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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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hits close to home. lou: thank you both. appreciate. good seeing you. thanks for being with us. dr. sebastian gorka. back but they will make changes. charles: thank you, here is lou. >> good evening, a number of breaking news stories. death toll risen to 21 in northern california wildfire, none of the fires has been contained. they continue to rage through wine country. the fires have destroyed 3500 homes and businesses. consumed over 160,000 acres. we'll have a full report. they are still spreading tonight. also tonight, beleaguered nfl paying a price for disrespecting our flag, insulting our anthem and values, ratings tanking for nfl, commissioner goodell is now
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demanding that players stand. he is not demanding. he just saying they should. we'll tell you how bad things are now for the league. and its leaders. new revelations about the police response to the las vegas massacre. a maintenance workers told hotel dispatchers to call police. this is a portion of his call for help. help. >> call the police, someone is firing a gun up here, someone is firing a rifle down the hallway. lou: critics say better communication could have allowed police to respond more quickly, possibly take out the gunman before he committed deadliest mass shooting in american history, and more, we'll take that up. our top story california firefighters unable to gain
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control of any of the wildfires that have been raging for three days now. weather conditions are not helping the firefighters. more dry conditions, gusty winds and forecast tonight, and tomorrow. fox news correspondent claudia cowen in santa rosa with our report. reporter: devastation and death toll growing. a bird's-eye view of parts of sonoma county show neighborhoods gone. >> this is pure devastation, it will take us a while to get out and get through and comb through all this. reporter: jennifer and his husband david sorted through remnants of their home in coffee park second of santa rosa. while some neighbors homes were spared. theirs are not. >> people were going in every direction, it was insane.
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reporter: among those lost in fires, 100-year-old charles trippy and his 98-year-old wife sarah. the grade school sweethearted celebrated their 75 wedding anniversary, their family took comfort in fact they were together until the end. >> we would always wonder what would happen if one of them died and the other was still left, so, they went together. reporter: so far this year, 8 million acres have been charred in the west, that number will grow with new red flag warnings in parts of northern california, a sharp northern wind, known as el diablo is expected to gust to 40 miles an hour. >> and that is going to lead to us challenges. reporter: facing challenges, california's 58 billion dollar wine industry. hard hit napa and sonoma are home to 85% of u.s. wine. the extent of the damage is
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unknown, wine makers are doing best they can. >> just doing wine making old style way without as much as technology. reporter: as firefight continues, so does the search for a cause. officials say it probably was not lightning, people cause most fires either intend or not, lou. lou: claudia, thank you. >> president trump today continuing his cross country tour. trying to sell the tax reform plan. mr. trump's latest remarks aimed the trucking industry in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> our framers will unlock the american dream for millions of our fellow citizens by eliminating tax breaks and special interest loopholes that bray mayorly benefit the wealthy, our framework ensures that benefits of tax reform go to middle class, not to the highest earners, it is a middle
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class bill. that is what we're thinking of. that is what i want. lou: and joining us, newest addition to fox family, laura ingram. hosting ingram angle airs weekdays 10 p.m. eastern on fox news channel, debuted october 30. and author of newly released book. laura great to have you with us. >> good to see you, lou. lou: congratulations on the show and the book. >> thank you. lou: and tonight knowledge, first to connect billionaires and populism in one title. a remarkable story. the trump saga. it is hard to believe that it has not been a year of his administration with all happened, he is being challenged by from every quarter. this is just incredible.
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as you stood at convention making that terrific speech, did you anticipate this much accomplishment this much, if you will, energy -- >> push back. >> energy against him. >> push back, i did. he has democrats again him, a lot of republicans, as we saw with that nice come from bob corker to the new york times about world war iii. and a lot of republican establishment who are anti-poll lift, they -- populist, and media they are 24/7 trying to get him out the office, and the hollywood. but, a billionaire can have a strong connection to the heart and soul of the american people, we saw ross perot, remember in 1992. he took on 1992 took on george h.w. bush and wracked up 20 plus
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percentage points, this is a language story of populist appeals and politics, but president trump really put it together in a campaign sometimes brash, and sometimes kind of like a wrecking ball. but the american people wanted at times a bully to bully the bullies, they fell they have been kicked to the curb too long. lou: they got a warrior. he is a man who absolutely revels in the fight. means to winner damn one of them, he has one heck of an average, unlike anything that i have seen inn my career, and interesting national left wedge nut media can -- left wing nut media cannot bring themselves to acknowledge anything he has done. today in harrisburg, talking about all assets in country rising since elect on november 8 here, is right. talking about 25% increase in market indexes.
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we're talking about record highs for all of them. this is we're looking at 16 year highs in confidence, at just a remarkable performance in this economy. >> if he meld held up a mirror to hypocrisy of left, even in sports arena. and also he calls out republicans for failing to do what they campaigned on. for 7 years, that is obamacare repeal. and it is uncomfort able. we have flaws, not you, but most people, most of us have flaws. lou: i just assumed you would exempt me. >> it is hard to look in mirror, we have to do it, and i didn't handle that quite right or i dock better. -- could do better. seems that republican and democratic establishment wing, they cannot seem to change their policies, trump won on policies, not buzzly is a celebrity or
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because of comey, or because hillary of a bad candidate. ly won on the issues, that is what my too -- book documents on immigration. lou: give me a chance. billionaire at the barricades, laura ingram. i just want to make this point, idea that republicans have become two in particular, have become his nemesis be they are paul ryan, speaker who is not re-- somewhat more refined in his tactics. and mitch mcconnell. who is becoming brutal. >> he needs to retirement what do you make of them? how desperate is nation to replace them. >> for paul ryan, at least he was able to get obama carry through the house, he is giving
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a big speech tomorrow, he is working with president on taxes, i don't agree with paul ryan on everything. but he was fed up with senate during obamacare push. mitch mcconnell is another story. he never liked trump. he never was a fan of trump. he did not expect him to win. he was -- he would much rather had a jeb bush in office, and he always looked down on the tweeting. it is like trump is a neofight in politics and mitch mcconnell is the expert. i say that experts could not get the job done on seminole piece of legislation. lou: neither one of them has done a thing. >> time to retire for mitch mcconnell. lou: they are creations of sloo own their own physical -- >> do you think if today, donald trump ran against mitch mcconnell, for a g.o.p. primary.
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or bob corker in tennessee, if he took on both of them, who watching this doesn't think that donald trump would beat both of them by double digits. lou: you can throw in the entire g.o.p. leadership of both house and senate. add up their collective irk q's iq's and president trump would still win that is how i see the fight, laura. congratulations, it begins 10 p.m. eastern on fox news channel october 30. >> laura thank you. >> thank you. lou: coming right back with more. stay with us. president trump to announce his decision this week on disastrous iran nuclear deal. >> we'll be announcing that shortly. lou: we take up the international impact and the political fallout of decertifying that deal. ed rollins is joining us tonight. >> an alarming report revealing
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consequences if the president has his way, president trump responding to a false nbc report he contemplating increasing u.s. nuclear arsenal. tweeting this -- bad for the country, and president had this to say to reporters. >> it was just fake news by nbc. which gives a lot of fake news lately. i never discuss -- i think someone said i' 10 times nuclear weapon that we have right now, general mattis putting out a statement, saying that was fake news, this is disgusting the way that press is able to write whatever they want to write. lou: president tonight blasting nfl players for insulting the american flag, his latest remarks in a interview with sean hannity airing later tonight. >> i watched collin kaepernick,
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i thought it was the terrible, it got bigger and bigger, and nfl should have suspended him for one game, he would have never done it again. they could have suspended him for season if he did it a third time, i would never have a problem. i will tell you, you cannot disrespect the country, flag or our anthem, you cannot do that. lou: you can watch more of sean's interview with the president on hannity, fox news channel 9 p.m. eastern. >> joining me now, ed rollins chairman of great america pack. and esteemed fox news contributor, start with the president's remarks. he laid it out just as straight forwardly as it could be said. >> these are extraordinary athletes who play professional football, they get there by
11:18 pm
obeying rules, there are rules in the games, you are not allowed to beat up your wife or girlfriend, you have to be at practice, and one stupid rule they don't want to exercise is this issue, they can't do that, this is the ultimate disrespect. lou: they choose not to. >> they should but the them big time, they don't have to play, see where they can make that money elsewhere. lou: those rule, domestic violence, and drugs. you know, there is about a athlete an nfl player, a week being arrested for something out of 1600. that is a remarkable number. and for goodell to ignore that. to ignore fact these players have said nothing about far more frankly direct issues if it is say racial issue, some seem to
11:19 pm
want to make it with black panther salutes or a matter -- so many they could do. positively and constructively, but they choose to insult the flag, the anthem, and america. and that to me that is frankly unforgivable. >> it is, they are finding quickly that the fans are upset, and the viewership is down. all other issues that we talked about this is the epitome. just stan there and respect the flag, that is all you have to do, a flag that allows you to be a professional athlete making average of 2 million for every player in the league. lou: some protests calling that oppression. the ignorance of that expect is over -- expression is overwhelming, when they look to inner city communities, and all that is the essence of the struggle for the very people that many of them say that i
11:20 pm
want to represent, that is incomis --incomp hencible. now mitch mcconnell he continues to b obstruct the president and disrespect and insult the president with his passive aggressive possession as leader of the party in the senate. it is just to me, this is stunning that somebody is not saying to mitch mcconnell, get the hell out. >> i have been around for 50 years, and in the white house, they carried program fully and affectively, howard baker, say, ran against ronald reagan. carried it effectively, my sense is when you have a president in white house who has agenda the job of majority leader to put the majority together and move
11:21 pm
the ball forward. he has not done that. lou: and mcconnell, i feel sorry for the president, he is out trying to sell tax cuts tonight, on the road in pennsylvania working hard, congress is off on a columbus week -- did you know that there is a columbus week holiday for congress. but to see him obstruct this president, working so hard, and refuse to go to a 51 vote majority for legislation. >> they are not going to pass anything taxes, healthcare, unless they change, that a majority should be ruling factor in senate as in house of representatives. american public i am sure a lot don't realize that, day don't understand but -- they don't understand, the bottom line if you don't change that rule you will spend next decade doing nothing. >> it stunning. it is a majority leader. he has been bought and paid for,
11:22 pm
by chamber of commerce, business round table and god knows who else. he is not representing the people of tuck tic kentucky ande american people. >> not the majority. lou: he would want to represent a 60. >> you are not getting 60 vote. >> good to see you. >> thank you very much. i disagree slightly with you not league flawless, i have been working with you for 10 years now. lou: you are arguing with laura. >> she is young, smart and articulate, i am old and crocketty. lou: i can't wait. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: vote in poll, do you believe national left wing media should be held accountable for latheir lies it the morn public-
11:23 pm
american public? a maintenance worker at las vegas mandalay bay said he told hotel dispatchers to call police before shooter stephen paddock opened fire on the concertgoers below him. listen to his radio call for help. >> call the police, someone is firing a gun up here, someone is firing a rifle on 32nd floor down the hallway. >> do you know what room? >> at the end of hallway. i can't tell you what room. he looked like he fired down the hallway, i closed door. >> that worker said he was checking out a report of a jammed fire door on 32n floor, he heard gunshots and saw hotel security guard shot in leg. tell him it take cover. 6 minutes pass between hallway shooting and the shooting began in to the concertgoers below. on wall street, another record
11:24 pm
day for stocks, dow up 42, s&p up 5, nasdaq up 16, all at new record highs, volume on big board, 2.9 billion shares, shares of luxury fashion company coach, sinking after announced it is changing its name to tapestry. and in illinois, voting to repeal their soda tax, a blow to michael bloomberg who spent $10 million of his money to push that tax that was enacted and is now going to be reversed. >> listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, up next, story you won't see covered by that national left wing nut media, a full report on corruption trial of democratic senator bob menendez, coming up here next, stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me
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lou: the prosecution has rest in the federal corruption and bribery trial of senator bob menendez. a judge will decide whether to dismiss the charges against the senator or find him guilty. reporter: after six weeks of trial and 35 witness, the prosecution has rested in the bribery trial of bob menendez. the final witness in the prosecution was an fbi agent. prosecutors tried to use his testimony to link contributions and dr. melgen.
11:30 pm
and using his foreign influence to help the doctor in a medicaid dispute. the lawyer angered the judge as he tried to delve into the intricacies of the law. he cite a decision that overturned the bribery trial of governor mcdonnell. as he entered the courthouse this morning, senator menendez was asked about the case for his defense. >> the story of a lifetime of
11:31 pm
service done honorably, hard work and sacrifice and a commitment to the people of new jersey and a long-time friendship with the doctor. reporter: this afternoon before adjourning court the judge said at least one of the 12 criminal counts menendez faces will be decided by the jury. lou: turning now to the only real collusion been found during the entire campaign and election. the house intelligence committee announced plans to release facebook ads bought by russians trying to influence the presidential election. those ads will be made public after the company executives testify on capitol hill. they are supposed to be there november 1. new documents showing donald dod
11:32 pm
trump, jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer, she asked to bring a russian-american lobbyist because of his knowledge. but as cnn reported, there is nothing whatsoever that implicates donald trump, jr. whatsoever, and that is a report by cnn. the eve question fax data breach going from bad to worse. we are learning nearly 11 million people had their driver's license numbers compromised. morgan wright joins us. these brave wing suitedders aren't satisfied just jumping out of planes. they want to vase one.
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that required yoa and much more that required yoa and much more still ahead.
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lou: equifax is one of those brands that may well go down in infamy. they are saying the driver's license data was compromised for 11 million americans.
11:37 pm
it happened while the company sat on the information that they had bent victim of a cyber attack revealing the data of 143 million people. this latest report just adding to what has been an extraordinary array of disgusting failures on the part of this come numbers management. north korea is targeting american tour companies. the security firm fire eye says north koreans are sending select companies so-called phishing emails containing malicious software. so far they have not been successful. which suggests there is no evidence they have been defeated by the defendants of those firms either. joining knee, morgan wright. i'm stunned at the number of cyber attacks. ed the more that equifax is
11:38 pm
revealing. dribbling out. the company has basically been a patsy when it's suppose to have been -- had its intrand staked around the ability to protect, defend and keep private, private information of consumers and customers. >> when you listen to some of the worth. internal people said that they were one data breach away from going out of business from a major cyber event. i'm going to wear black and stay in a permanent state of mourning. the american people are taking it in the shorts. now it's 10 to 11 million driver's licenses. it will get worse and the numbers are going up north of 145 million. it's getting worse every day, not better.
11:39 pm
lou: where is the federal government here? where are the legislators and our congress and senate. and how is it we can have a firm with this much precious private data that is not responsible or cannot be directly held accountable by law forness for misfeasance and arrogance on the part of its senior officials? >> when i testified before congress we talked about the accountability in the private sector. until you pass laws, you can't hold them responsible for malfeasance because nobody has to sign on the dotted line. but the minute a ceo has to worry about wearing orange and getting perks rp walked into a jail you will see change. you had senior people get quit saying they knew.
11:40 pm
the attitude was they were one breach away from going out of business. that should tell you what you need to go know about that culture. lou: i'm watching the department of defense be around allies. all the victims and other major corporations, retail organizations, it does matter, the -- it doesn't matter the industry. the victims of cyber attacks. are we saying there is no defense for all of this data and we need to recognize that and change the way we handle data that we want to keep private and want to protect? >> know, lou, we need to rethink this. everybody thinks they have 10 house on their estate and they want to spread their resources to protect these 10 houses. it's not going to happen anymore. you will have to pick the two to through that are most of important and make sure a fast
11:41 pm
fire department. we waste too much time and money. cyber crime has gone up 20% this year. ransom ware increased. the spear-phishing emails. we are seeing an increase in ran tomorrowware. lou: two questions definitely related. why in the world do so many companies -- how can they fail to understand their email system have to be separate, divorced, divided by a chinese wall for that company. why is that a lesson so difficult for these companies to learn? >> they are so far down the path of integrating everything together, it would make sense to have a separate system for
11:42 pm
messaging and one where your intellectual property is too far down the path. lou: these idiots are losing information, they are losing data. they are being raped in cyber warfare. >> they are losing the battle. by the comes down to spending money. they look at cyber-securities a cost center. until we think about it, they will keep doing it that way. lou: it is time for there to be accountability. thanks very much. and good to see you. please roll the video. we all need to take a little break. this cessna two-seater has company. whoa! what's out there? three wing suiters. see them? i'm look.
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i see one. i'm look. there's one. above iconic venice. i counted two, not three. but i'm sure he's up there somewhere. president trump bringing the nfl to its knees over players refusal to respect our flag and their insults to the national anthem and the nation itself. pastor robert jeffress joins me next. stay with
11:44 pm
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lou: joining me now, the pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and author of "a place called heaven," robert jeffress. let's start with the president taking the nfl commissioner and a number of those left-wing owners to their knees. >> the president has won this argument, proving once again president trump has a better feel for the sentiment of the american people than his critics do. make no mistake about it. we are witnessing the nfl caving on this national anthem issue not because of patriotism or principle, but because of profit.
11:48 pm
nonetheless, i think the president can claim victory and move on to this issue ofr of tax reform -- issue of tax reform. lou: i think you are right. obviously the president has wouldn't argument. roger goodell, i don't know why the owners would keep him. this is the blun defend all blunders. if he were the ceo of anything else other than something so automatically profitable as the nfl, i couldn't manage him surviving more than days, let alone years. let's turn to tax reform. it's clear mcconnell means to defeat this effort on the part of the president again. it's clear mcconnell will not go to the 51-vote rule. it means their entire republican agenda, the president's agenda, will not come to pass.
11:49 pm
>> that is certainly the plan. just today you had mitch mcconnell trying to appease conservatives like myself over our fury of the republican senate not confirming more of the president's judicious appointments. i talked to the president about the fact they are slow walking these confirmations because of arcane senate rules. i believe if mitch mcconnell and bob cork errant rest of this republican establishment fails to pass the president's tax plan, there will be hell to pay for that. lou: steve bannon is talking about challenging every vulnerable senator running. but i would hate to see you have to wait that long. if the man thanked any dignity or self-respect he would get out of the way. he has his wife working in the
11:50 pm
administration. i mean, it's stunning -- it's sickening, really. >> i don't think any republican will be safe from the wrath of president obama or the american voters if they continue to paralyze and slow walk the president's agenda. lou: i want to turn quickly to this issue of movement versus business in washington to drain the swamp. this movement has not had a boost here of late. i'm talking about the trump movement. and it need a rallying point. what do you think as a rallying point getting rid of all these senators who are rinos and obstructionists? for that matter those in the house as well that includes frankly, paul ryan. >> i think there is a movement
11:51 pm
afoot to do that. but i think it's part of a bigger movement in our country. after the hurricanes, the wildfires, the las vegas massacre. people are tired of negativity and tired of us not making the progress we need to make as a nation. i think anyone who continues to be a purveyor of negativity and stall this agenda we so desperately want to see fulfilled will be dealt with. 63 million americans voted for president trump and his agenda which is really our agenda. lou: it's a great agenda. mitch mcconnell just doesn't understand that and i think should pay a considerable price for not understanding it. up next president trump attacking the dems on tax cuts. >> sadly, the democrats have become obstructionists. they want to stop, they don't
11:52 pm
want to do anything productive. they want to raise your taxes substantially. they are good at obstruction. lou: katie frates and charlie hurt join us after the break. what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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make the future. not next week while you think about it a little more. but right now. is there a company that can help you do all that? ( ♪ ) i can think of one. lou: in our online poll last night we asked wet you are you think the nfl should give roger
11:56 pm
goodell a contract extension and 96% of you have say yes. joining me is katie frates and charlie hurt. let's start with the nfl. nothing captured the public imagination so -- with such n as this issue over the last month or so. katie, the president has scored an immense victory, has he not? >> i don't know. i think it's a little blue for everyone. if you are staunch left or staunch right. all this did was solidify everyone hates everyone. i would say with trump's pressure and the pressure coming from everyone. lou: may i ask a question?
11:57 pm
>> go for it. lou: what about players insulting "the national anthem," the flag and the country. do you think it should be permitted? >> i think what has finally transpired, good he will finally getting up and saying this isn't okay is a good thing. lou: good he will has been talking -- good h good. ellisongoodell has been talking out of both sides his mouth. charlie: i think that it has been a tremendous victory for the president. reason is, his job is to be the nation's cheerleader and to work from, use the bully pulpit to promote america and patriotism. and everybody just -- as usual,
11:58 pm
he goes and picked at something nobody is paying attention to. he goes out there, he picks a fight with them, then he utterly hugh mill yates all of them -- he utterly humiliates all of them. from a political standpoint like running a campaign sort of standpoint, he probably doesn't win any new votes doing it. and all the people that supported him that like him, they are so glad there is somebody swashbuckling around in at swamp calling names and humiliating people doing the damage. lou: i agree, but there is something more. he's changing things. he's actually doing things. this is about changing conduct and changing direction and honoring values, and that's a t-
11:59 pm
that's a big, big deal in my opinion. katie, harvey weinstein. bill clinton accused of rape. weinstein accused of rape. you can't find a village to criticize these left-wing celebrities and politicos. >> this is sad. i don't think anyone is overly shocked that there is a disgusting man with a large amount of power in hollywood who is wielding it over women to get what he wanted? it should not be common. but it's not that hollywood didn't know. they were joke being this at 2013. they have known about this for a long time. lou: what happened to the war on women? katie: they will keep their mouths shut when it's dirty and
12:00 am
hits close to home. lou: thank you both. appreciate. good seeing you. thanks for being with us. dr. sebastian gorka. us, good nm new york. kennedy: accusations against harvey weinstein growing by the day. but could he be in legal trouble? steve bannon says he's going after republicans disloyal to the president. the white house claims puerto rico is on the mend. but some folks there say the situation is gets much worse. grab a towel, it's time to dive in. big game bootie hunter and alleged rapist harvey wayne stein is heading to sex rehab. now that harvey has become as disposable as one of the


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