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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  October 15, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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company. bought a majority stake in a company. >> if they get a grip on streaming technology, i'm not sure of it yet. david: and that's forbes on fox. keep it here for the number one business block that continues with trish regan and cashin' in. trish: forget football tomorrow, all eyes will be on nfl on tuesday. they have no plans to force players to stand up for the anthem. is that the wrong way to go. and good to see you all, welcome, everybody. gary, how do you think this is going to go? >> well, look, this meeting did not happen by accident. it's a necessity. ratings have been down. go look at some of the video how many empty seats are out there. a poll came out the nfl being one of the most divisive brands
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in the united states and if anything that's going to kill the goose that's made this industry tens of billions of dollars, it's half the people this country not happy with something that they have been going to see and viewed and have made that industry a ton of money. so, tuesday is going to be very important. i think that everybody better be listening. trish: rachel, sports is supposed to be entertainment. people want to be entertained when they watch the game not thinking what side of the aisle the players are on. >> of course, and what the nfl should do, learn from nascar. nascar knows their fans and guess what, they also love their fans. how could this possibly be a good business decision on the part of the nfl to associate their supposedly all-american brand with politics? it's grievance politics, with disrespecting the military, law enforcement, and our flag. i mean, these are bad business decisions. the american people have said we don't want our football served up with politics. and with lectures about the
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failings of america. one more thing i want to add. right now the nfl was hurting from the concussion scandal. i'm a mom, a lot of moms and dads are out there are weighing whether they want to register their kids in the football league because they're worried about concussion. the last thing the nfl should be doing is giving parents more reasons to not love the nfl. >> look, i think that soccer is going to take over the world if this keeps up. i mean, between this and between concussions and between the domestic violence scandals, allowed these guys to continue playing despite all of the allegations against them, juan, you know, every time i hear the national anthem, you've heard me say this before. i sing it, i was a former singer, i get goose bumps. it's part of who we are and part of the country. i get it free speech and all that, however, these guys are working for people. they're receiving a paycheck to go out there on the field. so, why not just do what the fans want you to do? >> you can't just do what people want you to do if it's contrary
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to your principles and beliefs. trish: getting a paycheck to it. >> this is nothing to do with the flag. people have distorted the issue this is about the players saying the relationship between the police and black men in specific is problematic and deserves our attention as americans, but what we've seen is not the players being divisive, but president trump, who has used this issue to his political advantage to try to stir up his base and make this into a racial issue in a way that i find is just, it's awful. trish: you know what, juan, it takes to tango and the president brought this issue up and then gerri willis, the players took it on and they decided to take the knee and decided to make a big deal out of this and it's costing them. >> it is costing them. at the end of the day i respect what waun juan says, you're acting as if there's no other platform for these players.
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they can call a press conference and say what they want to say. when it comes to the game, entertaining americans and viewership is down 7%, this is real money. 14 billion dollars this industry is. let me tell you, americans are voting with their feet, they're not watching, and that is what matters the most, not seats, not busting the seats in the stadium because those numbers about the same. dollars and cents, that's going to make a big difference. >> gerri, let me quickly say, it's the president who said these s-o-b's, pretty offensive, should be fired. and he made this an issue and colin kaepernick who started this, started it a year ago. we did not see the public reacting this way. it was trump who got involved and made it into this divisiveness. >> juan, you know-- >> hang on, get to you in a second. rachel, i think the president was saying what everybody was feeling. >> exactly. >> and the players then took that and ran with it, no pun
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intended. >> look at the end of the day. trish: the players have every ability to talk to the media any way they want to lead to charge against what they consider to be unfair practices in this country nobody's going to stop them. not ott the game, when you're showing up for work they're doing the work and disappointing a lot of people. >> rachel. >> one of the reasons that president trump was elected, he's saying what we're thinking. maybe for a year kaepernick, there wasn't the controversy, we were feeling it, it's beyond the money issue it's a cultural issue and i think the nfl is showing that they have no cultural connection to their fan base. the vast majority of fans have said this is disrespectful, we don't like it and the nfl said we don't care what you think. >> the biggest issue for the business, they are kneeling at the same time that 80,000 people are standing with hands over their hearts singing the national anthem, while the military is standing up there. some of them without arms, and
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legs, and limbs, you name it and it's a great point that can't they find another way? are they really affecting change by kneeling at a football game? they should get into the communities, do the press conference. i'm all for it. if they think there's something wrong with the police, terrific, let's try and fix it, i just don't think this is the place-- >> poor leadership at the nfl. roger goodell, can't dance in the end zone if you score a touchdown. >> bingo. trish: you can neil kneel instead of pleasantlying allegiance to the country? you have to look at who is running things. >> i think there's a lack of leadership in the nfl. that's the problem and why they were so slow to the concussion issue and we're still dealing with players with domestic
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issues at home that aren't dealt with. i think there's a mess in the nfl and they have to start working on some of the issues and clean it up. >> let me just say, i think colin kaepernick's jersey, still one of the best selling in the nfl, was the top seller, in fact, until about may of this year, and you know what? when you bring up the flag and the military. >> not anymore. >> and i think isn't it interesting that the nfl was, in fact, making the military pay for all of these patriotic displays and i think that they brought this to the forefront in a way, again, that distorts what's on the table and allows people to avoid dealing with the racial issue that the players are seeking to. trish: time and place, juan. >> colin kaepernick depicted police on his socks as pigs and i'm sure there are bad ones out there, but 99.9% of the police, what do they do 24/7. they risk their lives and i can tell you if any of these football players were mugged one
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day, guess who they'd be calling for? the police. and by the way, when all was said and done, you know who loses in the end if this continues and football goes south? who do you think the salaries come from not the owners, it's the people that go to the games, spend money on the sponsors, that's how they get the big bucks, if things continue to go south, these $3 million salaries are going to end up being, 2, 1 1/2. there's a fine line between bigness and smallness when it comes to industry and they better be careful going forward irk there's a time and place for everything. this is not the time and place to do what colin kaepernick is doing. rachel, i'm with you, we've got little kids, mine is not playing football, tell you that. >> no reason to do it. >> and victim filing a lawsuit against the hotel where the against the hotel where the vegas shooter carried out the ♪
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>> a vegas shooting surveyor now suing mgm resorts and mandalay bay hotel among others for negligence in the wake of the massacre. the victim claiming the hotel failed to notice the shooter stockpiling guns in his room and failed to train employees enough to spot suspicious activity. shares of mgm way down since the tragedy. gary, do hotels need to be beefing up security and could mgm have done more to protect those people staying in that hotel and surrounding that hotel and their shareholders as well? >> look, every head honcho, top dog, big cheese in the travel industry are looking this over and unfortunately, it takes a tragedy to learn more about what you need to do to protect. and i will tell you everybody in the travel industry knows the number one job is safety of your consumer. so, yeah, they're going to be
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changes. what i can tell you here in central florida since 2015, disney and universal put in metal detectors last thing they want out front and center, bad optics, but they need safety for the people visiting their place and changes going forward. i heard about steve wynn doing things and everybody around the globe. trish: maybe that could have cameras in a lot of places, the casinos. they've got cameras focused on the blackjack and poker tables. why isn't there security throughout the rest of the hotel. why aren't the security guards, for example, wearing little cameras on their lapels in this timeline now is being disputed by mgm, but the thinking is there was a whole six minutes that went by where the call was made, or should have been placed, to additional security members at mgm and maybe they would have had a better shot at stopping this rampage.
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>> we don't know the details of that and we're figuring out how that works and what went down. my point of view, i'm not sure that mgm could have stopped this at the hotel, to stop what is essentially domestic terrorism. that's asking a lot. at the end of the day, how far are you willing to go in this? do you want a camera in your hotel room or watching you take a shower, watching you sleep? >> of course not, no, no, no, no, no! however, however, the do not disturb sign was on that hotel room for three straight days. and i would think, maybe after 24 hours, maybe after 36 hours, you'd be a little concerned that somebody might actually even have a health issue if they've been holed up in that room for so long. so, maybe there should be a set of standards that say, you know, we go in and we knock, we check and make sure that everything is okay. i would also point out, rachel, you've got mgm disputing this whole timeline of events, but perhaps that's because they're worried about lawsuits?
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>> well, first of all, i just want to address what you said earlier. i always put the do not disturbing sign on my door. i don't like anyone coming in to clean my room. i let them clean at the end of my stay and done it for three, four days at a time. i don't like anyone in there that's how i am and vegas, by the way, a city associated with freedom. if we start having a police state, if we start having surveillance of our private hotel rooms. trish: we're not suggesting-- this is not a surveillance of private hotel rooms. but you're taking it to a whole other level. >> but, again, if we start suing mgm over what i think they would have prevented or the concert organizers, believe me, they wore done anything they could to prevent this. this is just pure evil and i'm afraid that these lawsuits might force these companies and these organizations to maybe overreact and in the process kill some of our freedom. trish: juan, as gary said, disney world has taken all kinds of precautions.
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you know, when you go into disney world now, they check your bag and they have the metal detectors and you know why? because they need to ensure the safety of those people and they know they're a target. do you think, juan, these casinos need to recognize, they might be targets? hotels in general need to understand they might be targets. >> sure, they're not soft targets. we don't need-- and you hear from the people that run the casinos, you don't want an atmosphere where people don't feel at ease and walk around and make decisions, what happens in vegas, stays in vegas type of things. if you disrupt that atmosphere, you're going to hurt business, but let me also say, there's a lawsuit potentially not just against mgm, not just against live nation, the concert promoter, i agree with gerri. i think it's-- some guy knocking out a window on the 32nd floor, i don't think anybody in a courtroom would say that that could have been
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foreseen. how do you forsee that. >> i think it's your family, your friends, your neighbors should be tied in to you and what you're doing and if your behavior becomes erratic or different, that's where the ball is. >> and let me quickly ad. hang on a second, gary. quickly add, not only are they trying to sue live nation and mgm, they're trying to sue the people who make bump stocks, a device that was used to create the rapid fire that killed so many people. but you should know that congress, you know, in the hands of the n.r.a., has said that manufacturers are not liable for any of their devices. trish: that's a whole other debate and maybe we can do that next week. >> that's what's going on with guns in this country. >> my biggest issue, las vegas has been threatened forever, and casinos have cameras everywhere. for me, one thing that does not make sense is how he was able to bring up so much artillery in so many bags in service elevators.
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that's got to be looked at very closely. trish: indeed, indeed and that's where mgm might be vulnerable. anyway, coming up, as the harvey weinstein scandal heats up in hollywood, some democrats are still holding onto his donation. is that right or wrong to keep the money? i think you know, but we'll debate it. my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people... ...who have built their website using gocentral, did it in... ...under an hour, and you can too. type in your business or idea. pick your favourite design. personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming. harriet, it's a double stitch not a cross stitch!
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the nfl protests. now, back to cashin' in. trish: better late than never. hillary clinton joining a grown list of democrats who say they'll give back donations from
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harvey weinstein, but not all democrats are returning the money. rachel, i know you think they should, i think they should, too. why aren't they? >> well, first of all, they should because this is a rule that they have put up themselves. this is is something they've been bludgeoning republicans with every time a donor does something, they put up the rule. those shamed into returning it and returning it to pro-abortion groups. the irony you take money from harvey weinstein who preys on vulnerable women and give it to the abortion lobby who also preys on vulnerable women. trish: i was surprised it took hillary clinton five days to come out and say anything. here she is, a woman who had what the woman card and paraded
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around and feminism being the priority. to me feminism is a loaded term, but it's about doing what's right and accepting women for whatever they choose and believing in women. if you're a feminist, you should have come out right away over what harvey weinstein was doing, taking terrible, terrible advantage, it's disgusting, what a creepy guy and he got away with it because, gerri the system allowed him to get away with it. >> look, everybody was this women, shocking how long, new york, l.a., washington, everyone knew about this. nobody did anything, women were afraid to come forward and the idea that hillary would wait five days and she would say well, i give 6% of my money to charity, would this be part of it, no, this is blood money, in my view, this is horrific. we need to be doing something on a much larger scale.
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>> why can't she give her 10% that she usually does and send harvey's money back in addition? why does it need to be part of it? >> first of all, let me just say, this show is cashin' in, let's talk honestly about the money here. harvey weinstein is a major donor to the democrats so you're not going to turn your eyes away or hand away from someone who has been supporting you in an essential way in the political structure and don't forget donald trump. i don't see republicans throwing that money back. trish: gary. >> look, nobody blames the politicians for taking the money, but when i hear politicians say they've already spent the money so they can't give them back, fooey on them, they have all have war chests, give every dime back, if you don't now you'll be forced to later and everybody will be talking about that. >> i think it's going to cause real changes in hollywood and that's for the good of hollywoodment how can you make money right now to help pay for
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>> time for fox on the spot. rachel, what do you think is going to happen next week? >> puerto rico, despite confusing tweets by the president, i think he wants to continue to make puerto rico great again. recent tragedy with the hurricane is an opportunity to reform. trish: gerri. >> luscious tax breaks for football and concern and worry, will anything happen? absolutely not. we'll completely ignore it. trish: juan? >> trump is blowing up obamacare and taking away subsidies and alienating democrats and less likely to work with him on a health care system for america. trish: gary. >> in the markets, fed ex stock, i think we're going to have one heck after christmas and a lot of stuff delivered and fed ex is the top of the game. >> i can assure you one thing, it's going to be a very busy
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week ahead. thank you for the cashin' in crew for joining us, thank you. have a great weekend, america. i'm going to see you-- i see you every weekday on fox business 2 p.m broadcast news organization. lou: good evening. breaking news tonight. the president today announcing major foreign policy decisions on iran. first, president trump has designated the iranian revolutionary guard corps to be terrorists. this is the first time the united states has verde clareed a military unit of a government to be terrorists. president trump also announcing his decision to not certainify the iran nuclear deal. the president took these actions because as he has said often, he find the obama agreement to be unacceptable. and president trump vowed to cancel it all together if congress


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