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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 17, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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those connections. and he speaks forthrightly about his vision of the future. he set agenda for the entire presidential campaign. people forget that. and especially the suffocating elites of that good town in which you guys live and work. it's remarkable to see this man still have that authenticity, that vigor and the ability to say, you know what? we are going to get it done, and i don't care much about what you think of the way i'm doing it. he has in recent weeks become more constrained, i believe. he has refined his language to just for the moment at least to get through to some of the he athletes that he may have to do business with. mitch mcconnell comes to mind. but we are watching a man that is with a fiscal policy that's
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out of control. $20 trillion in debt. he's selling a tax cut with a monetary policy that has $4 trillion sitting on the balance sheet of the feds saying we have to drive this economy and we'll show you economic growth. no president in history has attempted what he is doing to assure that we do have a dynamic economy that is growing jobs and expanding the middle class. charlie: one of my favorite things about donald trump in his campaign, when the campaign would send out talking points, which is a term for the things surrogates and supporters can say in support of him. he always began every single one of these talking points with mr. trump is a builder. he builds buildings. that confounded all the political experts around here. they didn't understand why all the talking points started with mr. trump is a builder. he builds buildings.
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that's the secret to who he is. he understands america is a place where people create things. they do own these things. they start these things. it's that appreciation. i don't think he will ever forget, and i think it's the secret to his success. this with blow everybody's mind around here. and i but it's the way he gets re-elected. mollie: tax reform, we have a government that spends like drunken sailors. it's a national security crisis to have the levels of debt that we have. it would be good if we were focused on entitlement reform and other things causing problems if we have a financial crisis. lou: if we have a financial crisis and there is a view in washington in particular that entitlements need to be
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constrained. i personally believe the president was right on the campaign trail when he said not touching social security. we are not going to touch medicaid and medicare. we are going to drive the economy forward. i would like to hear from you both on this. i think that goes a long way to restoring what is america. let's go get'em. mollie: if you are in a family financial situation you need to increase your income and get a handle on your expenses. it was politically smart and true bravery from the political class in d.c. lou: if you can find true bravery, all i have seen is people run from the prospect of building that future the president has been so bold to declare for the american people.
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charlie, mollie, we thank you very much. newly released documents show the fbi warned the obama administration that russians were break their way into a larger share of the u.s., the american nuclear energy industry years, years before any of that evidence made its way to the public. the bureau found evidence of kickbacks, of extortion, money laundering and other crimes ahead of, are you ready for this? ahead of the 2010 approval of the sale of uranium one to russia. they also had eyewitness accounts of russians funneling money into -- are you ready for this? the clinton foundation while hillary clinton was secretary of state. newly released fbi documents so former director james comey started drafting his exoneration
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of hillary clinton months before the investigation was conclude. the heavily redacted emails show an early version of the statement forwarded to the deputy fbi director andrew mccabe on the second of may, long before key interviews in the case were conducted including with hillary clinton herself. wow. it looks like there is a lot more to the clinton corruption story. all of it taking place within the years of the obama administration. turning to a more present development. two members of fusion gps, the firm responsible for the shocking, controversial anti-trump discredited dossier summoned to speak before the house intelligence committee tomorrow. this comes after employees refused to comply with subpoenas
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claiming the panel is acting in quote bad faith. catherine: hafaith.catherine herridge has our report. catherine: fusion gps compiled a strum dossier. according to congressional testimony zaiments for the record and the first-hand account of alec boyd. >> they are particularly good at spreading disinformation and smears. catherine: employed says he was targeted after his 2012 reporting on a company with close ties to the venezuelan government. >> my understanding is they were hired basically to smear their
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opponents. catherine: boyd reported a break-in with two laptops stolen from his home in 2015. >> what was on the computers? >> evidence. there was a lot of information about my sources. and people believed to have been sending me information were assaulted by the intelligence police of mr. chavez. reporter: did:fusion gps come after you? >> they created fake twitter accounts with my name. they produced fake information from me accusing me from being a pedophile to an extortionist to a car they have. boyd says he believes the suspect with his children inside his coat was a warning. >> the message was we know where you are and we know where your
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children are. a week after that two sets of envelopes were sent to me with messages saying you touched the wrong girl, you pedophile. you think no one can touch yours? catherine herridge boyd says this got shows he. does fusion gps use its credentials as former journalists? >> i believe they are cashing in the years of experience they collected in different newspapers and different media around the world. catherinher. catherine: he said they used smear tactics. and in a consciousal acla racial, the human rights
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activist said they used scorched earth me thoughts. today he has refused to reveal his sources and who paid for the trump dossier. >> i don't think certain privileges that apply to journalists or lawyers should apply to mr. i am responsible because it's neither. he's a spin doctor. catherine herridge iher. catherine: it claims the allegations are without merit. lou: joining me now retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. this is a black buster. the fact that the fbi's top officials kept the russian interest force in our economy, attempting to gain access to more sewe -- tomore uranium in d
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states is stung. the fbi stayed on top of this and shut down for for years, particularly during the reign of hillary clinton. >> the obama administration should have been treated like a crime scene across the board. now we are learning the fbi was not only not honest, they took the other side. i think the fbi's corruption started under the bill clinton foundation. they had a 20-year plan. they put their people in place, l oirks s lerks rner. lois lerner being one of them. and they always accuse their opposition of what they are doing. that's why you have seen such a vigorous attempt by them to
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smear donald trump with the russian connection. lou: "clinton cash" blew the doors off ways the biggest corruption case in american political history. and it was pushed aside. denied by top fbi officials. publicly, just simply ignoring it. the obama administration not being held to account. james comey, the director of the fbi putting forward a document exonerating hillary clinton before he had conducted the interview. this is a level of corruption that screams for a special counsel for investigations by congress. and what has everyone done, they are looking to russia for the collusion that existed from a year after president trump took office in 2010. this is madness and the american
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people are being poorly served by both national left-wing media and their government. >> this could be headline news. simply put, mrs. clinton and everybody associated with her in office, the real issue, as bad as the server issue was. the clinton foundation issue is five orders of magnitude worse. this is pay-to-play. we are talking about as you mention, the uranium. fusion materials that go to the heart of our ability to generate nuclear weapons or suppress others from getting them. we allowed a political party, certain individuals in the party to corrupt the process. lou: we know who did. the fbi did not say a word when the democratic national committee refused to allow them access to the servers which the fbi knew had been hacked by
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russian cyber attacking and talking about collusion with the russians. why did president obama let that go? why would you allow the fbi not to intervene? >> it circles back to the deep state. necessity were so air ghanlt --o arrogant in their belief they were going to win. we wouldn't know this if president trump hadn't one. lou: what is jeff sessions going to do? what is troubling here to me, we had allen gesh winds wh -- we hn dershowitz on this broadcast pech said there are two sets of slaws, one for you and me and the rest of the american people, and another for the people who lead the government.
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and his point was, hillary clinton in his judgment should not be prosecuted or investigated because there is a good old boys and girls network that says such things don't happen in america. if he's right, the rest of us are wrong, and we are in real real greater trouble than any of us ever suspected. >> we are in trouble. but they should all be together talking about this in a federal lock-up includingal fn he really -- including allen if he believes it. lou: tony shaffer. thank you. president trump urging congress to deliver and tax cuts for the american people. >> let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief.
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lou: what is the difference
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between philanthropy and political activism? there is none if your name is george soros. he's back every leftist in the country fan working against president trump and his ageneral today. he transferred $ -- -- transferd $18 billion to his open society foundation. he lost a billion dollars because he bet against donald trump, his election and the markets, an obviously had little use for conservatives, even before that. joining me now, matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union. let's start with -- we'll get to all of the day's political developments. but it's fascinating to me that george soros has a foundation
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dedicated to left-wing activism, anti-american activism in many examples, and he gets to do it through a tax exempt foundation. are you kidding me? matt: you have smallish tea party groups that get persecuted by the irs. but i never even herd of george soros even have a nasty letter from the irs for political activity he's running through a c-3 foundation. why is it in politics that people who have a conservative and free market point of view are always attacked, but people on the left are so kay. i would like to have an audit of the american society foundation.
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lou: i don't understand why we give tax exemptions to any group involved in politics. it's a strange idea to me. an alien idea, if you will. matt: you know why? because you have a proper interpretation of the law, if you get a tax deduction for your contribution it's because that entity is supposed to be helping a society with some kinds of charitable purpose. unfortunately electio he -- electioneering should not qualify for that exemption. you are looking at the law and interpreting it correctly and the government should do as well. lou: i think you are right about me being right. i just happen to think your point about the gander and the goose being good, the fact of the matter is i think they all should be on a level playing
8:22 pm
field. and nobody get a tax exemption. what sense does that make? let's go to the president's tax cut he's pushing with the hospitable heritage foundation. he's doing so it's a bold plan, a bold proposal. do you believe that senator mcconnell, speaker ryan can deliver? matt: i think they are running the same play on healthcare. i think they have 417 or 48 republicans who are -- i any they have 47 or 48 republicans who want to get this passed. at the end of the day what paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, what they will have to do is realize, this is not 1986, this should be 1981 with dramatic tax cuts so we can keep this 3% growth, this
8:23 pm
bull market and allow average americans to have to economic prosperity. and that's where we should be. >> to me it is just utterly mind boggling to watch ryan and mcconnell and the chamber of commerce and the business surrounds table, the bankers for ryan and mcconnell, act as if there is no correlation between the presidency of donald trump and all that we are seeing increasingly more confident consume terse, confident investors. shire stock market prices and 3% plus growth when it's clear he is precisely that force that arrived on the scene november 8 and has instilled that confidence and laid out a vision for prosperity. i cannot understand why corporate america is working against itself, why small
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business isn't demanding more of their government as well as of courts middle class which has been battered under the policies of the last two presidents. matt: it's important for your viewers to understand there are budget rules and jargon we use when we talk about the budget process in d.c., and it's minds numbing. average americans need a big tax cut. when they talk about paying for a tax cut or revenue neutral tax cut they are talking about some people get their taxes raised and some people get their taxes cut and in the end it all comes out in the wash. that won't sometime slate growth in the economy. we have to get the medicine needed to the average america and the economy, the better off we'll be. lou: the average american, i hate that expression.
8:25 pm
it is an expression in the debate. americans are exceptional. and the reality is government is certainly not exceptional if i can make that generalization. i would rather that money in the hands of those who matter most of, and that's our middle class and those who aspire to be part of it. up next, president trump addressing the nfl insults of our flag, our anthem, our nation. >> we believe our great american flag should be treated with reverence and respect and young americans should be taught to love our country, honor our anthem and proudly recite the pledge of allegiance. lou: we'll have a report for you on today's meeting with nfl players and owners right after
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the break. we'll even get to mare from roger goodell. please stay with us through the break. we'll be right back.
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lou: nfl owners and players meeting in new york city for 3 1/2 hours as they continue to watch the ratings decline for the gamer in playing. monday night football suffering the worst ratings of the entire season. it's extraordinary. but against that backdrop, commissioner roger goodell didn't even ask anyone about maybe standing for the anthem. paying attention to the flag. respecting the nation. didn't even come up, apparently. rick leventhal with the latest.
8:31 pm
reporter: this has become a real p.r. challenge for the nfl and costly for the networks. football ratings sundays is down 17% and player protests are getting much of the blame. fans say they don't want to see their favorite team mix politics with football. and we view the kneeling as disrespectful to the military and the flag. there was a meeting with a dozen owners and the commissioner focused on a topic in a joint statement by the league and players association saying they had a productive meeting on how they can work together to promote social change and address inequality in our communities. >> will players continue to take a knee? >> it will be an individual choice. i think the ownership, the team
8:32 pm
and the league and the players think we are going in the right direction. reporter: the two sides pledge to find common ground. a couple dozen people in front of the hotel carrying signs and making speeches and kneeling outside the front door saying they were taking a knee against white supremacy. a couple demonstrators got inside and confronted jerry jones who said he would bench players who failed to stand for the anthem. they will hold a press conference wednesday afternoon and they say the two sides are talking and that's a good thing. lou: rick leventhal reporting on the nfl meeting and the commissioner who didn't want to take up the issue.
8:33 pm
but they want social change over at the nfl. who knew that would be so entertaining and bolster the game so well. they are trying to destroy themselves. we'll see how that works out. up next, president trump isn't giving up on healthcare. >> to restore opportunity and freedom we must continue our campaign to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. lou: charlie hurt is back with me. we'll take up the trump agenda and ways likely going to happen next with that nfl social change. we are talking football here. right? we still are talking football, right? stay with us. we are coming right back. chevy, chevy, chevy trucks. we think it's because chevrolets are the most dependable dependable dependable trucks. built to last
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but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. lou: senator mccain keeping company with the left, the dems, and taking a shot at the trump-bannon brand of economic nationalism. >> to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth for the sake of some half-baked yo-baked nationm cooked up by people who would
8:38 pm
rather find scapegoats rather than solve problems is attached to the tired dogma of the past. lou: did you ever hear him talk about president obama that way even once? the response on the part of the president i thought was very restrained. in a radio interview, here he is. >> people have to be careful, because at some point i fight back. i'm being very, very nice. but at some point i fight back, and it won't be pretty. lou: rejoining us, charlie hurt, what -- the exploitation of senator mccain is extraordinary. that's exactly what the left is doing. charlie: i love the fact he suggests somehow that this is a
8:39 pm
guy who has been in congress for 400 years, at the founding, possibly. though i'm sure he would have voted against the constitution if he had been part of the founding. for him to claim these people are not about solving problems. what problems have you solved, john mccain? you haven't solved any problems. make mccain feingold. what was that about in the entire bill was designed to do one thing. designed to erase his involvement in the keating 5. this guy has been a disaster from the beginning. he's a failure. he's a failed presidential candidate. and i'm sick and tired listening to him talk about anything, let alone venting his spleen all over donald trump because donald trump accomplished things that john mccain never could have accomplished. lou: i think you said it
8:40 pm
absolutely correctly. you did leave out one other fine piece of legislation he was moving forward, and that was the kennedy-mccain legislation on comprehensive immigration reform. remember that one? charlie: yeah. i feel like -- assuming this is nearing the end of this guys career. it's interesting what the end will be remembered for is the fact he flew back into town to thwart not one but two key significant things that got donald trump elected in the first place. he has been doing that his entire life. when the press calls him frothing and salivating all over him. they call him a renegade. what they mean is he's a democrat. that's why they always loved him because it's a democrat and he loves to crap all over republicans and they can rely on him to do that. look what you have as a result.
8:41 pm
you have the mess we are in. lou: the maverick. the maverick and his sidekick, lindsey graham, the favorite amongst the so-called republican party on the sunday talk shows still after all this time. i wonder why they are so highly favored and prized by the sunday talk show hosts? we'll have to explore that further and see if we can couple with a reason. charlie hurt, thanks for sticking with us. up next, president trump pushing his america first tax plan. president trump: our tax plan will insure companies stay in america, grow in america and hire in america. [cheers and applause] lou: byron york in the room for the president's speech. what did he make of it all? he joins me next. we'll be right back. this woman is laughing
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lou: you have got to love the senate. a democrat and republican senator, patty murray and lamar alexander can come together and create a bipartisan deal to
8:46 pm
rescue obamacare. why rescue obamacare, you ask? i don't know the answer to it. but two senators, those two, would restore understand subjects does for obamacare in exchange for giving states flexibility on understand plans. the president says it's a good short-term fix. >> it's a good solution. it will save money and give people better healthcare with a smaller premium spike. lou: but others are calling it a bailout. joining us, byron york. byron, it's been too long. was there a lot of excitement in the room tonight? byron: people were glad to see the president at the heritage foundation meeting, and it's the kind of selling the president
8:47 pm
needs to be doing. he didn't offer new details, but went through the tax plan, these are donors to the heritage foundation from all around the country. they will go back to their homes having seen the president. it's one of these essential steps in selling this that the president didn't do with obamacare. but he is doing with the tax plan. lou: he resurrected obamacare with his support of the lamar alexander-patty murderee deal. have you ever seen the like you have this stuff? somebody needs to drive a stake through the heart of obamacare. byron: let me offer august with the president's so-called support of this. he said he commended murray and alexander doing this. he didn't say he's totally on board with this.
8:48 pm
i wouldn't be surprised if the president in the white house began to say they approve of a process by which congress tries to find a solution but not actually sign on to what murray and alexander did. he's going to back away from what you want him to back away from. lou: it scares me to hear you use their language. byron: you have to be bilingual here, lou. lou: i have never been swamp certified. i love the idea that the president wants to do this tax cut. putting money in the pockets of the middle class. small business is a grand idea. you mention details. i have never seen such a detail-free proposal emanating from the white house as this. there is no data. they call it a framework.
8:49 pm
i will be damned if i can find a frame and very little work. byron: he would say for you business people you will be able to expense purchases in the year you make them. lou: which is a great idea. byron: he says it almost makes me, president trump, get back into business. he talks about the breaks the for taxes. where does one begin and the other one end? all of that stuff has not been discussed previously. but you have got to remember here. the first thing they have to do in the senate is get this budget thing done. and it looks like they mayr be able to do that. but if they don't, they are really stuck. lou: all of them seemingly precede by limitless hypotheticals about what can
8:50 pm
happen when what we need is old-fashioned vote counting in the senate. byron, as always, thanks for being with us. byron * thank you, lou. lou: mitch mcconnell failed president trump on healthcare. will he do it again? we'll take it up with nick adams and deirdre bolton after the break. stay with us. this is what it's all about, jamie -- helping small businesses. damage your vehicle? we got you covered. [ glass shatters ] property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo! ♪
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked you, do you believe the best way for mitch mcconnell to make republicans tbhirnts mid-term is for him to resign, 91% of you answered in the positive. my next guest -- "the case against the establishment by nick adams and deirdre bolton. let's start with the tax plan. that's the most of exciting thing happening in washington, d.c. we don't know much about it. we have strong opinions about it. reporter: the president is
8:55 pm
speaking about it. he wants to get it done and i know there is some trouble in the senate. there is a senator from wisconsin coming up with his own plan saying if the one we don't quite know about doesn't work, here is a plan b. i know there is and the president says everybody is on the same page and there is a sunnity. lou: don't tell that to rand paul. i think it tax cut is a grand idea. i would love to see it for middle class families and middle class workers and small business people. i love the idea. but what i really love today rand paul saying of lindsey graham saying he wouldn't know a conservative if he met one. rand paul is playing a lot of golf with the president. he's getting pretty direct with
8:56 pm
the language. >> the president laid out the framework. i would love to see some more details. but this was vintage president trump. he made the emotional case. he made it clear we need tax relief. it was going to be a christmas gift if i remember correctly. lou: and we can say "christmas." he says i will say sit, christmas christmas christmas. he was having great fun with it. reporter: he made a community comment about the small cap businesses and bringing the corporate rate down to 20%. those are the two details i heard. i think what we don't know is about middle america. who is the administration
8:57 pm
defining as middle america? lou: the discussion about the plan to cut taxes, we have a number for corporate america. we have a pass-through number for small businesses. but we don't have a number for the middle class. we don't have incentives for the $3 trillion in capital that needs to be repatriated. >> and the house. i don't know that these companies, rightly or wrongly. here is the $1 trillion i owe you. lou: i'm going to invest based upon what. lower taxes on that repatriated capital will make them accept their own money. but it doesn't incentivize them to invest in the home economy, and that's a big question mark. reporter: the hope is the jobs. lou: we are talking money here.
8:58 pm
this has to be cut and dry. >> we know the president, it's middle america he will want to have an impact on. i wish the establishment would get out of the way. lou: the establishment won't get out of the way. they all know this whether they are rough cans or democrats, what this president is doing is shaking the foundations. he's not only draining the swamp. but he's shaking the foundations of the democratic party. he's proving to be the greatest champion of the working man and woman in this country in the middle class. he's talking about prosperity for all americans, small business. my guess is he could care less what corporate america thinks of him. he's staring them -- scaring
8:59 pm
them to death. he's a leader, he set a vision and it's for the american people. it's not just for 134 multi-nationals represented by the business rounds table, and jamie dimon. he is going to talk about bitcoin. too senator john mccain with that appalling attack. lou: i don't understand why -- whatever else you may think of john mccain, to allow himself to be exploited by the left in this country and the democratic party at this stage in his life is weird. it's just very sad. very sad. thanks for being here. great to see you. we are so pleads that deirdre bolton is fox business's very
9:00 pm
own. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being here. judicial watch chris farrell and pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york.


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