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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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them and let them know water dealing with. lou: burgess owens great to have you here. that up it for us tonight. joining us tomorrow. train to you news this morning. an oil rig has exploded in louisiana appeared seven injured in one missing. lauren: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell breaks bread with president trump with a working lunch on the menu health care reform. train to the dow, s&p and we are in the thick of earnings season. netflix later today. features 20 different value open. lauren: investors evaluating the gains of the far right party in the parliamentary election. no new prime minister with dave spain and catalonia. cheryl: japan's nikkei index hitting a 21 year high.
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the nikkei appoint 47% today. lauren: amazon apologizes to impose after misconduct from the head of the programming unit. "fbn:am" starts right now. train 25:01 a.m. in new york. monday, october 6 team. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti. thank you for joining. cheryl: first and foremost, more revelations in the harvey weinstein scandal. we are not we are not letting the story go. we do have serious breaking news out of the south. a powerful oil break explosion happened in louisiana. at least seven people have been injured, one person still missing. this happened just northwest of new orleans.
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>> a platform that's used for transport of oil, a number of wells in that location in the oil is transferred at that point. every subject from the firefighting standpoint is trained to step the oil flow with a sandy and at that point we will have to cool it off. cheryl: oil owns the oil rig. officials say drinking water in the area will remain safe because it's pulled from the nearby mississippi river. lauren: let's move on to health care. on the front burner for congress. president trump's decision for insurance companies is increasing pressure on congress. train to reach a bipartisan bill to keep the so-called cost-sharing reduction payments following. republican senator bill cassidy says congress should pass a short-term extension. >> the president is not getting the affordable care at it let's take the productions is one example. the court has said so and with the president is focusing on
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their middle-class families who are paying $30,000 to $40,000 a year for premiums plus vegetables on top of this. think about that. $30,000 to $40,000 a year. lauren: those payments added up to $7 million a year. democratic senator chris murphy criticizing the president's decision. >> the fact of the matter is the president is trying to sabotage the american health care system, trying to put a gun to the head of constituent by taking away health care or raising racing cars to force us to repeal the bill the american public doesn't want us to repeal. cheryl: meanwhile the president created this on saturday. health insurance stocks which have gone through the roof during the obamacare unit plunged yesterday after it ended their windfall. on friday, excel three-point 33%. molina health care three-point
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37% and income fund 3.11%. all the big insurance names that are taking these payments in from the federal government. the president will meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today. there i could just as the budget, tax reform in the issue of health care coming out. lauren: white house national security adviser h.r. mcmaster saying he supports president trump plan on the array nuclear deal. >> what the president has done a saturday marker to iranians into our allies and partners that we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal. it is a weak deal that is being weekly monitor. the president has made clear that he will not permit this deal to provide cover for what we know it's a horrible regime to develop a nuclear weapon. lauren: this after the president said the u.s. would cancel the nuclear deal less iran fully complied with the 2015th agreement. train to israeli prime minister benjamin and yahoo! was done in the morning features with maria
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bartiromo. he praised the president's decision. >> the president is right to put that forward now and to say i'm not going to authorize the continuation of a very bad deal that will give a criminals they the power to threaten the united states mainland. we've seen what happens when that goes through. i'm going to act now again. fix it or nick said, the right thing to do. cheryl: u.n. ambassador to the u.s. also on the sunday morning show talking specifically saying we need to be very serious about the threats from iran than they are not compliant really. lauren: iranian health care and went to talk about tracks reform because stephen mnuchin was on "sunday morning futures" seen eliminating they tax reduction would not hold a tax bill. >> we understand the issue on state and local deduction.
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as i said, i've lived in california, new york and i know the impact on both of those economies and we are trying to balance on one hand we firmly believe that the federal government should get out of the business of supporting and subsidizing the state and local deduction. on the other hand, we are sensitive to those economies and working with the house and senate on those issues. lauren: back from the weeklong recess they must have a budget to tackle the nation's tax code. by october. british police with three new allegations of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. investigators say woman reported being assaulted in london in 2010, 2011 and 2015. british actress lisette anthony also reported to london police
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that he raped her in the late 1980s. the motion picture arts and sciences has been revoked over the weekend. lauren: woody allen saying this with the bbc. you also don't want it to lead to a witchhunt atmosphere where every guy in an office who winked at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself. weinstein reportedly plans to challenge is by the weinstein company with the truce this month. he is in sex rehab in arizona so he will be present by phone. they said as long as he paid the company for the sexual harassment allegations he was fine. cheryl: they may be in breach of contract so they don't have the right to fire him. woody allen is defending harvey one team, someone who has some
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sexual assault allegations. amazon addressing employees after allegations of misconduct by the company's studio. lauren: good morning to you tracee carrasco join us at that. hey, tracee, good to see you. tracee: hey, ladies. amazon apologizing after they were placed on the following allegations of sexual harassment. the executive sent a memo to employees saying the news coming out of hollywood over the past week has been shocking and disturbing and unfortunately we are part of it. amazon does not tolerate harassment or abuse of our employees or business partners. it was brought to our attention and we investigate quickly and thoroughly. first published by buzz feed news. lauren: sometimes when you're traveling you wonder what's going on with your bag after you check in. there's a new video release.
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>> if you thought your luggage been tossed around was the worst thing that could happen, you are wrong. take a look at this video. it is an airport baggage handler going through peoples luggage and and he is stealing things. this is on a jet star flight in thailand. the 27-year-old thief was arrested in the airline says they are investigating. there is caught red-handed. it's almost like he turns around and says what's happening? rifling through some luggage right now. it definitely didn't look like a passenger. cheryl: so coffee may be feeling more than jet, her body. transfer from garbage to your gas tank. the bz throwaway caddell power your car appeared researchers have simplified the process for extracting oil from coffee
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grounds. researchers found a way to do this in 10 minutes and reduce the use of harmful chemicals, making a more eco-friendly than soybeans or corn. they said they could produce 720,000 metric tons of bio diesel annually. lauren: a while, we do drink a lot of coffee. thank you very much. cheryl: coffee is fuel. lauren: technically it is. my coffee is here somewhere. cheryl: we will have more coming up. the death toll has risen in california. the wildfires still burning. fire fighters finally beginning to make gains to contain the blazes. shares of netflix up 60% so far this year. can it keep climbing? stories coming up today after the price hike. going to have a little preview. you're watching "fbn:am."
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cheryl: welcome back to the rather dying down in northern california helping firefighters gain ground against the wildfires that have devastated wine country.
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fire officials say they turned a corner and people are being allowed to go back home in areas no longer in harms way. the blazes blamed for at least 40 deaths and some 5700 homes and buildings. austria to get the first millennia later. sebastian kirk is likely to be sworn in. the next chancellor after the people's party landed in first place in parliamentary elections yesterday. the foreign minister amanda's house diplomat in europe. netflix scheduled to release earnings "after the bell." i may add subscribers and goldman sachs upping their price target with netflix at $235. wall street likes the netflix. we will see what the numbers are. lauren: u.s. military thrilled to evacuate today. kitty logan in london with the very latest. good morning.
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>> five days of joint drills in the u.s. and south korea will be starting today. that involves the uss reagan comment taking part in a nice fire drills in the north korean peninsula along with two other u.s. warships, fighter jets, helicopters and others involved. this is a large exercise, but these are fairly regular. the south korean foreign ministry says the latest drill is prepared for any possible naval threat from north korea. the government in pyongyang hasn't yet responded to these exercises but usually they act pretty negatively and escalating tensions in the region following a series of missile in
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mid-september and it should develop a missile capable of reaching the u.s. despite all of this from the times writer to turn the u.s. and north korea come and there's also some ongoing. back to you guys. lauren: is all of this going on, markets in asia, south japan, korea are on fire. some of them at record highs. cheryl: can make a 21 year. they are like okay, we will see. coming up, the senate back to work this week. welcome back, senators. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will have dinner today with president trott. that should make for interesting conversation. we look at health care reform back on track. reportedly taking action for the model three. taking a look at futures right now i'm your monday.
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happy monday. green arrows slightly higher open for major u.s. indexes. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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lauren: president trump meeting with mitch mcconnell today. the working lunch. after the first time the two come face-to-face since the senate failed to repeal and replace obamacare. senator lindsey graham predicting trouble had hitherto cannot condemn what they plan to fix the health care system.
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>> would promise to cut taxes and we get to do it. if we are successful, mitch mcconnell assigned peer does not for all in trouble. i think president trump will not get it. lauren: joining us with his thoughts on this is democratic strategist bob in by rain. happy monday, good morning. >> happy monday to you, lauren. lauren: president trump wants to end the payments which are $7 billion a year. congress never appropriated the money for them. what's wrong with that? >> is the equivalent of dropping a live hand grenade into the marketplace. understand donald trump has been trying to systematically destabilize obamacare and force our hand at revamping this program and offering something better for americans. i assert americans are suffering under obamacare because premiums have been doing that than we do need to do something. i thought republicans were going
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to get it done but they failed three times the base. taking a different approach, i just worry it could be a distance of middle income and low income americans. i'm really hopeful we will get something done. lauren: i'm really glad he set a hopeful we will work across party lines because sometimes this week, we don't have many details, but expecting a plan released from senators maria and alexander. in fact, president trump out of senator alexander over the weekend. do you expect a plan to hold democrats and republicans on board? >> well, we must do something because these people cannot lose their insurance. right now i understand people are literally getting letters from insurance companies just letting them know they've been dropped and they don't know what to do from this point forward. they've been loyal customers for years and years. we've got to protect those.
5:23 am
i'm most concerned about the lower and calm people. i want you to understand that the subsidies affect people who have an income that is four times that of the poverty level. that makes people $40,000 families of four who make $90,000 or less. you're actually talking about more middle-class americans than initially thought. lauren: do think some democrats are going overboard? or featuring democrats from connecticut basically said this is the equivalent of health care are sent. trump is literally the entire help system on fire. >> to be honest, i'm just going to be blunt. i'm tired of the emotion. i really just want to talk about
5:24 am
facts and numbers, remove some of these emotional talks that we've had. now donald trump has done something like we are not advertising that open enrollment will be starting november 1st through the 15th, those kind names. with the funding for advertising programs, yes, you can make an argument he's attempting to effectively sabotage obamacare. i think we can just say that and remove the emotion from it. trying to do you think insurers will build to re-examine the race for 2010 since we still don't know what the rules of the game are? >> yes, right now forecast to adjust their rates by 20% in anticipation of last weeks news. >> some people actually losing coverage. that is concerning and when that happens, that's when people end up if you don't have insurance coverage come on people end up
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going to the emergency room who cannot refuse service. that ends up being a burden on all of us as taxpayers. we've got to get that fixed because it could create a larger problem going down the road. lauren: quickly rabin, taking donald trump is using the subsidies that some sort of bargaining chip for something else down the road. have you heard that? >> i have heard that. yeah, i have heard that in a think it coming. he's pretty strategic with this thinking. it's got us pretty much grabbed us by our premiums. that is a quote of the morning. so good to see you. thank you for your days. trying to steal or not, rabin, not even harrison ford blade runner reboot could be stopped from winning the weekend box
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office. >> you have unlimited amount of lives and opportunities. >> until they figure out who my killer is. cheryl: expectations take the top spot in the box office. the bill to fill your prescriptions with nothing but the soothing sounds of your own voice. with a little help from google's alexa. looking at futures right now we can see right now is to have a positive open to your markets on this monday. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ "volatile markets." something we all think about as we head into retirement.
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it's why brighthouse financial is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife. i have a problem with donald trump's tax plan. a big problem. eighty percent (80%) of the tax cuts go to the top one percent. the richest americans. and big corporations get a huge tax break. but a lot of families like ours will pay more. millions in the middle class will actually pay higher taxes. that's right. higher taxes! to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. no early morning tweet can make that right. the trump tax plan is just bad for america.
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lauren: good morning. oil breakouts exploded in louisiana. seven are injured and one person. trent jamaica, breaking bread with donald trump during the working lunch on the venue, health care reform. >> into the dow and s&p in a new record for the nasdaq and earnings season. netflix elevator today. this morning across the board is >> europe investors investigate the far right party and master's parliamentary election in a young new prime minister. plus, confusion over the future spanning catalonia. >> the closed session in asia,, and the kneecap off a 11%. hank and hong kong up three quarters of 1%. castle holding workers responsible for production problems with this model 300. losing their jobs. "fbn:am" starts right now.
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5:30 a.m. in new york monday october 16. good morning i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. there's a new tactic on how to get business done. don't do a good job on making the car and you lose your job. lauren: at hundreds of tesla could stay tuned for that story. a powerful oil rig exploded in louisiana. at the seven people are injured and one person is missing. all of this happened about 14 miles northwest of new orleans. >> at the platform used for the transfer with a number of wells and not location in the oil is transferred at that point. our first objective from the fire fighting standpoint as we are trying to stop the oil flow is very zen and at that point will have to cool it and let it burn off.
5:32 am
>> cloverleaf oil weinstock. the drinking water in the area will remain safe because it's actually pulled from the mississippi river and not the lake. also looking into the cause of the explosion and it could've been chemicals used on that platform. cheryl: and frightening pictures we're looking at right now. well come in health care back on the front burner for congress this week. president trump's decision to end federal subsidies to insurance companies increasing pressure on congress street lawmakers meet a bipartisan deal to keep the car sharing flowing. congress should pass a short-term extension. >> the president is not cutting the affordable care act. let's take the car sharing reduction payments as an example. they are unconstitutional in with the president is focusing on our middle-class families who are paying $30,000 to $40,000 a year for premiums plus deductibles on top of this. think about that.
5:33 am
$30,000 to $40,000 a year. >> he supported the president. chris murphy strongly criticized the president's decision. >> the fact of the matter is the president is trying to sabotage the american health care system, trained by going a gun to their constituents they take of constituents they take you to a health care or raising costs in order to force us to repeal a deal the american public doesn't want us to repeal. >> that's what the president campaigned on. this is pretty treated on saturday. health insurance stocks have gone through the roof in the obamacare years after he ended the windfall. take a look on friday. since incorporation seller 3%. halter dropped over 3% and income fell over 3%. all of those have soared through since obamacare. in fact, up 650% since obamacare was signed into law by which 23rd, 2010. united health of 480% and well
5:34 am
care health of 480%. the president will meet with mitch mcconnell today. they are expected to discuss the budget, tax reform as well as health care. lauren: that will be interesting. cheryl: he says interesting. i say awkward. cheryl: white house national security advisor h.r. mcmaster said the u.s. ally support president ally support president trump's move on the iran nuclear deal. >> what the president has always done this he set out a marker, a marker to a rainy and into allies and partners that we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal. a week deal that is being weekly monitored or the president has made clear that he will not permit this deal to provide cover for what we know is a horrible regime to develop a nuclear weapon. cheryl: this is after the president says the u.s. had canceled the nuclear deal unless iran solely complies with the 2015 agreement.
5:35 am
lauren: israeli prime minister benjamin that yahoo! is on "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo. pretty big decision. >> the president is right to put that forward now and say i'm not going to offer the powers that threaten the united states mainland. we've seen what happens when that goes through. i'm going to back out again. fix it or next day. exactly the right thing to do. >> will see what the changes could be. iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism and also detailed that of stressed iran's ballistic missile program. other parts of the deal the president has issue with. maybe will seek some changes. cheryl: certainly worth evaluating what the president is saying. some pushing a tax reform, treasury secretary stephen mnuchin was on "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo
5:36 am
swell. issues of reducing the state and local tax reduction would not hold up the tax bill. >> we understand the issue on state and local deductions. as i've said, i lived in california and new york and i know the impact on both of those economies and we are trying to balance. on the one hand we firmly believe the federal government should get out of the business of supporting and subsidizing the state and local deductions. on the other hand, we are sensitive to those economies and we are working with the house and senate on this issue. cheryl: still a lot of republican senators and congressmen from the high-tech state. also back from a weeklong recess the senate has to pass a budget first to clear the way for congress to tackle the nation's tax cut and of course get the plan pushed forward. cheryl: british police address in three new allegations of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. investigators say women reported being assaulted in london in
5:37 am
2010, 2011 and 2015. the british actor is reported to london police had weinstein raped her in the 1980s. meanwhile the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has been revoked over the weekend. an emergency meeting to decide what to do with them and they revoked his membership. cheryl: the french president emmanuel macron says he wants to revoke weinstein's legion of honor awarded not country. he reportedly plan to challenge his firing by the weinstein co. at this month's board of directors meeting, which is actually scheduled for tomorrow. he will be present by phone at his attorney as well. lauren: i'm curious to see if all of this gets him to jail. what the end result here question aren't cheryl: can police find a case? lauren: we are getting closer to halloween. you know more halloween. and you were about to pop in the weekend box office.
5:38 am
cheryl: i have no idea. i'm very excited. i know the name. i didn't see the movie. transfer thriller/horror movie happy death they exceeded expectations at the box office movie coming in first place with 26 by $5 million. he beat out blade runner which only brought in $15 million, 54% drop from its debut last weekend. jackie chan debuted in third place with $12.8 million while fourth placed in next weekend in theaters have rounding out the top five to kate winslet and the mountain between us was just over $5 million. cheryl: tesla has taken action against their employees. tracee: this is all in response to this model threes great tesla has reportedly fired hundreds of employees with production of its model threes off to a slow start. firings include engineering the
5:39 am
manager of salespeople and factory workers have turned in a performance review of his 33,000 plus employees. elon musk said tesla would be making 5000 model three cars per week by the end of the year, but a few weeks ago said there were bottlenecks in production. lauren: smart devices. did they just get smarter? tracee: they did. you may never have to go to a pharmacy again. you will soon be alluded to it at amazon .co or google home. users download something called now are asked and activated a voice command like alexa, open now rx. you can request, we filled a medication that you were the last four digits in the company still waiting for approval from google and amazon but expects to get the go-ahead in a few weeks. right now it's only available in silicon valley but hopes to expand next year.
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the lauren: we are getting increasingly lazy. broader audience. >> there's been a lot of these horror films, is. cheryl: somebody likes them. thank you. >> she always gives me a good list of stuff to say. we've got a lot more coming out. stay with us because there is right now a manhunt underway in missouri. a prison break fair. fed chair janet yellen and anthony chan who he thinks is going to be the next leader of the fed. you are watching "fbn:am."
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>> welcome back, everybody. two escaped inmates considered armed and dangerous on the loose. one of them is facing first-degree murder charges. the other being held on several felony charges including an alleged kidnapping. they broke out of the county jail. the death toll from a pair of bombings in somalia's capital has now climbed well above 200. a truck bomb exploded at a busy intersection on saturday. hours later a second explosion
5:44 am
in a nearby suburb set dozens of vehicles on fire. somalia's government is blaming the al qaeda linked post above for the attack. authorities in puerto rico bringing the death toll from hurricane maria to fortier. the medical examiner said the hurricane was the deciding your entry newly disclosed deaths. her safety does not available but one occurred because the person was unable to get dialysis treatment because the storm knocked out power and we are showing a lot of those stories. cheryl: based on it so much help it's incredible. reserve chair janet yellen reinforcing of the week in the central bank's plans to reduce interest rates will be soon. chief economist anthony chan. good morning. >> my pleasure, good morning. cheryl: let's talk about the banking conference yesterday. she seems on track to raise interest rates but she does acknowledge that the biggest surprise in the u.s. economy this year has been inflation
5:45 am
which is really an energy story. is she really acknowledging fully the fact that it not hitting the targets? >> i think she's trying to analogy to some extent but the reality is the last couple of years the federal reserve has failed in its goal to keep inflation under europe 2%. obviously there's been a lot of disruption. when you see these online activities, amazon is a case in point and obviously the merger. all of those things that downward pressure on inflation and that's not likely to go away soon. but we are seeing some early signs inflation could be picking. you saw that overnight. some inflation numbers coming out of china with the price exceeding 6%. we may not need importing as much deflation moving forward. cheryl: what about her replacement? several reports now the president is arguing possible candidate to replace eln.
5:46 am
where do you think that processes? >> right now what we are seeing is sometimes the president wants to focus on someone that doesn't have as much as an economics background. maybe a broader. kevin walsh who is right now appears to be the front runner in jerome powell right behind him. both of them have excellent credentials, but most of their background is in legal background, lawyers as opposed to have a phd in economics. the one on the left and of course janet yellen on the list. even calling to be on that list. again, someone with excellent credentials. >> white house chief economic adviser has been bandied about quite a bit. i want to talk about health care really quick great big story. the presidents move on friday with a head to health companies
5:47 am
anyway. overall, this sector has done so well under obamacare. but under pressure now. do now. do you think of the sun health care will hurt the economy, hurt americans in their pocketbook? >> only if we don't get a bipartisan solution. premiums are going to grow up. rational budget office i loved because there's democrats and republicans doing the analysis. they tell you if you get rid of car sharing reduction payments, premiums go up 20% in 2018 and that doesn't even take into account if we start allowing people to go across straight lines -- state lines. it gives you the adverse selection that the people don't have the option to stay there and therefore it makes the health care situation that much more precarious. >> thank you very much, anthony chan. lauren: coming up in sports, los angeles game two winner chicago
5:48 am
cubs and the green bay packers deal with tough news about start order back. rogers. call him a disgrace and unemployed kurd: kaepernick now filing a grievance against the nfl. what exactly is he complaining about now? you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: been no fairly, and i thought, gather: kaepernick accusing owners of colluding against him. kaepernick's attorney confirming same the grievance was filed
5:52 am
quote only after pursuing every possible avenue with all nfl teams. kaepernick got out of his contract with the 49ers last season, but no team has signed in city sparked a national controversy by kneeling during the national anthem. true to not sure you can blame nfl owners. lauren: tomorrow they have emergency meeting to talk about all of this. let's talk about a stall. history repeating itself for the los angeles dodgers kind of. great baseball in a lot of football to talk about right now. lauren: jared max has all the details for us. happy monday. >> good morning. nice happy weekend. a lot of baseball and relaxing and taking an football season. we have a lot today including the new york jets fans getting a kick out of one and got yesterday and got yesterday inserted chicago cubs last night. and mlc has come again to l.a.
5:53 am
dodgers won the opener top of the fifth. takes rachel over our way. bottom half of the inning, man on third comes through with 1-was escorted to the bottom of the ninth inning were 29 years to the date since they had to give the dodgers victory in game one of the series. [cheers and applause] two games to none and they are going. >> pandemonium. justin turner like a mix of chewbacca and out. take that the 2-nothing late and now it goes to chicago. tonight is the yankees and the astros came. all michaels issued an apology
5:54 am
last night on nbc sunday night for collectors of the new york giants are coming off their worst week that harvey weinstein. at first five games, breaks free. 47-yard sets up a touchdown for eli manning to kevin ingram scored 117 yards, a career high. giants in the second quarter growth in wind up reading the denver broncos. giants win their first game of the season and won a. also, aaron rodgers of the green bay packers last night against minnesota viking breaks his collarbone. rogers could be done for the season. minnesota beat green bay. suffered a shoulder injury while adrian peterson went over 100 yards in the first game. a couple of touchdowns. the chiefs lost the first time this season and the controversy and the jets game, everyone asking what the fumble. the jets apparently does she
5:55 am
actually fumbled. the nfl goal to bed at fumbled out of bounds in the end zone. they give the touchback and gave to the patriots. new england and first place. tom brady most when severus quarterback. lauren: you love that. cheryl: no, no. >> they didn't lose. lauren: thank you commensurate. good to see you. fox news headlines whenever seven is serious xm channel 115. trade to get this, honest or as right wing party make strong gains in elections over the weekend. we will go live to london to kind of get the scope on this millennial leader in europe. we will be right back. i no longer live with
5:56 am
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cheryl: the rise is that u.s. stocks to record highs spreading around the world. grief of gold from "the wall street journal" is here. the money really pouring in today's market. greatness. >> indeed. last week you saw one of the biggest on record funds into global equities and so does the nature benchmark of world stocks. the world indexes on track again today for another record high. really not just the u.s., but
5:59 am
lately global growth is relieved broadening out and you've had a pretty decent set of numbers coming all around the world from japan to europe or business content is rising, consumer sentiment is rising. that's a lot of wrench marks to multiyear or record highs around world this week. cheryl: we only have 30 seconds left. if you move over to europe, catch us up to speed. >> oster has come from a bit of a shift to right although markets are not too worried about what it means for the eurozone. a lot of the focus there on catalonia where the catalan leader hasn't officially made clear whether or not the region has declared independence and that is expected to drop kind of a ratcheting up of tensions with the government in madrid in the coming days. cheryl: i love it is the drama continues like a soap opera. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me.
6:00 am
lauren: the catalonia deadline was for a pop this morning. thank you for joining us this monday morning. we are going to say good morning to maria bartiromo. maria: hey there, ladies. happy monday to you. thanks for joining us this monday morning. i maria bartiromo and it's monday, october 16th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. 10 stocks at the white house. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell meeting for the first time face-to-face and the failure of the health care vote. one of the key items on the agenda of course tax reform. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin told me yesterday about getting the vote. >> i think the senate understands the importance of this. and i would also just comment i hope we get a lot of democrats on board as well. cutting taxes for the middle class in making business taxes competitive for jobs i think is something that democrats understand as


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