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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> germany sim packed by euro strength right now. also the fact trading higher multiples. [closing bell rings] there is much more skepticism italy can turn the corner because of problematic things. liz: troy. great to see you. no records. that will do it for the "claman "countdown"". >> dow ending the day 14 points. industrials and nasdaq hitting all-time highs. failing to close in record territory. i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis today. david: good to have you here. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." more on big market movers. here is what else we're covering for you this hour. "the art of the deal" in the nation's capitol. the president willing to work with lawmakers but on his terms. if you want to protect "dreamers" you have to build the wall. calling out north korea again, why the president
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believes only one thing will work whether it comes to the rogue nation. what could that be? one week after the massacre in las vegas, investigators inching their way towards getting into the head of the killer. brand new details on where the investigation stands right now. cheryl: first get back to your markets. the dow falling further into the red in the last hour of trading. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. what are some bigger movers today, nicole? >> what we saw a little bit of a selloff. not a record close put we hit records on dow and nasdaq by end of the dow. dow jones industrial average was down 4% going a into the bell, a new multiyear low. gone are the days of 60 bucks in year 2000. a couple of news. trian cofounder was named to the board. the actual news was cfo is
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stepping down, jeffrey bornstein, very well-liked. he announced that on late friday. effect irv on december 31st. that weighed on morgan stanley. nobody likes surprises or risks. walmart higher. announced mobile express returns. return in 30 seconds, pretty amazing. tesla came under pressure pushing back the tesla semi-trucks one more time from september, october, november. they have to focus on model 3 production. they only pumped out 260, instead of 1500. they have a production bottleneck. this is one way they work on them. cheryl and david, will be the 35,000-dollar mass market vehicle but they need to get them out there. that is the plan. cheryl: despite the stock is down today, up substantially for the year. there you go. nicole petallides. thanks, nicole. david: the trump administration hoping to strip away special deals to allow some rich folks
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paying smaller amount of income taxes than many in the middle class pay. here is kellyanne conway. >> we think the taxes favor the rich because of loopholes and you hires lawyers or accountants or lobbyists to change the tax code. we want to make it fairer for the middle class. david: we have adam lashinsky, fortune executive editor. both fox news contributors. adam, you're not a republican but what kellyanne conway just said i assume appeals to you, right? >> i'm not a democrat either by the way but yeah, generally it does. i would have, my approach would be to amend one word that she said. she said the tax code favors the rich. the tax code actually favors the very rich. it is extremely rich who can afford the to get around loopholes that she was talking about, not the merely rich. and so, i think these re proposals are going in the right direction. what that says whether or not it will be passed this year i have
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no idea. david: dan, the problem that i have with a lot of republican proposals so far that they're trying to outdo the democrats on this class warfare stuff, on beating up on people who pay the majority of the income tax. you had a piece in today's "wall street journal," the gop's tax the rich temptation, and in the gop tax plan itself i want to read a part of it, it says, "an additional top rate may apply to the highest income taxpayers to insure that the reformed tax code is at least as progressive as the existing tax code. ". as if there is something good about a progressive tax code which in fact led to our slow growth the past 10 years? >> i would say so, david. this hardly looks like the art of negotiation to me, suggesting you are going to impose a wealth fax of the sort that the french had for years and a lot it did for their economist.
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you can not outbid the democrats on progressivity. emphasizing taxes for wealthy and rich, david, the democrats often think tax cuts for business equate with taxes for the wealthy and tax cuts for the rich rather than, trying to cut, say the corporate rate to induce more capital investment. and more capital investment to create jobs is what the middle class needs, irregardless what you do with personal rates. david: panel, stick around. we have more for you coming up. cheryl. cheryl: from your money to your health, making major changes to the health care system. president trump expected to sign a new executive order this week, which will expand insurance options for americans. gerri willis in the newsroom, to break it all down for us, gerri? >> that's right, cheryl. that executive order is aimed expanding insurance options for folks who buy their own coverage or work for small businesses. there are three elements. one, the order would make it easier for people people to band together to buy insurance what they call association health
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plans. those plans would be free of some affordable care act egglations that the requirement they cover a set package ever benefits. however it would ban lifetime coverage limits as does the aca. further, the order would allow policies to be sold across state lines. two, the president would order agencies to wind back obama era rule that curbs use of short term medical insurance. a low cost option that provides limited coverage. it would allow them to buy the plans up to a year once again. finally the executive order would allow the expansion of health reimbursement accounts. these are employer-funded programs that employees can use to pay out-of-pocket costs and premiums. obama era guidance from 2013 prevented pretax employer dollars to be used to buy health insurance dollars on the individual market. these initiatives drawing fire from aca supporters that they will destablize the exchanges and siphon off younger people looking for alternatives to obamacare.
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while the left jumps up and down on negative impacts on aca, scott flanders on e-health says the impact will be minimal, people already can't afford obamacare. he said this, quote. the impact on the individual health insurance industry will likely be minimal. the market is already been split. people who can't afford health insurance are increasingly going to short-term medical or simply going without coverage. cheryl, back to you. cheryl: want to pick up on that. gerri willis, thank you so much. bring back in our panel. dan and adam are back to react. dan, the last point is the key point here. no matter what these exchanges are going to implode. there has got to a fix. seems to me the trump administration has several ideas how to fix it, state to state competition, putting state lines down. a lot of people said for years we need that, that that would be the first step. >> that would be one of the first steps, cheryl. what is happening in the wake of the failure of the health care reform law, there is not going to be repeal and replace.
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there is going to be possibly, a little bit of repeal, but mostly repair. it is, some ways i think what hillary clinton would have done if she had come into office. she was going to have to repair the obamacare law. the problem here is, that some of the executive orders, what they're doing is, is causing people to opt out of obamacare. and, aca fundamentally is about hurting, forcing a lot of people into the, into the exchanges because the exchanges don't work notice the insurance pool is large. these executive orders will diminish the size of insurance pool, at least for the aca. so it's a direct threat to the future of the exchanges. cheryl: adam you could argue, more and more, especially younger americans they don't care if they pay the penalty. they would is rather have their own insurance than no insurance at all than saddled saddled witn that is unaffordable and doesn't
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give them true protection. >> first of everything dan said is fact wally correct, 100% correct what hillary clinton would have done. fixes existing legislation is the right way to go. when something needs fixing you fix it. as far as young people, cheryl, this whole thing was based around getting more people insured. we make these decisions as polity, what are the pros and cons of policy. will it help more people or hurt fewer people that is the direction the country went. cheryl: does this in your opinion help? >> anything that gets more people insured helps so you work to make it as good as possible. tweaking it, no, doesn't, won't help those young people, no. cheryl: dan, really quick, do you think these ideas from the administration at least a way to open up the discussion about fixing obama care if repeal and replace is dead? >> i like the association health plans as gerri was describing them. we needed more choice in the system. that was why the young people
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were opting out. i think some of these proposals will give them more coverage. melissa: a lot of coverage you may not need at end of the day. dan, thank you very much. david: your insurance doesn't help if your deductibility is 12 or $15,000. after three weeks of hurricane maria, much of puerto rico is still in the dark. majority of the island is remains without power. more expensive to send necessary supplies to the island. we'll tell you why. the governor of puerto rico sounding off on the unprecedented catastrophe. cheryl: new push on immigration. president is ready to negotiate with democrats, only if they give him something in return. coming up, republican congressman andy biggs weighs in where the two guys can come together. david: a stand-up guy. vice president mike pence, walking out of an nfl game. why some who have problem with nfl's players politicization are
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david: the puerto rican government is asking for additional federal aid to help millions of people still struggling from the effects of hurricane maria. now the department of homeland security says the waiver for the jones act, this is 100-year-old law, that prevents foreign-flagged ships from carrying cargo between the u.s. mainland and puerto rico has run out and will not be extended. joining us now, live, by phone is governor ricardo rosello of puerto rico. governor, you've been very supportive of the trump administration so far but you
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could not support, i would suspect this failure to continue the waiver of the jones act? >> well, you know, i think there needs to be further consideration to the jones act extension. i think we're at a situation that merits a little bit of an extension so that we can see and we can mitigate, you know, what is currently still a life-sustaining face of this emergency. david: can i ask you, governor, forgive me, have you actually protested the move not to continue the waiver of the jones act with the president? >> no. as i understood it, at this juncture, they were going to do it on case-by-case basis to be sure it wasn't a hindrance but of course there was still going to be some discussion. so i haven't had discussions of this topic. i was rather focused on the immediate relief from congress to puerto rico.
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david: as sympathetic as entire nation is with puerto rico, i mean it is an awful situation, we know, we want to help, but at same time, the economy of puerto rico was not in good shape even before the form. you were virtually in a state of bankruptcy at one point. and a lot of it is because of the bureaucracy in puerto rico. many taxpayers outside the island are worried that some of that money, rather than helping puerto rico, might just help in the bloating of the bureaucracy. have you taken steps or are you going to take steps to prevent that from happening? >> let me quell that per steps. i've been in office a little over eight months, and while in office i have executed the most aggressive fiscal agenda, i would say in the nation at this juncture. i slashed $1.4 billion of our budget that represents close to 40% of our budget. i slashed 20% of political
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appointments to our government. i established a fiscal plan, and i opened the doors for economic growth and private sector participation within our efforts in our society. so we were well on our way to establishing -- david: but the point, governor, as we've seen before in other disasters relief channeled to governors maybe not as efficient to you. can you guarranty the american public that all extra money, all the extra billions will be spent responsibly and will not end up as did with katrina, for example, being wasted? >> yes. that is my commitment. that is why my team is committed to following through. this is why we don't just want to restore puerto rico to how it was prior to the storm. we want to make sure we can rebuild it better than what it was before. of course, this requires transparency. i recognize that this is taking a lot of resources, as with texas and with florida, but, you
4:18 pm
better, you better believe that this government is serious about making the fiscal reforms that we need to, about making economic development reforms that we have put in place. and, to execute them. and have, visibility and transparency to all taxpayers. david: finally in wrapping up, this seems to be a new beginning. you may be able to incorporate what happened in restoration after the storm with a an attempt to get rid of the bureaucracy that is really hamstrung your economy? >> i, you know, i agree with that. we were already on a path to doing that. in the past we wanted to reduce our government from 131 agencies to about 35. that was a commitment i had. now i think we're in the position to continue doing so. of course what we need is a runway. we need to recognize that puerto rico was, has fiscal limitations way before the administration, that the storm
4:19 pm
has changed the game essentially. we need some of the immediate relief so we can have runaway, to start applying all the reforms already underway. i'm committed to executing, to getting results, and to making sure that puerto rico, that every taxpayer dollar is used appropriately for restoration. and puerto rico get as stronger platform for it afterwards. david: governor, we wish you the best. please continue to stay in touch with us. we want to give viewers progress reports as you continue. it is very important project. we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. thank you for the time. cheryl: you know hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, hurricane nate is now continuing its path through the united states. the storm bringing heavy rains to the mid-atlantic and northeast after knocking out power for many in the gulf region. here from biloxi, mississippi is phil keating.
4:20 pm
phil, how are things down there today? reporter: a lot better than they were yesterday and a lot better than yesterday. this big 43-foot sailboat, reliance, one of few hurricane victims still along the mississippi and alabama coastlines, late saturday night as the cat one hurricane slammed into biloxi, it was ripped out of the marine i can't on the other side of that last building, the golden nugget, more than a mile away. in the garage of the golden nugget this is the wild scene. nate plowed through quickly for this guy but extremely dangerous. the same thing with the hard rock, with gulf waters making it into the entrance an on to the escalators. it came into biloxi packing 85 mile-an-hour punishing winds and rain. mandatory evacuations and curfews were in place across the gulf coast. no one died and no injuries were
4:21 pm
reported. by morning in mobile, deepwaters covered parts of downtown and off-ramps, neighborhoods, totaling a few cars. requiring about 10 people to be rescued from their damaged homes. so the good thing is, this hurricane came in superfast, fastest on record. so the storm surge and rain came in fast, it went away fast as well. cheryl? cheryl: phil, you need a big crain to pull the boat out from behind you. you're all set. reporter: you're right. cheryl: that is a big boat. phil keating. appreciate it. david: i hope it can be restored. sometimes you can restore those things. iran making a big, new, bold threat, vowing to retaliate if president trump designates its security force a -- harvey weinstein is out of his own company. is there is bigger battle with the hollywood producer?
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all that is coming next.
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david: forced out of his own company, hollywood producer harvey weinstein given the boot from the weinstein company following allegations of sexual assault spanning decades. hillary vaughn following the story very closely. so, hillary, what other actions is the company planning on taking? reporter: well, david, these accusations got him fired from his own company like you said by his own brother, and now the studio that they founded together called weinstein company is ditching the name as they desperately try to distance themselves from the scandal. only four board members are left after a third of them quit, when news broke that weinstein paid off at least eight women that accused him of sexual harrassment and abuse. now the democratic party that accepted million dollars in donations is disowning him. he made a name for himself with a studio so successful, it was dubbed the oscar factory.
4:26 pm
in d.c. he was known as a deep pocket donor for democrats. since 19990, weinstein handed over $1.4 million to the democratic party. high-ranking democrats that took some campaign cash from him are scrambling to give it back. senator cory booker says he is donating almost 8,000 in donations that he received to a non-profit. senator kristin gillibrand is giving away 11,000. senator elizabeth warren is handing over five grand to different charities. senate minority leader chuck assumer is donating 16,000 in weinstein dollars to charity. the dnc is doling out 30,000 to charity. that only accounts of 16% what they received in total for weinstein. president barack obama and hillary clinton both cashed checks in the five figure sum from weinstein but both of them have stayed silent on this issue. they have had a very personal relationship with weinstein. michelle obama called him her
4:27 pm
very good friend. even helped plan president bill clinton's 50th birthday party. but so far, david, they haven't said anything about it. as of now, they haven't made public any plans to pay back any of that money like some of their fellow democrats have. david: well, considering bill clinton's background that is not very surprising. let me just ask you, a lot of people in hollywood who are claiming that they knew nothing about this. one of them is meryl streep. she came out with a statement. i'm sure it was heart-felt, saying how awful it was that he did or accusations but saying she absolutely nothing about it. on other hand there was apparently a "new york times" piece that was going to be written up in 2005 that detailed these problems. that was shelved, the article was spiked as we say. what about it? what do people in hollywood say whether they knew something was going on with harvey in the past? >> well, david, you're right. meryl streep has gone public saying that she contested not
4:28 pm
everyone in hollywood knew about the allegations, it would have been written up by the people in media a long time ago if they were true but she did say it was an abuse of power. then you have glenn close who since come public with her own statement saying she was aware of some rumors that circulated. it was very dark and devastating that those rumors that she had heard over the past few years, now turned out to be true. so it appears that some people in hollywood circles knew that these rumors were circling around, and then others like meryl streep, says she didn't know anything about it. david: hillary vaughn, very interesting stuff, thank you, hillary. appreciate it. cheryl? cheryl: well, searching for answers. the latest on the las vegas mass cure as the investigation insisters its second week. we're going to take you live to las vegas. that is coming up. david: war of words. showdown between president trump and republican senator bob corker could mean for the president's agenda. ♪
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4:33 pm
least a possibility of a framework of a deal involving immigration proposals and protecting "dreamers." now the president and white house put forward the wish-list and pelosi and schuler, they do not like it one bit. start with the white house, what they want. just to give you a handful of items here, as it comes as no shock, the president wants to see a wall built and funded along the southern border. he called for possibly with holding certain federal grants for sanctuary cities. would like a overhaul of the green card system that includes process of treating unaccompanied minors. the president wants to hire 10,000 more i.c.e. workers. schumer and pelosi put out a statement which i said, we told the president at our meeting we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the "dream" act but this list goes far beyond what is reasonable this proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise. that is where it stands on that issue, david. the battle between the president and democratic leadership, might not be the biggest argument
4:34 pm
going on in d.c. right now because that could go to the president and republican senator bob corker of tennessee. let me take you back a couple weeks. corker has been critical of the president. last week he announced, corker did, would not seek re-election in 2018. over the weekend yesterday the president then took to twitter and taunted corker in a series of tweets, which ended with the following, and i quote here, he said, speaking of the president, i would fully expect corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. did not have the guts to run. corker responded sharply on twitter yesterday, and i quote, it is a shame the white house is adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. corker did an interview with the "new york times" which he said the president can put us on the path to world war iii. by the way, david, just moments ago, vice president pence, his
4:35 pm
office released a statement which was critical of quote, the critics who engage in empty rhetoric and baseless attacks. so you got seemingly there, the vice president backing up the president. today, mitch mcconnell took the side of corker, all republicans. david: it is like a soap opera, blake. thank you very much. cheryl? cheryl: let's talk about that soap opera. bring in congressman andy biggs, republican congressman from arizona, house judiciary committee and of course freedom caucus member. sir, good to have you. >> great to be with you here, cheryl. cheryl: i'm sure you have your own thoughts about this back and forth between the republicans in the party, let's start out with the immigration plan. obviously arizona, this is very near and dear to your heart physically and emotionally, near and dear about immigration. what do you make of the president's plan on immigration? he doubled down on a lost key issues? >> he really did. if we continue this nor another generation without tightening up the border, taking away
4:36 pm
incentives and enforcing the law we'll be kicking the can down the road. is i'm really appreciative. this is what he campaigned on. the issue now, will we be successful? and how far carnegie get in this agenda. i'm supportive of the agenda he outlined. cheryl: you are supportive of fact he will hire 10,000 more i.c.e. officers. let's talk about that wall. one thing, he says he is committed to building a physical wall, but it is funding issue. do you think that is where things get sticky in the republican party for president trump, funding for the wall? >> well that is one of the things. i think some people don't even want to build the wall. i think they are minority of republicans. building the wall there are funding mechanisms out there. i advocated, only tax increase i advocate for, wire transfer tax. that is a way to get people who are not in the united states to pay for that wall. cheryl: congressman, while i have you here, i have to ask you
4:37 pm
about all this back and forth over the weekend between president trump and senator corker, the vice president weighed in. mitch mcconnell weighed in. what do you make of all of this that is happening within your own party? >> well, i think it is great theater in some respects. you know, but i think that president trump is actually a real master at diverting attention away. i think that i think it is strategy as much as anything else, and i will say this. that it kind of lends support for this issue that i have with that 60-vote rule in the senate, that you really can't lose anybody. you know, so let's not push them off. cheryl: that's true. i have 10 seconds. kellyanne conway was on fox business this morning. she was asked about this and washington needs to get on trump's schedule. he will not get on washington's schedule. he wants to get things done. how do you respond to that? >> yeah. i would say that the house is
4:38 pm
trying to get, things done quickly as we can, gets bogged down in the senate. that is my quick answer. cheryl: congressman andy biggs, great to have you on. thank you, sir. >> thanks, good to see you. david: one week later, and investigators have yet to find a motive in the las vegas massacre that killed 58 innocent people. thousands of leads have been examined, and gunman's politics, finances, social behavior have all been looked into, all to no avail. here with very latest on investigation from las vegas, fox news correspondent dan springer. hi, dan. reporter: yeah, hey, david, very frustrating. police don't have a motive yet. we have a news conference in a couple of hours. hopefully we know more then. the first s.w.a.t. team inside of the gunman's room tell a very interesting credible story how they tried to get to the gunman, all he did to thwart their efforts, including screwing shut the exit door closest to his room, making, forcing them to
4:39 pm
use a pry bar to get through the door into the hallway, eventually into his room. they saw wires on a self-service cart, at first not knowing if it was a bomb, turned out to be a camera. they had no idea what to expect. >> now i'm standing out in front of this bullet-ridden door with nothing, exempt for a shield, that is, i'm hoping would help a little bit, and, that was the point i said, i was praying that nothing goes off of phonewise, or radios or anything else, because we were trying to be quiet as we can because we didn't not to know we're out there and start spraying at us. reporter: turns out the gunman was already dead. once inside the room they said it looked like a gun store. next to stephen paddock's body they found a piece of paper, which told speed of his bullets
4:40 pm
which told him where to aim to maximize casualties. a as far as the investigation it seems to hit a wall. fbi agents were at stephen paddock's house in mesquite, nevada. 90 miles from where we are. it executed a second search warrant after interviewing his girlfriend. they interviewed his brother eric four hours late saturday and sunday. fbi profiler and psychologist were involved as they try to get inside of the dead madman's head. fbi will not stop until they know the motive. they have a news conference in little over an hour. hopefully we'll know more. we have 48 people in local hospitals, 25 in critical condition. david? david: dan springer, thank you very much. dan. cheryl: well, the growing controversy for the nfl. the vice president finding himself in the middle of a national anthem protest. forced to stand up for what he believes is right. coming up, radio talk show host larry elder sounds off on the vp's response.
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cheryl: breaking news. we want to show you live pictures this massive wildfire in anaheim, california. basically to the east and south of los angeles. anaheim hills is very close to disneyland. this brush fire threatening 1000 homes in the area. according to officials, that it burned 25-acres. multiple fire traffic forces are battling the fire. it is heavily populated area near los angeles. in wine country, emergency crews trying to contain dozen wildfires in sonoma. a person was killed in a fire north of sonoma, mendocino county. they don't have that fire under control. david: near and dear to our heart, the wine country. vice president pence taking
4:45 pm
a stance against kneeling and walked out of the 49ers-colts game after 20 flayers took a knee. president asked the vice president to leave if the protest took place. larry elder, radio talk show host. always pleasure to eyour optimistic smile in particular situations like this. do you think the vice president did the right thing? >> david, he had no choice. after donald trump made this a pretty big issue he had no choice. start from the basic, i thought it was about alleged police brutality against black people. according to "washington post," 2015250 were killed by the police. 500 whites were. i defy you your audience to name one or two white people were killed. one a black person is killed by the place police it is very, very rare. unarmed man is the fact pattern they're concerned about, eric
4:46 pm
garner, freddy gray, or michael brown. seven teen unarmed black men were killed last year, according to "washington post." 300 americans were injured by lightning. assuming 7% are injured of black males, percentage of black males in the population that is 21. 21 black males were injured by lightning, as opposed 17 unarmed black men to be killed by the police. you're more likely to be injured by lightning than a black man to be killed by cops. it is rare. it is rare. david: let me bring you back to the nfl. it this is a business channel. jer riff jones, owner of the dallas cowboys, most important franchise in nfl history. he talked about the vice president walking out of the game. here is what he said. >> there is no question in my mind that the national football league and dallas cowboys will stand up for the flag. there is no equivocation. we will stand for the flag. if there is anything disrespectful to the flag, we
4:47 pm
will not play. david: he says if my players take a knee, they will not play. that might not leave him with a team. what do you think? >> a bold promise to make. as you know, the nfl does not require players to stand. it is optional. it is unclear if jerry jones follows through on the threat he can legally do it. the union will have a fit if he tries that. david: union made statements denouncing his attempt to do that. he. we can put it up. i won't bother to read the whole thing. meantime, espn's host, jemile hill, she is the woman who called president trump a white supremacist, she called for boycotts of the nfl because of what jerry jones said. and just recently, just in the past hour, espn announced they were suspending her. what do you think of that, kerfuffle? >> i'm surprised it took that long. talk about taking a mallet to a successful business model. here is a woman who turned off
4:48 pm
half the country, calling donald trump a white supremacist, telling advertisers for jerry jones' team, telling fans to boycott advertisers for jerry joan's team? are you kidding me? almost if fox sports put a trojan horse in there to destroy the espn business model. it is amazing. david: who knows. i will have to call the higher office to see if that happened. larry elder. always pleasure to see you. bring as fun perspective. >> we have growing 10 shuns with north korea. -- tensions with north korea. president trump is calling a failed policy with the rogue regime. promising to give a crushing response from iran. chris harmer institute for the study of war, senior naval analyst, he will join us next.
4:49 pm
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so call or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] cheryl: the u.s. army stands ready, defense secretary james mattis, addressing army leaders earlier today. that is what he said. he reinforced military option dealing with north korea. president trump expressing frustration over previous administrations handling of the kim jong-un regime, tweeting this, our country has been you can successfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing. policy didn't work. chris harmer, institute of war. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. cheryl: rhetoric, if you will, statements coming out, mattis talking to the army, be ready, but at same time diplomacy still can work. where do you think we're at with our negotiations with north korea? >> we're on a path that leads to conflict right now. no doubt about that. the arc, narrative the
4:53 pm
relationship terminates in armed conflict between united states and north korea. what we're looking for a credible off-ramp to the confrontation. what we don't see any behavior from north korea that would accommodate a off-ramp to conflict. what secretary mat is saying we don't want to go to war. we don't want to take preemptive military action. that should always be the policy of last resort but right now based on the actions and rhetoric of dprk, we have to be ready for that because it is increasingly likely. cheryl: chris, many like south korea, came out and they come up with, called it a bomb, something that would destroy the electrical grid of north korea, if indeed north korea got aggressive. maybe the u.s. military is being careful with what they're saying. the south koreans are not. they are being public about it. does that not lead us down the path? >> the south koreans swing between pass sy -- pacifist
4:54 pm
rhetoric and. they say our cousins are crazy and we learned to live with them. the south koreans are at the point, dprk is sending off missiles and nuclear bombs, they have to deal with the problem. they can no longer kick the can down the road. cheryl: they have to be, that's true. go from the korean area to another global hot spot. that is iran, vowing a crushing response if the u.s. designates its elite revolutionary guard as terrorist group. if that is not enough, by sunday the trump administration must decide whether or not to decertify the 2015 nuclear agreement. most analysts believe we will not, that we will decertify the iran agreement. do you agree with that? >> so i have no, whether or not we will or will not decertify. that is inherently political question. as strategic observations iran has not been in full compliance with the nuclear deal. there are diplomatic reasons not to certify them. i take to your viewers, iran has never been in compliance with
4:55 pm
the nuclear deal. they will not be in compliance with the nuclear deal. the primary out put of the nuclear deal it gives iran more cash to fund its various terrorist organizations throughout the world. cheryl: okay. many say that is the iranian revolutionary guard they're using to do that, whether the support of hezbollah. we have one thing in common with the revolutionary guard. both of us support iran or u.s., we support groups against isis. where do we come together on that? do you think that they are indeed a terrorist organization? should they be classified as that? >> it is beyond dispute the islamic revolutionary guard corps is a terrorist organization. state department has not dinged them as such. there are diplomatic and strategic reasons for not designating them. same thing with the taliban. any reasonable definition says taliban is terrorist organization. we do not. with iran and us having common cause with isis i believe that is fool's iran. isis is primary terrorist threat but iran is much more relevant
4:56 pm
terrorist threat. there is no basis for united states cooperating with iran to destroys isis, they will replace sunni jihadists with shia jihadists revolutionary guard. cheryl: chris, thank you very much. david: sometimes the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. that is the problem. meanwhile uniting the nation in the wake of tragedy. country star jason aldean honoring the victims of los angeles's powerful message. you have gotll to see this next. i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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>> we hurt for you, and we hurt with you. but you can be sure that we're going to walk through these tough times together every step of the way. because when america is at its best, our bond and our spirit, it's unbreakable. ♪ ♪ >> there he is. he's singing a tom petty song. paid tributes to the las vegas victims and tom petty rock
5:00 pm
legend. >> wow. extraordinary. tom petty, the best rocker that i had ever seen live. it was sad to see him pass, particularly in what happened in las vegas. risk and reward starts right now. trump: my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take back our country and to take it back swiftly from the special interest who i know so well. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words "we all are about to say. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. . liz: let the draining begin. president trump draining the swamp, pushing back on president obama's massive regulatory state for the energy and health industries. movie fans telling hollywood dr


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