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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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widen? we adore you too. hello, folks, 65th record close since the election, for the dow jones industrials. [closing bell rings]. s&p and nasdaq fall just short. that will do it for the "claman countdown." see you tomorrow. david: it is another day of records for the dow, closing up about 70 points right now. it is above 22,800 first time in history. subpoena and nasdaq ending in the green but slightly short of new highs. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." more what is driving the bell but first more we're covering in this very busy hour ahead. the white house just responding to the war of words between president trump and republican senator bob corker. how that spat could affect tax reform. new developments into the las vegas mass shooting. police making a major change to their timeline and we're learning more about the
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potential target. officials are still struggling though to answer the key question, why? deadly wildfires sweeping across northern california. of part of wine country are up in flames. fires responsible for at least 15 deaths. more than 100 people are missing. we have a live update from napa valley. david: the market closing at a record high for the 47th time this year. nicole pettalides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, what is driving the market today? >> bring on the records. we had records across the board today, david and melissa. you just said it. we saw the record for the dow, finishing up 70 points. the winners boeing new high, microsoft, new high, caterpillar, new high. optimism on the trump agenda, big picture. bank earnings are coming out. a couple of movers for you. say hello to walmart. walmart helped to boost the dow. it was boosting 25 dow points.
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it finished up 360. a couple of pieces of news. first of all giving a positive outlook, talking about e-commerce online sales. they are expected to jump 40% in 2019. also issuing a share buyback. this is two-year high for walmart shareholders. they like that. how about apple? apple struck a deal with the only steven spielberg and his amblin entertainment production company. what apple and steven spielberg will do, 10 episodes of "amazing stories." how much will it cost? five million earmarked per episode. we watched equifax lose so much of value when the breach was first announced, over 140 million americans, up to 145 1/2 million americans. all about your driver's license information. the stock finished up about 1%. records across the board, getting closer to dow 23,000.
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back to you. david: amazing story. millions of driver's licenses are now held by lord knows whom. >> scary. david: thank you very much. melissa. melissa: oil rallying settling up 3% to 52.92 a barrel. getting a a big boost from the saudi promise to cut exports. gold climbing to a two-week high. $8.80 an ounce. this is the longest winning streak in a month. david: gold bugs are happy. melissa: yes. david: president trump vowing changes to his tax plans next couple weeks. blake burman at white house where he got a chance to ask questions. blake. reporter: this president loves negotiation. appears at this moment tax reform fits into that mold. the president saying earlier today, that the tax reform arguments, discussions going on right now indeed might need some
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tweaking. >> they want to see major reductions in their taxes and want to see tax reform and that's what we're doing. and we'll be adjusting a little bit over the next few weeks to make it even stronger. reporter: adjusting to make it stronger. when i asked press secretary sarah sanders she told me that the priorities remain the same and framework that president and republicans are still working under still remain the same. at the white house as well the earlier the president insisted ongoing feud with his republican colleague, senator from tennessee bob corker, will not have any impact the president claims on the progress of tax reform. when asked about it, i quote, president said, i don't think so, no. he did continue verbal tit-for-tat with corker. the president tweeting out that the failing "new york times" set up liddle bob corker by recording his conversation.
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was made to sound a fool and that's what i'm dealing with! >> i don't think he has alienated anyone. i think congress alienated themselves by not getting job done that the people of this country elected them to do. reporter: david, people i spoke with here at white house and capitol hill, do not feel this back and forth with bob corker will not have any impact bottom line on tax reform but as one republican told me, probably doesn't help. david? melissa: right. david: full speed ahead on tax reform. that is what we say here. blake, thank you very much. melissa: let's bring in today's panel for reaction. liz peek from the "fiscal times" and jason rotman from lido isle investors. liz, does it make you nervous when they talk about adjustments? what is going on? >> this is early negotiation. the framework is there but a lot of details have yet to be penciled in. i think there will be changes.
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the gop has done a good job, white house has done a good job messaging the tax bill very good for workers. the democrats say it's a big break for the wealthy. i think republicans can come through with some tweaks that will make it even more user-friendly to the middle class and blue-collar workers that donald trump won in the 2016 election but, yeah, i think there is probably changes to come. melissa: jason, i think that thing out there about not allowing people to deduct their state and local taxes was dangled in front of the democrats and those from those big states like california and new york. now maybe that is what is being negotiated behind the scenes. that was a lure to get them to the table. what do you think about that? >> being in california i would love to be able to do that, number one. number two, i think, to kind of switch gears slightly, responding to the first guest's comments, listen, i think trump's tax cuts are not just a tax break for the wealthy which is arguable. it is about stimulating small
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businesses. melissa: totally. >> that is what a lot of people may be missing. this is a tax at heart of the mechanic, people that want to start businesses, making more money than working for someone else, they will literally pay less taxes unthis plan. melissa: liz, they try to paint it as a tax cut for the rich, but that is not actually what it looks like in reality. some people say it is not what you make, it is what you're allowed to keep. >> that is exactly right. i think that is, there are many things on the table including certainly the estate tax. probably going to see some trimming of that, or income adjustment to that or whatever. bigger message here is, the reason the imf cut their growth forecast, any possibility that tax cuts don't go through, impingeses on growth rate for this country, the job rate for this country. incredibly important mission and biggest thing republicans have to do this year. i think you're totally right, the state deductibility, or deductibility of state and local
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taxes was clearly a bargaining chip. it will be used in that way to get this done. david: meanwhile, threatening to shut down the government, house minority leader nancy pelosi vowing to use every possibility including a government shutdown to protect dreamers from deportation. the first thing went through my head, if anytime republicans have threatened to shut down the government or even just by a smidgen suggested there would be a shutdown they were pilloried by the media. i don't see any such pillory now, do you is it. >> no. this is because it's a noble cause, "dreamers." you know what? trump laid out a bunch of ideas for what could compensate, if you will for immigration hawks who are opposed to this so-called amnesty for all these 800,000 "dreamers." i think a lot what he proposed is excellent. for example, e-verify, make it mandatory, maersk it harder for people not in the country to work. there are some sensible ideas
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here. it is a negotiation. again, there are like 100 things thrown out there. let's get some of these passed. i think that is really positive for the economy and also for the gop. david: look at the market, jason. no matter what happens on the immigration issue the market seems to be going up. they don't really seem to care about this issue, do they, the traders? >> no, not at all. the theme with the market, that the crisis is long gone. number two, more importantly, the global economy is starting to become liberated from this sluggish growth since '08 caused all negative interest rates in europe, zero interest rates in u.s. central banks are starting to tell the world, the economy is back on track, we're growing. that is why we're at all-time highs. i don't think honestly will stop here. david: that is good news. good to see you both. melissa. melissa: shock and appalled. hillary clinton finally breaking her silence condemning the
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reported sexual misconduct by hollywood producer and megademocrat donor harvey weinstein. what took her so long and does her response go far enough some people are wondering? david: good questions. cause for alarm. south korea claiming u.s. war plans are among data stolen by north korea, including plans to assassinate kim jong-un in preparations for a nuclear war. what the pentagon is saying about that. melissa: and, firefighters racing to contain raging fires in northern california that have killed at least 15 people and forced 20,000 people out of their homes. a live update from napa valley. that's next. >> napa has been hit so hard and sonoma, as they deal with the tragic loss of life and property, to devastating wildfires. her?
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melissa: battling deadly fires. wildfires continue to rage through northern california, killing at least 15 people, with at least 100 more missing. hillary vaughn live in napa valley, hillary, how long do we expect those fires to continue burning? reporter: well, melissa, as of last night they had 0% containment. today they made progress. certainly no end in sight. they are setting tents up here at the command center that is a makeshift nexus for all firefighters in the state and outside the state that deploy from here to battle flames ripping through california wine country. firefighters are plowing through precious and historic heartland in surrounding wine country, in
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sonoma as well, swallowing up homes and businesses, leaving a trail of ashes in its wake. several homeowners had minutes to escape. literally had to run for their lives. take a listen. >> a lot of snoke. a lot of ash. and a lot of unfortunately, a lot of chimneys, refrigerators, washers and dryers standing. that is about it. >> like a bomb had gone off. it is worse than the at atlas peak fire. there is nothing left in my, my entire neighborhood. my house survived. my barn burnt, but my neighbors, yes, their houses are gone. reporter: damage is being assessed but the blaze is dealing a heavy blow to the region's two major industries, wine and tourism. several major hotels burned including a hilton hotel in sonoma wine country.
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the spa in napa hosted a pga golf tournament over the weekend. they experienced damage. wine country relies on tourism to bring it going. the two bring 100,000 jobs to the region. last year 3.5 million visitors came to napa alone and generated 80.3 million in stacks revenue. several that over wine-tasting tours to tourists have in rubble. this will have effect on wine industry to come. california produces 85% of all wine in the country, with several major vineyards warned in the middle of harvest, consumers could face long-shortages for blends ever wine. majority of grapes were picked but for cabernet and those remain on the vine and we could see shortages in the future. melissa. melissa: oh, boy. that is the least of it.
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homes, lives, beautiful territory destroyed. hillary, thank you for the report. we're so sad for the people. david: speaking of lives, a couple aged 98, 100, perished in the fire. sara and charles ripy. they were married 75 years. we wish their family the best. will a unwinnable plan stand in the wage of tax cuts this year? a full-page ad suggesting that president trump and congress focus on tax cuts now. put off a grand plan for later. will that message resonate? here is tennessee republican congresswoman, diane black, a member of the tax writing committee of ways and means and congresswoman, thank you very much for coming in. so tax cuts right now, a full tax reform plan later, what do you think? >> oh, i think we do it all now.
4:18 pm
this is a once in generation opportunity. i think we take the opportunity -- we've been working on this for seven years. i've been in congress seven years. under chairman camp we began the discussion. we have discussion draft. we need to go ahead and complete our work. we are very, very close to be able to do comprehensive tax reform. david: but you understand the hesitation? these people have been advocating tax reform a long time. they're not opposed to tax reform, people like steve forbes and others. what they say you have to get tax cuts in immediately. considering what happened with the health bill we can't afford to have any kind of tax cuts stuck for another year. >> oh, i look, i agree with him completely. we've got to get our work done. if we haven't learned a lesson from repeal and replace, shame on us because we in the house have done our work. under chairman brady we worked hard to make sure we have a plan in place. we were far ahead of the senate. we've been working on this the past six 1/2 years. we're ready to go. you will see as soon as budget is passed, there is a
4:19 pm
opportunity for us to put this resolution on there. we'll be ready to go. david: you know, you mentioned the senate, that is where the health reform bill got stuck. >> yes. david: right now there is battle between donald trump and your senator from tennessee, bob corker, over a lot of things. do you think those disputes might get in the way of tax cuts passing in the senate? >> i certainly hope not. i mean we're big people. we need to do our work here. we need to take those arguments, take them behind the scenes and i want the senate to stand up to do their job. they seem to be the one, the adult child care center right now because they're not passing kinds of things we put over there for them. american people don't know, we passed dodd-frank, sanctuary cities, repeal and replace, appropriations, 12 appropriations bills they haven't touched yet. david: it is extraordinary though, congresswoman, sometimes petty differences or personality problems individuals may have would stand in the way of a
4:20 pm
business of a nation over 300 million people? >> when american people see that happening and they know this president is ready to act, they get discouraged with us. we are the swamp at that time. we have to stop acting like the swamp at least on the senate side. they need to pass good measures and get the job done and help the american people. david: the budget requires a deficit-neutral tax cut. our treasury secretary says if the deficit goes up a little because of cuts it is worth it. we node growth now and we need tax cuts. where do you stand on that quickly? >> we put out a plan balances in 10 years, deficit neutral, allows for growth in the economy and i would say our plan should be considered as we go through the reconciliation process. david: congresswoman diane black. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. melissa: he said we pay for it with growth. david: that's right. if the deficit goes up a little in the meantime, look what democrats did over 10 years to the deficit. for them to complain --
4:21 pm
melissa: i mean the growth, growth will pay for it. that is the focus. puerto rico still struggling without power. many are losing hope of getting it back anytime soon. we have the latest from puerto rico coming up. police are changing a very important detail in the time of the events leading up to the las vegas massacre. will this help investigators figure out why this happened? that's next. >> this individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event and it is difficult for us to find the answers to those actions. ♪ al-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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melissa: timeline revisited. authorities updating the sequence of events in last week's deadly mass shooting revealing new details. here with more from las vegas is fox news's dan springer. dan? reporter: hi, melissa and based on that new timeline it had to be clear to the gunman he had no chance to escape because the
4:25 pm
very first shots he fired were not down on to the crowd at the country music festival here but rather through his door out into the hallway at a security guard. that security guard named jesus campos, happened to be there on the 32nd floor checking on open door alarm. seeing campos on the surveillance cameras we know he had set up, stephen paddock, fired 200 rounds through the door at him. six minutes later he opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 country music fans. that shooting lasted 11 minutes. at the time police didn't know if there were multiple gunmen but they knew where paddock was and quickly had him boxed in. still police have not found evidence of an accomplice. >> we have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter. we have uncovered over 200 instances of the suspect's traveling throughout las vegas and he has never been seen with
4:26 pm
anyone else. reporter: we got some video a short time ago showing fbi inside of the perimeter here, still working the case, still taking pictures. big development. the police now say there was not a single event that triggered paddock's actions. they still don't know the motive. they say they will not stop until they find one. melissa. melissa: i saw a report they found medication in his room, maybe that was a clue. they didn't want to elaborate that was. still so many questions. reporter: his mental state the center of this investigation. right. melissa: absolutely. thank you, thanks for that report. david: the casino owner steve wynn was on with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." melissa: i saw that. >> he had a terrific profile he received from all of the waiters and waitresses and busboys who waited on him before. very, very strange character. but slowly but surely we'll put together a profile. meanwhile the escalating scandal surrounding harvey
4:27 pm
weinstein, more celebrities are speaking out against the disgraced hollywood mogul. melissa: not backing down, the mainstream media slamming vice president mike pence for what they call a political stunt "mediabuzz"'s how howie kurtz speaks out. >> we ask the players to stand as the president supports and the stand for the flag and anthem for the men and women who fought to defend it. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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david: mainstream media is sticking to the story that vice president pence's walkout at the 49ers-colts game was just a stunt. take a listen. >> was this a preplanned stunt? >> yes. the idea you will go to a 49ers game nobody will kneel, give me a break. >> told the traveling press corps, stay in the van, i will be back in a few minutes. >> mike pence was there to play his role in the trump tv reality show, a show designed to distract american voters from reality of a trump presidency. david: they are hot. here now, howard kurtz, "mediabuzz" host, fox news political analyst. why do you think this gets under the media's skin so much? >> certainly got under the skin of some of those liberal pundits. i think it is fair to call the vice president's walkout in indianapolis, calculated, but president trump said they
4:32 pm
discussed in advance but why call it a stunt, that the vice president was protesting in his own way something he believes in the same way the players are protesting they believe social injustice or racial injustice? i think, just to throw out my own opinion, because the president's message is resonating. at first he was called way off base for condemning these knees during, kneeling during the national anthem and then it resonated not only with the public but now with some owners after the nfl like jerry jones. >> not just jerry jones because just couple hours ago, commissioner roger goodell gives a lot of ground, saying this is a problem with the league. that all players should stand for the national anthem. looks like he will get owners to agree to some kind of rule. the president scored big with this one. they don't agree what he did, but nfl popularity is down, ratings are down, he has struck a nerve. david: i think what the press, what media underestimates about this president, he views his
4:33 pm
position, not only pushing policy but as being a culture warrior. that is a very important part of the presidency for him, and attacking the pc culture any way he can is what he will do for the rest of this presidency. >> something that he doesn't need approval of congress. he doesn't have to rely on mitch mcconnell to do that. david: exactly. >> that is very important to him. he repeatedly stuck with this line of attack against protesting players. david: not only protesting players but also espn and of course the reporter for espn called him a white supremacist, wrote about her and espn, with jemele hill at the mic no wonder espn ratings tanked, in fact tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry. he will go after industries carrying the pc water. >> the president is famous for counterpuncher. sometimes he may punch too hard people think if you call him names, he will not let i slide. that is what supporters like about him. david: whether democrats or
4:34 pm
republicans, you wrote a piece on the kerfuffle between him and bob corker, why do you think the bob corker, took on president, name-calling, it came from corker in the beginning, he used very harsh language to describe the president's policies. >> i mean look, obviously senator corker is not running for re-election so that liberates him to some degree and the president did criticize him on twitter so he entitled to say his peace but when he told "new york times" that the president's policies could lead us to a path of world war iii, i thought that was so inflammatory, that bob corker undercut his own message. sounded like he was flailing. for the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee to use that language was self-defeating. david: great to see you, howie. howie is the host of "media buzz" on sundays. we hope you watch. melissa. melissa: puerto rican officials say the death toll on the island has risen to at least 43 and still roughly 85% of the island remains without power.
4:35 pm
ricardo rossello during our show, that the administration is dedicated to rebuilding puerto rico better than it was before. >> you better believe this government is serious about making the fiscal reforms we need to, about making economic development reforms that we have put in place. and to execute them. and have visibility and transparency to all of the taxpayers. melissa: joining me now, is the ceo of pw power systems. so you have experience with the infrastructure in puerto rico. you have had units down there in the grid, since 2007, 2008. what is it like? it was fragile before the storm. how hard do you think it will be to get power back? >> melissa, thank you for having me on the show. yeah, we had units down there, these are are complicated systems, power generation, distribution, it will take a while. melissa: what does that mean?
4:36 pm
a year, six months. >> six months to have it fully restored. we have to address the immediate needs of citizens there, emergency, hospitals, water treatment plants, things like this. but it is a complex system. melissa: why does it take so long? we talked about restoring power here in the u.s., whether cities you see them come in with poles, get them back up and running, they have been basically knocked back to the dark ages for six months in a u.s. territory is unthinkable. why does it take so long? >> they have a couple of challenges. being on an island is tough. when we have power outages here in the northeast you have the ability to have crews drive from other states nearby. so it is difficult. you have got to sail crews there. you have to find housing for them. they can't go back home after they're done, or you have to airlift things into there. melissa: what about money? would you take a contract to do business there right now when they have, you know, all of their, they haven't paid their bills in so long? now it seems like it will be
4:37 pm
even harder. what would it take especially with the issue are they going to pay old bonds, are they not? what would it take to get you done there to do business? >> that is a good question. we all know they are in a tough financial situation. we're working with the puerto rican power authority, working directly with them through fema. we'll try to be flexible. we obviously are running a business. melissa: right. >> but we are looking for opportunity to help and gain some assurances. it will be a longer term solution for them. >> only energy provider down there is owned by the government. >> that's right. melissa: they are about $9 billion in debt when i last book looked. they are not paying bills. i think you would need a check from fema in order to go down there to do work. we're not criticizing you for that. we're a business channel. your responsibility is to your shareholders. you need more than the local
4:38 pm
government paying you? >> i don't say we need a check from fema. it's a little more complicated than that. we need assurances. we offer to provide support for the equipment we manufacturer. if we work something out between prepa and u.s. government we'll find a way to get them help. melissa: what about elon musk's offer to get solar power? is that feasible? >> it has a place. there is certainly opportunity in puerto rico to be innovative, move forward and rebuild the infrastructure with more modern technologies and, have, a diversification of their power generation. melissa: but couldn't rely solely on solar? >> solar is a strong component of the electrical grid. you still need fossil fuel and natural gas but i think you can -- melissa: raul, thank you very much for your time. david? >> thank you. david: our secret plans for war might be in north korea's hands. a new report that the rogue
4:39 pm
regime stole our war plans from our military. retired general jack keane sounding off on the threat and how this could undermine with any future conflict with the north. ♪
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
david: if reports are correct, north korea has stolen a trove of military date from south career including highly classified joint south korean and america war plans and power plants and plot to eliminate north korean leadership. according to one south korean lawmaker, 80% of the stolen information still has not yet been identified. so where does this leave us? here now is fox news military analyst, retired general jack keane. general, when i first heard about this i was very concerned. are you? >> no, i'm not all that concerned about it. you know, for a couple of reasons. this was south korea's data bank. they're not going to have all the details of what we're
4:43 pm
targeting. they will have some of, the interests that we're involved in to be sure and they will have obviously a lot of their own data, but there is an actual plus to this thing, in my mind. david: wow. tell us. >> here is what it is. i mean, i like the idea that they know how devastating our military operation would be about it, about them. i would like the idea that they know for a fact that, and this is, this is, always would be the case, that we would go to what we call leadership targets in pongyang and take as much of that out as possibly could be which would be quite devastates on the regime in pyongyang in north korea. so that's plus. david: but if they have details of power plants and critical targets in south korea, doesn't that help them, if there is any kind of general conflict? >> well, first of all they know for a fact we will target all their artillery, rockets, launch
4:44 pm
facilities, target the nuclear underground sites. they know in a general sense we'll target the leadership targets. they understood all of that. they have got some people there certainly understand military operations and look very closely at what u.s. capabilities are as well as the south koreans. so that is not going to be a surprise to them. david: you're very reassuring i must say. i was very concerned when i read this. somebody else who is very concerned what is happening with our relations with korea, iran and all other folks out there that don't like us, come from senator bob corker, who has important job. head of senate foreign relations committee. he is, his claim now is that the rhetoric from donald trump is pushing us towards, i'm quoting him now, world war iii. what do you think of his rhetoric? >> i don't think that is, that is an overreach on part of a senator who i have respect for. the reality is this.
4:45 pm
the main effort, david, that the trump administration is conducting is twofold. one, it's a diplomatic effort to shut down all trading from north korea from everyone of allies and others in the world, not our allies to include china. there is some degree of genuine success in that. the second thing, this leads into trump rhetoric, since very first week of the administration, right after inauguration, general mattis told the, this south koreans and also the japanese, message for china to be sure and china, north korea, military option was back on the table. president trump and the whole entire national security team have been using rhetoric in their own measured terms, certainly, and in some of president trump's controversial terms, to convince the chinese, the north koreans and our allies, that that is not just
4:46 pm
rhetoric. david: right. >> there is difference between obama and trump. david: we mean business, basically. >> we mean business and that strengthens the diplomatic, economic, hand, when you have a realistic military capability you intend to use. that is what these nine months have been about. it is to convince them that this is an intent and a capability that we have, and we will use it if you force our hand. we don't want to use it but we will. and i think what really helped is, remember a number of months ago when president xi was in mar-a-lago and assad used chemical weapons horrifically on his own people. we retaliated immediately. president xi happened to be there. our president told him about it. next day with one-on-one meeting that president xi told trump he would be willing to assist him and he is assisting. david: i'm smiling. that is point donald trump said
4:47 pm
i served him a beautiful chocolate cake and we were attacking syria with our tomohawks. it was quite a moment. general keane, good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you, david. melissa: this month is hispanic heritage month and one business owner is turning a product he made into his own home into a multimillion dollar business. tracee carrasco has the story. reporter: the sangria was a product that he took the idea and started to sell. martinez quit his job and sold his apartment to focus on turning this idea into reality. >> i was delivering out of back of my car which is nuts. i would go to stores, knock on the door, taste this sangria. reporter: fast forward to 2017, senor sangria is on shelves in seven states with hopes of 12 in
4:48 pm
2018. the he is on track to make 3.6 million this year. but martinez says it is still a struggle to grow his business. >> i'm keeping my head down. just pushing forward and focusing more on sales. reporter: martinez with no formal business background says he couldn't have done it without guidance from the statewide hispanic chamber of commerce in new jersey. the chamber is made up of 3500 members all with hispanic roots. the chairman says the main goal is to help hispanic businesses succeed. >> a lot of hispanic-owned businesses are professionals that come to this country overqualified, and because they can't find employment, they decide to venture out to become entrepreneurs. we help them build relationships. we connect them to resources that could help them. we do educational entrepreneurship training classes. reporter: raising capital, tax reform and health care and immigration, all issues that the chamber is helping these hispanic-owned businesses navigate. >> it's a struggle with you we try to educate them. reporter: medina says one of the
4:49 pm
biggest on stack cycles hispanic business owners face is how people view them. >> inference they're somehow a drag on the economy, a drag on society is very frustrating because it is quite the opposite. they're upset about the perception. they feel and statistics show this, they're really contributing. reporter: martinez and senor sangria a perfect example. in jersey city, new jersey. tracee carrasco. fox business. melissa: i can't wait to try that. david: that is right up my alley. explosive new accusations against producer harvey weinstein. some big names revealing their stories including, gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie. we have someone responding to all the shocking new reports.
4:50 pm
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melissa: breaking their silence. actresses gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie are joining a list of women harassed by harvey weinstein, according to a new report, from "the new york times" and "the new yorker." as the disgraced hollywood power player pleads to salvage his career. we have madison gesiotto, "washington times" columnist and. one of the most interesting things we learned today, most upsetting things, the number of people who knew about this one way or another. gwyneth paltrow was a victim. glenn close came out with statements she heard all along, the vague rumors she called them, what was going on. in other words, this was open secret in hollywood. the same group of people who are so righteous, so quick to point the spinninger, so liberal, so on the left, accusing but at same time they knew about this
4:54 pm
and did nothing about it for decades. what do you think? >> it is really sad and horrifying. we saw angelina jolie's statement, she refused to work with him ever again after something happened to her and she warned other people about it. sad people allowed it to continue, yes people were warning people, that is simply not enough. more and more women ended up becoming victims because of that. melissa: yeah, they say that they were afraid for their careers. that the people who did speak up he was incredibly powerful and ruthless, they were really afraid for their careers, but at same time, there were men and powerful people, powerful women who stood up for him, who knew better and didn't need to. i mean, that just kind of hits at the heart of the hypocrisy in hollywood, doesn't it? >> oh, absolutely. even yesterday, just a few days ago, we saw donna karan supporting him still after it was revealed publicly. that is absolutely horrifying.
4:55 pm
you listen to the comments, she claimed because of way women dress they are proud of it or because of their sexuality they deserve to be raped, i have no words, i have no words for what she said. melissa: not until it is financially so expensive for an industry and for a company to suffer through this that they really clean house because money at the end of the day is kind of what keeps all these things going. i would bet that we're going to see many more of these stories in the news industry as we have seen it here but also in entertainment, in music, maybe, what are your thoughts? >> it is really sad to think people are using positions of power to put young women in the position that many of these young women were put in by weinstein. and i think it is really sad this is continued for so long, and this culture of '50s, '60s, '70s are which learned this i don't think that is okay. that is not an excuse. this is 2017.
4:56 pm
this is not acceptable. it should never have been acceptable in the '50s or 60's either. melissa: he was obviously a huge democratic backer. hillary clinton finally coming out today denouncing it. we haven't heard if she is giving it back. some cases they give money back to democratic pacs. we'll follow money. >> thank you. david: going after interns. much happens inside the beltway also. melissa: right. david: a contest you need to hear about. how you can win $50,000 by discovering the secret flavor to brand new oreo cookie. melissa: mystery oreo! david: melissa and i will try it here next. melissa: whoo-hoo. ♪
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. >> my favorite mystery ever! it's mystery oreos, if you guess the correct flavor can you win the grand prize of $50,000. okay, we have them here. why are we focused on mine. go ahead. what do you think it is? >> i sense a touch of mint.
5:00 pm
>> really? okay. >> i sense a touch of mint. >> i hope it's not earth worm or play-doh. >> we remember the taste of play-doh because we did chew into it. >> i think it's orange cream sickle. >> we'll find out. "risk & reward" starts now. liz: hollywood and the nfl letting americans down, now their own bottom lines are at stake. this is a big business story. nfl's commissioner roger goodell sending a letter to nfl teams making it clear he does want nfl football players to stand during the national anthem. we've got the data shows nfl players arrested nearly 900 times including nearly 100 domestic violence cases since the year 2000. and the news coming in, nfl team owners considering a brand-new rule change that would require players to stand for the national anthem. and it took hillary clinton five days to criti


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