick apart from the world's largest tech company. i think these are just blips under the radar just like we saw with air pods if you remember at the launch they got delayed. there were some supply issues but they've been a phenomenal success. apple take this in stride, too. tim cook is looking for the long-term and they are planting the seed for the next device
5:47 am
revolution with augmented reality and we are seeing that come into focus right now with the latest iphone devices. >> it seems like many tech companies and tracey carrasco our reporter was just telling us about google's new steps to get more products out. google has faulted for and you could make the argument with augmented reality. is there really a sizable market for this technology? >> i would argued google was a little bit too early. the world wasn't ready for it and that's very common for the first iteration of the technology. the market is big enough to support multiple players. in that segment that talked about these virtual assistants in the smart speakers. every major tech company coming out with a smart speaker. a neighbor for competition like we've seen throughout the test sector. lauren: thank you very much.
5:48 am
cheryl, not that it's playoff time again. arizona diamondbacks are in. we've got a look at the baseball landscape for you. plus carolina panther quarterback cam newton is in hot water over some sexist comments. investors on edge right now may be about to break apart. london for a live look happening there. you are watching "fbn:am." the retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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train to another exciting night in the major league baseball. lauren: i'm a true yankees fan.
5:52 am
are you too? i didn't know that. >> will do a bump like when they hit a homerun. >> yankees indians. just like the american league wild-card game, featured an abundance of home runs and went for nearly four hours or diamondbacks hosted the rockies for three nothing. paul goldschmidt says bye-bye to john gray who only lasted four batters. rockies within a run. arizona pitcher, archie bradley tripled off the wall. two runs come in. arizona goes up 8-7. the next batter, trevor story also going to do the same thing. colorado makes this again. are they going to come back and do it? scoring in every inning except the fifth and the sixth. nothing for the rockies to wind up losing the game. facing the dodgers in the division series.
5:53 am
to american league division series getting underway. it will be the yankees and the cleveland indians after that. last night into the nhl, where 10 of the year where we have all sports and action. pittsburgh penguins with the stanley cup last night in a loss. game five in minneapolis. but the sparks by three in the moments minnesota able to secure that it are a cover for it than seven years as minnesota when the championship. there we go. a little highlight. within playing basketball professionally. i bet you would've many that know a thing or two about football. check out this q&a yesterday with the media. first to hear the voice of panthers beat as she writes for the charlotte observer. take a listen. >> they really embrace the
5:54 am
physicality of getting those extra yards. does that give you enjoyment? >> it's funny to hear a female talk about route. it's funny. >> i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes. i think it's my job. cheryl: what was in his brain at that moment? >> we also see statements that the nfl panthers released a statement last night completely condemning this. if you didn't realize cam newton hood with the super bowl, remember when he blew off reporters, belittled reporters. he's disrespectful. one must doubt we will touch on later on, but o.j. simpson from tmc has been signing autographs in a vegas hotel room two hours the last couple nights end of this money he's taken under the table could send him back to jail potentially because he
5:55 am
would be violating parole up to $100 million. cheryl: coming up on mortgage with maria. >> i'm sure they will be talking about this. lauren: thank you. unbelievable stories. fox news headlines 24/7. sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. catalonia pushing ahead. controversial and chaotic. "fbn:am" will be right back.
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♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone cheryl: catalonia moving ahead with plans to break away from spain. are these protests having an impact? >> attentions in spain certainly seem to be ratcheting up expecting to make an announcement over the weekend or on monday, which potentially could include a declaration of independence. certainly had an impact on spanish bank shares. the worst in over year last year. wider european markets and global stock markets and the euro seemed to be doing okay.
5:59 am
people watching the situation closely, but for now it's not seeing the figure is on break up risk races. >> with the spanish government never except the independents? >> it seems as though they've called it unconstitutional, but you certainly have a lot of attention but the spanish release for his having assaulted 900 people according to the government and the king of spain recently speaking out about this accusing the catalan region of creating a constitutional crisis in the country. it certainly creates a lot of tensions in what the next step may be as far from clear at this point. cheryl: also giving the ecb minute today as well. we will all be looking at that real quick. >> a lot of details on the unwind of the balance sheet will be massively important for markets and investors. any new updates will certainly be closely watched. cheryl: riva gold, great to see you, thank you.
6:00 am
lauren: thank you for joining us on "fbn:am." we are going to say good morning to maria, but "mornings with maria." >> happy thursday. it is thursday at overfed pair of top stories now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. was there an accomplice? authorities now claiming the las vegas killer had an escape route and may have had help planning a massacre. amid the new details from the shooters girlfriend, someone claimed she had no idea what he was capable of. the news coming as president trump is a terrific terms and first responders yesterday in las vegas. commander-in-chief promising to do all he can to help the region and those affected by the deadliest mass shooting in our countries history. >> in the depths of horror, we will always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for hours. the mass murder that took place on sunday night fills america's hard


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