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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 6, 2017 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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when you biggest cheer you get from a paper plane going into the back of the goal. stuart: 10 seconds, neil cavuto will make some smart comment i'm sure about soccer. here he is. go ahead. say your peace. say what you got to say, neil. neil: i can understand why you left. stuart: that's good. neil: thank you, my friend. so much going on. we're following up on developments, not the soccer thing. back to the this vegas thing, why the heck did he do it? they have no social profile. no hint what made him snap, if he ever snapped, because he obviously meticulously planned this whole thing. his girlfriend was revealing more about his behavior, he was increasingly volatile the last few months. we don't know what triggered that. security events around the nation what could be concerns there are no copycats out there want to do what he did.
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of hillary vaughn on all latest developments in las vegas. hey, hillary. reporter: neil, it has been 40 hours since we've been briefed by police. that is a problem, because the clark county sheriff believes stephen paddock would have to be superhuman to pull all of this off alone. police are looking for anyone that knew about paddock's plans and anyone that may have helped. we know the shooter was scouting two different locations, other places to target. two of those, boston and chicago. yesterday we reported that paddock searched for hotels overlooking fenway park where boston red sox play. of the boston pd confirms that their town was on the shooter's radar. boston mayor said this could have been our city. thank god it wasn't. commissioner telling more about the paddock's plan. >> the hotel he was looking at over ken more square where the
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crowds leave the parks. this is place where we use for surveillance when we manage big events down there. quite frankly he was doing his homework. reporter: we're learning more about the weapons paddock used and some he wasn't able to because he couldn't. law enforcement said paddock tried to buy tracer rounds at a gun show because the vendor didn't have any. tracer rounds leave illuminated trace in their path once they're fired. las vegas review says same explosive compound, tannerite, found in tanner's car, 50-pounds that may have been used in the chelsea terror attack last year in new york city. neil, some details emerging out of paddock's girlfriend interview with the fbi. reportly danley told the fbi that maddock was laying awake moaning and groaning at night. she believes he was
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anti-government. investigators don't think that explains why he target ad country concert and gunned down hundreds. those questions, neil, five days later, still remain unanswered. neil: that is what is so remarkable, hillary, after all this time, norm mayly by the time, rumors, innuendo, stuff leaks out, hint of a social media profile that shows or telegraphs aggression. but nothing like that here. reporter: right. i think it is notable we haven't receive ad briefing in 40 hours. that tells you police are scrambling about to come up with answers. they just don't have them at this point. >> great reporting, hillary. let's get a read. 40 hours no briefing. retired fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole. normally we overanalyze these things, but what do you make of that? normally a gap of briefing with the press, they're gathering information, they want to lock something downs what do you think? >> it could be all of the above. they simply don't want to go to
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the media with incomplete information, and frankly, from working inside after task force, often times, what the media agents are revealing becomes problematic for the investigators. they really have to be hand-in-glove because it can hamper the investigation. so they may be trying to tighten it up so there is not information that is going out there, that is making it more difficult to complete the investigation. neil: what do you think is behind the fact we don't have much of a social media profile? a lot could owe to his age at 64? others say he was extremely secretive in general. others are saying this was in keeping with his past where he just didn't talk to a lot of folks? >> sure. actually i think it is all three. i think absolutely all three. he is older. he is doesn't need a lot of people around him. in fact he doesn't want a lot of people around him. he didn't share information. relationships weren't important to him.
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he lived a very secretive life. he didn't have to depend on other people. relationships were really secondary importance to him. and, that is why we're having a difficult time now understanding that. but from his perspective, that is just who he was. he did things on his own. he didn't live his life like an open book. and, that is complicating things. neil: yeah. you know, while i've got you, if you don't mind, there is this fascination with all the weaponry. 1600 rounds of ammunition still in his car, 50-pounds of this explosive tannerite that can be used to blow up things, putting it mildly, ammonium nitrate, ingredients to make bombs, also found in his car, sounds to me, knee-jerk read, he wasn't planning to end this all in his room and he had other plans. what do you make of that? >> pretty much the same thing. and going back on other cases,
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these kinds of shooters, they really oversupply themselves. by that i mean, they take more weapons than they need. they take far more ammunition than what they need. they will bring explosives, basically the whole kitchen sink. my assessment of that they know this is their last opportunity, so they oversupply what they have. because he was meticulous in his planning, i think he was, thought about it for a long time, these crimes are not snap. they're really a slow boil. he had plenty of time to think what he was bringing with him. and if this were a perfect world, for the shooter, he probably did have plans to engage in more violence, to include using the explosives that were in his car. but i think also, he doesn't have any indication he engages in magical thinking, which is
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completely unrealistically thinking he would get out of there alive but he had a backup plan if he did. neil: very interesting. so much we don't know. mary ellen o'toole, former fbi senior profiler. we have something affecting gulf coast, that is nate. to weather bell chief meteorologist joe bastardi. joe, as you probably heard, louisiana, the governor already declaring a state of emergency just in case. the city of new orleans, similarly just in case, what do you make of this? >> well, we think nate is coming very close to new orleans, probably just to the east of new orleans, it will be a category 1 or 2 hurricane before late tomorrow night. hit mouth of mississippi and go up eastern side of louisiana, the delta area, up into
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mississippi, alabama itself. point something out, notice the jobs report, we're down 33,000 jobs from september, they're blaming the hurricanes. that is what my company does. what is interesting, we start rebuilding, there may be resurgence of jobs people have to be hired to help do that. neil: that's right. >> that is what our company does. neil, we had big impact before the season. this whole situation, weaving of weather over the next year is fascinating because of la nina coming on. you're seeing the endgame of the la nina and overall weather pattern we've had this summer on into the fall, in the last part of the hurricane season. when i was on with you last, we talked about october 1st, through 10th, coming out of caribbean into the gulf. what is nate going to do? nate is being limited by factors around it. unfortunately later tomorrow, tomorrow night, just before it makes landfall, those factors limiting it come off. so it is probably going to be a hurricane, not a real bad
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hurricane. not going to a category 4, like harvey or irma. probably a 1, perhaps a 2. when it goes in it will raise a ruckus. one of the problems in southeast louisiana, there is disturbance moving west through the northern gulf of mexico jamming water back west, tide two feet above normal, watching a station on lake pontchartrain. it is two feet above normal. that may add to the surge. that is why we have coastal flood surge going in there. this is coming in tomorrow night. probably over the mouth of the mississippi on the east side of louisiana. then up into mississippi and alabama. and then, it will help bust up what has been a dry period over eastern part of the united states come monday and tuesday. neil: now, does this all go the rest of the season? technically goes to end of next month. what are you looking at? >> there may be one or two more developments but i think this is probably it for the united
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states as far as high impact potential goes. it has been a remarkable season. in fact a little bit before, sent you a map, how symmetrical this season has been off the east coast and gulf. this is our fifth gulf hit. it doesn't compare to 1886 where we had seven hits, three major, all in the gulf coast area we're seeing now. think about this. you had harvey and cindy in texas. emily and irma in florida. nate is going right up the middle between the two. what happens, you see a pattern evolving, what is likely to go on with remainder of the season is, anything that does develop will turn away from the united states. even after harvey hit, we said that is probably going to shut down the texas part of the hurricane season. one thing about these big patterns, these high impact patterns, neil, they're sort of easy to see in general terms. the details as to where they go at the end that gets tougher. general terms of this particular season means we should shutting
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down impact on the united states after this storm. i will tell you this though, a lot of the types when you come off these super mean nino's, we had to deal with the hurricane season, eight, 1999. what happens, we'll probably have another big hurricane season next year. neil: are you full of good news, joseph. >> it is history. neil: it is history. joe bastardi. all the crosscurrents. all the developments, latest on tropical storm whether a hurricane or not when it hits cancun or cozumel, could be already in the gulf coast, with saturday night t could make landfall along any points north after that point. that and latest developments in vegas. that of course, the ongoing bull market campaign. brief selloff notwithstanding. reason for us to be life, 10:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow, through noon. we'll link all of this. put it all together.
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neil: all right. kind of telegraphed this, that hurricanes would impact jobs report. they did, month of september. adam shapiro, crunching numbers and results. adam? reporter: neil a question was asking which is this. if we lost 33,000 jobs in september, how could you unemployment rate actually fall? it fell to 4.2% in september. here is the answer. there are two reports when we cover this story, the job number, unemployment rate are two separate reports. consider this. have a guy named fred. fred works at macdonalds and hurricane hits and mcdonald's is closed. payroll survey do it onth of every month. the labor department says to mcdonald's, did you issue a paycheck on the 12th? mcdonald's says no. so that job is considered loss. that is the minus 33,000 number we saw.
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the labor department calls fred, hey, you have a job? yeah, but i'm not getting a paycheck this week, not going to work this week because of a hurricane. that is considered employed. that is the unemployment rate. so here's the reason. in september, 1.5 million workers had a job but were not at work for the entire reference week due to bad weather. highest level for the series over the past 20 years. that in a nutshell, fred has a job, didn't get a paycheck. numbers are what they are. neil? neil: that is a very good explanation. that is a very good explanation. what if it is not fred? what if the name were tom? thank you very much, adam. have a good weekend. reporter: you too. neil: we're looking at a lot of security beefed up at public events pretty much across the country. people are worried in the security community about copycat killers after what transpired in las vegas last week. we have former nypd officer on that.
12:18 pm
john, what do you think of that? how realistic is the threat? look at every public venue which there will be a lot of crowds, a lot of buildings surround crowds. and you're worried. should you? >> good to be back, neil. you and i spoke about this before, one of the things that keeps me awake every night, doing work analyzing situations are low-tech asymmetrical attacks, ones require very little planning and very few players, very few bad actors involved. i think we'll see law enforcement deploying additional resources. maybe countersniper terms, thermal imaging scopes to look at windows of high-rise buildings overlooking concert venues, political events to be sure. secret service, you bet your bottom dollar they're reevaluating their threat assessments in the wakes of this. neil: i don't know if this last as while but the las vegas business press they talked about, robin leach, of all people, proud las vegas citizen saying they're curtailing,
12:19 pm
looking to curtail outdoor events in las vegas. that might be short-lived, might resume them pretty soon but there was concern about this. should there be? >> well you know that's the thing, right? should we allow an attack to impede on everyday life? in city like las vegas, really arguably the global capital of opulence and capitalism -- neil: right. >> cut down on recreational activities. i say no. clark county sheriff's department, las vegas metro pd falls under them, highly professional agencies and fbi and atf we have the brain power to impede threats. i don't think we should impede on fun of americans because of a lunatic bad actor here or there. neil: do you get the sense people attending either tonight or this weekend's baseball playoff game, for instance this weekend, marathon in chicago, what do they do?
12:20 pm
what do you tell people going to the events, precautionary things they can try? >> trust law enforcement agencies involved. those are great examples. chicago pd is arguably one of the most professional in the world. crime rates are high. they get a lot of practice. superintendent of police of chicago carries similar security clearances to the top players at the fbi. he sees threat assessment, s.w.a.t. teams, intelligence folks are highly, highly proficient. i suspect the law enforcement agencies increase the presence, do what you do. if you see something, say something. increased presence of uniform police. if something makes you uncomfortable tell someone. nothing is insignificant. neil: i notice working in new york, you see it as well, people constantly looking up, whether passing through times square. you were mentioning that authorities might be doing that already, especially at these events, maybe playoff games, how
12:21 pm
long do you think that goes on? >> it went on quite a while for 9/11, for me. i'm sure for you having lived in new york. people will be on edge. they will be wary. this was a traumatic significant event in loose last. i think people will be worried for quite a while. they will learn to live with the new threat assessments, hopefully won't impede too of, but couple months we'll see after effects of the trauma. neil: wow. i think you're right on all counts. good seeing you. good words of advice. >> great to see you, neil. neil: questions go back to the gunman, doing this presumably all on his own, 64-year-old guy, taking case after case of weaponry we're told went into the hundreds of pounds. could one guy pull it off? yes. did he? still hard to say after this. [phone ring]
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neil: why did stephen paddock do it? was it a burst of anger? that doesn't jibe with someone who meticulously planned an attack course of three days, getting planning for the attack. that is not sudden burst of rage. well-planned, well-executed, unfortunately carried out meticulously. what can we learn now, a day after the fact, almost a week after the fact we had no psychological profile on the guy? to a psychiatrist on all of that. doctor, it is unusual, usually by now, virtue of word leaking out or some scuttlebutt we piece together either famous, angry incidents or others that would telegraph what ultimately occurred. little if any of that here. what do you make of that? >> well, it is extremely troubling. it tells us that this man went to great lengths to keep a secret. he knew what would raise a red flag. he made sure he didn't make any
12:27 pm
of those mistakes. even went it seems to at great lengths to get his girlfriend out of country, to operate in secrecy and care out this methodological plan for destruction. neil: let's say he was looking at this over the last year. some say it could have been longer, doctor, because he was acquiring the weapons over the last year. picked up pays with them, over the last couple months. who is to say? what do you look for when you, sort of reconstruct what he was doing, going on? what do you try to discern? >> well, i think we, know that people who commit mass shootings don't just develop overnight. it is likely there are some components that have gone on for quite some time, perhaps even genetic predisposition for violence that somehow got activated. we would like to see if there was a activating event would
12:28 pm
explain him to trigger to act in this way. it is disturbing we're not able to pinpoint that at this time. neil: a lot of people were surprised at weaponry, 1600 rounds of ammunition, and explosives found in his car, they could be wrong, he was looking it do more damage, or at very least to get out alive so that he could. what do you make of that? >> i think it is particularly interesting he seems to have a escape plan. what we know from the kind of shootings they typically end in a few different ways. either, suicide, suicide by cop, because they're forcing lou enforcement's hand to shoot them. at very least they get captured. so i find it really unusual that he felt confident enough that he might have a chance to escape something of this nature. neil: yeah. something that confused me, doctor, they targeted audience
12:29 pm
that he was targeting. it was a country music concert as you know. maybe he is after country music fans or conservatives, nutty stuff like that. then we learn he was also scoping out a, you know, a lollapalooza concert in chicago that would frequent rock and pop music aficiondados. other events elsewhere, fenway park in boston with everybody. what are we to glean from that? he might have been looking at just large crowds, where they were coming from? what music they listened to, what politics was not the case here? just a lot of people? >> well in terms of why he chose this particular crowd we do have a lot more questions than answers. and he does seem not to target any particular group of people but when people commit a mass shooting, the goal, sadly to commit as many murders as possible. they want to outdo the last shooter. and that is what he did.
12:30 pm
i think that is probably, of course the speculation. but what propelled him to seek such a large crowd? when people at music festival, at a concert, they're essentially sitting ducks. they're stuck in an audience. they don't have the ability to move quickly to an escape and he knows that. he could see them all stuck right there. so i think that was probably the appeal. hopefully we'll learn more as the fbi investigates this. neil: does he fit, doctor, someone who snapped if he so meticulously planned this over self days, getting weaponry in order, laying them all out, do what he did, can you be that involved in the thinking and planning and still snap at the same time? >> it's a good question. i the methodology he used to meticulously plan it out, it seems there was some or the of a
12:31 pm
disturbance ongoing over time. whether or not some event propelled him to execute that plan, i hope that we find that out. but it doesn't seem like impulsive act. neil: yeah. >> when we see shooters have a argument, act out, it feels more impulsive. this does not seem impulsive. seems determined and deliberate. neil: i hear you. doctor, thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> thank you. neil: we were talking earlier about tropical storm nate, that is all nate is for time period, a tropical storm. could be a hurricane. comes at a time when the refinery in nate's path, or refineries in nate's path, that at the time port arthur, texas, refinery is resuming production. that was august 30th. that was the time of harvey. they open up, there could be concerns they might have to shut back down again, if, if, if nate gets close to that neck of the woods. we're on it after this.
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neil: all right. if you raise your prices they will still come. netflix hitting all-time high after announcing a price hike on some u.s. subscribers. top tier for everything. 4-k resolution on four simultaneous streams, on variety of devices, whatever that means, that is $14.99 a month ant people gladly pay it. amazon is looking for a city to host its next headquarters, but this guy is not crazy about the honor. his city won't get into a bidding war here. may i admire that because everyone else, what can we do, what can we do, what can we do. you opted not to. why not? >> thanks, neil. we would love to have amazon here in san jose. we have outpost of amazon's offices here, lab 126. we would love to see them grow. i'm a proud amazon prime member.
12:37 pm
but for most part subsidies are bad for taxpayers. cities are in a bidding war, then taxpayers around the country really lose. i want to set a new tone. i think mayors around the country, say we want to invest tax dollars where they have most impact, supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, skills building, human capital or investing in infrastructure and transportation capital, kinds of invests that really matter to move a city forward. neil: on this, i guess to agree with you, mayor, people are bending over backwards to give away the store or, whatever, the amazon wants. i'm thinking to myself. this is one of the richest market capitalized companies on the planet, run by one of the richest guys on the planet, he probably nor the company need the break. anybody the cities do kowtowing to them. it does set a dangerous precedent, doesn't it? >> look, it does. every city in this country is
12:38 pm
facing a tight budget. whatever we or any other city will offer, we might be the 10th largest city in the country, largest in silicon valley, whatever we offer will be a rounding error on balance sheet of amazon. i think we all need to recognize that. neil: you're in a position of strength, mayor. san jose obviously is very diversified, strong, economic juggernaut. you might not need an amazon as much as some of your competitors. one that was looking at renaming itself amazon, if amazon moved there. what do you think of that? >> well, it is a good gimmick but i'm certain amazon is looking for with the place with the talent that will enable them to continue to innovate. that is not something you can create overnight or a subsidy will cure. we had a great success last year. adobe doubling size of headquarters and google is moving into eight or 10 million
12:39 pm
square feet and microsoft, a lot of great growth. reality there is nothing i did suddenly to make that talent appear. that is the work of a generation. no amount of subsidy will compensate for that. >> you are the only guy, if i had my druthers we'll pass, but let me ask you, because all of this happens at a time when your state is losing a lot of companies to low tax, no tax environments like texas for example. you could be whistling past the graveyard here, losing sight this is more than san jose, but about this phenomena you're in a high-taxed state, a lot of folks say we love california, we certainly love san jose and weather, everything but we'll not pay through the nose for it. you say what? >> certainly taxes and fees are a serious concern. i think throughout the state of california we know we're not as competent testify in that dimension as many other states. and frankly i think there is value in saying that public
12:40 pm
resources should be focused on reducing fees and red tape and obstacles for businesses to get up and running here. you know, that is a legitimate way to be focused with public dollars, but that way is open to everyone in an industry, across an economy, not simply a handout for a single company. neil: finally i would be remiss, if i didn't mention governor brown, making signing, that california will be a sanctuary state. a lot of people are concerned that your state, i don't know if this is the case with san jose is more interested in the plight of illegals, than legal voters. you say what? >> there have been a lot of concerns raised about issues of safety. if you look at statistics cities like san jose, san diego, have lowest violent crime rates of any major city in the country. we will continue to insure we're a place welcoming to toleranted people throughout the -- talented people throughout the
12:41 pm
world. the ones we're convinced are ones that will succeed. neil: even if they're there illegal, mayor? >> reality, we look at for example, 20,000 "dreamers" daca recipients in the city, as we look at data, 96% are working full time, going to school or both. neil: is that where you draw distinction, children had no choice when they got here versus parents who are here? >> well the issue seems to me around illegal immigration and is a federal issue and federal immigration and enforcement is responsible for that. >> okay. >> really what we're saying, when i say san jose police department will not be involved in enforcement, we don't enforce federal security laws, we don't enforce federal environmental or tax laws, nor should we get involved in enforcing federal immigration laws. that is the federal government's job. local police departments have
12:42 pm
enough to do focusing on violent crime or predatory crime. neil: mayor, thank you fortime. appreciate it. >> thank you,. neil: sam liccardo, san jose, california mayor. blake burman joins us. president is spelling out national hispanic heritage month. some issues i focused with the mayor of san jose, california, he did get tongues wagging when he mentioned something last night. blake, what is going on? reporter: we'll see the president, neil for the hispanic heritage month. a lot of eyes whether or not we get comments or clarity what the president meant last night when he met with several top military leaders here at the white house, the nation's top generals. he said this was the quote, calm before the storm. he was then asked by reporters, what exactly does that mean? one of his responses was, you'll see. you know all varying challenges,
12:43 pm
varying threats across the world, whether north korea and its nuclear ambitions, firing off rockets seemingly every few weeks. isis in the middle east. terrorism in the middle east. just to name a few. we saw what happened in niger as well. there is this question what did the president exactly mean? on stuart varney's program exactly mean? on gary cohn said the president was talking about military power. >> we continue to invest in our military. we continually modernize our military. we want the world to understand that is important to him. he will never tell graph his next move. reporter: rex arabs was taking part in an iaea vent here. was not asked about the president's comments. press briefing if that is not the fir question, that will be off the top.
12:44 pm
neil: thank you, my friend. come back to washington. president meeting to discuss things on national hispanic heritage month. likely other issues come up, they do come up. us. nd out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over eleven thousand two hundred dollars. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our most popular chevy trucks. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> we have goat to level the playing field. we have to simplify the system and we have to deliver a middle
12:48 pm
income tax cut. this is the way to do it. it is a fairway. neil: but you will negotiate on it? you won't necessarily, maybe you can keep half the deduction or a quarter of a deduction, you'll negotiate around it, surely. >> we'll be very practical. the two areas where we are very committed and we really don't want to negotiate and we won't negotiate is middle next tax cut and a business tax rate that makes us competitive with the rest of the world. we're negotiable how we're going to get there. neil: you catch that? that was an interesting little clarification on the part of gary cohn, national economic council head. one thing we'll not negotiate on the middle class tax cut. nothing will get watered down there, leaving by extension possibility by rich and all of thats maybe. this could come up in this event that the could attend national hispanic heritage event could come up. but charlie gasparino, that screamed to me, if there is any
12:49 pm
sort of fine-tuning it will come on side what you give the rich. what do you think? >> i think so. he is absolutely, gary cohn is absolutely the worst spokesperson for getting through pro-growth oriented tax cuts. he doesn't believe it. you can tell in his body language. doesn't speak forcefully bit. he is almost incoherent about it all over the place. be clear, middle class people don't pay most of the taxes. any way, state, local, federal level. you want economy growing with a tax cut, you have to cut taxes for rich. take that off the table. whatever they compromise here, won't be, if you listen to him, won't be supply side growth oriented tax cuts. neil: which he has never been a fan? >> he a liberal. he is a obama supporter. neil: you -- >> i don't think he is supply-sider by any stretch of the imagination. be clear. he is calling for a corporate tax rate which is big. this is getting murky, i can
12:50 pm
tell you we've been doing a lot of reporting, brian schwartz and myself. neil: you and brian have been great. >> state and local tax deduction. there is a huge crap storm happening. neil: that is not going to happen. >> republicans gary cohn proposing getting rid of state and local tax deduction. there is battle royale, between the new york, california, new jersey legislators and leadership. peter king is saying -- neil: they crunched numbers. too many no votes. where do they get the revenue? >> they may compromise that. keep it for the super-rich, but who knows where the super-rich kick in. i'm telling you -- neil: keeps dropping it. >> maybe like if you make two million a year. neil: very good point. i actually messaged stuart this during the interview. what seemed to be screaming in that exchange was where we're going to bend is on things we heretofore now have been including for the rich. we'll not bend on anything for
12:51 pm
the middle class. so this could get significantly watered down. still passed i think but watered down. >> here is what i would say. you know, no one has really sat down with gary cohn and said this. what is your objective in cutting taxes? do you want to grow the economy? yes or no. is that why you think taxes should be cut? if you want to grow the economy, someone has to tell him, gary, if you want to grow the economy, don't you have to cut taxes for people that pay most of the taxes? it is simple logic. neil: they're going through hoops on this. ronald reagan said, i believe in tax cuts for everybody. having said that seems like they're cowed, a little bit republicans in general, they don't want to be painted as party of the monopoly. i see your point. but they're doing this to win potentially democratic votes, that i don't think have a high chance of materializing anyway. >> they are counting as people, republicans who in senate,
12:52 pm
particularly not going to vote for this as mccain, at least rand paul -- neil: i think those are two guaranteed no votes. susan collins is hanging by the vine. >> murkowski. they are hoping to get some democrats. neil: manchin says no at this point in west virginia. left with donnelly in indiana. heidi heitkamp in north dakota. maybe you can offset this. >> i just hope gary cohn, i hope the republican leadership, if they see a tax plan coming out of gary cohn's office with mnuchin that, is essentially a tax increase, that they call it for what it is. i hope they don't let these guys just to get some pyric victory -- neil: i think he got it right in the very beginning. by that i mean we've gotten tax rates on individuals, all of this. what they can write off, what they can't, but it might come back to the corporate tax cut. they get the corporate tax cut. off to the races. >> and nothing else. i think that is better.
12:53 pm
neil: all right. donald trump has been watching your comments and will be probably responding to them, for this national hispanic heritage month. >> you should. you should. thank you very much. i appreciate it. great to be with you and secretary acosta, secretary carenzsa, to every hispanic-american serving in the white house and all across our administration. thank you very. [cheers and applause] it is a great privilege for the first lady melania and i to be with you all today. thank you very much. [applause] we want to welcome our ambassadors, members of congress, local officials and hispanic community and faith leaders and guests from across the white house. you are really special people. you have worked so hard with us.
12:54 pm
today's performers, how was she? was she good, huh? i heard she was fantastic. [cheering] yes movement orchestra and the work that they have done and incredible job that they have done, thank you very much. we're honored to have you all here to celebrate hispanic heritage month. [cheers and applause] first lady. please. come on up. [cheering] and by the way, we just got back from puerto rico together. and it was, it was really quite a sight. we're doing a great job there. and they are great, great people. they are great people. they have been through a lot. >> so are you. >> thank you. [cheering]
12:55 pm
as we gather for this celebration, our hearts remain heavy and sad for the victims of the horrible mass murder in las vegas. on wednesday in nevada, i visited with brave survivors still recovering in the hospital and with heroic police officers, first-responders, and everyday americans who acted with speed and courage to save countless lives. no evil on this earth is more powerful than the love and courage of the american people. all of america is praying for the wounded and the grieving, and we will be with them today and we will be with them forever. [applause] the and i spent a lot of time going through the hospital with melania, seeing incredible
12:56 pm
people so seriously wounded. we will never leave their side. we are also praying for the people of puerto rico. we porto rico. porto rico. -- puerto rico. we're marshaling every source at our disposal. we're traveling to puerto rico to oversee federal response to two devastating hurricanes. it was one, then another. that second one was brutal. and they struck that great and beautiful island, and we now have more than 15,000 federal personnel on the island. 15,000. we will not rest until that job is done. puerto rico has a long road of recovery ahead, very long road, but we know that its people are
12:57 pm
proud and they are resilient and they will come back strong. [cheering] >> thank you. >> i spent a lot of time with governor rossello, who is a terrific man, a terrific person on tuesday. and we will be there all the time to help puerto rico recover, restore, rebuild. we're working together very closely with your great governor and your congresswoman who is terrific, jessica. terrific. [applause] we stand with them and with all of those who have suffered through natural disasters over these past several weeks, including those in texas and florida, and louisiana got hit, and got hit very hard. the state of alabama was incredible. they helped so many people coming up from florida, and georgia likewise. so many incredible people.
12:58 pm
we have to remember this the virgin islands, u.s. very begin islands. governor mapp, who has become a friend of mind, i have spoken so much with him on the phone. the island was hit very hard. not much is left. but the spirit is incredible, u.s. virgin islands. we're keeping in our hearts and prayers all those affected by the disasterous earthquake in mexico. in recent weeks through extremely difficult times we've seen americans coming together from all races and all backgrounds to unite one people under god. we sent crews to mexico. and the president was very gracious, called me yesterday. we have talented people. they went there to help to solve that unbelievable difficulty
12:59 pm
problem that they have. that earthquake was devastating. i appreciate the president of mexico. they were so kind in their response, but that was a tragic event. and our people did a fantastic job. so i want to thank all of our first-responders and the other people. thank [applause] >> and you have a wonderful president in mexico. when america is unified there is no challenge we cannot overcome. when we empower the hopes of our people especially these young, fantastic people in front of me who performed so brilliantly, we embrace the dignity and beauty of human life and then you just look out, there is no task too large
1:00 pm
and no dream beyond your reach, you know that? talking to some very young people up front that you can't see. no matter who we are or where we come from, we are all americans and we are all bound together by our love for this country and its flag and each other. thank you very much. in that same spirit of unity, togetherness and love we are thrilled to have all of you right here at the white house, what a special place. you have read about the white house, who was at the white house before? some of the congress men, right?
1:01 pm
not too many. very special place but this is a celebration of hispanic heritage month, right? that is a big deal. that is a great thing. from our earliest days hispanic americans have enriched our country and helped shape our history. their contributions through the generations to art and music and literature, science, scholarship and exploration are extraordinary. the spirit and creativity that shines through hispanic heritage is woven into the very fabric of our great nation. our amazing hispanic american communities embody our great american values of faith and family, security and hard work and freedom. [applause] commitment to those
1:02 pm
values is why countless citizens of hispanic descent have served in uniform to defend our country, our citizens and our flag. 60 hispanic americans have been awarded the congressional medal of honor for their outstanding bravery in battle, 60, that is a lot. that is a lot. great, great medal of honor. that is so fantastic. you mind if i go up and shake hands, interrupt our speech, i want to shake hands with somebody. [applause] [applause]
1:03 pm
>> i heard you were here. i'm glad i got to meet you. the medal of honor, that is the big deal, thank you for being here, we appreciate it, thank you. today we are grateful to have more than a quarter of 1 million hispanic americans serving in the military. we support those who defend our nation and defend our way of life. each of you today represents a vital part of the fabric of this nation and the nation that i love and you love. you teach our children, you lead our churches, you protect our communities and defend our
1:04 pm
nation. among you, leaders in government, faith and business, fantastic people in this audience, i know some of them and they are very tough and very smart. sometimes they are too tough but that is okay. i have to deal with it. fantastic people. in fact, today hispanic americans own small businesses at a tremendous rate especially among our latinas. [applause] >> raise your hands, go ahead. tough to compete with i will tell you. who are leading the way starting new businesses, you are leading the way. you better get going. once we pass our historic tax reform plan, we are having not only reform but the largest tax cuts in the history of our
1:05 pm
country. [applause] >> does anybody in this room mind getting a massive tax cut? does anybody object to paying less taxes? i don't see any hands. hispanic american businesses and families will prosper like never before. this tax cut and tax reform is going very well and will be a tremendous boost for our country including the fact we are the highest taxed nation in the world and we will go from that to being down on the lower rung of taxes so we will be paying far less. that is important for keeping businesses and jobs. we are working every day to secure peace, prosperity for every american citizen.
1:06 pm
in the western hemisphere, under my administration we have taken decisive action to stand with the good people of cuba and venezuela. [applause] great great people. in little havana, earlier this year we will not lift sanctions on the cuban regime until it delivers full political freedom for the cuban people. the same failed communist ideology that brought oppression to cuba brought nothing but suffering and misery everywhere and every place it has been anywhere in the world. communism is the past. freedom is the future.
1:07 pm
we also stand with the people of venezuela who are suffering under the ruthless socialism of the maduro regime. we reject socialist oppression and call for the restoration of democracy and freedom for the citizens of venezuela. [applause] >> many hispanic americans understand very personally why it is so important for us to defend our nation. god-given freedom. we want god-given freedom, and uphold the rule of law. our commitment to these values has been the source of america's prosperity, the foundation of our security and
1:08 pm
these values made us an absolute beacon to the nations of the world. as we celebrate hispanic heritage month, grateful for all of you who contributed to our communities, the continued leadership in america. and strengthen our country's great foundation, build to gather one great american future, tremendous honor to have you all at the white house. i want to bless you, god bless the united states of america. [applause] forced i would like to welcome a very special person who is doing a
1:09 pm
tremendous job as secretary of labor. keep it up. thank you. >> mister president, thank you. the 20 we will continue to monitor this, the president recognizing hispanic heritage month, we will continue to talk about what he talked about, referring to the tax cut that will benefit all americans including hispanic americans and it will be one of the biggest on record. will it still be? charlie gasparino with me. >> a reality for what is going on in congress, to keep state and local tax deduction, mortgage deduction, if
1:10 pm
businesses can still do expense payment, starting to but -- thomas kuntz you need to find the revenue. >> my guess is if you have to keep that stuff we won't see much personal tax cut. if you want to do middle-class tax cuts people who don't pay most of the taxes, this is not going to be a big deal. we don't know. this is a work in progress. various factions in the house of representatives will not agree to a fourth tax. he played with a fourth tax bracket. thomas kuntz that is all the more likely. >> there is a lot of resistance to that in congress. among conservative members they are not looking to raise taxes. that is the game. the big sort of interesting stories, i directed brian to look at this to fight over the
1:11 pm
deductions. it will tell you how much tax cuts you can take, if you keep the state and local tax deduction you are missing $1.3 trillion over ten years. my worry is they do something just to get a win. and pay raise taxes, do something -- indulges liberal instincts, raise them for people, entrepreneurs, and we get a whole wash. thomas kuntz the bang for the buck. >> the top 20%. thomas kuntz i know your opinions on this. the senate blueprint, $1.5 trillion in tax cuts over
1:12 pm
the next ten years. and to pay for these things, to take away these things that will pay for them, what are you left with, realistically the only thing i see them doing, finding a way to be good, they are not showing any will to cut spending. in order to get it passed will we get down to what you originally for saw, corporate rate cut? >> probably are tax increase on upper-income people that pays for a lot of this other stuff and he goes all populist and defeats the notion of cutting taxes to get the economy moving. it is what it is. thomas kuntz 30% of the tax-cut, over half? big deal. rick gallant taking all taxes, the top 20% pay 50% of all the taxes. thomas kuntz are closer to 80? rick gallant that is state,
1:13 pm
local, the whole thing. thomas kuntz running out of wiggle room. rick gallant it depends how they score it. do they score it dynamically? this is a work in progress. for some reason -- >> thank you very much. we are keeping track of other developments, for example, right now still trying to find out more about why stephen barrick did what he did but looking to do it intentionally. jeff flock with the latest on what they are finding out. jeff: we are desperately in search of a motive. a left-wing guy who hated the right wing, country music in the right-wing guy who hated the left, was the isis, we would love to have that answer but we don't have that answer. what it may come down to is an
1:14 pm
intelligent but mentally ill person who wanted to inflict harm. latest news is a report, officials questioning his girlfriend, mary lou daily, she told them he was wrecked by nightmares, screaming in the night and was on medication, taking valium for anxiety. it may come down to there is no deep dark secret here. he has very little connection to anyone other than miss stanley, no children, no friends and no other people he associated with. maybe there is something still out there but official the coming around to the notion this is a crazy man, someone we will never understand what motivated him to do what he did. neil: thank you very much. there were background checks on this guy and look what we found
1:15 pm
out. the background check confirmed, what would it prove? anything in this case or not? attorney general adam michael spent the day with the president yesterday in las vegas. it has come up because you were a big advocate questioning the need for extensive background checks. they don't seem to have made a difference in this case. a lot of your critics, especially if you maintain a run for governor which you have to put off and you have put off for the time being, this will be your achilles' heel that it doesn't appear by early indications even a background check would have prevented paddock from getting any guns. >> i have been down on the scene with the sheriff and head of the fbi since 1:00 monday and we are working around the clock to deal with one of the
1:16 pm
most horrific tragedies our state of her faced and to have them push this on me when it is crystal clear background checks were performed, wouldn't have prevented this, is appalling and led to a death threat on my wife and my 4, and one-year-old girls. to see the politicization of these things is incredibly frustrating. we are working hard to get to the bottom of this. to play politics is really upsetting. neil: i don't know the legalities of this, what they would or wouldn't have found out on this guy but he kept getting approved to purchase these guns, there was nothing in his background behavior, nothing on social media, what little we know, that would have clued us in to this. are you finding out anything about him that would hint what was coming? a lot of people at first but he was targeting a country music
1:17 pm
group, maybe there was something unique to this group and we discover he was looking at other large gatherings have anything to do with their taste in music, just a lot of people, chicago, boston. what have we learned? >> the instinctive a lot of people are understandable, normally you have that link, you can find a link to terrorism or political ideology so i understand that and respect that. what we are dealing with is the equivalent of a serial killer. that kind of person that spent many months wanting to do the ultimate evil of kill innocent civilians. neil: someone who didn't just snap but meticulously planned this. the brother said maybe my brother just snapped but this shows such planning,
1:18 pm
preparation, that is not someone who just in the moment snapped. >> this thing was planned out for a long time. reports are public about the amount of weapon piled in the hotel and his residence and other places. this was what he wanted to do and reports are surfacing about him casing out other cases. what i want to say to your viewers is we are dealing from an evidentiary standpoint with more evidence than we ever had to deal with in this kind of mass shooting since perhaps 9/11. can you imagine how many cell phones were there on the scene with 22,000 people? how much digital evidence there is to process in hotels and body cameras? we have so much data the fbi is working through and they will get to the bottom of this but it took nine days to get through orlando which was one
1:19 pm
contained place with far less information. here we have many rounds fired through a giant space with all the victims. neil: thank you very much. all right. another tropical storm brewing in the gulf, louisiana worried, the governor has declared a state of emergency. more after this. our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually.
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hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground.
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1:23 pm
neil: we knew going into the employment report it could be all over the map because we had two hurricanes during the month, 33,000 jobs were lost in september, the first decline we have seen in seven years. as new orleans, declaring the state of america, and what do we have here? >> what we saw with harvey or irma, not that strong of a storm, we had the storm in the yucatán peninsula, bringing quite a bit of rain and windy conditions, rain has been intense across the central america, the water temperature
1:24 pm
is really warm meaning we have a chance for strengthening. none of our reliable computer models show significant strengthening before it hits the west coast and doesn't have a lot of time because it is moving very quickly, rain will pile up in honduras towards nicaragua. then towards the us, watching heaviest rain through alabama, and some spots may pick up eight inches of rain. we saw floating in that area, the storm will move to the north, moving really quickly, we are watching a landfall 36 hours from now. the models, the national hurricane center gets to a category one hurricane. none of our remodel modeling gets us towards that high amount so we might be talking about a strong tropical storm
1:25 pm
or small hurricane. around the appalachians and the northeast monday and tuesday. a stormy weekend and stormy start of the weekend, and a hurricane across the central gulf. neil: it is a fast-moving storm they could make a difference, those in new orleans. >> a slow-moving storm had longer time to drop the rain, more time overwater, moving at 21 miles an hour with its forward speed. a quick moving storm doesn't have as much time overwater to get strong and one of the reasons we are confident there won't be a strong hurricane if it does get to that hurricane strength at all. neil: shell has decided against cutting back production. on the belief it wouldn't be
1:26 pm
necessary, using precautionary moves. and in one facility not happening. with gas prices in general, whether you are in this neck of the woods. what will be the likely effect? >> with harvey the key ingredients were tremendous rainfall, slow speed and strength which are missing from what we are seeing so far. that is good news. not going to see much of an impact on gas prices, these forecasts are subject to change. it will be contingent on what eventually happens, doesn't look like a major event. where we become concerned, ten years ago to compare it to katrina we were so focused on the oil production side of things, oil production wells that shut down christina is katrina, so reliant on those
1:27 pm
rigs, now we have so much crude oil from west texas and the dakotas that oil is not the biggest factor. oil briggs are shutting down but the biggest factor our refineries, shell, things are looking okay, refineries shouldn't be dealt is bigger blow as we saw during harvey. neil: i notice the national average for gasoline is down from the height we were looking at a month ago, it was close to $2.70, now more like $2 and $.51 but it is up appreciably from a year ago. what do you think is the longer direction right now, these developments notwithstanding? >> oil prices have rebounded. several factors are driving oil and gas prices. you could see oil prices rebound slightly, in the backdrop the saudi's and russians are talking about extending production cuts. that is the factor with crude
1:28 pm
oil but long-term, gas prices have plenty of room to drop that harvey was so significant in terms of refinery outages it is taking a long time for gasoline inventories to get back to normal levels. expect the next few weeks to slow down with some limited exceptions around the country. neil: thank you very much. patrick outlined it better than i, the immediate refinery tends to be around the texas coast where a lot of them are populated. it looks at this point to be avoiding that direct area. when you are that far out they have it down to a mile where they will shut down or temporarily abandon refineries and rigs in the area. this does not seem to warrant that but anything could change tonight in mexico, sometime,
1:29 pm
tomorrow along the gulf coast making landfall. could be anytime late tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night which is why we are live tomorrow at 10:00 am, personal safety issues at stake and crunching the economic impact of all of this, with prior storms, data that did directly affect our employment data the first down month, the first retrenching we have seen in jobs in seven years, reason enough to be live and bring you live reports out of las vegas with heightened safety concerns around the country in light of what happened not even a week ago, 10:00 eastern time, a lot more after this.
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
. neil: all right, accepted as a given, in this environment where people gather. security, heightened security everywhere, particularly in new york city's comic-con, after las vegas. deirdre bolton has more from comic-con. deirdre? reporter: hey, neil, so as you can see behind me, it is quite a scene, and a big focus on
1:34 pm
fantasy. tons of costumes, you'll see a lot of interesting things, people come to celebrate tv, movies, comics, pop culture, but there is also a very heavy element of security, and neil, you alluded to it, and, of course, it is hard for us to be here, not think about the recent tragedy in las vegas. there are a few firsts here this year at comic-con, first of all, there are 180,000 attendees, and for the first time ever, a third party security company was added. there is also an app that the organizers and producers have so that if any participant sees something that he or she deems is unsafe, that person can send out an alert and there will be a security team available. coming here was like coming to an airport. metal detectors, x-ray machines. 7 k-9 teams and even for the props, people are coming with fake guns, fake lightsabers,
1:35 pm
you can see all the costumes. if anything is anywhere close to looking like a real weapon, it is screened separately and then tagged as part of costume. now contentwise, there have been changes. again, in light of the tragedy in las vegas. netflix and marvel pulled one of their most violent series, and the idea being they did not want to be disrespectful to the victims' families. so they have pulled a press conference and upcoming event for the punisher. neil, back to you. neil: deirdre, thank you very much. all right, well youtube speaking of the concerns changing search results after getting a lot of criticism over the number of las vegas conspiracy theories. lot of it had no basis and reality. connell mcshane with the latest on that. reporter: like the fake news debate after the election, centering longer than that, i guess, whether it's of course
1:36 pm
or twitter, this case youtube and after the shooting took place, people went to youtube and started searching for obvious things like las vegas shooting. looking for information. when the results came up, high in the search results you had the debunked conspiracy theories that you allude to and mixed in with the legit news, the wall street did a search. if you look closely at the results, you can take my word for it. you had a police update. one of our videos, fox business video. witness footage. the guardian, conan o'brien video. the fifth video up, false flag attack, fourth floor attack. it's a conspiracy theory. it's not true, there was no second shooter involved but because it got into the search results, so high up, the views reached 2 1/2 million. you had a lot of people seeing it. a lot of talk about it. youtube has made changes.
1:37 pm
the more recent search, it's gone. legit news video. you have usa today video. cbs video. no conspiracy theories with the same search. it's been a long running issue. they try at these sites to balance freedom of speech, people looking to post things versus things that are true, but it's algorithm based. google which owns youtube, the history, the popularity of the video, things like that are factors in how high they'll show up in the results. we don't know what the algorithms actually are. what i will say, neil, accounts that do post false info, verifiably false, i guess, they get a penalty strike, and it's three strikes and you're out with youtube. that did get a strike for the conspiracy theory. that's the things they're try do. change the algorithm and put a strike if it's false. it's tough.
1:38 pm
neil: do you know when the video starts, connell, from whom it's coming. this is from a news network or how do you know what you're seeing? reporter: it's tough. i was going to say for normal people, but for people who aren't used to looking at this, you're right, may not tell as easily. it does have the source, the site that posted it or the person, it's just a guy that posts these kind of things, so it would have his source, whatever it is, probably not worth saying, it would have the source on it. one of our videos showed up on the same search, it just says fox business under the video. you do see it and people know the things to look for. there could be misspellings in the title. all caps, all kinds of things, but a lot of people can't tell, and when they mix it right in, this is the issue facebook had in the campaign, it's tough to tell for people. neil: weird, connell, thank you very, very much on all of that. we got a lot of this stuff after 9/11 and crazy theories whether that was all a plant, but it's mixed in with other
1:39 pm
stuff that's relevant and legitimate on 9/11. and they still have this problem. all right, nancy pelosi, there are a lot of critics and she's had her share of critics, within her own leadership, someone who says, you know, it's been a great ride. but why don't you get off it. after this. today we're out here with some big news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems,
1:40 pm
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1:44 pm
but traders are enthused about the fact we saw a rise in hourly earnings and more people coming into the labor force, the labor force participation rate moves to the upside. the prior two months revised with the net loss of 38,000. the s&p 500 financial index. you can take a look the goldman sachs, up almost 4% for the week. surged to the highest levels in a decade. couple of laggards there, verizon, exxon under a little pressure this week. big picture, neil, the traders are enthused about what that you say, we have to digest the hurricane news and fed funds futures looking at 88% likely road of raising rates in december. neil? neil: nicole, thank you very much. a crazy market, we need to you put it in perspective. we are live, 10:00 a.m. to noon eastern time. crunching all the numbers, the records, even in the face of horrific developments just to make sense of that and, of
1:45 pm
course nate barreling up the gulf. we're all on that tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. eastern time through noon. i believe the other business network is running teflon commercials, but if that is your thing? one of my guests, 32 advisers ceo barack obama golfing buddy and all kowtow to this guy, former ubs american chairman robert wolf. good to see you. >> good to see you. neil: let me first of all get your take on the markets. they're in a different world, it would seem. i thought maybe after the terror, we're used to terror, we're relieved it wasn't isis, looked like isis inspired. it is horrific. what is going on? >> first i would say with respect to the employment number, i don't think that month to month is that meaningful, i think at the end of the day, trajectory is a positive trajectory. it's been that way for eight years. to me, i find what's interesting is a tightening
1:46 pm
labor market and wages haven't moved. that makes me nervous. neil: they started to move a little bit. >> you can't buy too much there. i think on the flipside, you have the business cycle doing better, even though we showed 3%, i don't think we're going to be 3% but showing a continuation of a more steady 2+%. so i think that people feel good, and with the markets, it's all about tax reform here, and after the budget passed yesterday in the house, although i will have a different view on tax reform. that being said, the trajectory seems positive. >> the underpinnings are good, regardless. i want to go to your friends in the party. some of whom are now saying nancy pelosi, you've had a good run, maybe you should consider leaving. congressman linda sanchez, i guess she's fifth in the range of leadership there. there is something whether or not you agree with sanchez that the leadership has been around
1:47 pm
for a while, and well into the late 70s. now the older i get, the less alarming that looks. so i'm not judging that. but what do you make of that, that there's a move to say maybe it's time for a new generation? >> you know, i would say the republican party did this a few years ago and did it well. when you had boehner and mcconnell, a group of ambitious young guys, paul ryan, mccarthy, canter, hensarling. i'm a fan of nancy pelosi, the matriarch of the party, very good legislatively. neil: you think she's losing her fast points? >> that being said, huge fan of tim ryan, joe kennedy. neil: he challenged them. >> big fan of tim. i think we have to find the balance of giving the bully pulpit to all sides. it's not about the title week have to focus on wing the house in 2018.
1:48 pm
if we don't win the house in 2018, the titles are worth the paper it's on. neil: that team is saying we're the team to take you here. >> well, let's be clear, caucuses are very broad and diverse. not like ryan and the freedom caucus are singing kumbaya together. it's not all for one and one for all. neil: is there a lot of discoward in the democratic party? >> there has to be, when you lose the georgia race and they use nancy pelosi as the face of the party, we have to make sure we get our best people in georgia, okay? politics is local. this is not a presidential election. neil: by the way, who are you placing your bets on? they're all sucking up to you. >> well, listen, i'm a big fan of joe biden and i'm a big -- neil: really? >> i'm a fan of tim molten and kamala harris, i hope we have a
1:49 pm
diverse group of people running. neil: thank you for all your patience, all the breaking news. we are expect a white house briefing and want to be sure we got to tv quickly so he could catch. that it's usually his moment. we're on that right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. neil: 45 victims are still in critical condition in las vegas. to a las vegas paramedic on the scene, american medical response medic west director damon schilling. damon, you know i'm always so impressed around guys like you, just how you put everything aside including your own personal safety for other folks. i mean, you're a separate breed, my friend, what i did notice play out again and again was how many people like you did the same thing, even in the face of hailing bullets, and i wonder how much worse it could have been you had not? >> you know, i think that's one of the questions everybody has, neil. and that was definitely one of the questions we had responding to. this so as we were responding, not only did we have on-duty employees, we called in a bunch of off-duty employees and had over 50 employees at home or with friends doing something that showed up and responded to the event as well. neil: but it was the immediacy of it damon, yourself included,
1:54 pm
people seized what's happening. you don't quite grasp it when you hear the tapes back and everything else. in your case, take us back there when you quickly knew what was going on? >> you know, there was a lot of reports of a lot of things happening. what we knew what was happening at the time, a lot of people were being shot, hurt. our company immediately sprung into action, we had supervisors that immediately responded to the scene, ambulances showed up. that is our 911 response area, we were immediately able to thereby. neil: as bullets were flying. i can't stress it enough. as bullets were flying. go ahead. as bullets were flying, we put a disregard for our own lives, we're there to save the public. they don't call us for our personal emotion, they call us to help them, that's what we're there to do. we put everything aside and go into the situations knowing people need our help, and until every last person received our help, we're not going to stop, we're going to keep going and
1:55 pm
going and going. neil: a lot of people said after the incident people are going to be leery of outdoor events and the protocol, what to do. what do you tell people? >> you know, we're prepared. you can't go not living your life. have you remember to the victims, keep going and keep going forward and while you're here in las vegas you are safe. amr, medic west, always here to protect you along with our public partners. neil: what about those who want to know god forbid it should happen again. what are the basic rules? i keep hearing people say drop to the ground, drop to the ground, but a hail of gunfire from above, what do you do? >> you don't want to drop to the ground, you are making yourself a sitting target. get to safety. make sure you are safe. once you get on safety, then we can start damage control, start controlling any of the bleeding. start treating the injuries as you find them.
1:56 pm
first get yourself to safety. neil: damon, thank you very much, thank you for your example and saving a lot of lives. different breed, my friend. a different breed. thank you. >> thank you. neil: we'll have more after this.
1:57 pm
. . hello, this is adt,
1:58 pm
is everything ok? i could hear crackling in the walls, and my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. when a fire is going on, you're running around, you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. within five minutes. i am absolutely grateful we all made it out safely. it's kind of one of those things you can't even... you cant even thank somebody. people you don't know actually care about you.
1:59 pm
to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares neil: a storm, the market, fallout from all of this at once, live on fox news 10:00 a.m. eastern time. well have republican senator bill cassidy. puerto rico governor ricardo
2:00 pm
rossello, the dash for cash there. they're in desperate states. las vegas resident robin leach to remind us we will survive, literally, bet on it. i wouldn't bet against robin leach. i wouldn't bet against trish regan here to take you through the next hour. trish: thank you so much, neil. the mystery over what drove the las vegas mass murderer deepening today, that the killer expressed a dislike for taxes and the government and the thatter's girlfriend reportedly told fbi agents he was not in a good state of mind. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report." the girlfriend told the fbi agents that the 64-year-old man would lie in bed, moaning, screaming, oh, my god. there were reports he was prescribed anti-anxiety medication months before the attack. were these warning signs? we're on


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