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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 7, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

4:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] o find out r another very shortly. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, it's been five days since a crazed killer opened fire on a las vegas music festival killing 58 and wounding almost 500 people. but police appear to be no closer to knowing his motive for that massacre or much about his life. law enforcement authorities say his arsenal included tracer ammunition. paddock's girlfriend reportedly told the fbi he exhibited mental health symptoms and she said paddock would lie in bed moaning
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and screaming. whatever else the evil madman was, he was a very good gambler. irs records show he was a highly successful gambler, earning as least 5 million dollars in 2015 alone. fox news correspondent dan springer in las vegas with our report. reporter: another day, and despite running down 1,000 lead, investigators have no answer why las vegas shooter stephen paddock did what he did. >> we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. we all want answers. we have looked at everything, literally. reporter: they contend there is no sign of terrorism. >> we are aware that isis has repeatedly claimed
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responsibility which today i can tell you we have no known nexus to. reporter: as vigils for the victims continue, we know what else he may have been planning. a law enforcement official says he purchased the tracer ammunition. tracer round which include a pyrotechnic charge which leave an illuminated path were found in his sniper's purse. and a document that contained the name of the man who sold him the ammunition in early september. boss top police say authorities will step up security for concerts and sporting events amid news paddock researched sights in and around fenway park
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and the academy for the arts. >> there is nothing to indicate he ever made it or or ever stepped foot in boston. reporter: though they haven't been able to establish a motive. his girlfriend told the fbi he experienced mental health symptoms and would lie in bed moaning and screaming. >> in the past terror attacks or mass murder incidents the motive was made very clear by a note that was left, by a social media post, by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today in our investigation we don't have any of that uncovered. i wish we did. reporter: some good news as dozens of the injured left area
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hospitals. we are now down to 59 still getting treatment. vice president mike pence shows up for ways called a unity walk as las vegas tries to heal from this tragedy. rex tillerson's days at the state department may be numbered. trump advisors and allies reportedly discussing his replacement. some suggesting tillerson be replaced by cia director mike pompeo. john kelly is said to be discouraging such a move and advocating for stability and tillerson to remain as secretary of state. sarah huckabee-sanders says the president still has confidence in tillerson. >> as he said two days ago and i said yesterday, nothing has changed despite what you may read in the media or watch on tv. i would certainly trust the
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president and my comments far above those of other reporters. lou: our first guest is a veteran of the trump white house. a highly respected american military. now chief strategist for the make america great again coalition. dr. sebastian gorka. good to have you with us. let's talk about the environs you just depart, a white house riddled with conflict. and a defense secretary who makes a recommendation to a u.s. senator demanding a yes or no answer to a question before the president can make an announcement. and we learn in july he called him a moron.
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>> the day after i resigned the president reached out for me. he asked for my support outside the building. and that's what i'm going to do. i got to know mike pompeo when i came into the administration. he is a hard charger. he is a 101% trump loyalist. if anybody can shake the state department into some kind of sense of the decades of not acting in the best interests of the united states and being devoted ideologically to multi lateral you bu kumbaya globalist might be nuke pompeo. lou: they seem something closer
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to barbaric blood loss for those who care about their country and the sovereignty of their nations and this president and his agenda. this is a conflict some in the white house it seems want to subvert. >> we have to remember what happened on november 8. november 8 was a political revolution. the rank outsider, an individual who has never served in political office. who never served in the u.s. military destroyed the 16 establishment rino gop candidates and wiped the floor with a woman who officially spent $107 million on a position she thought was owed to her. donald trump is the
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anti-establishment candidate. he wants to drain the swamp. when people say swamp, and i dealt with the swamp inside the white house. for me the far more destructive elements are the brew krats who think they know better than the president and it's people like mike pompeo that can help the president drain the swamp from people who have ideological reasons to undermine our nation. lou: in which way do you believe the president will go on the issue of certification or non-certification of the iranian nuclear deal? he campaigned against thoroughly calling it the worst deal he had ever seen. now we have all sorts of his closest advisors counseling, including general james mattis before the senate saying he felt
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it was in the national interest. this is to many people confounding and deeply concerning. there were a handful of us with the president. he was seated at the resolute desk. there was steve bannon, myself, general mcmaster, and secretary mnuchin. it was only stephen and myself who supported the president. he said it was bad for israel, bad for global security. the way he expressed it, it was clear this was the last time he was going to recertify and it won't happen a third time. that's my prediction for next week. since the iaea stated iran is in breach of section t by obstructing inspectors
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inspecting the military site, we have to kill it. it's a bad deal and we have to decertify. lou: the ignorance of those globals who are insisting on a corporate decision which would be to accede to a reality created by iran in the middle east which becomes more disruptive and destabilizing by the month. forget their history and the fact they kill so many responsible for the killing of so many american troops. for this to have been ignored by the obama administration is madness. for this president, for his position, his philosophy, his agenda, to have to put up with the kind of nonsense emanating from so many of his advisors in national security, the defense department, the list goes on, a lot of us i find astounding.
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>> there is a fundamental issue here. the obama administration facilitated iran with tens of billions of dollars, with ransom monies. but there is a deeper issue. i'm a child of the cold war. my parents escaped communist dictatorships. you have been around a while. you know, you do not get good deals with tir any. whether it's adolph hitler, brezhnev or the mullahs in iran, they don't abide by their agreements. this deal was fraud from the get-go. lou: louisiana bracing for a tropical storm. tropical storm nate is expected to make landfall as a hurricane this weekend. but the hurricane season already taking a toll on the gulf economy and the national economy
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which lost 33,000 jobs in september because of hurricanes. harvey and irma, two of the most of powerful storms to ever hit the united states. the first loss of jobs in 7 years. 1.5 americans with jobs say they were unable to work because of bad weather. but the labor market is showing considerable underlying signs of strength despite the hit from hurricanes. the unemployment rate fell to 4.2%. and more americans found jobs in what is an expanding labor force. that is a strong signal of a healthy labor market. labor force participation as a result climb together highest level since march of 2014. all good signs for our future. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us.
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who else but the misguide chairman of the house intelligence committee could insist there is an open issue of collusion after nine months of investigation and no evidence. we take up what is clear lit attempted subversion of president trump's administration. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer joins us next. the gulf coast now preparing for another possible hurricane. the deadly tropical storm nate barreling towards louisiana, and the florida panhandle. we'll have more on the storm -67s path and hi, i'm the internet! you know what's difficult? adulting... tj! get a job!
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lou: the only evidence of collusion leads directly to facebook. russia's collusion going further than originally not. facebook cut references to russia from a public report in april about attempts to influence the election. instead the facebook very report conclude quote malicious actors engaged to influence campaigns it wasn't until last month that
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facebook publicly acknowledged and identified russia as the source of those efforts. special counsel robert mueller's office apparently leak new report that says mueller's team met with former british spy christopher steele who was hired by democratic opposition research sphirm fusion gps. senator chuck grassley sent a stern stler asking whether that dossier was the basis of the bureau's russian investigation. why wasn't that question asked a long time ago. joining us tonight, retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. the "journal" doing extraordinary reporting on this
4:19 am
relationship. facebook's collusion with the russians as a result. why isn't there a congressional investigation? that is the only evidence of collusion that i'm aware of in this country? >> we see multiple continuous investigations of every peripheral issue except core issues that have clear and direct evidence. they will take a rumor and go do that. further as you point out, lou, facebook wouldn't even own up to it. they tried this or wellian, let's remove all references to russia. facebook is not approve reproach or honest. >> i think we can be more direct than that. facebook has immense political power and they are absolutely
4:20 am
applying it. and they are in an echo chamber with the left and the democratic party. >> they were working to sufficient press trending news items of a conservative nature and to me there is no evidence they stopped that. it's a constant information operation. the only reason they did this adjustment here is because they got caught. >> it appears the special counsel has a leak, and we learned former british spy christopher feel, the author of that discredited dossier on trump. they meth with him. why are they leak and why is that relevant and why aren't we hearing more about what's going on from our senate intelligence committees? >> this is true desperation. this is telling me, he has the
4:21 am
foot to the pedal. the pedal to the metal. as to the senate and house. i watched the hearing this last week, it remind me of don meredith, turn out the lights, the party is over. there is nothing left. they exhausted earn single investigative lead. they have gone back to the dossier. there is nothing there and all they are doing is playing out the clock to try to get something. lou: to bring it back to the senate intelligence committee. he says he would like to share his initial findings. the problem is there are no initial finding. stop, finish, ended.
4:22 am
why in the world with anyone with any common sense go beyond that. why not shut it down. why not, mitch mcconnell saying enough already. richard burr saying enough already. >> if he had courage he would do that. i see the house not piling on. these people have to have political courage to do the right thing. i think some of them are afraid they will be pilloried and criticized. somewhat are they afraid of? are they afraid of k street or afraid of mitch mcconnell? the deep state in the billionaire donors? that's the veal:question. what they are not afraid of are the american people. thanks so much. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should the special counsel pivot from trump to zuckerberg in his
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quest for evidence of russian collusion. we would like to hear from you on that. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. dow down 2 points from its record highs. the s & p down 3. the dow and s & p posting gains for two weeks straight. the nasdaq. you more than 1%. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast. you have next, the motive for the worst mass shooting in american history still a mystery. we take up the search for answers with one of the most of decorated officers in the police department. randy sutton joins us next. today we're going to talk about trucks.
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lou: five days after the deadliest mass shooting in american history, america is still asking why? law enforcement doesn't know what drove stephen paddock to shoot at hundreds of concert-goers out of his hotel window. >> in the past mass murder incidents, the motive was made clear by a social media post, a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. but today in our investigation we don't have any of that uncovered. lou: joining us to better understand what is happening here, the massacre as well as the investigation into it. former metro police lieutenant randy sutton, let's start with
4:29 am
the timeline here and what we are learning from the law enforcement authorities in vegas. that is, the shooting itself took place over 10 minutes. about 72 minutes for law enforcement to secure the scene, the room in mandalay bay from which stephen paddock was massacring people by literally the dozen of and wounding by the hundreds. >> there is some information that just came out yesterday. the individual, this murdering rampaging monster paddock fired on that crowd from a devastating position of elevation with incredible weaponry. he took an incredible amount of lives and altered the lives of
4:30 am
many forever. however, there is a little bit of a misnomer here. the police were actually on the premises at mandalay bay taking a report -- a crime report. when the initial call came out. the call came out as an active shooter at the concert events. so these two officers along with security people began to run across the street where they thought the short was from. at the same time this was taking place, the suspect had broken out the glass and it fell down into the valet area. the valets looked up, they heard the gunfire and reported the proximate location of the shooter. at this point the two officers, one of them is a brand-new police officer, ran back into the building, went up to the 31st floor, and at that point
4:31 am
other security officer had gone the separated and gone up to the 32nd floor and was shot. the metro officer at that point, the shooting had stopped. they went into the stairway and they isolated the hallway preventing any type of escape, also being cognizant any other shootings. during this madness it came out there were other shooters taking place as well. so these officers secured that hallway, making sure no one came or entered until the s.w.a.t. team could get there. the reason for that time period. they were back on the scene in 12 or 13 minutes. the shooting had stopped. from my time reference, right after the security guard was shot, i think that paddock turned the .357 on himself and took his own life.
4:32 am
lou: the security officer wounded in the leg stayed with the metro police officers and some other security officers that had come up from the 31st floor. it's a remarkable -- to me it's remarkable those officers charged, if you will, ran to the sound of guns rather than from it, and did not wait simply for a s.w.a.t. team. this is one of the things that's happening in law enforcement. now with active shooters police departments all over the country, patrol officers are going straight after the shooter because of what can happen with a pen so heavily armed with a semiautomatic. and in this instance as a result of the slide stock, automatic fire, and the immense loss of life and wounded by the hundreds it's extraordinary.
4:33 am
so it's remarkable. what we don't know is why there were two meals ordered. we don't know why there is a charger in the room that doesn't go with the phone paddock had. do you have a sense of the answers here? >> i do believe this is part of the -- one of the major cruxes of the investigation at this point. who is this mystery person? it was denote on the room service that there were two diners and there is also a report there was a mystery woman seen with the suspect. the last person to be with him is going to be of critical importance to this investigation. was it an accomplice? was it someone aiding him? was it a prostitute he called up for his last pleasure? we don't know the answers to these questions. i think what you heard in the
4:34 am
undersheriff's statement about where this investigation is, an incredible amount of frustration. i hear from my sources in the department, this is an incredibly frustrating set of circumstances for them because usually by now you have some sense of motivation. at this point they simply don't. lou: five days later and we have video from all over the hotel that should be answering part of that. it's almost the appearance as i listen to the undersheriff. in my judgment it's frustration as though they are being slow walked on this investigation by other agencies. it's a peculiar almost european approach to disseminating information. your thought?
4:35 am
>> i think what we need to take pride in is the incredible courage shown by law enforcement. by the amazing compassion shown by those taking fire and yet stopped to help by those who needed their help even more. lou: i take that and offer it up. randy sutton, thanks for being here to help us. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. much more straight ahead. stay with us.
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lou: joining us is ed rollins. let me turn to tillerson calling the president a moron. your thoughts. ed: i think this tenure is short. if he called him a moron it deserves to be short. his team reflects his power and everything they do reflects back on him. lou: apparently the vice president, the secretary of state's spokesman are making up
4:40 am
a story like pence asking whether nikki haley was a liability to the administration to which tillerson was supposedly responded in the negative. ed: that's another strike against him. she is another presidential appointee. and she has done well. we are getting u.n. ambassadors who don't feel they click their heels and report to the press secretary, they report to the president. lou: the achievements of them all, but their manners and their sense of respect and civility and order for the president of the united states, i mean, you could have done better picking at random from the streets of
4:41 am
nearly any city in the country. ed: henry kissenger said open the phone book and you will get better people. this president came in and said he would and change agent, and he means it. lou: what we have is a president who has some people who absolutely 7 of them are gutless enough to respond to a u.s. senator in the way they have, to make statement that are clearly disrespectful of the president, and if they aren't smart enough to understand that, why in the hell would you want them? ed: he thought he was going to get elected. most of of the people in the town didn't think he was going to get elected.
4:42 am
he didn't have a team in place. ed: if you are not 100% for him, get out. lou: i don't know if you heard the left-wing media clacking and clucking. what did he mean? ed: i think he meant it twice and when he said it to the highest level people in the military. the message is if the north koreans don't do what i told them to do, then is there not going to be calm. twhraibl said there would be. we are not going to use foot. if we are going to take them out, we'll take them out. in the old days the sheriffs put out a sign, don't bring your guns to town.
4:43 am
lou: hell and fury, fire and fury. ed: if they don't play well, we need to do what we need to do. lou: ed rollins, good to see you. up next, louisiana declaring a state of emergency. tropical storm nate is bearing down and is going to hit the gulf coast this weekend. an outlook on the dangerous storm's path. stay with us. we are coming back with much, much more. woman: i rescued toast from a shelter in 2011.
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lou: here we go again. a hurricane warning in effect for residents of new orleans and the gulf coast. forecasters expect the storm to make landfall as a category 1 storm over the weekend. reporter: tropical storm nate has pummeled parts of central america, killing 22 people and dropping extreme amounts of rain and nicaragua and costa rica. mexico's yucatan peninsula is next.
4:48 am
the popular tourist destinations of cancun and cozumel are expected to take a direct hit. then it will move into the gulf of mexico where warm waters will help it strengthen into a category one hurricane before making u.s. landfall. those rainfall won't be as high as other tropical events, short durations of rain can produce flooding. models show anywhere from southeast louisiana to points further east where it will come afford, to mississippi or florida. >> everything in my house is going up to 3 feet. if it goes up higher than that, we are in trouble. reporter: many are filling up their takes on the way out of town. >> it's been crazy. get it while you can. it might be hard to get it
4:49 am
later. reporter: energy companies have begun evacuating and shutting down their off-shore oil production platforms. in new orleans all eyes are on these giant pumping station which help move water out of the big easy. but the system has been plagued with prevent mechanical problems and crews have been working furiously to get the issues fixed. 80% of them are operational and have confidence they will do their job for a whatever nate brings their way. 3 to 6 inches of rain is expected with up to a foot in isolated places. and some of the coastal areas could see a storm surge of 4 to 8 feet. which is why these spands bagging operations going on at a fire station in northern new orleans will be going on well
4:50 am
until nate arrives. that is the latest from new orleans. lou, back to you. lou: turning to a heartwarming story out of the lake city, utah. a family is being adopted after a two-year wait. and they gained a new brother and sister as well. hannah wouldn't contain her excitement in this video that has gone viral. she had this message for other children hoping to find a family of their own. >> i would tell other kids waiting to get adopted that you will get adopted no matter what and you will find people that care about you and love you just like we did. lou: up next. thursday night football ratings.
4:51 am
suggesting that respect, respect for all things american including our anthem and our flag does count. we'll take that up with done or
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lou: in our online poll we asked you do you believe the senate
4:55 am
intelligence committee should be investigate for making a mockery of kengsal oversight and wasting more taxpayer money. 97% of you have say yes. a little respect goes a long way, especially for the nfl. every player on the tampa bay buccaneers and new england patriots stood for the national anthem and that helped the ratings a bit. 12% up from last week. 26% from the year before. and cam newton apparently didn't get the memo. he raised his 50s last week and insulted a female reporter. but for newton and others,
4:56 am
people are watching the nfl less. joining me, come over -- do smrks giordano. and. >> what was nice to see is the labor force participation rate going up. lou: more people employed than ever before. reporter: that's a win. what the numbers mean. gary cone said he's excited. also wage growth going up, year and year, 2.9%. people who have jobs earning a little bit more.
4:57 am
lou: that's the stuff of which prosperity is made. let's go to dom. what do you think of those nfl numbers? >> i any it's a good indicator what happened. president trump took something he was told was minor, you and i know is not minor. people care about this. i think inside the nfl you are seeing some owners doing things behind the scenes to pull this in. it's a broader thing. could there be one area of life where there will be respect for traditional values, you would think the nfl would be one. maybe roger goodell got the message. maybe you should deliver the to him. lou: the nfl owners have a second chance. they have not signed a new contract with roger goodell. he's worried about his severance
4:58 am
package he wants in 9 figures. they have a chance to take this loser and get him the hell out of his business because he damn near ruined their business substantially, absolutely and completely the past three weeks. deirdre: he survived numerous scandals in the past. lou: they were going to write him another pig check. why? >> i don't understand that. i note nfl thinks they are too big to fail. by they are not. they are not bulletproof on this stuff. lou: we are watching kids by the hundreds drop out of football. high schools can't even field teams in the country.
4:59 am
deirdre: it's true. the nba signed a $24 billion con talent package. in china people love top watch u.s. basketball. the nfl does not have that pull, at least not in china. donald trump, calm before the storm? >> it's hard to imagine he wasn't just tweaking us with that. that some sort of give away from north korea. he likes to have fun with it. go easy on these reality twisters, the calm before the storm. lou: do you wanted another dull, boring president boring you to death? this guy they can't take because he talks straight and isn't politically correct.
5:00 am
that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. we'll be joined by arizona candidate kelli ward and rachel campos duffy. until subversion. good night. kennedy: gun control front and center in the wake of the las vegas massacre. but is that the real solution to this cycle of violence? michelle obama claims people don't trust politics because she says republicans are all men and all white. nfl star cam newton in trouble over a comment to a woman. the begun debate rages on in the aftermath of the vegas shooting. with both sides covered in rhetorical body armor. as emotional rounds are fired off one after another like this


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