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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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out. appreciate it. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. dr. sebastian gorka. as we take up the left and the deep state and their efforts at subversion. good night. kennedy: gun control front and center in the wake of the las vegas massacre. but is that the real solution to this cycle of violence? michelle obama claims people don't trust politics because she says republicans are all men and all white. nfl star cam newton in trouble over a comment to a woman. the begun debate rages on in the aftermath of the vegas shooting. with both sides covered in rhetorical body armor. as emotional rounds are fired off one after another like this
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doozy from nancy sinatra who seems to be endorsing mass murder writing on twitter, the murderous members of the nra should face a firing squad. it's obvious the quest for why this idiot did what he did has been abandoned. democrats also take plenty of gun money, but they never address who is most of affected by gun violence and the root cause of mental illness. if there were no guns of any time would that gun violence have been so psychotic he would have tried by any on the per means to take so many lives? the greatest category of gun deaths are mostly suicides. most of of them are older men who take their own lives. then you have young men who shoot each other. but that troubled demographic
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doesn't fit into the democrat narrative. all of these deaths are tragic yet somehow when the thin veil between life and dates so easily disregarded and human life is seen as disposable it's only worth talk about when it's a mass casualty event. if we want an honest conversation about pain and mental illness we might make cultural improvement. but until then having an arbitrary argument about guns does nothing but disservice to all those who have passed. i'm kennedy. the second amendment debate is one of the most of emotionally charged issues in our nation. but how can we cut through the noise and couple with solutions. let me bring in our water
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resistant party panel. there she is, kirsten haglund. and we have robby soave, and tom shillue is here. welcome, everyone. robby, i want to start with you. we talk about gun deaths and mass shootings. but there is a disconnect in terms of how many people actually die and how they die from guns every year in this country. >> it's mostly suicides. it's not the kind of ateangs grabbing mass shooting kind of incident. those things horrify us, and if there was a policy we could implement that would decrease their likelihood we would be talking about doing it. but the fact is there is no good, easy solution to the begun problem. we don't even fully understand what the begun problem is,
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because like you said more suicides than mass shootings. this is a case where the american people have no appetite for more gun control. they understand there isn't a policy that would fix it that cleanly. kennedy: hillary clinton is still the self-appointed fire brand and no one * really wants her there. she said on jimmy fallon last night that this happened because republicans have been bought and paid for by the nra which is a really sad oversimplification. you can go back to the talking points. it's a battle of talking points. but they miss the ultimate point. they don't get to any kind of solution or causation. >> she goes immediately to the nra. but the nra, we though what they are. they are an advocacy organization for the gun laws. so we know it's their responsibility to advocate.
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is she going to blame it nra, that's not even a smart political move. if the nra is the villain. you are letting people off the hook, politicians off the hook. how can you blame an organization who says we are going to hold the line on gun rights. we know what they want to do. politicians can listen to the nra or not. kennedy: if you buy ideas and entire parties, then she would be president. tom: then she would know what happened. but the money they donated to republicans, it's not that much. kennedy: it was $800,000 in the 2016 fall cycle. tom: so what are they worried about? kennedy: it's an easy demon and it takes us away from that conversation. we don't talk about better protection for women and
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problems of loneliness. even asking yourself the question, might i be struggling with something. so when you don't have those kinds of conversations it can lead down devastating roads to acting out in this way or to suicide. so if we are not having those conversations, we are not getting to the root issue which is why do people kill people. i have been attacked opening twitter because of something i said on this show. when somebody kills 80 people in a truck in nice, you don't talk about the truck. we don't have that. there is a disconnect.
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you just talk about guns. my point is if you had no beguns -- robby: what would it look like in practice to take guns away from people. the left is screaming that donald trump is a -- is a farb s fascist. kennedy: the bump stock the shooter used to make his weapons fire more rapidly. >> it's a cheap attachment you can put on the gun and it makes it slide back and forth so the rate of fire increases substantially, almost that an
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automatic weapon. they are reportedly selling like hotcakes. but a ban is possible today. the white house and nra said they are open to regulating them. there is an interesting article in the post. the writer said i have been opposed to guns for a long time. in a knee jerk way agreed with all these gun control ideas. but then we looked at some of the evidence, one of the things she said the term assault rifle is a made up term. guns are as she puts it like legos. you can snap pieces together. even though bump stocks are a lego piece, will they be regulated? tom: one thing i thought was the nra would back down on this. when i look at the youtube video, they look like machine guns.
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kennedy: in the end, what's the difference. i'm not a gun expert. perhaps gun experts should be the ones best explaining this. robby: what gun shorts say anyone who tbheets they are doing can turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon. i question how is this going to stop a determined awful killer from obtaining the weapon he wants in a country of 100 million guns. kennedy: mathematically there are so many guns. if you ban them today and pretend the government is going to march into old ladies' houses it's laughable. >> i think evidenced by the fact what are they proposing? it's not a huge broad measure. it's something incremental.
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i think they understand and realize considering their losses in the 2016, that they don't have the public support for major gun control measures since the 90s. kennedy: people are shocked and disgusted by what happened in vegas. none of it makes sense. but given that, we are still in the climate where people are by and large opposed to more gun regular nation this country. that means the conversation has to go elsewhere. and who is bold enough to have it. the president took to twitter to criticize the senate intelligence committee's investigation into russian election meddling. cnn reported 10 million americans were exposed to russian anti-hillary ads and some of them targeted wisconsin and michigan.
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that's troubling because michigan has the closest contest in the country with the president only beating mrs. clinton by 10,700 votes. >> there needs to be a more aggressive whole of government approach in terms of protect our electoral system. remember to make a change even in a national election doesn't require penetration into 50 states. you can pick two or three states and alter an election. kennedy: you sure could with all sorts of news fake and real. western and his republican counterparts warn the russians interest neared our elections. should we be concerned about future russian melding or is this all fake news? joining me to discuss, charlie hurt is back.
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what do you make of some of the comments from senator warner. charlie: some of the comments from senator burr are more interesting. the fact that this is so full throated endorsed by both sides underscores how much democrats and republicans in the senate view donald trump as a threat, and i believe given the scant amount of real evidence they have come up with that there was any sort of collusion, for burr to talk about the question of collusion is still out there, it does make me think both sides are trying to undermine this guy. kennedy: collusion is a very, very serious charge. and you have to have very direct evidence in order to prove it. with all the leaks we have had so far, it's interesting we have heard that much about collusion. i believe the russians are meddling and they are doing whatever they to be sow chaos in
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every environment possible to benefit them. charlie: i love the idea they targeted wisconsin. maybe hillary clinton could have learned something. kennedy: the money russian operatives put into facebook. why couldn't hillary clinton put in that kind of money and resources because she can also target facebook users. if they are worth their salt and know how to optimize social media they would be able to do that very thing. that's how technology works. but it doesn't show how many people were truly influenced. what percentage of seeing those ads went into how they voted. charlie: when you think about it, $100,000 is a drop in the bucket. a poor slug american who is obeying the federal election
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laws, they can't spend nearly as much money on this. i question that russia wanted to get donald trump elected. i think they just thought hillary clinton was going to win and never thought donald trump would win. so you can sow more chaos by going after the frontrunner, the person you think is going to be the next president. so obviously they have been dock this forever. and we do it to other countries as well. we interfere with elections. president obama has interfered with elections. with a natural adversaries, we do all kinds of stuff. kennedy: we'll see what happens with this internal investigation. coming up, president trump is asking congress to send billions of dollars in aid to puerto
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rico. but the island has economic problems, including a huge amount of debt. brian brenberg, brian-omics break it down next.
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kennedy: president trump asking for $29 billion for hurricane relief. the puerto rico territory is drowning in staggering debt. but mick mulvaney, the director office management and budget, omb, quickly walked back the path's statement. why puerto rico is in such a mess and what can be done to fix it responsibly. joining me the professor of economics at the kidges college. brian brenberg. puerto rico is a beautiful place, and everyone who mass been there has been touched deeply by the. and they want the island to be rebuilt. but how fiscally irresponsible have they been? >> there is as bunch of problems
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in puerto rico. the government employs a third of the people on the island. massive regulatory barriers it's hard to start a business and grow a business in puerto rico. 9 economy has been flagging for the better parts of a decade. the projections for for the economy to shrink by 2% to 3% the next two years. kennedy: these are hard working entrepreneurs who would have the great ideas and you said lace 2006 corporate tax law that changed. >> the economy in puerto rico was built by a tax law that says if you domicile your business in puerto rico you don't have to pay taxes on income you make the united states. people are saying why are we in puerto rico if we lose the tax advantage and the siestled tanks
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as a result of that. you have meddling by the federal government. you have got problems with the local government in puerto rico and the economy is in the tank. people are leaving. businesses are leaving. even if we give them a ton of money, you still have fundamental problems. kennedy: if we give them a blank check, how do we know they will use it responsiblably. in illinois they have unfunded pension obligations. >> that's not going to change. you shovel all the money you want down there. i agree the short-term problems with real problems. but over the long term you will be back in the same situation. the same thing with flood insurance. full bail that thing out. you will be back in the same situation. we'll have the same conversation five years down the road? 10 years down the road? kennedy: and the taxpayers are on the hook for all of this to
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the tune of tens of billions of dollars. >> people in see you what subsidizing people in south beach for cheap insurance. i'm not blaming the people in puerto rico damaged by the storm. but you have to fix the fundamental problems. nobody wants to have that conversation. kennedy: necessity lost their homes and lively hoods. now the government has done broke and they can't support the people they already promised. >> people are not going to be able to get jobs. economy is not going to grow. the economic activity moves under ground. the minimum wage is so high in puerto rico relative to the meefdian wage. that makes the debt problem worse. kennedy: what enough cuba, a
8:23 pm
massive black market that only so many people participate in but you are pulling those dollars out of the economy with no incentive to keep businesses there. >> a place that should be vibrant and an economy that should be growing, they can't recover from national disasters as well because their economy isn't growing. kennedy: they had a governor there who seems to be a big free market person, but he was kicked out of office, and they are left with statists. >> it hurts the least well off. coming up, first lady michelle obama says people don't trust republicans because they believe they are all men and all white.
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gray and white. on the other side of the room there are blues and wise and greens, yellows. one side all men within all white. on the other side, some women, some people of color. kennedy: that's not a superficial take on her view during the state of the union address. one side was too gray. you might think people don't trust politicians because they say if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. not real problem is white men. this comes a week after she trashed women who voted for donald trump saying necessity only did because they like the thing they are told to like. so much for when they go low, we go high. is it affecting america's ability to trust politicians?
8:29 pm
y and so. politicians? gianno, you are my favorite white man. >> it's obvious that she is mistaken. i get now. she has looked at presidential candidates on the democratic side because it was all white man and a pant suit. kennedy: and they were all 700 years old. >> that's what you can expect out of the democratic party for sure. our partly demonstrated inclusiveness every race. we had ben carson and marco rubio. kennedy: carly fiorina, ted cruz. >> when you think about that, i think we proved her claim is a complete fallacy. kennedy: it's interesting.
8:30 pm
i understand why african-americans and minorities in this country would be frustrated. there are certainly disparities in sentencing in this country and criminal justice and it needs to be reformed. the problem is people like that rely on people like michelle obama who has done such a horrible job of advocating for them. when she looks at people who need her most of all she sees is race. she conveniently puts people into boxes and assumes they will vote one way, and then she takes those votes for granted. other than that i think she is great. >> that's what the democratic party did this entire election cycle. kennedy: i think he got a whopping 4%. >> it was 8% african-american.
8:31 pm
15%. but we look at what the rnc started to do after the 2012 election with the outreach to african-americans. i was on capitol hill talking to republicans everywhere. i talked to senator grassley and congressman goodlatte who are the chairmen of the judiciary committees. there is favor to see those criminal justice reforms. kennedy: there is so much disparity. so maybe people in these communities need a different form of advocacy. >> thank you for the hoik crime bill. kennedy: black lives matter protesters shut down an event at the college and mary.
8:32 pm
the guest intend to spoke and the first amendment and students. the college president released a statement saying silencing certain voices in order to advance the cause of others. william and mary must be a campus of honest debate and civil dialogue. i will start with you, robby. you cover this beat. you wrote a story about this event. what the hell happened? >> this is an example of the slippery slope in practice. the leftist students said we are not going to give nazis free speech rights. not you aclu says we have to give free speech rights to
8:33 pm
everyone, including nazis. they crashed the stage and she didn't get a word out. kennedy: she was saying here is what we should be doing. i'll talk, and then i will take questions from the moderators and they shouted her down. >> liberalism is white supremacy. i have a list of things white supremacist has taken over. it's getting quite long. they are all there. kennedy: kirsten, are all colleges like this? is he college student a shouting freaky snowflake. >> this is strange and bizarre and i don't think anyone would
8:34 pm
agree it's right behavior. but i think these incidents are overblown and overcovered. i speak on a lot of college campuses. they are obsessed with finals and obsessed with finals. i don't think it happens as much as people think. also i think what's more of a problem. there are a lot of organizations that study the bias of the professors who are overwhelmingly liberal. when speech is silenced at that level, and there is not a diversity of ideas among the professors. >> i talk to professors who are more liberal and they are tear fired these students. they say the students are a bigger problem.
8:35 pm
kennedy: the professors used to be fun to drink with. >> they grew up in the 1960s when there wasn't social media and they were a little more laid back. kennedy: robby and kirsten, thank you very much. coming up, carolina panthers quarterback cam newton set twitter on fire. she is here with reaction and her brand-new book next. it's easy to think that all
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he's lost one sponsorship for
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his comments to a female reporter. >> you seem to embrace the physicality of the route. does that give you enjoyment? >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes like -- funny. kennedy: was he high? he said i don't think it's funny to talk about routes. i think it's my job. he said i chose not to share because i have a natural job to do. my next guest is a former football player and made history as the first woman to coach in the nfl. she is here with me now.
8:41 pm
jen whether. she has a new book, "play big." welcome to the show. what a dumb thing for him to say. did you ever encounter that sort of overt sexism, this is a boys club and i'm going to laugh at you for trying to be part of it. >> relative to cam, i know him. we had a conversation -- i met him on the set of a show where he was showing a little girl how to play football. eight was her dream and he was fantastic. he said coach, i beat your team this year. and i said yes, i know. and he said you weren't there. what would you have done differently if you weren't there? i said do you really want to know? i would have played hard on the
8:42 pm
evening. kept you pinned in and taken out your tight end by jamming him up on the line. and he just smiled. and he was like that's a pretty good game play, they probably should have kept you there. for me it's out of character for him. i won't stand up for what he said. kennedy: there are plenty of women who cover sports and female sportscasters and beat writers who know the individual sport. and like you, you played football. that may be one of the things that keeps women from coaching. not a lot of women play the sport. >> that was one of the things people said, would they listen to you and did you face sexism? we are more similar to them than being different.
8:43 pm
they knew how heard it was for me to get there. they night was tough. they knew i played women's football. they knew i played against men. and they were excited and supportive. though that comment is obviously something we have to look at and address, i would say it's the exception, not the rule, at least in my experience. and that's all i can speak from. kennedy: do you think you had to work twice as hard as a woman to get into a sport where very few cracked the glass sideline? >> i shnlt thought it as a possibility. >> how did you get the job? >> i called the cardinals on behalf of myself as if i wasn't myself. i was coaching in arena football, and someone asked if he could ever seen a female coaching in the nfl.
8:44 pm
he's the kind of guy who will tell you the truth. he said the minute a woman can prove she can make these guise better she'll be hired. and i called him. i thought i had gone the blown off. and about two weeks i walked into practice and my head coach was just he laterred. he said you will never guess who i talked to yesterday for about an hour. and he was complete committed to making that change or he at least liked the idea. he would tell you there was a coach named doc murphy and she was a receivers coach. the fact that it doesn't gone the any better and hasn't changed in all these years. if i can do something about that, i would like to.
8:45 pm
kennedy: if a woman is coaching nfl football it's much more of a surprise. >> i love coaching. i was the head coach of the australian national team over the summer. it was an amazing challenge. i just launched a 12 city tour opening up flag football cams for girls. i want them to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best women in the game. so i partnered with the nfl alumnae international office to offer this to girls. this past weekend ran a camp. this was brand-new because it was sean fort and we did a camp for all special needs kids. kennedy: jen, thank you so much.
8:46 pm
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kennedy: the european union fined amazon. topic number one. we begin at the bronx zoo. yankee stadium. where they just unveiled a baby baboon. he's so young he doesn't even have a name. zoo official are welcoming suggestions from everyone except kim kardashian. he's only four weeks old and visitors can't get enough of him. i wonder if he already has a red bottom. they worried about putting him with the pack.
8:51 pm
but after a day in the bronx he already knows how to gift middle finger and catcall women. the nypd busted a mcdonald's worker for selling cocaine in the drive-thru window. he reportedly sold undercover detectivists $10,000 worth of the party dust and they decided to make it a meal for an extra $199. can we get extra straws with that? the state of new york is furious because he didn't list the nutritional contents of the coke on the menu. we reached out to mcdonald's for comment. ronald mcdonald offered to sell us a dvd player for a
8:52 pm
quarter. topic number three. here is another reason to hate your co-workers at the office. they are making you fat. you look awful in those pants. according to the new survey the average office worker eats 100,000 calories in snacks every year, largely because of co-workers who bring in baked goods from home. the top snacking items at 10:00 in the morning. that doesn't affect my staff because they are already at the bar at that hour. that's not true. we are at mcdonald's buying our coke diet soda. something has to take off the baby weight from all those babies and office snacks. me and kim k.
8:53 pm
topic number four. the university utah. just announced the first scholarship resir yenlts which teaches students to play video games competitively. applicants had to beat out a who's who of future starbucks what rise as. now they have to be d starbucks baristas. now they have to sit on a couch for three hours a day. we wish them the best of luck with the first video game scholarship. topic number five. it's friday. and twitter and i have been in a full-blown war as the battle wages on. [bleep]. here are some of the comments we
8:54 pm
are allowed to show on air. jerry says proof that glasses only make you look smarter. kennedy: they only make me see smarter. the 90s killed your vibe. and this woman is an idiot. joe tweets the logic is not strong with this one. coming up. if you could contribute to fixing climate change how much money would you give every month. i'll tell watt average american would pay according to one study. that's in the nightcap. this woman is laughing because she's listening
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. kennedy: 61% of people pomentd in a new survey think climate change is a problem the government need to fix. but the bad news is they don't their they have to pony up to fix it. they said they wouldn't pay one nickel to make our carbon woes disappear. only 18% of do-gooders said she
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would be willing to pay $100 a month to plug that ugly ozone hole. so let them throw soggy ones at d.c. the earth is cleaner than it's been, and the market is allowing and encouraging people to make climate friendly choices. who doesn't want the see you excellent car that doesn't smell like the dying fumes from a dying persons enema bag. you note money won't go where it's intended. let the market and unfettered technology cure the without bureaucrats further screwing things up. if the government gets too involved we'll have to fuel our cars with leonardo dicaprio's
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tears. emaiemail you'll be on the "outnumbered" couch tomorrow at noon eastern. have a glorious night. >> i can remember being a little kid and asking my father what it was. >> a century-old mystery. >> he said, "it's from the white house." and i go, "talking about d.c. white house?" i was just stunned. >> the white house neither confirms nor denies... >> what do you see? >> gold! [ laughs ] >> let's investigate! >> i scrape the paint layers down to the wood. >> and when you heard what it was worth? >> and sold! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and today


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