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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 10, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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tuesday, october 10th, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. devastation in california. at least 10 people are dead this morning, 100 others missing. more than 100,000 homes and businesses are destroyed as fires rage in napa valley and southern california. >> my neighborhood inflames, completely inflames. maria: more on the shocking images unless it included this dramatic photo of flames lining up the sky behind disneyland. just incredible. we've got the latest. tax reform timeline at the white house is pushing to get a tax. there's a 65% chance the deal gets done next year. a tall order facing the trump administration coming out. market this morning that he might dispute another rally at the opening of trading. this is a market that will not
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quit. a industrial spoken of 30 points. nasdaq up 11 points. major indices look like this. the ft 100 up a fraction but the cac and dax and germany down a fraction. asia overnight markets higher across the board. nikkei average in japan as well as the hang seng in hong kong that two thirds of 1%. kospi up one and two thirds of a percent. new details in a deadly las vegas massacre. mandalay bay security guard was shot six minutes before the gunman began his rampage. have a new development changes the timeline for investigators and what that means now in the investigation. north korea threat on the rise. secretary of defense jim mattis joined the u.s. army to stand ready. the latest on the escalating tensions. many in hollywood remained silent over sexual harassment allegations against harvey one team. one major name for the fashion world coming to his defense. by donna karan is speaking out on behalf of the embattled.
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jemele hill and how it landed her in hot water. jedi's rejoice. >> he's always been there. and now it's a week. and they need help. maria: the new trailer sending "star wars" fans on the internet in their frenzy. joining me to talk all about it, fought his network dagen mcdowell. global economics editor jon hilsenrath and the army intelligence officer andrew peek is here. >> good to be here. >> good morning. dagen: good morning. the greatest device i've ever got about doing tv is not knowing when to speak, if knowing when to be quiet. if somebody puts a microphone in front of your face, donna karan,
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and asks you about harvey one dean, maybe you don't say women are asking for it. maria:.gone viral at this point. dagen: at the top trending pic on twitter. she's been lambasted by the left. she said you look at everything all over the world today and how women are dressing in what they are asking by just presenting themselves a way that they do. what are they asking for? trouble. i watched the video. maria: let's talk about who is speaking in. no word from some of the other people. a lot the time. coming up this morning during the conversation, fox news analyst retired general jack keane, and you're cumbersome and lee zeldin will weigh in on the tax plan plus former presidential candidate herman kaine is here. posting the new fox program, laura ingraham makes an
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appearance. ditto global cofounder john sculley is with us this morning. you don't want to miss a moment of it. kicking enough right now it wiki news this morning. of these 10 people dead. 100 hour reported missing in more than 1000 homes and businesses have been just great. fast-moving wildfires raged of much of california's wine country. adam housed is live in napa valley with the very latest on these evacuations. this is an incredible story. >> yeah, you know, fire burned through here in 1980 when i was eight years old. it burned down 350 homes back then. since i tend to rebuild in the last 35 years has been pretty significant. a lot of homes, businesses, wineries. cinderella winery what's left of it. people that know silverado trail on the east side of napa valley. really raced through here less than 24 hours ago in birds this
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facility down, burned out a number of homes done here including the tv show falcon crest just on the hill from us as well also burned to the ground. what they have been able to do is to save some homes from the air. you can see helicopters and planes flying throughout napa and sonoma counties. both areas have fire burning in those two counties alone. 15 in northern california. when i was out and about before sundown, i came across some crews from a couple different fire department won about 30 minutes from here come another unit from santa cruz. about two hours from here they were together in the eastern hills fighting to save the house do the same to home but it amazing to say they were fighting this were fighting these fires and they don't even know the area which makes it even more difficult. take a listen. >> it makes it difficult for us to get into areas we don't see. so we go along the houses and look at them before fired erin
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decided on the preparation the owners do it with pride bingo. >> the devastation through here is pretty significant. the country club down the street from where i have had a pga to her on sunday. the fire blew through there and there are a ton of homes burned to the ground. all the way up to the edge of some of the fairways where they are playing a couple hours earlier. maria: adam, thank you very much. we'll keep checking checking back with new developments. president trump taking steps to fill a promise made on the campaign trail, burning coal mining jobs back to america. administrator scott pruitt to formally withdraw from the clean power plant today. speaking in the coal mining town of hazard, kentucky, outlining the need for the robot. watch this. >> the epa had no federal agency should use authority to say to you we are going to declare war on any sector of our economy. that's wrong. it was wrong for the last
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administration to cut our war on: write for the administration to say the war is over. maria: this coming after the epa assessment of 2015 plan that called it an unlawful expansion of the agency's authority. stocks obtained by "the wall street journal." the obama administration targeted carbon emissions at power plants and became central to reducing admissions under the paris accords. last june president trump indicated his plan to withdraw the paris climate accord. john, this announcement he met by opposition. let's talk about this because you've got state environmental groups. attorney general of new york and california will sue to stop this repeal. i was looking at the beginning of litigation? these rules, one of the reasons many companies were not spending money, they were afraid of regulation that basically were handcuffed to do anything. >> in terms of litigation, the
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continuation of litigation because the obama administration's plan was challenged by the industry for being an unlawful use of the clean air act. this is the continuation of it. i think what it speaks to more broadly as the impact of this administration have been on the regulatory front. we spent a lot of time talking about what isn't happening in congress on tax overhaul, help overhaul. if you look at areas like labor markets, the epa powerplant, things like health and rolling back regulation on contraception, there is a lot happening on the regulatory front for the administration is having a real impact on industries in the economy. trade did that to make it a three-point 1% on the company is losing out because they see regulations coming back. >> even more really love the politics of this. i look pruitt in coal country in
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this midwestern states that trump has to win freeing up the economy to produce for america. it's really a good thing for both countries. maria: this is who voted for him. dagen: during the primary season, one of the strongest turnouts that now president trump had was then buchanan county in western virginia. again, coal country. to your point, scott pruitt actually did see the epa 14 times so he understands what he might be facing in terms of pushback from liberal states like california. but there was a great deal of overreach during the obama administration in terms of the executive order and clamping down on businesses. this will at least -- the story that liberals never tell you is in terms of climate regulation, but it raises prices on energy for the very people who can afford it.
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it hurts lower-income americans a and lower-income individuals around the world because when you are essentially making fossil fuels, essentially putting a tax on them in that desert people. in not only destroys jobs, but hers people who can't afford higher energy bills. >> a couple things. the a little early right now because a lot of competition coming from natural gas and american innovation in american ingenuity. i don't think we can expect jobs will come storming back in west virginia. in terms of the broader economy, maria, it's a little early to say these regulations are having a big impact on growth right now. these are the kinds of things that have to accumulate over time. i'm not sure 3% growth rate last quarter, in my difficult, but i don't think it was a big cause for a pickup. tree into what you think it was?
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top market gains? >> consumers are spending a little bit more. that's a good sign. i think you've got short-term volatility in the economy. a very soft first-quarter and pickup in the second quarter. we have to see more quarter is like the second before we can believe this is for real. maria: i think it's because of regulation. dagen: we have a president who said on the campaign trail as hillary did to coal miners, we are going to destroy their jobs. your jobs are going to disappear. we will find you another way to get a job. >> it wasn't just your jobs are going away. maria: yet, according to create jobs. coming up next, new details on what happened in the minutes before the batman, stephen paddock, opened fire on a crowded country music concert. how a security guard was first under fire. an epic war battle that procter & gamble to determine if
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maria: welcome back. texas technology student in jail this morning for allegedly killing a police officer. cheryl casone with the details. >> officials said 19 of freshman hollis daniels was brought to the police station after drugs were found in his home. he allegedly pulled a gun and shot an officer in the head. he fled or was soon caught. this happened at texas tech university in texas by the way. hotel security guard at mandalay bay is being hailed a hero for taking stephen paddock first bullet, potentially saving lives in the las vegas mass shooting. police say that jesus campos was shot by paddock six minutes before he began his assault. he was able to call for help which allowed police to find paddock a few minutes faster than they would have. police earlier said campos had approached paddock if the shooting was underway. details this morning. finally fashion designer donna
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karan facing heat for her defense of disgraced movie executive harvey weinstein. according to the daily, she suggested women may be asking for by the way that they dress. she later apologized overnight. she said her comments were taken out of context. berea, it was a red carpet interview when she was asked about weinstein. talk to you. maria: apparently this has gone viral. you hear comments that women were asking for it. dagen: i watched all the comments in their rambling, but they are not really out of context. i read you the quote earlier where she's talking about the way women dress and are you asking for it. maria: wish you were referring to? was she referring to rose mcgowan, ashley judd. who specifically was asking for it? dagen: she was talking in the abstract of the way women dress. but she was asked about harvey weinstein and she said i know
6:17 am
him. she was essentially defending him. >> were these women dressed in donna karan's own outfit. [laughter] trade to she does a lot of jersey. dagen: i might suggest to her -- i might suggest that her next fragrance be named idiocy. maria: well, then there is this. cover story of the post today about how we called bots of hollywood execs and basically say please stand by me and they said no. dagen: more celebrities are coming out in condemning harvey weinstein. jennifer lawrence, george clooney and also -- >> about to be be the next thanksgiving dinner. when his brothers on the board as part of this decision. might be an interesting thanksgiving.
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maria: you're actually right. the president began this morning why is the nfl giving massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespect in iran for, flag and country. change tax law. that is true, though. the nfl does get tax breaks. this is federal money. interesting he saying that. dagen: these are individual players who are doing this. if they are paying their taxes, they don't get tax breaks. trade to the nfl has the league. dagen: there is a tax structure which is for the nfl league. maria: which is attractive. you're seeing it on about the nfl comments about the individual. dagen: they are not kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. maria: and they have a right to do it. >> is this conversation necessary? there were so many problems. do we need to have a discussion
6:19 am
everyday about the national anthem? especially the president. we've got a slow economy. we've got a north korean crisis. maria: is that the strategy, look over here, nothing happening over here. >> i don't know. >> if you don't say anything, here's what happens for the right loses the culture war every single day of the year. if trump says nothing, then the hollywood and big media in the left, and even yes some sports leagues shipped endlessly the cultural debate to the left. maria: it is true. you are right. >> i'm an economics editor. should we be talking about culture war when the economy has made a problem. dagen: you off at the photo of mike pence on the front page yesterday. somebody is making some editorial decisions about that. i noticed that. maria: busted.
6:20 am
dagen: vice president takes a stand on dealers protest above the fold. maria, on, economics editor. okay, we will take a break. when we come back, testing sanctions and testing of the world patients. north korea could launch missiles to start a holiday there. find out about what american university is issuing a warning about it. we will be back in two minutes time. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back. breaking news right now. president trump greediness for the public to agree with the policy on immigration and democrats don't want secure borders. they don't care about safety for the u.s.a. wow, big charge for the president this morning on immigration as he tries to execute a new plan. meanwhile, the north korean threat is focused on capitol hill this morning. just a few hours from president trump will meet with the secretary of state rex tillerson and james madison amid concerns north korea is preparing for another missile test. experts say became john un regime is ready to launch to coincide with today's anniversary of the nation's founding party.
6:25 am
yesterday secretary mattis told the army to stand ready in case diplomacy fails. >> it is right now diplomatically led economic sanction effort to try to turn north korea off this path. what does the future hold? neither you nor i can say. one thing the u.s. army can do and database you have got to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. maria: joining me now is fox news analyst general jack keane. wow, some frightening comments there. the threat of a nuclear attack from north korea especially concerning the pacific. according to hawaii news now, the university of hawaii sent students an e-mail with a headline that says in the event of a nuclear attack, it said in part, quote, in light of concerns about north korean
6:26 am
missile test, federal agencies are providing information about nuclear threats and what to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear attack and radiation emergency. how frightened should we be about this? >> first of all, it is obvious that people living out in the pacific that clearly are in range of the missiles north korea has right now have only demonstrated that. i'm talking about japan, hawaii, guam, and that there is a heightened awareness certainly not part of the world. understandably so. but then, where we are right now, north korea will continue to move towards more testing and possibly even another nuclear explosion. until such time as the economic sanctions get a stranglehold on them. we are not there yet. we are in the early phases of that taking place. the main effort still despite the rhetoric taking place for
6:27 am
the president, what the president is trying to do is to make sure north korea and china in particular make sure he's dead serious about the military option. the fact that the chinese president was in mar-a-lago when assad conducted a chemical attack on his own people, we responded almost immediately and the day after that to place, china's president agreed with size to do something about north korea. he has increased its commitment to do that. the president keeps the rhetoric up about the military option because he wants people to know i am not obama. i will use this if i have to. he knows by doing that it strengthens his diplomatic effort. in other words, we arrived there trying to get every single country that does business with north korea to stop and also get the chinese could the chinese are shutting down their banks and doing business with north korea. if that actually holds and is truly executed maximum, they
6:28 am
will have some significant economic impacts. maria: you mention the infamous moment when the president told the president of china did he just sent missiles to syria after he did that to his people. do you think our army is ready? general keane, you and i've had this discussion before in terms of readiness for the u.s. navy veteran military has been depleted. if push came to shove and we had to send military in there, are we ready? >> we will be challenged. no doubt about it. we've been talking about this for sometime now about the readiness of our airplanes, 40, the income is 60% depending on service. we've seen what's happening with our ships being deployed so much that they can even avoid a major tanker at night in the open sea. we know for a fact that the army has come forward this year and said that they only had three
6:29 am
army brigades that were ready now. in other words, we have problems. it doesn't mean we couldn't win award against north korea. we could. we don't want to have to fight that war. what that would mean his north korea would invade, stop that with the military and conduct a counteroffensive with air power and take down the north korean regime. lots of civilian casualties, but madness -- mattis clearly sends a signal to the attendance at this convention and also publicly that lesson, we don't want this option, but we are prepared to executed. maria: they have to say that by the way. general, good to see you. thank you so much. as always, general jack keane joining us. kathy griffin is back after performing because the controversy of holding the fake severed head of president trump.
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6:33 am
after securing a seat on the general electric board, his push of proctor and gangle. unveiling a new look for fleet, more on the multimillion dollar upgrade. delta going for all international travelers bubbly when boarding. espn has suspended her for two weeks over latest tweet. minnesota vikings celebrating a touchdown last night with a round of duck, duck goose. the new star wars trailer finally arrived. >> it didn't scare me enough then, it doesn't now. maria: closer look of the last
6:34 am
jet eye. dow is expected to be up 40 points. incredible market performance. in europe major indices look like this. as you see the ftse and cac quarante are higher. dax index fractionally lower. in asia mostly higher, nikkei average in japan up two-thirds of 1%. breaking news right now president trump just tweeting this, since congress cannot get act together on health care, i will be using the power of the pen to give great health care to many people fast. all right, we want to get to top story this half an hour. anthony pratt, investing $2 billion over the next ten years to create 5,000 manufacturing jobs here in the united states. pratt says president trump is one of the huge reasons he decided to make that pledge, here is what the commander in chief had to say about
6:35 am
increasing domestic production. >> depends upon the strength of our domestic industry. we are all better off when we make, buy and sell more products made in the usa. >> as president, one of my highest priorities is to restore american manufacturing, for decades american jobs have been ripped out of our communities, industries and towns have been stripped bear and the entire communities have been uprooted and left, but this election, the american people voted to end the theft of american prosperity. they vote today bring back their jobs and to bring back their dreams. maria: joining us right now executive chairman of industries and executive chairman of pratt industries, anthony pratt, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much, maria. maria: you made a commitment to double food industry to $1.8 trillion and increasing
6:36 am
food exports, tell us about the pledge you made back in may and what the progress is so far? >> i was honored to pledge $2 billion to create 5,000 high-paying manufacturing american jobs and we currently have 68 factories in america employing 7,000 people in manufacturing and so it was a great honor and america is a fantastic place to manufacture and since then, we have opened a factory in texas, 100 million-dollar factory and we are currently under construction just outside of san francisco to build another one. maria: are you expecting things from the tax plan, from the policies coming out of washington to continue to encourage this? what most important as business manager in terms of the policies coming out of washington that will encourage this to continue? >> well, i think president trump is doingia fantastic job, he's created an atmosphere of america thriving for business. there's a lot of actual on
6:37 am
shoring from china back to places like ohio, people moving back from china to america. america has the lowest energy cost in the world. i think america has got the best balance of growth, not much sovereign risk. the institutions to protect private property here and all of those things are the reason that we are in america and president trump's leadership has doubled us down in america. >> your company makes the boxes that amazon ships all of its products in. >> yeah. jon: tell us how amazon is changing the american economy and what roles does that play in convincing you that you want to manufacture more of those boxes in the u.s. rather than places like china? >> amazon is a tremendous company. we sell all the boxes to
6:38 am
campbell soup, all of the businesses and amazon, now with amazon, instead of carrying your book home from barnes & noble in bag, it gets ship today you by amazon in a box. it's one of the great examples of some of the new industries that are rising up in america that are causing a lot of job growth which is fantastic and companies like amazon, you know, companies like uber, for example, they are creating economy. i think it's one of the reasons why donald trump has had unemployment rate. he's created a million jobs since he became president. maria: wow. jon: they were shipping so much stuff back here. are you seeing it come back here to the united states. is this the place to make boxes? >> absolutely. boxes are economic indicater. maria: i remember he use today say that, you're right.
6:39 am
>> we are asking an enormous growth in demand and the box business is, you know, we build paper mills, we collect waste paper and then we turn it into card board boxes and we have 68 factories and counting and we intend to double the number. dagen: anthony, in terms of policy coming out of washington, what is the one thing in order to create more jobs here in the country, what is the one thing this administration needs to do if you had to pick one item, what would it be? >> i think the administration is doing a fan fantastic job at the moment with the open-for-businet businessmen
6:40 am
jon: if you were the leader, what would be the one thing sure get done? >> i think the continuation as i said the moral support but texas desired by business and energy costs in america are fantastically low and the policy that the administration's pursuing on a number of fronts are causing job growth. maria: why wasn't the environment like this before the president? what happened the prior ten years that, you know, was different? >> i think the president has, for example, when he went out to get all of those pledges from companies and i was one of them that might have pledged to create jobs, i think the very active of calling for companies, inviting companies to pledge investment in america, i think that he had a great economic narrative around attracting companies to come to america
6:41 am
which -- which i think resinated and i think a lot of his make in america leadership has really caused a lot of the momentum which is going to start and i think that you're going to see pledges of investment to create american manufacturing jobs are going come back into the next few years. maria: good point, before the president, it was a hostile relationship between business and president obama, but president trump is saying, we are listening, we want to talk to you, what do you need, isn't that right, andrew? >> yeah, absolutely. i heard actually you won nearly half a million dollars bidding on the president to win the election. >> i did. >> you say that was your savviest financial decision of your life? >> i felt president trump was saying things that was resinating. i was talking to people even though media said he was going to lose. i was listening to people and customers in midwest and customers in southeast and southwest and all saying they
6:42 am
were going to vote for now president trump and i didn't think anyone would believe me that i predicted it so i put a bid on it. maria: that is so great. presenting sponsor for global food forum taking place today with the wall street journal, top executives gathering to discuss production business. double exports by 2030, which you say can create millions of jobs. how do you do it? >> basically america produces the most clean, safe food in the world and there's 3 billion people coming to the middle class in asia that are going to have high disposable income, we see tremendous opportunity to double exports of food which is our biggest industry and frankly -- food production doesn't get the attention it deserves in america. we think there's tremendous opportunity. thanks to pith and farmers and producers, exports have gone up 9% after years of decline.
6:43 am
beef exports are up 25%, dairy exports are up to 16%. thanks to president trump we broke into china with beef since 2003. to your question earlier, some of the great bilateral trade deals that president trump is doing and sony perdue. maria: any inflation on the horizon? >> not really. i think business conditions are very good and, you know -- maria: no inflation. jon: i don't know if we have time for this, what's your view on nafta and and renegotiating and what needs to change? >> i listened to wilbur ross, when that he designed nafta in the first, no allowing digital
6:44 am
consideration, no digital economy there. secretary ross at that time said they were going to fix it up and i thought that was constructive. maria: thank you so much, anthony pratt, pratt industries and we will be right back.
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6:47 am
maria: welcome back, the market will not quit. dow industrials excepted to be up 35 points. breaks news moments ago. honeywell has confirmed plans to spin off two businesses in two separately publicly-traded companies. distribution business and transportation division by the next year. honeywell will keep the aerospace division which had been a target of activist investor third point. proctor&gamble, three businesses, beauty and health
6:48 am
care, home care and family care. that would be a big development today. the stock, that was down yesterday. kathy griffin mocking president trump yet again. cheryl casone with the details, cheryl. cheryl: oh, yeah, maria. still not sorry. she's doubling down, in fact, kathy griffin returning to comedy with the trump mask. she had mask on stage for stand-up show in la while holding up her two little fingers during the show. this summer she had apologized for posing with a picture of severed head of the president. well, american airlines is giving billion dollar upgrade, passengers soon going to enjoy new seats, wi-fi if you have iphone and much larger bens, feel right at home, pajamas and slippers to help you sleep better. cheers to delta airlines, they
6:49 am
are offering poseco to everybody. delta has long offered free beer and wine, liquor on international flights. they are upping their game. plus this. >> come on! >> this is not going to go the way you think. cheryl: yeah, the new star wars trailer released last night. looks like it's going to be quite the film specially with the return of mark hammel as luke skywalker and carrie fisher. you can buy your tickets online right now, maria. maria: all right. cheryl: i'm going to buy mine.
6:50 am
you don't have to, i will watch it for you. maria: i am going to watch it too, not right away but i will. the president just tweeting this, jamil hill is no longer espn ratings have tanked, it is the talk of the industry, more on the controversy coming up. the president talking about jamil hill, suspended for two weeks at espn. >> do you think he understands what quotation marks mean? you can say a tank, they did tank. maria: we will be right back. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
baseball fans, they even sing god bless america. yankees stadium, potential elimination for the yankees. second inning, they go up 4-0 on aaron judge two-run double. 6-3, sánchez goes deep as the yankees go on the win the game 7-3 and force a deciding game five in cleveland. congratulations to the los angeles dodgers, rooky cody, ninth inning home run, 2-0 lead and the dodgers complete the sweep of diamondbacks and la wins the winner of national series. josh reddick would make the difference of the ball game. provide go-ahead single for houston astros. craig, another run and they held
6:55 am
onto beat the sox 5-4 first time since they joined the american league. watch reddick celebrating with stars and stripes speedo getting champagne. check out the single that drops in, cubs win 2-1, they lead the nationals 2-1 and advance later today. five weeks in the books in nfl season. nfc rivalry in chicago. vikings were up 3-2, watch how they celebrate with the end zone touchdown. they played duck, duck, duck, goose. 26-yard field goal. espn sports center jamil hill has been suspended for two weeks, sunday night hill who recently came under fire for tweeting that president trump is
6:56 am
a white supremacists was unable to avoid punishment for latest social media post, she said this play always worked, change happens when advertisers are impacted, if you feel strong about j.j. statement boycott advertisers, his players will stand for the national anthem or they won't play. now ems has released this statement, they say that jemele hill has been suspended, she previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with impulsive tweet in the aftermath all employees were reminded about how individual tweets may reflect negatively on espn and such actions will have consequences and hence this decision. michael smith chose to not work on scheduled show either. this continues to go on and meanwhile president trump now weighing in. he tweeted today that jemele
6:57 am
hill, with jemele at the mic no wonder espn ratings have tanked, tanked so badly. >> do you think espn gets it at all that it's not great for ratings and people want to see sports? maria: they have been getting political for a couple of years, ever since president trump won, i guess one year. >> look, sports fans we are all tired of politics in sports, there's a need for it, this happened the first time just like roger gadele, the fire grows. dagen: put your phone down. maria: that's good, thank you, jared, catch jared sports headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115, we will be right back, more with mornings with maria
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning, thank you for joining us this morning. top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. devastation in california to report. at least ten people are dead this morning, 100 others are missing. more than 1,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed as wild fires rage near napa valley and in southern california. >> i get up in the middle of the night last night, they wife said there was ambers in the back porch, i looked up ball-size balls, looked like something like armageddon movie. >> great neighborhood. >> it's devastate to go see
7:01 am
everything, i mean, not just this house but everybody's house. maria: more coming on shocking images out of the state including this one. flames lighting up the sky behind disneyland. maria: over in washington tax reform timeline is on as white house pushing overhaul by the end of the year. goldman sachss says there's 65% chance it gets through next year. the tall order coming up. pretty good firmer one for stock prices this morning in the u.s. in london ftse is up as cac quarante, dax index, however, is lower by a fraction. in asia overnight markets closed higher, best performer in korea, kospi index up 2%. puerto rico in crisis, torn over the path toward recovery, we have the ceo facing serious threats after speaking out
7:02 am
against the government's response. we have the latest out of puerto rico. mark zuckerberg virtual tour raising eyebrows, backlash after facebook ceo posted video of avitar among damage in puerto rico. the details as lebron james teams with intel to feel better about self-driving cars, carl's jr. wants to help beef up the business. a pitch to technology giants to buy it. amazon shares are you positive. all the stories coming up, fox business dagen mcdowell, jon hilsenrath and former u.s. army intelligence officer andrew peek, greet to see you. >> great to be here. jon: so much going on this morning in so many different areas, jamele hill, dona karen, taxes and regulation. maria: the president is tweeting about it all. dagen: i think everybody needs
7:03 am
to put their phone down. the president is not going get fired, but other people keep it up. [laughter] maria: it's true. we have a big show talking about all of that, new york congressman is with us this morning, we want get his tax on tax plan. former presidential candidate herman cain is here. the engram, laura ingraham is here. john scullew with us this morning. do with us. we kick it off with wild fires in california, terrible situation, the situation has gone from bad to worse overnight as deadly flames in the wine country are leaving a trail of destruction forcing thousands to evacuate, fox news adam housely is live this morning in napa valley with the latest on evacuations and adam, what can you tell us? >> yeah, maria, we don't have exact numbers of evacuations, in some estimates 20,000 people from nap alone have evacuated.
7:04 am
we are not calling senoma county, people by the thousands have left as well. we also don't have any containment numbers for you. we do expect that once the sun comes up to get an idea any hand t at all in the fires, unbelievable video coming out. take a look at the video of patients being evacuated the night before last. so roughly maybe close to 40 hours ago but still you can see the fire as it burned across 101 freeway and these are patients being evacuated from one of those hospitals, i believe it was caser in santa rosa, california, trying to avoid the fire that would end up burning down hundreds of homes in that part of santa rosa. we moved from there to the actual video that we took of an area in eastern parts of napa where fire crews came from two different departments, one from nevado, california, one in santa cruz and they ended up being side by side fighting a fire in
7:05 am
a house, area they had never been to before. take a listen. >> we have to get in there. we don't really know and we don't see on a daily basis and plan accordingly. we go take a look before the fire gets there and decide which houses we want to be safe based on the preparations the owners do and we go from there. >> for the first few hours they didn't have the decision in place. it was all just about rescue, there was no protection of homes or businesses whatsoever, maria, more than 1500 burned down so far from fires. maria: just incredible. adam housely is in napa valley this morning. turn to go rogue, house ways and means committee kevin brady met with republican lawmakers several times last week to talk about controversial elimination of state and local tax deductions under new gop tax law. used by residents living in
7:06 am
high-taxed blue states including, new york, new jersey, california, swing states are facing backlash over getting rid of reduction. would raise $1.3 trillion in revenue to the next decade, joining us right now house financial services committee member new york congressman lee zeldin, thank you so much for joining us. >> great to see you, maria. maria: many of your constituents pay sky-high property taxes, isn't that right? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. maria: will you vote for elimination of this kevin brady. i think that there's going to be some modification done to this particular proposal. there are many members of congress on the gop side in new
7:07 am
york, new jersey, california, illinois and some other places impacted where to solicit actually stop this -- this move by eliminating the deduction, you know, are they talking about putting a cap on it? what's the conversation right now in terms of this
7:08 am
modification? do they want to put a cap on what you can deduct in terms of
7:09 am
-- jon: is that something that you think corker who is at
7:10 am
least a short-term enemy of the problem. y'all have problems. what are the odds that you don't even get this to a vote this o e
7:11 am
7:12 am
president or colleagues, they are there to represent the state. maria: so we are all hostage of the senate. we will sit here and wait for the senate? >> i got to congress at the beginning of 2015 and at no point since i've gotten to congress have i had a higher confidence that in the house that we could pass whatever it is that we need to ones in line
7:13 am
begging for solution of tax reform. maria: we will be watching that and calling it out congressman, congressman lee zeldin there. coming up catalonia independence. is future of self-driving cars, why intel recruited lebron james in autonomous campaign? straight ahead.
7:14 am
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so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. maria: welcome back, two more people who lived at florida nursing home that lost air-conditioning during hurricane irma, two additional people have died. cheryl casone with the story, cheryl. cheryl: the number of fatalities
7:17 am
in nursing home now at 14, died from illnesses that they suffered suffered from from rehabilitation center when hollywood hills lost power back on september 10th, they are treating those deaths as part of overall criminal investigation and that facility remains closed. well, in spain catalonia's president could bring the country's worst crisis to head today. for the first time since a vote for the independence of catalonia, he's expected to address parliament. the question is he going to make a formal declaration of independence from spain or choose something less drastic, spain's prime minister has threaten to take control. let's move onto another story, general motors is now buying the california start-up to help build self-driving cars, has acquired strobe, which makes and helps autonomous vehicles navigate. shares have risen 20% over the
7:18 am
past month. meanwhile, you know the self-driving cars, how good are they really going to be if nobody wants to be in them. google spin-off has campaign and want to increase the public's confidence in this. you have intel, they tapped nba star lebron james for new ad campaign to build trust in self-driving vehicles. >> lebron, your car is here. >> no, it's safe, it's like 820 times better than you do. >> i see there's no driver. >> get in. >> intel is helping power autonomous cars you can trust so we can all be fearless. >> yo, i'm keeping this. cheryl: they make the chip that is make the cars autonomous, they have a big investment in this, he looks pretty confident. shares of intel up by the way 10% up this year. maria: all right, cheryl.
7:19 am
you want to get into a driverless car? >> sure. i run a lot of cars lately, driving around the south, i've drone in infinity and it has an element of the autonomous driving where the cruise control, you can decide how far, how much distance you keep from the car in front of you so it brakes and speeds up, i enjoyed it. maria: you liked it? dagen: yes. >> i would, the opportunity is you can lower the driving age, the command age to people like 10, you can put 10-year-olds in self-driving cars and having to launch them. less responsibility. jon: this is why we should replace the steering wheel with a joystick specially if you're going to put 10-year-olds. you don't need steering wheel. dagen:ly take them over people ticsing and driving any day of the week. maria: that's true. jon: some of the new york taxi
7:20 am
drivers. dagen: i take the subway. i have no idea what you're talking about. maria: why some online users are calming him a heartless billionaire straight ahead. carl, jr.'s compete for amazon's attention by pitching a self-collaboration, billion dollar partnership idea later this hour. back in a minute. today we're going to talk about trucks.
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back, watching market this is morning. stocks near record highs, take a look. we are expecting a rally at the opening trading. industrials are waiting on season to get underway this week. the banks are kicking things off on thursday when jpmorgan
7:24 am
reports third quarter. up nearly 3% near lows, tough year, joining us right now tomas lee, managing partner. >> it's been a great year for equities and grounded on better global growth and a lot of investor flows, generally fourth quarters, you know, a time that you have, you know, pretty good results in the market, right now the thing to watch, though, is october because one, we have third quarter earnings and generally there's volatility. maria: i want to point out that this quarter we are expecting earnings to be way down from first quarter. profits are up 13% and we are expecting profits to be at 4% in this quarter. what happened? >> well, i think the fist half of the year reflected easy comps because last year earnings were so depressed and then the dollar was a big tail-win in the first
7:25 am
half this year and starting to come flat. so i think that there's normalization taking place and, you know, i don't necessarily that the stock market has to go down but earnings growth is slowing. jon: looking beyond the quarter, how does this ball market play out? is it going to be something like the late 1990's that ends bad with drop or does it keep going up or gradually fizzle? >> longer term, the stock market follows the business cycle and unless someone thinks there's a recession starting next year, the bull markets intact, i think the main thing -- the main driver for markets for the next few years is really going to be investment spending picking up. tax reform helps but i think the bigger driver is getting home starts to increase, housing starts are still well below which would be cycle peaks. jon: not too late to get into
7:26 am
the market, do you think it keeps going up? >> long-term, yeah, near-term it's not the best risk reward. the only way you can justify buying stocks now is either -- earnings aren't accelerated. it's a big ask for investors right now. maria: sounds like you think the market could trade down on earnings? >> a collaboration coming, right. if earnings growth is 4% this quarter and you look at consensus, 15% earnings growth next year. i think, you know, it's not going to be 15, something less than 15. dagen: the surprisingly strong dollar which the journal writes about on the front page today will dent earnings for multinationals and large u.s. exporters and is that factored into the market? >> yeah, it's important to keep in mind. the dollar was close down to double digits in the first half, that roughly translates for half of profits to go double digits, so it's probably 5 percentage
7:27 am
points, dollar is just flat, you lose 5 percentage points. jon: it's still 6% of the year, it's not like it's a big reverse? >> that's right, it's 6% and you anniversary it, in 2018 you don't have any benefit from dollar weakness. maria: i see. >> do you think the rhetoric of north korea is factor at all? >> it adds to tail risk but i think this market has taken a lot of things that could make them nervous and stride. jon: we have a different bunch of candidates for the fed, which one does the market rally on janet yellen, powell -- >> they prefer someone dovish and hawkish, i think right now, i think anyone that's picked by the republicans is generally good for markets because it's seen as someone who is supportive of stable arising financial assets. maria: policy that will help the economy. tom, great to see you.
7:28 am
tom lee, picking up the pieces of hurricane maria. ly talk with ceo in the area who says he's receiving threats after criticizing the local government's response. expands of debbie wasserman schultz it worker, wiped phone clean before his arrest. back in a moment when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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7:31 am
traitor welcome back. good tuesday morning. i maria bartiromo appeared tuesday come october 10th. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. devastation in puerto rico for cover efforts on cover efforts ongoing. one ceo criticize government respond now getting threats. we'll talk with him coming out. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg under fire. he went on a virtual tour of the damage is part of a product promotion. new information on the scandal could fresh evidence that says enron wiped his own clean right before his arrest. money a touchy subject between friends. how you can resolve conflicts coming up here carlos junior well-known frats like this. ♪ >> it reminds me of being in high school, savor that sweet spicy sauce. maria: as picture and amazon. the details of what they want to
7:32 am
do. we are expecting a higher opening for broader average. dow industrial at --a .5 points. major averages mixed. has been up all morning. dax and germany lower. asia overnight as you see there. devastation puerto rico right now. much of the island as the u.s. territory struggles to recover from the damage left behind by hurricane maria appeared the governor ricardo masao ordered an investigation into the delivery of supplies, singing there'd be quote, unquote to pay for any mishandling. joining us now is passive ceo jorge rodriguez. thank you for joining us. you were with us a week ago and you've been critical of the response. you have received serious threats because of it?
7:33 am
>> yes, news broke out. i got various serious threats they were going to kick me out of the country, that i'm throwing them under the bus, but i'm not a puerto rican, so for that i just have to hire a guard. i've never had that before. puerto rico in general is very safe, but i have an armed guard now to be with me at all times. >> jorge, what would you say is the federal government of the trump administration been doing right and puerto rico? what do you see in the street? >> i think they did very well. the arrival of assets all sorcerers resources immediately. the logistics will lead back to what it was. the logistical issue has been turned.
7:34 am
i think that, you know, sunday i went to port towns, which is lares -- [inaudible] those people have no water. four tracks, four by fours and use them to regroup. people get out of their cars and grab your water or rescue for water. so there is no water route they are. it is a matter of not even having water and this is day 20. >> as i receive an main breakdown in local government that they haven't been able to have the water in outlying areas? >> they never followed this methodology. at one center where everyone is together with the federal
7:35 am
government. they can cover may be seven or eight per group. there is no communication. there is zero. [inaudible] the main center in their own location to be able to deliver their immediate needs. maria: jorge, it is dagen mcdowell. talk about what private businesses have been able to do. have they been able to do a better job in terms of getting aid? we know people personally who have gone down to puerto rico, even like small field distribution companies like foster fuels company where i grew up down there trying to
7:36 am
deliver fuel to the people of puerto rico. >> it's interesting you brought that up your mouth at this very close to the convention center. the first i ever saw out there, they were all trucks with brands for american companies. so they were just like those type of companies and you could tell because the name of the companies we've never seen before. so i think the trip i went on sunday, a group called keeshan air lift, they were pouring out of katrina and then houston. 60 airplanes withheld. basically, their goal is enough tactically where things need to go to by talking to the people. i think we can gather delegates
7:37 am
on the ground better by now we were just mapping the road. we had a helicopter to exactly where we need to go. maria: jorge, letting nature take on this. the ceo of facebook, mark zuckerberg posted a video of his "avatar" touring the devastation and puerto rico, using virtual reality. what is your take on this? >> i have 25 years experience in our nation and i have to rewire myself. when you get out of san juan, there is zero communication. the battery runs out unless you go to the car, turn it on in charge. how do they intend that to work out their without any signal?
7:38 am
and you are going to use it inside the areas. there is a lot of talk about that. how much of the virtual reality experience -- the only thing that is a challenge as the human sense. that is what we see when we go there that energizes us to help more. maria: thank you so much for joining us this morning. we'll be watching the development. jorge rodriguez there appeared to small business in america. what started out as a homemade sangria recipe moved into a moneymaking idea when rick martinez went around to a few retailers asking if they would buy his homemade sangria. they said yes. tracee carrasco takes a look at the celebrate hispanic heritage
7:39 am
month. >> at morning. i think this men stories exactly what national heritage month wants to celebrate. he says this parents came to cuba and he watched them and that's what motivated him to take his chance and here's his story. senior sangria started in 2006. after looking for a business idea, he decided to take a chance and battle his sangria to sell. martinez quit his job and sold his apartment to focus on turning this idea into a reality. >> i remember delivering out of the back of my car which is nuts. i would go to stores, knock on stores, knock on doors and sangria. >> fast-forward to 2017. senior sangria sells more than 70,000 cases a year. some shells and escape the top of the seventh in 2018. the drink brought in $3.2 million last year, on track
7:40 am
to make 623 million this year. martinez says it's still a struggle to grow his business. >> i have to keep my head down and push forward and focus more in sales. >> with no formal business background says he couldn't have done it without the guidance of the statewide hispanic chamber of commerce in new jersey. the chamber is made up of 35 members with hispanic roots. chairman carlos medina says the goal is to help hispanic businesses to succeed. >> they are professionals that come to this country overqualified and they can't find employment they decide to venture out and become entrepreneurs. we try to connect them to resources to help them do educational entrepreneurship training classes. >> tax reform, health care and immigration is helping the hispanic owned businesses navigate. >> we try to educate them. >> one of the biggest obstacles to spend as the sooners face is
7:41 am
how people view them. >> the inference they're somehow quite the opposite. they are upset about the perception. they feel in statistics show this that they are contributing. >> a perfect example. >> what is interesting, and the u.s. chamber of commerce said more than 4 million hispanic owned businesses in the united states. they bring in $660 billion they are outpacing 15 times the national average for people starting businesses over the last decade. [inaudible] >> i did not bring any sangria. i love stories like that. coming up, awarding two richard
7:42 am
saylor, housework may have added $50 billion. saying goodbye with a hilarious new seashell media approach for the fast food chain ahead. "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement. it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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7:45 am
maria: welcome back to the indicted former itt democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz wiped his own clean break before being arrested. cheryl casone with the new details this morning. cheryl: as you know, she was aware that he was being investigated. prosecutors say the cell phone have been wiped clean a few hours before he was actually arrested. he was caught back in july trying to board a flight to
7:46 am
pakistan. he and his wife now facing fraud charges related to sending money to pakistan, that they were also under investigation for abusing their position managing i.t. for several members of congress. the story we've been following we will continue to follow for you. retirees may be thinking the most recent nobel prize winner in economics. university of chicago professor richard behler may help save her nearly 30 billion to their retirement accounts. he is credited with getting people to stash away more cash in those workplace retirement plans or autoenrollment in several other pieces published over his career. the fast food chain carl's junior trying to sell amazon under pretty interesting idea. the twitter campaign yesterday to try to get amazon to buy them. they can change the world. they are obviously kind of funny, but they appear to be a promotion for the new box mail they are launching.
7:47 am
they either want to get caught, but we are talking about it. a chicken finger -- button. maria: i don't know what they'll think of macs. coming up, personal finance is a little too personally. how to keep your finances in check when dealing with money matters.
7:48 am
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maria: welcome back. good friends can talk about anything except apparently money. new findings from the first-ever friends again report by bank of america proved detrimental ious can be to a friendship or relationship. 44% is a major source of stress. joining us now by our win from friendship may from friendship might r. wayne from friendship might have been the wisest thinkers. bank of america chief cml and dr. melanie ross mills relationship expert. great to see you both. thank you for joining us. this study talks about lending people money, and trying to ask for it back. tell us what struck you most about this study.
7:52 am
>> is really interesting. people don't mind giving money out at all. we see every monday money. pingback the money people are really still awkward about asking for the money back. 40% of the people in the study said they would end a friendship if someone didn't pay them back. it's not even that much money. 80% of people said $500 would be the threshold. it's even drop down to $100. 40% of people say i'm going to end this relationship. >> of i am somebody money i don't expect to get it back. i don't. >> a lot of people realize they are getting it back. maria: let's say a friend. >> the problem is you run into them again. people say i'm not going to show up at the party and they don't want to deal with them and they don't want to send a text because the whole feeling of avoidance because they know they owe them money. maria: if you avoid somebody it's obviously affecting the
7:53 am
relationship. >> that is what is so interesting about the bank of america report showing its major division and friendship by not paying back the debt, while theo. maria: sometimes lending a burn is unavoidable. -- unavailable unavoidable. how do you ask your friend for the money back? >> the good news is with peer-to-peer payments of bank of america, if you go into the mobile lab, it's an easy way that not only can you send money, but you can request money. all the banks now on a platform which is a peer-to-peer platform. with a 23 million active users than we are starting to see a huge uptick of people starting to use the mobile payment platform. it takes the awkwardness out. i have to ask you face-to-face. i can send you a text and say hey remember look at the time. >> maybe they don't have money.
7:54 am
that's why they are not paying it back. >> a lot of these cases a small increments. we are talking about a lot of money and i don't have it. it is more forgetfulness. time goes on, you forget and maybe convenience. maria: the fear of confrontation is what you had done earlier. that leads to unpaid debts. you're afraid to see someone because you are the money that runs the relationship right away. >> what is so fabulous about the fact that you can immediately have $5 say i can't pay much, but here in goodwill i'm actually giving you as much as i can right now, which means the world and brings you back together. maria: how is the overall credit story? are you seem stress for the consumer right now? >> the economy is healthy so we are seeing now than we are really trying to use the effort
7:55 am
so we are calling the campaign pay back a friend. the whole idea is october 17th we will have pay back a friend a permit to create one day to say it's okay, forget about what happened in the past and really start to pay back the debt. to make it easy to do and stress free. maria: to friends on money that often? it's interesting as a whole campaign about this. i didn't realize it was so prevalent. >> it's really prevalent. i think we can all relate to those examples of family gatherings, family vacations or maybe one of the siblings didn't contribute exactly the same amount as the other. this is really universal truths. maria: we will be watching. great to have you both on the show. thank you so much. we will take a break. when we come back on a clemson the galaxy far, far away. the new trailer for the last jedi. "mornings with maria" right
7:56 am
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oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. maria: good tuesday morning thanks so much for joining us tuesday, i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday, october 10, your top stories right now, 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. e. devastation in california, at least 10 people dead this morning, 100 others still missing, and more than 1,000 homes businesses have been
7:59 am
destroyed as wildfires continue to rage near napa valley in southern california. >> my neighbor, in -- neighborhood in flames, completely in flames. >> more on devastating shocking image this photo of flames lighting up the sky, behind disnoaa land. >> former streef strategist bannon calling on senator bob corker to resign immediately for insulting president trump the k implication. >> markets xoep taxes rex tillerson up in record territory, dow industrials up 40 points, nasdaq up 11 points, looks like the open will be a firmer tone, in europe, the marriages mixed the ft 100 up all morning, up a quarter of a percent the cac quarante in are applis dax in
8:00 am
germany lower in asia overnight, marks closed mostly higher as you see kospi standout up 1 2/3 pers in korea details in at the deadly las vegas massacre to report, a mandalay bay hotel security guard was shot minutes before the gunman beganing his rampage on concertgoers how this changes timeline for investigators, and as many in hollywood remain you will see ent over sexual harassment allegations against harvey weinstein one major name from fashion world coming to defense donna karan speaking out on behalf of the he movie mogul this morning, wall mart to watch higher after company unanswered share buyback updated guidance the announcement from wal-mart has stock up %, espn jemele hill suspended how twitter tactics landed her in hot water then this jedis, rejoice.
8:01 am
>> ♪ ♪ i need help. ♪ maria: very new last jedi trailer sending fans into a frenzy we will have it for you all those coming up this morning joining me to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath former intejs officer andrew peek great to see you -- >> you are a big "star wars"' fan. >>. dagen: what about it? [laughter] >> are you ready to go. >> i love to see carrie fisher honoring here. maria: you like the trailer. dagen: i will see pretty much anything in "star wars" talked to somebody about blade runner why didn't do well at box office friend of mine saw it this is awful. >> the reason. dagen: okay -- the reason why it didn't do better at the box snoofs big hour joining the
8:02 am
conversation this morning o former republican presidential candidate fox news contributor herman cain with us, the author of billionaires barricades host of fox news program england angle is here former ceo of apple 2 zeta global cofounder john sculley with us host of "varney & company" stuart varney stops by big program this hour don't miss a moment wildfires in california this morning, in wine country at least 10 people dead this morning as a result, tens of thousands others forced to flee homes aimed housley live on the ground in papa with latest on evacuations. reporter: that number is out to 11 people dead counting fires in northern california, so not just wine country about it sacramento valley as well the number is now 11. we know that there are 100 different missing person reports filed in sonoma county, napa county, the fire still continuing to burn no
8:03 am
containment numbers they have not given us any yet they hope to have some for us once the sun comes up going to be flying the planes here after sun comes up try to gage where fires are use a different ways to gage where fire lines are overnight, of course, fire joenl laid down at night good news in the fire conditioning front that there is no wind there hasn't been wind about 12 hours there are some forecasts that may come back this afternoon for the most part right now getting firefighters, and from the air as well helicopters and planes an opportunity to try to knock down some fires, one that burned through here atlas peak fire through here less 4 hours ago in mountains, striking homes ramps going into a dif county a third county solano county going towards area called green valley mandatory evacuations in place pictures that you are seeing are pictures that i took from photos before sundown last night, of the area you can see active fire areas you can see some won -- they even had a
8:04 am
line created a backfire, so the battle here against flames continues, there are a lot of homes a lot of businesses lost latest number, 1500 different structures have burned that number is going up as well as the casualty counts right now still at 11 guys back to you. maria: just extraordinary what has tanplace there adam we want updates as you get them we will come back to you as news develops this you amended housley on the ground in napa valley this morning, in washington president trump's twitter feud with tennessee senator bob corker seems getting worse are former white house chief starjt bannon weighing? a shame white house has become adult day care center someone missed their shift this morning, bannon said this behavior is unacceptable he said on hannity last night on fox news watch this. >> corker, mcconnell corker entire -- establishment globalist click on capitol hill have to go if we need any
8:05 am
more proof, of what they think you heard an absolutely disgrace. >> if bob corker has any honor, any decency he should resign immediately. >> this afterp president trump tweeted corker had quote/unquote begged him for endorsement was largely responsible for who arenous iran deal joining us fox news contributor her-- herman cain. >> morning. >> i don't know why we keep talking about feud why this is still going on when we have so many important things to deal with in this country like tax reform, like north korea, like other things, is this feud going to affect the the agenda in your view? >> no, it is not. steve bannon is absolutely correct. corker is a distraction if media stops covering him will become irrelevant since he announced not going to rerun he feels as if he can have a field day, along with other
8:06 am
rinos, democrats trying to do anything he can, to embarrass, stop trump it is not going to affect the trump trying to achieve the people's agenda, no, it is not. >> the problem is, is that this studiline keeps on go story line keeps going doesn't he need senate to pass legacy talking about zeldin he said a stunning comment said i never had a lower confidence the senate is going to pass important legislation as i do right now we know what happened in health care they did not take up the the house version they went starting anew never didn't vote for it, would that same thing happen on taxes, and wouldn't it be nice to have some support in the senate? >> yes. and he is correct. look. this whole thing started to unfollowed when john mccain stabbed the american people in the back! we never expected susan collins or lisa murkowski to
8:07 am
go with anything to them nothing is perfect enough now you have senator corker jumping on this, anything to make trump look bad, bandwagon you are right. it does lull prospects that we are going to get something done what the american people have to do raise cane step up, speak up, and send messages to your members of congress, insisting they back this president his agenda is the people's agenda, that is what the members of congress are forget about. maria: that is true people voted for an agenda, in want to see tax reform happen. investors are breaths on economic o optimism under trump administration you look at economy 3.1% now, goldman sachs is out this morning saying, that there is a 65% chance tax reform gets done in 2018. so what is the trump administration need to do to get this reform passed despite democratic opposition even opposition within senate from his own party? >> they need he needs to
8:08 am
mobilize people people need to speak up, step up as i indicated. or call yesterday said we need to raise cane i said i will stake that handle if person people letmens of congress know they are paying attention to this malarky that congress is pulling trying to stop, embarrass trump guess what some may change their tune, 2018 is an election year for every member of congress we get that. but it is also election year for a lot of democrat senators republican senators american people are not going to forget this time, that is what they are counting on they are counting on the negative rhetoric that is coming from liberal media all that democrats and object struck shunnists from democrats any earn earn people not paying attention i got news they have to step up, speak up and say get behind what this president wants to do, one last thing maria. this president, hasn't tried
8:09 am
to do anything that he didn't promise the american people. nothing. except congress is now objecting, to everything that he wants to do, on behalf of the people. i am not mad at you maria i just get a little -- >> love your passion i get passionate as well what is your take on this tax plan that basically looks like a tax increase herman? let's be honest! highest earnings pay all tax top 10% pay 71% of all the tax and, yet, what are we hearing about the elimination of a dividend that impacts highet earners,a fourth bracket going up to 37, 39% from 35% was third bracket i mean what is going on here? is he doing what he said he would do or is he only raising taxes for a portion of the people and cutting tax for others? >> the president plans as he a proposes is a good plan, and maybe the top taxpayers maybe
8:10 am
they get a little bit of a break, but the big break comes to the people and the middle class and people at the lower end of the economic spectrum what is going on sound bite derby. maria: yeah. >> -- he proposed fourth bracket -- he what happens when he put proposal on table it nitkowskit in nitpicking was. >> we knew talking points from left before they started the left was going to say that is tax cut for the rich better raise taxes on rich but there is geneticing bullied why can't be we ready with an agenda answer for what we know is coming. >> that is the problem, with the republicans. they knew it was coming. i even wrote a commentary and anticipating all of 2 democrat negative talking points. maria: yep. >> that is exactly what they are doing so hold republicans accountable for not having is a commonality for what
8:11 am
democrats are trying to do in order have to try to kill the president's proposal with their attack sound bites going on. maria: i agree with you going to watch the senate because i think senate also should be held accountable if nothing gets done this year we will be watching that herman always a pleasure to see you, sir. >> thank you, maria. >> thank you so much herman cain, tensions with north korea why james mattis is telling army stand ready amid concerns hermit kingdom is preparing a missile test. >> box office tickets on sale for next "star wars" trailer drops during "monday night football" a fresh look at "the last jedi" preview next. ♪ ♪ [vo] the grille is distinctive.
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every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. intelligent technology can help protect it. the 2018 audi q5 is here. maria: welcome back, watching north korea tensions between u.s. and appointeei. >> an important day a lot of people expecting missile launches. >> it is indeed today is the 72nd anniversary of the ruling workers party north korean experts have been eyeballing today as a possibility for yet another missile test but they day light come and gone rogue
8:15 am
nation so far no such activity reported, still the trump administration is keeping the military option on the table as relates to that country for example, yesterday, president trump tweeted out the following, he said and i quote our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea 25 years billions of dollars getting nothing, policy didn't work, and lessen to the defense secretary jim mattis in washington, d.c., yesterday said troops need to be on the ready. >> now what is the future hold? net you nor i can say so there is one thing the u.s. army can do, and that is you've got to be ready to ensure that we have military options that our president can employ if needed. >> and maria big meeting today at the white house, as mattis and the secretary of state rex tillerson will be coming here sitting down, with the commander in chief, back to
8:16 am
you. >> thank you so much blake burman taught white house thank you blake a texas tech student accused of killing a police officer cheryl casone with that. cheryl: yes, maria. officials say 19-year-old freshman daniels was brought to the police station last night after drugs found in his room he allegedly pulled the gun and shot an officer, in the head he fled. but was soon caught. well, a hotel security guard at mandalay bay hotel hailed a hero for taking pat orange county's first bullet potentially saved many lives in that las vegas mass shooting police say jesus campos shot 6 minutes before paddock began assaulting concertgoers, campos was able to call for help but that allowed police to find paddock faster than they would have o police said campos approached paddock's room that shooting under way details out of the investigation, now. and in interview with foeshz
8:17 am
about forbes president trump speaking out about recent report secretary of state rex tillerson called him a moron president responded saying quote, i think it is fake news, but if he did that i guess we will have to compare iq tests, i can tell you who is going to win. >> kidding or thought we don't know. plus, there was this. >> light the fire -- aww. >> this is not going to go well. the way you think -- ♪ maria: social media going crazy about "star wars" trailer released last night after football looks like going to be a huge hit around the world mark hammel coming back as luke skywalker this is
8:18 am
carrie fisher in final film performance made before her death, speaking of carrie fisher a photograph by instagram account of french bulldog they were inseparable stirring up emotion this morning shows him watching carrie in the trailer watch new trailer of last jedi and my mom looks more beautiful than ever # gary misses his mom living with her daughter since death. dagen: that photo gary he out of his mouth with her everywhere i think on the plane when see that had a heart attack. maria: that is sweet, hollywood silent many still not addressing the sexual gailgs against weinstein even though he admitted it one defending him outrage coming up are you golden for golden years the amount you should
8:19 am
have in the bank by the time reach mid 40s back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. breaking news a live look from international space station right now astronauts performing a space walk, to repair robotic arm aboard the station gen,ers are you saving enough for life after 56 by time you reach mid 40s should have saved at least 200,000 dollars for retirement aaccording to fidelity the savings between 44 to 49 is
8:23 am
get this 81,000 dollars, want to bring in expert chris hogan good to see you -- >> good to see you as well. maria: i guess you know gen gen exers not saving enough don't have money living paycheck to paycheck an issue, but how much should they save how do you save properly for retirement. >> i would love to see them target 15% of income, into 401(k)', 403 b's we know this that when you give money time and compound interest to work on it you will grow it, the best place for millennials anyone else to be able to find that money is to really take a look at your expenses, i am going to say b word budget you've got to understand income coming in where it is going so cost living first place to really begin to cut back, so you can save for the future. >> if you saved 200,000 i
8:24 am
think fidelity recommended by mid 40s where is that leaving you by the time you are 65 is that going to leave you comfortable in retirement or do you have to step it up even at that level? >> well i would say this, if you have 200,000 by time in 40s you are going to be better off than the average individual. but that word comfortable that is all going to boil down to lifestyle what it is you want to do, so i want to encourage people to be consistent and focused in savings, so 15% is target, if you stay on track with that going to put you in a better spot, than other people that have done nothing. >> chris i want to go on a vacation now, though. when i am 28, or -- 32, having not 28 or 32 but you know what i mean, that that is you spend when you can really enjoy it rather than you sock away all this money, and then thank you retire when you are in late 60s, then you are just too doingon exhausted to go on a trip. >> well listen, there is nothing wrong with taking a vacation. i just want to encourage people to begin to set money
8:25 am
aside each month i mean the summertime it stays there same time of year june and july. so start saving and putting money aside once you are out of debt to be able to take that vacation, what i don't want people to do is utilize credit cards now paying on vacation for the next three years to come. >> aim huge advocate 401(k) investing you reduce taxable income terrific tax break with so many companies matching giving up free money gets it out of your hands, before you can spend it. >> yes. >> that is magic thing you know it is really one of those things when you set up a 4 o 1k people proof happens automatically nothing you have to do i do want to encourage people leave that money alone goal of the 401(k), 403b to replace your paycheck in retirement can when you look at it that way a new view and whole new attitude on how that money is growing. >> chris as you know i am army officer used to be one of the things military looking at
8:26 am
moving from defined benefit pension program where people get a certain amount of money each month if they serve 20 years or more, moving 401(k) system, how does having a defined benefit program affect the your retirement should it be large part of retirement? should you have the some sort of asset in addition to that what do you think? >> well, first of all, i would say thank you for your service, and to the men and women of the united states military, i think we need to make sure we are doing a good job of putting them in a position to take care of them later protecting our freedoms defined benefit contributions you have a set amount of money coming in, now the difference between that and a 401(k) it will give you more options to be able to grow the money, and so i think it is really matter of sitting down and understanding and giving people the choice of what direct they wanting to. >> great as always great to see you, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> chris hogan joining us hollywood's new you will see ent era growing outrage of some actors politicians
8:27 am
keeping quiet against sexual harassment allegations begins harvey weinstein. >> the conglomerate splitting into two publicly traded companies up this morning back in a moment. ♪ ♪ 4 .
8:28 am
8:29 am
maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, october 10, your top stories right now
8:30 am
8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the sexual harassment scandal ripping through hollywood many heavyweights you will see ebts one fashion mowing you'll to his defense donna karan back tracking honeywell a corporate makeover will spin out two key businesses not the one investors pushing for honeywell shares trade higher wall mart a massif share buy back will repurchase 20 billion dollars in stock it is also forecasting online sales up 40% in the next fiscal year, stock is jumping % on news, that -- 2% a dow component will help dow wall mart leading futures higher up 40 points up 13 points on nasdaq in europe mixed this morning ft 100 higher in london the cac quarante. dax index lower in asia overnight, markets closed higher with kospi index standout up one and two-thirds% topping news this half an hour more details
8:31 am
about the disgraced motive mogul harvey weinstein years of alleged sexual harassment two dop democrats silent moem spoke out done this money but hillary clinton and former president obama have yet to issue any statements fashion designer donna karan under fire for comments here is what she said in new interview when asked about the controversy you look at everything all over the world today, and how women are dressing, and what they are asking, by just presenting themselves the way he they do what they are asking for? trouble. joining us right now author of billionaires bash kaidz populist revolution from reagan to trump the host of the england angle good to see you thanks for joining us last night i remembered that he maria obama, president obama's daughter got internship request harvey weinstein very
8:32 am
close. >> pictures of the clintons harvey weinstein all very close, but not a people abo-- peep. >> wild i have a daughter 12 i hope gets internship some day if she does i heard something like this about the guy who employed her, get in the car whatever it wouldn't take four or five days but i think the double standard with the entire industry for years claiming that their pro women all about women you guess not so much dana karan said she is a champion of woman said i made a statement that unfortunately is not representative how i feel or what i believe, my life has been dedicating to dressing and addressing needs of women empowering them promoting equal rights. >> remember what hillary michelle obama said about women who voted for trump completely dismissive totally
8:33 am
did he meaning you are doing what you are told to do i thought was knowing about women what they stand for values standing up for what they believe i am woman hear me roar as long as wearing something left wing if you are conservative think about these issues a lot isn't working so well politics we need to go a different direction donald trump might be rough around the edges at times maybe we need a wrecking ball you can't think about that troglodyte, xenophobic people are tired of this game. >> anybody who doesn't support a woman. >>. dagen: maybe foolishly dumbfounded by their inability to actually walk their talk. they love to give speeches from meryl streep golden globes speech went after president trump when powerful use position to bully others we all lose okay go on with it. this is from a woman called harvey weinstein god.
8:34 am
>> took three days four days to come out and -- speak. >> yesterday morning. >> to a cat got their towninguei teared about this in 1999 from a friend of mine works in the entertainment industry i didn't know anything about it that sounds really scary but i heard about this years and years ago if i heard about it really no connections to hollywood, imagine what people did know, and i think this is just the tip of the iceberg not about harvey weinstein about a culture, of it is it is a male dominated culture in hollywood. >> they lambaste -- >> trump is worst possible thing -- and donald trump should be run out of town on a rail, but if you are harvey weinstein you donated to clintons obamas gives internship to maria you are okay. >> the clinton-obama the key word there is a huge money connection, between hollywood and washington. because this scandal does this change that? is hollywood going to continue
8:35 am
to be the source of funds to politicians and politicians want to get mixed up with that. >> i don't think it is all th successful for naem barack obama kind of a celebrity in his right magnetic great politician knew how to use platform strutted stage talented in his right i don't think needed hollywood they amplified his run in full force against trump calling you on your you know what. dagen: that is so spot-on the only person who really made a difference for barack obama was oprah winfrey. >> what happened to oprah after she got political stepped back from that backfired on her. dagen: also, election in georgia celebrity support didn't help -- running against mitch mcconnell. maria: ashley judd all those supporting hillary. >> no help. >> miley cyrus door-to-door in
8:36 am
virginia maybe pushed hillary over edge in virginia. >> hillbilly accent, how you all -- >> i am i believe it. >> let me ask you about new book, because it is he billionaire at the barricades you question whether or not donald trump presidency can break past barricades of the establishment, or blocked by them, what do you think happens here laura? because look at the push that he is getting on tax reform, look at push he had on health care. and we just had congressman zeldin on said i have the lowest amount of confidence in the senate right now to pass any important legislation that -- >> i think donald trump tried to work with capitol hill came in in the spring contrary to what i think a lot wanted him to do let them can i have run the show on health care voted seven times to repeal it experts on how 20 do legislation, and retrospect i think that was a mistake. >> he should have -- he had the platform bully pulpit i would have liked about to see him go cross the country on issue of health care, and
8:37 am
then, amplify that put pressure on congress with people behind them you would have thought winning election beating obamas clintons, hollywood media establishment bushs gop beat all they don't get it running as if 1995. >> don't you think there are people in the nat thsenate don' care if he succeeds or not. >> bob corker he smoking bob corker out. >> trump might tweet too much say things he should not say get involved in things -- but he really smoked a lot of guys out, they hide behind the niceties of gop politics. the grassroots are really antsy want results. >> what if he works trump now works with democrats what if he teams up. >> he will. >> -- i think he will. >> going to handle that. >> people waent legislative results so if he can work with -- pelosi schumer on a couple issues may be on trade stuff may be on aspect of tax reform, who knows? may be despite you a all
8:38 am
bluster on left there they will be in favor of some is immigration limits enforcement to get amnesty for dreamers, you have to admit trump tried a lot of different things, not like came in was a bulldozer in congress he tried to work with them had them for dinner lunch goffed with them pelosi there, worked the deal in debt ceiling with democrats. >> that is the public wants results, for sure. >> work together if they can. >> poll in the journal after trump did that deal with pelosi schumer on debt ceiling 71% -- >>. >> in favor. >> people see him i am getting this done whatever it takes. >> i think, what really grinds gears in a lot of people duplicity senate republicans have in saying, election year we need your support, and then we're going back to business as usual, not going to support your bills. >> think about corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee retires because he thinks this is
8:39 am
philosophy is winning kind of bush republicanism really better than conservative populist i wrote about stay in game don't jump ship you can't be captain of the ship if you jump corker too hard for me all these antsy people in the grassroots want results, we are going to slow this than any down i think, trump has got a huge number of barricades in front of him media want him out hollywood wants him gone old guard of republican party, they want to stay in power, as he said want to go back to business as usual i think those days are over i really do, i think they might not get it yet but the memo has been sent. >> who is on the other side democratic side 2020. >> i think one labels himself or her self a liberal populist democrat maybe elizabeth warren cuomo kind of drefrs up as working democrat. >> could he get nomination from dems i think would be tough but old dog democrats are going to come back i think
8:40 am
biden does think approaching octogenarian status could be nominee of the party. >> biden, bernie sanders or elizabeth warren cuomo. >> could be michelle obama contrary to what people say she doesn't want to run for office i am not sure about that. >> might be only hope. >> they have star power obamas have the ability to raise a huge amount of money, and the democrats are plastering this race issue, morning noon and night obamas will pick up on it. >> -- the way hillary did as you know another person -- attached to former president riding on that. >> i am not saying it guys to go work if i am a comhoot am i going to nominate elizabeth warren i am begging them nominate elizabeth warren a false populist believes in growing government not freedom of the individual. >> had to be apologist for horny husband. >> hillary -- that was hillary's problem. >> hillary showing as much empathy to harvey weinstein victims as she did to her
8:41 am
husband's victim means known. >> deplorable i guess. >> basket of deplorables working class people the best i came from working class the best in this society. >> deplorable. >> i am deplorable -- >> for me. >> laura good to see you good luck on the show! >> thank you, come on get up early. >> week nights fox news channel starts october 30, 10 pm eastern must-see. >> we take a break steering toward infuriate stuart varney weighs in on general motors opposition, buzz around honeywell massive conglomerate into two stand alone companies how investors are reacting to this, back right here. >> ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market
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>> honeywell announcing planning to spin off two core businesses into separate companies nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange looking at stocks. >> we are seeing honeywell looking up 20 cents talking as you noted in two separate companies one would be home and global distribution business the other would be a transportation business generating further republic home and global business would generator 4 1/2 billion dollars controlling security fire protectionism the other transportation business would jaurt three billion dollars turbo charger technology fury automobiles trucks when the separation is likely to happen by the end of 2018, and get this does not need shareholder vote in order to happen, then we are taking a close look at wal-mart this morning, this one is to the upside this morning, by over a dollar, and news on wal-mart the buy back news they announced going to
8:46 am
be buying back 20 billion dollars, in shares that will take place over the next two years. in addition to, that, the online business that continues to grow they are giving growth projections that are pretty great saying that will rise by about 40%, and also, expecting to add 1,000 online grocery locations in united states, you know, that amazon bought whole foods every won says wall mart a may be one to take on amazon look like a big efforts to do so yesterday we talked returns in 30 seconds they are working on that as well back to you maria: this you so much return to ge the stock down big yesterday, following surprise announcement retirement of cfo jeff bornstein board shake-up ge shares up two-thirds of a percent down to 23.58 sharp selo yesterday cfo two others basically stepped down after another household name gm is
8:47 am
rising on wall street risen nearly 30% last three months joining us to talk about that stuart varney good morning to you. >> fascinating isn't it. maria: yeah. >> i go back aways as we all know, and i remember the days when general electric the stock to own for widows orphans put money in always went up dividend was secure, profits went up month after month quarter after or the other, what a difference a few years makes. that thing is zblu and different leadership. >> quite right jack welch stopped aside, in came jeff immelt big friend of barack obama grid not work got rid of previously profoundly credit operation bad bets on energy look a four-year low i think that is a for-year low 23 bucks a share 4-year low for the educate general electric one of the great stocks companies of the past
8:48 am
generation, now look at general motors as you did 45 dollars a share, up from what 33 dollars per share, a couple months ago. gm has gotten ahold of the technology bug some are calling it a technology company because it is go about heavily into electric cars, self-driving cars and when is% about hydrogen fuel cells general hehe electric on downside old-fashioned company going nowhere gen general motors what a story. >> kriflt fo of ford said look, our business is not vehicles it is mobility. and he got tossed out, so, yes, maybe gm found secret sauce ford tried to make it
8:49 am
like they were technology company it didn't work. >> what is the secret sauce gm has that ford didn't get hold of i don't know i don't have the answer i really don't, unless something in when is% about hydrogen fuel cell development, just whispers that i hear maybe that is propelling the stock. >> see you 10 minutes thank you so much "varney & company" top of the mower, right after "mornings with maria" join stuart, coming up first chasing a technology yun conn we talk to top at beta ghobl about a possible ipo the valuation climbs to offer a billion dollars the founder the former ceo of apple john sculley is next. ♪
8:50 am
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data globally celebrating 10-year anniversary questions about the as plans for ipo where is the growth next beta global raised 120 millions in capital this year, bringing company valuation to offer a billion dollars, joining us right now company cofounder former apple ceo john sculley with date global ceo david steinberg good to have you on the program thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us maria. >> good to see you. >> thank you, maria. >> we have been talking john in the studio with david about really what beta does how big this opportunity is in terms of mining data, let me ask you to kick us off here tell us where you see the growth right now, at beta congratulations john on 10 years. >> great. thank you maria great to be with you, it all starts with what is happening today, think of amazon prime 80 million
8:54 am
members have the experience marketing, that is really changed the world but goes back to the cola wars 1970s we started the pepsi challenge, we said, take the pepsi challenge, let taste decide steve jobs loved that took it to idea we loved it as experience marketing today is about personalized messaging exactly what we did a great job building this company. >> david you are ceo you sea lots of changes happening, tell us where the growth is from your standpoint and what has changed in this last 10 years. >> well there are so many things that are kind of coming together right now, maria, you've got data analytics, really ended up in a place processing power is driving things, so as more data is collected every year, than every year in the history of man leading up to that year. >> wow. >> we are able to make it actionable looking at signals looking at what people are doing, means they might leave
8:55 am
a particular customer or what they are doing might mean they want to become customer of another company. >> we were talking about artificial intelligence before camera went on tell us how artificial intelligence you are using it more importantly, how it is going to change lives of viewers out there how what is happening in that arena that is going to reshape the way the experience -- >> as my kids like to tell me dad you are not curing cancer but artificial intelligence probably will. not the way we use it but the way it is being developed if you think about it, effectively, you can create a program that can get smarter as it gets more information. and that is really what artificial intelligence is. >> machine learning. >> started with machine learning effectively automation with tremendousing processing way layer on top intelligence the mshs dan learn as they go. and get smarter and smarter.
8:56 am
and it is going to change everybody's life, the next 10 years. >> what is it going to do we can't do today. >> for example, if you've got a billion gigabytes, no human can go through that amount of information in a period of time that would allow you to make a decision. we have a very large automotive client we can process terabyte of data fast enough to publish customized officer to person visiting a web site in three milliseconds it sakes that site to load. >> like watson. >> as we jokingly say we compete with four very small companies ibm oracle sales fo force. >> if you could characterize the industry where is growing within. >> technology is in the cloud mobility also about scaling, because artificial intelligence lets us take complexity of life enable to us do things on massive scale
8:57 am
exactly what data globally is doing so profitable o o growing so fast. >> you going public soon? >> well -- you never know. but -- as you get bigger we're now 1400 employees operating at 26 offices on four continue nents we have larger pension funds private equity groups that have been very entrusting with money we have to show them a return. >> congratulations, good to he sue john sculley david steinberg we will be right back.
8:58 am
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maria: thanks, everybody appeared great pan all. thanks for joining us. ernie and company begins now. >> maria carmen thank you in the dirt rv, or mao comeau walter, now a fire. napa valley, home to great wineries in golf. good morning, everyone. 11 dead, 20,000 evacuated from the area runs in a rosa, the center of the wine tourism industry. the hilton hotel burned to the ground. more than 100 missing person report. there may be more fatalities. also around the time that napa and sonoma come the vineyard producing california reds. there has been some damage you have not yet


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