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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 10, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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everyone standing for the anthem, addressing players concerns. devil in the details how you go about that. pressure is on because some advertisers could be bolting. that is what happens when that happens. people say we have to change. or they are. to trish regan. trish: neil a whole lot going on, some you outlined there. we're waiting on sarah huckabee sanders from the white house. she will be dressing a whole lot of issues. everyone, it is very busy news day. we're expecting to get reaction on the harvey weinstein scandal, nfl and president trump's spat with bob corker. president trump as suring that the dispute with corker will not impact tax reform. another day on wall street, how do you like it? 22,812. we have the guy who told you it would hit 23,000 this year. he is here. is he confident in that
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prediction. >> welcome, everyone. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." fires scorching through california's wine country. 13 people are dead. first we go to adam shapiro, latest on war of words between senator corker and president trump, adam. reporter: started to heat up again this morning. it tapered off a bit. what has senator corker in the line of fire of president trump. as you look at senator corker, remember he is going to retire. he is now speaking his mind, critical of the president. here is what president trump tweeted early this morning. quote, the failing "new york times" said little bob corker up by recording his conversation. was made to sound a fool. that is what i am dealing with. "new york times" says that senator corker was aware the call was being reported. miss own aides were recording the phone call as "the times"
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said, to assure accuracy. records what this means for tax reform, senator corker has been on board. he is in favor of the budget resolution is far through the senate, which is necessary for tax reform. so here is what the president said moments ago about all of this. >> dispute with bob corker -- >> i don't think so at all i don't think so at all. we're well on the way. the people of this country want tax cuts. port for the that is what congress is focusing on. whether the president has enough republicans in the senate whatever bill is introduced, stay tuned. trish: joining me "bullseye brief" publisher and author, and bell point chief strategist, david nelson. you are the guy is 23,000.
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200 points away from that now. does that happen regardless of tax reform. >> absolutely happens, trish. two es, earnings and employment. that is still the story. earnings growth in in country. highest percentage of americans working in 16 years. 4.2% unemployment that is incredible exciting. wage growth is now 2.9%. that means people are getting paid 2.9% money this year than last year that starts to stoke the wage price spiral. inflation is so low. we want people to make more none any. they spend more money. good for corporate earnings. 23,000 around the corner. trish: let me ask you this. with he got breaking news. hold the thought momentarily. market is at another record, more than 60 times we've seen record closes for this dow.
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pretty incredible yet, yet there are all this bickering in d.c. again today, bob corker. and that is nice word, bickering. bob corker and donald trump. does that at any point inhibit his ability to actually get tax reform through, which adam says 23 k without it. it will cause people to pull back. >> adam is likely right and we probably get 23,000 but tax reform is a big deal. senator corker, senator mccain have nothing to lose. senator corker is retiring. senator mccain come to grips with his own mortality. i'm not even sure he is republican with his votes. you see it in the tenor of the trading. financials up. industrials up. cyclicals up. that is all trump trade stuff. if you don't pass it through, you have a legislative goose egg at end of the year.
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markets don't like that. trish: if they don't get tax reform through, take on market hat, i say they go hand in hand. adam, you have to understand politics to understand this market. >> they go hand in hand. trish: you're seeing a lot of traditional republicans and i mean like the bob corkers, john mccains of the world, really voiced a lot of opposition to this president. people are saying look if this continues then ultimately you're going not going to be able to see any kind of tax reform go through. i know you say the markets can support these levels. at that point, you really see a shift in washington as we concurrently watch steve bannon go out there and threaten every single establishment candidate? >> well the change we're going to see, trish, not just in the market. it is not just in washington but across the entire united states of america. if they could get anything done in congress, they have already a goose egg on health care, if they can't do tax reform now, what it says the whole reason
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the american public is willing to give gop benefit of the doubt, make it a triple threat with the senate, house and white house, all gop, if they can't get anything done, they're out, they're out of a job, trish. you will see a whole lot of change. trish: wow. a lot of change, is that good or bad for investors? david, look, i was so frustrated over last eight years because i look at that administration, i look at washington we had then, they couldn't get a darn then done, right? they just couldn't when it came to meaningful economic reform so the fed became only game in town. so we have giant balance sheet to show for it. that will get unwound somehow. janet yellen, whoever becomes head of federal reserve will have to bark seriously on the the path which they indicate they're willing to do but are they getting any help from d.c.?
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>> you bring up a really important point. that is the second big challenge for investors in the market, is the fed and a $4.5 trillion balance sheet. that is the end of that experiment. we don't know how that will look three, four, five years from now as we start to unwind that. the good news, as you point to the markets even without tax reform, international markets are doing well. that means customers are doing well. that is great news, big cap, large cap multinationals here in the united states. there is good news in all a the dark side you're talking about. trish: don't go anywhere. we have lots going on. we're waiting on sarah huckabee sanders. we expect she may have something to say on the ongoing nfl protest controversy. this as the new reports say the nfl is considering a rule change, how do you like this, require players to stand for the national anthem. president weighing in earlier today blasting espn host jemele hill and threatening to block the nfl from receiving tax
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breaks from the government. he says, quote, why is the nfl getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem, flag and country. guys, what do you think? i almost consider this one over at this point, i would say that the president has won. >> the president has won. the american people have won. the nfl has lost and lost resoundingly. roger goodell could have nipped this thing in the bud last year, but went silent. finally today, 14 months after this thing, an nfl player kneeled during the anthem, roger goodell makes this namby-pamby, milquetoast, middle of know where nothing statement. come on good gel, show leadership. this is the united states of america. trish: why did it take so long? viewers said we would turn it off and has economic implication to it. >> he was scared. think about the whole concussion issue that the nfl had to deal
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with. trish: domestic violence. >> domestic violence against women the nfl had to deal with. roger goodell is running scared, because players in the league, not all of them, some bad apples in the league making life miserable for all of them. trish: he makes millions of dollars a year, you mentioned domestic violence, concussions another big one. >> yep. trish: this tugged on heartstrings of everyday americans, does this mean, david, perhaps his days might be numbered? >> look all to come downs in the end to numbers and this is likely to hit the nfl and roger goodell is trying to get beyond this. what will be interesting is the drama unfolds now. what players out there will stick to their guns and kneel during the national anthem and risk millions of dollars. that is what i want to see next sunday and sunday after that. trish: oh, he is trying to defend free speech, this and
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that. when there were players who wanted to show their support for breast cancer, he didn't let them do that. when players wanted to dance in the end zone excited because they got a touchdown, he didn't let them do that. but he said, okay, you can actually stand for the anthem. let me share with you his statement, because as i said he is reversing his tune. he writes, like many of our fans we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. important moment of our game, honor our country, and our flag and fans expect that from us. it is true, they do expect that. and these are people employed bit teams, adam. >> yeah, so i read this morning in quote-unquote failing "new york times," but at least they got the statistic correct, 71% of people who consider them strong supporters of nfl in years past are not supporting the nfl. trish i haven't been able to watch a game in five weeks t
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makes me sick. i don't want to watch them. i'm watching college. i'm not watching pro. trish: full disclosure, i'm not a huge, you know me, i'm not a huge sports fan anyway. this perhaps is excuse for me not to watch it. what did you say, david? >> last thing you want to do on sunday after a week of political backlash, to turn on the tv set and watch another political protest. trish: exactly. people want to be entertained. let's face it. sports is very much a part of entertainment. just like you don't like entertainers, movie actors out there -- >> a lot of us, maybe adam, we're footballed out. >> yep. trish: let me turn to another big topic that may come up as we await the white house briefing, that is mr. rex tillerson, everyone, the secretary of state. there has been a lot of back and forth, adam whether or not he is going to stay on. he had to downplay those rumors. the president had to downplay those rumors. nbc quoting one source saying he
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was, the president himself was called, a quote, moron by rex tillerson. and the president saying you know, look there is nothing to this. rex tillerson's team saying there is nothing to it. nbc says we stand by our story. what happens to the relationship with rex tillerson and the president right now? >> well it is clearly strained but i like what mr. tillerson actually said about this when he was questioned last week, where i come from in the rich texas drawl, where i come from we don't talk about petty things like that. i would like to move on to the next question please. that was a real testament why he is in office of secretary of state. he is a diplomat. he is a experienced hand at negotiating major contracts between countries and corporations. he is exactly in the right place. and you know, every relationship has its own ups and downs, its twists an turns. the media blew this way out of proportion. from what i can tell mr. tillerson, mr. trump figured out how to make this work.
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i think they're doing it. trish: part of issue is iran deal. people are saying rex tillerson is in favor of keeping it while the president campaigned on and still insists we have to get out of that thing. >> that could be good cop, bad cop. trish: yeah? do you want that on display, good cop, bad cop? i mean i think you want to be a united front. >> sometimes that's what you want. i would agree with adam here, last thing i want to see rex tillerson leave the administration at this point. one you have to go through another set of confirmmation hearings with critical time of our country given geopolitical flak we're seeing around the world. every corner of the planet is a hot spot. last thing you want to do is upset the state department. i think he is doing a great job. if there is backlash between him and president, let as move beyond it. trish: what do you think henry kissinger's advice would be on this, david? henry kissinger meeting with the president today. >> i would hope he told the president to back off on this.
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no need to bring this to the forefront, much bigger issues to deal with around the world. trish: adam johnson, it is important to have diversity of opinion in your cabinet. >> yes. trish: diversity of opinion pushing all of us. >> we're a diverse country. trish: to think through all the implication of every different problem. as much as you want diversity of opinion, at some point when the executive officer makes the decision you need everybody on board. you need the team following the captain. >> yeah. trish: do you worry at all with this administration there are too many splinter factions? >> if there are splintered factions, admittedly that would be the fault of the gentleman whose job in part to bring them together. i think mr. trump started to march down that road of crossing the aisle. the deal he did with the dems was a sign of diplomacy, much like reagan, clinton, bush, before him. i would like to see more of that.
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less infighting with republican party. bury hatchet with bob corker. the guy is out. trish: hang tight, everybody. sarah is out. let's listen in. >> good afternoon. hope everybody had a nice columbus day. take a little break. i'm sure you missed me. let me start by saying our hearts go out to the people of california enduring the wildfires taking place now. the loss of homes and burning of precious land is heart-breaking but the loss of life is truly defer stating. last night the president spoke with governor jerry brown. today he approved expedited major disaster declaration for california along with fire management assistant grants. the administration is working closely with state and local officials to insure the people of california receiving support they need. staying on the disaster relief front i would like to share some positive news from puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands today. school resumed in the u.s. virgin islands this week. seven schools opened today, powered by generators.
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11 more are scheduled to open next week. additionally in are puerto rico, fema is hosting a job fair to hire 1200 port reek cons to help with relief efforts and boost the local economist. the road to recovery is long, there is so much work left to do. resilience of people of puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands continues to inspire us all. we'll be with them throughout the entire process. we're confident they come back from ever before. we released president's three primary immigration objectives. should be included in. president presented common sense immigration reforms with broad bipartisan support that puts hard-working americans first. to a recent poll, 70% of american people support more i.c.e. officers and strengthening penalties against illegal immigrants who are repeat violators of our laws. two out of three americans
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implement a based system work looking out for working class americans even an idea bernie sanders supported in the past. southern wall that included in the 2006 fences act. these are not radical proposals. many gotten bipartisan support in the past. the trump administration is ready to work with congress to achieve these bipartisan policy okay jebtives, protect the safety of our country and protect americans and taxpayers. the first lady flew to west virginia to visit lily's place, first non-profit infant recovery center that provides service to parents and families dealing with addiction. lily's house treats infant for neonatal abstinence syndrome which occurs a baby withdraws from drugs he or she was exposed to in birth. according to american confidentability office, american baby born with nas every 25 minutes. 25% of babies born addicted to
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opioids go into the foster sim. each is a tragedy. the first lady does incredible work to raise awareness about this important issue. looking ahead to tomorrow the president will continue push to provide tax relief to hard-working americans. he will travel to harrisburg, pennsylvania to deliver remarks. at attendance at the event will be hundreds of truckers. they keep our economy moving literally and they're excited about the president's tax reform plan that will create more jobs and empower workers and families to keep more of their hard-earned money. before i take questions i would like to offer invitation to all of the white house press corps on behalf the president and first lady and administration, to bring your children to the eisenhower executive office building on october 27th to celebrate halloween where there will be lots of fun and lots of candy so we can sugar your kids up and send them back home to you. with that i will take your
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questions. >> sarah, over the weekend the president said he wished his secretary of state was a little tougher. now today he is suggesting that secretary tillerson had a lower i.q. than he does. my question is is why would the president wants somebody he doesn't think is tough or particularly smart as secretary of state. >> the president certainly never implied that the secretary of state was not incredibly intelligent. he made a joke, nothing more than that. he had full confidence, he has full confidence in the secretary of state. he had a great visit earlier today. they're working hand in hand to move the president's agenda forward. matthew. >> over the weekend, senator bob corker the white house an adult day care center. said the president could lead the country into world war iii. said, quote, he concerns me, he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. what can you tell us a little about the internal reaction to such a senior republican making comments like that, and is there
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concern other top republican cost make similar comments? >> look, senator corker is certainly entitled to his own opinion but he is not entitled to his own facts. the fact is this president has been a incredibly strong leader on foreign policy and national security. and he has been a leader on this front and i think that has been seen and demonstrated time and time again since he took office. a few examples, over 20 nations significantly reduced economic and diplomatic ties with north korea. further isolating them. he has gotten china and russia to sign on to the toughest u.n. sanctions against north korea ever. his new strategy of destroying isis. we have tremendous battlefield gains throughout iraq and syria. with europe has gotten more nato allies to pay their fair share and is strengthening that alliance. he is exporting energy like coal and natural gas to eastern europe. his vision of principled real system creating calm around the world and defeating our enemies. senator corker may have an opinion but the facts don't lie.
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the president has been successful on that front. john. >> two questions if i could. going into the weekend the president said principles for "dreamer" legislation up to capitol hill. included in it was a provision for building the wall. president had earlier said that he would do the wall at later time, do "dreamers" first, put security measures and then do the wall later. did he change the goal posts? >> the president is simply stating his priorities for what responsible immigration reform should look like, and that includes those three big priorities. that is what he promised congress he would lay out. that is exactly what he did. and i don't think we've been inconsistent on that front, certainly not unclear. the president has talked about his priorities repeatedly. in this case over the weekend laid them out in a very detailed fashion. >> is he insistent that the wall be art of a daca legislation? >> i will not stand up here and negotiate from the podium with
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you guys. that is something for the president and congress to lay out. we're laying out the priors. that is exactly what we put in the document. we'll work with congress to get the most responsible immigration reform package. >> question two,. >> that was like three questions. >> that was follow up to question two. >> good thing he is reporter not a math teacher. >> i was horrible at math. roger goodell sent a letter to all the teams, like our fans we believe everyone should stand at the national anthem. it is important moment at the game. we want to honor our country and our flag. they expect that of us. he is having a meeting about all this given the position by the league as articulated by the nfl what is the president's reaction to the position going forward? >> we support the nfl coming out asking players to stand just as the president has done. we support the national anthem, the flag and men and women who
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fought to defend it. and our position hasn't changed on that front. we're glad to see that the nfl taking positive steps in that direction. reporter: i have two, but i promise really just two. the first i wanted to ask about something the president said earlier in the oval about tax reform. he suggested there would be adjustments to strengthen the tax framework. we know lawmakers need to spell it out, adjustments or change, so wonder if there are going to be changes to that framework? if so, might be things like modifying state or local deduction ands about rates out there? >> we don't have any adjustments to the framework to make at this time. the key principles we laid out remain the same. no changes to announce today. francesca. >> thank you, sarah. two of president's allies think senator corker should resign.
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does the president think that support corker should resign? >> that is decision for senator work corker and the people of tennessee to decide. >> that senator corker was largely responsible for the iran deal, which the president hinted he wants to renegotiate. that was a deal that was negotiated by barack obama's administration. why does the president think that that was largely bob corker's fault? >> senator corker worked with nancy pelosi and the obama administration to pave the way for that legislation and basically rolled out the red carpet for the iran deal. those are pretty factual. john. >> thanks, sarah. over the past few months the president has criticized a number of senior republicans sometimes in sometimes in very personal terms. senator murkowski, senator flake, leader mcconnell. most recently senator bob corker. what do you say to critics who say, who say the president is
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alienating himself from republicans that he will need to move his legislation forward? >> i don't think he is alienating anyone. congress has alienated themselves by not actually getting the job done people of this country elected them to do. they all promised and campaigned and repealing, replacing obamacare. they haven't done that they have campaigned on tax reform. hopefully we see that happen. we're certainly committed to that. we think we'll get there. time and time again congress made promises failed to deliver. if anyone is being alienated people that are promising things panned not delivering on them. >> one more, sarah. >> i will skip around. >> -- roll out comprehensive plan on iran, and we also know the president feelings about decertification. what i am not clear how you see the connection. how is decertifying iran nuclear deal lead to opportunity to negotiate when all of these other issues that you have with
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iran, exporting terrorism and cybercrime? >> will not get ahead of president's announcement on this but he will make that later this week. we'll be happy to take more of those questions after that announcement is made. >> sarah, president he have referred to the liddle, bob corker again. i'm wondering if the white house continues to work or continues to plan to work with senator corker's team to -- a law that gives oversight to the iran accord you already don't like? are you working with him to change that law? are you still willing to? >> we're certainly willing to work with anybody that wants to come and put forth real solutions to be part of those solutions and not part of the problem. charlie? >> specifically on iran, you are? >> we'll be happy to work with all parties bettering the american people. if he wants to be part of that we would certainly be happy to talk about it. charlie? >> former secretary of state hillary clinton just issued a statement condemning reported behavior of one of her prominent
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hollywood donors harvey weinstein. the president said he wasn't surprised by the news. that he had known harvey weinstein for some time. my question is, does the president have reaction to clinton's statement and secondly, does he have a, his own reaction on how much did know about harvey weinstein's behavior, and, what is his response today? >> i don't know if he has seen the secretary clinton's statement, so i haven't had a chance to talk to him about that, so i wouldn't want to weigh in on what his reaction might be on that front? >> he said he had known weinstein for a long time. >> i think that statement speaks for itself. there is nothing to add. >> thank you, sarah. i know he will announce later this week but has the president reached a decision on whether to recertify iran or not? >> the president reached a decision on a overall iran strategy. wants to make sure that we have a broad policy to deal with
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that, not just one part of it, as i said last week, to deal with all of the problems of iran being a bad actor. beyond that i don't have anything to add today. reporter: would you like to see congress do away with the 90-day recurring certification? >> i will let the president speak to that later this week. reporter: what does the president intend to do with his executive order on health care reform? and secondly, the president when he was rescinding daca said one of the reasons he was doing that because it was inappropriate for the obama administration to do with an executive order what couldn't be done with legislation. why the difference when it comes to health care? >> the american people demanded something happen. they have elected a number of different people to congress, to deal specifically with this issue. you can see that reflected in the number of people that campaigned on that, later went on to win office. due to congress failing to act it is no surprise the president will try to take action to provide flexibility and relief
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to the many americans who continue to suffer under obamacare. i think that is a positive step forward. more detail moving forward. reporter: what exactly is the deal going to do? what will he do to improve -- we gotten generalities from the president but not a lot of specifics what he can do with executive orders and why it might be effective when it comes to lowering costs? the promises were pretty high, we heard. lower costs. >> we'll take action as much as we can to provide flexibility and relief. that is what the president is going to do. he will make announcement later this week. we'll see that, again by end of friday. john? reporter: thank you, sarah. two questions. the president said that senator corker asked to be secretary of state when they met privately before he took office. that is almost historically unknown, that someone would actually ask for a cabinet
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position in a meeting with the president, at least in the 21st and 20th centuries. does he stand by that statement completely that the senator asked to be named to position of secretary of state? >> i haven't talked to him specifically about that but i would certainly imagine the president wholeheartedly stands by his statement on that. trey? >> the other thing -- >> sorry. >> the other question i had was last sunday before the tragic events in las vegas catalonia had its vote. president said week before with prime minister lahoi he support ad unified spain. the president on the state of catalonia would not declare independence but would seek independence from spain through negotiations at this time. what is the administration's position on that? >> our position hasn't changed but we would certainly welcome the president of spain and conversations between us and them moving forward but we haven't, there is nothing
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different from what the president said when he was here couple weeks ago. >> are you welcome to talk with the catalonians? >> that is up poor people of spain and call loan yaw to decide -- catalonia to decide. that is what the position the president made couple weeks ago. >> do you stand by the statement that the bob corker rolled out red carpet for the iran deal? >> i did being, made it ten minutes ago. >> bob corker opposed deal to have it reviewed by congress despite president obama not wanting that review to take place. how can you say he rolled out the red carpet for the deal then? >> worked with them on the legislation that rolled that out. that is what helped put things in motion. he may have voted against the deal ultimately but he not only allowed the deal to happen, he gave it credibility. i stand by my statement. >> one quick follow-up on taxes
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president repeated claim we're the highest taxed nation in the world. why does the president keep saying it? it is not true overall? >> we're the highest corporate tax in the developed economies that is fact. >> that is not what the president said. >> that is what he is talking about. we're the highest corporate taxed country in the developed economies across the globe. >> so that is accurate but the president keeps repeating this claim we're highest taxed nation -- >> we have the highest taxed corporate nation. >> that is not what he said. he said we're the highest taxed nation in the world. >> the highest taxed corporate nation, seems pretty consistent to me. we'll have to disagree. >> [inaudible]. did he see that as way to get tax reform through or work hand-in-glove? >> we certainly want to move tax reform through. i think the president's position, american companies, have been forced to send their operations and more importantly a lot of their jobs overseas due
2:33 pm
to decades ever increased taxes and overregulation. in addition to historic tax and regulatory reform the president looking at additional ways to bring jobs and profits to our shores. reporter: sarah, the chamber of commerce said white house is putting poison pill in the nafta negotiations to make them unpal atable? does the president want the talks to continue or -- >> the president wants to continue the conversation but the president's ultimate goal is to make sure we get the best deal for americans as possible. certainly for american workers. he has been clear that he doesn't think the current structure good one, so he wants a better deal. we'll keep moving forward, to see how these conversations go. and that is where we are in the process. reporter: what will he say to prime minister trudeau about that tomorrow? >> i will not get ahead of their conversations. we'll have a readout as we
2:34 pm
always do about meetings. jeff. reporter: how do you think the ongoing fights with republicans on capitol hill helps the president's agenda, tax reform first and foremost? >> the president is very committed to getting tax reform done. look he is calling on congress to get their job done. they're on another vacation right now. i think we would all be a lot better off if the senate would stop taking vacations and start staying here until we get real things accomplished. the president is here, committed to working with them to do that. reporter: i think the senate is working today. how consistent is belittling chairman of the committee on tax reform because he president may need his vote on that. >> hopefully senator corker who has been consistently talked about being a fiscal hawk was presented with responsible cuts that he would certainly support those. reporter: sarah, tie up a loosened from one of's tweets this morning. he said the nfl is getting massive tax breaks.
2:35 pm
he called on congress to change tax law. what specific changes was he asking for? the nfl claims it no longer seeks tax-exempt status. >> the nfl gave up tax-exempt status, billions of dollars subsidize renovation of sports stadiums. if this industry uses money from american taxpayers to build fields they play on, is it too much to expect they show respect for the flag at beginning of the game of the. reporter: is it appropriate for the vice president of the united states to spend taxpayer money to go in a football game he will walk out if players take a knee, knowing he would take the action. >> i think it is appropriate that the vice president was invited and he attended that game. and i think it is always appropriate for the leaders of our country to stand up for the national anthem, to stand up for our flag and to stand up for the men and women who fought and died for it.
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blake? reporter: -- to just tip's question, the president said today there would be adjustments made to the tax bill being worked on. you just said though that adjustments might not be made to framework stands as is. so i'm curious -- >> there is not a final piece of legislation but our framework, he asked me if our priorities would change. our priorities remain the same. but the final piece of legislation hasn't been finalized. so this is a time of next but the principles and priorities we laid out are not up for negotiations. reporter: specifically talking about the negotiation point versus the big-ticket items that may or may not be red lines, what he may or may not move on? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear first part? reporter: basic negotiations and not necessarily top end, top level numbers that have been laid out? >> at this time the president laid out his principles, those have not changed. that framework is still the same. reporter: in the interview the president does not plan to fill some vacancies in federal
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government, that the positions are unnecessary. is he comfortable with level of vacancies in the state department and -- [inaudible] >> there are still some positions he is working to fill in a lot of individuals that are in the queue going through the process, the vetting process, but it is very lengthy. certainly want to fill some of the open positions but not all of them. the president came to washington to drain the swamp, get rid of a lot of duplication to make government more efficient. if one person can do a job instead of six, we certainly want to do that to save taxpayer dollars. sorry, i will tie to cover -- reporter: [inaudible]. >> i'm sorry? reporter: who invited the vice president? >> i believe he was there to present an award. i don't know all the details. i would encourage you to contact vice president's office. my understanding he was invited
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to give an award couple weeks ago. reporter: -- endorse him for re-election -- bob corker's office vehemently denied it. that the president called him and asked him to reconsider his retirement. is the president telling the truth about this account? >> yes. reporter: sarah, the substantive talking about made by states and local governments. is the president supporting federalization to take power out of hands of state and local governments if they want to do something? >> he is making the point, if these individuals are going to be supported in large part and subsidized by taxpayers and a large percentage, majority of americans have said that they want nfl players to stand, that he is just drawing that connection between the two. nothing else. reporter: changing the tax law, he doesn't mean change the tax law? >> i'm saying the federal tax law doesn't apply here but certainly we know they receive
2:39 pm
tax be subsidies on a variety of different levels. reporter: sarah, regarding -- reporter: how does the president expect the secretary of state to be effective when he questioned his intelligence. >> he was not questioning his intelligence. make you guys get a sense of humor, try it some sometime. he made a joke, extremely clear time and time again despite you guys trying to bring it up to make a story. he has had confidence in the secretary of state. he said it multiple times last couple weeks. we're trying to move forward on the agenda and you guys talk about who likes you and that is not what we're doing. >> one more question. reporter: i will go to amos. we're on tight time. president -- reporter: earlier today that he has a economic development bill that he is working on. nobody knows anything about it.
2:40 pm
this is first time he is talking about it. it would have some type after carrot-and-stick approach for companies that left the united states. can you tell us more what the president planned and when that will happen, given immigration and tax reform and whole bunch of other things moving on the hill? >> i said a few minutes ago in had digs to historic tax cuts and regulatory reform president looking to different ways to bring jobs and profits backs to our shores. that is all i have on that front at this point. also the president is getting ready to have an event here shortly. so we'll end with that we'll be here rest of the day to answer questions. thanks guys. trish: wow, a lot of ground covered there in today's briefing. adam johnson, david nelson, still with me. tillerson, health care, tax reform, iran, nfl and special tax breaks he gets in local communities. i should point out again she said the president will come out
2:41 pm
with some kind of a plan on iran in next couple days as well. adam, we heard one more to add to this, economic development bill that he is going to be coming out with, comments on health care too. why so much right now? do you think it has to do with this time of year? >> two things. that is part of it. sprint to year-end, by the time thanksgiving rolls around, hard to believe it actually, we have only another six or seven weeks. that is part of it. what we saw the mainstream media reaching for straus. they're ses pratt to find something they can sink their teeth into. trish: there is lot there. take your pick. >> they keep reaching. trish: harvey weinstein he was asked about. at least 15 different topic. >> how many times will they go back to the tillerson-trump thing? she must have fielded six separate questions. it is like, finally guys, maybe
2:42 pm
you guys should try a sense of humor. trish: because you think the media, dave, want to get your take on this as well, media love palace intrigue? with this administration, love idea of infighting. >> mainstream media loves palace intrigue. don't put fox into that. fox gets down to issues why we're here. what we heard from the mainstream media, drudging up stuff as rex tillerson himself said, where i come from we don't talk about that sort of thing. trish: i would add our reporter, blake burman covers white house for us at fox business he was asking about tax policy. i think, despite all the distractions and there are certainly a lot of them these days, the market keeps moving higher and people care about how much money they're going to have in their pocketbook or in their wallet at the end of the week. if you have the opportunity to cut taxes for everyone, it means everybody gets to keep a little bit more, spend as little bit
2:43 pm
more. therefore good for the economy. >> the rhetoric you heard in that white house press briefing will do little for the economy. what will do a lot for the economy is many so of the things you just mentioned. things like tax reform. you know pointed maybe one of big things driving markets higher, business sentiment and consumer sentiment in this country are at record levels right now. that is what drives the economy higher. largely on backs of the agenda and president, trying to accomplish of the hasn't been done yet. we'll see what happens between now and end of the year. precautionary one-note, january upon us. start of election season. the rhetoric will get pretty dark. >> said something really important. there has been a fundamental change in how people feel, how business leaders feel, average everyday americans feel. and if they feel better, well then, the sky is the limit. adam, david, thanks very much, guys. are women asking to sexually
2:44 pm
harassed depending what they wear? that is what one high-profile fashion designer said. somehow it is women's fault that harvey weinstein did what he allegedly did. we'll tell you who is saying this, and where hillary clinton is coming out, next.
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
2:48 pm
trish: hillary clinton finally breaking her silence on disgraced media mogul harvey weinstein, saying she was shocked and appalled by revelations coming to light. just breaking a new report, actresses gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie were harassed by harvey weinstein. we have ned ryun. why did it take hillary clinton who ran on a feminist agenda and platform five days, five whole days to come out and say, it wasn't even that aggressive. this is pretty creepy, creepy stuff. why did it take her this long to say she is so shocked and appalled? >> this is again one of the, i would actually add, we still haven't heard anything from barack obama. let's not forget. weinstein was one of the biggest
2:49 pm
bundlers for democratic party. not just hundreds of thousands he gave directly to the party but millions and millions of dollars he raised and barack obama hasn't said a word. it is again, this behavior, it just is staggering to me. you have heart weinstein out -- harvey weinstein, out of hollywooders. >> at moral elitism at people feel differently than they do, this is microcosm, what i heard about hollywood, this is the culture of hollywood where powerful men use position and money to prey on women and children. hypocrisy we've seen on display. trish: it has got to stop. it is important that this story come to light, and it is important that these actresses come forward, because it is not right, and allegedly this guy was able to get away with it for that many years. and you point out something very important. there is a double standard here, right? took five days for the first woman to run for president of the united states to say anything.
2:50 pm
>> that's right. trish: and the former president, who got so much money from him through these bundling deals, so much support from hollywood, still hasn't said a darn thing! the democrats might be wiser to give back all of that money that he donated. >> here is a couple things to say, trish. one, the fact that weinstein again gave all this money directly to the dnc, they have only given 30,000 of it away. guess who they gave it to? other democrats. they kept over 260,000 of weinstein's money, the dnc has. one of the reasons they have had to? because they are so short on cash. this kind of ties into the democrat party, because of some of this behavior is in trouble. trish: they're enabling essentially. they have enabled. >> they are enabling but trish, think about the outrage. trish: i want viewers to know about this one because i was shocked. i was disgusted, when i read this. a fashion designer, a very famous fashion designer done a
2:51 pm
karan. said, maybe it was the way they were dressed? maybe they were essentially asking for it. here is the quote. you look everything all over the world today, how women are dressing, and what they are asking by just presenting themselves the way they do, what are they asking for? trouble. tell you, donna karan. i'm a woman. sitting here in a short lovely skirt, ned, i have every right to wear that skirt, whatever i want, anywhere i want, not get assaulted or accosted or harassed by anyone, thank you very much! >> why are they acting as apologists, not for someone guilty of sexual harrassment, if you read the "new yorker," trish this, is bordering on, in fact not sexual predatory behavior, someone in prominent in the hollywood and democrat party. now she is trying to apologize for him, saying the woman's fault for dressing a certain way? trish: fashion designer nonetheless. >> this guy is sexual predator. glad it is coming to light.
2:52 pm
i'm guessing trish, not only one guilty of this behavior in hollywood. trish: bad stuff. ned ryun, thank you very much. good good to see you. trish: always a gentleman by the way. when we come back, economist ben stein is here to talk about donald trump, talk about taxes, the booming stock market, his brand new book, "the capitalist code." don't goo anywhere. bern is next. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. ♪ ca♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone ♪ can i kick it? ♪ to all the people who can quest like a tribe does... ♪ you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy!
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trish: backed with fame author an economist, ben stein. with his new book, the capitalist code. >> nice to see you, madam. trish: this is foundation of what this country is, but seems to me, ben in recent months, capitalism, essence what we are as country is very much under attack. can donald trump change that? can he get a tax code through with meaningful reform with lower tax rates? >> frankly i don't think he can. economy is doing so well long, it will convince people that the economy works. free enterprise system works. we have best system in the world giving ordinary person prosperity and comfort. it's a free enterprise capitalist system which most ordinary citizen, taxi driver,
2:57 pm
school teacher, coal miner can buy stocks and can give herself or herself up to the mighty engine of capitalism, make them a well to do person. trish: this is land of opportunity. >> it is. it is. trish: i agree with you. increasingly it is eaten away at, highest corporate tax rate, in the world. worse than canada. >> shouldn't be any corporate tax rate. corporations are owned by stockholders. if you have corporation tax rate, you have double tax on income. shouldn't be no corporate tax. we should meantime have guard up against college professors and people at universities, non-profits and everybody, this system given them the most prosperity to the most people that ever been in the whole world. just in my lifetime, although i'm a fairly old person, it totally transformed china from a country of desperately wretched
2:58 pm
ly poor people to country of aspiring rapidly aspiring middle class people. mighty engine of capitalism is stupendously powerful. if the ordinary citizen hooks up by buying stocks benefits are enormous. there is no harm to it. trish: look, i agree with you, but i do think, some members of the left and elizabeth warren -- >> elizabeth warren. she -- trish: win ben stein's money? it is that the government will take ben stein's money. they will redistribute it to whoever they think needs it the most as opposed to encouraging you to get out there to earn as much as you can. that is >> they're going to redistribute to the people that they think are most likely to vote democrat. they're not going to distribute it to the people -- they'll redistribute it to the people who are almost most certain to vote democrat.
2:59 pm
the government under obama and mr. clinton hard work successful and giving it to people who are envious and jealous and wanting to vote democrat. i hate to say this because this too broad and generalization, so i'll just say. but the democrat party is a party of envy and jealouscy and the tax policy of the people played right into that. liz: so what has been remarkable, really, is that donald trump has tapped into something. here you get the wealthiest guy who has ever run for office. >> he's the billionaire archie bunker from queens. he is the billionaire archie bunker. but i correct you. george washington was the richest person in the united states when he ran for president. trish: don't tell donald trump that. he may take issue with you, ben. good to see you.
3:00 pm
>> thank you very much. trish: we're coming up on the end of 44 points on the dow. a very, very busy newsday with things breaking left and right. liz claman is going to take you into the final hour of trading. we'll see if we close at yet another record, liz. liz: the dow was there, but you're right about breaking news. we just got this: president trump has just declared the state of california a major disaster area. look at these flames. a deadly inferno is engulfing california's wine country at this hour and spreading. thousands trying to escape its flames as one of the golden state's biggest export businesses is under assault. hillary vaughan is there. she's going to report live on the lost life, home, and business. and we're also going to talk to the ceo of jordan winery about how his business and staff are surviving the flames. just barely, by the way. many of them have lost their homes already. these flames have torched more than 115,000 acres. and while california burns


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