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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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oh. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> thank you. >> here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, a major development, a story that left wing national media has tried to ignore for 7 years, refusing to cover what could be big every scandal in -- biggest scandal in political history, senate judiciary committee today launching an investigation, demanding to know whether 10 federal agency knew about ramp an corruption in russia's nuclear industry. and its conduct in the united states before the obama administration approved a controversial uranium deal with moscow in 2010, the main player in the scandal is hillary
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clinton. whose state department approved a deal to sell uranium 1 to russian atomic agency. at the time 4 house republicans urged obama administration to block the deal because of national security concerns. they rightly sounded that alarm it would give moscow control of 20% of u.s. uranium reserves and a controlling interest in one of condition re's largest urainion -- countries largest uranium mining sites. we have just learned there was a criminal invest gre investigatio official at the atomic agency. secretary of state clinton was more interested in a payoff. that was huge, 9 investors in the rosa tom deal funneled $145
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million to clinton foundation, before, during and after u.s. government approved the deal, former president bill clinton also benefited and personally iraqing in a half millio mill -g in a half million dollars. now critics' to know, whether obama administration officials who covered for clintons were aware as well of the russian racketeering, because those same officials are now leading the russia witch-hunt against president trump. the web is sorted. but here it is. the committee on foreign investment in u.s., was in charge of approving the uranium 1 deal, hillary clinton was part of as secretary of state, so was eric holder, who had to know that fbi was investigating
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russian corruption in this country. robert mueller, was then fbi director during the russian uranium investigation, and so was his successor james comey who took over the fbi in 2013. then u.s. attorney rod rosenstein was super advising the racketeering case as was then and are yo andrew mccabe we ran for a virginia senate seat, and received thousands of dollars from clinton supporter governor terry. if those covered for the clintons how are they now allowed to be the ones pursues so-called russian collusion allegations against president trump and his administration. attorney general expwref jeff sn
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was pressed about what they are doing about the scandal. >> i would offer that some people have gone to jail, that transintransaction already, bute article talks about other issues. so without confirming or denying the ex i existences of any partr investigation, i say, i hear your concerns, and they will be reviewed. charles: reporter: they will be reviewed. joining my now greg jarrett. we turn to the implications here. of judiciary committee opening the investigation into what peter schweitzer author of clinton cash laid over the american people, in advance of 2016 presidential elect. >> a year ago i wrote it looked like hillary clinton was engaged in racketeering in uranium 1
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deal, now these documents seem to improve it -- prove it. not just racketeering but also, i counted 5 different anticorruption statutes she appears to have vi violated if e evidence is has reported. it would be bribely, and fraud. wire fraud, bank fraud, all kinds of anticorruption statutes. there out ought to be a special second council appointed to investigate hill lil over these corruption allegations, and while you are at it, reopen the espionage investigation into her private e-mail server. lou: that scandal, now evidence that james comey then the fired director of the fbi, had
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prepared a document exculpating the secretary of state before there was an investigation or testimony or direct testimony from secretary of state and other key witnesses. themtheme are prose en in time - people are frozen in time, they are not creationing. we're talking top officials in justice department, former secretary of state and presidential candidate, who on the face of it were involved in a pay for play scandal at clinton foundation, as you say, the espionage act violations that would attend to a private e-mail server in her own home. >> it looks like the fix was in, right? lou: yeah. >> that is only way to explain. 110 plus classified documents in
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a place that was unsecure and unauthorized, that is, per se, violation of the espionage act. lou: destroying pda's and computers. >> under subpoena by congress. lou: as if nothing happened, justice department just goes away. the fbi does not enter the democratic national committee, dnc tells them to go away because russian penetrate their fire walls and had hacked into the dnc computers be they just go away but the dnc didn't want fbi noseying around. >> right, the people who are now investigating trump, for trump-russian collusion are the very people who, according to these latest documents
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uncovered, unde were were coverp hillary clinton russian collusion. lou: and the names, rosenstein, who named mueller to be special counsel. you go on this -- you watch this explode. these conflicts of interests areo obvious and straight forward, how could anyone at the time ignore evidence of corruption in this country that had been perpetrated by and enabled by russian agents. $1 offe$145 million suddenly drn clinton foundation, largest low nation by far. >> did you ever wonder how the clintons got so rich quickly.
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lou: part was speaking fees. >> yeah, a nano second in a room for a speech. ing in to appointing a second special counsel to investigate hillary clinton. mueller and rose rosenstein neeo recuse themselves or be fired from the trump-russia investigation. lou: there is no evidence, at some point can't the leadership of republican party controlling senate and house, senate intelligence committee find the integrity and guts to do the right thing. >> there is little integrity and guts in washington, d.c., you know that. there is a dearth of that in nation's capital. lou: i keep hoping as do most people that somewhere we will find something with guts. transitory courage to do the right thing, this is persisted
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now for so long over a year of fbi investigation. over 9 months of congressional investigation, and nothing. >> yeah. lou: meanwhile we are talking about going back 8 years to the beginning of the obama administration. and corruption that is in every's -- lou: i don't know how you keep this quiet, for 7 long years, they hid it, not only from american public. >> this bribery, and corruption, and extortion and kickback and money laundering by russia and funneling of money to hillary clinton, they had a legal duty to tell congress, and they did not. lou: i think there are two immediate answers to the why question. that is, the corruption is almost absolute in washington, d.c. and secondly, the failure of the national left wing media is an ideological one, the last thing they would do as they
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demonstrated would be to make any kind of a problem for the clintons, whom they have comforted through three decades. >> media is complicit. lou: greg jarrett good to have you here. >> nice to see you lou. lou: we're coming back, it has been an extraordinary day. >> president trump said he wants healthcare reform for all americans, not to bailout he'll insurer -- health insurers. >> we'll see the bipartisan and lamar alexander is working very hard, if something can be done that is fine, i will not be doing anything to enrich the insurance companies. >> congressman ron desantos is with us next. >> rodger goodell said this nfl does not want to play politics, it seems that politics is over taken the nfl. just highway low will the left
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pay per gig and unlimited. no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to lou: trump pulled his support for the health care plan in senate, called deal a bailout for health insurers.
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>> i won't do anything to enrich the insurance company, right now they are being enriched, they have been by obamacare like nothing anyone has seen before. lou: joining us congressman ron desantos of florida, a member of number of key house committees, judiciary, foreign affairs and freedom caucus. >> good every of earning. lou: this is a decision on part of president, to stop a movement that would have supported insurance companies. and subsidies that go directly to the insurance companies, it would have been self salvation for obamacare. >> of course, the president is right, the insurance companies have made a killing off of obamacare, they are guaranteed profits because people are forced to buy their products with restriction.
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it would be a bailout of the insurance company with no relief for the people whose premiums and deductibles have gone up so much. i think that president is sides with taxpayers and patients, that is the right thing, i hope the senate will fine a way to honor their promises and find 50 votes to repeal and replace this. we're still here, because you have a handful of u.s. senators that broke their promise they made to american people to repeal and replace. lou: you know. tomorrow's vote, on the budget is critical, because it lays foundation for tax reform. this is a very delicate process that president has embarked up on know -- upon selling tax reform at same time calling on leadership of senate and house
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to do their jobs, i how would you have to say president looks about as presidential as any president could in trying to move all of these agenda items he campaigned on through the house and senate. >> he gave a great speech last night at heritage foundation, i was there. he hit on all right points, made a strong case, why this will help middle class families, and help our economy. he also outlined all the things he has done this year from neil gore shigorsuch to nixing the ps climate accord. the senators need to stand up and support this agenda. that is who their voters wanted, some would not have been elected had trump note run for president. now is the time, if we do tax reform, obamacare repeal and replace, i think that the president will get one more supreme court justice before
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next november. he could go in midterms with outstanding accomplish. but congress has to get in line with him, help him out. lou: you have to give credit to lindsey graham and rand paul have decided to align themselves, not on all issues, but to align themselves in most important and urgent issues with the president. that bodes well, does it not for possibilities of moves the agenda? >> i think so, you go back and talk to voters, republican voters say the same thing, that senate needs to gets it acts together, support president, and get this done, and senators know that voters are fed up, they are not going it take their excuses any more. president has done a good job of highlighting those senators who have not been helpful on the
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way, focusing our grassroot attention on holding them accountable. lou: holding accountable, senator grassley deserves credit for at long last an investigation begin it is beginning somewhat quietly, and carefully, but an invest -- investigation to conflicts of interest this surrounded hillary clinton's time as secretary of state, and a secretary of state, her pay for play foundation that in former president bill clinton, and all that russia did. you talk about meddling in an election? they were running a racketeering enterprise in this country with the lot of people in washington, d.c., that swamp, aiding and abetting them. >> this is a massive bombshell,
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everything you said it true, but it also goes further than that. what is congress in washington been preoccupied with? president trump and russia collusion, after all these months, how much evidence is there, swri zilch, zero, nada. you have robert mueller, that is the guy who was heading the fbi when this russia stuff was going on. that is a significant conflict of interest, that is something that congress and house we have to take this head on. the clintons, the foundation, uranium 1 and also comey, mueller, rosenstein, all of them we need to get the facts and hold people account ale. lou: all right, congress a congn desantos as always good to have you mere. here.
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>> thank you, lou. lou: the question, cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter. like me on facebook. and instagram. firefighters in california reporting progress now against the deadly west wildfires in the state. 34,000 people remain avark evac. at least 42 people have been killed, 6,000 homes and businesses have done destroyed. on wall street's day for history books, dow jones industrials rally. closing above 23,000 for first time ever, s&p up too, nasdaq up a fraction, but all enough to close at record highs, volume on big board under 3 billion shares. dow hitting that milestone just
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portraying days after it crossed over 22,000. that is the fourth fastest thousand-point game in history, since the election, markets had a paper gain of over $5 trillion. >> reminder to listen to my hospitals 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next. attorney general jeff sessions is not saying whether the different of justice is investigating clinton collusion with the russians. it's for real, evidence for all to see. so why not? i have a few thoughts in my kamenttarycommentary. stay with us, much more ahead. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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to grow your business with us in new york state, yeah, i got some financialbody guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you. lou: the senate judiciary committee grilled the a.g.
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chairman grassley ordered the committee to investigate the uranium one deal that transferred the control of assets to russia and $150 million in donations or perhaps bribes to the clinton foundation while hillary was serving of secretary of state in the obama administration. involved in the administration's investigation of bribery were then fbi director robert mueller, now special counsel. then u.s. attorney rod rosenstein, now the deputy attorney general who appointed mueller as special counsel. and the fbi deputy director andrew mccabe who himself is under investigation as well. sessions defended rosenstein when asked whether he should
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recuse himself from any investigation in the so-called russian bribery scandal. >> it would be his decision. he's a man of integrity and ability. if he feels he has the inability to proceed with any investigation, it would be his responsibility to make that determination. lou: all this as pressure mounts for the exoneration of hillary clinton. the department of justice apparently hasn't taken action on comey, clinton or clintons, or the highly suspicious and per pernicious activities of fusion gps. they are stalling investigators. sessions combative in refusing to give the committee any
10:30 pm
account of his privileged white house conversations. frustrating the members of the committee who are on his side. whatever his reasons, it's well past time for session to the demonstrate to the american people that he will bring high energy and purpose to the investigation of 8 sordid years under president obama and the clintons. our quotation of the evening. he who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command, in attorney general. we are coming right back. fusion gps officials stonewalling, blocking the search for answers in the fake russian collusion probe as they plead the fifth on capitol hill. where is the department of justice investigation. we take up the russia witch hunt against the president. this daring daredevil.
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we'll show you what it's like to live on the edge. we'll have the stomach churning video next. we'll show that to you right after these words.....
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(ch(baby crying)eat) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play-- (jet engine white noise) (airline "ding") (bell mnemonic) lou: let's talk swamp. two co-workers behind the trump discredited dossier repeatedly
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plead the fifth. refusing to answer questions about their involvement in compiling the opposition research, and they wouldn't tell anybody who paid for it. joining me now, chris farrell, director investigation and research for judicial watch. fall itom fitton and judicial wg a magnificent job. let's turn to the fusion gps. this may be some of the most of intriguingly sinister people involved in quote-unquote opposition research, and some of the most of arrogant in the swamp itself. >> this is -- these are
10:36 pm
headhunters. they go out and seek to make or break political opponents using all sorts of active measure and information operations campaigns. they look to skewer somebody or turn them into a hero. they do it using sophisticated names. and there are no bounds to where they will or will not go. lou: why isn't somebody going after them. or do they have so much opposition research in quotes that they can't be touched? >> i don't think it's the latter. the problem we are facing, we have gone so far beyond the pale.
10:37 pm
we have gone so far off the edge it's a giant socialist organ open righting that protects itself. lou: you are talking about the deep state and the vast power of government at every level. >> offense after offense. you find out that laws are for the little people. the clinton gang was away. people say where is the department of justice investigation? where is the fbi? half the time they are complicit. you just reviewed the whole saga of the russian uranium deal going back years. they covered it up. the people who are knowledgeable and have direct firsthand knowledge and should have brought prosecution or developed investigations, they are the ones who kept their mouth shut for years. lou: we are talking about the very same people who are pursuing without any evidence of any kind whether as a result of
10:38 pm
a year of investigation by the fbi or more than months of investigation by congressional intelligence committees, the trump-russia collusion. this is madness. >> not only is it maddening. this is evidence we are becoming a failed state. and i'm not exaggerating when i say that. when the entire justice department is pair lighte -- is. and people openly flaunt and hold the congress in contempt, and congress holds them back in contempt, nothing happens, we have a paralyzed justice department and fbi. we have the key leaders either unwilling to do anything, or they themselves are personally
10:39 pm
compromised. these are symptoms or evidence of a failed state. that's where we are going. and we are doing it fast. lou: law enforcement, intelligence agencies not acting quickly at all over the course of the last 8 years, particularly under the obama administration. you talk about a failed state. is there any better evidence of the corruption of the leadership of the fbi and the justice department than the fact i can't think of a single, single investigation in the obama era that resulted in even a report let alone a successful resolution of a major investigation. you could talk about benghazi and you can talk about fast and furious. the fbi said no we can't talk about that, we'll have to stonewall you and we have as our
10:40 pm
perfect excuse an fbi investigation of which we cannot speak and you never hear from them again. the fbi has become the place where investigation and truth go to die. >> correct. you have lois lerner turning over 2.5 million taxpayer files to the fbi and saying thumb through them to see if you can find anything. the fbi has been complicit in her misconduct. that's why there has been no prosecution of low is learner. of lois lerner. it's not an exaggeration. we are at the edge of being afailed state. there is no real accountability. there are no consequences. the general public sees this. they know. they know what's going on. lou: i hesitate to even ask this
10:41 pm
question, given all you have said here tonight. and about the prospect of being a failed state. let me ask you if there is any optimism in your dark perspective here tonight that says that the judiciary committee and chuck grassley the chairman can carry out a successful investigation of the clinton corruption that goes back 9 years. >> the hope is? judicial watch. we are going to carry on our own investigation. we don't quit, we don't go away. we don't forget. we filed a salute two years ago in 2015 over this committee on foreign investment in the united states and this russia deal. we have been suing over this for
10:42 pm
two years. there hasn't been single congressional hearing. what member of the leadership even discusses the awan brothers answer debbie wasserman-schultz and her server? judicial watch will continue to pursue it. we are not going to let it go. lou: we appreciate that, we are grateful, and we commend you. when our legal system permits there to be two years' interval to bring 30 pages of documents forward to satisfy the public's right to know, it is perilously close to a failed state. >> you are correct. lou: chris farrell, thanks for being with us. not uplifting but straightforward with the truth in this always. we are strong enough for that and demand more of it. please roll the video.
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lou: joining us tonight, ed rollins. good to see you. chuck grassley announces he's going to go after hillary clinton and the conflicts of' interest that surround her tenure as secretary of state, the sale of uranium one and the
10:48 pm
clinton foundation. ed: all i can say is right on. he should have don't nine months ago. he can be you a tough investigator. there is plenty of stuff out there and beought to find out what it is. lou very for five showers with the attorney general before his committee the focus was font nonsense with collusion with russia. i understand the partisan aspect. the dems don't mind looking like fools just so they can keep the focus on that nonsense. ed: i think sessions was very weak today. i thought for a former member they treated him not very well. an didn't fight very effectively. lou: you don't think al franken is a mannered fella? >> you can't just stand there
10:49 pm
and take it. we want an southern general to be more aggressive. i think the evidence is there. you are never going to satisfy the american public until you do. lou: half of the fbi's leadership it seems is in compromise and conflict. yet they persist. rosenstein as deputy a.g. who put mueller in place and andrew mccabe is still the second man there. ed: the problem with the justice department is there are too many people who have been friendly with each other for too long. if you are going to have a special prosecutor, you need someone who is independent. the president needs to bring his attorney general over. and say you don't have to excuse yourself on this one.
10:50 pm
i want a full-scale investigation. i want to find out what was going on here and hoist got started and how to get it to stop. lou: sessions has been on the right side of so many issues for so long. and now he seems utterly lost and looking flrg t -- focused te investigation. it has to change. ed: it has to change. what these charges on the russian uranium stuff is and stawj to this one -- is sabotage to this country. what a difference if rudy giuliani or chris christie, a tough prosecutor on our side. that's what you need. someone to make the case. lou: it occurred to me sessions
10:51 pm
is doing this. he recused himself. he's laying back under that rubric of recusal as an excuse to be docile and not move forward. ed: the role model ought to be eric holder who was always protecting and doing what his candidate wanted. the attorney general works for the president. the president has to make it clear this is what i wanted. lou: right now, there seems to be this idea that the president doesn't have the power to say show wants investigated. and that in and of itself is a truth. ed rollins. good to see you. reporter: roger goodell says he won't punish players who take a
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won't punish players who take a knee an won't order them t t t t today, a focus on innovation in the southern tier is helping build the new new york. starting with advanced manufacturing that brings big ideas to life. and cutting-edge transportation development
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to connect those ideas to the world. along with urban redevelopment projects worthy of the world's top talent. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state visit
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lou: in our poll we asked you do you think the nfl should focus on entertainment of its fans rather than political issues? 97% of you said yes, that's the way to do it. joining us, leslie marshall, and
10:56 pm
mark simone. leslie, let's start with roger goodell says they don't want to be in politics. does that make any sense at all? >> yes, it's football it's a sport. one of the great pasttimes in america. and i don't think they should be involved. that's why the nfl i think has made the right decision. we are not getting involved in that. we are here to play football. i want to point out that if the nfl is the only sports league that has the american flag on their helmet. it's interesting. they are playing with the flag on their helmet. we can get into the conversation of whether they are patriotic. but i think the nfl made the right choice because this is about football. lou: i don't think we have to have a conversation about whether they are pay yoict.
10:57 pm
they are insulting the flag, and veterans. they keep talking about they respect the country. that's great. we should all respect it. i want to hear somebody over at the nfl say we love america. mark: roger goodell is the jeff sessions of the nfl. the owners meeting, they are all billionaires and they are being pushed around by a bunch of 0-year-old c students. lou: i don't know if you are talking about the staff other players. mark: 25-year-olds are pushing the staff around. lou: the fans are abandoning what was a sport and an nfl league. they lost 20 points in he profl.
10:58 pm
that brand is crashing as they make a decision not to do anything, and they lost 20% of their audience on television from 2015. this seems like sheer suicide in business terms. >> frankly if we look at numbers, nascar is in the toilet. and all of the ratings have been coming down for years. but one of the things i do notice about americans, i have had people on radio who say i hate what you just said. mark will understand that as well. i will never listen to you again. six weeks later they come back. i do think the american public regardless of this political issue will come back. people that love football and love their teams, they are diehard fans even though they may be angry right now. lou: this is the six-week point,
10:59 pm
they haven't come back. in fact the slide continues. i see no sign of any resiliency. mark: you couldn't get new york giants season tickets for years. now you will be able to get them. lou: the president is winning again. and teaching object lessons in culture and respect and patriotism and reminding people it does matter. you get the last word. >> i wouldn't disagree the president won this one. but i don't think it american public is saying i feel this way because the president does. i feel that a lot of people out there like the onset of the conversation don't want politics in with their sports. then there are those who just feel you should stand before the
11:00 pm
american flag, handing over heart period. lou: one definition of leader hardship. to lead is >> thank you. >> here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, a major development, a story that left wing national media has tried to ignore for 7 years, refusing to cover what could be big every scandal in -- biggest scandal in political history, senate judiciary committee today launching an investigation, demanding to know whether 10 federal agency knew about ramp an corruption in russia's nuclear industry. and its conduct in the united states before the obama administration approved a controversial uranium deal with moscow in 2010, the main pla


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